“I’m triggered, I’m triggered, I need a safe space”

‘I’m triggered, I’m triggered, I need a safe space’

by Jon Rappoport

August 30, 2016

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Everyone needs a victim-story these days. Don’t leave home without one. Or two or three.

Colleges are institutionalizing victimhood.

HeatStreet reports on an innovation: “Brown University last year turned a room on campus into a safe space by outfitting it with cookies, coloring books, soft music, pillows and a video of frolicking puppies, along with trauma counselors, after students complained that a speaker invited to campus would be too upsetting.”

My, my.

Reason.com explains: “At Brown University last fall, for instance, the prospect of a debate between leftist-feminist Jessica Valenti and libertarian-feminist (and Reason contributor) Wendy McElroy was so horrifying to some students…that the creation of a ‘safe space’ was necessary.”

Sure it was necessary. These college kiddies are fragile. They can crack like eggs at the slightest provocation. A word here, a word there, and they require a vacation.

The whole notion of classes is obsolete. No teacher can avoid triggering students now and then. So send your child to Ooey-Gooey College, where he can lounge in a marshmallow annex for four years. Protect him. Keep him safe.

What’s the most prestigious college in America? Harvard, hands down. Let’s take a peek at what’s going on at the Harvard Law School, where the best and brightest college graduates in the land matriculate:

The New Yorker (12/15/14 and 12/11/15): “Individual [Harvard law] students often ask teachers not to include the law of rape on exams for fear that the material would cause them to perform less well. One teacher I know was recently asked by a student not to use the word ‘violate’ in class—as in ‘Does this conduct violate the law?’—because the word was triggering. Some students have even suggested that rape law should not be taught because of its potential to cause distress.”

Here’s what I envision:

One of these newly minted lawyers lands a job with a New York firm. The firm decides to take on a rape case, pro bono, and defend a suspect they believe has been wrongly accused. At a meeting, the CEO of the firm announces: “And we’re going to have one of our new attorneys, the very brilliant Harvard grad, Corky Muffy Zwicker-Landsman-Feldstein-Ho-Fernandez-Washington in the second chair.”

Corky replies: “Sorry, I can’t take this one. When they were teaching rape law at Harvard, I was wearing ear plugs.”

CEO: “What? Why?”

Corky: “Because the words ‘rape’ and ‘violate’ trigger me.”

CEO: “Trigger? What do you mean?”

Corky: “I experience a deep, deep emotional disturbance. So I know nothing about rape cases.”

CEO: “But what if all young law students followed your example? How would we defend people accused of rape in this country?”

Corky: “I’ve given the question a great deal of thought. I think a properly programmed computer could act as defense attorney. There would be no jury, of course, because they could be triggered, too. Ditto for the judge. The judge, the prosecutor, and the defense attorney would all be computers. They would decide the case. Besides, if a man is on trial for rape, he’s guilty. He’s a man.”

CEO: “You’re fired.”

Corky: “You can’t fire me. I would be triggered by that.”

CEO: “You ARE fired.”

Corky: “Then I AM triggered. I’m suing you and the firm for damage.”

CEO: “If that’s where you’re going with this, then I’m triggered by you being triggered.”

Corky: “Let’s take it to a jury and see what they think.”

Another young lawyer in the room pipes up: “This whole conversation is triggering me. Do we have a safe space in the building? I need to go there right now.”

CEO: “A what? A safe space?”

Young lawyer: “Yes. A room with soft music, beds, cookies, videos of kitty cats, trauma counselors, and surrogate mommies.”

CEO: “You’re fired, too.”

Young lawyer: “I’m double triggered.”

Corky: “And I’ll represent him when he sues this firm. His wife and son and parents and cousins will be triggered when he tells them what happened to him here today. They deserve compensation, too.”

On a more serious note, how did such an absurd social trend take hold at Harvard Law School, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in America?

There are many conspiring factors, but one that should be understood clearly is the promotion of victimhood. This is key.

The young are taught that “being oppressed” is an absolutely essential element in gaining any sort of legitimacy. Only those groups who lay claim to such a title are worthy.

Against that background, people who don’t have a victim-story readily available are going to have to cook one up.

And so they do.

It becomes fashionable and trendy to insist on being weak and vulnerable.

Exit From the Matrix

This “search for identity” implies that oppressors will be found and blamed—beyond any rational basis for doing so.

That deranged strategy fits in quite nicely with the proposition that no nation should be strong and independent. No nation, God forbid, should strive for a greater degree of self-sufficiency.

Instead, we should all see ourselves as living in a terminally interdependent world, a great soup of humanity, in which every “inequality” must be remedied—and the method for doing so involves the “higher people” becoming, somehow, the “lower people.”

Only through a universal embrace of psychological and spiritual victimhood can we hope to evolve to the next stage of moral behavior.

In other words, twist the whole notion of generosity and kindness into a perverted sense of abject helplessness.

