The psychiatric matrix creates the politically correct victim

The psychiatric matrix creates the politically correct victim

by Jon Rappoport

December 4, 2015

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“Individual [Harvard law] students often ask teachers not to include the law of rape on exams for fear that the material would cause them to perform less well. One teacher I know was recently asked by a student not to use the word “violate” in class—as in “Does this conduct violate the law?”—because the word was triggering. Some students have even suggested that rape law should not be taught because of its potential to cause distress.” (Jeannie Suk, The New Yorker, 12/15/14)

“When you have medical services at colleges all over the country making psychiatric diagnoses and dispensing drugs, day in and day out, what do you suppose is going to happen to those students? They’re going to wear their mental-disorder labels like badges, and they’re going to think of themselves as vulnerable, and they’re going to look for new ways to prove how vulnerable they are. They’re going to say that hearing certain words can cause them to go into a tailspin…” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The current official list of mental disorders hovers at 300. That’s 300—separately defined, treatable, and covered by insurance plans.

On a cultural level, this means the population is being tuned to the idea that they are vulnerable and at high risk. The right trigger at the right moment, a slight change in brain-chemical balance, and there it is: a disorder, with a title, a professional diagnosis, and the need for treatment.

This cultural programming—no surprise—has been a major factor in influencing people to believe they are victims. The obsessive focus on politically correct words that could offend and traumatize is, in reality, an extension of the psychiatric matrix.

A cascade of propaganda has been unleashed around the notion that people are helpless; they can’t rise above “triggering”; they must be attended to and given special consideration, even if their needs interfere with the interests of those who aren’t affected by “insensitive language.”

Hordes of little worker ants are busy digging out new words and expressions that could conceivably disturb the equilibrium of cherished victims. Soon, no doubt, we will learn that “a,” “an,” and “the” carry little violent packages of emotional electricity.

So let’s take a brief tour of the root: psychiatry, in all its glory.

In 2012, the Psychiatric Times reported that the latest edition of the bible of mental disorders, the DSM-V, would make grief a mental disorder.

Specifically, a parent who deeply mourns the loss of a child for more than two weeks would rate a diagnosis of clinical depression (and of course, drugging with one of the toxic SSRI antidepressants.)

This absurdity was even too much for some psychiatrists, and they rebelled. But the “experts” who were assembling the DSM-V didn’t care.

Well, of course not; there is a lot of money to be made by prescribing more drugs, in this case, to grieving parents.

The Psychiatric Times‘ editorial attacking this lunatic classification of grief-as-disease was written by none other than Dr. Allen Frances.

My readers will remember my article about the good doctor. He is the man who was in charge of assembling the previous DSM-IV. His team expanded the definitions of ADHD and Bipolar, so that many more people would be dosed with toxic and destructive drugs like Valproate, Lithium, and Ritalin.

Yet Dr. Frances, in a December 2010 Wired interview (“Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness”), stated:

“There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bullshit. I mean, you just can’t define it.”

He actually said it.

What lies below this psychiatric lunacy is an entire industrial complex. It’s dedicated to brainwashing the public into accepting the notion of discrete and real mental disorders.

Yes, people have problems, they become frustrated and confused, they suffer, but the act of carving up behavior and thought into diseases is a way of a) expanding business and b) extending the overall matrix.

More and more, as a result of relentless PR, the public believes there are a whole host of mental disorders that not only intrude on their lives but require pharmaceutical treatment.

The public believes they are victimized by these diseases and can alleviate them only through drugs.

The public believes it is “humane” to accept the existence of these diseases, and we must all join together to “remove the stigma of diagnosis.”

The public believes they are at the mercy of arbitrary shifts of brain chemistry that bring on these diseases.

The public believes, therefore, that life itself is limited by the potential onset of “psychiatric illness.”

The public believes we’re all, to one degree or another, disabled.

The public believes what they’re told to believe. Therefore, the fictitious existence of discrete mental disorders becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Matrix op called psychiatry provides a focal point, around which are woven many strands of propaganda. The overall objective? A future world that resembles, to a remarkable degree, a Universal Hospital, in which the population, granted “free” care, lives through dozens of diagnoses of diseases and disorders, with (toxic) treatments—from cradle to grave. The eternal patient.

Psychiatry seeks to gain control and domination over the entire area of human behavior, through classification by labels and bogus claims of diagnosis.

Here is the kicker: There are no definitive chemical or biological tests for any so-called mental disorder.

This fact is stunning to people. They automatically assume psychiatry is a science. It isn’t. It’s a shell game.

