The great fear that Putin and Trump will have THIS conversation

The great fear that Putin and Trump will have THIS conversation

by Jon Rappoport

December 13, 2016

The press, the federal bureaucracy, Congress, and other assorted power players and leeches are deathly afraid that Trump will go off-script in his communications with key foreign leaders.

Worse yet, he will do it without the usual gaggle of reporters on the scene. He will therefore ignore and insult the “owners of the news” yet again.

He will pay zero attention to the State Department bureaucracy, which of course is dedicated to Globalism.

He will get on the phone with Putin, and this will happen:

Trump: I was thinking we should get together and sit down and talk. Just you and I.

Putin: Why not?

Trump: No staffs. I’d bring two or three people.

Putin: No big ceremony. No months of planning. No protocol. No build-up.

Trump: Exactly. And no reporters.

Putin: That goes without saying. Where would we do it?

Trump: Maybe an island. Anywhere.

Putin: A nice quiet resort. Better yet, a friend’s private house.

Trump: Sounds good. Let’s see. I can get on a plane in three days.

Putin: I can clear my schedule. What shall we discuss?

Trump: Whatever is on our minds. No fixed agenda.

Putin: NATO, nuclear weapons, terrorism, trade, Syria, oil.

Trump: Sure. Let’s get to know each other a little better. We can even talk about how you handed me the election.

Putin (laughs): My guess is there were at least ten countries that hacked the Clinton, DNC, and Podesta emails. To say nothing of the NSA. A child could have gotten past their security systems, which were basically non-existent. But we didn’t leak anything. Some Democratic insider did.

Trump: I know. It’s pathetic. I’d be interested in your take on the CIA. I don’t know what the hell those people are doing over there.

Putin: I’ll talk to my department heads and have something ready for you.

Trump: Let’s put our heads together on George Soros. The man’s a menace.

Putin: I can share some useful information.

Trump: Call me back and give me a location and I’ll be there on Friday for supper. And look, no war, right?

Putin: The last thing I want is a war with the United States. It would be insane.

Trump: I have some ideas about the Russian economy.

Putin: I’d be happy to hear them.

Trump: I know in the past it hasn’t all been rainbows and marshmallows between our two countries, but I don’t know of any law against making a new start.

Exit From the Matrix

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

—If, by chance, both men were sincere, that would ruin everything, wouldn’t it? Sitting down and solving a few problems together? The horror of it would make politicians tremble in their shorts:

“What good are we? Those two sons of bitches are working things out without us. It’s immoral. Failing is our business…and our business is taking a hit.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

43 comments on “The great fear that Putin and Trump will have THIS conversation

  1. swo8 says:

    I agree, George Soros is a menace.

  2. donnacerame says:

    Excellent idea if the meeting is held in a Faraday cage.

    • Paul Tarsuss says:

      How do we know that the Trump clone and the Putin clone haven’t already met. Possibly even on their way out of the lab? lol.

      But seriously….

      Good Journeys

      • Garey says:

        Paul, Interesting observation. Yet again; we the people need to make it happen. We the people have the leader within ourselves; if we choose to listen. Good things are happening, let we the people Seize the moment.

        • Ron E. Thorpe says:

          Well hoora…Putin stepped out against the Central bankers and the Cabal and his strength there broke the ice so others could then step forth and challenge the bastards. Now theres two big shots going for broke and I think the world will follow. There will be a cleansing and it wont be pretty.

          • Eileen Kuch says:

            You’re absolutely right, Ron. First, it was Putin who stepped forward against the Banksters and the Cabal and his strength there broke the ice so others could follow and challenge the scumbags. And, as you said, there are now two big shots going for broke and the world will follow. Yes, there’ll be a cleansing and it won’t be pretty.
            In the meantime, just grab some popcorn and pull up a chair. It’s going to be a wild ride.

  3. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thanks, Jon.

    We do not know whether or not Putin and Trump have already had, or will soon have, that conversation. But it is obviously very likely.

    Thank you for expressing in public the naked facts facing humanity today.

  4. I think you are right, the globalists are afraid of this. It is exactly why they have told the CIA to make the suggestion that Russia ‘rigged’ the election. Trouble with that logic is that if the Russians had done so, somebody would have discovered it…long before they could have. It is exactly why, ‘they’ the cabal in DC let the idea slip via the media…so that they could have a plausible excuse to attempt a steal and push their agenda by forcing their candidate into the White House…so that their disgusting plans could continue unabated.

