CNN asks serial lying liar to comment on the CDC whistleblower scandal!

CNN asks serial lying liar to comment on CDC whistleblower scandal!

by Jon Rappoport

August 29, 2014

You want a perfect example of how mainstream media covers up the truth and endangers lives? Here it is.

Yesterday, CNN published an article about CDC whistleblower William Thompson.

(CNN: “Journal questions validity of autism and vaccine study” —the CNN reporter for this story is Debra Goldschmidt (twitter: @debgcnn). Jacque Wilson and Miriam Falco also contributed to this story. The story is augmented with a video featuring CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen (twitter: @elizcohencnn). The Spanish language version of the story is here.)

The day before yesterday, Thompson confessed that he and other CDC coauthors fabricated a 2004 CDC study, in order to hide an MMR-vaccine connection to autism.

Those other co-authors included Dr. Frank DeStefano. DeStefano was the lead author of the 2004 study.

The CDC's Frank DeStefano

The CDC’s Frank DeStefano

So naturally…CNN goes to DeStefano for a quote defending the safety of vaccines, and De Stefano, the accused liar, tells another lie without blushing, without missing a beat.

He says:

“We know the brain and cellular features for children begin when the child is still in the womb. The brain is already developing the wiring that will manifest in autism.”

In other words, according to DeStefano, vaccines couldn’t cause autism, because it’s already forming before the child has ever had a vaccine.

If that were true, why bother to do thousands of studies that allege there is no vaccine-autism connection?

DeStefano is lying. If he had proof—brain-scan pictures—that show autism forming in the womb, the world would have seen them by now. Those pictures would be front and center in the DSM, the official bible of mental disorders. Those pictures, in fact, would be the diagnostic test that confirms the presence of autism.

But guess what? If you go to the DSM and the definition of autism, you will find no defining diagnostic tests. No brain scans. No pictures. No blood test. No urine test. No genetic assay.

Frank DeStefano is a liar.

DeStefano is a very important serial liar at the CDC. He isn’t just a liar who lied in the 2004 study that exonerated the MMR vaccine.

He has authored work exonerating mercury in vaccines.

And DeStefano isn’t just an author. No. He happens to be, since 2004, when he lied about the MMR vaccine, the Acting Chief of the CDC’s Immunization Safety Branch of the National Immunization Program.

DeStefano is The Man when it comes to vaccine safety.

The Lying Man. He is in charge of other liars.

Good work, CNN. You’re upholding your reputation as the most trusted name in serial lying.



Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

23 comments on “CNN asks serial lying liar to comment on the CDC whistleblower scandal!

  1. Sherlock says:

    CNN tell us : vaccines are safe! More than 20 000 studies finds no evidence linking vaccines to autism. Apparently, they were still unsure after the 19 000th. In fact, they were not even sure after the last one, since it took a couple days before saying something about that. Oh, they had to verify the claims with the CDC, but who cares, since they don’t even mention the CDC or Thompson’s name in the video? So if you don’t read the text, you know their opinion, but nothing about the fraud in the CDC study.

    Obviously, they linked their story (text) to the iReport with 95 000 views instead of the one with 549 000 views.

    By the way, can I ask Elizabeth Cohen why she had to say « autism isn’t a side effect » another way? Is it because autism is listed as side effect for the Tripedia vaccine?

  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I agree with this 100%
    DeStefano is evil. I have been looking at all the studies with his name on it, and I can’t imagine why he is even in charge of safety.

  3. Sherlock says:

    You have alsoL A liar asks serial lying liar to answer some questions…

    In April 2000, 6 weeks before the Simpsonwood meeting, CDC’s Dr. Coleen Boyle sent an email to DeStefano.

    “Since most of the dx’s are generally not picked up until the 2nd or 3rd year of life had you considered eligibility criteria of at least 18 months or 2 years?? What happens if you do this?”

    If generally most of the dx’s are generally not picked up until the 2nd or 3rd year of life, how they know for a child in the womb? Maybe because the mother receives a flu shot at that time?

  4. Nikki Roxby says:

    Autism is medical. Recovery is possible.

  5. BobLoblaw says:

    Well stated. This man has perpetrated a criminal assault on the youth. It’s treason, and it’s something he should face multiple felony charges for.

    As you astutely noted he is promoting quackery, much like doctors that say you have a brain chemical imbalance or genetic predispostion to high cholesterol when they’ve done no test to determine this.

    But I think this begs a larger question…if the CDC studies are cooked, then certainly that also means, that the drug company funded studies etc. are also cooked or they would confirm this fact which has been known and confirmed by others such as Dr. Wakefield.

    This should prove to all the doubters of the dangers and corruption, that not only is the corporate ‘science’ behind vaccines, gmos, and other drugs amount to ‘tobacco science’, but at the very top, in the CDC, FDA, etc. we have rampant fraud, conflicts of interest etc.

    Why? Because for whatever reason everybody that was encouraged to investigate, and told the truth by people like Dr. Wakefield desperately wanted to believe that corruption wasn’t there(and even kept them safe) and did nothing to stop it.

