Did you really think Bernie Sanders was playing it straight?

Did you really think Bernie Sanders was playing it straight?

by Jon Rappoport

July 13, 2016

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—Bernie Sanders can’t just wink and nod at his supporters, letting them know he’s faking his Hillary endorsement. No. He’s in the clutches of the octopus. He’s feathering the vulture’s nest. He’s delivering pints of blood to the vampire—

Bernie Sanders’ followers are moaning and weeping and gnashing their teeth. O the betrayal. O the horror.

He…what? He endorsed Hillary for President?

Yes, indeed.

They supported and voted for Bernie because he was righteous and independent and above party politics. He was for the people. And they hated Hillary.

But now, Bernie has gone over to Her.

Make no mistake. Bernie’s loyal army wasn’t just vehemently battling against Trump. They were repulsed at the prospect of Hillary winning the Presidency.

And now their hero, their idol, the “last honest man in American politics,” has crossed over to The Dark Side.

Well, remember, he gave up his long-time status as an Independent when he entered the race for the Presidency. He joined the Democratic Party. He knew the score. He enrolled on the team. He knew, if he lost, he would have to endorse the Democratic candidate. Play ball, or you don’t get to play at all.

He can’t just wink and nod at his supporters, letting them know he’s faking his Hillary endorsement. No. He’s in the clutches of the octopus. He’s feathering the vulture’s nest. He’s delivering pints of blood to the vampire.

This is big-time Democratic politics. This is major-league. This is when compromises are made and deals are struck. And Bernie isn’t feeling the same burn anymore. This fire is a camp fire, and Bernie is sitting there along with other Party operatives and hustlers and propagandists and strong-arm closers and creatures of the night.

As a last gasp, Bernie tried to insert a plank in the Democratic platform opposing the TPP, another hideous Globalist trade treaty. And he failed. That would have been a good time to revolt and bolt and take a stand against the Party and go back to being an Independent—but it didn’t happen. Bernie ate the poison pill.

Meet Mr. Sanders; a Democrat; a dutiful soldier in the ranks.

Hillary, Ms. Darth Vader, her helmet removed, her blonde hair blowing in the wind, strides down the line, inspecting the troops. When she comes to Bernie, she pauses for a moment and inclines her head an inch toward him in acknowledgement. He was, briefly, a minor opponent. Bernie blinks, like a lost recruit in the middle of a nightmare who doesn’t know how he arrived at this moment. She moves on. She’s on her way. She sees the future.

Far away in the distance, a cry of anguish goes up from a huge rag-tag tattered mass of The Disappointed Ones. Bernie’s people.

Duped again. Bamboozled. Cut loose from the passing vision of a Papier-mache utopia of equality.

Did they really think Bernie was playing it straight? Did they really think he would remain above the corruption?

What they and the rest of the American public failed to realize was: this was a unique Presidential campaign in all of modern history. There were two major candidates (Bernie and Trump) who, although they hated each other, were standing for the same thing:

The defeat of Globalism. The defeat of the Globalist trade treaties that destroy communities across the land, as jobs flee overseas, as huge corporations set up shop in places where they use virtual slaves to produce goods that are then sold back to America, minus any fair tax or fair tariff or penalty of any kind. Thus the US economy sinks deeper and deeper into a massive swamp.

Exit From the Matrix

And between these two major candidates, Bernie and Trump, who were standing at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but who were advocating the same thing—Hillary Clinton, arch-Globalist, has been cruising right up the middle stripe in her gold and jewel-encrusted limousine, smiling and waving and laughing and conniving her way toward the Oval Office.

She’s shaking her head at the sheer beauty of it. Divide and Conquer is, once again, working like a charm.

And you’d better believe it, she knows that a goodly number of those young people protesting and rioting in inner cities are the uncomprehending sons and daughters of fathers and mothers and their fathers and mothers who were thrown out of work, cast out into the streets by the Globalist plan and program. She knows. And she doesn’t care.

And the beat goes on.

—Bye, bye, Bernie. You had your moment.

You inflated your balloon, then let the air out of it, walked away and joined the team.

Fold up the chairs, take down the banners, turn out the lights, exit stage left.

Bernie’s back home, inside the Beltway, in Washington, where the loons come out and play their grotesque games.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

20 comments on “Did you really think Bernie Sanders was playing it straight?

