Shocker: the dangers of Ultrasound

The great Jim West does it again

by Jon Rappoport

May 17, 2015

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Every time Jim West releases a new finding, it is a revelation.

Some years ago, I wrote this about Jim:

“I always find it riveting to come across an independent investigator who is breaking new ground, against all odds. Jim West is such a person. His meticulous analysis of West Nile Disease [in fact caused by toxic pollution, not a virus] has turned the establishment on its head. We should all thank him for his work. If I were the king of Pulitzers, I would give him a dozen. He is what truly deep reporting is all about. In a sane world, his revelations would bring about the firing of scores of so-called medical journalists and disease researchers, and he would be sitting at the top of the heap — not in order to exercise arbitrary power, but simply because he has trumped the lazy and the incompetent and the lying professionals who are supposed to tell us what is going on.”

There are many other things I could say in praise of Jim’s work. Instead, I’ll present an excerpt from the notice of his new book. It’s a book you should have and read. It’s a book that should receive wide notice. It’s a book that should change standard medical practice. It’s a book that can save many lives.

Press Release 5/15/2015

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Contact: ; pub at harvoa dot org

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Prenatal Ultrasound: A New Bibliography of Human Studies Conducted in Modern China

Jim West has released his unprecedented Bibliography of critical ultrasound research, as a book, available at

Ultrasound is a highly controversial topic. It can now be said, without hyperbole, that an understanding of its mysteries are essential to the well-being of the individual and the human species.

The word “ultrasound” commonly refers to diagnostic ultrasound, an acoustic technology utilized to view images of the fetus in real time, its position within the mother, and to view the mother’s reproductive organs. It is an economic boon to medical practitioners who advocate its routine use.

Diagnostic ultrasound is widely declared to be “harmless” to the fetus (*), despite some mothers describing via online forums such as The Thinking Mother’s Revolution, vaginal bleeding and pain, and others describing every detail related to ultrasound and pharmaceutical or vaccine associated damage to their child. Ultrasound is now being applied to most of the entire world population during its fetal stage. The health implications are vast in terms of physical and psychological health for the individual and society.

(*) See: “Fetal Ultrasound”, John Hopkins Medicine Health Library.

Ultrasound appears to have set the human specie on a tragic path, due to the subtle and not-so-subtle effects of ultrasound exposure. Critics argue, for example, that the exponential rise in autism incidence is a product of fetal exposure to ultrasound. If they are correct, then it may take many generations to recover from this misguided application of medical technology.

Technical History:

Ultrasound imaging technology for diagnostic examinations evolved from a type of echo-imaging, originally developed as SONAR, a technology invented to detect submarines by pinging sound waves off the submarine hull and electronically measuring the echo, the duration required to reflect ultrasound from the submarine hull back to the source of the ultrasound.

In the medical field, ultrasound has been in use for many decades, employed to generate “echo images” of the fetus. Ultrasound is not ordinary sound, however.

It is a highly unusual form of sound when used for the purpose of prenatal or obstetric diagnostic examinations. Humans ordinarily are capable of hearing sounds in the range of 20 to 20,000 cycles per second (hertz). Ultrasound for fetal examination carries a frequency in the range of 3 to 9 megahertz, millions of cycles per second, above the EMF frequencies of the AM radio band.

Ultrasound imaging technology has supplanted, to an extent, the earlier imaging technology, X-rays. That older technology is now known publicly to be hazardous, to be carcinogenic, however, it took decades for this knowledge to become public. The history of medical X-ray imaging may be a parallel for ultrasound history. X-rays were previously known to be a risk though continuously advocated as harmless by the medical profession.

Hazards Unconfirmed:

Ultrasound is known to have the potential to produce harmful biological effects in the fetus. This has been found via animal and cell studies. However, these hazards have supposedly not been confirmed by human studies. Funding for ultrasound studies has virtually disappeared since the late 1980s. despite the FDA raising ultrasound intensity limits in 1991.

