Was Justice Scalia murdered? Forget “conspiracy theory.” This is real.

Was Scalia murdered? Forget “conspiracy theory.” This is real.

by Jon Rappoport

February 15, 2016

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Let’s jump right in with quotes from the Washington Post, 2/15, “Conspiracy theories swirl around the death of Antonin Scalia”. The Post published extraordinary statements from the Facebook page of “William O. Ritchie, former head of criminal investigations for D.C. police”:

“As a former homicide commander, I am stunned that no autopsy was ordered for Justice Scalia.”

“You have a Supreme Court Justice who died, not in attendance of a physician. You have a non-homicide trained US Marshal tell the justice of peace that no foul play was observed. You have a justice of the peace pronounce death while not being on the scene and without any medical training opining that the justice died of a heart attack. What medical proof exists of a myocardial Infarction? Why not a cerebral hemorrhage?”

“How can the Marshal say, without a thorough post mortem, that he was not injected with an illegal substance that would simulate a heart attack…”

“Did the US Marshal check for petechial hemorrhage in his eyes or under his lips that would have suggested suffocation? Did the US Marshal smell his breath for any unusual odor that might suggest poisoning? My gut tells me there is something fishy going on in Texas.”

If this isn’t enough, the Post goes on:

“Scalia’s physician, Brian Monahan, is a U.S. Navy rear admiral and the attending physician for the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court. He declined to comment on Scalia’s [prior] health when reached by telephone Monday at his home in Maryland.

“’Patient confidentiality forbids me to make any comment on the subject,’ he said.”

“When asked whether he planned to make public the statement he’s preparing for [Texas Judge] Guevara, Monahan repeated the same statement and hung up on a reporter.”

As long as no law-enforcement investigation of Scalia’s death is launched, the doctor is justified. Confidentiality applies, unless Scalia’s family lifts it. But if such an investigation is opened, all bets are off. Confidentiality no longer applies.

There are reports that, after Scalia’s body was transported from the celebrity ranch in Texas, closely guarded and shielded by a bevy of marshals, it was rapidly embalmed. If so, that would apparently make toxicological tests far more difficult or impossible.

As for a murder motive, try: upsetting the voting balance of the US Supreme Court. Try: a push to appoint a new Justice now, thus ensuring the appointee’s political persuasion, regardless of the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. Try: attempting to shift the Court’s voting balance in upcoming cases on abortion, immigration, and Obamacare.

Dismiss the comfortable notion that “this couldn’t happen.” JFK couldn’t have been murdered, but he was. High political figures don’t carry special immunity.

Dismiss assurances from incompetents in Texas that Scalia died of natural causes, and dismiss the press repeating these assurances—which add up to: nothing.

Dismiss calls for “propriety in a time of grief.”

Dismiss whatever opinions, pro and con, circulate now about Scalia, his points of view, his decisions, his character, his life. They’re irrelevant to the facts of his death. Those facts are as clear as mud.

Dismiss the typical accusations of “conspiracy theory.” It’s no theory when key facts are unknown and incompetents supplied the current “information.”

In addition to what I’ve cited above, count as relevant the fact that Scalia’s federal protection had been removed while he was at the Texas ranch. We’re told Scalia didn’t want that protection. Maybe yes, maybe no. We’re also told Scalia’s family didn’t want an autopsy. Again, maybe yes, maybe no. The family has been silent. Or if not, their statements aren’t being reported.

Consider, as potentially relevant, the report that Scalia was found with a pillow over his head.

Consider, as relevant, that Judge Guevara, deciding without seeing the body that Scalia died from natural causes, ruled against doing an autopsy—and a counter-opinion, offered unofficially by another Texas judge, Juanita Bishop, that she would have wanted an autopsy. (See “Scalia’s death to be ruled a heart attack” and “Urgent calls begin for Scalia autopsy: Rush to ‘natural causes’ conclusion criticized” and “Judge Cinderela Guevara: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”)

power outside the matrix

Concerning Judge Guevara, this may or may not be relevant—heavy.com reports, “Judge Cinderela Guevara: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”:

“This isn’t the first time Guevara has been the source of controversy. In 2013, Melaney Parker Rayburn was found dead after being hit by a train in Marfa, Texas… Liz Parker, Melaney’s mom, questioned how Guevara handled the investigation of her daughter’s death, The Daily Kos reported [see “Like a dead dog on the tracks: Injustice in small town Texas…”]. Melaney was hit by a Union Pacific Railroad train and, Liz [her mother] wrote, a Union Pacific representative told her that it appeared that her body had been placed on the tracks while she was unconscious. Liz asked the Justice of the Peace and the Sheriff to open the case as a homicide investigation, but they would not. Guevara, who was a Justice of the Peace at the time, did not order a rape kit or an autopsy, Liz wrote, because a doctor at the scene said the cause of death was obvious.

“Liz later wrote a letter to the editor, published on Big Bend Now [see “correspondence, October 14th, 2013”], in which she said that Guevara had asked for God to give her an answer about whether Melaney’s death was suicide. Liz wrote that Guevara told her: ‘Yes, this was a tragedy, but the true tragedy was that she died without accepting Jesus Christ as her savior.’”

Bottom line so far: Any reasonable law-enforcement agency would immediately open an investigation into Scalia’s death. Failing to do so would rate as aiding and abetting a concealment of the truth, whatever that turns out to be.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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92 comments on “Was Justice Scalia murdered? Forget “conspiracy theory.” This is real.

