Globalism: the monster in the Presidential campaign

by Jon Rappoport

October 20, 2016

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“Over the weekend, thousands of protesters across multiple countries condemned impending [Globalist] trade deals promoted by governments and their corporate partners. Though the protests received little coverage from mainstream media, they stretched from Paris to Warsaw.” (Carey Wedler, Blacklisted News, 10/19/16)

Start with this: when a system has been devised, planned, launched, and maintained by criminals to undermine a nation, they are naturally going to defend it by saying: “It’s good for everyone AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO MANAGE HUMAN AFFAIRS. BESIDES, WE CAN’T STOP IT NOW. THAT WOULD CAUSE WIDESPREAD CHAOS.”

In exactly the same way, a massive prison housing nothing but innocent people would be hard to maintain, if the airtight security system were turned off.

The truth about the Globalist prison is simple. The underlying operation takes jobs away from America, in this instance, and sends them to Third World hell holes, where the same products are manufactured by the same companies, for pennies, using slave workers who labor in toxic environmental conditions that destroy their health.

Isn’t that easy to understand?

The American companies in those hell holes then sell the products back to Americans without paying taxes, tariffs, or penalties of any kind. The defenders of Globalism claim selling back the products cheaply is good for the American consumer. This is a lie, because many of those consumers no longer have jobs. Or they work at much lower wages than they used to, because the companies they worked for left America and went to the hell holes.

All in all, this arrangement is obviously designed to torpedo the national economy. It’s not an accident. It’s not an unintended consequence. The Globalists may be criminals, but they aren’t stupid criminals.

But what about the US companies who left America and set up shop overseas? Can’t they read the handwriting on the wall? Can’t they realize their base of consumers in the US is shrinking?

The companies are, in fact, stupid. They’re betting on short-term success vs. long-term collapse, and they’re going to lose. They plunge ahead with their eyes closed—because they can’t bring themselves to believe that the system they’re part of could have been fashioned with ultimate failure in mind.

Trump is speaking out against the monster called Globalism. Hillary embraces Globalism with her usual blend of vapid narcotic generalities.

Here is what is happening: the anti-Globalism movement is becoming much bigger than Trump, so no matter what you think of him, whether you believe in his honesty or not, the ideas he is bringing forward are having an immense impact on the populace—because the populace has figured out the Globalist game. They see and feel the destruction. They see and feel what is happening to jobs. Their jobs. They see the brutal reality, and they want no part of it.

They want America to endure. They want America to prosper. They want a free market. They don’t want their country reduced to a Third World swamp. They are the people Hillary calls “deplorables” and “losers.”

All the politically correct humanitarian lingo in the universe is not going to change these basic realities. Globalism—the export of jobs, the rapid expansion of the Welfare State, the launching of senseless wars to pave the way for corporate plunder, the immigrant-flood through open borders—is a nation killer. It’s built to be a killer.

Decimating nations is an intentional precursor to ruling the planet from above by the Globalists-in-charge. “What we destroy we will resurrect on our own terms.”

No nation on Earth has a pure and clean history. But no nation deserves to be leveled and destroyed. The founding ideas of the original American Republic were and are the best ideas about government ever forwarded in human history. They imply:

Severely limited federal power. Free individuals. Independent individuals. Individuals who choose their own dreams and destinies. Individuals who work to achieve those dreams.

Individual creative power.

The Matrix Revealed

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The so-called liberal press, and the academic institutions of America, have sold out completely. They are on board with what they can see of the Globalist agenda. The press will never challenge that agenda. They are grotesque cowards of the first order.

I have met some of them during my 30-plus years of working as a reporter. Behind their perfumed fronts, they give off a stench. At best, they should be pumping gas in the desert.

I created this website 15 years ago, in part, to expose Globalism in its various aspects, as a deep sickness of elites; Globalism must be cut off and shut down.

America is America. For the most part, its people are decent. Their leaders have betrayed them time and time again, without a second thought, without a shred of remorse.

The so-called populist movement which is growing by leaps and bounds, which got its legs under it with Ron Paul, must not come to a halt, no matter who becomes the next President, no matter what that President does.