I refer now to the PBS FRONTLINE presentation, “Does ADHD Exist?” A quite revealing exchange occurs between the interviewer and Dr. Russell Barkley, professor of psychiatry and neurology at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

INTERVIEWER: Skeptics say that there’s no biological marker—that it [ADHD] is the one condition out there where there is no blood test, and that no one knows what causes it.

BARKLEY: That’s tremendously naïve, and it shows a great deal of illiteracy about science and about the mental health professions. A disorder doesn’t have to have a blood test to be valid. If that were the case, all mental disorders would be invalid…There is no lab test for any mental disorder right now in our science. That doesn’t make them invalid.

Yes, that does make them invalid. All of them.

Of course, if you want to make science into guesswork and empty promises and speculation and tea-leaf reading, have at it. Privately, and preferably on a desert island.

Go to a library and pick up the DSM-V. Search through it for one defining laboratory test for any mental disorder. See for yourself. There isn’t any such test.

Yet, on this unscientific basis, psychiatry and its allies have managed to transform society. They’ve staged an extraordinarily successful revolution over the past 50 years.

And now, on several branches of that tree, we are seeing the poisonous fruition of a cultural correctness that seeks to encircle freedom.

It will lose. It has already begun to lose. This political-correctness extension of psychiatric gibberish is sowing the seeds of its own destruction because it has gone too far. It has taken its “lessons” too seriously and made a circus, a parade of buffoonery out of its mission.

People with eyes to see will also notice that carving up real human suffering into 300 fictitious mental disorders is far more preposterous.

Language is an important tool of political control, particularly in the form of labels. Five decades of assigning labels to people’s brains and minds have an effect. Feedback loops are created. People invent “information” that confirms the label that is given to them.

Now we are talking about real triggers. The names of mental disorders are a form of hypnosis, in which the patient supplies most of the trance. He defines himself as he is “supposed to.”

Combatting the psychiatric dumb-show will be a lot harder than sweeping away the political-correctness language police. Psychiatry has the official imprimatur of governments, courts, school systems, university departments, and even the military.

Big Pharma sits behind it all, financing the institution of psychiatry and selling the drugs.

power outside the matrix

However, the individual can liberate himself from the whole nexus through insight. He can discover the truth about this pseudoscience. In separating himself from it, he gains separation from one of the most formidable networks that spans a society increasingly built on mind control.

Coda: In the last five years, psychiatric care has become one of the go-to fairy tales, whenever a mass shooting (not linked to terrorism) takes place. “If only the disturbed man had been spotted earlier and treated…” Indeed, Obama, who knows as much about “mental-health” as a deer knows about piloting a space ship, issued an order, after Sandy Hook, to create psychiatric community clinics all across America. This solution will actually increase the murder rate, because it just so happens that the most popular class of antidepressants (e,g., Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft) can and does push patients over the edge into violence, including suicide and homicide. Psychiatry is a Johnny-apple-seed operation for otherwise inexplicable and random killings.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

9 comments on “The psychiatric matrix creates the politically correct victim

  1. Great Article. Thanks for revealing the truth about the pseudo-science called psychiatry. And thanks for the “There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bullshit. I mean, you just can’t define it.” quote. I was so surprised I went to find the article and verify it. Here is a link to it;

    And the quote is in the first paragraph.

  2. From Québec says:

    I hope that one day these lunatic psychiatrists, with their false science, will be brought to criminal courts.

    Meanwhile, we are winning on another false science:

    In the Hague, Netherlands, International Criminal Court


    “The time is long overdue for a global citizens’ tribunal to put Monsanto on trial for crimes against humanity and the environment. . . Corporate agribusiness, industrial forestry, the garbage and sewage industry and agricultural biotechnology have literally killed the climate-stabilizing, carbon-sink capacity of the Earth’s living soil.”
    – Ronnie Cummins, international director of the OCA (US) and Via Organica (Mexico), and member of the RI Steering Committee,

    The proceedings will take place on World Food Day,October 16, 2016.

  3. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:

  4. Oh boy, where do I start, Jon?

    Great post and I don’t think you are saying there is no merit to psychiatry or certain individuals do not have psychiatric issues, but the standards/vision used to define psychiatric practices/goals are an anathema; if I understand you correctly.

    In the same way, the three boogers “rape”, “Violate” and “abuse” summarise political corruption as, many (if not all) cases promoting allegations of this nature are partially or wholly based on fantasy. One on my earlier Ozzie Thinker posts touches on this in regards to the branding manipulation of “bravery”

    My next ISIS post will talk of my present obsession with etymology and how words (like violation) have been changed to create opposite meanings (years ago an old girlfriend used to ask me if I would like to “violate her” – demeaning the sexual bonding process) so thank you for stirring up my creative passion.