  1. Patsy Ray says:

    There is….something rotten in Presido County. I know from personal experience.

    • Monkey Biz says:

      People, consider this: it’s been over 3 days since he was found dead and there has not been one peep from his family. NOT typical for a person in his position! I ask you this:
      a) If he died at home w/wife or an offspring present
      b) Or in the hospital under Doc care
      c) Or at ranch while at dinner w/a group who witnessed the guy clutch his chest, complain he feels sick or has intense pain in left arm, then collapses…so it’s pretty obvious to a group of people what is happening, then he dies.

      Don’t you think if any of those had occurred his family would have issued a statement to the press within 8 or 10 hours, maybe sooner? No reason not to and that is what’s common when you’re clear how someone died. But not a single word in more than 3 days! Btw, it appears they did not want “them” to do an autopsy.

      Also, here’s what I’d love an explanation to — a guy goes to the trouble to fly to a remote place so he can engage in an activity that he loves and they leave him behind!! What? Who wouldn’t speak to him first? Are you coming, sleeping in, not feeling well…do you need something? No, they just left him behind w/o talking to him! Nobody would do that.

      Add to it that the ranch owner is apparently a big Democratic donor and has rec’d 2 awards from Obama (images of that online). Oh and, a whole lot is at stake upon his death. It totally smells.

      • Eileen K. says:

        Monkey Biz, I totally agree with you. I couldn’t put it any better than you just did. This entire episode is, indeed, fishy .. it stinks to high heaven.
        The biggest clue you provided is the lack of an explanation as to why the rest of the group – including Poindexter, the ranch’s owner and big Democrat donor – would leave Scalia behind without speaking with him first. As you said, nobody would do such a thing.

        • Monkey Biz says:

          @Eileen – See my comment near the bottom of this string also. If that media coverage is correct: where was his body for an unexplained 7 or 8 hours????

  2. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Regretfully, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

    • ronnie says:

      I fully agree with everything this author said. Without an autopsy by an unbiased and fully qualified medical examiner, it is reasonable to assume foul play.

  3. Rastafari says:

    3 o’bombya appointees on the supreme court coming right up.
    I think the HillBill will make a better court justices than white house court jesters.
    So maybe the Obomber will appoint HillBill as collective supreme court justice.
    And then whoever appoints presidents can go ahead and install the Donald.

    I’ve heard the D-man is pro-people and he’s going to stop the wars. which wars? the war on drugs maybe. no, that’s going too well. what about the undeclared war on plants? What’s the donster’s stance on plants? Love/hate? Indifferent? Wipe ’em all out? (since we’ve lately been on a theme of voting, I’m voting the donald wants to wipe ’em all out, all those pesky plants).

    It’s aggravating to see iself sliding away from the possible murder of scalia, but i n i wonder really what it means. what is the meaning of this?

    And, I have to admit, I wonder if it is another hoax. Probably at some level, evaryting is hoax.

    4twenty. rastafari. blessed love.

    • From Québec says:

      What are you talking about, exactly?

      • BON JOUR, MON AMI, Let me explain my American friend here, d’accord? (Je parle une peu de francaise, mais pas bien, et pas vite!, >grin<)….
        Anyway, "4twenty", or "420" is a reference to cannabis. So is "rastafari", or Rastafarian, which is the weed-infused religion of Bob Marley, &etc., so, basically, "Rastafari" is a stoned-out pothead, and he's babbling like Lewis Carroll, who wrote Alice in Wonderland. What he's writing DOES make sense, but only if you're wasted on weed. Hope this helps.
        (c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

      • @FQ

        Wats bean sayin mon, day wagin war on dah ollee erbs mon, every tink fukked man. An dah bombmer, ee be gettin een ven vote.
        Vita men luv missin man. An dah don alld he bean big num ber one sherriff man.
        Rasta u eh come parly man.
        Far twenty dat be restin time cher.

  4. Though I don’t mention it in my latest Exopolitician post, Jon, when the reptilian/Martian alliance began at the technological mecca of Atlantis (say 18,500 years ago) “rules changed” with this sort of intrigue.


    As for Scalia, I think the important question is, “was he the usual grubby A-hole and defender of the system or was he someone who challenged it, obstructed it?”

    I have yet to find a dishonourable judge, so these murders, I generally conclude was one “mob member” stepping on a “high up’s” toes. But I am happy to be challenged…..;-)


  5. I would think an autopsy would be standard operating procedure for anyone within the public’s eye. imho, it is criminal to not order one for Justice Scalia.

    On that note, I also think about people arguing about his replacement before his funeral is both crass and ignorant. Do we have no sense of respect, no sense of compassion for families? I did not agree with Justice Scalia’s conclusions most of the time. I was highly critical of him, as my right as an American allows.

    Yet for all my criticism of him, I am more shocked by the spineless & thankless people he served at this point.

    If you cannot respect the man, then respect the position, he certainly earned it!!

    • Cassius says:

      There is no ‘Patient Confidentiality’ when
      that patient is dead. The families feelings
      are, likewise, irrelevant. No autopsy is an
      abomination regarding the unexplained
      death of a US Supreme Court Justice.

      • scotdeerie says:

        HIPPA laws applies even after death unless, as stated in the article, the family agrees to lift the confidentiality.

      • Hi Cassius, Did you mean to reply to me or the article?

        I didn’t mention anything about patient confidentiality, and specifically stated in my first paragraph that it was criminal not to have an autopsy ordered for Justice Scalia.

