Breaking: Mayor’s office in Houston shut down Vaxxed

Breaking: Mayor’s office in Houston shut down Vaxxed

by Jon Rappoport

April 7, 2016

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By Jon Rappoport


The film Vaxxed (trailer), exposing criminal fraud at the CDC and the CDC’s concealment of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, was shut down in Houston. Locked out 2 days ago.

It was supposed to open at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival (twitter), but Hunter Todd, the head of the Festival, admitted in writing that “high government officials” in Houston had threatened the Festival—so Vaxxed was axed.

Now I have confirmation that it was the Houston Mayor’s office that did the deed (see also here). The threat was about $$. The city government supports the Festival with grants. Show the film—no grants.

More censorship.

As you know, Vaxxed was also axed at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

But the Angelika Film Center in NY has been showing Vaxxed since last Friday, and attendance has swelled. There are now requests from many theaters around THE WORLD that want to show the film.

I’ve just been informed that the Village Voice newspaper in New York, which agreed to a package of ads from Vaxxed, has canceled the ads—and blasted out an email distancing itself from Vaxxed.

The censors are working overtime on all fronts….AND THEY’RE LOSING.

Here is the Vaxxed statement about the Village Voice shutting down their ad package:

“…yesterday, after a paid advertising email blast promoting the film was sent to the Village Voice’s Film list, the Editor sent out an unprecedented and factually incorrect retraction:

“Village Voice Editor: ‘Earlier today we sent a promotional email that included advertising for the movie Vaxxed, causing some confusion about whether we support the film’s position that vaccinations can cause autism and other developmental problems in children. We want to be very clear that the Voice vehemently disagrees with that position, and believes it to be contrary to the vast majority of scientific information on the subject.’

“Vaxxed Producers: ‘…After the print ad in the Village Voice was published (which hit newsstands yesterday) and the promotional e-blast was sent to subscribers then retracted, Cinema Libre Studio [Vaxxed’s distributor] was informed that the remaining part of the ad campaign, which included digital banner ads, was also cancelled.’”


Stay tuned.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

36 comments on “Breaking: Mayor’s office in Houston shut down Vaxxed

  1. Robert Clark says:

    Jon, Thanks for the update! Looking forward to seeing it on paid net programming. Robert

  2. Robert Fuller says:

    I’m “staying tuned” Jon, thanks for all you do to help right the MANY wrongs of the “p.c. brigade, the corrupt politicians, the complicit congOress, and all the other bureaucrats that seem to not be happy unless they are doing more, and more to destroy this ONCE Great Nation….keep it up my friend!!!

  3. Jo says:

    What a great disappointment to know that of all states Texas would have “powers that be” who pressure and squelch the voice of free thought, free speech and free expression- which at the very foundation is what this is.

    Interestingly enough the Village Voice (which I have never read) has revealed their own lack of knowledge, lack of integrity and lack of common sense, as it has been well documented that over half of all research is false and biased.

    Thanks for the article, I will pass it on!

    • marlene says:

      Jo: “Government Companies in Texas” Manta. Also, the Rockefeller Foundation owns and controls Oregon – so you may want to see who owns Texas. I’m still researching and haven’t gotten to the “T’s” yet.

    • Erin says:

      Houston’s mayor is awful- has been trying to take away freedom from churches as well- so it doesn’t surprise me. The rest of Texas is still good 🙂

  4. Jon, these guys must be absolute buffoons. They’re handing the cause “on a plate”. Everyone will want to get and see that movie, the way things are going…..great work 🙂

    Given the right circumstances I could see De Niro “turning rank” and pouring out the “they made me do it” speech. This ain’t over yet. I sincerely hope RDN has been made to feel pathologically guilty. Perhaps that will motivate an about turn.


  5. Ryan says:

    All of this HOO HAA and scrambling to censor the movie is great advertising and obviously will backfire……Do they not realise that they are alerting every parent with an “autistic” child to see this film and according to their own statistics that is a huge number, especially since the so called “experts” can give no answers to these parents?