  6. Alice says:

    “Regressive autism” is known to occur in children that have previously met their developmental milestones such as speech. Then parents report loss of previous skills FOLLOWING a vaccine or group of vaccines. Another type of autistic symptoms occurs from birth in those with obvious genetic defects such as down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, etc.

    “Regressive autism” is the type that is sweeping the nation with now 1 in 80 children victimized. DeStefano knows this and is lying because he thinks most people don’t know of this difference. DeStefano you better get on Thompson and Hooker’s side of the fence or you’ll go down with the rest of them.

    “Time to nut up of shut up” ~ Woody Harrelson in “Zombie Land”

  7. henry says:

    Could CNN be legally culpable for the damages that has occurred as a result of the misinformation that they propagated?

    • Vickie Van Scyoc says:

      No, There is a law that states the news can lie. FOX news was behind getting this law.

      • theodorewesson says:

        Hi Vickie, thanks. If/when you get the chance, please provide the link to the statute.

        Just curious, if, in the lawyering that went on in that statute, the words ‘entertainment’ and ‘news’ effectively mean just ‘entertainment’.

        • BobLoblaw says:

          I think it may not be a law so much as legal precedent-

          You see in regards to genetically engineered growth hormones in the milk, some (now former) FOX investigative reporters in Florida did an expose on how it increased risk of cancer.

          FOX then got threatened by lawyers for Monsanto (Something to the effect of ‘no more Round-Up commercials paying for your newscast if you report this’). So the station manager attempted to not just refuse to air the story, but tried to BRIBE the reporters to keep quiet about it. The reporters asked to get a copy of that bribe in writing, which the station manager provided…and they used that as evidence in court….and here comes the big finnish…

          The judge hearing the case ruled that FOX did lie etc. but basically ruled that there is no law that states the news they report must be correct.

          So they can literally go on TV and say that drinking bleach mixed with ammonia gives you healthy skin…even though anyone trying that would most probably die a horrible death.

  8. jarrodschneider says:

    There is nothing that devastates me more than thinking about the defenseless, innocent and otherwise perfect children who’ve had their health and intelligence decimated by vaccines…all to fulfill the misguided and diseased whims of evil, ignorant adults. The tragedy already wrought by vaccines is so terrible that I lack the words to even express it….I think about all the snuffed out opportunities for those children, some of who will never know the joy of passionate creation carried out at the utmost level of human potential. I think about how this has been stolen from them and it tears me apart….sometimes evil isn’t strong enough a word….and then to watch as friends and family around me continue to vaccinate despite my best efforts to warn them…I just don’t know how to express the severity my frustration and sadness…the only comfort I have is knowing that the material realm is illusory and that those brave souls affected by vaccines will live to thrive in some other life

  9. theodorewesson says:

    Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson interviews Frank DeStefano of the CDC — on Aug. 26, 2014 (full written transcript).

    When DeStefano talks to the press, he does seem to make it a point to get in his “womb/in utero” talking point:

    “DeStefano: No, I mean, I think, you know, the other, the other important consideration here is looking at what, what time period we’re talking about. We’re, you know, autism, as you probably are aware, is a condition that really probably has its start while the child is still in the womb. And, you [k]now, it doesn’t, some of the behaviors and such don’t come apparent, become apparent until maybe the child is one, two, three years old. […]”



    • Sherlock says:

      She asked him for an interview and he accepted? And for at least 2-3 days, CNN was not able to do something like that… Wow.

      In the article published by CNN. it says: “several studies indicate it starts in utero, long before a child is given the MMR or any other vaccinations”.

      They use the word “INDICATE”, but If you click on the link (“several studies”):
      This time the study doesn’t “indicate”, the study “SUGGESTS” that something “MAY BE CAUSED” by something and because of this, it “MAY EXPLAIN” something…

  10. theodorewesson says:

    “This (vaccines) is weaponizied warfare against the people. Let’s just call it like it is.” —Jon Rappoport (at the 24m59 mark in the video below)

    Mike Adams of interviews Jon Rappoport of on the “CDC whistleblower / MMR vaccine fraud” story.

  11. oddie says:

    and testing for autism doesn’t happen until after children get their MMR vaccines. is that correct? if so, how convenient.

  12. theodorewesson says:

    Back in July, 2012,… The story of FDA drug reviewer, Ronald Cavanaugh: “One manager threatened my children”

  13. V gleeson says:

    Keep going Jon, it is known NOW and cannot get re buried TRUTH will Always out <3,

  14. Dave Wilbur says:

    If the perfidious press never prevaricated, persistently, the system would collapse. The most repeated lie is “government spends money.” Why should they spend money when all of us are risking our lives for strips of paper that have not been promises to pay since 1963? Our misleaders have no use for money.

  15. Vickie Van Scyoc says:

    N.A.E.T. is a form of energy medicine that reverses vaccine damage and allergies that cause autism. Calif. senators tried to shut it down for children. The younger the child is when treated, the better the results. The older, the more damage there is, and although wonderful changes result, there is damage. We have treated 2 kids in our office, aged 12 ish and 1 returned to a regular classroom and is fine, the other had friends for the first time, was in scouts, but still had issues, although I think this was from a ‘sick’ father. Go to autism-NAET-comprehensive to see if its right for you. NAET treats and reverses many symptoms.