The future is now.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

47 comments on “Globalism: the monster in the Presidential campaign

  1. fearocean says:

    Awareness is the cure

    • bob klinck says:

      Knowledge without action is like faith without works: i.e., futile. Exaggerated competition is what is causing the overseas relocation of the industrial base of developed countries. Industrial efficiency is wonderful, except that it reduces the flow of buying power to the community in the form of wages. The only way to counter this effect and allow domestic production to be bought is to provide a supplementary flow of income to the citizenry, preferably in the form of a regular, universal dividend. This is a better solution than distributing income by conducting an unending series of wars.

  2. dwil says:

    Donald Trump, a staunch corporatist (just look at the corporate names in his alliances), is against corporatism. Sure.

    Ron Paul, a boot-licking oil corporation, fracking-loving, city destroyer is a hero? The guy who, for his final Congressional trick brought his district in Victoria fracking, allowed a petroleum corp. to move in so his real estate thieving buddies could build a ramshackle suburb to “support” the frackers, and then watched them leave town a scant three years later lining every scammers pockets, including his, is —- a hero?! Oh yeah, and now the suburb sits uninhabited except for the people who moved to that contrived Victoria suburb to follow the petroleum corp. jobs who now rely on —- U.S. govt.-funded public assistance to get from this month to the next while they plot where next to go because they’re months behind on their mortgages.

    Paul, a shiesty, low-key, as in, out of the public eye record but on the books to the point where he owns a home in Austin far from the extremely angry and voices and betrayed minds of his Victoria constituency; this real estate move to another city gentrifier is a frigging hero?!!!

    HillBilly, we know. We know the pair is a CIA creation and power elite bootlickers to the core.

    These are our “choices.” These are our “heroes.” Damn we need to wake up and expand the political process…

    • MrDuncmck says:

      what i never seem to hear/read is the job description definition of our so called savior?a layer turned career politician? a govorner of a state?like jon talks about .we always keep writing the same absurd it is to think just the right kind of entity is going to come along and save our asses.and hillbillies are dumb too..fracking evil.corporations about….?????? neutral.what are you going to do about it? most comment are cherry picked .we yearn so to believe in our own bull shit

  3. Dawn Vierra says:

    Not a fan of Trump nor Clinton. Definitely not a fan of globalism as it is defined now in the form of TPT or similar types of stuff

  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    I agree with you 100% the problem is and it’s a big one is that the American women are not reading or researching the facts

    But rather have been brainwashed into believing that this November 8th election is about guns and abortion and women must vote not with their brain but rather with their vagina

    • Terri says:

      Any woman who votes for hitlery because they think she is a woman is a disgrace to the divine feminine and not a real woman. just like the stupid people who voted for obama and still have their stickers on their cars voted for him because he is black. he is not black(his mother and grandparents who raised him were white!) and he is not even a natural born citizen. disgraceful useful idiots who have so much self hatred they vote for those who choose to destroy them.

      its a mystery to me how anyone could see her laughing about getting a rapist off when she defended him and how she gleefully celebrated murdering Gaddafi a beloved leader of a sovereign nation and choose to vote for her and say she is a woman. a real woman does not allow rapists to go free, nor commit murder. not to mention the other countless crimes and lies she has committed. the media keeps saying she is winning,but all i see are a majority of comments supporting trump and his message, and against her.

      this is a horrifyingly true article i just read which may explain this insane disease of self deprecation which many are suffering from. all i can say is, mothers have failed their daughters and the world by giving their children to the state to raise, and this is the consequence. We must raise our own children and go back to attachment and natural parenting. its the only thing that will restore humanity.

      A German left wing youth movement activist admitted that she lied to police about a sexual assault and concealed the ethnicity of her attackers out of fear of provoking “more hatred” against refugees.

      She thought about “refugee shelters burnt in the previous months” and wanted to prevent “her story from being exploited by racists,” Selin Goren, a national spokeswoman of the Linksjugend Solid movement, an offshoot of the German Left Party, told Der Spiegel.She also admitted that she was infuriated when a police officer asked her whether her attackers had been refugees.

      After the assault she went straight to police but instead of filing a complaint about a sex attack, she only reported being robbed. She also lied about the ethnicity of her attackers, claiming that she was robbed by a “mixed group of Germans and foreigners alike, who spoke German to each other.”

      Later, as she explained her move, Goren said she had been thinking about the public backlash that refugees and migrants suffered after the wave of Cologne sex attacks on New Year’s Eve, when hundreds of women were sexually assaulted and robbed by groups of predominantly migrant youths.

