Charleston church shooting: the larger covert op

Charleston church shooting: the larger covert op

by Jon Rappoport

June 18, 2015

“Long-term covert ops sometimes disguise themselves by claiming that the hidden cause of a problem is the cure. So it is with psychiatric drugs, like SSRI antidepressants, which push people into committing murder. In the aftermath of these killings, leaders call for expanded psychiatric screening—which will result in further prescription of those very same drugs.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Police report the suspect in the Charleston church shooting, Dylann Roof, has been captured.

This is the latest in a string of crimes in which black-white conflict has been highlighted, pressed, argued, and used, for the purposes of: fanning flames of racial discord, exercising further gun control, and fatuously claiming that universal psychiatric screening and drugging is an answer.

In this brief article, I focus on black-white conflict.

In the 1960s, in America, the burgeoning drug culture and the Vietnam War became the occasion for protests and riots that shook the nation. In that case, the main target was the federal government.

Even though the “revolution” was pro-left, the 1968 Chicago riots were staged at the Democratic nominating convention. That gives you some idea of the degree of overall and virulent anti-government sentiment.

From the point of view of elite planners, the 1960s should not be repeated; at least not in the same way.

This time, the government should be seen as the hero, the rescuer, the mediator.

For that to happen, Americans would turn on and target each other.

There is no better way to accomplish that than to strike at the issue of race.

Emphasize it, push it, make it stand out, tie it into political correctness, create absurdist “dialogue” that could have no other outcome than outrage. The “discussion about race” has turned into transparent provocation.

Divide and conquer is as old as the hills. The conqueror is the ruler. And, of course, as he wins, he enacts more downward pressure on freedom, in multiple ways, while pretending to be the healer.

This is the op.

This is the simplicity of it.

You can throw other logs on the fire: agents provocateur in the media; the release of violent immigrant criminals from US prisons; the seeding of the population with massive amounts of psychiatric drugs (SSRI antidepressants) that scramble brains and push people over the edge into committing violent acts, including murder.

And oh yes, you can also include the intentional expansion of poverty (and attendant resentment) through the departure of millions of jobs overseas: aka Globalism. That is provocation of the highest order.

The objective is shifting the target from government to the people themselves, along the familiar lines of race.

And the payoff message will echo the sentiments of 1995, after the Oklahoma City Bombing: “Come home to the government, we will protect you. Only we can protect you.”

If you believed mainstream media, you would think the entire race issue in America consists of a three-way conversation between Al Sharpton, a KKK high priest, and some demented college student who insists that every word in the English language contains a hidden racial element.

power outside the matrix

Update: CBS News is reporting that Dylann Roof was arrested on February 28 in a mall, while he was asking a store clerk “out of the ordinary questions.” At that time, he was found in possession of a medicine called Suboxone.

It is an addicting drug used to treat opiate addiction. Some adverse effects: agitation, hostility, hallucinations, attempted suicide, depersonalization.

Rapid withdrawal from Suboxone can be more dangerous than taking it.

Getting the picture?

Of course, the distinct possibility that the drug pushed Dylann Roof over the edge into committing murder isn’t part of the “correct” narrative aimed at accelerating racial hatreds.

The truth? Irrelevant.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

64 comments on “Charleston church shooting: the larger covert op

  1. middleway says:

    There may be those who find this finely animated (1973) French film highly relevant:

    • From Québec says:

      Good Grief! I was fascinated by that video and couldn’t stop watching it… but after I don’t know, maybe 45 minutes, it stop and said it was block because of copyrights. I’m so frustrated, it was really getting super interesting. It stoped when the old lady died and they were suppose to create a better world.

      Lots of imagination and creativity in that film, no wonder it won an award, But, I sure would like to know what happened after ithese copyright freaks decided to stop it. .

    • Alive and kicking says:

      Fantastic Planet! There was a channel called USA channel (remember that?!) that had a show called Night Flight (or that!) and would show this. I as well thought it was really neat, and have it on vhs, well most of it I missed the beginning…so any way, looking to get a copy on dvd. Or vhs…ok, time to mess around with the 8-track!