  6. S.H. says:

    Maybe time for an Interview with the “good” Mayor. Ironically, he’s black and the CDC specifically suppressed information showing MMR linked to Autism and black babies.

    Mayor Sylvester Turner
    City of Houston
    P.O. Box 1562
    Houston, TX 77251
    Phone: 311 or 713.837.0311

  7. marlene says:

    Hey Houstonites, do NOT re-elect your corrupted Mayor. If you do, YOU are the problem. READ to see who owns Texas: “Government Companies in Texas” – Manta; and READ: “Mayors’ Office Companies in Houston, Texas” – Manta

  8. Erzsebet says:

    Can’t understand why they do not upload it to file sharing servers / sites, it would be a quick distribution of info. However for free. But I think if info is as important to protect people as it is now, they should do this. They should share it on Piratebay and Demonoid and similar places and it can reach people in 1-2 weeks all over the world.

    • Carolyn says:

      Agreed. And the filmmakers should ask for donations from viewers to recoup their expenses in making and distributing it.

    • binra says:

      It isn’t the information – but the publicity in mainstream attention – which is the collective equivalent of conscious focus. You can get the information easily enough but if you try to bring it to mainstream attention – see what happens.
      Consensual beliefs persist long after information reveals they are false – because this is felt to be an alignment with power – where aligning with truth is felt likely to bring a more dangerous or painful out-come.
      Spreading the ‘word’ has never really transformed anyone if it is not also living it. If you associate your message with channels already associated with morally questionable activity, will you help society to ignore it?

      The idea that information is communication is completely devoid of any real relationship. The context of information becoming an empowerment rather than clutter or a masking of forms in which to present a masking of a lack of presence is… a real relationship.

      Pharma – as one of the facets of loveless power on Earth, is asserting itself as important to protect people by ‘taking over’ communication – and they do this in any way that works for them to prevent the threat of exposure of loveless and I might add – insane – alignments within the idea of power against the fear of love. For a unified purpose has no dark corners in which power agenda can be hidden – but the inverted perception of this is a loss of weapons and protections – ie power.

      Disinfo is a part of ‘Global’s Defence Shield’ against Universal Communication. At the individual level that supports this collectivism, it is the ‘defence’ of a private mind against a real relationship.
      If you Really want to participate in Living Earth, you have to recognize your part in loveless power games and forsake it for authentic communication. The information you need is beneath the denials you previously identified as ‘power and protection’. That is – it is able to come back into your consciousness when you cease to assert the conditions of rejection and unwelcome.

  9. binra says:

    “The vast majority of scientific opinion”
    I couldn’t make this up!
    Politics seeks consensus.
    Science challenges it.
    If 99.9% of scientists – or anyone else – base their logic on a false presumption – the fact doesn’t change because of a ‘consensus’ – but there is now an investment of reputation, status, privilege and power on the false model being maintained regardless of ‘facts’. And so a true humanity is sacrificed to support a world-view felt ‘too big to fail’ – by those who are the ‘Establishment’ of power that has grown upon and around the error.

    The iron fist shows as the velvet glove disintegrates – and a ‘truth’ that is imposed upon us, associated with rage over terror or pain of loss, and is raised up like a god who cannot be named – because its ‘power’ is fearful and it ‘protection’ is a racket.

    Yes it is a survival urge that cannot allow a breach in its foundation. But what survives is the error – and the tragic consequences of the error persist. A god of fear is a false foundation – but the fear of fear – and the beliefs arising that seek a source of power over a feared nature – are deeply imprinted in and formative of human consciousness. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not – they need to believe in it – so it works because they need to maintain the belief – or the St George of Science finds its dragon not only unvanquished but encircling an increasing fear of powerlessness. The rise of ‘irrationality, emotionality and loss of control’. But science is not threatened in any way excepting one neglects to enquire and open to the discovery of truth. Truth is never threatened – but our model of it can seem to be – when we forget it is a model – and take it as true – and live from a false image and suffer it real because in pride we inflated a sense of power that we now cant – or wont – release to what is truly moving here.