      About 12 hours later, her friend persuaded her to go to police and tell the officers the real story by saying that her attackers could also assault other people and adding that another woman had been sexually assaulted in the neighborhood shortly beforehand.

      Goren also made her case public on social media shortly after the incident. However, she put the blame on “racist and sexist” German society rather than directly on her attackers. In one of her Facebook posts, she even accused other victims of sexual assaults involving migrants of framing their stories so as to “provoke racist hatred” and thus forcing her to lie to police.

      In another post on Facebook, she virtually apologized to “male refugees” for the “racism” and “sexism” of German society. “You are not a problem. You are not a problem at all,” she said, addressing refugees and migrants.

      “What really hurts me under these circumstances is the fact that the sexist and over the line [incident] that happened to me led only to [a situation, in which] you are subjected to growing and more aggressive racism,” she also said in her post.

      Now, Goren urges other women not to repeat her mistakes and not to “conceal the truth even if it seems politically expedient.” Speaking about how this incident changed her worldview, Goren stresses she still puts the blame for such incidents more on “sexist society” than on individuals.

      Goren, who is of Turkish origin, also says that her stance on refugees and migrants did not change generally, although she admits that she is now afraid of Arabs.

      Goren’s case appears not to have been unique as three schoolgirls aged between 16 and 18 in the city of Kassel located in central Germany said that they experienced repeated incidents of groping and sexual harassment on public transport by migrants for several weeks but would not report them, fearing “to contribute to the discrimination of refugees,” local media reported.

      • hocuspocus13 says:

        Unfortunately those women will be voting November 8th

        And voting for Hillary because she’s a woman

        For some it might be that it’s alot to take in because Crooked Hillary has done so much corruption in her lifetime

        I tell those women to Fact Check 2 people which will give them good insight to who Hillary Clinton really is

        George Soros Hillary’s top money man

        Senator Robert Byrd Hillary mentor

        …need I say more…

    • n3angus says:

      All National Security Foreign Assets should be SCREAMING after Hillary Clinton “ Revealing the Nuclear Response time and this issue makes Hillary Clinton Disqualified to Be
      President because she did what Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald convicted
      I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, of doing ,

      Hillary has placed the Valerie Plame’s of the
      US National Security Dept , at Risk with her being in a position of Bribery amd
      this should disqualify Hillary Clinton , let alone be a Indictable action !!!!!

      This from the link says ;

      “Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald
      convicted I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, an aide to then-Vice President Cheney on perjury
      charges, not for revealing Plame’s name. However,
      Fitzgerald thought his prosecution served a national security purpose. “The
      notion,” Fitzgerald said, “that someone’s identity could be compromised lightly,
      to me, compromises the ability to recruit [i.e., for the US to recruit
      intelligence officers].”

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you for identifying the elephant in the room.

  6. jjsanto1962 says:

    Trump not a “globalist”? I think that we suffer, egregiously, from Cognitive Dissonance, as an entire nation.
    Trump uses undocumented workers, as that murdering, Mafioso front woman said, “Trump buys his steel from China”.
    On the David Letterman Show Letterman pointed out that Trumps clothing line is made in Bangladesh AND China, yet, Trump pretends to be outraged that Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA Agreement during Clintons foray in the Whitewashed House.

    Trump appears to be more controlled opposition or else he is one of the grandest hypocrites ever spawned in the halls of self aggrandizement and entitlement. Should we also forget that he pays no Federal Taxes on his billion dollar income? Should we ignore the fact that he, like so many others, takes advantage of loopholes and handouts to advance his own personal ideologies?
    And just what are his ideologies? He lives in opulence so his ideologies should not be hard to discern….to the observant and independent thinker.

    Why would Trump care about the 2nd Amendment either? He can hire people with guns to protect his wealth while the average American needs a gun to protect himself from despotism. Trump, for all intents and purposes, has all of the ingredients to become a despot, endless wealth that can purchase powerful positions.
    Trump is no better than a ‘career’ welfare recipient yet his focus seems to hone in on ‘illegal aliens’ and their financial drain on the American taxpayer. How does he even hold his head up while spewing this hypocritical garbage?

