Australia: human experiment in a bottle

Australia: human experiment in a bottle

Coming to your country…yesterday

by Jon Rappoport

July 6, 2015

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“Imagine a vast island. Once a colony, it now rules itself. That, at least, is its claim. But foreign money and ownership bleed in. And on the other side of the world, it has a mighty military partner dedicated to spying and war. This partner says, ‘Do everything you can to accumulate as much information as you can on every one of your citizens. We will help. We will accomplish this together.’ The island is called one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but its poverty rate is rising, its government debt is 20% of GDP, and household debts are extraordinary. The face behind the mask shows suggestions that the party is coming to an end.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The kind of top-down control that exists in Australia is unique in developed nations, because of two factors: geography and population.

Think about it this way. The US and Australia are comparable in size. US: 3.7 million square miles. Australia: 2.99 million square miles.

But population? The US: 318 million people. Australia: 24 million people.

There are 10 million people in Los Angeles County alone. 38 million people live in California.

Consider this quote about surveillance in Australia, from the Sydney Morning Herald, 6/7/2013, “Australians at risk in US electronic surveillance program”:

“During criminal and revenue investigations in 2011-12, government agencies accessed private data and internet logs more than 300,000 times.”

And that’s the access we know about. In fact, the Herald points out, “Under Australian law state, territory and federal law enforcement authorities can access a variety of ‘non-content’ data from internet-related companies, like Telstra, Optus and Google, without a warrant.

“Data access is authorised by senior police officers or government officials, rather than by a judicial warrant.”

No warrant.

Government requests for private information in Australia jump about 20% per year.

And then there is the sharing of private information, done in conjunction with the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Spying “density” per capita in Australia may exceed that of any other nation.

Along with surveillance, of course, comes control. Recently, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (who once refused to vaccinate his daughters with the Gardasil shot) decided that any family receiving forms of government $$ aid would have that aid canceled, if they refused to vaccinate their children according to the official schedule. Soon after, he removed the religious exemption as well.

Now we come to globalization. Globalisation spells out some of the effects in, “What does globalisation mean to Australia?”:

“Australian corporations participate in the oppression of workers and peasants in poor countries in Asia. Australian mining and forestry companies are involved in extracting wealth from countries such as Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya and Indonesia, sometimes relying on military support to suppress local opposition. The Australian support for trade liberalisation, particularly in agriculture, has been used to open up markets in poor countries where Australia’s commodity exports put local subsistence farmers out of work. Australia has opened its own markets to goods made in countries that allow child labour, or forbid the formation of free trade unions. The Australian government has opposed efforts to include environmental and labour protection clauses in World Trade Organisation agreements. Australia places few restrictions on the operations of transnational organisations [corporations], which take wealth from the country, and are not managed in the interests of Australia.”

The result in Australia? The gap between the rich and poor grows.

And with such a small population, the Surveillance State has extraordinary access to the private information of those who see the big picture of Globalism clearly and are profoundly dissatisfied.

Add another factor: Pine Gap, the glittering jewel in the crown of international NSA spying. This joint US-Australia institution must be protected and maintained at all costs—and the Australian population must therefore be kept under control. No rebellions permitted.

Experiment in a bottle. Corral the whole population of Australia, spy on them non-stop, inject them with toxic debilitating vaccines, and keep them in a state of ignorance about what is happening to them and their nation.

Call this control right-wing, left-wing, argue about which leader should be elected—distract the population while cementing top-down power.

You are looking at the reality created for the world and its own population to see, versus the reality behind the front.

This is the pattern for every nation—but in the case of Australia, it looks benign and encouraging, because there is so much land and there are so few people.

The Matrix Revealed

The Australian government-money-corporate-military nexus has a much different idea about a thing called freedom and what it means. For them it is a useful illusion, floated to obscure the accumulating takeover of the population.

The people themselves appear to be in no mood for rebellion. They stare at the illusion, as clouds gather.

There is enough land in Australia for several dozen countries, but the psychology of unity and oneness prevails, as if the comfort of believing in a national character will provide sufficient sustenance.

In fact, decentralization of power should be the watchword. Independence, liberty, and decentralization were once major themes. But they have faded like posters on an old wall.

The globalized and spied-upon country is captive, an island in the stream.

