Breaking: mass shooting, San Bernardino, plus “training exercise”

Breaking: mass shooting, San Bernardino, plus “training exercise”

by Jon Rappoport

December 2, 2015

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(Note: The 2nd Update to this article is posted here.)

KTLA reports (“More Than 14 Killed, 14-Plus Wounded After Up to 3 Shooters Open Fire: San Bernardino Police Chief”, Posted 11:19 AM [PST], December 2, 2015, by Tracy Bloom and Melissa Pamer) —here’s a key quote:

“The call first came in at 10:59 a.m. of multiple shots fired from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave., San Bernardino Police Department Lt. Richard Lawhead said. The department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, ‘ready to roll’ and responded rapidly, Lawhead said.”

Note: KTLA report updated at 03:29pm [PST], December 2, 2015:

“The call first came in at 10:59 a.m. of multiple shots fired from the area of 1365 S. Waterman Ave. The Police Department’s SWAT team was training nearby and was suited, ‘ready to roll’ and responded rapidly, Lt. Richard Lawhead said.”

—Yet another mass shooting where, by chance, a training exercise was going on during or prior to the event.

San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles. Reports state several shooters in a cluster of three office buildings that employ 600 people, 20 victims down, and shooters apparently at large.

Here is a recent article I wrote about mass shootings paralleling training exercises:

Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings What are the odds?

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Jon Rappoport

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12 comments on “Breaking: mass shooting, San Bernardino, plus “training exercise”

  1. Daniel Noel says:

    So this time they announced the exercise at the same time as the shooting? This takes the suspense away!

    One may wonder whether we are already in Orwell’s 1984, where random killings and destruction take place all the time and clever people suspect that they are the work of the rulers. Oh well…


  2. The medical establishment killed 616 people today all over America.
    The tobacco companies killed 1315 people all over America.
    Nine elderly American citizens died of starvation today.

    I find it interesting that Hillary just happened to be giving a speech, and talking about guns and mass shooting today….

    “This is truly unbelievable, that after what we’ve seen in Paris and other places, Republicans will not bring up a bill that will prohibit anyone on the no-fly list from buying a gun in America,” she said. “If you are too dangerous to fly in America, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in America.” -Hillary Clinton

    What are we being diverted from?

  3. R Andrew Ohge aka Dr Rex Dexter says:

    Fortunately, a growing number of us are simply waiting to see what the spin will be on this. The Obama Administration, Turkey, Israel, the ‘Kingdom’ and their little bastard ISIS have been pretty thoroughly outed in a Oil conspiracy of Global proportions.


    • zerowolfe says:

      yesterday a gas tanker burned 8000 gallons of fuel and people ran out of fuel in the traffic jam that followed….more cars..less infrastructure..more oil consumption to get no where but deeper in debt and misery…oh to be an oil baron!

  4. mook says:

    Some of the script from the X-Files episode, “The Blessing Way” seems apropos here:

    ALBERT HOSTEEN: There is an ancient Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it. My people have come to trust memory over history. Memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable while history serves only those who seek to control it, those who douse the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth. Beware these men for they are dangerous themselves and unwise. Their false history is written in the blood of those who might remember and of those who seek the truth.


    SCULLY: Who are you?
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: I’m a member of a kind of consortium. We represent certain global interests.
    SCULLY: What kind of interests?
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: Interests that would be extremely threatened by the digital tape that you are no longer in possession of.
    SCULLY: Threatened enough to murder?
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: Oh, my, yes.
    SCULLY: What are you here for?
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: To tell you your life is in danger too.
    SCULLY: Leave me alone.
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: They’ll kill you one of two ways. They’ll send someone, possibly two men. They’ll kill you in your home or in the garage with an unregistered weapon which will be left at the scene. Using false documents supplied by associates of mine, they’ll be out of the country in less than two hours.
    SCULLY: You said there were two ways.
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: Yes. He or she will be someone close to you. Someone you trust. They’ll arrange a meeting or come to your house unexpectedly. Do you have someplace else you might stay?
    SCULLY: Why, why kill me?
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: You want something they don’t. Justice. And because they are now quite certain you don’t have the computer copy of the files they’re looking for.
    SCULLY: Why are you protecting me?
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: I feel my colleagues are acting… impulsively and your death will draw unnecessary attention to our group.
    SCULLY: You’re not protecting me, you’re protecting yourself.
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: Why should that surprise you? Motives are rarely unselfish.
    SCULLY: What kind of business are you in?
    WELL-MANICURED MAN: We predict the future and the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

  5. t h says:

    Here we go…take a look at this:
    “Training drill” occuring around today’s date. As shown here:

    Please notice the highlighted section of the calendar for this month. Located to the right of the webpage.

    And this:

    Would that be “Academy” or “Emmy” for best live drama? Or would this be considered reality genre? More like surrealism.

  6. SingularTub says:

    we will see one in Washington State within three months, the state is very active doing highly realistic mass shooting drills. they are just waiting for the rights candidates.

  7. From Québec says:

    And, meanwhile, Alex Jones had Donald Trump on the show today.

    Alex Jones & Donald Trump Bombshell Full Interview

    Maybe they wanted to divert the attention on Trump. So they tought a massive shooting would do it.

    • zryab says:

      It is interesting that half way through the interview, Alex asked Trump twice if he would pledge not to abandon the race so Hillary could win but refused to do so. In the second request, Alex was more spesfic: he told Trump, “You are accused of being Hillary’s Operative.”! Still Trump avoided to address Alex request!

  8. V.E.G. says:

    Damian Meins was the grandson of director of “Our Gang,” Gus Meins. Gus took his own life over the sexual abuse among children.

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