    His (Trump) entire campaign was born from the immense outrage and desire of the American public to fight the overt corruption of their own paid servants.
    The Trilateral Commission is not seated by stupid globalists. They are well aware of what we speak of on social networks, smart phones and in our emails to each other.
    Like Trump keeps telling Hillary, “You’ve had 30 years to bring jobs back to America but you haven’t”.
    Trump has had the same time and money to create a better America as well but all that he has built is an empire of vice. Nothing remotely “Conservative” about his lifestyle or his empire.

    It is evident to me, at this current Epoch, that what is lacking in these ‘Candidates’ is what is lacking in the very foundations of a capitalistic society, a conscience. A society that is engineered to love wealth, power and prestige, over humility, self responsibility and community will always collapse in on itself.

    At least I know Hillary Clinton is a criminally insane tool of the CFR but Trump appears as Cicero’s “traitor amongst us”. It’s a lose/lose situation for Americans at this point.

    • Dickard says:

      Well put, I concur.

    • Terri says:

      Why are you accusing Trump of doing something only a representative could do? Trump is right, in all this time in office Hillary Clinton was sworn by oath to uphold the constitution and serve the people. She only served herself and left a trail of bodies behind her, along with serial rapist bill. Trump only used the laws, including the tax laws, as did every other business person to make money which is what a good business person does. I notice you dont have anything to say about Hillary giving away 20% of our uranium and being responsible ultimately for the death of Levoy Finicum and the harassment and the attempt to steal the Bundy’s land due to the deal she made. Trump cant be a traitor, he never held office, Hillary is a traitor and criminal.

      You sound like an envious collectivist who thinks Trump is bad because he worked hard for his money and doesnt deserve to live well. Anyone who loves their family does their best to give them everything they can. Anyone who does this is a good person. Your speculation is foolish and not based on personal experience or fact. Trump has really changed since the beginning of his run and we must support and believe in the best in him so he can help us make America great again. He has already inspired people to think critically and believe in themselves and their country again. This has been a great opportunity for people to start thinking and decide what kind of future they would like to have. The corruption that has gone on is being unearthed, just like the prophecy of the apocalypse states. Apocalypse only means the lifting of the veil, and this will continue until the cat is completely out of the bag. How blessed we all are to live in these times and be here for such an important decision at the crossroads..

      Trump says he personally wants to give back to America and the people for everything he has received. Hitlery says she will steal more of YOUR money and give it to others who dont deserve it, just like the communist she is. She is an obama-nation just like her corrupt predecessor. This is bigger than Trump and intelligent people know this. In a republic, it is the people who have the power and until they fulfill their responsibility, corruption will continue. The people are responsible for the wholesale criminality of our public servants for not making sure they obey the rule of law. Trump has proved he is a success and hitlery has proved she is a failure.

      There is nothing wrong with capitalism as long as politicians keep their dirty hands out of it. communism never works and it cant. Trump said he is an insider so he knows the game, which means he is the one who can fix it. Trump has said he will apply and uphold the constitution and protect our country from criminals; yes an illegal is a criminal because they have committed a felony by not following the law.. When has hitlery ever said that? The criminals all over the world do not want Trump to win. We can choose to believe in doom which is foolish or decide what else is possible and help create a brighter future for all people.

    • @jjsanto

      “At least I know Hillary Clinton is a criminally insane tool of the CFR but Trump appears as Cicero’s “traitor amongst us”. It’s a lose/lose situation for Americans at this point.” – JJSanto1962

      Weelllll… for that matter, now I feel bad about all the things I said about her…that she a stone-cold-killer-bitch-and biblical whore of the book of the revelations, that will end life on earth.

      Are you sure we suffer egregiously…because from were I sit you are egregiously ignorant of any truth about this matter.

      Trump is for his corporation, and has admitted on many occasions that he has taken advantage of any and all corporate/tax/trade laws to make a fortune from it. Do you cheat on your income tax JJ…don’t answer that but you know the truth. Because believe me if I got the chance to get out of paying the government $900,000… I would, and if that was legal, I would blow a big raspberry at them as I left the their offices.

      What are you talking about?…so that makes it understandable, she’s insane, it’s not her fault.
      We know what she is, it’s her insanity that is it fault. She’s an insane tool.

      Were you get that bitterness for Trump; is that manufactured by the media, or the well established consensus of walking dead, manufactured by a Clinton driven media.

