Canada and the great flu hoax

Canada and the great flu hoax

by Jon Rappoport

October 21, 2015

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Under the radar: a November 25, 2012, CBC News article by Kelly Crowe, “Flu deaths reality check.”

Crowe highlights the often-parroted, official Canadian estimate of between 2000 and 8000 yearly deaths from flu.

Then she gets down to business.

At the time of the CBC News article (11/25/2012), the FluWatch/Public Health Agency of Canada figures for 2012 flu deaths in Canada? How many deaths?


One death.

I just checked FluWatch for flu deaths so far in 2015. None. Zero.

Crowe, in her stunning article, goes on to detail how various computer models can be used (massaged) to “count” wildly different numbers of flu deaths.

Of course, Canadian health officials keep on telling people how important the flu shot is.

Next, we come to the matter of how many flu cases occur every year. The answer? Unknown. Doctors slap on a flu diagnosis at the drop of a hat, without running lab tests.

Crowe mentions other germs that are linked to flu symptoms: the RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), the coronavirus, the adenovirus, Streptococcus pneumonia, etc. But guess what? Public health officials and doctors rarely mention this fact—instead, they keep saying, “Take the flu vaccine.”

Even if you believe the flu vaccine is safe and effective, the shot would do nothing to prevent illness from all these other germs.

Bottom line: the whole flu business in Canada is a hoax.

In past articles, I’ve demonstrated how the same hoax is being played out in the US. You can bet the farm that this is the case all over the world, wherever “modern medicine” is practiced.

Here are a few quotes from Crowe’s article:

“How reliable are the computer model estimates [of the flu]? ‘I don’t think they’re reliable at all,’ Dr. Tom Jefferson told me. He is a Rome-based researcher with the Cochrane Collaboration, and he spends his days reviewing all the research on acute respiratory infections and vaccines. He said hard data on flu deaths ‘are difficult to get hold of for obvious reasons. So enter modelling, which is nothing more than guesswork, highly sensitive to the assumptions you feed into the model. “Give me a model and I will make it say whatever you want” a colleague of mine always repeats.'”

“Another model assumes that every extra death that happens in the winter is a flu death. At the risk of oversimplifying, this is the basic formula of that model: winter deaths (minus) summer deaths = death by flu virus.

“That includes winter deaths from slippery sidewalks, snowy roads, freezing temperatures, plus all the winter heart failure, lung failure and deaths from cancer. In the language of the computer model, all excess mortality in winter is considered ‘death by flu.’”

Getting the picture?

the matrix revealed

The major challenge facing Canadian doctors, public health officials, and vaccine manufacturers is: how do they make astonishing lies sound like science?

They’re up to the challenge. They’ve had a lot of practice. The question is, are you ready, willing, and able to reject them?

A hoax keeps selling as long as people keep buying.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

17 comments on “Canada and the great flu hoax

  1. swo8 says:

    There is a lot of resistence to getting the flu shot. Our provincial government is in bed with BIG PHARMA.

  2. davidcrowe says:

    I’m proud to share a last name with Kelly (actually no relationship). It’s nice to see the CBC questioning something remotely connected with vaccination because usually they drink the koolaid like everyone else.

  3. jacobite2015 says:

    Doctors not only “slap a flu diagnosis at a drop of a hat,” but they continually use oppressive & insulting tactics in scaring people into submitting to the flu vax (e.g., “your an irresponsible and stupid person if you don’t take the flu shot”).

    IMO, this is where I think doctors get a free pass as we conclude that they’re mind-controlled and don’t know any better. They know better. They know the flu stats are skewed and that the flu vax is not very effective. They also know that a healthy diet void of GMOs, pesticides, growth hormones, etc., regular exercise & vitamin D3 is the best way to maintain a healthy immune system capable of fighting off viruses & bacteria.

    IMO, these doctors enjoy the power they have and are nothing more than egotistical human beings. Because they’ve graduated from the sacred temples of medical school, they think they’re smarter than everyone else and that we should worship them as Gods. Maybe they like the power trip they get pushing a worthless flu vax on us. Maybe some get financially compensated for the number of flu shots they push on people.

    Nonetheless, I’m sick & tired of the doctors telling me that I’m a stupid person for not staying current on adult immunizations and refusing the flu shot. I’m also sick & tired of doctors accusing me of being an irresponsible parent for undervaccinating my children ????.

