Medical-drug destruction of life, by the numbers

Medical-drug destruction of life, by the numbers

by Jon Rappoport

April 29, 2015

I’ll just give you the horrific quotes now and discuss the source afterwards:

“…appropriately prescribed prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death…About 330,000 patients die each year from prescription drugs in the US and Europe.

“They [the drugs] cause an epidemic of about 20 times more [6.6 million per year] hospitalizations, as well as falls, road accidents, and about 80 million [per year] medically minor problems such as pains, discomforts, and dysfunctions that hobble productivity or the ability to care for others.

“Deaths from overmedication, errors, and self-medication would increase these figures.”

In other words, the 330,000 deaths per year, the 6.6 million hospitalizations per year, and the 80 million “medically minor” problems per year…all of this stems from CORRECTLY PRESCRIBED medicines.

The quotes come from the ASA [American Sociological Association] publication called Footnotes, in its November 2014 issue. The article is “The Epidemic of Sickness and Death from Prescription Drugs.” The author of the article is Donald W Light.

Donald W Light is a professor of medical and economic sociology. He is a founding fellow of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2013, he was a fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard. He is a Lokey Visiting Professor at Stanford University and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

It’s been my policy to quote medical analysts who have mainstream credentials, when it comes to adding up the results of medical-drug destruction.

I do this to show that, in refusing to fix the holocaust, the federal government, medical schools, and pharmaceutical companies can’t claim a) their critics and detractors are “fringe researchers” and b) there really isn’t a problem.

Believe me, the officials who should have been fixing the enormous tragedy for at least the past 15 years are intent on hiding it.

The Matrix Revealed

When you stop and think about the meaning of these numbers, one of the things you realize is: this massive destruction of life envelops whole countries.

It not only maims and kills, it brings emotional turmoil and loss to the families, friends, co-workers, and colleagues of those who are killed and maimed: the 330,000 who are killed and the 6.6 million who are hospitalized and the 80 million whose productivity is hobbled or whose ability to care for others is significantly diminished.

If you consciously set out to bring a nation to its knees, to kill it, to disable it, to make it unable to function at any reasonable level, you would be hard pressed to find a more effective long-term method than exposing the population to the US/European medical-drug cartel.

Donald Light is the editor of a book that ought to be studied at every college and medical school in the world: The Risks of Prescription Drugs (Columbia University Press). The basic research that led to his conclusions, cited above, come from that book. His website is

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

20 comments on “Medical-drug destruction of life, by the numbers

  1. Pat says:

    How long must we suffer with prescription drugs?

    • From Québec says:

      As long as you accept them. There are so many alternatives natural medicines that cure diseases. The allopathic medicine doesn’t cure anything, it just mask the symptoms.

  2. I would suggest a different title for this post, a broader view: “Medical Drug Destruction of HEALTH”. Most of today’s drugs do not cure any disease – they treat symptoms and allow the disease to progress. This is an ideal financial solution, because it creates a ‘subscriber’.

    Most diseases cannot be cured by medicine, because they are actually caused by severe unhealthiness, and the only real cure is to improve healthiness until the disease disappears. But improving healthiness is expensive, costly, difficult — and perhaps most important, not good for the bottom line of any drug company.

    The injuries and deaths are not ‘side effects’ of specific drugs that are misused, they are simply the most serious results of a broken system, that is not interested in ‘cures’. Try this trick. Head over to your local medical library and try to find a definition of ‘cure’. MERCK does not define cure. It’s not in the index. Harrison’s Guide to Internal Medicine does not define cure. It’s not in the index. The word ‘cure’ is used inconsistently throughout the text of both of these ‘medical bibles’. Drug companies give lip service to ‘cure’ but avoid it studiously. C

    Cure has actually become a forbidden word. If you search for ‘cures’ you will find only ‘alternative medicines’ claim to provide cures. MERCK tells us how to ‘treat scurvy’ but does not use the word cure. Modern medicine has no theory of cure, only a theory of treatment. Treatments with drugs. Treatments that only treat symptoms, not disease. BTW: There is a theory of cure, defined from a health perspective, here:

    And as a result, disease gets worse, and serious errors follow, leading to injury and death.