    It is never the mistake that causes the bigger problem – but the attempt to cover it up. Errors are mistakes from which we can learn. Lies are hatreds we find hard to forgive – and fear of exposure covers lie with more lies. The spell is cast. Who can wake from it?

  10. Bill huey says:

    Ready to bring the film to my small town theater
    I’m friends with the owner
    What’s the process

    Bill Huey
    Paonia colorado

  11. Znow says:

    I agree with all you’ve stated about censorship. That’s clear. But how are they losing?

    I’d like that to be the case but what I’m seeing is that they’re winning They’re not stupid. They know the film will get screened. What they want to do is make sure that the only people who see it are those who are already not buying the official story. Meanwhile millions of mothers will, with the best of intentions – continue to foist these drugs on their children.

    A crack needs to be made in the mainstream. Have you tried contacting any of the Guardian’s reporters?

  12. survivor3305 says:

    It is possible that both sides are correct. Pro vaccine people are right because in its pure form, vaccines do protect and cause no harm like autism. But the anti vaccine people could be right too. It is possible that substances have been added or subtracted from pure vaccines for who knows what reason, causing side effects like autism. One aspect of this controversy is telling. Censorship is so strong and pervasive indicates that a cover-up by some powerful people, which sure makes the anti-vaccine people’s case that vaccines are dangerous in their current form and that a cover-up is in full swing.

    • binra says:

      Have a look at the ingredients. I don’t feel ‘pure vaccine’ is linguistically meaningful here. The canary in the mine warned of gas – but the coal dust was killing them slowly.
      If anyone crosses that line to research the documentation of a critical perspective on vaccination history, then they walk out of an invisible self censorship that becomes felt IF you give permission to open your mind to listen and learn.
      There are many such hidden in broad daylight.

      There is an ancient pattern of self-harming or self-limiting as a way to pre-empt expected punishment. This is so pervasive as to be invisibly normal. Or greying down from a spectrum of living contrast to homogeneous lack of vitality and imagination.

      There are very many very serious issues with vaccinations that are not addressable because it is enforcing state power, brooking no discussion. Full and true information is necessary for choice to be meaningful. Anti-coercion is an understandable reaction – but a misnomer. Communicate without coercion and deceit. That is not anti anything.

    • Sara says:

      There is no such thing as a “pure form” of vaccination. I suggest more research into the theory. Dissolving Illusions is a good place to start.

      • Theodore says:

        Though, for sake of argument, why not an ‘organic vaccine’? One that could then be injected into the thighs of little babies — with the same needles that they currently use as the delivery mechanism for the toxic vaccines?

        Take the live-attenuated or dead viruses and suspend them in a glass vile of USP grade, non-GMO, allergen free, kosher-certified vegetable glycerin. That’s it. Done.

        Is there anything in the chemistry of the batch of live-attenuated or dead viruses that preclude them from being suspended in just vegetable glycerin — without the added toxins — like aluminum?

        Is the reason for adding in the ‘preservatives’ (i.e., toxins) a question of ‘extending the shelf life’ to enahnce a profit margin?

        I still would not want to injected the ‘organic concoction’ into the thighs of little babies… for various other flawed reasons I will not go into in this comment…

  13. Mike Silva says:

    In the Last Days The Wild Beast( Civilization) will rise up out of the “sea” (mankind/the wicked). It will cause to be killed, any who will not bow down to it in submission. It will not allow you to buy,sell or trade unless you submit to it. And it’s number is 666. Basically, this means that the Beast is the System. Unlimited Corruption. And anyone who does not Agree, or causes waves will be outcast. Michael Z Archangel

  14. Chris McDowell says:

    People!!! Your constitutional right to see this film has been taken away from you!! Shame on those people who caved, like the Voice.
    Hooray for those who refuse to bullied!!
    I want to see that film. I live in Calgary, Canada. Does you know of anywhere close where it might be shown? Thanks.