      And yes what a covert op this church shooting is! Sad times…

  2. KIMO KALA says:

    Since Pharmaceuticals are among the biggest component of lobbyists in the White House–it is unlikely anyone will acknowledge “THE TRUTH”. Besides, the Nesbitt’s need more funds to fuel and support the Obama Foundation..; oh, and then there’s the Clinton Foundation, the Bush Foundation(s), etc., ad naseum…

  3. Greg Osborne says:

    And what are the first public words out of Fake Leader’s divisive mouth?

    “…We don’t have all the facts, but we do know that, once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun.”

    No, we don’t have all the facts yet, Barry, and we never will because real facts, you know, the TRUE kind, would shoot down your handlers’ narrative.

    By the way, how many people have died of gun violence lately in the Gun Free [war] Zone of Chicago?

  4. SS NNNNN says:

    This is called “blood dancing” by pro 2nd Amendment folks…for good reason. This
    is the truth behind most “school shootings”….pharmaceuticals like those when given
    to children are documented to cause psychotic behavior….this the government

    “The objective is shifting the target from government to the people themselves,….”
    I do not believe this “frame” can be maintained long either. I am a white guy who
    works with black men and women…nobody I know sees anyone but Daddy Gov
    as the enemy more and more.

    • KIMO KALA says:

      Everyone speaks of the end and that the Cabals are losing, etc.., I’d like to believe that, however, I am certain that as long as the pharmaceuticals and their related minions (Monsanto, Syngenta, et al) have their lobbyists in the White House–together with Israel, and the military complex, et al–there is no such thing as that to which to as Government. Government as we knew it–is malfeasant and corrupt and controlled. If you can afford to run for political office then you are maligned in multiple ways and resumes, names and titles are no longer important. Now, Jade Helm, and off to the FEMA camps. I don’t want to “give-up,” I won’t give-up, I can’t give-up; but, I’m planning my escape to somewhere very remote and self-sustaining, and hopefully I’ll find “Friday” and he’ll teach me how to survive–happily.

    • Mark Burke says:

      The whole thing was fake.This guy supposedly reloaded 5 times as everyone waited around to be shot and didn’t beat the shit out of him?I don’t by the media/govt fake shootings like Sandy Hoax.

  5. ozziethinker says:

    “More of the same”, Jon.

    I am going to be releasing “Israel, Zionist ambition, ISIS and US Connections” on Ozzie Thinker at some point. I talk about 1981 being a key year and this saw the elevation of black gangs in LA and other places forming much more organised unity. This was the year Ronald Reagan took office. I also touch on the Oklahoma “set up” for 9/11.

    Slowly, all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. The more I research, the more I find how little is “accidental” and, even when accidents do happen, some “planner” manipulates sentiment to their long term advantage.


  6. jacobite2015 says:

    This looks like another covert operation toward the ultimate objective of the executive branch to disarm the American people.

    Look at Obama’s statement: “This type of mass violence doesn’t occur with this frequency in other advanced nations.”

    Factor in the impending “Jade Helm 15” military special ops exercises next month in Texas that targets American civilians and something looks suspicious here.

  7. Lamont Cranston says:

    MK Ultra, false flag, gun grab, with a pinch of race baiting.

    • Padraigin says:

      Chosen race to the bottom

      And no one died, many crocodile tears cried, the Cabal hoax typical tool, crisis actors hatred fuel, white (male) be on their agenda, Africa now thoroughly rendered, false flags a ‘flying, the lame stream media “racists” decrying, the dastardly game in plain sight, the sheople take fright, geared by their puppet-masters for the black and white fight.

  8. From Québec says:

    Forget the shooting, that was only a distraction.

    House passes ‘fast track’ trade bill

  9. Paul II says:

    Of course that is a larger op. But we should first look at things to see if they even happened. Half of the ops these days are merely actors on a big stage. Was this one real? Also, many events seem to be a mix of the real and major Hollywood effects, so it could be “real”, but with the TV story prepared in a bogus way.