    If we are to escape this trap, we need to study health, to seek health, not illness. Drug companies are looking for illness, even creating new illnesses, but not illnesses they can ‘cure’, they are looking for illnesses they can ‘treat’ with a drug prescription. As you well know.
    to your health, tracy

  3. A.B. says:

    The referenced article can be accessed at:

    As a follow on to this commentary – a continuing sobering thought

    “Equitable Access” to pharmaceuticals- drugs, vaccines, medical devices as well as health systems strengthening improvements in developing countries is a top funding and resource priority among international public health policy makers and institutions such as WHO, UNICEF, USAID, DFID, private philanthropies, largely through bilateral foreign assistance and PPPs (public private partnerships with large and small biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Further championing these issues are those large University based global health institute and public health schools which are focusing their research efforts in this vein. (e.g. Harvard School of Public Health, Tulane University, MIT, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, University of Washington, etc.), and the myriad affiliated drug and vaccine research institutes. Yet, pharmaco-vigilence (PV) systems are fledgling at best in these countries – poor to non-existent national drug regulatory boards, lack of political will or resources for strong policy implementation and enforcement, and significantly, a complete lack of reliable information systems on the ground that can generate reliable data on extent of medical adverse events. Imagine – if only 1 – 10% of all drug-related adverse events are getting reported in the US – with supposedly the finest health information systems infrastructure in world, what conditions are in countries like Senegal, Kenya, or Malawi.

    This issue is being addressed by 2 big players in the Global Health arena: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID (United States Assistance for International Development – US government foreign aid institution). The BGMF, for example, has recently formed the “Safety and Surveillance Working Group” which has outlined a Global investment and implementation strategy aimed building sustainable and scalable post -marketing safety surveillance systems globally. The strategy, led by two prominent thought leaders, one from the Council on Foreign Relations and the second from a prominent US-based Global Health Research Institute, calls for leveraging existing resources and efforts, better data and coordination, and the establishment of a multi-donor trust fund to fund pilot programs.The fund would include bilateral development agencies, global health programs and intermediaries, multinational pharmaceutical industry, multilateral development banks, and philanthropic foundations. This working group hopes that broad participation and a pooled funding arrangement should help to avoid the possible conflicts of interest that might otherwise arise. This strategy document is not yet publicly available.

    USAID has contracted MSH (Management Sciences for Health) to run a program entitled, SPS (Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems) which launched in 2009 with the formation of a strategic plan and subsequent sponsored activities. This work is supported by the People of the United States of America. To see how our tax payer dollars are being spent, follow their work at:


  4. I have been a long-time reader of your blog. I’m surprised that you have not referred to the 1991 Toxic Psychiatry by Peter Breggin, M.D., a vast overview of medical science’s pathological behavior regarding mental illness.

  5. Read, but don’t weep. Be mad for a minute if you must, but then find a happy place and consider how to act effectively. All the power is with as individuals.

    • kbeavin says:

      Those are noble words, and I believe in them, but how many people think their Drs. are gods & can do no wrong?

      • catherinescolvin says:

        Too many, no doubt. However, each time we share good information, we make a difference. And those we share with, they make a difference. Trust that you have an impact, however delayed.

  6. Gökmen says:

    I was 24 years old when my dad diagnosed with the latest stage of lung cancer. There was a doctor, who was also my dads close friend working in that hospital. I was unaware of the news at that stage, he had some kind of seizure and we immediately went to a brain expert.. Anyway, me and this friend of my dad,doctor, discussing the test results in his room and he told me that my dad will live 3months tops, theres no need for any treatment and he offered a placebo treatment. He basicly told me to go home and wait for him to die. This was my exposure to the medical mafia and general mindset, general look of their brainwashed henchmen called doctors onto human life and health for the first time. I dropped my school, I was studying occupational safety at university by then. First I started with learning to grow organic food. Made a small garden to feed my father most healthy food.