Cibull et al (2013) provides definitive assurance.

“Although laboratory studies have shown that diagnostic levels of ultrasound can produce physical effects in tissue, there is no evidence from human studies of a causal relationship between diagnostic ultrasound exposure during pregnancy and adverse biological effects to the fetus.” — Sarah L. Cibull, BS, Gerald R. Harris, PhD, and Diane M. Nell, PhD. “Trends in Diagnostic Ultrasound Acoustic Output From Data Reported to the US Food and Drug Administration for Device Indications That Include Fetal Applications.” J Ultrasound Med 32 (2013): 1921–32.

Confirmed in China:

Unknown to Western scientists, the hazards of ultrasound have been confirmed in China since the late 1980s, where thousands of women, volunteering for abortion, thousands of maternal-fetal pairs, were exposed to carefully controlled diagnostic ultrasound and the abortive matter then analyzed via laboratory techniques.

From these human studies, Professor Ruo Feng, of Nanjing University, published guidelines in 2000:

“Commercial or educational fetal ultrasound imaging should be strictly eliminated. Ultrasound for the identification of fetal sex and fetal entertainment imaging should be strictly eliminated. For the best early pregnancy, avoid ultrasound.”

Feng is very clear. He is also gentle. He could have written bluntly, “For a lesser quality pregnancy, use ultrasound.” He could have written “fetus” or “child” instead of “pregnancy”.

A New Bibliography:

An unprecedented Bibliography of Chinese ultrasound studies by Jim West, is now available, published as a book with commentary, illustrative graphs and tables. This is a presentation of arcana, i.e., vitally important but unknown scientific studies. The title is, “50 Human Studies Indicate Extreme Risk for Prenatal Ultrasound: A New Bibliography”.

This is the most important bibliography and commentary ever compiled for the field of ultrasound criticism, though for legal reasons, its conclusions and implications should be suspended, pending trustworthy authoritative review.

The book presents human studies conducted in modern China, which examine the results of in utero fetal exposure to diagnostic ultrasound. They far exceed Western science in terms of technical sophistication, era relevancy, volume of work, and number of subjects. They bring empirical evidence for ultrasound hazards.

These studies involve the exposure of over 2,700 maternal-fetal pairs to diagnostic ultrasound. The number of scientists involved are approximately 100. Pregnant women were carefully selected and then exposed to controlled ultrasound sessions. Ethical concerns were carefully observed. Abortive matter was examined via state-of-the-art technology, e.g., electron microscopy, flow cytometry, and various biochemical analysis (immuno- and histo-). The results were compared against the results of sham-exposed pregnant women (exposed at zero intensity).

Chinese scientists measured damage to the brain, kidney, cornea, chorionic villi, and the immune system. They determined the amount of ultrasound exposure required to produce damage to the human fetus, and that amount was found to be very low. Ultrasound hazards to the human fetus were confirmed without doubt.

Western scientists had previously found hazards via animal and cell studies, however, their findings were deemed inconclusive because they were not confirmed by human studies.

Human studies can be of two types: 1) epidemiological studies, i.e., population reviews, and, 2) in utero exposure studies, where abortive matter is evaluated in a laboratory following diagnostic ultrasound exposure to the fetus in the mother.

Western scientists have conducted only a few epidemiological studies, and virtually no human exposure studies. Epidemiological studies are complex, have many statistical variables, and are thus highly vulnerable to biased interpretation. They are often published as moot or statistically insignificant, despite finding patterns of ultrasound damage.

Due to abortion ethics, in utero exposure studies were virtually banned in the Western realm. Within the entire world population, the medical industry has not reported one case of human damage. Thereby, without certain proof, authorities continued on with the assumption that humans were resistant to ultrasound toxicity.

The Chinese studies were unknown in the Western realm and little known even in the East. These represent 23 years of critical research, from 1988 to 2011. Unfortunately, these studies were overwhelmed by a tremendous flood of studies that promote medical and therapeutic innovations for ultrasound.