  1. Daniel Noel says:

    Who should be surprised? Had Bernie been serious about his program, he would have confessed how he was “persuaded” to lose all his analytical abilities in front of Building 7’s videos.

    Trust a 9/11 censor at your own risk!


  2. Tanya Dobbs says:

    Bernie did not swallow any poison pill. All he did was to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative…nothing over the top. What I see is a man of his word, a man with strong moral principles. He’s done the best he could alone and as long as his integrity is intact, he’s a winner in my book and heads above any other politician. The fact that he’s not the presidential candidate is disappointing. I would like nothing more than not to vote this year but there are others…gays, muslims, latinos, pregnant women, any women..and their lives matter. Anyone who still believes that what this country really needs is a man who feasts on hate and exploits our worst impulses for his own selfish purposes needs to consult a shrink.

  3. chemfreemom says:

    Come on, Jon, you know Bernie was for real and he was sincere. He’s a victim of the corrupt machine. He’s a small, goldfish in a pool of piranhas. You saw how his own party booed him on the Senate floor last week. That was a message, saying “You get on board with the Democratic party or you’re toast!”. He’s a 74 year old man whose net worth is much less than most of the other candidates, what is he going to do if they see to it that he’s gone? You know they’re corrupt enough and powerful enough to do it. Plus, he got several of the things he wanted in return for his endorsement, like free junior college and a $15 minimum wage. And, you don’t know what kind of threats were made behind closed doors. But to assume it was all a ruse, is nonsense. You know that’s not true. It was hard to hear him endorse her, and I doubt there’s anyone who believes he really endorses her. You can blame the media for part of it, because if they didn’t paint a picture of Trump that is totally different than who he really is, maybe Bernie would have realized he had much more in common with Trump than Clinton. He might have been open to having an actual conversation with Trump and realized how similar they really are. I had visions of him getting up at the podium, but at the last minute, instead of saying he endorses Clinton, he blurts out, “I endorse Donald Trump!”. Sticking it to the Democratic establishment! And, then Trump, not to be out done, could stick it to the GOP establishment by picking Bernie as a VP! Can you imagine how this would shake up Washington? It would also be our best bet for getting rid of the establishment, or taking our power back! I hate that Bernie endorsed Hillary, but I can’t imagine what kind of pressure was put on him, and I can’t blame him, therefore.

  4. Yep, that sums it up, Jon.

    The shadow government has a pretty weak imagination; wasn’t Ron Paul doing the same thing for the Republicans a short while ago?

    I think Paul ran campaigns TWICE. Is Bernie gonna be the comeback dud twice too?


  5. So, will Bernie’s groupies take up with the other outsider, Trump? If Trump comes up with a Democrat General who was canned from the Military for bucking command….. maybe. If Trump chooses Guingerich, not so clear. Newt is a mixed bag of insider and outsider. Trump needs to introduce himself to the burned Bernieites better.

  6. Trotsky's Icepick says:

    Did ya hear about the latest Clinton Foundation trustee?
    His name is Bernie Sanders.
    You may have heard of him as he is the anti-establishment outsider who has worked in government the past 40 years.
    Welcome to politics precious safe space snowflakes who fell for Bernie the Seltzer man’s shtick.
    Remember the golden rule snowflakes, whoever has the gold makes the rules.

    • Jeanie says:

      I know most of DC is enmeshed with the Clinton Foundation, just wonder your source for this claim re Bernie, who actually is cleaner than 99% of DC. Noting his beat up face on Tuesday morning of the convention, and Schumer’s threats of outing him from all committee work in the senate, and the claim that Jane’s life was threatened, I am not convinced, yet, he sold out.

  7. henry says:

    Perhaps colonel Sanders thought he had a path to the white house when Hitlery was indicted but underestimated how corrupt the Clinton machine really is. Can he deliver his morons to help the machine that is oppressing them? War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Hope. Yes he can.

  8. Molecule says:

    When Bernie took the initial seed money ($100M?) to launch his far-left campaign against Hillary, he knew what the score was going in. The DNC (Hillary) allowed him to “join” and gave him unlimited support and free media exposure (when he was really pretty much a pathetic unknown) — in exchange his task was to run a fanatical far-left campaign against Hillery, so as to make her look like a stable, middle of the road, centrist (which she ain’t).

