The Vaccination Quiz Show

The Vaccination Quiz Show

by Jon Rappoport

April 22, 2015


Host: Hi, everybody, this is Fnerd McDaniel, and this is the Vaccination Quiz Show. Our first contestant is Moggle Furbrain, a dad from Loopville, New York. Hello, Moggle.

Moggle: Hi, Fnerd.

Host: I have a series of four questions about vaccination. If you get them right, you win an all-expenses-paid trip to Venus. Are you ready?

Moggle: Sure am. Raring to go.

Host: Good. First question. Why do we need to vaccinate everybody?

Moggle: To protect the children.

Host: Right you are. Second question. Why are unvaccinated children dangerous little terrorists?

Moggle: Because they could infect my children with killer diseases.

Host: Correct again. Third question. Listen very closely. If your little kiddies are vaccinated and therefore protected against disease, how can unvaccinated children infect them?

Moggle: Well, because the news tells me they can.

Host: Absolutely correct. And finally, how illogical are you, Moggle?

Moggle: I think that’s a trick question, Fnerd. I have no idea how illogical I am because I don’t think. I just watch the news and hate all the parents who don’t vaccinate their kids.

Host: Brilliant. Spot on, Moggle. You win a free trip to Venus. A leaky rowboat will pick you up at Pier 39 tomorrow night at eight. Bring a change of clothes and a pair of sunglasses. And remember, folks, the doctor knows best. Ask any doctor. Tune in tomorrow night when I’ll be asking a contestant, how do you know what time it is?

Exit From the Matrix

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

19 comments on “The Vaccination Quiz Show

  1. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    Think you know the science of vaccines? Take the vaccine science test:
    To your health, tracy

    • jacobite2015 says:

      I took the test and I’m confused: there are no right or wrong answers?, essentially both sides are supported by evidence?

      When it comes to the evidence supporting the safety of vaccines, I’m very suspicious of the studies wondering how many have been influenced by Big Pharma funding. Industry-funded trials are more likely to produce a positive. I think this is one area that’s not talked about enough. If these pro-vax studies can be exposed, then they’ll be discredited and we’ll make some progress in this conflict.

      For example, there’s a new study just release from JAMA that reports no link found between the MMR & Autism. The pro-vax intellectuals are celebrating as if they won the lotto. However, Age of Autism is saying that this study was funded by the “Lewin Group,” which subsequently receives funding from Big Pharma.

      If correct, how unbiased, untainted and objective is this new study?

      Imagine that……

      • All of the answers are supported by science. Even for questions with four different answers. I have provided links to the ‘research’. All of the answers are ‘right’ if you want to have science ‘on your side’. The science of vaccines, like all sciences of illness, is ‘half a science’ (or less) because it does not study healthiness, only illness. When you have only ‘half a science’, for example – everything causes cancer, and everything prevents cancer too. There is a published research paper that proves this as well, using that same ‘illness half of science’.

        The point? You need to make your own decision, and you need the right to make your own decisions. Vaccines, and health, are not about who has ‘science’ on their side, they are fundamental issues about the right to make your own choices, for you own body, and your own children.

  2. paschnn1 says:


    Thanks for injecting a bit of comedy into an otherwise pathetic footnote to a walking dead culture of a brand new oligarchy.

  3. Mike78 says:

    Chant “All vaccines contain neurotoxins, all neurotoxins are poisons.” It will work. The media will have to respond to that with the truth.

  4. esmrg says:

    Typically the answer to
    “If your little kiddies are vaccinated and therefore protected against disease, how can unvaccinated children infect them?”
    is not “Well, because the news tells me they can.” but:
    “There are unfortunate people who have medical conditions, allergies, or are babies and cannot take all the vaccines. These rely on strong herd immunity to protect them against dangerous diseases. Unvaccinated children compromise herd immunity.”

    That response (or variation thereof) is extremely common on discussion sites like slashdot with a highly technical user base. It is a more thoughtful answer, but dilutes the direct question towards _your_ children by expanding it to The Greater Good with _our_ children. You become a threat to the sacred ‘Group’ and must be dealt with accordingly. In the world of germ theory, there can be no individual with his own health and own immunity.
    Since I’m on the subject, great job your group vs. individual series. So enlightening.