The Chinese studies have remained disconnected from the Western realm, beyond discussion outside of China, being the casualty of cultural and language gaps, and lacking a benefit for industry.

These studies are not generally available through global search engines or medical databases. Even if a researcher knew the titles, the studies would not be found, however, they are available through internal links within the Chinese databases.

The Research Path:

As of 2013, Jim West began his research out of frustration. He had experienced the impossibilities of discussion whenever the topic of ultrasound hazards was attempted, even with his nearest friends. He always brought eloquent documentation, though to no avail. He was met with reflexive blocks. These were passive and aggressive, apparently out of fear of the birth process and a belief that ultrasound would provide assurance.

Realizing that people require authoritative statements, Jim searched for a simple statement of empirical evidence that could not be denied.

After several months of intensive research within the Western scientific realm, he, like others, realized there was little definitive evidence that would satisfy the strict industrial requirements, that is, there were few human studies of any kind. Human studies had been deemed by authorities to be essential for confirmation of hazards. He was aware of the hundreds of animal and cell studies, but they were known to be ill-designed and inconclusive. Excellent critical studies were contradicted by competing studies that declared ultrasound safe. Jim did find a few very strong animal studies that had not been contradicted, but they were ignored or rejected by mere authoritative assertion.


As a working research theory, Jim hypothesized that the ideal modern ultrasound study would utilize a very sensitive type of chromatography, called “electrophoresis”, to detect cell damage caused by ultrasound exposure. Electrophoresis is a simple technology, the moving of electric current through a sample of biological matter in order to draw its various components through a gel-covered plate. The various components separate out through the gel, creating visual patterns for analysis. Electrophoresis is used to analyze biological complexes such as nucleic acid (DNA or RNA). It is employed, for example, in DNA fingerprinting, to identify people, their DNA, to detect their prior presence at a location, by examining samples of blood, hair, or tissue and matching those analytical results with suspects who had been similarly analyzed.

Jim’s focus on electrophoresis lead to a Chinese electrophoresis study of ultrasound causation for DNA fragmentation in abortive matter. The study is published in pristine scientific format and published in English. The study’s references lead to an expanding tree of studies located in Chinese online databases such as CNKI. Though these studies are primarily in Chinese language, many contained an Abstract, translated into English manually or by machine software.

Many studies were reviewed by professor Ruo Feng, of the Acoustic Institute at Nanjing University. He determined guidelines from the studies, stipulating that routine ultrasound be avoided. Only if there were exceptional medical indications should ultrasound be allowed, and at minimum intensity. Sessions should be very brief, no more than 3 minutes, 5 minutes at most. Multiple sessions should be avoided because hazards are cumulative. Sensitive organs were found damaged at 1 minute exposure.

The Chinese studies echo and confirm the earlier, ignored and rejected, 1984 “Consensus Statement”, written and published by the National Institute of Health and signed by the preeminent American scientists of that era. (See: NIH, “Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging in Pregnancy: NIH Consensus Development Conference Statement” (February 6, 1984))

Currently, the medical industry loudly claims that ultrasound is “harmless” while it advocates routine ultrasound for pregnant women and even prepubescent girls. It is not uncommon for ultrasound sessions to use intensities and durations far above those used in the Chinese studies.

Jim has done the math and graphically illustrates the evidence, for example, this comparison of Western critical studies and Chinese studies in terms of durations to damage, when subjected to the average device intensity for a common diagnostic ultrasound session in B-mode. These durations are approximated extrapolations.