    Another angle is that many of the events of the last few years have had symbolism (or anniversaries) with the Revolutionary War or the US Civil War. This took place in a very important church from the perspective of slavery, and the location was also about as symbolic as they come. The reason this is relevant is that the PTB seem to like to use symbolism and certain dates for their actions.

  10. Molecule says:

    … divide and conquer … opiates (and their modern companion the SSRIs) … there is a center to this drive to a “new” or second civil war, but it may come as a bit of a surprise.

    For starters, there never was a Civil War, or War between the States, or war against slavery. Yes, we had men called union men, who lined up to put on a blue suit and kill the other guys, and yes we had men called rebels, and they lined up to put on a grey suit to kill the other guys as well. But there was no “civil war.”

    The American “Civil War” was in fact the Third Opium War of the British East India Company, which is now hidden behind a smokescreen, called “the Pentagon.” The first two opium wars, 1840 and 1850, were used to divide the populations of China and destroy their civilization and culture. For the Third, the BEIC shifted focus to north America. By the end of that war, America had 400,000 dead, and worse, 400,000 new opium addicts. (google opium civil war soldier’s disease) The other thing the Third Opium War (aka “civil war”) did was give birth to the Pentagon, as a perpetual “American” institution. (The Pentagon is an institution. It is NOT a balloon bildings made of 8″ sticks and 6″ bricks with endless parking lots at the other end of the Lincoln Memorial and his 1910-planned, 6-lane Bridge, to nowhere.) The Third Opium War also ushered in the new phase of warfare by medicine (slavery by medicine), and to that end, the 13th and 14th amendments.

    As a result of mass “education” of Americans, by federal department of Propaganda, Brainwashing and Medication (aka “HEW”), Americans thought they knew how to read. More accurately that is precisely when the Americans became illiterate. As an example of our illiteracy, we think the Pentagon is not the BEIC. We believe the propaganda. We do not see the actual functionality. It’s modern history begins with a Texas to Wall St connection, in the 1860s. This “military” (mercenary) institution has proven, by its long history, that its primary purpose is to protect the opium trade, and to truck in the various modes of prostitution and political terrorism that are part and parcel of a protected trade in opium. (SSRIs being a more efficient form of opium by another name.) As a further example of our illiteracy, the 13th amendment does not abolish slavery. It re-establishes it as an American insitution. The 13th says, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the slave shall have been duly convicted [of fictitioius crimes], shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” As an other exampe of our mass illiteracy, the idea of a “union solider” is completely immiscible with every possible idea of a republic, whether you think of it as a spiritual domain (the platonic republic) or as a “constitutional” domain. The very idea of an obedient “union solider” eventually becomes treason to any possible idea of a republic. Because the idea of a republic is based on the dignity and from that the sovereignty of the individual.

    charleston church shooting … the larger operation … divide and conquer (just like the blue coats and grey coats, it’s an opium war) … opiates (and their modern companion the SSRIs) … there is a center to this drive to a “new” or second American civil war, but it may come as a bit of a surprise. It is the British East India Company, revived and hiding as a Bolshevik fifth column within the federal department of Opium Wars, aka the Pentagon, and within the federal department of Propaganda, Brainswashing, and Medication. The old British East India company, now revived, is waging its war against the republic.

  11. Hi Jon.

    Good article, except for one little “problem”:

    “Drugs”, being inanimate and lacking any consciousness of their own, DO NOT CAUSE these various psychoses and the attendent acts committed by the “patient”. These drugs are a means to make people more “manageable” and more programmable. Remember hearing about things such as “truth serums”? They do not make anyone more honest and tell the truth. What they do is help put the recipient in a more-susceptible-to-suggestion state-of-mind. This being the case, the greater the degree one is “submersed” into the hypnogogic state, the more easily they can be “programmed” and managed.