    I was mind blown at that time, I was reading all kinds of stories on the internet and literally getting my mind blown day by day about all this horrific stories about modern medicine. My dad didn’t die after 3 months, in fact he was fully healthy after one and a half year, he was driving and going long walks etc like anybody else. He has never been lost his ability to move, unlike at start, he was also using right side of his body better (meaning tumor in his brain was no more) and these were proven after a PET scan.

    I never told him what his doctor friend told me. Or doctor after that or hospital after that.. I had same answers from every medical ‘priest’ in white: your father will die, no matter doing anything at this stage. And I never wanted him to know about this. He was walking in the mornings, living his life like everyone, never lost any quality of living and two years passed after the first diagnosis, he never lost any quality in his life.

    Meanwhile, family was finding new hospitals, looking for treatments and all..then my dad concluded to this so called “new improved better” treatment.. I couldn’t manage to talk him out of it. He insisted for this, so he could completely leave this cancer period behind in his life. We had a major argument. Nothing I tried was able to convince him or my mom and my sister that this treatment won’t do any good but actually harm him. I told this to his face. He insisted.

    He died 42 days after the treatment start.First he lost his ability to walk in first week. Then he lost all his ability to live like walking from bed to bathroom in day 20. After that, we moved into hospital, then into intensive care and stomach bleeding and other minor internal bleeding caused by drug, very low white blood cell killed him, nothing they tried was able to turn blood levels to normal.

    Because of the papers which my dad signed at the start of treatment, I can’t even sue anybody. And in Turkey, where I live, medical priesthood not only have all the government behind their back like every other nation in the world, they are literally untouchable. Not just by laws, but greatly in peoples minds.

    I blamed myself most of the time, 19months have passed since I lost my dad. I should have done this, that, the other..but when I think, I did all I can to stop him from going into this so called treatment but most shocking to me in this period was the pressure from my own family members, I couldn’t even discuss this in a logical, sane state of mind with them at that time, and I was trying to explain all this to them so we could talk dad out of all this treatment. I lost my natural connection to my other family members after funeral. Became isolated more and more. Then found mr Jon Rappoport’s lifetime work thanks to redice interview he gave, which I’m continuing to understand and learn all the crimes this priesthood committing

    Thank you Jon for all your research and information you providing

    • LadyQuig says:

      Oh my heart is truly with you, Gökmen. You did all the right things and I wish I could give you a hug. Back in 1975 my own father was given a diagnosis of acute leukemia with a prognosis of only a month to live without treatment. Family rushed him into the hospital and the barbaric treatment rendered him the most sick, pathetic human being I’ve ever seen. Skin and bones, lesions on his body and in his mouth. He begged my mother to get him out of there, take him home and let him live the time he had left. She couldn’t imagine defying the medical community so he remained in that isolation room being pumped full of poisonous chemicals in an attempt to give him a remission so that he could live just a little bit longer.

      One night I sat in a chair in his hospital room, keeping vigil. At a lucid moment my father looked at me and emphatically whispered, “Cathy, if you ever get this, don’t DO this”. After all I had witnessed being forced on him that hospital room, it was easy for me to make that promise.

      My father was dead within 6 weeks.

      • Gökmen says:

        I knew while I was writing my earlier post there are children, human beings who couldn’t even aged or got killed by the medical priests even before they become their age… all I can do is to thank you for feeling my story and sharing your own story.

        I am waking up everyday inside pain but I am fueled with this pain, I am translating all the research worldwide, I am doing what ever I can to improve myself to express better to expose this fraud, translating whatever I can find to Turkish so people can have better understanding in all this..

        This is a war against all of us. Again, I am sorry about what happened to your father.

        And I just wanted to thank you writing all this, for standing on my side against this war waged against human beings on this planet.


        • FP says:

          A great string of articles lately, Jon (as usual)! I loved your “LIARS ON PARADE” headline. You’re the King of Descriptive One-Liners! 🙂

          To Gokmen & LadyQuig, heartbreaking stories!