Jim’s ultrasound causation model is fully compatible with the vaccine model, because it includes the concept of toxic synergy, and ultrasound is an effective synergist. Ultrasound is theoretically capable of initiating fetal vulnerabilities to subsequent toxic exposure. Thus the risk of subsequent exposure to vaccines, birth drugs, antibiotics and other environmental stressors would be raised by prenatal ultrasound, not in addition, but as a multiplier. (Emphasis added)


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

26 comments on “Shocker: the dangers of Ultrasound

  1. theodorewesson says:

    Regarding “Analyzing Information in the Age of Disinformation” — in Jon’s Power Outside The Matrix collection (, Jon writes the following in an article titled “Ebola for alert minds: the art of the covert narrative”:

    “When a researcher or an investigator suspects he is looking at an artificial narrative, a storyline that is floated to achieve a hidden agenda, he has to deal with one overriding question:

    “How deep does he want to go, in order to root out the potential lies and false material? Into how basic a level of the narrative does he want to cut, to see what leaks out?”

    Jim West has cut very deep into the basic a level of the narrative, indeed.

  2. theodorewesson says:

    “These studies are not generally available through [NSA’s global search engine that spies on you, Google] or medical databases. Even if a researcher knew the titles [of the studies, the studies would not be returned to you by NSA-Google]. However, they are available through internal links within the Chinese databases.”

  3. mothman777 says:

    Back in the 1980’s I read a report in Mother Jones Magazine on this very issue of ultrasound harming unborn babies. Ultrasound flash heats tissue to a temperature at which brain and other neurological tissue, as well as lung tissue of course, can start to break break down, so the strong likelihood of damaging unborn babies with this frequency definitely exists, and one study did demonstrate a slight difference in the number of left handed babies born after ultrasound, so some brain changes are evident there.

    Cutting babies umbilical cords almost immediately after birth, preventing 30% to 50% of blood intended to reach the baby from getting there is another ‘odd’ practice, when they could leave the babies for 20 minutes or so until all the intended blood has finished transferring into the babies, to pump up their lungs properly, so that they can then oxygenate their brains fully. They have known for over 200 years that damage to babies occurs when they are derived of blood like this, yet they continue, surrounded by a battery of precision scientific instruments and laboratory testing procedures that tell them exactly what is happening to the distressed babies, who can be left with varying degrees of permanent disability, mostly barely noticeable, but just damaged enough to take to certain vital qualities from them.

    That is in addition to the ‘odd’ and entirely unnecessary practice of vaccination of course, given that the 1939 Raymond Royal Rife Beam Machine that could provenly cure any pathogenic disease and 100% of all cancer cases (cancer having been found by Rife to be facilitated by a pathogenic organism which his machine could destroy), no matter how advanced, was hidden away from the American peoples, and all the other peoples of all the world, quite needlessly and in highly sinister fashion, under the Roosevelt administration.

    And then we have the other ‘odd’ practice, of cutting off living babies’ arms, then their legs, then, finally, their heads, before vacuuming the pieces out in routine abortion procedures, without any anaesthetic having been given to the child, as they writhe around in agony inside the womb, as evidenced in the film ‘The Silent Scream’, which you can see on YouTube.

    And more and more can be added to the list of ‘odd’ things that our ‘superiors’ tell us are vital and necessary, and even harmless and actually beneficial, and make us undergo, like making us eat GMO foods to destroy the integrity of our genomes and the genomes of all the plant and animal food sources, with gene damaging roundup then being sprayed on all that food, and even on non-GMO crops of wheat before harvesting.

    And then we have microwave ovens, damaging the food, and then we have irradiation of food, with one study demonstrating that 80% of children fed irradiated wheat developed a pre-cancerous chromosomal disorder called polyploidy. We could all write a book filled with instances like this. As they say, the people in charge could not organize a piss up in a brewery, or it it all quite deliberate?

    It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? If I or you were to be able to have genuine scientific studies looked at by a genuine legislature, these things would be changed overnight, so I think it is deliberate, and not down to mere ignorance or even simple callous mindedness. It is much more complex than that, as these people know exactly what they are doing with extremely fine scientific precision, but then, after all that, it does actually still boil down to spiritual callousness towards all those whose peoples and races they no longer wish to see inhabiting this Earth in future generations.

