Mind control: the Pentagon mission to program the brain

Mind control: the Pentagon mission to program the brain

by Jon Rappoport

January 6, 2015


“Since the dawn of time, the most powerful groups in every society have practiced forms of mind control on populations. They determined it was necessary. Eventually, they decided it was their most important job. Convincing the masses that a fabricated reality is Reality…that task requires formidable mind control.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

DARPA, the technical-research arm of the Pentagon, is leading the way in a mission to program the human brain.

What could go wrong?

In a word, everything.

Here is a DARPA release (5/27/14) on the upcoming “brain-mapping” plan, in accordance with Obama’s initiative aimed at “preventing violence through improved mental health”—otherwise known as Clockwork Orange:

“…developing closed-loop therapies that incorporate recording and analysis of brain activity with near-real-time neural stimulation.”

Translation: Reading myriad brain activities as they occur, and influencing that activity with various inputs/interferences. Drugs, electrical currents, nano-entities, etc.

Here’s another DARPA quote. This one lays out the foundation for the mission:

“…The program also aims to take advantage of neural plasticity, a feature of the brain by which the organ’s anatomy and physiology can alter over time to support normal brain function. Plasticity runs counter to previously held ideas that the adult brain is a ‘finished’ entity that can be statically mapped. Because of plasticity, researchers are optimistic that the brain can be trained or treated to restore normal functionality following injury or the onset of neuropsychological illness.”

Neural plasticity: the idea that brain activity is always changing and, therefore, can be externally molded by operators to fit a conception of “normalcy,” whatever that is, whatever “authorities” decide it is.

Chilling? Of course.

In the long run, this has nothing to do with “recovery from brain injuries.” That’s the cover story. The real goal is programming the brain to fit certain parameters of functioning.

Those parameters will certainly exclude: rebellion, independence.

Here is a quote from a journal article, “The Plastic Human Brain Cortex.” (Annual Review of Neuroscience, Vol. 28: 377-401, July 2005)

“Plasticity is an intrinsic property of the human brain…The challenge we face is to learn enough about the mechanisms of plasticity to modulate them to achieve the best behavioral outcome for a given subject.”

“Modulate them.” “Achieve the best behavioral outcome.” Who defines that? Obviously, not the individual.

Notice the point of view: intervention is a given.

The brain will not be allowed to function on its own.

Behind all brain research lies that premise.

It’s no surprise that, in this technological age, the preferred method of mind control would involve an invasion by “experts.”

There are many, many brain-research professionals, and millions of laypeople, who believe that “intervention” is justified because it “corrects a chemical imbalance” in the brain. This is a myth.

Dr. Ronald Pies, the editor-in-chief emeritus of the Psychiatric Times, laid the myth to rest in the July 11, 2011, issue of the Times (“Psychiatry’s New Brain-Mind and the Legend of the ‘Chemical Imbalance’”) (paywall) with this staggering and stark admission:

“In truth, the ‘chemical imbalance’ notion [of mental disorders] was always a kind of urban legend — never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.”

No, intervention is all about brain control, not brain health.

And “neural plasticity,” contrary to the official propaganda, is no great discovery. Any human can change his own brain readout patterns by the simple act of thinking.

Of course, researchers make no real distinction between random ideation and consciously chosen mental actions. If they did, they would immediately see that human beings can voluntarily make changes to their own brain activity. No laboratory experiments, no chemical or bio inputs, no externally applied electrical “insertions.”

There is a much bigger problem here. A problem that must remain a secret.

If a human being, through conscious and voluntary thought, can change his own brain activity…who is doing the changing?

Who is outside the brain influencing it?

Who is “human being?”

Who is…you?

That is no part of what DARPA is doing. That is no part of what any mind-control organization group is doing. That is strictly off-limits.

“Oh no, no one is doing the thinking. The brain is doing all the thinking. The brain is operating on its own. Thought A, then thought B, then C, D,E,F. On and on. The brain is a bio-machine, spooling out pre-determined and pre-packaged thoughts. And we, the brain-controllers, just want to change the sequence. We’ll insert B,D,E,A,B,F in that order instead. And then we’ll delete C altogether because we find that counter-productive and disruptive. No problem.”

The fact is, the individual non-material being (you) changes brain activity all the time. The brain is eminently built to allow this to happen across a very wide range of possibility.