      This woman glees at the death of others. I mean she takes delight in the death of her adversaries. This is the 1%’s instrument of the cull. To understand that this insane person, did’nt answer the call of a American ambassador, more that likely because the fix was in against Libya, At three o’clock in the morning causing his death.

      A vote fro Hillary Clinton, is a vote for World War Three, unless Putin can hijacker her or come to some kind of detente’. Of course that will only piss her of and cause her to nuke Iran or Korea, or the Chinese.

      I will take anything that Trump is capable of; I know this for sure. he will not gloat and curl his lips and hiss and laugh over the murder of an innocent man (Ghadaffi).

      He will not pretend to help the starving little kiddies and poor aids afflicted, meanwhile making millions through Frank Giustra, through the Giustra Clinton Initiative. He will not throw everyone in front of him under the bus, if it comes to being exposed to the public for what he it.

      She destroyed state secrets in the form of emails that belonged to the United States Government. And she still walking around.

      What kind of twisted logic is the above statement you made…

      • jjsanto1962 says:

        I don’t think I want to even reply to your misogynistic comment but I feel that I must.

        I clearly state that Clinton is a murdering Mafioso front woman for the CFR.
        Nowhere in my comment do I lend my support or acceptance of her as a leader in any position. She is a career criminal. Need we mention her and Bill’s Mena Arkansas drug running? But, I suppose they are in good company as most globalists and capitalists have founded their fortunes on drugging the world. Forbes, Rothschild, Morgan and others have been a silent menace to all good societies rotting them from the inside. This is what capitalists do.

        What I find so distasteful about your comment is that you resort to using misogynistic terms to describe females yet do not apply this same verbiage for your male counterparts.
        Hillary Clinton is a narcissistic, murdering psychopath and all of those statements are true because they can be validated by her actions. The word “b*tch” has no place in an enlightened and decent society. I have yet to hear one person call George Bush a b*tch for lying about Saddam Hussein and marching our young men and women to their deaths in Iraq.
        One of those was mine.

        It is clear, from reading all of the remarks about Hillary on social formats, that men hold a deep hatred for females in general or else they would not so openly and willingly use such filthy language in their characterization of them.

        You read what you wanted from my comment because you did not like what I said about Trump.

        I have no “Horse in this race”. I consider both of them flotsam, but, this is what always floats to the top, no?

        • Yeah you wanted to reply…I stuck my finger in your eye and called you out on a dumbass comment.

          I know your language, and doesn’t work with me.

          You think I am a misogynist because I called Hillary Clinton; let me see how did you put it…oh yeah, “b*tch”. Now because I interpret you asterisked word to mean BITCH. Does that make me bad or you bad for implying it. From the stand point of a decent society JJ.

          Doesn’t matter I’ll take the hit…I believe all language belongs in a decent society. All language, no censorship. I use the word fuck as a comma.

          I’m no misogynist, I’m to good-looking to be a mysogynist. Women love me, I love them, all of them. They are the most wonderful people on this planet. I’m a massagynist, not a misogynist, but only on friday nights JJ.

          “Doesn’t belong in an enlightened and decent society”…lol.

          Society is far from being enlightened; and decency, well, that what this whole gripe is about, n’est ce pas. Because a decent society would not even contemplate a Hillary Clinton as president, for any government office in the United States. Any decent society would rage against the FBI for its corruption in her email scandal; any decent society would put all those twisted Straussian NeoCons and their ilk in jail for the rest of their lives…for all this crap they have dealt the world. For all this misery they have produced in far of places. Any decent society would not allow the main stream media, to apply a blatant bias and obvious slant on the reporting of presidential candidates.Any decent society would not allow its national journalists to conspire in secret with instruction from a higher offices to wage a campaign of slander and filth and smearing of an otherwise decent man.

          Men do not hold that opinion about women, your generalizing. They are speaking about her specifically…the biatch.

          Here one for ya JJ…G Doublya Bush… is a little sniffling-sawed-off-small-penised-yosemity-sam-imitating-double bitch.