        So, I don’t really understand what you are referring to unless it’s the article and that’s what you meant to reply to.

  6. Theodore says:

    Former Intel Officer Suspects Foul Play in Death of Antonin Scalia

    “Who dies with a pillow over their head?”


  7. Kim says:

    Hey, glad you mentioned this. Maybe because of his age, no autopsy. However, natural death is a better reason than cardiac arrest since he wasn’t connected to a monitor. I’m a cardiac nurse. Still, I think a person in his position should have one since he’s in the highest court of the land. Makes sense.

    • @Kim
      Agreed, autopsy would only be considered on suspicious death. And with someone his age, natural causes would be the assumption. Initially…So therefor, why such a quick embalming then, which suggests a chemical could be involved. Does’nt that seem unusual..or am I wrong Kim. Coincendently we now have a tied vote…Scalia was influential, and a thorn in the ass.

      • Frank Frivilous says:

        Yup. Pain in the ass and not Jewish which means he had to go….

        • nullnvoid says:

          You nailed it. But he did support Citizens United so I’m wondering what’s coming down the pipe that he didn’t.

        • Tapp says:

          Oh quite the contrary. Look at Scalia’s past associations. He was a Zionist apologist. Ginsberg said he was my best buddy. He was Jesuit trained, and as El Papa(pope Francis), we must believe all he says.
          This guy knew he was there for something, and I believe that it is highly likely he was killed by a military man or one from the spook agencies that knew what Scalia was going to do on upcoming SC decisions, like gun control, abortion, immigration…he was going to vote like he was told just like Roberts. This military man knew this, and he was likely a conservative Catholic that saw how Scalia was going to change his position on these issues. He had to go before these issues were heard.

  8. From Québec says:

    President reportedly “thrilled” at opportunity to tip balance of Supreme Court


  9. thomaspoa says:

    Jon, have you lost your mind? “Scalia couldn’t bribed or threatened!” Are you suggesting that the 9 geezers actually have the power implied in the ancient (now defunct) Constitution? The “Supreme” Court is no more real than the Federal Reserve Board, Congress, or the Presidency. They are all great jobs, but the power resides elsewhere.

    My take: He died a few weeks ago, and the PTB were waiting for an opportunity to slip him into the news cycle. He was kept on ice (taking one for the team), and his body looked unnatural. Hence, the rush to get him embalmed. End of non-story.

    • At some RECENT point in time, Scalia WOULD have been actually *SEEN* in DC, or the Court itself…. That’s basic information that has NOT been part of any news story I’ve seen. You?….

    • Cassius says:

      The ease with which Obama, and The Media, lied about killing Osama Bin Laden adds no credence to any argument that may be proffered regarding this insane government’s lack of criminality. Include
      ‘Sandy Hoax’ in that analysis, and their absurd attempts to resurrect the long moribund ‘Cold War’. Nothing will ever
      be beyond them.

      • Brian K says:

        Yup. We’re living in the age of media fakery. I tend to think that presidents, and most political “leaders”, are nothing more than actors reading teleprompters. Barely powerful enough to qualify as puppets. Of course, the fake killing of the fake terrorist supposedly behind the fake 9/11 terrorist attacks was a hoax; but to say that Obama/Soetoro was behind it is to give the actor way too much credit. Obama was inserted into his symbolic office because he came from an old Intelligence family (the Brezinsky link, the OSS grandfather, the father and stepfather who were both CIA assets, the time spent running around the Middle East while he was supposedly attending Intelligence hub Columbia). Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    • The Justice crooks don’t interest me, but this comment does and makes a lot of sense. There aren’t too many opportunities for the non-corrupt to “progress” in the system Scalia wouldn’t have been there unless they had a long “shit file”

  10. ajmacdonaldjr says:

    SCOTUS is a rubber stamp for the elite’s agenda. Scalia — dead or alive — makes no difference.

  11. s_uni says:

    The motive given doesn’t track. It will be almost impossible for Obama to fill the vacant seat as the GOP will likely block it. If they’d wanted to shift balance via those teams the time-frame would have been sometime before mid 2015. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t murdered. But if he was – it could be for any number of personal reasons. Just because someone is a public figure doesn’t mean they don’t have enemies in their private lives.

    • Cassius says:

      “The Republicans” haven’t “blocked” much that was wanted by “The Democrats”, now, HAVE they?

    • Steve says:

      The longest time it took to appoint a Supreme Court justice is less than the current time available for Obama to do so. The Republicans would have to defy all historical examples of Supreme Court confirmations in order to block his appointee. So the motive is very real, despite your incorrect understanding of the historical facts.

      • Monkey Biz says:

        @ Steve – Incorrect. It was almost 13 months after a justice retired that Harry Blackmun assumed his spot on the court. After the senate rejected the first 2 picks of Nixon.

    • You know, I heard on a News Cycle a few weeks back that if Hillary was elected, she was going to nominate Obama for Supreme Court Justice.

      I can’t imagine that happening to our SCOTUS, What a way to finish getting rid of what little rights we have left, he would be sure to interpret the constitution as he currently does, which I’m still flabbergasted at the wanton destruction of human life, and disregard for both Human Rights and Civil Rights from our current administration. *not* to mention the jailing of whistleblowers which is more than any other president in history.

  12. IMNAHA says:

    Fa Niente: It Means Nothing as they say in Italy. Scalia was on the Supreme Court for the United States of America a corporation that has nothing to do with the original Republic, but is firmly controlled by banksters outside our borders (look it up).