Two statements from HG Wells’ 1895 novel, The Time Machine, suggest how eerie, inverted, and hopeless the search for a utopia based on victimhood is: “…even when mind and strength had gone, gratitude and a mutual tenderness still lived on in the heart of man.” “…security sets a premium on feebleness.”

That is where the victim theme leads us.

Back down the road along which we came, in reverse, with our hands in the air, surrendering to fear, pretending it is love.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

23 comments on ““I’m triggered, I’m triggered, I need a safe space”

  1. You know, Jon. Have seen this type of mentality growing considerably of late.

    In fact, even have family members who end up bragging about diseases as if its something to be proud of. Its so disconcerting. It’s almost like wearing a brand of designer diseases.

    Not only that, but all this gives into a fear mentality that’s fraught with more issues than people realize.

    Hopefully people become cognizant of these pernicious agendas.

  2. William Evarts says:

    This article triggered me. I need to shelter in space, somewhere close to Mars.

  3. Jim says:

    More and more men have had it with women. I suggest you search MGTOW. You may find the inspiration for several hundred articles.

    • rabbitnexus says:

      It’s the culture. I’m an Aussie boomer, been married three times and the third time is the charm. The difference is the first two were Western girls, (French and Danish) and this time as a convert to Islam I married a Pakistani. The traditional culture she was raised in and Islam’s teachings for the record, have resulted in a woman who is all a man needs and wants in a wife. The important things are no different to the traditional husband and wife roles we left behind my lifetime. Even with arranged marriages as most are in her country (we actually broke the rules and eloped) the result is the same. It comes down to a separation of roles, recognising that men and women are different and to a clearly defined responsibility and committment on each part. My wife in contrast to Western women is proud to consider herself to be my property, however she expects that means she is my most valuable property and everything else I have and do is devoted to her comfort and happiness. Of course she can terminate the marriage herself, Islam granted women right of divorce before most cultures did so, but provided I am the husband she expects she is devoted to my happiness as well. I cannot over state how awesome the result is.

      After a short and then a long marriage by modern Western standards and all the complex and confusing web which arises between a couple over time, the traditional model I now live is so refreshing. I have high blood pressure and cardio probs and am usually feeling the pain in my left shoulder which comes with elevated BP near the end of my work day. As soon as I start my journey home I begin to feel better and within half an hour of being home the pain is gone and I am feeling relxed and happy just because of the marvelous love and devotion waiting for me at home. Make no mistake, I am not saying she is timid and subservient or anything, that is a Western mis-perception of Muslim women. In public she is very proper and deferent to me and she would never argue or complain in public to cause me shame and I have learned to be equally respectful to her. However in private she is a feisty, outspoken and very determined lady. Smart, intuitive and observant and I have come to rely on her judgement immensely. Far from being contemptuous, those Western women who come to know us and realise the nature of our relationship are frankly jealous. She is happy, free, supported and adored by her husband. She is free to indulge hobbies and interests, become a beautician because she enjoys makeup and without the pressures of having to make it pay. If we should have children they will be her only other responsibility. She isn’t even required to keep the house or cook, Islam doesn’t stipulate housekeeping or cooking as a wife’s duties. She chooses to do this because she is happy and Islam does teach husbands that making their wife happy is what leads to being well fed and living in a clean/tidy home. Women get all the rights, men get only one – children. However men get lots of advice, and it comes down to “make her happy”

      I have had some experience, as I said I’ve been around the block three times now. There is no doubt in my mind that we managed to throw out the baby with the bathwater since the whole sixties thing began and I like my old muse Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) have resigned from the Western society and chosen Islam as the perfect answer to what we realise now we lost.

      • NWO Reporter says:

        Hopefully the charm of this one will never wear off. But no worries if it does–I’m sure you’ll find a reason it was all her fault, or culture’s fault, just like you did with the first two. Lol.

  4. Vicki Maline says:

    Really? We are so lucky our daughters got through college without any of this nonsense. God pity those who are unable to arm themselves with common sense.

  5. RAW says:

    Let’s be honest here, the Anti Defamation League spearheads this form of thinking – professional victims that they are. I’m sure with a little bit of research I could expose a high concentration of ADL sympathizers at Harvard and in most admin positions at university executive levels. Just sayin…

  6. penniewoodfall says:

    The Anti-Defamation League is an international Jewish non-governmental organization. About says it all.

  7. In my impressionable youth I read a short novel by Evelyn Waugh which touched on something similar. I thought it was just a load of reactionary twaddle, but I’m living to see this come to pass. How sobering. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Among_the_Ruins._A_Romance_of_the_Near_Future

  8. Ok…there was no trigger warning in yesterday’s post, that you were going to talk about triggering today…which by itself is a major trigger to me, Mr Heartless.

    My psychiatrist sez I have a rare case of past/present and future triggering syndrome. Only six people on this planet have this rare form of triggering disorder. I think it should be classified as a major disease…personally. NOOO..BUT YOU MAKE FUN OF US AFFLICTED.