  5. Daniel Noel says:

    “If, by chance.” Good caveat! Indeed, if Putin & Trump hold some discreet meeting, they’ll more probably talk of their common means to keep “us the gullible people of the world,” with an emphasis on westerners, gullibly believing that they are not committed to pathocratizing the entire world. They may even have a good laugh sharing their respective contributions to the 9/11 censorship.


  6. Greg C. says:

    The press would wet their pants. Absolutely no fraternizing allowed with the Russkies!

  7. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Americans have nothing against Russians. Let peace reign.

  8. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Scientists were told privately at the 3rd Lunar Science Conference in March 1972 that Kissinger, Nixon, and heads of the USSR and China had such a private discussion and agreed to:

    1. End the Apollo Space Program
    2. Put leaders of these nations on an Earth-circling satellite to sign an international peace agreement.

    The Apollo program was cancelled, but there was no further announcement about signing an international peace agreement from space.

  9. The great FEAR is that those who produce/contribute nothing but take almost everything will be exposed in the naked light of day. Stripping them, one #FakeNews story at a time.

  10. marlene says:


  11. bob klinck says:

    If genuine goodwill was at play, methinks the plane might crash. When certain people effectively own the world, what wouldn’t they do to keep their control? 9/11–and worse.

  12. Kim says:

    I pray this does really happen.

  13. Patrick Wilson says:

    Ideal if it were to happen, harkens back to a time of when a handshake carried the weight of all your commitments.

  14. Kent says:

    A detente with Russia will toast the zio agenda. No more wars will hurt the arms merchants, whose major shareholders are the Khazarian Mafia, which controls America since 1913, after the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by the traitor, president Wilson.

  15. KeepFaith says:

    First , angle Soros paid professional protestors, Second angle let’s blame fake news, Third angle Let’s get Stein for recount and give Soros cash kick back 4th Angle- Let’s blame Russia or China . maybe Russia The next angle will be the aliens did the hacking because they like Trump better, than Hilary because Trump wants world peace which ensure clean, water, air, soil for the underground living aliens!
    HA !

  16. A Smith says:

    My fear here is that the Western left thinks Putin is benign. And the Western right feels Trump has no agenda other than the betterment of the common man. My opinion; Putin grew up a KGB apparatchik, Trump a crony capitalist. Putin is no white Russian, with a family Tsarist history. Not that would be a good thing either as Tsarist’s have little faith in democracy. But Putin is in the cat’s bird seat. He can be a savior and mafia don at the same time. If he’s sane, obviously, he doesn’t want to unleash a nuclear war, but he doesn’t want to give up power or his 1+ billion per year cash stream.

    Trump has caught on to this scheme. Yes, he’s rich, but he’s not Putin rich (grifting a percentage of his country’s GDP.) The Clinton’s are pikers in this scheme. So he spent a few 100 million for the Presidency to ascend to Putin-level grifting. The American elite has fucked the whole process up that he, Trump, managed to get himself elected. Trump’s not beholden to the money lenders which has spawned a media hate fest. So what’s next.

    No nuclear war. Bones will be thrown, provided Trump can survive the electoral college onslaught. Military, drugs, internal surveillance, etc. will continue to be funded, as will Wall St. bailouts, until they can’t. Trump, in my opinion, will take his wealth off shore when America and Europe burns. Israel can cry all they want, but they are not a world player when push comes to shove.

    And the Rothschild’s can do real work to pick up the pieces…

  17. In one of the myriad alternate realities, that conversation has already taken place.

    On a sadder note: In another alternate reality, Hillary won.

    If the purposes of the universes are to create a Darwinian “survival of the fittest” end result, then I’m guessing that the universes where Trump won the election vastly outnumber the ones where Hillary won.


  18. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    What if Trump and Putin have a conversation about 9/11/01 TRUTH? That would scare the Hell out of them.

  19. giles says:

    This is exponentially bigger than kennedy and kruschev thaw in 1963. trump and putin are not going to be easily neutralized. The goal of partnership replacing divide and conquer dual imperialism is so extensive that the warbanks will do anything to stop it so expect a bankwar to break trump and putin peace plan by massive destabilization of both regimes.