    As such we have no standing to demand anything as regards the internal politics of this private corporation. We have no more business demanding an investigation into Scalia’s death than we do demanding an investigation into the death of any other private corporation officer or mafia family.

    Ergo there will be outrage but no equal redress of this possible criminal act.IT”S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS – even if this corporation decides to whack one of their own. WE HAVE NO STANDING, PERIOD

    We cannot even begin to address our problems until we address the truth of our situation in this country. Alas we have been hypnotized by the illusions spun by international gangsta bankers.

  13. paulydeathwish says:

    It’s no coincidence that a judge named Cinderella would (like the addled, disingenuous George W. Bush) listen for the voice of God on these matters. I believe in God. I believe God can communicate with people, but I don’t think God would ever say “don’t do an autopsy; don’t deploy a rape kit” or “go ahead and attack Iraq, Georgie…don’t worry about a legitimate causus belli”.

    Such miscarriages of justice bring into question the sanity of said public servants. W. looked like he’s been getting electroshock therapy when I caught a bit of his tag team propaganda interview with brother Jeb on Fox News today.

    And Cinderella…whoa mama. If she honestly saw nothing suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Scalia’s death, then she’s living in a fairytale world of logical inversion.


    • Joanna says:

      Cinderela is an idiot…along with Danny Dominguez. There were also gun shots heard the night my cousin Melaney was hit by the train…but no one talks about that. Union Pacific rep said, that even for those committing suicide, they tense up or brace themselves for impact…which Melaney did not do. She lied there motionless. Days later when I walked the tracks, parts of my cousin were still there. These fools didn’t even clean up correctly. My daughter found Melaney’s glasses on the tracks. If there was any kind of investigation, how would that have been possible? How could they miss the obvious? My cousins purse was intact except for a thin strap broken. The contents of her purse were all undisturbed. All of these things would be suspicious to a normal person…but Cinderela is not normal. Her decision to not order an autopsy for a Supreme Court Justice is not shocking, because she is a complete fool! Only a fool would basically tell a grieving mother I think your daughter is in hell…because that is what she was really saying.

      • Wow, you have a unique story! I am sorry for the miscarriage of justice you are describing. If I may elaborate, it seems to me that your cousin’s fate might just be the precedent which unlocks the Pandora’s Box of Scalia’s fate. I live in Texas and myself had a business law class yesterday. I was dumbfounded that our professor (who himself lives in the Rio Grande Valley) completely failed to mention the death of a Supreme Court Justice in his four hour lecture yesterday (even though it was the biggest legal event to occur since our preceding class two weeks earlier). Additionally, a classmate of mine discussing immigration reform seemed to have a knowing smirk in her eyes when I mentioned how germane to that topic Scalia’s death was. Liberals like Webster Tarpley (whom I respect immensely) are all but celebrating Scalia’s death. I have to hand it to Infowars (who have been slacking the past few years) for doing the absolute best coverage concerning Scalia’s bizarre demise.

        Pursuant to Dr. Tracy’s unfair termination from his teaching position (brought on by his intellectual curiosity and subsequent ethical temerity concerning Sandy Hook), it doesn’t matter whether Scalia was right- or left-leaning. Same with JFK. No one deserves to be whacked for cynical ends. Republics should have mourned JFK because they would be next. Democrats should mourn Scalia because (if history holds) they will be next.

        Though the liberals and conservatives seem to be engaged in a sort of gang war (though they be of the same social class), there does seem to be more to the geographical area where Scalia was found deceased which is begging for investigation. Please continue to shout your story until you are heard. And may God bless your cousin and she rest in peace. I have no doubt she does.


  14. terrylc says:

    This is almost too-well scripted: A lodge owner named John Poindexter. The comment, without the corporate media blinking an eye, about a pillow over Scalia’s head. Security not on the scene (Search YouTube for “Secret Service Standdown”). The lack of any autopsy, a quick embalming, Texas officials acting like the Keystone Cops.

    It’s not like Scalia posed a threat to The Agenda. Or that HELLary or Jeb would Appoint a Justice not in lockstep with The Agenda.

    Killing Scalia and making it look like natural causes that would not show up in a genuine autopsy would be quite easy.

    Perhaps Scalia did die of natural causes, and we’re being sent off on a distraction so other activities are less likely to be noticed. It’s a variant of Rahm Emanuel’s infamous statement–to paraphrase: “You never let a natural death go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

  15. stock says:

    5 days after Obama’s Energy Control Grab was Shot Down by the Supreme Court, 5 to 4, Justice Scalia Unexpectedly Dies

    Has no one else in the world put together this obvious connection? This is part of the NWO Globalist Energy Grab, i.e. the Paris-site climate conference, which even NOAA fudged all the temperature data last fall in order to make the data fit the meme.