  5. orlandosorbonegmailcom says:

    Guardian (UK) dd Dec 4th, featured an article that I know will interest you; it being right up your alley.

    A woman, known as C, won the right to refuse medical treatment and thereby overruling the doctors’ attempts to overrule her desire to die.

    The account is very compelling because it involved the psychiatrists attempt to attach a histrionic narcissistic disorder to her mental state.

    Please read it. Aside from the tragedy of the occasion, perhaps you will find it useful.

    All the best,
    Roland […]

  6. jacobite2015 says:

    Interesting post, but somewhat confusing: If I understand this correctly, a mental disorder/condition ~cannot~ be diagnosed without a definite chemical or biological test ? (which there aren’t any). My thought on this is what about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Autism? On PTSD, veterans are committing suicide at a rate of 22 a day and many are less likely to seek help from a mental health professional. Certainly, many are self-medicating and abusing alcohol as opposed to seeking professional help. However, the underlying problem is primarily stress & depression from their experiences:

    On Autism, the only way to obtain a clinical diagnosis is through an Autism-specific behavior pattern assessment. No chemical or biological test is available/utilized to make a diagnosis. Many then need mental health services and unfortunately, some are put on Risperal and other antipsychotic drugs.

    No question that Big Pharma’s financial interest is to get as many people diagnosed with mental disorders as possible so as to have antidepressants/antipsychotics prescribed as part of the treatment. And since 70% of the safety studies of this class of drugs are industry-funded (Ann Intern Med/2013), who can trust them to be safe and effective anyway. Undoubtedly, exercise, meditation and proper nutritional can help with symptoms of stress and depression, but it can have it’s limitations in severe cases. And we all know chronic stress releases cortisol in the bloodstream which can cause a whole host of physical problems most notiibly cardiovascular disease.

  7. jacobite2015 says:

    I also did research on Dr. Allen Frances and found some disturbing information in reference to a 2010 article by him in Psychology Today titled, “Will DSM5 contain or worsen the epidemic of Autism” (“Can the epidemic of Autism be contained?”). In the article, Dr . Frances states that Autism is over diagnosed and is a “fad,” hence the dramatic increase in cases. He further states that “it’s a FOOLISH theory that Autism is caused by vaccination.”

    Dr. Frances reiterates that position in another article on the Autism subject around 2013, but I don’t find anything more recently. Are you aware of any more recent information on Dr. Frances’ postion on the subject? I wonder if he still maintains his postion that there is no vaccine-Austim link? I know Age of Autism wasn’t too thrilled with him based on one of their posts back in 2011.

    If Dr. Frances hasn’t changed his views then he certainly isn’t going to be of any help with the many parents of Autistic children let alone the anti-vax/pro-choice movement. He seems he would fit right into the hands of hyper-vax/anti-choice tyrants that have been our adversaries for so long…not good.

  8. coffeegrounded says:

    Jon, I can only hope that you are never in need of clinical psychiatry. I will grant you that many people are misdiagnosed, but there are also a great number of us that suffer tremendous havoc brought on by events that were, and are, beyond our control.

    Your article does a great disservice to many who are born with genetic material missing, or overloaded. You invalidate the soldier that returns from war terrorized by witnessed atrocities, and, personally, I know first-hand about Post-Partum Psychosis.

    Big Pharma has created and enticed many. Greed and avarice will always exist. Sadly, so will those of us that have been flawed by nature. “Snapping out of it!” Isn’t an option, believing that it is can be dangerous, especially to those of us that are the stigmatized freaks of a show that you seem to know nothing about. Reading and researching is one thing, but living the hell of hells and trying to navigate against the storm of ignorance is another.

    Sincerely, I do hope you never need help, but should something occur within your life that causes you to reflect differently upon the words you have written here, I will befriend you and stop at nothing to get you help.


  9. Bill says:

    “He can discover the truth about this pseudo-science.” The best way to start is by reading the almost 40 books by Dr. Thomas Szasz. Read his books instead of reading what other people wrote about him. They steal his work and act like they invented (or corrected) it. I implore you to read it yourself and make up your own mind. There are a few of his quotes in this article (some verbatim). Try drinking from the original source. The water is far more pure and rejuvenating.

    Much respect to Jon for being one of the only people willing to even allude to these topics.

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