The night the world recovered its sanity

The night the world recovered its sanity

by Jon Rappoport

June 5, 2014

No one knows where it started, but on the evening of August 12, 2075, all over the world, groups began disintegrating.

Not just sewing circles and protest juntas and gamers; not just political activists and victim-support organizations; and not just governments and armies.

Religious and racial groups fell apart, too. By some accounts, they were the last to go.

In Greborg-Lavre-Brooklyn, on the former French and German border, Kayne Larder, a Muslim leader of a motorcycle gang, the V-2, stood on busy streetcorner and said, “I’m not black, I’m not religious, I’m not a V-2. I’m me.”

As gang members and neighbors moved forward to stone him to death, an anonymous person started beating on a drum. He shouted, “I don’t belong to anything or anybody!”

Everyone froze, including Hesh Zion, the king of the Hebrew Tankers, a feared local attack mob.

Zion said, “I’m not a Jew.”

Scenes like this were repeated from Nome to Tierra del Fuego.

In Lower Manhattan, Sal Tosca, a hitman for the Carneri crime family, was eating pizza in a small restaurant on Mulberry Street. He announced to his pals: “Guess what? I’m not Italian. I’m not a gangster. I’m just myself.”

The next day, the NY Times printed notices from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group, declaring their dissolution.

A week later, the President of the United States, Abner Ali Chang Grey Feather, went on national television and said:

“I’m not the President, there is no more federal government, I’m going fishing. Bye bye.”

By then, few people seemed surprised. The Event was well underway.

Soldiers were leaving their bases. Medical associations were disbanding. Lobbyists were closing up shop. The ten largest corporations in the world declared a year-long hiatus.

Some called these happenings a miracle. Others said it was the end of the world.

Greta Curt, president of The Most High Octopus, the famous language-filtering and restriction group, responsible for assassinations of people who uttered forbidden words, shot herself in the head in a suite at the Essex House in New York.

Her assistant, Moji Schwartz Limbo Ghandi, told Internet viewers: “Greta just couldn’t handle the new turbulence. She felt herself breaking like a porcelain vase.”

Dick Cheney Bush Perle Cauc, a USAF commander in Afghanistan, told his crew in a briefing room at the Obama Kindness Base outside Kabul, “I’m heading home, wherever that is, guys. I just figured out I’m not white, I’m not a Republican, I’m me.”

At Harvard University, a third-year major in Taliban Studies, Eric Thomas Bin Leary, attempted to organize an “I’m Me” club. A classmate injected him with Haldol2x, drove him to Maine, and deposited him, unconscious, in a muddy bed on the shore of Lake Casco.

Sociologists were apparently the hardest hit, since their enterprise was all about promoting groups. Dr. Elia Fogg Robinson, a Yale professor and the author of We’re All the All, invited colleagues to his lab, where he tried to persuade them to partake in an orgy while immersed in a large vat of melted bubbling cheese, after which, he promised, they would emerge as a single hybridized entity. They put him out in a snowstorm.

It was the beginning of what is now called The Blank Period, approximately a hundred years of unrecorded history.

Yes, we came through, but nothing would ever be the same. The distaste for all groups remained.

As my great-grandfather, Jack Anarch, wrote, in his diary, “Once upon a time, humans needed clans and tribes to survive in the wild, but long after technological civilizations were raised up, the addiction to groups was still overwhelming. It almost destroyed us, but we came to our senses in time. Families yes. Friends yes. Groups no. An old relative of mine told me, ‘There’s nothing like the group habit. Coming off that jones can give a person the shakes for a couple of decades. It can make your eyeballs want to pop out. And you’ve got to do it cold. I went through a six-month stretch where I hallucinated that rain made out of glue was falling from the sky, pasting me to some mythical collective of shoppers in a giant mall in space. It was so heavy I almost flipped. A voice in my head kept saying, Spill on aisle 13, spill on aisle 13…”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

28 comments on “The night the world recovered its sanity

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  2. Sherlock says:

    Haha, nice! I think they are supposed to release the remaining 350 000 NSA files stolen by Snowden on October 16, 2075, Hopefully, all data collected by the NSA will be destroyed soon after.

  3. jameson says:

    This spoke to me tonight, ” Once upon a time, humans needed clans and tribes to survive in the wild, but long after technological civilizations were raised up, the addiction to groups was still overwhelming. It almost destroyed us, but we came to our senses in time. Families yes. Friends yes. Groups no.”

    WOW I could not of said it better myself. Groups no, that’s my motto, always has been! Can’t wait until it takes the world by storm, no groups, no infiltrations, no brain washing of the unknowing “members.” The possibilities for humanity becomes endless, infinite and exhilarating freedom
    becomes rampant!