    – See more at:


  16. Elana Freeland says:

    From Sub Rosa America: Next is Opus Dei, the rightwing elite intelligence agency and lay arm of the Jesuits deeply engaged with the fascist politics that run the Catholic half of Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany and Poland). Known for prayer and self-discipline as well as self-flagellation and spiked metal garters, Opus Dei strives Jesuit-style to develop the deep inner split that characterizes many intelligence agents. Members include many of the Pope’s entourage and influential members of society who keep their membership secret. Founded in Spain in 1928 by Monsignor José Maria Escriva de Balaguer (now beatified), Opus Dei spans 80 countries. The Woodlawn Foundation in New Rochelle, New York supports over 40 Opus Dei-affiliated foundations. Like the CIA and Skull & Bones, Opus Dei recruits university students from elite families and of course pivotally positioned owners of big multinational corporations, the media, and financial institutions. The son of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles – under the patronage of Bishop Hudal of Federaun Monastery in Austria, the same bishop who oversaw the Jesuit initiation of Deputy Führer Martin Bormann’s son in 1946 – became a Jesuit Father and was presented the scarlet biretta on February 21, 2001 by Pope John Paul II in Rome. FBI Director Louis Freeh’s son went to The Heights, an Opus Dei school. (Freeh and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia attend a Tridentine Latin Mass at St. Catherine of Siena in Great Falls, Virginia.) Sargent Shriver was Opus Dei, the 1980-88 US troika’s education czar William Bennett and his brother Bob were Jesuits, and so-called CIA defector Philip Agee was Jesuit-Freemason. In his first Inaugural Address, President George W. Bush echoed his father’s thousand points of light by quoting Saint José Maria Escriva’s small things with great love.

    • @E F

      “Founded in Spain in 1928…”

      They been around a hell of a longer that Elana…of course that is under different names. They have been around as long as the Jesuits have been Jesuits, and that is 1540; by their very order they are vicious evil cruel and plotting bunch of bastards. The CIA have nothing on these guys. As a matter of fact tey inspired such organizations.

      Tridentine latin mass is the old style mass. ‘Usus antiquior’.

      When I was a wee boy at mass, all mass, was in the latin. Latin was a requirement of “de ald tar byes” And ya better not be wrong with your use of the laanguage…

      Being an altor boy  (An altor boy; in our politically correct society, it is Altar person now, of course it did stop the buggering. Priests don’t like young girls servers as priests are extreme mysogynists, Augustine planted that seed.), I was educated in the latin as a catolic altar bye. 

      The educated, richer, more elite congregation usually wish their mass in latin. It was was the old way. Traditional way.

      But you do have some fine points in your post I thank you.

  17. I always ask the question on deals like this, “Who mosts benefits from this event?” From that point, start looking for suspects.

  18. groet@kpnplanet.nl says:

    Jon, In the Netherlands we have seen the government starting an investigation on the MH17 airliner downed in the Ukraine, which investigation is intended to conceal the real perpatrators.

    In justice Scalia’s case, an investigation as it should have been started as a normal standard operating procedure in case of anybody found dead with a pillow on his head, your whole story sounds like the police having received orders to NOT start an investigation anyway.

    It is like the pedofilia cases in Australia who cannot get reported to the police since the police over there has been refusing to write down the report / testimony, so there is no case because there is no investigation as a result of the police sabotaging any start of any investigation because they have been ordered to act this way by their superiors who have been perpetrating the pedophilia systematically and / or there secret cabal members have been perpetrating these crimes and the police-superiors cannot but obey the cabal members orders because they have been committing well recorded crimes themselves.

    See the link:


    This is the way they operate: 1. privacy excuses 2. order police not to register or report a testimony 3. sabotage in any way possible the appropriate legal and investigative process 4. have all the connected executive, legal, judicial, forensic, police and investigative authorities drawn into the pedophilia ring Easy, piece of cake. So this is not conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy practice all over the globe. Collect all the people who transgressed a red line and then you can blackmail them and order them and pressurize them to execute any action how criminal or lethal or whatever. Groet, Jan

  19. elnura1 says:

    Taking the article content and the comments made….anything is possible. It is also possible that that Scalia, a man not in the best of health which can be seen by just looking at him, probably on a lot of medication that contributed to his bloated state, heart just stopped beating. There is this phenomenon called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome. Sudden unexpected death syndrome (SUDS), sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS), sudden adult death syndrome (SADS), or bed death is sudden unexpected death of adolescents and adults, many during sleep. From some of the papers I’ve read in most cases no definite cause is ever found even after an extensive autopsy.

    Here’s a thought. People in the Scalia’s office said he was suffering from a cold and even people at the ranch said he had a cold. Did anyone bother to check if Scalia had a Flu shot? Heart attacks can occur up to 2 weeks after a Flu shot:

    *Researchers wanted to investigate why people seem to have more heart problems in the first weeks after an acute inflammatory event.
    What did they use to induce inflammation in the healthy male human volunteers?
    A flu shot.
    What did they discover?
    Cardiovascular function can be abnormal for at least two weeks (maybe longer if you have heart problems (my note) after getting a flu shot.
    Residual adverse changes in arterial endothelial function and LDL oxidation after a mild systemic inflammation induced by influenza vaccination.

    If there was a Flu Shot involved (not saying there is) that will never see the light of day. Can you imagine the alternative news headline-SCOTUS Justice dies shortly after getting a highly recommend for seniors Flu Shot!

    All things are possible including Scalia, a 79 year man not in the best of health, suffering from an injured shoulder which he couldn’t have surgery on because he wasn’t healthy enough, was probably on pain meds, heart meds, high blood pressure meds (you know those doctors will med you up if you let them) possibly OTC cold meds, his heart couldn’t take any more and just stopped. It does happen-even to Supreme Court Justices. Being on the bench doesn’t give you a pass.

  20. oli says:

    Hi Jon, Do you have an opinion about the work of Ed Chiarini at wellaware1.com? Highly relevant when seeking to understand why there was no autopsy.