    • henry says:

      At social gatherings I’ve talked to a number of medical doctors, lawyers and people who work in the pharmaceutical industry. Based on those conversations I must disagree with your conclusions that the harm that they are doing is deliberate. Rather, they don’t trust their own thought processes. They assume that they know much more about their expertise than people not in their field. So, they will find any information that comes from the uninitiated that conflicts with their indoctrination as being not worthy to actually be evaluated with an open mind. They also have been dis-empowered in their ability to challenge the people in the field who have been deemed to be experts. At the top of the food chain, the ‘experts’ realize that if they say or write anything to controversial that they would lose their designation as an ‘expert’ by the powers that be.

      It looks like that there are some real evil bastards that control the whole mechanism.

      • mothman777 says:

        I have heard this same point from other people too, that, as you state, their viewpoint is blinkered for that reason, and yes, peer pressure and pressure from their superiors might be seen as dictating the apparent necessity of their towing the line like most of them do, lest they lose their positions, and even their accreditation, so yes, the sheer numbers of people bound by the archaic system and by each other might seem at first to be the only thing that keeps the whole thing perpetuating itself.

        It took several decades to get the lack of vitamin C recognized as the real cause of scurvy in British Navy sailors, when the cause had already been established elsewhere for several decades, and a further several decades, even after the medical facts were already established and known amongst the Admiralty staff, for the British Admiralty to bother to implement that already established knowledge by providing limes to sailors on long voyages.

        So the establishment was loathe to mitigate the suffering of their sailors, leaving sailors to suffer terribly for decades with no real justifiable reason at all, save that of mere sadism born of hateful class prejudice towards those they actually saw as cannon fodder from an inferior people in the meantime. Perhaps it was felt that to keep sailors weak and easily controlled by such means suited the Admiralty just fine, so they held off from granting their sailors anything that might mitigate their suffering. After all, in those days, a smack on the back of the head by a press gang was the very means by which many sailors had been inducted into naval service, so the Admiralty certainly did not want their men to be too fit, lest they become surly as a result, challenging their authority, preferring rather to keep them constantly licking their wounds, in a constant state of malaise and constant enfeeblement.

        I think that this is still the real case today having met some of the scum that presently rule us, and their attitude is every bit the same as those in British Admiralty positions all those years ago, being one of absolute, total, utter, hateful arrogance and sadism towards those they see as their natural inferiors, whilst they pose outwardly as having genuine serious concern for the heath and welfare of their subjects, such as is necessary for these dictators to con their way into public acceptance under the pretence of having sincere benevolent intent towards them within the faked democracy.

        Underneath the superficial apparent niceties of genteel society, that ugliness lurks still, within the hunting crowd, those who quite happily order the bombing and blasting of civilian populations of other countries to smithereens, with great pleasure, as pleasure is what it is all about, since there is never any real threat of war actually justifying their acts of genocidal terrorism.

        It is those same people who very knowingly and deliberately maintain the archaic structures that are seemingly unchangeable.

        For all of those trapped within such an establishment, it is a little like an electorate being trapped under a two party system that really is nothing more than a dictatorship, with no other party to vote for.

        I know that if medical students at university fail to state that they accept the established understandings in continuance of older viewpoints, then they will automatically be marked down to fail their exams, and thus their chances to become fully accredited, then enter a respected position in their intended profession and THEN use their position as a properly accredited professional to really change the system for the better are ruined.

        I know one PhD who was told in definite terms by her tutors that if she continued to posit the ideas that consciousness can exist outside the human brain, and that there are different dimensions of consciousness beyond this dimension, then she would definitely receive a fail after her exams, so she wrote a white lie agreeing with established medical views, thus successfully gaining her PhD, and now practices as a shamanistic psychologist with a PhD.

        So the choice still remains for many to leave the established blinkered and controlled system, and work independently from it wherever possible, as their conscience and understanding permit.