    Bernie knew the fix was in, because he was at the very center of it from the git-go.

    One should take a look at the early railings of Hitler, during his ascent to power in depression Germany, and the morally incoherent rantings of Bernie during his recent campaign. “I’ll do this and I’ll do that,” he screams, speaking as if he were a free-wheeling dictator with absolutely no moral restraint. It is still possible that Bernie will be elected, and if he is, because of his diminished mental and moral character, he will become the new Hitler for the coming century. History will remember that the prior Hitler used railroad cars to move “God’s Chosen” to the safety of IG Farben’s very rural “labor camps” (not a one of which was ever bombed). A few weeks after the trains left, the civilian districts of those German cities were carpet bombed in sequence … everything was blown to smitherines, including churches and graveyards. The Allied plan to bomb European civilians was known as the Lindemann Plan. German women and children were burned alive, en masse, by the millions, in a Holocaust which covered almost all of central Europe, save for the labor camps of IG Farben where God’s Chosen lived, four to a bunk, but in safety.

    His support for the crimes of civil unrest by Black Lives Matter does not mean that at moral terminus of his core personality, he’s not an Israel-first, racist supremacist. Exactly as Hitler was.

    The agenda of Hillery (or Bernie) is … White Genocide, Black Slavery. White Genocide and Black Slavery was also the program of the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. Bermie, and the stooges of Black Lives Matter, are merely tools for civil unrest and domestic regime change.

    The “US Gov’t,” as it is styled, and for which Hillery and Bernie are dying to be the last figureheads, is nothing other than a political smokescreen for the Pentagon war machine, more specifically an ancient and venerable mafia, trafficking in heroin, terrorism and regine change (which used to be called manifest destiny). When high quality opium was discovered growing in Sierra Madre, the US Army was created, supposedly to attack Mexico (which didn’t exist yet). But it became the pack mule for the global heroin mafia. The Marines and US Navy are the global wise guy and enforcer for the heroin mafia. The Air Force makes bombs rain down from the sky, for any leader who threatens or interferes with the global agenda of the heroin mafia, such as Saddam, Gaddhafi, Bashir, and Putin.

    Eventually truth will be told about the “US Gov’t” (a political smokescreen for the global heroin mafia) and about World Wars I & II. The Zionist agenda is White Genocide, Black Slavery. Bernie is a part of the global racist supremacist, morally depraved, Israel-First agenda.

  9. Bruce says:

    Bernie Everything is Free but Bernie Sanders – the dutiful allusion of choice. Bernie will now have access to great privilege, more lucrative insider trading deals and fabulous wealth. It’s beautiful to watch the seamless corruption and the elected garbage who act in the Oligarchy’s play. Too bad we the people pay for it…and pay for it…and pay for it…with our impoverishment and loss of liberty. Then again, maybe it’s all worth it as Bernie will now rise above the income inequality gap every bum deals with?

  10. whiteyward says:

    Bernie never intended to win. Demos needed a fall guy to let Clinton cheat and not say anything. He performed the standard […] role and she walked…

  11. From Québec says:

    FACES… it all comes back to faces. If you can read a face correctly, you would never have fallen for Bernie.
    First time I saw his face I knew he was no good.

    First time I saw Donald Trump’s face, I knew he was good and that he was the kind of leader the world needed to crush globalisation.

    Learn to read faces and never get fooled again!

  12. Bobby says:

    I’ll answer that question as honestly as I can from my many years of observing these political parties. Democrats, ALWAYS, I mean in the end, ALWAYS, support each other, so Sanders decision to support Clinton came as no surprise at all to me. Republicans on the other hand, have a party of sell-outs, RINO’s, who will betray their own over and over again, usually because of leftist pressure from the Democrats. Republicans in my opinion, are a WHOLEY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE LEFT, DEMOCRAT PARTY..

    • Molecule says:

      The two parties work together, like hand in glove.

      The Democrat branchs of “the Establishment” are […] racist Bolshevik WORMS. They just open wide, never look left, right or up or down, and “eat” whatever kind of staged predicament (involving manhood and national security) has been placed before them. They call this process of open wide and eat “… moving forward.”

