Explosive: Pesticides in Paradise; the war on life in Hawaii

Explosive: Pesticides in Paradise: the war on life in Hawaii

If you were the President of the United States, and the land where you were raised was under attack, would you see something, say something, do something?

If you were a tourist, would you visit this place?

by Jon Rappoport

May 8, 2015


The Hawai’i Center for Food Safety has just released a major report, Pesticides in Paradise. It details an ongoing chemical assault on the people and the land of Hawaii.

I’ll present several key quotes which, in a half-sane world, would force government officials to take immediate and drastic action to stop the onslaught and punish the corporate offenders with lengthy prison sentences.

Yet, right now, the voters of Maui County, who scored a victory last November, who created a new law temporarily blocking Monsanto and Dow from continuing these inhuman experiments, while a true investigation uncovered all the secret details…the voters of Maui are embroiled in a federal court room to make their entirely legitimate vote stand up.

Similar legislative actions on Kauai and the Big Island have been struck down.

As you read the quotes below, keep in mind we are talking about human experimentation with no informed consent from the population. This is not, for the most part, commercial agriculture.

From the report, Pesticides in Paradise:

“Since 1987 Hawai’i has hosted more cumulative [pesticide] field trials (3,243) than any other state. In 2014 alone, 178 different GE field tests were conducted on over 1,381 sites in Hawai’i (vs. only 175 sites in California).”

“DuPont-Pioneer applied 90 different pesticide formulations containing 63 different active ingredients on Kaua’i from 2007 to 2012. The company sprayed on two-thirds (65%) of the days over this period and made from 8.3 to 16 applications per application day on average.”

“The third-most frequently applied class of pesticides is also among the most toxic: the organophosphate insecticide chlorpyrifos was sprayed an average of 91 days each year.” [The EPA has written, concerning organophosphates and carbamates: “Both of these classes of older insecticides are very highly acutely toxic to bees and…are also very highly acutely toxic to humans and wildlife.”]

power outside the matrix

Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP) [the most toxic pesticides] sales data for Kaua’i show that 22 RUPs containing 18 active ingredients were applied in agriculture from 2010 to 2012.”

“The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a major report entitled ‘Pesticide Exposure in Children’ that reviewed 195 medical studies; their chief concerns were that pesticides are linked to childhood cancers, neurobehavioral and cognitive deficits, adverse birth outcomes, and asthma.”

“In adult populations, pesticide exposure has been linked to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bladder and colon cancers, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and disrupting our hormonal or endocrine systems.”

You can read more report highlights at the Center for Food Safety.

Corporate wars against populations don’t require Congressional approval or Presidential assertions of power. They only need the acquiescence of government. Silent permission. The pretension of ignorance. And oh yes, sold-out complicit major media.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

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  1. swo8 says:

    “Silent Spring” is back here in Canada. What ever they using is killing the birds.

  2. You know where and who I am Jon, getting real sick now, all I can do is say thank you,

  3. KIMO KALA says:

    (http://www.staradvertiser.com/newspremium/20150508_Pesticides_report_draws_flak_from_seed_industry.html?id=303044801) (paywall)

    Pesticides report draws flak from seed industry

    By Timothy Hurley

    POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, May 08, 2015


    A new report from a group opposed to genetically engineered food says that pesticides used by Hawaii’s seed crop industry are harming residents and the environment. An anti-GMO march in Hale•iwa protested the renewal of a land lease to Monsanto, one of five large seed companies operating in Hawaii.

    A seed crop industry that uses an inordinate amount of pesticides on its genetically engineered field test sites is putting Hawaii’s environment and people at risk, concludes a new report that drew swift rebuke.

    “Pesticides in Paradise: Hawai‘i’s Health & Environment at Risk” — which comes from the same outfit that helped propel the Maui GMO moratorium to ballot victory and lobbied unsuccessfully for pesticide buffer zones and public disclosure of pesticide use in the state Legislature — takes aim at Hawaii’s seed crop industry and establishes what the center describes as a link between pesticide use, genetically engineered field test sites and public health risks in Hawaii.

    Asked to respond, an industry spokes­woman fired back, saying the Hawaii Center for Food Safety’s report uses “emotional subterfuge and misinformation” to attack the state’s seed companies in an effort to raise money for the center’s political activities.