  20. rabbitnexus says:

    I’m starting to think something like this is the basis of their obvious fear of the man.

  21. Dana Doran says:

    An uplifting post to be sure. It seems the media in the US is hungry for headlines of fear….talking to foreign leaders and working out differences so that we can live in peace, trade fairly and work toward health and prosperity doesn’t fit the democratic agenda that uses fear to control us. (There must be an evil enemy!) The goal, as discussed in Podesta’s emails is to produce an “unaware and compliant citizenry.” Yep, livin’ in the Matrix.

  22. A Sperger says:

    Good article, but it is a “what if”. Speaking of which, would it possible for you to construct a piece detailing what you think the last 8 years would have been like if the MSM had treated Obammy the way they are treating Trump? I would stand in line for that.

  23. Patricia W Russell says:

    Oh, yes!!!

  24. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The swamp of corrupt science can be drained quickly If Rick Perry becomes Secretary of Energy, as currently planned.

    Rick can use Figure 3 to show the difference between the

    _ a.) Strong, short-range force of repulsion between neutrons
    _ b.) Weaker, long-range force of Coulomb repulsion between protons, as

    illustrated by the heights of

    _ a.) Blue dots on the front panel, and
    _ b.) Red dots on the back panel of Fig 3

  25. Molecule says:

    The absolutely most dangerous convesation between Putin and Trump would be really simple —

    Trump to Putin, and Putin to Trump — let’s get together and find out who has been running the heroin and cocaine in our respective countries — maybe we can agree man-to-man, not president to president, but only as one to one, man to man — I will do everything I can to help you from my end to stop the flow of heroin and cocaine in your country, if you will help me stop the flow of heroin and cocaine in mine. We agree to do this as fathers, and as men.

    What is heroin? Opium is the immune system response of the red poppy plant. When the ovum and seed capsule is scared, the plant puts excretes a white paste as an immune response. It tries to protect the plant and heal the wound. There is a correspondence between the immune systems of the plants and of the animals. One strenghtens the other. (Like Putin strengthening Trump and Trump strengthening Putin if they agree to end global heroin and cocaine trafficking trafficking operations, which worldwise is incidentally the US Pentagon — long history, goes back to 1830 and a regine change operation known as the civil war — which never happened because we can’t call it a war when both sides are financed, supplied and controlled by the same party, namely at that time the global heroin mafia — more later.) In any case, a small pea-sized dose of raw opium paste (raw immune system response of the red poppy plant) will rebalance the human immune system when it gets out of whack — it’s an adaptagen. If the human immune system too hot, it cools it off, if it’s too cool, it speeds it up. Thus raw opium paste helps the body itsefl cure what’s ailing it, be it cancer, diabetes, heart diesease, liver failure, tuberulosis, blindness, depression, etc. You can also make your own by scaring the seed pod of orinary lettuce — just let the healthy plant go to seed, and scar the seed capsule at the top of the stalk. It won’t be as powerful or as plentiful as red poppy response. BTW, in many places, it’s legal to grow red poppy. It’s illegal to collect the paste. The immune response of most any plant will help support the immune system of the body.

    Heroin is the alkaloid of opium. When things are concentrated, they can turn into their opposite, in terms of beneficial effect on the body. Before discovery of how to contain and manage lye (extremely caustic sodium hydroxide), ordinary mason’s lime (calcium hydroxide) was used. Grind up limestone and cook it in a brick oven (2000F cooks off carbon dioxide), producing calckum oxide. Then carefully “slake” the CaO powder in water, to produce the hydrate, which is calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). Cook the raw opium paste in a strong alkaline solution and collect the alkaloid (heroin i.e. with higher concentration of morphine) as it precipitates out. What will rebalance the immune system has now been turned into a poison.

    The globalists, i.e big pharma, doesn’t want you to know about opium. It also wants everyone (worldwide) to become addicted to heroin, in its repored “many different forms.” I suspect it just the same stuff, just with a new marketing name.

    Every regime change operation begins with a heroin trafficking operation.