    This drug culture has done much harm not necessarily because of the drugs alone. It is all in how these drugs were used, by the psychiatrists (whether of private practice, or working for government). ALL of these cases of mass-shotings, mass-murder, and other terroristic acts have been programmed to happen – usually triggered by some “que” that was programmed into the minds of these people. Just think about MK-ULTRA and all of the drugs and other chemicals that were a large part of the research projects! These cases are all children and grand-children of the old MK-ULTRA culture of drugs.

    The REAL covert operation: The drugging of America so as to make the people more manageable and more compliant. With all of the “programming” on the television and through much of the carefully-scripted lyrics in much of the music, set the stage for building a different “reality” within the now-moldable minds of the American public. All of it, is based very heavily on the work and research by the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE, and later – the minds behind MK-ULTRA, MK-MONARCH, and PROJECT ARTICHOKE. What we are seeing, is the evolution of the least understood, but most well-developed program of systematic programming, with the use of perception-altering drugs, of the American people. The television, radio, and all other forms of electronic interaction are further tools towards those aims.

    The “drugs” ARE NOT THE CAUSE. They are part of the tools!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • shiva says:

      Monsanto & big pharma now want a taste of “liberal” drug policies.
      GMO MJ tested on veterans?$
      As with all inception the idea is placed in minds and the people fight for what the NWO want them to fight for.
      Plant usage banned and alcohol & tobacco legal.

      They are now having to use the “alternative” sites, people that don’t just believe or buy into corporate media to try to knock down conspiracy/truth and deny a shadow govt and NWO.
      Getting people “guilt laden” for the NWO pope climate religion is also trending.

      • AS cryptic as some of that sounded,

        That sounds about right. Yeah, I have heard about the GMO “Weed” and the headches about it coming from the old horticulturalists (breeders). MONSANTO is really pushing things alright.

        As for the Pope,

        I have no use for him either, and many of the Catholics I personally know, do not consider him to be “in character” with the Catholic traditions. Of course, what would you expect from a Jesuit Priest, who is the first such to be elevated to the position of “Pope”?

        • Shiva says:

          Sorry about the cryptosism Rev.
          This evil pope on a rope comes ready made with a war mongering history.

          The banksters having created the GM MJ & pharma mixes for a desired effect on human consciousness,meaning monsantos weed( and big pharma concoctions for cancer etc )will be a far cry from the effects of a natural plant. YIKES,
          So now see govt supporting banned drugs for medical use drugs from big pharma(monsanto).

          The widespread reliance on drugs (some of which drop your consc) is from the conditioned ‘prohibition” which as the PTB know has the opposite effect on people and makes them desire it more and these neg entities know just how to psyop sleeples( through fear and desire).
          The media/Hellywood has also painted the “hero” arch types to worship with drug problems /addictions

          • I could open the proverbial “door” to that subject a little wider, but – nah! That would get me into hot water really fast.

            Let’s just say there is a definite spiritual warfare game being played on all of us, and being played with each against the others. The battle of Mind is a very deep and pervasive one.

          • Shiva says:

            Hot water eh.
            With whom?

            It is obvious that drugs are used in the battle.
            Prohibition is used to promote the use of a substance( the “war on drugs” to protect drug cartels from competition and to increase certain drug’s use)
            (Isn’t the battle of Mind all )

            Isn’t the ultimate drug the one that makes you think you were born and will die.

          • It is ALL a “battle of Mind”.

            The end question, as result of all of it is, “What do you believe, and WHY do you believe it?” – If one can only answer, “because I was taught that . . .”, then there is the problem. The problem of WHO and WHY they “taught”, based on a one-sided view they have.

            The most dangerous thing in the mind of a tyrant: An Idea he/she has no control over.

    • mothman777 says:

      I think that whilst you are partly right, it does still remain true that certain drugs also cause certain characteristic behavioural problems which other drugs do not cause in the same number of instances, which demonstrates that more than just ‘suggestion’ has affected any person under the influence of such drugs.

      Alcohol for instance makes people more subject to fits of mental, verbal and physical violence than some other drugs, and produces a typical form of brain damage with certain characteristic associated behavioural problems, known as Korsakoff’s dementia, or psychosis, which further predisposes someone to being affected by even more of the same. Nitrous oxide, or opium, or heroin for instance, would not typically cause those same effects in the same number of instances.