          As the saying goes, “Humans were NOT created with ‘Drug Deficiencies’!” Hence, when the body breaks down, it is definitely NOT due to a lack of some laboratory-produced chemical concoction, but instead an overload of toxins, chronic stress, emotional/physical trauma, lack of adequate sleep, lack of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc. Even the “electrification” of society from the 1880’s forward has contributed to “modern” diseases such as cancer, leukemia, & heart disease (see the book “Dirty Electricity” by Sam Milham, MD, MPH).

          Gokmen’s “Priesthood in White” is a good description & it reminded me of this scripture:

          “…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy pharmakeia** were all nations deceived.”
          –Revelation 18:23, KJV.

          So we have MERCHANTS (Big Pharma) & their “Priesthood in White” practicing PHARMAKEIA** (original Greek translated Sorcery) by which ALL Nations are DECEIVED.

          The definition of the Greek PHARMA-KEIA:

          “In sorcery, the use of drugs, whether simple or potent, was generally accompanied by incantations and appeals to occult powers, with the provision of various charms, amulets, etc., professedly designed to keep the applicant or patient from the attention and power of demons, but actually to impress the applicant with the mysterious resources and powers of the sorcerer.”
          –W. E. Vine, An Expository Dictionary Of New Testament Words, Fleming H. Revell Co., 1966, Vol. 4, p. 52.

          Is that last sentence (bold portion) not a perfect description of the Big Pharma Drug + AMA Modern Medical Cartel?! like so:

          “…but actually to impress the applicant [patient] with the mysterious resources [FDA + Big Pharma Labs & Scientists] and powers [Drugs] of the sorcerer [Doctor].”

          As of yet, the merchants/sorcerers do not even have to force people to partake of their potions because they have so successfully deceived people that the people line up willingly for the druggery (as Gorkem’s & LadyQuig’s family stories so well show. And my family is no different, father has heart disease & says, “I take whatever the doctors tell me” > due to the blind-faith “Doctors are gods/smarter than me” deception).

          I harp on this a lot > Ignorance is So Dangerous! People who don’t, won’t READ & teach themselves are literally dangerous people due to their chosen Ignorance (I come from a family of Non-Readers). Like LadyQuig’s story shows, you don’t want to be dependent on Ignorant people who will turn you over to the “Merchandizing Sorcerers” in your hour of ill health vs them becoming a well-informed Team (like Gorkem & his garden) who will work with you to PROMOTE HEALING naturally. (God bless you for trying, Gorkem!)

          What hope is there for people who won’t read (nor watch/listen to documentaries, interviews, etc.) thereby rejecting knowledge, wisdom, & understanding? Deep grievous Sigh!

          “Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets: She crieth in the chief place of concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she uttereth her words, saying, ‘How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?'”
          –Proverbs 1:20-22.

          • Gökmen says:

            “priesthood in white” term belongs to Jon, not me. This all thing belongs to Jon honestly, I feel like vampire even writing a reply here but I had to.

            I saw on the internet at that time, the vegetables which grew in the toughest or should I say ‘most natural’ way, build up inside some sort of hormone or vitamins, which will contribute anyone who eats them.

            My findings didn’t stop there. As a hardcore industrial city kid, I had few experiences with mind altering drugs and some other stuff. But I never became an addict or some knucklehead who mortgages his own mind to some substance you know I mean?

            I grew cannabis and extracted oil from it. Put it into my dad’s meals. Put a drop into his tea, when ever I can. I believe this was the magik, after the fully organic food garden I made for him.

            When my dad got killed, im saying that word deliberately because It was a murder. It doesn’t change anything, it was a murder by some papers signed by the corporate heads sitting at some penthouse. Same thing in the end: its a murder. I witnessed a murder, my own father got murdered and even my own family closed their eyes to this, because some papers told them so..I am still continuing to shake from my situation: It was almost like a sleep paralysis, you are in between dream and awakened state, struggling to breathe. I witnessed murder of my father and I couldn’t even yell or scream.