    “CFS’s continuing exclusive focus on seed companies is no surprise,” Bennette Misa­lucha, Hawaii Crop Improvement Association executive director, said in a statement. “With this report, the organization is advancing its true mission — using fear and pseudo­science to raise money and perpetuate misinformation.”

    The report offers what the center describes as a snapshot of the seed industry’s activities in Hawaii. Here are some of the findings:

    » The seed industry occupies up 24,700 acres, representing 72 percent of the state’s total area devoted to food crops other than sugar cane or pineapple, which together takes up 34,400 acres.

    » Since 1987 Hawaii has hosted more cumulative field trials — 3,243 — than any other state.

    » In 2014 alone 178 different GMO field tests were conducted on more than 1,381 sites in Hawaii versus 175 sites in California.

    Herbicide resistance was the most frequently tested trait in GMO crop field tests in Hawaii over the past five years, according to the report, and this means that plants genetically engineered in Hawaii are engineered to resist greater and greater application of herbicides.

    Ashley Lukens, director of the Hawaii Center for Food Safety, said in a news release, “We frequently hear that genetic engineering has nothing to do with pesticides, and that pesticides do not have an impact on our environmental and public health, but this comprehensive review tells a very different story.”

    The report reviews the published scientific and medical research about the threats pesticides used in Hawaii pose to public health, especially to pregnant women and young children. The report also considers the impacts of pesticides on Hawaii’s ecosystems and the challenges the seed industry poses to local food self-sufficiency.

    According to the report, one company applied 90 different pesticide formulations containing 63 different active ingredients on Kauai from 2007 to 2012 and sprayed on two-thirds of the days of the year.

    The state’s Kauai Good Neighbor Program says that seed companies are applying restricted-use pesticides that include atrazine, chlorpyrifos and paraquat, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has identified these and other pesticides being used here as detrimental to healthy brain development in young children. In general, farmworkers, pregnant women and children are at greatest risk, the report said.

    The report also describes a flawed level of regulatory oversight that allows for pesticide use near homes, schools and hospitals and keeps information on pesticide use hidden from public view. Because of this lack of disclosure, the report said, impacts on public health from long-term intensive commercial agriculture and associated pesticide use have not been properly evaluated.

    Lukens, one of the report’s authors, said she hopes the publication will help to build support for legislative measures to protect Hawaii’s citizens from pesticide exposure.

    Misalucha disputed the industry’s pesticide threat level, saying state Department of Agriculture figures indicate that Hawaii’s entire agricultural sector is a minority user of pesticides, accounting for only one-third of all restricted-use pesticides sold in the state. The seed companies collectively account for only about 5 percent — “hardly the monster users that CFS attempts to portray us as,” she said.

    “Hawaii’s seed companies have a sterling track record of compliance with pesticide regulations, and are committed to the continued health and safety of the community,” Misalucha said.

    Hawaii’s seed crop industry is the state’s top agricultural product by value at $159 million. Five companies — BASF, Dow AgroSciences, Monsanto, Pioneer Hi-Bred International and Syngenta — conduct seed research in Hawaii, operating 10 farms on Oahu, Maui, Molo­­kai and Kauai.

  4. Molecule X says:


    I like your writings. The following is admitedly too long, but it’s an idea which I’m asking you to consider. You might be the right person to get this out. Cerfainly better than me. Feel free to delete and edit as you desire.


    Get ready Americans for the biggest SWITCHEROO ever.

    GMO (gullible, meek and obedient) is Monsanto’s dystopia for the future of humanity. Glyphosate is naught but one of the enablers. At the other end of the scale, the United Nations creates treaties and laws. Enforcement is done by treaty with fictitious “entities” such as the “US Government.”

    The Rockefeller-Rothschild foundations have created a new fictitious entity called the UN International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Until recently, no one had heard it. It has now declared glyphosate as a potential carcinogen.

    Sadly, all the yahoos did yahoo. For some reason, they were unable to see the underlying geometry. Even if banned, glyphosate will still be an enabler for the Monsanto agenda.