          I have no problem with what you say about Donald Trump, but I do contest when you do not know what you are talking about, or when you regurgitate the party line or status quo. How about taking a second look at him, objectively that is, forget what you think you know and then listen to what he says…forget the loose cannon stuff…or his gun slinger approach. That is the child still alive in the man. Get your apologist attitude for women out-of-the-way and look at what Trump’s issues are…ask your self why is everyone against him, is it because he’s an asshole, and someone taped a locker room conversation he had ten years ago, so therefore he is that man. Or, is it the matrix of politics in an obvious rage, and insanity that a candidate has gone off script, that a candidate dares to question it, and is finally reaching the people, with his passion for a real change. Is there vast amounts of money behind taking down Donald Trump. Granted DT is vain, an arrogant rich man, but he is not a stone cold, born killer like HRC. He is not a calculated psychopath. He will look to diplomatic solutions to foreign policy problems, rather than Hillary’s Hawk Talk.

          The election is rigged already, Soros a close friend and financial supporter of Clinton will make sure in sixteen states that she gets in, but a landslide vote for Trump will negate that…are you voting. Because it might be the most important vote of your life.

          As for me, I am Canadian and cannot vote.

    • Attica State U.S. v John Lennon (Freeda Peeple) says:

      That was so well written, I saw the ending coming like a freight train. Have we been so engineered to want to vote for one sociopath or the other? Do these narcissistic psychopaths reflect our modern culture?

      JR was right when he said we are all prisoners on this ship, planet, plane, flat iron, dimension and we can’t even figure this one out.

      Vote for Nobody, because . . .
      Nobody listens!
      Nobody reallllly gives a shite!
      and Nobody really knows what’s going on!

      Can you watch more than two episodes of the 1967 cult TV classic “The Prisoner” without going a bit mad?

      let’s find out . . .
      a one….a two….a threee
      The world may never know!

    • Attica State U.S. v John Lennon (Freeda Peeple) says:

      That was so well written, I saw the ending coming like a freight train. Have we been so engineered to want to vote for one sociopath or the other? Do these narcissistic psychopaths reflect our modern culture?

      JR was right when he said we are all prisoners on this ship, planet, plane, flat iron, dimension and we can’t even figure this one out.

      Vote for Nobody, because . . .
      Nobody listens!
      Nobody really gives a sh**!
      and Nobody really knows what’s going on!

      Can you watch more than two episodes of the cult TV classic “The Prisoner” without going a bit mad?

      let’s find out . . .
      a one….a two….a three
      The world may never know!

  7. I would call it ‘corporate globalism’. It’s more about corporatism than globalism, about rule by corporations.

  8. Greg C. says:

    Axiom: The power to tax is the power to destroy.
    Corollary 1: The power to engage in foreign treaties is the power to betray the nation.
    Corollary 2: The power to create money is the power to steal it.

    We need three amendments to the constitution:

    1. All individual (non-corporate) income tax will be considered involuntary servitude, and made illegal, at the federal, state, or local level.

    2. All foreign treaties must be published with no redactions, then approved by 3/4 of the state legislatures.

    3. Eliminate the dollar, and any other legal tender. No law shall be made to establish a currency. The right of the people to deploy, use, and specify the currency of their choice shall not be infringed.

    Trump may be our best hope to keep us from going over the cliff for now, but without these protections, we are just forestalling the inevitable globalist takeover. Power comes from money, and guns are just a last resort backup. If we control and keep our money, then we retain our power as a people.

    • Terri says:

      You just stated three things that are already in the constitution. the politicians are not made to uphold their oath, so they continue to whore out our country at the expense of our republic. the ignorance and apathy of the people are what has caused this disgrace in our nation. we have a responsibility to educate ourselves, because the collectivists in charge wont do it for us. please read the constitution, the declaration of independence and the articles of confederation. also read the creature from jekyll island, which explains the whole money tax debacle.

      true power is in the Word and the Law, which is why globalists lie and get others to believe and follow their lying paradigm.

      • Greg C. says:

        Terri: No, my point is that my proposals are not expressly forbidden in the constitution. In fact, it gives congress the right to coin money and “regulate the value thereof.” (Art 1 Sect. 8) That needs to go. It gives the Senate the power to ratify treaties. (Art 2 Sect. 2) Take it away from them and give it to the states.

        The 13th amendment seems to authorize income tax. It shouldn’t need a whole book to explain what it really means. The constitution is our first defense against tyranny, and a few sentences added to it can eliminate a whole lot of education requirements. Freedom is for everyone, and it needs to be expressed plainly so that all can understand our basic freedoms.