            Yeah, life has an end. We all know it, especially when you think about things in general, you have to put polarity between them to make them meaningful. Im greatful for all that but, this is not some natural or lets say something supposed to happen by the force of nature.

            This is murder, Its not different someone stabbing the other and commiting crime: no matter what is going on or what story it is mine or someone else: Its a murder, nothing else. And it has been so normalized, so this thing can happen in front of everyone.

            I don’t know what else to say really.

          • ladyquig says:

            I completely “get this” Gokemen. I hear you. Others do also. I guess the Big Question for you now is this: What are you going to do with what you’ve experienced and learned? Your insight and wisdom can be channeled together with all this pain and suffering, and you can make a difference. You can.

  7. Tracy says:

    Two Australian men were executed recently in Indonesia by firing squad for trafficking heroin. Of course the “news” programs are all over it. Meanwhile, the local pharmacists and doctors go about their business destroying or ending lives in the process.

    Ask them for some cold hard facts on the drugs they push and see what you get. Nine times out of ten it isn’t the truth.

    (Anti) depressants have a black box warning in America:

    [5/2/2007] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today proposed that makers of all antidepressant medications update the existing black box warning on their products’ labeling to include warnings about increased risks of suicidal thinking and behavior, known as suicidality, in young adults ages 18 to 24 during initial treatment (generally the first one to two months).

    Only from 18 to 24? I’d like to know how they worked that out.

    Give a depressed person a drug which could, in reality, cause them to end their own lives?

    Thank you for sharing Jon.

  8. musings says:

    It sounds like the doctor who forecast a short 3 months life for Gokmen’s father wasn’t so bad – at least he let him be, and the father beat the forecast. If there is bone involvement with lung cancer, it can be very painful and the patient will seek medical help, as my brother-in-law recently did. He was gone after 6 months from the diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer, although he was not accepted into any studies (which disappointed him) and was given standard chemo. In the cases I have seen it may be a toss-up as to what killed the patient – chemo or the tumors. “Chemo brain” is no joke. And the opiates also play a role.

    But what would be the alternative (at least to the pain killers)? Does anyone seriously believe cancer will stop its relentless course through the body? Nobody thinks the chemo is much good either, at least for something so aggressive as lung cancer. It’s the hope of a remission which induces people. The patient simply wishes to resume something of a normal life, and that is something which the medical people are incapable of granting him. But they can lessen his pain. Unfortunately, it makes them seem small and insignificant in the scheme of things. They are no better than their fathers at dealing with this. I think it hurts their pride.

    Every patient hopes that he will catch the brass ring and not have to be like the vast majority who die of such a malady. But can anyone point to someone who has beaten Stage 4 lung cancer? I have never held with assisted suicide (too many opportunities for the medical profession to increase their power over us all), but had my brother-in-law decided that enough was enough and drunk the hemlock, I am sure I would never have blamed him. As it was, he slipped into dementia but at least he died at home.

    It’s common to go back and find out how he acquired this disease and died at 63 (which in some societies is a sufficiently long life). He had been a smoker, though this is not the case for many who get lung cancer. He quit a decade before. But he also had leukemia, which had been treated by drugs. Not only was his immune system less than optimal, he had also been on long-term chemo as well. This probably set him up for the worst case scenario, even though he quit smoking.

    In the end, we all must die. But sitting here from a relatively healthy standpoint, yet old enough to have been placed on various drugs which are supposed to make my numbers come out better – I have to ask not what I can do for medicine, but what I can do for myself. The older I get, the more they give me, and when I read the long-term effects, they look disabling.

    We know that “exercise” is good for us – but what are we breathing in at a higher rate when doing it? Doesn’t gym equipment wear out? Where does it go? Into the air. And the streets are also polluted with automobiles breaking down their components and also the fuel that runs them. Everything we do is compromised, more so if we live in Chinese cities or inhabit a high rise building most of the day. But they say we live longer than we used to. It remains to be seen if that trend will keep rising. There are some doubts.

  9. Are Yufreel says:

    A little article this morning in RI news: Loss of tobacco profits – no problem. Expensive drugs increase profits for pharmaceuticals.

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