  15. bcfreedom says:

    Houston AND state of Texas pension funds… that is the only place you need to look to understand what is going on

    • binra says:

      Though not made recently, the Mayfair Set by Adam Curtis (free online)charts the breakup of traditional business to financial takeovers and asset stripping that started with brash individuals such as Goldsmith and Tiny Rowland – but was in effect taken over by legal and financial compulsions that run Pension Funds. It’s an eye opener to find that a lot of evil occurs simply through business laws that negate or neglect social responsibility – which of course corporates see as oppositional regulation to smash so as to operate freely while squashing anything that threatens their ‘survival’ or indeed market share. I am not saying there are not people and groups operating loveless agenda – but I am saying that capturing the regulatory system is a significant part of the underpinnings of making states into their puppets and guard dogs.

      Being drawn into a good v evil narrative is always going to divert the mind away from the underlying issues as if vengeance is all that is needed. I believe that the mind that fights evil feeds it unknowing – and J speaks to my heart’s recognition in saying ‘resist ye not evil’ – but before you knee jerk – note he promoted and served a state of wholeness into which evil had no back door through which to puppetize him. So pause if you will before taking the bait of seduction to righteous self gratification and identify the ‘back-doors’ by which you are kept firmly in the ‘matrix’ of a fragmented and conflicted struggle that denies your true or whole presence and be curious as to what that is – and let that draw you in. It doesn’t use coercion and persuasion or guilt – because it is simply true and need do nothing to be all that it is. But if you are kept busy doing something else than uncovering the causes of suffering and the nature of joy – then it doesn’t matter how Obvious is the true of what your are experiencing – you would never see it. because your mind has translated everything into terms of dissociation from where the problem really is. That was the job it was employed to perform. Keeping hidden what you didn’t want to know and keeping you hidden from what you didn’t want to be seen in.

      I’m not suggesting denying anything you feel – but I am suggesting a pause in which nothing runs through you but it passes an integrity test. This presumes you have at least a willingness to honesty of being in which to discern the purpose or ‘spirits’ of what is presented in form. To smell a rat or feel the ring – so to speak. Learning by doing is not getting ‘perfect first’ or becoming ready or fit or worthy according to anyone’s terms – especially your own – for they are often more hidden in auto-react.
      Understand what is coming off 😉

  16. radbola says:

    Houston is no surprise. Drowning in unwanted, parasitical feckless population like dallas. They don’t want their citizens de-commified. One thing about illegals, their crimes only hurt people that don’t matter and they are afraid of “authority figures”, which is kinda how TX got addicted – to bad ways for bad reasons – but they are paying for it now and bad disease is going to happen there. Surprised it hasn’t already really…

  17. Joe says:

    My wife does not believe me that a Mayors office would commit this type of censorship. I explained the vaccination program and what they are willing to do to stop this movie. She still thinks the news reports are exagerrated. Is there an official statement from the mayors office with proof of this? An email? Something to show people as absolute proof? I showed her the Fox link but she said every word out the mouth of the news is a lie. Needless to say I wanted to stuff her head in the toilet and flush it. I know the Mayors office did this but how do you prove it to someone?

  18. Colleen Phipps says:

    How do I buy the documentary “Vaxxed”?

    • binra says:

      Wait until it has had the splash of attention from cinema release, when it will be made available as DVD and online stream or download. At least that is the way it usually works.
      But you can get a feel by watching/reading some of the people and circumstances involved. Most of the information is probably already out there – but making a cohesive story from data is an integrative learning. I feel Wakefield to be a man of honourable purpose.

  19. binra says:

    iMagination and pHarmageddon:
    (Not into the surface political play of powers – but to understand the rupturing of such appearance in breakdowns of power of control).

    The power of the pharmaceutical state is founded upon a complex imagical wish to escape old and deep fear to a new rational order. This gives power to the belief that such feared fear has been, is being, will be, denied or held in check. The power given such belief is real – but what it is given to, is embodying is the fear itself.
    For the power of the imagician is of a focusing within mutually agreed definitions in an act of power over the defined situation. Defining or judging is narrative control or ‘accepted’ official reality in terms of a current focus of acceptance and living out-from – or at least as the ‘correctness’ in which to present or conform so as to use it or escape conflict and pain or loss.