        • henry says:

          My approach in talking to these matrix loving intellectuals is to not talk in generalities. Finding one fact that can independently be verified as either true or false. Finding a fact that is believe to be true as an article of faith by the other person can be tricky. If I come on too strong in the beginning they will use defense mechanisms to hide their thoughts. I find an idea that we have come to different conclusions on and ask what is the defect in my reasoning. This leads to a tree of other ideas until there is an assertion that is either objectively true or false. This is the only approach that I have found to be somewhat successful in opening minds.

          This approach does not always work. If you are talking to a fundamentalist Christian and ask how they know the Bible is literally true, they will be honest and say it is true because they believe it to be true. The pseudo intellectual will not admit that their beliefs have anything to do with faith. In fact, many of them will put Christians down for choosing ancient myths over scientific rationality. They find if difficult to believe that their godless religion is a religion at all.

    • Hedy Kwan says:

      Hi hi Mothman,
      It may sound bit late to you, unfortunately I didn’t get to read your reply to Shocker until just this minute. For the first time ever, I’d found someone on identical brain wave. And THIS is the real SHOCKER to me!
      Every paragraph you’ve wrote above is exactly my sentiments, and in that order, as if I’d done the writings myself but better spoken. I’d just absolutely can’t believe it!
      Very curious here, who are you? My soul mate or something? Very interested in meeting you, email, facebook or whatever, okay with you?

  4. victoryintruth says:

    I’ve known this for years but people/sheeple don’t want to hear it. It’s “cool” to have those US pictures to show around and they just HAVE to know the sex of their vulnerable unborn child, doncha know. They still trust the criminals who pretend to care about the mother’s health and that of her unborn child. I am old enough (64) to remember that, during pregnancy, one abstained from all drugs, vaccines, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and the like. Their gloves are off and it’s become an all-out war against the American sheeple and their future generations which are being destroyed at an astounding pace.

    I trust NO medical doctor or anyone associated with that “profession”. They are liars, quacks, intentionally ignorant predators and they can rot in hell for all I care.

    • From Québec says:

      You are so right,

      These days, I’m looking for a place to rent. I visited one place last week, a triplex, first floor, that I really llked and wanted. The landlord told me that he had 60 visits and that he only retain 3 people worth renting to, and that he would take his decision on Sunday. He phoned me Sunday to tell me that he had chosen me. But meanwhile, I had passed again in front of the place and noticed 3 Meters on my wall.

      So I asked him if the Meters were Smart Meters. He proudly said yes. I said that this would be a problem for me, since I would have the three meters directly in my face while I am at the computer. I explained to him how harmful they were. He said that he would get informed on that, and that if I’m right, he would remove them.

      Ten minutes later, he phoned me back. He had contacted his daughter (a nurse) who told him that they were perfectly safe. She said dad, you should be worried to rent to people who fear them, they are the same people who let their kids die all around the world, because they fear to vaccinate their children.

      I replied: Well, do not fear me, I’m not ready to fry my own brain, so I will have to decline the offer. Thank you for choosing me. Thanks, but no thanks. Your place is beautiful, and I am sure you will easily rent it, so many people are uninformed.

  5. From Québec says:

    We are led by a bunch of greedy psychopaths whose only goal is to harm us and kill us. Their eugenist depopulation agenda in action by stealth.

    Stay away from doctors would be my best advice. Only go to hospital if you have a car accident or something similar.

    • mothman777 says:

      Well said, though I myself happen to think that the term eugenics is somewhat of a misnomer, since that word would imply that the various peoples and races whose genomes are being damaged are actually being genetically improved in some manner by all this, when actually, precisely the reverse is actually occurring, and most certainly, it would be quite impossible to find any instance of actual improvement of the human genome through all this, even if it were to be argued that such is in fact occurring nonetheless by these ‘medical’ assaults somehow intensifying some kind of selection process, natural or otherwise. I think instead that a process of the deliberate creation of dysgenic peoples is being quite deliberately applied.