When that point is reached, it is only individuals who can wake up the masses. As improbable as this sounds, it is true, as it has always been.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

29 comments on “Australia: human experiment in a bottle

  1. JOSEPH MATE says:


  2. From Québec says:

    “This is the pattern for every nation—but in the case of Australia, it looks benign and encouraging, because there is so much land and there are so few people.” (Jon)

    Gee! What about Canada, the second largest country in the world with
    3,855,100 sq mi and 35 million people.

    Density by square miles:

    Canada: 8.8
    Australia: 8.0
    USA: 85

    Hum! Canada has a lot of similarities with Australia:.

    – It’s not an island, but almost, it is surounded by three oceans.
    – GDP per capita (Aus: $37,300, Can: $38,600)
    – Both speek English
    – Both socialist.
    – Both under the Commonwealth


    • KSKing says:

      “– Both under the Commonwealth” is the key. Commonwealth = British Empire. And in particular you have the 16 countries of the Commonwealth Realms; of which Queen Elizabeth is the reigning constitutional monarch. This includes Canada and Australia. The bloody British Union Jack is on the Australian flag.

      I wonder when the Olympics roll around and they list the medal count by nation if the Queen gets a different list… you know listing the British Empire results?

    • I believe it was that Canada has not quite descended to the levels that Australia has.

      I am aware that many politicians in Canada are interested furthering the control-grid to the levels that the U.S.A. has been quickly building lately.

      This globalism is being “homogenized” around the world though. So, there is no argument on that.

    • @Q
      I thought you were from Quebec. This is a bilingual country…Australian speak Susie mate
      We are good ole American grown fascist. The 53 state in the Union, Corporate conservatism at its finest.

      • From Québec says:

        Yes, Bilingual for what it really means.

        “Quebec is the only province whose sole official language is French. Today, 81.4 percent of Quebecers are first language francophones.[14] About 95 percent of Quebecers speak French as either their first, second or even as their third language

        Additionally, about one million native francophones live in other provinces, forming a sizable minority in New Brunswick, which is officially a bilingual province, where about one-third of the population are francophone. There are also French-speaking communities in Manitoba and Ontario, where francophones make up about 10-15 percent of the population[citation needed],[2] as well as significantly smaller communities in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan around 5-10%”

  3. Marius B says:

    Australia = police state

  4. The “dissenters” have not galvanised an accord…..yet, Jon. However, people here can become very restless when things don’t go their way. I can see Abbott running out of “gambits” soon. Question is; who will they replace him with?

    Great post, as ever.


    • The pain of globalization will be felt by everyone, if it has not been already.

      What is really astonishing,

      The lies are getting so outrageous and far-fetched, yet there are still too many suckers “falling in line” with them!

  5. Tomd says:

    Reblogged to UKColumn.

  6. @ joseph mate

    Do you mean me, you derogatory bastard…I am not a jew.
    A jew isn’t awake, a jew is just being a jew. Which is a servant of a parasite.

    • JOSEPH MATE says:



    • @MB

      Actually Michael, I must correct you here. I am assuming you are of Irish, Celtic stock – hopefully with a few red hairs dusting those greys 😉

      I believe the first exodus out of Israel ended up in Ireland. Incidentally the natural Irish tongue shares a 40% commonality with Hebrew.

      Thus we, Celts, may indeed be the true Jews!

      • @the Oz man 😉

        Red hairs in the grey…the man insults without realizing he’s done it. I forgive you Oz because your one of my own. And you didn’t know. I am quick to forgive, me ole son it’s a trait of my people.

        The red hair is the Viking…their bikers with canoes ya know. The bastards caught the real Irish at a weak moment. They were always pillaging. And raping and taking the best. They were exploiters of misery, like the Romans.

        The real Irish, my blood stock is the great Tuatha Dé Danann. Tall black-haired, handsome people, skin like burnished alabaster. Bright green or hazel to brown eyes. They were a lean build, well muscled, and agile and strong. They were natural athletes and warriors. But a had a heart like a lion. Loving, grateful big love and giving to a fault, but self-assured. And they can’t be hoodwinked.