  21. Peggy Stackwood says:

    By Kelly Riddell – The Washington Times – Wednesday, January 27, 2016

  22. From Québec says:

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch has publicly expressed enmity toward First Amendment

  23. Doublespeak Ted says:


    Just another dead jesuit, who died in a pagan ritual performed in the great black hole of Texas. And we’ll hold our breath, and wait on that autopsy.

  24. From Québec says:

    WOW! Must see this video:


  25. Mic Lawler says:

    The Judge’s untimely passing is too convenient for Obama and his fellow subversives to push their vile agenda forward. Now dimwitted cowards like Bit…I mean Mitch McConnell, Candy Graham, and Juanito McStain are going to protect the American People and the foundations of our republic by shooting down the subversives that the Psychopath in the White House will surely send forward for appointment to the Supreme Court …. what a nightmare.

  26. Cliff says:

    Contact your Senator and tell them about this… Dem’s in the Senate in 1960 passed resolution, S.RES. 334 against “election year” Supreme Courts appointments.

    Click link to read article posted by American Thinker


    We the people can stop the Obama and New World Order train wreck and take over of America but it will take action on our part.

  27. Plainol American says:

    Yes, Andrew Breitbart right before some expose against Obama and Scalia right before a judgement against Obama.
    Quite the coinkydink !

  28. The Axelrod distortion……So we know by now that Justice Scalia was found dead, WITH A PILLOW OVER HIS FACE but the body was quickly enbalmed without an autopsy. Looks pretty suspicious, right.

    Now the Obama administration is pretty used to doing whatever it wants without the worry of the MSM covering its criminal conduct.

    But they must have gotten panicky here, because it seems they dispatched ultra-loyalist David Axelrod to write a quick piece on CNN that in fact he knew Scalia and once Scalia had asked him to help nominate the liberal Kagan to the Court!

    Scalia was known for keeping his ideology to his Judgments and socializing with people whose ideology he opposed.

    So now Axelrod is countering the evidence that Scalia was murdered in the last year of Obama’s administration so that another lefty could be appointed – especially someone young as they can serve without mandatory retirement age, so Obama could influence the Law for tens of years after he leaves.

    I think this ploy by Axelrod is transparent and pathetic, but you can see why it was done – to argue, now that Scalia isn’t around to negate it, that Scalia perversely would WANT a liberal to replace him. PATHETIC. In fact, it was only when I read this piece, that I concluded that in fact Scalia was murdered. Obama et al are getting very sloppy. That sloppiness in its criminal conduct will hopefully do it in.



    • Cal says:

      That’s just it, there is no “evidence that Scalia was murdered.” None whatsoever.

      • IMNAHA says:

        Apparently in Texas there’s no need to investigate deaths, a simple confirming phone call will do. So if there’s no investigation, VOILA, there’s no evidence of ANYTHING collected. So the only evidence that Scalia is dead is that an embalmer said he embalmed his body and we have to assume that he didn’t embalm a live body. For all we know Scalia is living back in Sicily with some hottie. The take away here is that if you need to off somebody and don’t wish to get caught, Texas is open for business…

  29. Diane Campbell says:

    Considering everything that has happened and who he was, we the people should have the truth be known. I would think that his wife and children would want the true answer of his death. Someone force a hand and get this autopsy before it is to late. Wake up!!!

  30. […] Wurde oberster US Richter Scalia ermordet? […]

  31. Winston Smith says:

    A judge named Cinderella at a ranch owned by an obamabot who won an award from Dear Leader back in 2009 and just a few days after SCOTUS ruled against the EPA power grab this is so obvious.
    The coup de tat is complete now. Bye bye first amendment and all other amendments and welcome to the hybrid Zimbabwe/Venezuela neo-feudal globalist serf plantation.
    BTW-Hussein will be signing the Paris Accord to redistribute all the wealth in the world no matter what SCOTUS has to say about it.

  32. demetrius13 says:

    Reblogged this on demetrius13 and commented:
    Nice analysis, Jon. The perps will find that hiding from the spotlight is going to be much harder these days, and the people’s voice will be heard!

  33. spike says:

    At least newsmax channel in NYC brought the conspiracy up. FOX etc focused repeatedly on “barking Hillary.”

  34. Vicki Maline says:

    It is so hard to read of the very similar reactions to my niece’s death, The same questions were asked by the family and answers were never justified. I pray for justice for Justice Scalia and must hand it over to the true Controller….again.

  35. richard wright says:

    I gotta wonder what is going on right now in the heads of the remaining justices. Doubt their passing on the security details

  36. drgb says:

    Regardless of the wishes of the family, an autopsy on a public figure such as a S.C justice should be a given, even if the circumstances were not suspicious. As there appears to be a cover-up in progress, care must be taken in choosing those who will perform the autopsy (remember JFK’s alterations?). Instead of taking positions on whether or not to vote on a replacement, members of congress should be putting first things first and effecting an autopsy. The last thing this country needs is a cloud hanging over Justice Scalia’s death.

  37. I’m fast coming to the conclusion that the elite are just playing dead when it suits them so the ‘agenda’ can be moved along without giving away the completely rigged structure of political discourse in all countries around the world. In the end it seems to me it is very easy for State actors to ‘disappear’ someone (like this old judge) by giving them a new identity in a wealthy retirement village. Who would bother looking? Even if they did I think it would be an impossible task to find them.
    We are only allowed to see the shadows, remember!!!