    Now I have been triggered twice, once because you didn’t warn me and once for the despicable article you barfed out on my screen, which makes fun of those of  us who are crippled under this deadly crippling, life-threatening weight gaining disease.

    I haven’t been this triggered since my last haircut…gawd the heartless bitch butchered my hair, that anxiety put me down for the whole month. I ran out of Kool-aid, and bought the squishies store out of squishy purple unicorns. And even they ran out of my favorite color which was a little minor trigger…lucky, I dodged a bullet there..

    I had to take two anxiety pills now…happy!…HAPPY!…ARE YOU HAPPY NOW MR I AM PERFECT. I had to take one pill for yesterday and one for today…and that’s not good. The pills make me eat a lot of cookies, chocolate ones; thanks to hindsight I have a whole closet full. But my weight gain is getting to be a trigger for me..

    I am just under 600 lbs…this one could put me over the top…gawd

    Not good, its one o’clock and now I have to get naked and go to my happy spot under the stairs with all my squishies and purple Kool-Aid. I will be triggered for the rest of the day…SIR! Well at least till my shows come on…I better set an alarm for that…see what you caused. I’ll bet you’re a pervert too.

    And my little dog, ‘funky pony’…who is now triggered because I’m triggered…bastard that you are.  Mr who tee do Rappoport. I hope your freaky happy. You insensitive triggerer. I’m reporting you to the SPCA. For triggering little Funky…his little anxieties, (lucky he like chocolate cookies) he always pants when he goes under the stairs. 

    Thanks a lot you ungrateful….I’m cancelling my subscription.

  9. Sue says:

    I know there is more going on here than just victimhood and being spoiled. Brain function is being altered by all the vaccinations and drugs being foisted upon the population (vaccine waivers shot down, or in the process of being shot down, all over the country at the present time). I have read “Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality” by Harris Coulter, and agree entirely with what it says. Several years ago a co-worker told me that the school district put her 8 year old daughter on Ritalin because “she wasn’t doing well in math.” A few years later, another co-worker (who was born after the government began increasing the amount of vaccinations given by leaps and bounds) said to me that she felt something ‘isn’t right inside my head,’ but she couldn’t describe it exactly. When I was a kid growing up in the 50’s, none of the kids were cutting themselves. NONE. That is a relatively recent phenomenon. So, in addition to all the other damage caused by vaccinations, neurological injury is rampant. It is a shame that so few people are connecting the dots.

  10. Joe Blow says:

    I’m offended by this article and I have no safe space, someone call me a whaaaaa bulance 🙁

  11. rabbitnexus says:

    I’d have thought the word “Triggered” would itself be a no no. It brings to mind images of guns. If kids are being forbidden in schools to say the word “GUN” surely iconic components of guns must be considered to be unsafe and alarming. I suggest a better term for “triggered” might be ‘unhappified’ or just ‘disturbed’

  12. From Québec says:

    It’s not enough for them to want to kill the second amendment, but it seems like they also want to kill the First amendment.

    The only safe space for them is when they will lay in their grave..

    By the way, your article is on infowars and it has 303 comments.

  13. jerseycynic says:

    oh Jon, OH Jon http://www.nhregister.com/health/20160319/yale-grad-students-say-mental-health-care-in-crisis-university-adds-therapists

    As I progressed through the article I thought “this has GOT to be an Onion piece”

    My jaw slowly dropped and is now in that long locked position. Thankfully, I clicked to view comments and felt a little better.

    We ain’t seen nothin yet

  14. This is all courtesy of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Jon.

    George Orwell hinted at it in “1948”…..oops, typo. I mean “1984”.


  15. kimbroadie says:

    […] Jon

    Reading your daily blog is like taking spiritual penicillin. I return again and again to the exercises in the matrix series and have recommended them to everyone I know. A lot of fixed habits though.

    Just wanted to let you know about Colin Wilson.You are probably familiar with the guy, but I am finishing his last book before he died (2013), called Superconsciousness, and damn if he doesn’t confirm your own approach. His Faculty X echoes your words concerning the power of imagination.

    I enjoyed your last appearance on Alex.

  16. Jacqueline says:

    It’s no wonder we are becoming a nation of toddlers… this is not higher education, it is daycare on a grand scale. But I’m sure the creation of such extreme helplessness will benefit ‘someone’s’ long term goals.

  17. defecate in the safe space says:

    Marshmallow soft cream puffs won’t last five minutes when the SHTF.
    They will be crying and clinging to their worthless devices wailing out for their precious mommygov to come save them on a unicorn.
    The stupid looks on their faces will be priceless.

  18. Theodore says:

    Students told only speak when ‘necessary’…
    Avoid microaggressions…

  19. Chickenhead says:

    “Triggered.” You know, once upon a time, that term was only used in relation to MKULTRA victims, people like Sirhan Sirhan and others. Now, it’s commonplace in these so-called institutions of “higher learning.”

  20. Theodore says:

    “The Globalists’ plan… is to make one giant unified cheeze glob of the entire planet that is run from above by them.” — Jon Rappoport

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