        They took naturally to Ireland, and that great and terrible beauty that was once my home was there doin.
        The Tuatha had brilliant minds and walk with the grace of a swan. They were magicians, philosophers, and astronomers, and artists…great artists, and grandest of warriors. To watch them fight is like watching a great dance.

        They were a truly gifted people, they held their youth a long time, they live long lives and they had paranormal abilities.
        Wonderful speakers, listening to their voices was like listening to music, and could they tell a great tale. Epic tales of when the world was young, very very young.

        They would never pick a fight…not intentionally, well as long as there wasn’t Irish whiskey involved…but they would always finish it. The fight and the whiskey.

        They taught the best in this world. Philosophy, art…actually the seven great arts is their idea.

        Their great literature was burned, when the great libraries of the ancient world fell to the book burnings of the fundamentalist religions.

        People like Plato and Aristotle have been influenced by them. The great Tristamagistus was a student of them. Merlin was the last they taught. They gave to and taught the proto Egyptian, long before even the pyramid builders came.

        They were there in the first fight for this 3 dimensional plane of existence Oz. It was fought in Ireland ya know, not up there; that’s why Ireland is called the Angel Isle.

        The dark ones came there first; heathens, spiritless bastards. It was them and angels started the whole row…drinking on a Saturday night, push came to shove and the next thing ya know. Somebody killed McGinty’s goat. The whole planet was involved.

        The angels were in a tough situation, backs against the wall, and they asked for our help, what can say when someone asks…so we helped, we were outnumbered 10 to 1. But, we’re not light of heart; and to tell you the truth we carried the angels on our backs through most of fight. But they did come in handy in some of the tight spots. Never gave us thank-you for haulin their asses outta the fire…ah well.

        I have no problem with the jew, personally I am indifferent to all religion. For me religion is violence, and personally in a situation like this an assault on my individuality and non jewish character.
        Jews consider themselves the chosen of God.
        Believe what you wish but don’t try to use your God as a means to say I am a child of a lesser.

        Goy is a disrepectful, to come into the room and yell goy in capitals is worse. It’s the same as that disgusting term used for African-Americans.
        Jews know what Goy means.

        • @MB

          That explains a lot of things. I’ve got a head of bright, curly orange locks…..the prize of….bonnie Copenhagen?

          A Viking, you say, ha ha. For once in my life, you’ve got ME thinking….;)

          Odd though, my sister/father – jet black hair, tall just as you describe. Ah that’s it. I was the runt of the litter 😛

          • Runt ya say…bright orange curly hair. Oz I think your part Leprechaun. Now that’s not a bad thing…those fellas are all runted. But big things come in small packages. And don’t be thinking their shortness is a handicap. They are quick as whip, sharp minds. So don’t be getting into a debate that involves logic with them, they are natural philosophers. And have been around a long time. And can they spin a yarn, they will keep you listening till they stop talking…and that could be days. They have a heart like a child and have tremendous imaginations, and can conjure up a reality, well …next thing ya know your under a hill.
            Don’t be drinking alcohol with them, and playing cards…there guaranteed to be a fight.
            If they give ya tip on the ponies, listen to it. They know horses.
            Now does any of this ring truth, Oz my friend…hmm. Is this makin sense. Lol 😉

          • I’d be a pretty big leprechaun, Michael. Indeed it might be a case for the great book o’ Guinness.

            They say a nagger is only good for nags. Well, the turf accountants love me for me yearly bet. I’ve not failed ’em yet. Although a strange thing happened, once, now I remember it. I picked the first horse of every race of the day for an unknown rose when I was but a child. Not one penny was outlaid nor received by me.

            Must have been the luck of the Irish 😉

  7. Interesting how so many cling to the ideal of sovereignty, not knowing exactly what it means, when it no olonger exists except really within those countries we, the collective are taught and told to oppose fiercely. The ones that won’t play ball the way we want them to play ball.

    Sovereignty what is it? It is unconditional, powerful, boundless, supreme, individual, autonomous and distinct.

    Russia is sovereign…Canada is not. Russia says “We have enough land to grow good healthy organic food for all our people, leave us Monsanto, we don’t need your poison. We dun need no stinking Round-up mah”.