  38. willywhat? says:

    They would surely know the public would cry foul on this death, which is why I must ask why they are allowing conspiracy to enter this situation? They would surely know an autopsy would prevent this- unless of course there was something to hide.
    But then again, these people sometimes don’t think.

  39. Monkey Biz says:

    I’m repeating a point I made above but it may not have been seen by some and it’s very relevant.

    — a guy goes to the trouble to fly to a remote place so he can engage in an activity that he loves and they leave him behind! What? Who wouldn’t speak to him first? Are you coming, sleeping in, not feeling well…do you need something? No, they just left him behind w/o talking to him! Nobody would do that. What the heck did the ranch owner tell everyone else about why he wasn’t joining them when he hadn’t even spoken to Scalia?

    — also, anyone else notice that the video of the hearse leaving the ranch for El Paso was during daylight hours on Sat but he apparently arrived at the funeral home in El Paso (3 to 3.5 hours away) between 2 – 3AM Sunday? Where was the body all those hours in between?

    http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/slideshow/Senior-U-S-Supreme-Court-Associate-Justice-125039/photo-9399617.php (article posted at 4:26PM, Sat)


  40. dk66343 says:

    Because I’ve worked in the medical examiner’s office, I know that what I’ve heard about Scalia not having an autopsy is more than highly suspect. I was involved with several unknown cause of death cases and an autopsy was standard.

    You cannot say just because a person had a history of medical problems, his/her death must have been related to their medical history, especially when the death is unattended and you are a Supreme court justice of the united states.

    The family has no legal say with regard to an autopsy or not. Texas statute 49.25 spells out the legal procedure when an unattended death occurs. Foul play must have occurred since no autopsy was completed. The first people on the scene saw that foul play was at hand and the cover-up began with the Judge’s statement about how she, not being a medical professional and never seeing the body, claims he died of natural causes…..this is insanity.

    The man was murdered and every person from the beginning is guilty of obstruction of justice and/or murder.

  41. Honey Badger says:

    Really People! What more do the people need to see in order for us to demand answers and fix the government etc.. I’m sure sonehow the people will get the blame for this as well! Mr. Scalia isn’t my father, or brother but out of respect for them and him I would want to know why he dîed and the details of his death so the family. But also the people who are affected by his life and his death. Some answers please? If not murdered , what’s with All the silence? Did this really happen ? Right in plain view?. I’m afraid of the answer!

  42. Dawn says:

    I am glad that there are at least some people concerned with the circumstances of Scalia’s death.

    There are too many irregularities to not suspect murder. An autopsy should be performed, regardless of what the family wants. He was Our Supreme Court Justice and We the People have a right to know, though I doubt that an autopsy would find much since the body was embalmed with record speed.

    The failure of the Justice Department and AG to send someone (including the FBI) to investigate is in itself telling.

    I met Justice Scalia a few years back. At the time I never imagined that such a fate for him. It is very disturbing.

    God Bless his soul.

      • Dawn says:

        Justice Scalia was a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and therefore belonged more to We the People than to his family. That may be hard for his family to understand and accept, but it is none the less true. I have often heard it said that the Law is a demanding Mistress. She makes so many demands on a lawyer (judge) that she wrecks marriages because she always has to and does comes first. She does so without regard to whether it hurts the wife or children, without hesitation, and without a second thought. And she never apologizes. A man that has the Law as his Mistress loves her before all else, for she is what makes him what he is, he could never be great without her, and he can not live or die without her, she is much of what his life is about; and if the wife and children do not understand that, they are delusional and self important. Further, if the wife and children do not understand that, they do not really know him and therefore do not really love him. In all likelihood, they do know it on some level. They are just resisting it and are trying to live in a fantasy bubble that is bound to pop. Justice Scalia may have been better than many lawyers at hiding from his family that he had a Mistress named the Law and leading his family to believe that they were his first love, but they were rather naive to believe it. His wife probably always knew it was true and was just grateful that the mistress was not a real woman. So here is reality: mistresses always show up again when a man dies and make more demands even if it hurts the widow and children who are in grief. No matter how much it hurts the widow and children, Justice Scalia’s Mistress called the Law, who made him a Supreme Court Justice, is now making more demands even in death in the form of We the People wanting to know the circumstances of his death. The Law will not back down and the Law will not apologize. The People have the right to know, the right to investigate and the right to call foul when their rights to know and investigate are abridged and they suspect foul play.

  43. ed says:

    Can someone post a link to, or the photos of all the occult symbology at the ranch where Scalia died. I think it’s important relative to the Daily News story that’s just broke about this being a meeting of a secret society.

  44. sos says:

    Hey and hi!

    Why isn’t anybody talking about pedophily here?

    Just google the name of the ranch (Cibolo Creek Ranch), where Sacalia spent his last night and have a look at its owner (John Poindexter) an think and have a look at this luxirious hideaway … Private airport, only the super rich go there…

    and than google the name of the ranch and add pedophile …

    Just desinformation?
    I don’t think so!

    [Scalia] Worst person in the world found dead in Texas “RENT BOY RANCH” playground for Mick Jagger and Charlie Sheen”

    So others seem to be grasping the point that this ranch is WAY MORE than it seems. In fact, it is a pedophile hunting ground in every sense of the world, and I wonder how many times convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffery Epstein has frequented the joint.

    So what can be said about the resort that Anton Scalia was murdered in? First, let’s consider the facts of what it is and who owns it.