    It seems that most doctors these days feel that if you don’t have a medical background, your incapable of making your own medical decisions, especially those involving your children.

    So…as the so-called “flu season” approaches us, we’ll able to sit back and watch those imperious, egotistical and fearmongering doctors tell us how stupid we are if we forego the flu shot. After all, they’re the superior intellects who want us to worship them ????.

    • @ Jacobite

      People in glass houses…

      “Jacobite ideology comprised four main tenets: The divine right of kings, the “accountability of Kings to God alone”, inalienable hereditary right, and the “unequivocal scriptural injunction of non-resistance and passive obedience”,
      though these positions were not unique to the Jacobites. 

      • jacobite2015 says:


        Yeah…I saw where you obtained that info on Wikipedia, but I’m not sure what’s your point?????. FWIW, when I first came to this site months ago “Jacobite” was the only user name the system would accept after trying numerous others that I liked better. Not that it should matter, but when I was heavy into genealogical research several years ago, I found an ancestral line that led to one of the prominent Highland clans in southwestern Scotland/northern Ireland (Macdonell of Antrim). That led to some interesting research of the whole Highland clan and Jacobite movement of 18th century Scotland. I have NO idea nor do I really care if any of my ancestors would have been part of that Jacobite movement or not. It’s complicated history with the individual clans of that time period, and I certainly didn’t anticipate that a simple user name would draw any criticism ????.

        This is why I like sites that don’t have a login requirement and you can just “pop in ” and post anonymously. That way no one can criticize your user name…if that should make any difference anyway.

        Therefore, I’m not going to post here anymore. I enjoy reading Jon’s posts, especially the ones on vaccines and the medical system. But no one wants to put up with their user name being criticized particularly when it has absolutely nothing to do with the post ????. I’m was simply venting with my experiences with doctors on this vaccine issue. This is the problem with the entire vaccine paridigm. It should be about choice. A benefit vs. risk assessment for everyone to decide for themselves. Whether there’s conspiracies involved or not for population reduction and all that, I really don’t know. But there is plenty of science showing the dangers of the adjuncts in vaccines. There’s also plenty of science for the benefit of nutritional measures, vitamin D supplementation and exercise in maintaining a healthy immune system. IMO, most doctors are simply ignoring this science and instead are just focusing on the limited benefit of vaccines as well as the fearmongering of VPD. One great site that I think is worth mentioning is Vaccine Papers:

        They really get into the science of the risks of vaccines as well as the science of the benefits of Vitamin D for the immune system. IMO, this is really important for people to research so they can make an informed decision for the benefit of themselves and that of their families. This is why it should be an informed and pro-choice decision free from scrunity, criticism & harassment from the medical community. I personally feel that the risks outweigh the benefits for me and my children. But I get no respect from my doctor nor from my children’s pediatricians. I also have a severely vax-damaged family member (Hep-B), and get no understanding or sympathy from her doctors either (just the “oh well…that’s a rare occurrence”). Doctors being the problem here? You bet!

        I’m also criticized here for using an “insignificant” user name. Bad day on both fronts. I’m done posting! ????.

        • From Québec says:

          @ Jacobite

          Don’t give up so easily. I’ve enjoyed your post. I found it very interesting and would like to read more from you.

          I’m also sometime criticized. So what? Who cares? I certainley don’t give a damn. In fact, most of the time I find it very funny. No one will shut me up, unless I get ban from a site.

          • jacobite2015 says:

            @From Quebec


            I don’t know about that…you seem very well respected on this blog. Like I mentioned before, I find Jon’s research & analysis on vaccines and medical drugs fascinating. I’ve learned a great deal from the information. But who wants to get into conflict with superior intellects that make you feel inferior? ????. I get enough of that from the MDs that I have to deal with. I should just read Jon’s posts and refrain from posting.

            All the best…

        • Arn’t you being a little sensitive Jacob…I hope I can call you Jacob, since the ice is broken; we have never met, you don’t know if am male or female; old or young.
          You don’t know if I am a human at all, maybe I am smart algorithms, bouncing around the internet looking for ‘Jacobites’ to throw rocks at.

          But that doesn’t matter…your sick and freaking tired and you’re not taking it anymore…your leavin…”Bastards criticizing my handle…fuckers..I’m leavin…for good this time, and I’m not comin back either…so don’t say your sorry…it’s over. The End.”

          Your not concerned with the fact that this is a fake name signed to your post…I mean really it’s just a gosh darn handle isn’t it…or is it?
          It doesn’t mean anything…does it?