    Back in the 1930s, the true intention of the Bolshevik agenda was unfolded for all to see. In the Holodomor, the concept of the independent and successful family farm, and of local cooperatives of family farmers, was effectively eradicated.

    Families of the Ukraine, who had lived and operated their farms for centuries, were exterminated. By starvation. On their own farms.

    In order to reduce future Russian populations to global slavery by communism, the “redcoats” (i.e. Bolshevik enforcers, appointed by Lenin, Stalin, et al) and their controlled opposition, the “whitecoats,” confiscated all seed stocks, and literally starved, to death, roughly thirty million of the world’s most successful and independent farmers, while they were living on some of the most fertile lands in all the world.

    In order to participate in “the new economics” of Bolshevism, each farm was assigned an arbitrarry production quota, asslgned by a “governing committee.” Governing committees were ultimately appointed by people who were appointed by a fifth column of global treason, known as Wall St. The farmer who failed to meet his artificially elevated quotas, using chemicals and forced labor supplied by the “governing committee” to produce soil damaging crops, had his land confiscated and he and his family were starved to death or removed to Siberia. The Holodomor was not only the largest, and most successful, farmer extermination program in history (surpassing even the “re-education” camps of “Chairman Mao”), but it resulted in the largest transfer of farm land, from successful independent farmers, who were in fruitful production by cooperation with nature, to a handful of dystopian eugenicists. Chemicals and slave labor are their standard enablers. The Holodomor is rarely mentioned, let alone thought of as a program to transfer land to a bunch of Wall St. know-it-alls.

    Keep your eyes open, all ye good American farmers. This discovery, in 2015, by some surprise committee of “the UN,” that no one ever heard of, that glyphosate is now suddenly a poison, is NOT good news.

    Just as 30 million successful Ukrainian farmers were starved off their farm lands in the Holodomor, the BIG SWITCH is coming is coming to America.

    Admittedly, the Bolshevik agenda is so big, and yet so morally insane, it can be almost impossible to believe it. Surely the Holodomor never happened. Surely the world’s most successful farmers weren’t starved off their own lands.

    After a UN (Wall St.) entity called the “US Govt” determinied that glyphosate was “generally regarded as safe,” an unknown UN committee suddenly declares that glyphosate is a poison. By treaty with the “UN,” the “US Govt” will now be forced to pass laws to enforce the sudden “finding.” “Henceforth, in the name of public safety, no water or food that contains trace amounts of cancerous poisons, shall be sold as food or nourishment for public consumption.” In order to implement the new “public policy” … “all farm lands and all water supplies, including groundwater, surface water and aquifers, that are found to have been contaminated by glyphosate, shall immediately cease sales, including local sales at farmer’s markets. Any farmer who disobeys shall have his lands confiscated, and his family shall be sent to an appropriate re-education camp for treatment.”

    The stupidity (?) of Wall St farming methods has been enabled by the same controlled opposition, again called the “whitecoats.” Thanks to them, all groundwater and surface waters in north America are now contaminated by pesticides, including glyphosate, to one degree or another, including waters and lands of organic farms that are adjacent to conventional farms.

    Anyone who thinks that the BIG SWITCH can’t happen here, might have another look at the Bolshevik agenda and the Holodomor. In the 1930s thirty million successful, sovereign and independent family farmers in the Ukraine, were starved to death, on their own family farms, by government committees and enforcement of Wall St.’s edicts. The Second Holodomor, now called Agenda 21, may soon result in an even largest transfer of fertile land, from independent north American farmers and local cooperatives, to a handful of bankers, who operate by enforcement through dystopian entities such as the “US Govt,” and their fictitious insider-appointed “governing committees.”

  5. In 1996, my two children and myself exposed the pesticide 24D — otherwise known as Agent Orange — in Auburn California.

    My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. my son had seizure disorders. and. the right side of my face was reduced to heavy rashes and I was in and out of hospitals for 2 years.

    My family was one of the first to be classified as environmentally compromised, E.I.
    Over the years we are progressively became better and redirected my practice to autoimmune conditions.
    I personally have had very few incidences since 1996 until I flew to Osaka Japan in june 2015 where I was exposed to organophosphate.
    I am happy to see that world awareness in chemical toxic poisoning even though its 19 years later

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