      • Drugs DO NOT “cause” anything more than a subjection of the conscious part of the brain! NO INANIMATE OBJECT OR SUBSTANCE, LACKING ANY CONSCIOUSNESS OF ITS OWN, CAN “MAKE” ANYONE DO ANYTHING! – What’s so hard to understand that?

        The problem is,

        When one is “intoxicated” on a substance, his/her inner inhibitions and judgment are suppressed, so that whatever was already in “mind” or was intentioned, is what gets acted upon WITHOUT the “judgment-filter” of the conscious mind. – All academic here, but NO DRUG NOR ANY SUBSTANCE CAN HAVE ANY POWER OF ITS OWN OVER YOU.

        • Shiva says:


          The loss of a reasoning mind (when you drop to plant level of consciousness).

          Assuming the rarity of a reasoning mind was there in the first place, if it was I doubt you would drink even more pass out in your own vomit etc etc

          • Hey “Shiva”:

            When you get a chance, I have a mini-series of articles started on the subject of “drugs” and the Mind. I plan on getting very in-depth in the subject, as far as an “un-educated” (me) individual can do so.

            I believe you find some relevence in all of it as I progress in the presentation from Part-I, all the way to however many posts in the series it takes to fully examine and explain the TRUE role of drugs as opposed to Natural Consciousness, and the Realm of Mind.

    • ozziethinker says:

      They manipulate the chemical balance of the body and that is the issue. Bottom line: we are a chemical compound of amino acids we call DNA, although (as I explain my book “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”) this, too, is a symptom of invisible root or source DNA which can be found in “nether land”. Ironically, some take “hallucinogenic” drugs to find it. “Ouroboros”!!!!!

      • However,

        All these drugs are MISUSED, whether by self-medicating, or by some “psychiatrist” (for whatever questionable intents) – the “drugs” are only a vehicle, a “tool”, NOT the cause.

        Plus, the DNA represents potentials, not finalities. We still must consider the external influences, especially of the Will of others acting upon us. This becomes much easier to affect us if we were “under the influence” of some intoxicating substance (in which that is the tool).

        • ozziethinker says:

          @Rev DE


          Fortunately, Prime Source has a “contingency plan”

          • Well,

            If WE simply did what we were supposed to do (as our ancient ancestors once did), then much of the control system would be easily thrown off as with any trash. If we would just stop with the “I-am-powerless-without- . . .” thinking, THEN things could change for the better, because we could MAKE better of our situations.

          • ozziethinker says:

            @Rev DE

            We do what we do and that is what we were “supposed to” because we do it. If the ancient cultures were “flawless”, they would be intact and thriving today.

            Much can be learned from past wisdom, but so can be said of this day the future.

            The mistakes of this life are remedied in the next one, providing the time is right.

          • No time nor culture was ever “flawless”, but they seemed to be better at dealing with life’s problems than we seem to be doing, today.

          • ozziethinker says:

            @Rev DE

            Partially agree. I think they had different problems due to the dynamics and belief systems of society. Much of their great reasoning has withered and is regarded as “superstition” now. It someone could fuse the great wisdom of the past with the new “cosmic” intent of mankind, would this not usher in a “new age of reason”?

            I’m trying to illuminate, but is anyone listening out there?

          • The old systems of thought have been pushed out as to making way for the “new”, that is, the expert-approved knowledge. The early churches did much harm to mankind by denouncing and even altogether forbidding the old ways and their teachings.

            Just look at how modern medicine is done these days. There are many great strides in the knowledge of diagnosis and/or detection of certain abnormalities, but most of the “therapies” and treatment regimen are corrupt and even down right dangerous, yet there is enough pressure from the profiting businesses ans their lackeys to keep these dangerous treatments “the norm”. This, while many of the ancient treatment systems utilizing nutrition and herbal remedies (with also mental-relaxation and stress relief techniques) have been forgotten to the point of being permanently lost.