          It’s the only one I could use, the only one the system would accept; its ancient history…it doesnt mean anything.

          I don’t have to stand for what I say, I don’t have to put my name to it…do I? I can say whatever I want…anonomously.

          For that matter Jon Rappoport is probably a stage name for Herman Pigsigh a little jewish guy who runs a deli in Philly and bangs out his copy out on the internet during his lunch break, under the pretense, Jon Rappoport…wooh…
          sounds so official, doesn’t it.

          These other guys in here as well, like davidcrowe, that’s fake..right? And speaking of crows… that cuebec person…thats obviously a freaking handle. Probably some little neo-conservative Japanese girl with a smartphone…and; what da hell is a swo8? Sounds like a skaters move.

          I’m Irish..Jacob. And if you knew about the atrocities the Catholic Jacobites did during their time, in their move to put a Catholic king on the throne of England, you wouldn’t use it as a handle. A Jacobite is not a proud thing to be…they were inquisitors, who wished to shut-down free speech totally and anything outside of the Roman Catholic Church dogma.
          That story is another longer and most brutal tale.
          I wondered possibly if you knew what a Jacobite was?

          What’s wrong with your own good name, are you afraid of putting your name to your opinions, are you afraid someone will be watching and reading those opinions and come and get you in the night.
          Would someone say, “Hey I know that guy, he lives across the street…an he thinks vaccination is wrong…he thinks doctors are hubris and careless, we’ll see about that.”

          Are they well thought out; your thoughts, are they your thoughts, are they individual.

          I find hiding behind an internet handle enables people to lie, or be rude and avoid being themselves, and say things they might not normally say.
          Hiding behind an internet handle dis-empowers and invalidates the individual.

          Interesting though, how it opened a conversation between you and me, n’est-ce pas.
          That’s a good thing.


          • From Québec says:

            Hey Michael!. It’s not your username that identifies and tracks you down, it’s your IP address.

          • It’s not that Q, it is that we deny ourselves behind these false names. These internet names.

          • jacobite2015 says:


            I wasn’t going to respond to your post, but there are a few things that warrant rebuttal. Sure, I’m a little sensitive…I agree. However, I think your being condescending and antagonistic. Your definitely someone with a very high intellect and a grandiose way of using words. That being said, I’m definitely not in your league and I’m sure you’ll enjoy further demeaning me as a display of your superior intellect (after all, I’m just a simple minded bloke who types his messages on a smartphone ????).

            Yes, I do prefer to be anonymous when in cyber world. Why not? You sound like you want control….just like many sites seem to what these days. I believe in anonymous postings and don’t get too concerned when other people do so. For example, on the VaccinePapers site, that person (s) posts anonymously. I share his/her view with their following statement: “Because it doesn’t really matter, unless you are in the habit of judging ideas by where they come, instead of what they are.” They also do it to avoid “ad homimen” attacks (good stuff…I like these guys ????).

            Interestingly, VP recently went on a thread on a vax debate on Science Based Medicine (over 1400 comments!!!). He/she did remarkable well against the onslaught of vicious and inflammatory attacks from the pro-vax intellects. One common theme, though, from the pro-vax tyrants was their continual antagonizing of VP’s “anonymous” platform. The same ole montra: “why don’t you tell us who you are. What are you afraid of. How can we believe anybody who won’t give us their name,” and blah..blah…blah. Sound familiar? Control freaks?

            In addition, you say: “I wondered possibly if you knew what a Jacobite was?” Yes I do for the particular time period that I conducted my historical research years ago. This would be the Highland Clan movement, late 17/early 18th century Scotland, where some, but not all, of the clans declared for the Catholic House of Stuart. They felt that this gave them the best chance at preserving their Highland (Celtic) culture against the Protestant House of Hanover. Btw, there were a higher percentage of Jacobite Clans that were NOT Catholic, but were Episcopalian (e.g., Clans Cameron, MacLean, MacIntosh, etc.). It didn’t matter though, as the Jacobite forces were ahnialted by the Hanover British forces at the infamous Battle of Culloden, 1746. As a consequence, the Act of Proscription was signed and the clans were forced to give up their Highland culture; dress, bagpipes, Gaelic language, etc. Many atrocities were comitted on the clans by House of Hanover and the British Government. It’s all in the history books – Jacobite Highland clans fought bravely for their beliefs ????.