  9. Joy says:

    Something else I learned in one of Jon’s interviews with a “Matrix insider” in his series, The Matrix Revealed, is that every American is being taxed on income ILLEGALLY! (See this succinct description of what occurred when the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was supposedly approved by the then 48 states: This is yet another way to keep us enslaved to the system that now wants to offer us up to Globalism.

  10. From Québec says:

    Good grief! The Soros’s paid trolls are invading your site today, Jon.

    What horrible comments of uninformed idiots.

    Just one or two good comments so far on this article..

    I guess Hillary is panicking and sending her army of losers to your site.

    Trump: Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo!

  11. From Québec says:

    Trump Just Dropped A Nuclear Bomb On Congress! We Have To Drain The Swamp!

  12. Dickard says:

    There is no overnight cure for the sickness we call democracy. Each person must decide where they want to put their energy, in a spinning vortex that we already have or decide to not participate in the systems that exist to control us. Once again everyone must decide how much, how fast, how militant they want to implement change in their own life. Some just refocus their money to more local non corporate businesses, maybe grow half of your food, or maybe just stop wasting your energy on a process that doesn’t include the common man (voting federally…electoral college). Instead use that energy to make your life better, or a loved one’s, in even a small way. The powers that be need your participation to keep this shit heap running, and every little bit taken away retards their power to control society. Just my thoughts on the “democratic process”, which I also believe exists currently to incite anger between us peons. I think it’s working too well.

    • Terri says:

      America is not a democracy it is a Constitutional Republic. the founders knew the difference and there is a big difference. democracy is mob rule a republic is a nation of laws, not men.

      yes you are right, we can take our power back by choosing to make our lives better, and we can do that. we also must get involved and legally and lawfully take our country back. trump is at least a step in the right direction and not backwards, compared to nuclear annihilation hitlery. what we put our attention to grows and feeds it, and we can choose wisely in that regard as well.

      • Dickard says:

        System failure, Zionists at every turn(Hitlery, Donnie,Bernie,etc.)good luck with that freemasonic orange face painting (orange=33)turd. Remember all that talk of CHANGE with Barry? I will not vote for this inclination of turd and douche. Also no need to correct me on “democracy”, we all know it’s not applicable to call this anything but mind controlled, sheep filled soft slavery, that sadly most seem to enjoy.

    • @Dickard

      Bullshit I can smell it.
      That’s your whole bit, get the vote count down.
      Because you are scared shitless of a massive landslide, its the only election you can’t fix.

      • Dickard says:

        You presume much. I don’t have a political party, nor do I vote for Zionist scum (all candidates). I’m opting out because by voting for one of these losers is essentially a vote for Globalism. Your hero is controlled opposition…or the greatest anerican hero. Enjoy the show.

    • jjsanto1962 says:

      You are so very correct that they need our participation to keep this Ponzi scheme going.

      I moved to a homestead and am raising my own food. I really had no choice as the “food” in the grocery stores almost destroyed my Liver and Pancreas. There are millions of sick Americans due to the corrupt FDA who works for the corporations.

      At this moment DTE ( my energy service ) is threatening to cut my power if I do not submit to the “Smart Meter”. My husband and I are in discussion as to whether we should go in to deeper debt to remove ourselves from their ‘power grid’ and just get our own. It has been made into law here in MI that DTE can arbitrarily cut our power. We pay on time and an average of 200 a month in electricity. There should be no cause for such drastic measures, but, it is evident that corporations have the power to send us all back to the stone ages if they so desire.

      Two years ago someone gave me a book, ‘The Good Life’ and I highly recommend everyone to read it. What happened to Helen and Scott Nearing IS happening to all of us at this current point.

  13. Sabell says:

    Thank you for that Jon. I’ve spoken these very words several times of most people in office management and the upper echelons, “Behind their perfumed fronts, they give off a stench.” It is a stale, hollow, vacant smell that pulls in every rotting, putrid scent imaginable and I can smell it before I even walk in the door. Individual freedom and unique personalities are a must with true compassion and humanity, not the zombie-eyed automatons or crooked-eyed cronies who sell their souls to all the ‘program’ has to offer for only a few. Yes, regardless of the outcome of any election, the truth movement shall continue and remain integral, whole, and strong. I support that for all people in all countries as well.