    What is a regime change operation? One of the best examples of one is the American so-called “civil war.” It started 1830s with coincident discovery that the world’s highest quality opium grows just to our south, in the Sierra Madre. At the same time, the US has no enemies, but it decides it needs a US Army. With that wide yellow stripe down the sides of their blue uniforms, when marching in a column 10×40 or whatever, they even look like a field of opium poppy ready to harvest. 1840s, the “US” decides it needs to go conquer everything “Mexican.” Only one problem, “Mexico” doesn’t exist yet. Nothing to conquer down there except one thing — control the opium growiing in the Sierra Madre. 1840s, 1850s, US and British armies supply heroin to China, to launch a regime change operation that won’t be completed until Japan is removed from the chessboard (planned in the 1910s), and fellow Yalie and Skull and Bonesman Mao Tse-dung can be installed as new regional fascist dictator, much as Lincoln was installed as fascist dictator of the new 1860s regional heroin trafficking entity, known as the US Gov’t..He adjourns the Congress sine die, puts all states under marshall law (we are stlll under the Lieber code), suspends habeus corpus, 13th amendment federal prison-slavery industrial complex, fake “US citizenship” for anyone, anywhere in the world, who consents to jurisdiction of Lincoln’s Article Four courts pushing admiralty law (law of marque and reprisal, slavery, trafficking etc) versus Article One courts, pushing local civil law, with English tradition of local stare decisis going back to Henry the Second. Consider the parallels between US Army (global heroin trafficker, now calling itself the Pentagon) using “regime change operations” to place Lincoln in power 1860s and Mao Tse-dung in power 1960s. In north America, as in China, the RCO starts with heroin trafficking. This breaks down credibility of local governments. Theh comes a period of excalating violence, aka terrorism lite, along the psychological fault lines within the population. The violence is excalated along fault lines until there is total social breakdown, with mass migrations and civil wars. Syria is an example. (Saddam kicked out the heroin traffickers, as did Ghadaffi. This is like kicking the Pentagon in the nuts. Without off-book revenues from heroin trafficking, the top brass can’t imagine how to finance their obscene life styles. Assad and Putin kick out the heroin traffickers. So, Pentagon brass hires Hillary and McCain and teaches them to bark out, “Let US bombs rain down from the sky on them too.” US Civil war — 600,000 dead white people, and amongst the living 400,000 new opium addicts, an addiction then called the “soldiers disease.” BTW, Lincoln was an example of a functional heroin addict. A dentist from England sold concentrated opium (heroin) to him to cure back pain from an accident on his first farm clearing trees. A long back is a weak back, and he so wanted to impress his new wife.

    Want to stop regime change, sold to us in the past as “white man’s burden” and “manifest destiny,” just bust up the global heroin mafia, now the global heroin and cocaine mafia. Putin and Trump will have a lot of personal “good vibrations” with each other on this point. They both HATE the trouble and pain caused by the global heroin trafficking mafia. It’s not the punk kids we put in prison, where under the 13th amendment federal inmates are sold for slave labor purposes. Heroin, slavery and globalism are one in the same thing. The US has 700+/- “military bases” worldwide. Draw a 50km circle around each base, and study the heroin problems inside the circle compared to outside. The US military bases are not military bases. They are global heroin and cocaine distribution centers for the Pentagon trafficking operations.

    If Putin and Trump can agree to help each other break up the heroin and cocaine mafia, man to man, as each of them instinctually wants, then two things will happen. America will get her innocence back, the history of regime change operations, with drugs trafficking and destablization of local governments comes to an end, and lastly, the children all around the world, will rejoice!

    Sorry for the long post. The lies we have been told about history are so huge. But they will eventually be fully unravelled.

    God Speed! Jon Rappoport!

    • 22sojourner says:

      Your letter was long but every word was vitally important, thank you for an awesome education.
      My wife & I feel we owe you more than a thank you … so A++ to you.

  26. John Sherrill says:

    “Just you and I.” Trump would never say that. It is ungrammatical. He would say “Just you and me.”

  27. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Here is a brief tribute to my research mentor, the late Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda (1917-2001):

    This paper was submitted for review and publication now to

    1. Assist President-elect Donald J. Trump restore integrity to government science and humanity’s contact with reality, if that is his goal, or to

    2. Inform the public if President-elect Donald J. Trump is another political charlatan that may continue to misuse government science to deceive and enslave humanity.