    Magic in this sense is dealing with effects while ignoring cause – and then ascribing ’cause’ to the effects. Redistribution of psychic energy can and does have all kinds of temporary effects in the same way that accountants present legal business accounts in which no or little tax is due. A ‘rigged system’ is set up, controlled and protected by those with access to power within it. They certainly feel a strong personal incentive to maintain power and privilege for themselves while ‘outsourcing’ tax-burden, pain and sickness away onto others. AND will mostly have a sense of being fully justified and exonerated in their role – despite ‘unfortunate’ or even appalling collateral damage incurred on the way to the ‘New World Coming’ in which sickness will be eradicated along with all the other facets of denied self in symbol.

    Anything that threatens to expose the limitations – or fraud – of the imagician, carries the same associative meanings as the ancient fear – and is thus hated and denied by any means available. Society – indeed human consciousness as is generally accepted, is predicated on the denial of fear. And yet this denial persists the very thing it seeks to deny in ways that protect what would otherwise be exposed to be undone and healed.

    It is an ancient strategy and story lived out, to usurp the feared punishment of angry god or gods by sacrificing oneself in part, or sacrificing others of youth and vitality or innocence as symbolic of the life we took or transgressed for ourself alone – and want to keep for ourself, alone – and from which to prevail against adversity and enemy who would take from us what we want for ourselves, alone – though ‘sharing’ within a rule-set of established powers is how such power is made currency and the underlying sacrifice of free willingness made normal and invisible – and ‘hidden’ or dumped on those who such power is predicated to hate and invalidate.

    Blaming hate is just beneath the surface. This also keeps attention in the superficial for all who want the surface to succeed in denying depths that are felt intolerable, morbid or disturbing. So a game of pass the parcel in which no one wants to be the one holding the blame when the music stops – unless of course getting a little blame now will immunise me from attracting negative attention later.

    The complexity of hate and fear, rage and powerlessness, is a human achievement over millennia – but it isn’t true evolution – It’s much as the same old pattern fragmented into more and more complex forms of sacrifice or denial of the Life that truly lives us and is holding our true in trust – regardless any thoughts believed and acted out-from. Thought cannot attack the mind that thinks them – unless it believes they can by acting out from a false imagining.

    Free imagination is the conduit of Spirit – of an Infinite expansive embrace of all that can be imagined and experienced, appreciated and shared in gratitude.

    A sense of runaway, conflicted, oppositional, evil or malignant Creation has ‘split’ off as a fragmented belief that has all the power given it and cannot be dismissed as ‘illusion’ excepting as further fragmenting dissociation from the original imprinting. Likewise, the belief in material or physical forces as our ’cause’ works a rigged game in which imagineers get the power to invalidate any perspectives that do not fit their reality loop – and use that power of shared belief to shape their world as a private elitism of ‘gods’ over the ‘unfit’. Every time we judge another unfit or unworthy of love’s awareness, we feed an ancient hatred with sacrifice by which to maintain our own sense of self-righteous power over life. But symptoms are messengers to the need or calling you don’t heed or recognize your own – even if just to give acceptance that another truly feels hurt – without rationalizing invalidations or scorn for the way in which it is manifesting.

    If we are ‘locked’ in form, and forms of fearful consequence, it is because we have locked conditioned meanings to forms and no longer look past them in a willingness to feel and know and discover. Yet there is a curiosity within us that has never left us – though we learned for the most part to ‘think’ alone rather than open such a direct willingness to know – for we learned when very young that the world – our families and society

    • Colleen Phipps says:

      Thank you. I am wanting to buy MANY DVD’s for my friends and especially family that have patronized me all these years. I believe Dr. Wakefield because I have a son with autism. Why would you make this stuff up?

      • binra says:

        Well I don’t think he makes anything up either – but there are other factors such as glyphosate that could well be co-factors – (see stephanie seneff) so while I see vax as dangerous – among all sorts of other political issues, I see nothing happens in a vacuum and a synergy of environmental toxicities works in ways that are not tested for safety – even if such testing as is done was reliably in the public interest – which I believe it is not.
        Blessings on your family.

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