  6. middleway says:

    Thank you Jon for bringing up, once again, the cutting-edge journalistic research of Jim West. Jim has languished in the highly suppressed realm of insightful investigative journalism for far too long. I have also found it ironic that in order to find research of any intrinsic value, I have had to rely on the research documentation produced by Chinese, Indian or Russian studies. If this fact does not illustrate the slide of western science into the grasp of the elitists corporate interests, nothing will. By today’s western scientific standards Jim’s work is as refreshing as it is revolutionary.

  7. FP says:

    Re: “Pro-Ultrasound” Sarah L. Cibull, BS” her name says it all: Sarah L. SeeBull, BS.

    Had not heard of Jim West nor re the dangers of Ultrasound. Good to know, thanks for the Edu!

    They also use Ultrasound to check how the carotid arteries in the neck are flowing. I had that done back in the 1990s. I remember the nurse/tech saying how harmless it was, & I believed her/them. :-/

    Now I know a lot more re the subject of Frequencies > Radiation > Sound > Vibration. they are all the same, actually (forced to learn over the past year thanks to the “Smart Grid” horror!)

    Re: “Ultrasound for fetal examination carries a frequency in the range of 3 to 9 megahertz, millions of cycles per second, above the EMF frequencies of the AM radio band.”

    As a comparison: The USA Power Grid is 60-Hertz which produces 120 cycles (or “polarity changes” > oscillations > vibrations) per second. Since 1-MegaHertz is 1-Million-Hertz, those unborn babies are being zapped with 3-Million to 9-Million Hertz! Heartbreaker!

    All of us worldwide are being zapped at 900-Million Hertz (3G > 900mHz wifi, cellphones, celltowers, Smart Grids), & I don’t even know what mHz or GHz the 4G & LTE Bands are(?)

    But cord-LESS phones are 2.4GHz. 1-GigaHertz is 1-Billion-Hertz. So for the convenience of “walking around while talking” on a cord-LESS phone, the radiation exposure is to the tune of 2-Billion-400-Million Hertz! Everyone should revert back to Landline Phones ASAP since ATT, Verizon, etc. are trying to do away with that option altogether. If everyone began demanding Landlines again, they might not be able to get away with it!

    And speaking of babies, Mothers! Do not use a radiation-transmitting “Baby Monitor”! (I don’t know the exact Frequency for those, but it’s Not Good for Baby’s Head to have such a monitor in/near its crib!) And do Not give the toddlers & children iphones nor ipads to play with. They are deadly “babysitters”! (Worse than the TV!)

    Re: “Humans ordinarily are capable of hearing sounds in the range of 20 to 20,000 cycles per second (hertz).”

    Some of us, thanks to Smart Grid/Powerlines, can now hear Infrasound (below 20-Hertz). Not Fun! It is a “penetrating vibration” as much as it is a “sound.” Infrasound is same range/Frequencies of human internal organs, including brain, eyes, etc., so it literally vibrates/oscillates your body inside & out. It is nothing short of Slow Kill Torture. (It is vibrating buildings, too!)

    “Modern Technology” (Medical & Otherwise) is Pandora’s Box, from Before-Cradle to Grave!

  8. I thought it was better than mammograms for women, radiating their breast, as ive been through the hell of cancer w my wife, but i see where the ultrasound could definably hurt a baby, or a human brain, since we all are vibratory beings. As usual, Jon, your a dam smart man sir. appreciate you. wanted to slip this in, obama care has failed, in Hawaii. many have died to find out its no good.

  9. ozziethinker says:

    I have said before and will say again that ALL viruses are caused by toxicity and/or pollution as they represent cellular “reactions to” external bodies [organic or non-organic]. That is why science struggles to locate viruses and when it does present something in isolation it merely demonstrates standardised cellular mutations. Lets face it, if all cancers are caused by dormant fungi “activated” by external factors impacting the internal [body], then it is logical for viruses to be an extension/variety of these mechanics.