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  5. I feel it might be a lot longer than 2075 to reach this state of affairs. That’s a major psycho-spiritual change. Humans need tribes and beliefs to make sense of the world unfortunately. But how knows? Maybe a cataclysm will provide the needed planetary shock..

  6. brad says:

    “… the Obama Kindness Base outside Kabul …” I love it; and a likely name for an actual future military base.

  7. Gary says:

    Yes, Jon. Yes. So beautiful. A parable for us all, perhaps? Although my heart sank with the year you selected – 2075. Sigh…

  8. ErnieM says:

    I disagree. Individualism is the ultimate divide and conquer ideology. If we don’t work in groups we have little power to change the world and can’t protect ourselves. There is nothing wrong with groups and collective action per se. Nations are necessary to provide laws to protect us from crime. Instead of rejecting groups categorically, I’m afraid we are going to have to confront the quality of the groups we choose to identify with and join; keep some and reject others. I am a proud member of a philosophy club, but I reject and would never join many religions (some of which deserve great disrespect!), the U.S. military, the Republican or Democratic parties, etc.

  9. Joe Dead Horse says:

    I’m a spaceman. The entire multiverse is my tribe.

  10. Amaterasu Solar says:

    Wonderful piece, Jon. May it happen far sooner than 2075! I am a member of one group: Sentient, sapient Beings.

  11. Jon… this is absolutely priceless. If we could only live to see the day.

    And you sure do have a refreshing and wonderful sense of humor… “President of the United States, Abner Ali Chang Grey Feather”.

    ~ Louie

  12. OzzieThinker says:

    Jon, I don’t know if it is “great minds thinking alike” or madness that affects both of us, here is the last paragraph I am up to incomplete book “Dimension, Deceptions and Demons”…

    “It does not take a particularly furtive imagination to conjure possibilities for higher entities capable of manipulating the false matrix to the maximum. They might, and do, for instance manipulate the procreation process. This would include ensuring particular souls were issued to strategic bodies. If you wished to control human power centres, as a higher entity, would you not first ensure the offspring of the current social (or hidden) elite were all your “people”. You would do everything to make sure your chosen soul made the “mix” and, once in, you would do everything in your power to elevate its status. That is why the philosophy and behaviour of the elites – visual and hidden, changes little over the years. It is very easy to blame the Draco. David Icke and others have launched private crusades. For the truth you must look above. Above the Draco are the Pleiadians and the Dragons. It was the Pleiadians and not the Draco that set up the false matrix. It is the Pleiadians, ironically, and not the Draco that are behind neurotically monitoring human society with view to control and containment. In my opinion, the dragons have been marginalised by this whole process which goes against their fundament rules of existence. The reason Lucifer created the survival of the fittest model is it enhances personal management of chaos, whether you are a carnivore or an herbivore. It, in fact, poses freedom for all. The problem with freedom for all is the wants or needs of the few are compromised. Therefore, humanity has opted for Pleiadian order protecting the few on the back of the many. Yet, it is still the survival of the fittest and therefore we are heading towards a massive clash of cultures represented by the numerous marginal elements of the global population.”

    You have found ‘resolve’. Sadly, I don’t see it….

    • Amaterasu Solar says:

      OT, I say it’s time We Humans take control, don’t You? I have a plan I think People should bandy about. I think You’ve seen it? Perhaps not so I will link to it here. This is a short article linking to four more short articles that outline the whole.

      Hey, at least it’s a plan fully committed to solving for poverty, oppression, wage/debt slavery, and profiteering (war profiteering, prison profiteering, pharma profiteering, medical profiteering, chemical profiteering, food, water, air profiteering).

      Are there any other plans?

      Let’s get to talking about it, We Humans.


      “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
      “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
      “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
      “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

      • OzzieThinker says:

        Yes AS, this is a version of Prime Law. However, there are some obvious “flaws”. At what age is someone given the “right” to think? Once given, are they allowed this freedom of choice? If someone makes a bad decision do they have the right to change their mind? What of those that enjoy branded “foul” or “disgusting” practices? Are wars with them to be permitted?

        I am constructing a plan, with you in mind, which relies on zoning. However, I fear it may have been the old system in Atlantis times and we have reached this point because of those that control and exploit the “False Matrix”. A remarkably simple concept requires an equally complex plan. Suicidal non-capitulation, in my opinion, is the only way to fell the current “status-quo”.

        • Amaterasu Solar says:

          Being honest here… I am unclear what You mean by “At what age is someone given the “right” to think?” We all have the right to think from birth.

          Any practice that breaks one of the three Laws will be prosecuted. Any that does not and is generally distasteful is likely to earn the practitioners pariahhood in the general population.

          What do We need “zones” for? Once there is no need for money and there is free energy, we will move out of cities into communities, many of which will be founded on common interests.