  16. theodorewesson says:

    DeStafano, in an official press release in 2013, responds to “Too Many Vaccines Too Soon” sentiment


    Parents continue to express concern that vaccines cause autism… …that sentimate was present in 2008, when the declared autism rate, declared by the CDC, was 1 in 150 children. The rate stated in 2012 is 1 in 68 children!

    Note: Below,… in an official March 2013 press release — regarding the results of a 2013 study — which has DeStefano’s name on it, the press release references a 2004 study. Could that 2004 study referenced be the very 2004 study that Thompson recently blew the whistle on?


    April 4, 2008

    Jenny McCarthy: My son’s recovery from autism

    By Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey
    Special to CNN


    “We believe what helped Evan recover was starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet, vitamin supplementation, detox of metals, and anti-fungals for yeast overgrowth that plagued his intestines. Once Evan’s neurological function was recovered through these medical treatments, speech therapy and applied behavior analysis helped him quickly learn the skills he could not learn while he was frozen in autism. After we implemented these therapies for one year, the state re-evaluated Evan for further services. They spent five minutes with Evan and said, ‘What happened? We’ve never seen a recovery like this.’

    “Evan is now 5 years old and what might surprise a lot of you is that we’ve never been contacted by a single member of the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, or any other health authority to evaluate and understand how Evan recovered from autism. When Evan meets doctors and neurologists, to this day they tell us he was misdiagnosed — that he never had autism to begin with. It’s as if they are wired to believe that children can’t recover from autism.


    “Many people aren’t aware that in the 1980s our children received only 10 vaccines by age 5, whereas today they are given 36 immunizations, most of them by age 2. With billions of pharmaceutical dollars, could it be possible that the vaccine program is becoming more of a profit engine then a means of prevention?”


    We take into account that some children have reactions to medicines like penicillin, for example, yet when it comes to vaccines we are operating as if our kids have a universal tolerance for them. We are acting like ONE SIZE FITS ALL. That is, at the very least, a huge improbability.

    Even if the CDC is not convinced of a link between vaccines and autism, changing the [CDC’s recommended] vaccine schedule should be seriously considered as a precautionary measure. (If you would like to see some ideas for alternative schedules, check out


    The CDC’s DeStefano comes out with this… CNN runs with it,…

    March 29th, 2013

    Vaccine-autism connection debunked again

    Many expectant parents are wary of all the recommended vaccines their newborns are supposed to get in the first hours, days and even the first couple of years, believing that too many vaccines too soon may increase their child’s risk for autism.

    A new study published [in 2013] in the Journal of Pediatrics…

    [Note: the new 2013 study is… “Increasing exposure to antibody-stimulating proteins and polysaccharides in vaccines is not associated with risk of autism,” by Frank DeStefano, MD, MPH, Cristofer S. Price, ScM, and Eric S. Weintraub, MPH, appears in The Journal of Pediatrics (, DOI 10.1016/j.jpeds.2013.02.001, published by Elsevier.

    Here is the actual press release that CNN regurgitates,….

    The Risk of Autism Is Not Increased by “Too Many Vaccines Too Soon”

    “Cincinnati, OH, March 29, 2013 — Although scientific evidence suggests that vaccines do not cause autism, approximately one-third of parents continue to express concern that they do; nearly 1 in 10 parents refuse or delay vaccinations because they believe it is safer than following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) schedule ( A primary concern is the number of vaccines administered, both on a single day and cumulatively over the first 2 years of life. In a new study scheduled for publication in The Journal of Pediatrics, researchers concluded that there is no association between receiving “too many vaccines too soon” and autism.


    “An infant’s immune system is capable of responding to a large amount of immunologic stimuli and, from time of birth, infants are exposed to hundreds of viruses and countless antigens outside of vaccination. According to the authors, “The possibility that immunological stimulation from vaccines during the first 1 or 2 years of life could be related to the development of ASD is not well-supported by what is known about the neurobiology of ASDs.” In 2004, a comprehensive review by the Institute of Medicine concluded that there is not a causal relationship between certain vaccine types and autism, and this study supports that conclusion.”

  17. nhokkanen says:

    DeStefano was cc’d on a 12/17/99 memo about Thimerosal from former CDC epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten, whose subject line read “It just won’t go away…”; one analysis showed that “all the harm is done in the first month.”

  18. Sherlock says:

    In the following article by Sharyl Attkisson published on septemeber 2nd:

    DeStefano says: “it’s a ‘possibility’ that vaccines rarely trigger autism but ‘it’s hard to predict who those children might be.’”

    In that case, Elizabeth Cohen should put a new video online saying: “Autism should be listed as side effect – or to say it another way because some people do not hear this well – vaccines may trigger autism but “it’s hard to predict who those children might be”.

    According to DeStefano It’s hard to predict who those children might be, but according to the same DeStefano : When the child is still in the womb, the brain is already developing the wiring that will manifest in autism. According to Jon, DeStefano is serial lying liar.

  19. Gabriela says:

    this is not good… 😐

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