    I am not sure if I mentioned this before but I recently attended a talk by the New Zealander’ Suzy Hansen who had published her book (co-authored with astrophysicist Dr Rudy Schild) Dual Soul Connection. As an authority on the Zeta beings, she recanted some interesting feedback on what air travel has done for mankind. Unbeknown to conventional science (although in recent times a little work is being done on this) the Earth has more than an atmosphere. It is a harmonic environment consisting of complex wave formations. Routine and ever increasing air travel has interfered with and fractured these harmonics. This has affected the human nervous system and some other biological functions. One step forward….three steps back.

    It is surprising, the more I look, just how ignorant we (as a supposed prime species) are.


    • theodorewesson says:

      Just to add,… for example, the “SARS virus”…

      The SARS Epidemic: Are Viruses Taking the Rap for Industrial Poisons?


      Airline Pesticides


      What most travelers don’t realize is that airlines routinely apply pesticides to airplanes, especially those on Asian routes. Airlines call their pesticide application “disinsection.” A US Department of Transportation memo describes two methods of application: “Either spray the aircraft cabin, with an aerosolized insecticide, while passengers are on board or treat the aircraft’s interior surfaces with a residual insecticide.”

      On August 2, 2001, CNN reported on a lawsuit filed by United Airlines stewardesses for damages caused by pesticides sprayed in United Airlines planes on Australian and New Zealand routes. No further mention of the lawsuit has appeared in the press.

      However, on March 17, 2003, Pesticide Action Network Updates Service (PANUPS) announced: “An airline flight to the tropics may involve greater health risks. . . pesticides are routinely sprayed in aircraft cabins by US airlines, sometimes over the heads of passengers during flight.”

      • From Québec says:


        With the body scanners that irradiate you at the airport, the body search that humiliates you, the toxic vaccines to take before traveling to some countries, and now the pesticides… WOW!

        Who in his right mind would want to travel anymore?

      • ozziethinker says:

        That’s the “crunch”, Theo.

        The industrialists are getting greedier and greedier and it will eventually impact everyone, including THEM as well. This is the war no one talks about (as a specific issue). Corporations wilfully pollute our environments under guidance and legislation of governments. Sure, they try and do things as “safely as possible” to avoid blowback, in most cases, but with that many “interests” queuing up for new and cunning short cuts to mammon, blowback regularly happens. If they are not careful there will not be a bed “fit for sleeping in” in the future.

  10. Tina Rock says:

    Does Jim West have a website? I googled him and all I can come up with is his book on Amazon.

  11. Linda says:

    It’s a sad and scary world …the people we depend on to save us from ruthless greedy psychopaths have jumped on the bandwagon. That would be the scientists, medical professionals and people we elected. In every group some good people with ethics and morals but definitely a small minority nowhere near the tipping point. Young mothers putting their numerous ultrasounds on fb thinking no harm being done, getting every vaccine going, is it any wonder that children’s hospitals are getting bigger and bigger.

  12. John C. A. Manley says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. My wife went through a very high-risk pregnancy. She was having ultrasounds every single day – or there about — for months. My son was born blind. Correlation isn’t proof, but it does make me suspicious that the ultrasounds didn’t help.

  13. Pretty damned disturbing.

    Wait a minute! Being that I was a radioman for a number of years, 3 – 9 MHz is FAR ABOVE the sound spectrum. This should not be referred to as “ultra-sound”, because the frequency range used is NOT within the audio/sound spectrum. 3- 9 MHz is in the “shortwave” radio spectrum (80M & 35-40M bands- for you Amateur Radio buffs)!

    That also violates several sections of the Maximum Exposure Limits for Electromagnetic Radio-Frequency Exposure from the Federal Communications Commission regulations (Part 98, if I am not too mistaken)! These are the same exposure limit standards that all amateur radio operators have to observe whenever they do a “field day” or any other public exhibitions of working radio sites.

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