  28. Got Fake News? says:

    Evil dastardly Russian hackers lurk around every router.
    Russian hackers are so elite that they can’t even use a cutout or proxy machine to cover their tracks.
    Julian Assange is actually a *evul* Russian hackers!
    The evil Putinhitler and the super evil Trumphitler hatched this election hacking plot 35 years ago at a KGB headquarters disguised as Trump Tower.

  29. n3angus says:

    WHATS THE TRUTH ????? You know whats amazing is the propaganda being put out by MS Media that the USA needs to go to War with Russia in Syria to stop Assad while we have this Canadian News Journalist saying its not Assad doing the Bombing and War Crimes against his People , ITS THE Obama Backed Rebels !!!!!

    General Wesley Clark Asked About 7 Country War Plan

    General Clark in 2007 ,

    General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies
    The Truth About Aleppo Syria

    The USA needs to find a New Foreign Policy Strategy to avert WW3 .

  30. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Here is the message sent to President-elect Donald J. Trump with a hyperlink to another peer-reviewed paper on NEUTRON REPULSION that will be published before Trump’s inauguration:

    Empirical evidence for NEUTRON REPULSION is indelible recorded in exact rest masses of the ~3,000 types of atoms that comprise all matter . . .

    and will remain as indelible empirical evidence of continued fraudulent government science if Trump’s Science Advisor and DOE’s Energy Secretary fail to correct the misuse of science to deceive and control humanity.

  31. thenewneandertalien says:

    Putin is a mole of the Globalists. Putin belongs to the same faction that Merkel, Obama, Hillary. The logic, that Jon Rapport promotes, would help anybody to quickly come to this obvious conclusion.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Dear ‘thenewneadertalien’ (are you a Khazarian? Is that where the “neander’ part of your moniker comes from? Khazarians, who adopted Judaism, have Neanderthal blood, as you must know). Putin is plainly NOT a globalist mole. He is adamantly against globalism and has been oft outspoken on the subject, “Neander”. MG

      • RB says:

        Curious, isn’t the definition of a mole, a silent, underground and usually out of sight entity that manipulates from within for the purpose of undermining whatever, whomever they are working against?  IF that is the case, then Putin is no mole, because he is outspoken and rather open about his intent, and that is to promote his nations economic growth, political influence…and if he is going to hack our nation he damn sure wouldn’t make it ‘obvious’ or easy for someone to figure it out.

        • thenewneandertalien says:

          Putin is working against the Russian state and the Russian populace. The same as Obama is working for the same goal. And Merkel, and most of the patsy-figureheads that “lead” the countries with Caucasian population. And even India, despite the Nationalist party being in power there.
          What Russian prosperity are you talking about? Despite positive trade balance, i.e. more exported than imported, Russian currency was fraudulently devalued by more than 50%. Billions of savings were erased. About 50mln people have mortgages or other loans under water because they borrowed in USD or EUR, or because they lost their income.
          Putin Personality Cult is a US phenomena. It is a most degrading and ridiculous personality cult ever. The North Coreans are less ridiculous in their Kim Personality Cult than Americans are with Putin.
          Pathetic. And the ultimate proof that the populace has no logic. Jon Rappoport is one of the smartest ideologist in the US, but he is wrong on Putin. Did not spend enough time analysing.

      • thenewneandertalien says:

        A basic literacy lesson:
        “Khazarian” theory on Russian Jews is a myth. Most of the Russian and Ukrainian Jews have German or sometimes Polish family names. For instance: the current president of Ukraine: Waltsman. The current prime-minister of Ukraine: Groissman. Leon Trotsky – Bronshtein. They could only get those names in Germanic land where they transited before getting into the Polish and later Russian Empires.
        To understand who is a Globalist mole and who is not you need to have criteria. Importing millions of muslims, eradicating middle class, going “cashless”, fraudulently devaluing currency and savings, using figurehead oligarchs – all of this are signs of a country under an “External Rule”, i.e. Globalist rule. And it is the same in the US, in Russia, in Ukraine, in Germany, almost everywhere in countries with Caucasian population.

