October is October Surprise Month

October is October Surprise Month

by Jon Rappoport

October 3, 2016

What dirty tricks do you think the Clintons, their surrogates, and the Globalists will try to pull this month in the run up to the general election on November 8th? Sound off in the comments below.

Game on…

* Historic live coverage: Wikileaks’ Hillary October Surprise: Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2:00AM CT (8:00AM GMT). Click here.

* Hillary killed Libya peace deal over personal vendetta, claims whistleblower. Gaddafi agreed to hold free elections, but Clinton’s refusal led to ISIS takeover, thousands of deaths, international migrant crisis. Click here.

* Bill Clinton’s prostitute love child demands DNA test. Man alleging to be Bill Clinton’s son. Click here and here.

Update: Wikileaks’ Assange trolls the public:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbRsWJaT4Go&w=560&h=315]

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

26 comments on “October is October Surprise Month

  1. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for helping us see the web of deceit that now isolates humanity from reality.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      A simple mathematical error in the definition of nuclear binding energy isolated humanity from knowledge of the energy that powers the Sun and the universe the eighty years (1936-2016) ago. (See sloping baseline at top of Figure 2). Worldwide social insanity is the result.


    • sdansker says:

      To whom it may concern,

      I’ve been on Warfarin for 13 years. I have a mechanical aortic valve. Once a month, I get my inr checked, and must stay between 2.5 and 3.5. Most months, that’s no problem.

      It’s true that warfarin regulates the number of platelets in the blood, but does not “thin” the blood. The blood is “thinned” is technically incorrect. You need to do some more research.

      Finally, check out the formula and history of warfarin. Warfarin is NOT rat poison. The formula used for warfarin is different from the rat poison used to induce blood-related deaths in rats.

      I’m 75 now & have questioned the use of warfarin because of my valve. They say it to ensure that bacteria collected on my valve does not induce a clot that could kill me. I’m willing to take the risk.

      Finally, just because Hillary takes warfarin does not disqualify her (health-wise) from the Presidency. She has health problems much more severe than blood clots, and these have been published recently. I’d be more worried about her lack of moral fiber than blood clots. Her mental state caused by brain injuries may be more of an issue. A whole host of problems will become evident soon that will dwarf warfarin worries.

      And finally, her cavalier attitude re all laws is catastrophic. She has no moral compass, but has a whole army of lawyers to keep her out of jail. My worry is that she will cause any number of foreign & domestic “wars” because of her misdeeds. Already FBI senior agents are revolting against Comey’s complicity. This is only the beginning of wholesale revolts in the Federal Government.

      I’m a retried military officer and retired Federal Civil Servant. Many of us know full well she broke numerous laws & is currently getting away with it. If Trump is elected president, this chicanery will end. Jail for her.

      Steve Dansker, PhD
      CAPTAIN/US Navy (retired)

  2. Charles says:

    Jon, the work you are doing is great. I appreciate your articles. Thank you!

  3. Sabell says:

    Everything but the Trump card 😉

  4. cairennhouse says:

    I think we can expect them to engineer more BLM race riots, at least one false flag incident, and more irresponsible baiting of Russia over Syria, moving us nearer to war. I hope they stop before actually starting that war. Meanwhile, the steady drip of corruption and scandal about the Clintons goes on and on. I’m wondering if there’s anything ‘bad’ enough to actually take Hitlery down.

  5. scully13 says:

    they control your view of things ~ know Julian Paul Assange would not be allowed on MSM if they did not want him on
    that’s a red flag !!!

  6. Floyd Howe says:

    It’s hard for someone who is not criminally inclined to know what demented minds can come up with. However, that being said, there looks to be enough evidence available to put both of them behind bars for the rest of their lives or even execute them. Who’s in control of pushing that button? Why hasn’t it happened?

  7. Dana Doran says:

    I read this morning that internet service was disrupted (coincidentally) during the time when the presser took place….which led me to believe that in the face of the articles circulating yesterday about Hillary’s investigation into whether or not she could just “drone” Assange, he may have come under pressure from the Ecuadorians at the embassy…..Hillary have proven she doesn’t care about “collateral damage.”

  8. Greg C. says:

    Don’t wait for an October surprise. Stop being an audience, waiting to see what will happen next – get out of spectator mode and make your own publicity. Get a Bill Clinton Rape T-shirt and wear it. “Rape” is an ugly word, and it still means something. It’s one of the few words left that can’t be spinned or mocked. As AJ says, YOU are the resistance.