    CIBOLO CREEK (‘RENT BOY’) RANCH is a 30,000-acre VIP resort located in west Texas, 100 miles from the Mexican border, in the Chinati Mountains. Guests arrive by private jet at the Ranch’s own private airport.[!!!] Rooms cost $500+ per night.

    Guests of the ranch typically include Hollywood figures, politicians and businessmen But only the rich.

    Previous guests have included Mick Jagger,Tommy Lee Jones, Randy Quaid, Dick Cheney, and Charlie Sheen – all who have been accused by others as being pedophiles.

    The owner of Cibolo Creek ‘Rent Boy’ Ranch is John Poindexter. He obtained the property in 1988. A 3rd-generation Texan, Poindexter runs a Houston-based manufacturing company, J.B. Poindexter & Co. Poindexter is a leader in the ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS.

    Thus the Cibolo Creek ‘Rent Boy’ Ranch is often frequented by this international 17th-century hunting society ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS. This all-male Order was founded in 1695 by Austrian Count Anton von Spork, although it just recently allowed women to join their elite hunts.

    In 2010, 53 members of ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS gathered at Cibolo Creek (Rent Boy) Ranch to hunt. Guests included minor royalty.
    The USA branch of the ORDER OF SAINT HUBERTUS (aka the ‘American Knights’) held its first ever meeting at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco:

    Scalia protected an international pedophile ring… He was ordererd to the white house and got an FBI file… –>>

    He was a – as far as i understand this – a pedophile himself and now he was killed, because he became dangerous to his dear ‘friends’… from the CIBOLO CREEK ‘RENT BOY’ RANCH …

    • Dawn says:

      The ranch and Order of St. Hubertus may very well be some sort of child sex hunting ring. There may be all sorts of illegal activity there for all we know. But on this occasion it seems the person hunted and killed was Scalia. That does not implicate Scalia in the ranch or Order’s activities. It makes him the victim.

      Scalia traveled to the ranch with Foster, a Washington Attorney who represented the Hispanic Republicans of Florida in a S.Ct. case. Foster is a leader in the Order. We have no idea what Scalia knew about the ranch or secret hunting club. The website for the ranch makes it look like a very nice place but for the fact that sometimes S.Ct Justices get murdered there and there is a weird elitist male hunting club that hangs out there because the owner Poindexter is also a leader of the Order.

      It looks like Foster lured Scalia there and Scalia was killed.

      If there was an FBI file that Obama knew about, it is corrupt for Obama, the AG and the FBI to not investigate and prosecute criminal activity. If there is something going on that is illegal at the ranch, they are supposed to investigate and prosecute. So are you saying Obama, AG Lynch and the FBI are in on the supposed child sex hunting ring also?

      How is Scalia dangerous to the supposed child sex hunting ring if Obama, the AG and FBI already know about it? They are alerting Scalia to the fact that they know about it without arresting everyone involved, because they are part of it? They are covering for it because Poindexter is an Obama donor? Obama decided to give the leader of a supposed child sex hunting ring a medal knowing about the ring and they are not arresting the ring leader Poindexter? This hypothesis that Scalia, Obama, AG Lynch, the FBI, Poindexter and Foster are all in on a child sex hunting ring is rather far fetched and does not explain why it is Scalia that gets killed.

      Is not it far more likely that Obama, AG Lynch, the FBI under Lynch, Poindexter, the Sheriff, and the Judge Guevara – who are all Democrats – wanted Scalia dead to advance the liberal agenda by changing the balance on the Court; and they enlisted the help of Foster to lure Scalia to the ranch. Foster is a Republican who Scalia thought was his friend but who also had a
      liberal pro immigration agenda evidenced by his representation of the Hispanic Republicans of Florida. Under this theory, there may or may not have been other illegal activity at the ranch which Obama, AG Lynch, the FBI, and the Sheriff may or may not have known about. If they used Poindexter to arrange the murder, they probably knew the ranch and Order were involved in some type of illegal activity. But none of this indicates that Scalia knew or was involved in illegal activity.

      What we know is that Obama and Poindexter are connected in that Poindexter is a donor to the Dem party and Obama, and Obama gave a medal to Poindexter for activities 40 yrs ago. There are photos of Obama and Poindexter at the award ceremony.

    • medsafe10 says:

      You are one sick person that man was never a pedophile you are the pedophile you lying sack of shit try to disgrace a good human being […]

  45. Steve says:

    Texas….no autopsy……greater impacy tnan just his potential rulings…..add his deciscion in Gore vs Bush……with a nuetralized….yes nuetralized Supreme court…..on ….another…contentiuos election year….the mskings for a ……year beyond the political n civil riots…..that followed Kennedy’z assassinstion…..people have no clue….what is coming…..Martial Law….to control tje massrs…cancelled elections…..prime opportunity’z….for those seeking …the right time…n circumstances….for conspiracy theorists….yes…2016/2017……

  46. medsafe10 says:

    This was planned over a year or two ago for Hillary Clinton to take Obama’s place as president with the dead justice Scalia they would put a liberal justice in his place trying to steer the country into a disaster

  47. Dawn says:

    The wikileaks emails show Clinton’s aid Podesta made reference to a slang word for assassination a few days before Scalia’s death.

  48. …abortion coverage under the Affordable Care Act. And with a Supreme Court opening after the suspicious death of Judge Antonin Scalia last year, as early as next week Trump will appoint an antiabortion…


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