    Canada says “Come on in Monsanto claws, we can do business…we don’t care about our people. We don’t give a rat ass if the spider genetics inside your GMO Canola makes them grow eight eyes and defecate silk. We’ll sell the silk.
    As Canadian farmers, we couldn’t care less, we are gutless, reckless redneck materialists, ATV driving forest burners, who are greedy and want more Wal-Mart.
    We like Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart good. Everybody wears pink and tight there. And besides there is no shame in making a living right! Hang on Monsanto while we all bend over for you in our pink tight Wal-Mart stretchy pants.”

    Russia is sovereign…when the Amerikanzis say “Joint us and be our vassal”
    Russia says “No thank you…kind of you to ask. We are Russians and still have balls, we are a nation of individuals. We have been through that totalitarian creepy dictator shit…it was an experience, but Joe’s dead and we don’t need another Joe…we like being Russian. And we have decided to back our currency with gold,  we like value; we are getting a fair deal with the Chinese and India and Brazil and South Africa,  they stay out of our politics, and pay us in a gold backed currency, and we don’t wish to use your American toilet paper dollar.”

    Canada says “We want to be a vassal too, maybe we can be a state Amerika, can we be your resource piggy bank pleease…BTW we have a million fresh water lakes in Saskatchewan you can have, you just have to burn down the forests down. More ATV’S please and cigarettes.”

    Those who wish to hold to on their sovereignty, are ostracized in a supposed gluubal community, sanctioned, and provoked into war. IMF’ed into bankruptcy. Fiddled and diddled and spied on. Their governments deposed if they ever dare speak from a sovereign point of view.

    “Hi we’re Australia we want to be a vassal too. We don’t want sovereignty either mate, surveillance sure…should we all take our clothes off, we’re dumb as bag of hammers and want dikpiks too. Can we get copies, do you have them in wallet size. Can we have a side order of aluminum and mercury in a chicken embryo with a splash of formaldehyde…how about a foster’s to chase that all down.”

    Pine gap…ah now theirs the rub. AI central. The area 51 of Aussie. Doo doo doodoo doo doo doodoo….Aliens, microwaved anything everything, the experimenting on humans with EMF and scalar mind control, the CIA and NSA and the surveillance of everybody. Aussie seems more surveilled…that is our illusion.
    Pine gap is HAARP southern. The HAARP induced underwater earthquake that caused the Tsunami that killed Fukushima came from…Pine gap.

    • From Québec says:

      Yes, Russians have balls. This is why the hijacked USA’s government want a war with them. They hate people with balls. They hate Rebels.

    • Gökmen says:

      Also Russia asked many times “what’s this geoengineering thing, what are you guys up to?” many times. No respond given, media didn’t even reported as usual.

      I’ll tell you another thing Michael, there was a huge earthquake happened at Izmit bay, Turkey in 1999, I was a kid and I affected by it, and many people around me too. Lost their family members etc. Now this earthquake happened exactly below the country’s naval/marine HQ. Huge rift caused by this earthquake split marine base buildings in two, destroyed thousands civillian buildings which thousands of people killed.

      2 years later, a political party formed just a month before 9/11. They got into power in months because the elected government had to resign as a result of the economic crisis due to earthquake., Full support from media, polishing these people like they are saints. Once they elected, their first task was to aid USA invading iraq, using southern Turkey as base. This didn’t worked, army stood against it, there were a lot of nato-against thinking generals and honest soldiers, they didn’t want to involve invading a neighbor country. Hell, Turkey was about to leave nato at 1999..also let me tell you, CNN and other cartel news agencies was established just at same date. I still remember them, airing bombing of afghanistan 7/24 and twin towers collapsing as a commercial break…

      Now remember that naval hq, suddenly some evidence started to pop out from this naval base which destroyed in earthquake in 1999, literally rifts split the buildings into two, massive fissures on the ground (a soldier died falling into them at the moment of earthquake). Ok what evidence? evidence on a coup, a coup which will overthrow this post 9/11 installed puppet government, called akp or akhenaton party as I call em.