        • Molecule says:

          Call it by a thousand different names — starting with Andrew Jackson who setup the US Army as global mule for the heroin mafia, then Lincoln with his white genocide, his 13th amendment prison slavery system, then WW I&II, the agenda has been (a) white genocide, black envy and rage (b) global slavery and global jewish fascism. The method is regime change, which used to be called manifest destiny and before that white man’s burden. Regime change is the Establishment, of new regional fascist dictatorships controlled by the ancient and venerable heroin and cocaine mafia. Lincoln’s adjournment of the US Constitution sine die and conversion of the republic into a federal bureaucracy, functioning as a political smokescreen for a fascist dictatorship run out of the “Pentagon” (which like Israel, is undefined whose only existence is as a psyops smokescreen for the heroin trafficking war machine, called deep state, or shadow government, or just “pentagon.”).

          I’m suspicious as well that Putin may be mole for the deep state mafia. They did the same thing with Hitler — he was a deep state mole as well. They set him up with all kinds of “looks good to me” kind of outward appearances. Make military stronger, gold back currency with central bank confiscation of gold and guns, build infrastructure, etc. Meanwhile, Hitler’s SS was coordinating with Stalin, FDR and Churchill (Lindemann actually) for mass extermination of white christian European populations. Village after village, after Jews were moved to safety of rural IG Farben camps (gardening clubs), the “allies” bombed the white european stay-behinds living in their civilian districts, including graveyards of their ancestors. Given the self-evident agenda of white genocide, black slavery, and global jewish regime change, I also suspect that Putin’s loyalty to the white genocide part of the global program is still in play.

          There are two jewish mafias in the US, and they are competing. Hillary was frontsperson for the Hollywood mob, which includes the main stream media, the pentagon chiasma and the war machine economy. Trump is frontspiece for the Meyer Lansky mob. The Lanksy mob and the Russian mob see the world pretty much eye to eye. They share similar world views and personal values and can talk openly with each other. The Hollywood mob is a bunch of totally infantile, narcissistic nut jobs. Both mobs are involved in crime, but the Hollywood mob is totally indiscriminate. They push porn onto 12 yr old kids with iPhones, along with satanism and indiscriminate pedophilia and homosexuality. This is unacceptable behavior to the code of conduct in the Lansky and Russsian mobs. This is the essence to the raprochement between the Trump administration (protected by the Lansky mob) and Putin administration (protected by the Russian mob). It’s also why Rappoport’s proposals for a Trump-Putin dialog is so important. They are in a dangerous war and need to know that support for them is out there.

          Never in the history of mankind has man been in need of two mafias like the Russian and Lansky mafias. Although their goal is local delivery of crime, with strict codes of silence and containment and discretion. The alternative is the total profligacy and degeneracy of the Hollywood-MSM-Pentagon mob, which is metastising worldwide distribution of drugs, porn and satanim, with senseless abandon. The New York Lansky mob and the Russian mob are not too cool with that. I’m not into mobs, but in this case, I see a need for one. Even together, the Lansky mob and Russian mob will have a hard time defeating the infantile insanity Hollywood-Hillary-Pentagon mob.

          The fact that Trump and Putin are two political sockpuppets, backed up by and protected by two regionally different but philosophically similar mafias, is the key to future US-Russia relations. Meanwhile the Hollywood-MSM-Pentagon mafia will be cooking up as many political “pickles” as they can. The latter mafia is worldwide in scope, is completely dangerous for the future consciousness of mankind, and is completely devoid of any concepts of self-respect or self-control.

          • thenewneandertalien says:

            Pentagon = The Resistance. A lot of different factions have access to Hollywood. The pro-Trump gambling industry does, the Pentagon does. Bannon and Mnuchin both produced movie in Hollywood. Mnuchin’s “Mad Max” was full of anti-white propaganda. Majority of Hollywood output is indeed controlled by the CIA and Co, and is totally psychopathic.
            Today, there is not mob. The repressive apparatus has limitless means to repress any independent mob. Only FBI, police controlled criminals are allowed. And those are like prostitute in their status and mentality.
            Yes, Hitler was a mole, a patsy. But Putin does NOTHING of you describ for Hitler in Germany. There is not employment, no industrialization in Russia. Russia is pillaged in the same way as the US. Russians are covertly and overtly gencided. Millions of foreign muslims are imported. There not even visa with many mulslim countries. $230 is a “good salary” in Russia outside Moscow.
            Your writing is sophisticated, but too many points are wrong.

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