            Now, with this nonsense of my username out of the way (hopefully) you initially responded to my tirade about medical doctors. Again, my experiences with MDs has been less than ideal, particularly when you have kids and have to deal with pediatricians. Of course, not all doctors are pompous and arrogant (I hope) and many trauma surgeons are doing a worthwhile job by saving thousands of lives everyday. So…what’s your opinion? Do you have a doctor? Do you have children and have to deal with pediatricians for things such as sport’s physicals? Do you think many of the MDs act like Gods these days with their position on vaccines? (you should hear those pediatricians posting on SBM! ????). Are the doctors mind-controlled, truly believing that vaccines are very safe & effective, or do they know the dangers and just don’t say anything?…Just asking.

            Now I know I’ve probably wasted the better part of an hour cranking out this message only to anticipate your response by hammering me in your grandiose manner. But with all due respect, people like you discourage posters like me from wanting to participate in the comments of Jon’s great posts. It’s a shame…but that’s cyber world for ya.

            Just Say’in ????.

  4. From Québec says:

    My previous neighbors were a couple in their late seventies. Both had several diseases, Between the two of them, they had: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, emphysema and macular degeneracy.

    Since the man could not drive anymore, because of his eyes, and that his wife never drove a car, I was taking them twice a week to do their groceries and other chores. Although I moved this year, I still do it, since I live about 10 minutes away from their home now.

    Yesterday, the woman phoned me and ask me if I could take them to the clinic to get their Flu shots.

    I said: I’ve told you a million times that Flu shots are no good and harmful, why do you still want to get them?

    She replied: Well, it works for us.

    I said: How can you say that? I’ve noticed that for the last 5 winters as your neighbor, that you both had the Flu.

    She said: Well, yes, but it was a mild Flu. Imagine if we wouldn’t have taken the vaccine, we probably wouldn’t be here today.

    Good Grief! What can you say to these people? Anyway, I told her that if this is really what you want, I’ll drive you to the clinic Friday..

    It’s only Thursday and I already feel guilty for giving in.

  5. henry says:

    Winter in Canada is cold. Because of this, the skin of the Canadians get much less exposure to the sun in winter than in the summer. This means they create much less vitamin D3 in winter. This should mean that the immune system does not work as well in the winter so the winter deaths / summer deaths calculation would under count the the deaths caused by a less effective immune system. This is not the only problem with the calculation but it is a problem.

  6. From Québec says:

    @Michael Burns

    ” It’s not that Q, it is that we deny ourselves behind these false names. These internet names.” (Michael

    Names means nothing. I could post as ” Alex Jones, or Victoria Burns. Who’s to know that this is not my real name?

    Do you know how many “Alex Jones” there is on the Internet?
    Do you think you are the only Michael Burns on the Internet or in the world?
    Of course, not.

    How would you like another Michael Burns, on another site, posting things that are completely the opposite of what your views are?
    Wouldn’t that be frustrating?

    I prefer usernames, they are more creative.
    Mine is not creative, but, it says clearly that I am not an American and that I am probably French, which I am.

    • henry says:

      If your “name” is From Paris, I might think you are French. From Quebec leads me to think that you are Canadian who may be able to speak French but not from France.

      • From Québec says:

        Québec is a French speaking Canadian province. French is mandatory.
        We call ourselves: French Canadians

        • Windigo says:

          No Q, Henry is totally right.. Just because you’re from Quebec and even though French is mandatory as you said , it doesn’t mean that you are French Canadian whatsoever at all, natively speaking or otherwise, it is still Canada whether you like it or not….

          Furthermore, i think you should’ve said that you were probably French Canadian… not French.. I am from Quebec as well and comparing me to french as oppose to French Canadian is like saying an american or australian is British.. which they are not.. they have their own way of speaking and accent (which are not accent to them).. I certainly Do Not speak or even remotely act like the French (not that there is anything wrong with it) but i just wanted to clarify for people who thought it might be the same so as to enlightened them a wee bit..I am a Proud Bilingual speaking individual that is Canadian and from Quebec and not remotely French but rather French Canadian, if that makes any sense to some of you by now..In any case..

          Semantics.. I am Freaking Human… and first and foremost I am Soul inhabiting a freakin organic vessel, having a symbiotic relationship with it..trying to get best possible synergy.. LOL..

          Have a Good Day Y’all !

          P.S.: I love all your replies / comments guys… Keep ’em coming and Keep up the good work and Kudos to Jon 🙂

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