    • Tracy says:

      I haven’t taken this drug but a while back I took Lexapro (an S.S.R.I). After four or five days of starting it, I was planning on ending my life by jumping off a building. These thoughts popped up out of know where and I know for sure it was that drug that made me feel that way.

      • The “drug” did not put those thought into your head. A past emotional trauma or experience is the most-likely culprit. We all have the tendency to hide and “forget” about certain events in our lives that “hurt” us. That does not mean the problem is gone, just hidden. The reason why these kinds of things can be hidden and “forgotten” about, is because our conscious perception and judgment-filters are working the way we intended them too (also called “coping”). I have seen it too many times where some folks I thought I knew, “changed” into something else after quite a few drinks! I have come to learn that the alcohol “takes the mask off” of the people I knew, and their real thoughts come tumbling out of their mouths. The alcohol did not put those thoughts into their heads. The alcohol did make these folks do what they did, or say what they said! It simply made it much easier for them to do so, while also loosening up the judgment-filters.

        If you were feeling suicidal about something, perhaps it is better to, with trusted and knowledgeable company present, re-explore what it was that you were feeling negative about, and face it head on. We conquer our fears by facing them, and then taking our own power away from them. This is WHY modern psychiatry is an absolute, sick joke!!! Emotional problems need more attention to Emotional healing, NOT DRUGS! Physiological problems need more attention to the root-cause, and provided a Physiological healing (not exclusive of healing the other parts of Being).

        I have found that talking about said issues in life and from the past, are a great way of “exfoliating” them, and then reclaiming my own personal power from them. This is usually not an overnight exercise, but done properly, can be a very rewarding and freeing experience. If you know a good Shaman-Counselor, he/she may be able to help you out without relying on questionable, petro-chemical “drugs”.

        ” Just my two cents. ”

      • molecule says:

        Not challenging anyone saying it’s not the SSRIs, but stick to the intuition you’ve got in your gut. It’s actually the intelligence of a biome of good fungus in your gut. And, it (or they) are more powerful than the dull and fake “intelligence” of any chemical SSRIs. Nonetheless, respect your enemy. The Pentagon and their armies of whitecoat deceivers (called doctors, who do medical violence by syringe and chemical) have advanced their SSRI concoctions to the point they can bias the neurochemical predicates of any “free choice” so as to precipitate almost any desired neurochemical action-reaction. New experimental research is on pheromones, which can be even more powerful than TV and SSRIs as regards mind control (i.e. dissolving individual sovereignty and free will). Put them in bathroom soap. New research shows that by removal of the apocrine glands from the foreskin of males, the demon greys, with whom no female would otherwise breed, have been able to use females in a process called breeding by deception. If present in a non-human, the apocrine glands release a pheromone (again if present), inform the female at the deepest limbic levels, that she is about to be bred with an entitiy that is not fully human. The absence of the pheromones then affects the development of the immune system for the resulting offspring. Over time, they end up with weaker immune system.

        SSRIs, or pheromones, the technology that this strange enemy of mankind seems to be using to wage some kind of war against evolution and humanity, needs to be respected, and avoided.

        As for the current pandemic of spiritual traumas, and as to having the health and energy in the immune system to digest the frauds of it, I’ve also come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a spiritually aware female anywhere on this planet who has not been traumatized by its widespread and deeply misogynous cultures — one might even start with the lies (labeled as curses) that “god” hurls on innocent women and children, especically young female children, by the so-called “big men” of the Bible, who dance to the boombox of “jehovah” implanted in their brains (a dance of “manly” waste, wars and stupidity), and who have been spewing forth for centuries now, the most hideous piece of bad literature ever foisted upon the future consciousness of human kind, that being the so-called “Bible.” A glass of fresh water is fresh water. But a glass of water with 1% poison added to it, is still 100% poison.

        • PurpleHaze says:

          That’s my thoughts exactly. Nobody seems to listen though. Christians seem to love dancing to their beat that only they can hear and then keep wondering why our country is going to hell.

          They are blaming the wrong people!