          • OzzieThinker says:

            We certainly do not have the “right” to think. Currently social imposes draconian standards for “the development” of those between ages 0-13, 0-18 or 0-21 depending where you live.

            You have made the extremely unwise assessment that “everyone is the same”. The reason that many of the mandates in place – law and order, are there because they are necessary. However bad laws cause friction in society and providing all of a certain type were placed in a special zone with “good laws” for that zone. For those of the lowest vibration, there would be a zone without laws.

            Three prominent issues with this. Language and entrenched cultural differences create a different kind of friction. People change as they develop through their life stages. Children do not have the right to think as desire based decision making promotes disaster, plus there is the whole “duty of care” thing (this proposes a supplementary problem – what is a child? and what is a “right”?).

            Your oversimplification of three laws would create global civil war. The reason the Muslims burn Christian churches is not reasoned and not legal. The hatred is there so it plays out. You look at things the wrong way, AS. All social transgressions are reactions to laws or forbidden desires. Indeed the modern system RELIES on that. When Prime Law was in place pre-Atlantis times, there was only order by virtue of censorship and segregation.

            There will always be a need for money or some kind of measurement standard, unless ownership was forbidden. This is a fair, libertarian proposal as the only reason anyone owns anything is though the fabric of governing order. At the start no one owned anything – perhaps that is Godliness. The problem with this is I could take anything of yours because you don’t own it and you might react badly. It would lead to conflict, aggression and even death.

          • Amaterasu Solar says:

            Oh, You are so wrong. I do NOT think “everyone is the same.” Quite the contrary, and thus My efforts to construct a system that allows Us ALL to find what We love to do and pursue it, rather than finding some means to plug Our energy into the system just to manage survival.

            I see no necessity for any mandate beyond the three Laws as long as commerce no longer is an issue on this planet. And none of those three is a “bad” law.

            Surely We should direct children, but give Them space to find what They love to do.

            As for choosing poor behavior, with the ability to travel at will, any One or group that creates a problem will have many who care arrive to rectify it. The three Laws would NOT create war. It would motivate MANY to go keep peace.

            As for “ownership.” Wrong. I can have a house, I can have a car. If a robotic facility is pumping out cars for People to have freely, the cars They get then belong to Them. How do You figure a lack of money, a lack of need to exchange to survive equates to no ownership? That makes no sense to Me.

          • OzzieThinker says:

            This has been tried and it did not work. It could not work because people are fundamentally selfish self-enablers. Therefore, just as we have to day, numerous conflicts of interest materialise as a result of subject desires and objective control. In past systems, the fundamental prime manipulators are firstly the governing administrators. Security forces become the object of territorial control. Who judges the judges?

            Ownership is the legalisation of possessions and, perhaps more importantly, INHERITANCE. All the old money was passed down the line and those with the power had the power via past descendants. Take “money” out of the equation and nothing changes.

            At the moment, AS, you are of the mindset of one that wants to break the system but hasn’t thought about the practical implications of ill-will, manipulation, con-capitulation and general skulduggery. I might say, for instance, because “I am right, it is fair” but others may say, “It is only fair to give everyone an equal share of the decision making” and yet more will say, “F*ck fairness and decision making, we will simply HAVE OUR WAY”.

            In my zoning system everyone will have their way.

          • I can guarantee that it has NOT been tried before in a society that has no exchange to survive. Never in the history We have on this planet have We ALL had no need to exchange to get what We need to survive (and richly at that).

            What has “old money” got to do with owning material objects in a system that has no money? Passing on One’s material objects to One’s family or whoever is no issue in a system with no money. Have you read all the articles linked at the end of that one I added?

            And Your last paragraph leads Me all the more to suspect You have not read My work…

            Sure, there are some bad people on this planet, but if the vast majority of Us weren’t reasonable GOOD People, society would not function. The “bad apples” are really a VERY small percentage – about 4% – and THEY have virtually all the money/power. Do You think that 96% of Us could not deal with the 4%?

          • OzzieThinker says:

            Your figures are the wrong way round, AS, 96% are very bad and 4% have the potential to inform. I have access to history that is off limits and I assure you EVERYTHING you say is old and stale.

            You will never understand me, but keep an eye out for my plan for humanity. It might take 20 years to define, but complete it I will.

          • Amaterasu Solar says:

            96% are very bad? Where are these very bad People? I have met one or two in MY life – out of hundreds of thousands I have met, and many more I have observed. Many are TEMPTED by money/power, yes, but with no such lure in place, I can see no motive for choosing bad behavior.

            And so, I agree to fully disagree with You. You, I am guessing, will never understand the plan I offer to Humanity. And it is defined now.

  13. Rex says:

    Great stuff…thanks!

  14. Mike says:

    Welcome to Rappoport world (c.800 BC; 600 AD)… careful your’re forming a group here.

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