    • I agree, we should really award and acknowledge what little logic is coming from those pushing vaccination. I found Rappoport’s funny skit a little misleading. Herd immunity has some slightly better logic to it.

      They also acknowledge the failure rate of all vaccines. So they want to “protect” as many children as possible by attempting to minimize the spread of viruses.

      They even acknowledge that a healthy child doesn’t require vaccination for diseases such as measles. Measles isn’t life-threatening to a healthy child. But that child should nonetheless submit themselves them to a harmful and life-threatening injection to protect the weaker members of the “herd.” The fact they use the term “herd” shows what they think of us.

      I think the real holes in the logic are: 1. Studies show that vaccinated children develop weaker immunity to other diseases they weren’t vaccinated for. 2. The vaccines harm the stronger members of the herd, which puts the herd in greater danger. 3. Why not focus on helping the weaker members of the herd get stronger instead of vice versa? 4. Vaccinated mothers have been shown to pass on poor immunity to their children. 5. Vaccines, such as for mumps, don’t provide lifelong immunity, leaving the person vulnerable to a more serious bout of the disease as an adult.

      Our local newspaper reprinted a PR piece on vaccines. I immediately wrote a reply which the editor printed. Surprisingly, the local health unit didn’t respond to my list of well referenced reasons why we should be very cautious of vaccines (i.e. don’t use them). Here’s the letter I wrote:

    • Elsa says:

      Assuming that viruses “float” around in the air, how is vaccinating everyone going to prevent the existence of said virus? It will still be there just waiting to attack poor little babies and the elderly, irrespective of vaccination rates.

      • ozziethinker says:

        As “viruses” are cells differing reactions to POLLUTION in my opinion, the first recourse it to REMOVE all pollutants.

        Doesn’t that effect the INDUSTRIALISTS?


    • Rife says:

      Kids aren’t supposed to be sick. Just because some parents fucked up and have sickly children is no reason to force their failures on my perfectly healthy children. You blew it – live with it. Next time educate yourselves instead of being such authority trusting fools.

  5. ozziethinker says:

    Italians would have to disagree, Jon.

    Not sure if you are aware/have used this, so I’ll float the link again:


  6. From Québec says:

    LOL… Too funny!

    Free trip to Venus, complimentary ticket of Big Pharma.

  7. jacobite2015 says:

    Good, humorous post Jon – gave me a good laugh.

    However, on a serious note this is, unfortunately, how many parents think. They’re naive about naturally acquired immunity, ignorant about the toxins contained in vaccines and receive all of their vaccine education from CNN.

    Though their children are completely vaccinated and full-fledge members of the vaccine protection society, they still live in fear of the unvaccinated.

    Go figure…

  8. Ty says:

    That’s their logic Jon!! VAERS reports 3773 children under 18 dead last year from vaccines and 38000 maimed. Why in the hell are we still having this discussion??

  9. Flower says:

    The quickest way to bring a lot of the discussion about vaccines to a halt is to ask why the vaccines come with a price? If vaccination is so important for the human race, why are the the drug companies allowed to charge for them? If we are “protecting the children” the drug companies should be forced to GIVE the vaccines away, after all, the drug companies do spawn children also, do they not? No, that does not mean the drug companies get to steal the money out the back door by charging the govt and, thus, us, thru our taxes. Further, if any drug company employee squeals back that “without the profit motive, drug research would cease”, that person shall be slowly fed $100 bills until they choke to death.

    Once the drug companies lose the profit from vaccines, the rhetoric will change. Why does no one see the extortion perpetrated by these inhuman companies?

  10. Sherlock says:

    Before travelling to Venus, Moggle should check with his health care provider to see if any immunizations are required. When it comes to interplanetary travel, I’m pretty sure he’ll leave the earth loaded up with all vaccines known to man, because he can’t take any chances. In case there are vaccinated creatures living out there, the last thing Moggle wanna do is to put some vaccinated extraterrestrials at risk of contracting a disease from an unvaccinated visitor. Also, if by any strange concatenation of circumstances he finds himself visiting a farm, he’ll be fearless becase he’s fully protected. Just sayin’

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