      • Shiva says:

        The state of consciousness was altered and lower thoughts started appearing.
        Maybe you had that thought repressed in your subconsciousness.

  12. bharford says:

    Autistic people are not violent by nature. This is all a ruse.

    This entire charade is and was an OP, with a clear agenda, that of gun control a nd suppression of white nationalism or cohesion.

  13. shiva says:

    Divided we fall.

  14. Abercrombiesansfish (@weebleswobbles2) says:

    “…The Justice Department announced Friday that it’s investigating whether it could be a hate crime or domestic terrorism….”

  15. Tara Anna says:

    It truly is a crying ass shame that for at least the last 20 or so years the top political leaders in the United States are so Luciferian OWNED that they are selling out the country at every opportunity.

    Look at the dung heap they refuse to see that has been caused by their loose & absent morals.What else can be said about Liars, Robbers, Kidnappers, Paedophiles, Rapists, Murderers, Human Traffickers, Drug Kingpins, Fake Warlords, Weapons Dealers, Assassins, Partakers in Child, Teenage & Adult Sex Slave Services… (The Franklin CoverUp, Cathy O’Brian, from the MK ULTRA Mind Control CIA & Nazi Partnership Operation Paperclip Beginnings. Johnny & Noreen Gosch… MK Naomi, MONARCH Sex Slaves & Assassins paid for with American Tax Dollars while we are being Poisoned & given Diseases… Jeez, I could go on & ON… The Bush Crime Family needs to be brought to JUSTICE!!!! Their last name is not even Bush… It IS SCHERF, German, sometimes spelled with 2 ff’s at the end.)

    Here is a VALID Question: Since G H W Scherf (Bush) was born in Germany HOW did he become President?? Where IS HIS Birth Certificate?? Nazi Infiltration i to all braches of our Government is HOW, along with requirements to be in Freemasonry, (most of them do not know what is really going on until the 29th or 32nd Degrees & then they ARE INFORMED OR “ILLUMINATED” as Masons like to call it that They ARE Worshipping Lucifer.) The 33rd Degree marks their continuance upp the “Pyramid”. Or Not….Christians go no further if they are Godly of the True Heavenly Father. If anyone is above the 33 it gets really sick & perverted……They are so twisted & ungodly & paranoid psychotically evil that you will have to look it up for yourselves. Start with Bohemian Grove. They are OWNED & have dirt like murder, homosexuality, lesbianism & paedophile photographs & or movies to make politicians Subseriant & scared.

    Are International Arrest Warrants issued for G W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield & ALL of their Lawyers for Committing Crimes Against Humanity. (Iraq, but should be charged with worldwide atrocities also.) The Pope RESIGNED BECAUSE HE WAS Found GUILTY of Ritualistic Child Murder & Crimes Against Humanity. Queen Elizabeth has also been found GUILTY of Kidnapping at least 10 Native children of Canada from Residential Schools to never be seen again along with husband Prince Phillip.

    You better believe they want to get their hands on us & especially the young ones!! They have some gall calling mandatory service the Franklin Project after sodomizing & raping orphans & you got kids down on their luck from Nebraska’s Boy’s Town Orphanage. (The Franklin Cover Up by that Larry King, African American Republican who supplied the exoited kids all the way to tbe White House on his private jet. School has been in Session & I have Rang the Bells. It’s Now the Time 4 A Roll Call 4 Justice!! GET THESE LYING DEMONIC UNPATRIOTIC PARASITES OFF OF OUR PRESIDENTIAL BALLOTS TODAY!! THEY ARE GIVING US AND THE WORLD HELL ON EARTH!!!!

  16. MAINSTREAM MEDIA IGNORES BLACK on BLACK CRIME, but the NAAWP reports it daily!

    NAAWP CHICAGO CRIME NEWS: 5 killed, 29 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings (06-20-2015)

    It started when three men were shot, one fatally, by gunmen who jumped from a maroon van in the Chatham neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

    Seven hours later and just a mile away, two men were shot in apparent retaliation, one of them fatally, by a man who knocked on their door, police said.