  14. Daniel Johnson says:

    We’ve had massive protests about this, but media always twisted the reporting. I remember huge ones in the late 90s and early 2000s, then the unions paid NGO activists to start highjacking the events and yelling about ‘white privilege’ and trying to derail any efforts to turn the anti-globalization protests into a real movement by saddling it with unrelated causes and slandering, bullying and intimidating anyone who wanted to keep it focused on the main issue.

  15. “Superficially” this is correct, Jon.

    In some ways I think you are drawn into the “illusion” here. For instance, for all this “money” is extremely important. Without money there is no Globalism. But what is money? Is it not a series of agreements that have “magically” morphed into the creation of wibbly-wobbly “assets”?

    People cling to gold, but “God” didn’t ordain its value. It’s merely a variety of yellow metal that partially acts as “counterweight” to loaded trading platforms.

    Then we have to question the ultimate aim of the Globalists? Is it really to turn people into slaves? Undeniably that is one of the consequences of programming, but “outsourcing” hasn’t always been profitable. Did you know certain things produced in China have more red tape and regulations to comply with than the “first world”?

    It seems where the Globalists go, regulators are but a few steps behind, which is an irony. I think TTIP is actually a step towards global federalisation to United Nations “absolute power” (Brexit is all about the reconfiguration of sub-ordinate charters) and there ain’t nothing Trump or Clinton can do about it…well, short of war!

    Incidentally, the other day I was at a place where I did not expect to find perceptive incite, but I found it anyway. The most “wishy-washy” of all words in the English language is “intent”. Guess which one Clinton champions?


  16. Sam Nelson says:

    Globalism is: massive population reduction during which no person who is not a billionaire is safe; nuclear war, poisoned food and water, chemical and biological murder, the only ones safe will be in the DUMBS.

  17. The Third Eye Awakens says:

    you are the words of wisdom in this whole Mess! I want you guys to see this world and what you never hear about.
    Yes Clinton represents the Rothschilds and Transhumanism.
    Those same Trillion and Billionaires that are trying to live forever!

    Terri you correct it is an abomination on the Divine Feminist. Something we have fallen so far from over the last 10,000 years.

    I don’t care what you guys know or think you know about the world and who is running it over the US. But you need to know one thing!

    That is The plan to flood African Rats in the US and Europe and push Sharia Law!

    And it is Trump that will stop this! It is Trump that will get rid of these Rats. Everything else, doesn’t matter till the Rats are cleaned out.

    These aren’t Muslims of Iran these are Male 30 something Rats brought into cull the European Blood line.

    George Soros under the Rothschilds is behind most of the money being poured into this Horrible Plan! It’s as if the Destruction of Rome happening all over again. Destruction of the Mystery School Secrets and The Divine Arts.

    Good Ladies and Sirs.

  18. Brad Smith says:

    Hillary is exactly the wrong person at the wrong time (for them). She is too openly corrupt. If Trump doesn’t win it will be a lost opportunity to salvage what is left of the country (might be too late anyway). If Hillary gets in and we are not blown to hell with her recklessness, she will likely be the last of the globalists anyway. She is too openly corrupt and the internet is too open to hide this. Economically we are history. The center cannot hold and it’s coming to an end sooner with her than anyone else. What form the upcoming collapse will take is anyone’s guess, will she take us down with her? That’s the biggest question if you ask me.

    My advice; buckle up tight, we are in for one wild ride.

  19. Dickard says:

    Attention Trump sycophants. Soros=scum, Hitlery=scum, Bernie =scum, Trump=scum…
    almost every president since 1919 = Freemasonic, double talking, Zionist, sellout scum.

    This whole presidential election is lots of talk that will yield the same result, the dismantling of the U.S. . It’s planned, and barring a miracle, this country will fall apart. Enjoy the waste of time continuing the new idiocracy.

    • jjsanto1962 says:

      Politics is a religion. It infantilizes the follower so that he/she cannot develop the capacity to become self responsible, to think for one’s self.
      The elitists created political institutions ( it was not a farmer or laborer ) so they know well the effect on the “rabble” it holds.
      You are right in your assertions. Soros, Clinton, Sanders, Trump are all scum.

  20. David says:

    NESARA NOW! This is GREAT NEWS and it’s quietly getting done to completion! ????????????

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