      They put all the generals, all the nato against soldiers into prison accusing they were planning a coup against democratically elected government. Eventually this spread to land army, air force, the whole thing, after bilderberg meeting at 2007 in Istanbul. They removed all nato against soldiers or put them into jail on this fabricated evidence. And what happens next? Turkey turned into a terrorist arming state which It is now. A terrorist state, attacking It’s neighbors, arming murderers. Giving all the land to international monopolists and pumping poison called religion to masses. Full GMO, farming not allowed, all the agenda21 thing is in place, privatization of mines, destroying lakes, everything. They call It ‘islamization from top down’ in their documents.

      I was out minutes before the earthquake and I lived in the epicenter at that time, Golcuk. We were kids, 12 years old and we saw aurora like lights which is impossible to occur, some other flying lights, we watched this for 2 hours. Too scared to go home, we couldn’t even move.

      I’m positive, the earthquake here had to happen prior to 9-11. Because all this thing happening ever since In the middle east, would never happen If they didn’t weaken the army, destroying the economy (earthquake also happened at the heart of industry), installed a puppet government, jailed all those nato-against army generals etc.

      In short, Pine gap doesn’t seem too far to me as cause of japan eq., looking at how they did their best to elevate a crisis into disaster to poison the ocean life and still continuing to this DAY…amazing.

      What’s this cern thing btw? you must have ideas

      • They are not splitting atoms anymore, well they are but they’re not; that is old science.
        They are splitting the particles inside atoms.
        Quarks, leptons muons. I think there is about six different types of each…well there grumpy and sneezey, itchy and fatty uppy and downy. Something like that.
        The big one was the God particle, the boson.
        They couldn’t find it, they said that mathematics proved it existed. So for a long time they gave smashing atoms together and counting the parts. The atom mass should equal the smashed particle. They have taken pictures of this, watching and mapping where each particle goes. Still the boson remained allusive.
        I have read some stuff in the last six month that stated they found the boson. And they also admitted they had created a particle size black hole for an smudge of tenth of a second. They are getting close to the edge of madness.
        If they screwed with particle physics too much they could open a black hole that would consume the planet. Black holes are monsters that eat, the more you feed them the larger they get.
        It is claimed that black holes are at the centers of spiral galaxies. Why not white holes.
        I am an believer in the electric universe. It answers a lot of unexplained phenomenon like sun spots and varying cyclical solar cycles. I have been a sun watcher for a number of years.
        I not not convinced of particles physics completely. I smell a spin. There is a lot yo be said of black magic.
        We could be a hologram or living inside a Bonpo shaman’s head. 😉

        The real universe is between our ears in the imaginative creative center.
        I talk too much…anyway…its worth study.

        If you wish to study check out some literature…Rupert Sheldrake on “Morphogenetic fields”, Talbot on “the Electric Universe”, David Bohm on “Holographic universe”, Dean Radin the “Conscious Universe” Blofield on Bonpo mysticism.
        The “Tibetan book of the dead”, “tantric mysticism” and the mind of phillip k dick.

        • @MB

          They do neither. I cover this in my book “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”. The flow of the sub-particle rhythm of an atom is interrupted which creates a kink in the sub-space portal [think of what would happen if you were to ram a stick into the fast moving spokes of a bicycle wheel]. The implosion effect causes a giant force [chain reaction] that travels far out into space [and I am talking – edge of cosmos here. ET isn’t happy and that’s why they have put a stop to giant nuclear events].

          I will discuss the makings of our “solid” reality – the relationship between the “electro” “magnetic” fields in book II, “A New World Order” (which may be released in print!)


      • Interesting comment, GoK. Will add that to my databanks for research.

        • Gökmen says:

          @OT Yeah ozzie, It’s a great rabbit hole to dive into the bottom. I don’t know how many english sources out there but, even by then US president has come to Turkey after the EQ. So, there must be coverage..

          @MB thanks for the info Mike. I already studied Talbot – keep following his electric universe..Also Sheldrake. I will look into other names as well, thank you again.

  8. LadyRavenSDC says:

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    “Experiment in a bottle. Corral the whole population of Australia, spy on them non-stop, inject them with toxic debilitating vaccines, and keep them in a state of ignorance about what is happening to them and their nation.”

    “No rebellions permitted.”

  9. From Québec says:

    WOW! This whole exchange of facts between Michael, Ozzie and Gökmen is very, very interesting. You guys, rock!

  10. bond says:

    Wow. I learned more today reading the comments sections of this blog than in hiskool. Seriously.

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