    The revenge shooting was part of a burst of violence that killed three people in all and wounded 17 others overnight in Chicago, a toll usually seen on weekends. Nine of the people shot were in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side.

    “What is this?” asked a woman as she came upon the Chatham shooting scene. “What is the world coming to?”

    The three men were shot as they stood near 79th Street and Langley Avenue around 3:10 p.m. Thursday, police said. Two men got out of a maroon van and began firing, then sped off, police said.

    Read the whole article:



  17. dale thorn says:

    It’s amazing how being mentally deranged and angry can turn a person who has never shot anyone into an expert assassin. Or as my security friends say, noooooo.

    • molecule says:

      right on!

      Like the theater shooter with the orange hair … on drugs, wide eyed and clueless, never shot a gun, and he stomps into a movie theater (which is where many “white” looking masses go to get their religeous experiences), he jumps up onto the stage, and while a 10-million candle power arc-lamp is flichering at 30 frames per second directly into his eyes, he shoulders his weapons and scores perfect bullseye after perfect bullseye, kill shot after kill shot, shooting at shadows of moving targets in the pitch dark of a theater, seeing shadows as perfect targets while an intensely bright light is flickering at 30 fps in his eyes.

      As your security friends will tell you, noooo … even expert assassins know that they will need 3 or so seconds of time for “target acquisition” (or reacquisition as the case may be).

      Similarly, this clueless and mindless little wimp (now being paraded by our racist media as an example supremacist for “the whites”) had to have had some inside assistance from government assassins. As a commenter above mentioned, someone may have wanted that minister dead as well. He will now be more valuable to the media as an icon of victimhood, than as a consciouis, aware and thinking human being, radiating discipline, restraint, intelligence and love.

      Jokingly, maybe Jeb’s and Hillery’s handlers saw him as potential competition. Based on what little I saw, he could have made a better president than any we have had in the last few decades.

  18. PurpleHaze says:

    Since we all know and it’s obvious that these shooters are getting help from higher controllers why isn’t anything being done about it? Seriously not EVERYBODY would give the silent treatment about staged shootings no?

    Why aren’t there groups demanding answers in a serious way that is not just to get extra attention like the Occupy and Tea Party groups? We need REAL individuals demanding removal of these corrupt military and government officials.

    We need individuals to demand a serious spring cleaning of the whole *system*.

  19. Dennis Liam Ardell says:

    To every white hating person ( especially white liberals) I love to refer all these morons to justice department statistics on black ( people of color)
    On white violence(people without color)
    Shocking when you see the rape statistics by black males, on white females, murder of whites by blacks-assaults on whites by black males.
    I guess we who have no color should feel relieved to know these are not racist, hate , crimes; but, as far as race hatred goes , F.B.I. Crime statistics where there are no white men ,raping black women ; and violent crimes against blacks ,by whites is rare, proves that when it comes to racism; the blacks have the sickness; not whites.
    Go ahead , read the black on white murder rates ; this war against whites has been out of control since the civil rights laws were passed in 1964.
    The Justice department keeps track of who kills whom; the objective statistics are there for any open minded white liberal, like Chris Matthews , and all the white , self- hating talking heads who just can not stop lying about whites being so evil, which only creates more mayhem , assaults, rapes, and murder,by racist , blacks, against white people .

  20. BDBinc says:

    “Charleston: 15 Questions that Demand Answers”

  21. bballar18 says:

    Any thoughts on this being another gun grabbing psyop from the government? Considering the government fast tracked 29 million dollars to the “victim’s” families and their was an active shooter drill taking place in Charleston during that exact same time! Here are some interesting links!

    $29 million in hush money for Charleston shooting victims (by David Action Reporting)

    Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors “We Feel Nothing But Love” Exposed (Redsilverj)

    Charleston Shooting Hoax Was Part of Active Shooter Drill! June 15-19 PROOF! (Redsilverj)

    • Mark Burke says:

      100% hoax shooting never happened.This guy supposedly reloaded 5 times with everyone waited their turn to get shot without beating the living shit out of him? Don’t think so.

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