      The Republican branchs of “the Establishment” are the […] racist Bolshevik ACTIVISTS. NeoCons, RINOs, Cryptos, et al. The activist branches use Pentagon special ops forces to create the predicaments, so that the worms can open wide and “move us forward.”

      The Establishment (i.e. the US Army) got its start by trafficking in heroin from the Sierra Medre, starting in the 1830s and 1840s. A young Col. Rob’t E. Lee and a young Col Ulysses S. Grant were profiteers from the US Army heroin operations. Bach then US Army regime change was called Manifest Destiny. After the US Army supplied the heroin and ran two “opium wars” against the Chinese regime change operation to setup a regional fascist dictatorship under control of “the Establishment,” Lee (with duties for distruction in the South) and Grant (with duties for distribuiton in the North) used the Lincoln administration to orchestrate a regime change in North America. With Lincoln’s Congress adjourned Sine Die, and Lieber Code (marshal law) enforced, with perpetual “emergency war powers” held by the Pentagon, where Article One courts (civil courts under civll law) were morphed into Article Four courts (the states redefined as territorial possessions of the federal government and placed under Admiralty law — basically the law of piracy), the “US Gov’t” has been operating as a political smokescreen. It’s purpose is to protect “the Establishment,” meaning the ancient and venerable global heroin mafia, meaning what we know call “the Pentagon.” In addition to controlling global heroin and cocaine trafficking, the Pentagon also controls 60% of the US “economy.” The Joint Chiefs control the Pentagon economy. They operate from the little understood East Wing of the White House — the Bolshevik-economic East Wing being much more powerful than the media-embedded West Wing. Because the Vice President controls the East Wing, the Vice President is actually more powerful than the President. Together with the Joint Chiefs + the 60% of the US economy controlleld by the Pentagon + the prerogatives of special forces, national security, and terrorism with funding by heroin and cocaine trade, the vP is really more powerful than the President, who is reduced to being a politically impotent clown who puts on shows for the media. Starting with Truman, every VP has been privately selected and more powerful than the sock puppet President, who is held out in front like a political distration. The Cheney-Bush administration is a recent example.

      Nothing new about the Bolshevik agenda. It is White Genocide, Black Slavery.

      • Theodore says:

        If you have a link to “Sierra Medre heroin, US Army in the 1830s and 1840s” that would be great.


        Sierra Medre in 2015…

        Mexican farmers turn to opium poppies to meet surge in US heroin demand | In the mountains of Guerrero small villages with few economic alternatives mark the first link in the chain of Mexico’s multibillion-dollar opium trade


        “The heroin trade is a losing prospect for everyone except the Mexican cartels, who have found a new way to make money in the face of falling cocaine consumption and marijuana legalisation in the United States. Once smaller-scale producers of low-grade black tar, Mexican drug traffickers are now refining opium paste into high-grade white heroin and flooding the world’s largest market for illegal drugs, using the distribution routes they built for marijuana and cocaine.”


        Sierra Medre in the second half of the 19th century and in WW2…


        Many trace Sinaloa’s first narcotics crop–opium–to the numerous Chinese settlers who arrived in the last half of the 19th century. “It was a good agricultural place for it. And generation after generation the people just did it, they perfected it,” explains Edward Heath, former Country Attache for the DEA in Mexico. But large scale production of opium didn’t start until the 1940’s and World War II. Japan gained control of the Asian opium supply and the U.S. military needed morphine for its soldiers. So the U.S. turned to Mexico for help. “We were concerned that our supply of opium or morphine would be cut off because the world was at war. So we needed a supply close by. But,that was one of those black box things. Who knows when it happened, who did it, and why.” says Edward Heath. During this period of a government-tolerated opium trade, many Sinaloans made their fortune. “Everybody was growing it, it was institutional. Some government officials bought the harvest from the farmers to export themselves. There were even soldiers up in the hills caring for the plants,” explains Dr. Ley Dominguez, a 77-year-old life long resident of Mocorito, one of Sinaloa’s most notorious opium regions. After Japan’s defeat, however, the U.S. no longer needed Sinaloa’s inferior strain of opium. But many farmers continued to produce opium and heroin; operations became more clandestine, and a smuggling network was set up.

  13. Kevin says:

    It doesn’t matter because there is no election. The cabal picked HRC to be the next POTUS long ago. She will be appointed, and then probably sacrifice some more chickens to Moloch.

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