What DARPA’s program entails is altering that fundamental relationship between you and your brain. That’s the bottom line.

The alteration will throw up roadblocks. It will shrink the sum of what your brain can do.

The ongoing DARPA brain-programming mission isn’t merely a two-year program or a five-year program. It’s permanent.

It’s the gateway to a controlled society.

The Matrix Revealed

And it’s perfectly understandable that this project would come from DARPA, which is an arm of the Pentagon, which is the foremost proponent of “military thought” in the world.

The military is interested in, and devoted to, the issuing of commands and obedience to those commands. Stimulus, response.

The military vision of society is: define the functions of each citizen, coordinate those functions to produce overall “harmony through obedience.”

Since this is the true definition of insanity, and since it is impossible to secure, over the long-term, enough voluntary cooperation to build such a civilization, the target is the brain.

Train the brain, train the collective.

Consider this analogy for you, a non-material being, and your brain, and what the objective of programming is:

The rider and the horse. Previously, the rider took his horse far and wide. The rider went where he wanted to go. The horse was willing. But then something happened. The horse was altered, rebuilt. Now he could only move a mile in any direction from his starting point. At the boundary, he stopped. He turned around and returned home. That was the rule. The rider of course wanted to go farther. But the horse was no longer capable.

The “plasticity” of the horse was reduced.

The horse was now normal.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

17 comments on “Mind control: the Pentagon mission to program the brain

  1. Caroline says:

    I recently experienced the selection process for jury duty, which I submitted to mostly out of curiosity. One of the things the lawyers kept repeating was “You’ll need to re-train your mind” – to think only what they told us to think. Several of the prospective jurors were willing to do exactly that, clearly demonstrated by their vigorously nodding heads. I guess those types won’t be needing any brain interference in the future – they’re already under control. I was not selected.

    • henry says:

      If you want to get off of jury duty, send the court a letter stating that you want to serve and that you recognize it is your duty to judge the facts as well as the law of the case and that you see it as a duty to inform other jurors of their rights and duties. If you want to be on a jury, act like a mindless zombie. Once on a jury, you may determine that if there is no injured party, there is no crime so you will be in a position to fight against the tyranny.

  2. From Québec says:

    Good grief!

    Why not kill us all and put their efforts on creating super Robots?

    Oh, wait! That’s what they are already trying to create:
    A world of Robots where there is no need for Human beings.

    So why are they wasting their time and money trying to control the human brain?

    Are they so stupid that they cannot yet figure out how to program a robot so it won’t come back on them? Are they afraid that the Robots will outsmart them and eventually kill them?

  3. Mac says:

    Thus artificial intelligence results not from building up robots but by reducing the human being to limited intelligence.

  4. swo8 says:

    I think you hit on the point ” Any human can change his own brain readout patterns by the simple act of thinking.” That’s why they don’t want us to think too much.

  5. Nsw123 says:

    Do you want to be the rider, Jonny?

  6. Chemtrails might be playing a part in their plans to selectively control individuals’ minds. It may be nano circuitry that can be activated on an individual basis. See Elana Freeland – Chemtrails, Morgellons and Transhumanism (July 2014)…


  7. seamlessone says:

    These programs and experiments always fail miserably, and they are far too time and resource consuming. They simply don’t work from any perspective. Eventually the police state throws in the towel and goes back to the ‘old school’ methods of propaganda, imprisonment, and assassination…which of course ultimately fails also.

    No need to alter or control brain chemistry when you can control the herd’s beliefs.

  8. roberta4949 says:

    interesting, the one aspect of human thinking they never can get full control of, and many times lose control over at the most inconvieneit time for them is free will, a willingness in many to see the little light of truth (like a little candle glowing in the night). they see the hypocrisy, eventually they see the lies and inconsistency of the rulers and their so called noble acts. they eventually see they have been lied to and stop listening to them in fact they start to try to turn the tables on them if they are stuck in say a concentartion camp or school or job or whatever. they start to pretend to do what is wanted but all the time their minds are contriving and schemeing how to get revenge, or escape or what not. they will never stop many humans from doing this. and they will see in the near future that when religion is destroyed by the people at the united nations (as per bible prophecy where Jehovah puts it into thier minds and hearts to do this) that once people have lost all belief in god or spirit realm or accountablity the rulers will find they will no longer be obeyed by the majority and this is the reason according to revelation why they mourn the loss of babylon the great (empire of false religion) after they were the ones who destroyed her (figurative her) relgion is the reason they had such a hold believing if they go against the rulers God will punish or that god is using the government or rulers to acheive his will on earth stuff like that. without this belief then all bets are off in having people in subjection after all why should one human tell another what to do when we are all supposedly equal?