  9. Theodore says:

    Pennsylvania ‘Most Vulnerable’ For Election Hack…


    If a PA state legislator introduced a bill saying every county needs to implement a paper ballot system, I wonder how many politicians would vote against it?!


    In a more sane parallel universe, we would be seeing, this month, a Drudge headline like this… “Idaho, Wyoming, Wisconsin paper ballet revival…”

    • Angel Scott says:

      I’m surprised your comment made it on. Every time I use the words “voting machines” or “paper ballots” or “geoengineering” my comments either do not appear, appear for a few moments, or only appear for me, not anyone else.
      This is the most important issue facing our country. With the bankster pedo satanists in charge of voting machines, we are powerless to stop the conquest of this country through debt, illness and slow poison.

      • Theodore says:

        Interesting… Are referring to Jon’s blog or to wordpress blogs in general?

        Also, comments on Infowars — which uses the Disqus commenting management software — does not seem to sensor.

    • Terri says:

      Everyone should vote absentee and photocopy their ballot before they mail it if they wont go bask to paper ballots.

  10. Sue Nicholoy says:

    Am I the only one who has noticed that the more negative stuff there is out there the richer Alex Jones gets?

    • Greg C. says:

      Lots of people get richer from dealing with negative stuff. Sewer workers. Prison guards. Nurses. In politics it is healthy to get all the negative stuff out in the open. It is a service that few people have the stomach for, but it allows us to vote out the crooks.

    • Terri says:

      Sue, Envy is a mortal sin for a reason. It distorts your ability to use logic, common sense and face the real issues. It doesn’t create solutions. How much time have you spent being brave enough to speak against the status quo in a meaningful way and then done something to change it for yourself?? The democrats are using the envy card to get the peasants to be against Trump even though the reason their lives suck is because they lack the intelligence and perseverance to become rich, which is everyone’s birthright. This is what communism is based on and is unfortunately more and more popular with the whining gimme me crowd who refuse to work and earn based on their own merits. Instead they think its okay to steal from someone who works hard and thinks people who work hard don’t deserve to be wealthy. The inherent right to property is in direct opposition to communism. One of the main differences between fascism and a republic.

  11. From Québec says:

    Do you remember in the last presidential debate, when Hillary was giving hand signals to the moderator, by rubbing the side of her nose?

    Well, has anyone noticed that Julian Assange was also, in this press conference, constantly rubbing the side of his nose.

    I find this very bizarre. Was he trying to tell us something? or what?

  12. Theodore says:

    Wikileaks Revelations About the U.S. Election to be Released “In a Few Days”

    Whistleblower organization makes new promise after Assange let down


  13. elxroflife says:

    I like your observation Québec. Thank you.

    The Obama footage reminds me of why I continue to love the man, even though he has clearly been the GMO president of our time. Even though he has made decisions that have endangered the security of citizens both inside and outside the US. Even though under his “leadership” the US government has been cited many times by Amnesty International for human rights violations. Why? How many decisions do you think he made as POTUS, that were truly his own? Would you want his job? I certainly would not wish that dirty job on anyone.

    I’ve had moments where I felt utterly betrayed, as I too had fallen for the Obama charm, and the beautiful perspective of having a black president in the White House, only to watch him break every promise I valued. Then I realized the only thing that was broken actually was the illusion. Government historically has always had an agenda to fulfill under the guise of serving “it’s” people. I could easily hate that all I want. Then again, hatred is an acid. I had already learned personally that cancer thrives on acid too. As Mark Twain pointed out: “Acid does more damage to the vessel in which it is stored, then the object on which it is poured.” It triggered me to wake up and changed the direction of my dreams, both as an individual and as part of the collective. Cancer is gone without having to go the poisonous route. Just cleaned up my act. It was that simple.

    It’s time we stop demonizing and/or idolizing “our world leaders”. It’s also time we stop seeing ourselves as their victims, stop giving our power away. We have a response-ability here. Share concerns, imagine and create something different. Gather with like minded ones and become unstoppable.

  14. Ed says:

    “I too had fallen for the Obama charm, and the beautiful perspective of having a black president in the White House,”

    Seek help, before you snap and kill us all.

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