  9. cindy says:

    Actually mind-control & programing are their most powerful TOOLS on unsuspecting person’s.
    How else do they get American’s to go along with this Nation building program world-wide, that is NOT ONLY killing innocent citizen’s, it’s bankrupting America, AND destroying our Bio-Sphere
    at the same time
    With out this TOOL of mind-control, we would have put them in their place LONG AGO!
    It is PAST TIME for citizen’s world-wide, and ESPECIALLY AMERICAN’S to, “Snap out of it”
    before you find yourself in a world of “TOTAL CONTROL of your BRAIN” by other’s.
    Fortunately, Once you are AWARE of the manipulation you can ‘BREAK THE SPELL’
    But that requires you to be able to recognize the MANY, MANY , forms of Mind-Control!
    Here’s are some” Massive Manipulation, Propaganda, Dis-Information, Lying, Deceit, Distraction,
    Trauma-Based, Chemical, Frequency, Self-Absorption, Un- Healthy food, Fluoride, Chemtrails.
    Even your” Creature Comforts” are a FORM of Black-mail, to keep you silent ECT.!!
    ” WAKE-UP” IS IN REFERENCE to Mind-Control!!
    I guarantee you that MOST, if not ALL of these forms ARE being USED ON YOU!!, as well as many other’s forms!!

  10. “Get along little horsie’ …wow, love the analogy..btw I got a taser and that horse goes were I want it to go now….no more of this pissing around heading back to the barn after only short trip to the end of the driveway, or a few steps…here’s another…they would have you believe that your five senses; sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing should be informing those thoughts…egad! forcing you to question thoughts coming from alternate sources, even those thoughts that just perculate from a deeper source, a deeper sense of self…thusly questioning ones own sanity as compared to their new ‘normal’.
    “I am having impure thoughts…god I must have a chemical imbalnce. The neighbours dog is incessantly barking, even though i asked them several times to do something about it…why am I having thoughts of setting the dog on fire. I must be have anger management problems. Can’t be the dog.

    “The alteration will throw up roadblocks. It will shrink the sum of what your brain can do.”

    ….there going to do this again, what da hell. They tried that when I went to school. You dont know how much weed I have had to endure to get over that….truckloads probably. Truckloads and truckloads.

    Speaking of programing…


    ….oh and it seems terrorists don’t like being made fun of, they have absolutely no sense of humour, or is they are setting us up for a Korean invasion. Priming the pump.
    False flag here false flag there…every were a false flag.


    Good post Jon as usual your are awesome man.

  11. Dona says:

    Considering money for mental health programs and services has been cut so much over the years I am hard pressed to believe DARPA’s statements as to how this new chip will be used..

  12. chris jones says:

    The concept of mental health is an oxymoron,cas is mental health. Psychiatry is and always has been nothing more than social control via various forms of torture, sold to the public as treatment.


    Hi Folks,
    This open public note and attached document are about what types of practical action that we can all use to form the New World Paradigm and disable any harmful connections to the cultural mind-control systems responsible for Humanity’s rapidly esculating levels of global suffering and environmental destruction.
    Web links:


  14. warren dunn says:


  15. marisa says:

    Illegal experiments on human in Brazil through eletromagnetism

    The brains of brazilians are connected to satellite technology to long for torture and murder and the government continues to ignore the facts. This satellite technology is controlled by a global network of Criminals these elements they enter the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using telephone antennas, satellite and the brain human. Organized crime uses this weapons in drug and People trafficking to ring public tenders and vestibular our simply to torture innocent People. The weapons is dangerous through it you can insert sounds, images and other noises in the target’s head with the aid of acoustic waves vibrational, eletromagnetic radio frequency sound with the use of implantion or brain signature. This modern torture mechanism and elimination of human rights and individual privacy aims to weaken the target of the attack. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment. Recently a US law against the use of climate and mind control weapons was passed, i would like to know the opinion of authorities regarding this type of crime around the world?

    My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life.

    Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,

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