Snowden and the final purpose of the Surveillance State

by Jon Rappoport

January 16, 2014

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I’ve written much about Edward Snowden, his back-story, and the questions that surround him (full archive here). But here, I want to discuss the aftermath, because no matter how you view Snowden and what he has done, he is now being used as a symbol.

Take a hero who has broken through the veil of secrecy, who’s stolen the golden eggs from the goose’s eyrie, who’s escaped…

And put him through the meat grinder of the press.

Raise him up, put him down, praise him, excoriate him, threaten him, isolate him, adore him, and sooner or later he begins to fade from view.

His profile, his public persona has been chopped up so many different ways into so many disparate pieces that, eventually, the symbol of him no longer carries any real force.

Meanwhile, the NSA and the Surveillance State continue on. They weather the storm. Despite the exploding scandal and the fall-out, and even though certain modes of collecting information may be reduced, new strategies emerge.

Therefore, the Surveillance State becomes even more powerful than it was.

Snowden rocked the boat, but the boat has been repaired. It sails on with even greater assurance.

And regardless of how the public responds to Snowden and the NSA, it is only a partial response, because the true aims of the Surveillance State are a mystery to most people.

Surveillance is coming at us from all angles. Chips, drones, TSA checkpoints, smart meters, back-doored electronic products, video cameras, spying home appliances; our phone calls and emails and keystrokes and product purchases are recorded.

The government and its allied corporations will know whatever they want to know about us.

What then?

What happens when all nations are blanketed from stem to stern with surveillance?

Smart meters give us one clue. Public utilities, acting on government orders, will be able to allot electricity in amounts and at times it wishes to. This is leading to an overarching plan for energy distribution to the entire population.

Claiming shortages and limited options, governments will essentially be redistributing wealth, in the form of energy, under a collectivist model.

National health insurance plans (such as Obamacare) offer another clue. Such plans require every citizen to be assigned a medical ID package, which is a de facto identity card. In the medical arena, this means cradle-to-grave tracking.

Surveillance inevitably leads to placing every individual under systems of control. It isn’t just “we’re watching you” or “we’re stamping out dissent.” It’s “we’re directing your participation in life.”

As a security analyst in the private sector once told me, “When you can see what every employee is doing, when you have it all at your fingertips, you naturally move on to thinking about how you can control those patterns and flows of movement and activity. It’s irresistible. You look at your employees as pieces on a board. The only question is, what game do you want to play with them?”

Every such apparatus is ruled, from the top, by Central Planners. When it’s an entire nation, upper-echelon technocrats revel in the idea of blueprinting, mapping, charting, and regulating the flows of all goods and services and people, “for the common good.”

Water, food, medicine, land use, transportation—they all become items of a networked system that chooses who gets what and when, and who can travel where, and under what conditions.

This is the wet dream of technocrats. They believe they are saving the world while playing a fascinating game of multidimensional chess.

As new technologies are discovered and come on line, the planners decide how they will be utilized and for whose benefit.

In order to implement such a far-reaching objective, with minimal resistance from the global population, manufactured crises are unleashed which persuade the masses that the planet is under threat and needs “the wise ones” to rescue it and them.

We watch (and fight in) wars and more wars, each one exacerbated and even invented. We see (planned) famine. We are told about desperate shortages and a frying Earth. We are presented with phony epidemics that are falsely promoted as scourges.

The only response, we are led to believe, is more humane control over the population.

On top of that, we are fed an unending stream of propaganda aimed at convincing us that “the great good for the greatest number” is the only humane and acceptable principle of existence. All prior systems of belief are outmoded. We know better now. We must be good and kind and generous to everyone at all times.

Under this quasi-religious banner, which has great emotional appeal, appears The Plan. Our leaders allocate and withhold on the basis of their greater knowledge. We comply. We willingly comply, because we are enlisted in a universal army of altruistic concern.

This is a classic bait and switch. We are taught to believe that service for the greater good is an unchallengeable goal and credo. And then, later, we find out it has been hijacked to institute more power over us, in every way.

The coordinated and networked surveillance of Earth and its people is fed into algorithms that spit out solutions. This much food will go here; that much water will go there; here there will be medical care; there medical care will be severely rationed. These people will be permitted to travel. Those people will be confined to their cities and towns.

Every essential of life—managed with on-off switches, and the consequences will play out.

An incredibly complex system of interlocking decisions will be hailed as messianic.

Surveillance; planning; control.

The surveillance is expanded, not because we are constantly under threat and must be protected from terrorists, but because we can then be labeled and entered on to 10 billion squares of the game board, to be moved around or held in place.

This is the vision.

It isn’t ours. It never was. But we are not consulted.

The Matrix Revealed

Instead we are made witness to watershed events: the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center; the 2001 assault on the Trade Center and the Pentagon. These ops paralleled the unleashing of better and more far-ranging methods of surveillance.

We are profiled down to the threads on our clothing and DNA in our cells. But what is our profile of the technocrats and their bosses?

They are divorced from human life. They live in a vacuum. They take pleasure from that vacuum.

In 1982, I interviewed Bill Perry, who had just left his job as PR chief at Lawrence Livermore Labs, where scientists design nuclear weapons. Perry had been given the kind of job PR people long for. But one day, when he passed the desk of a researcher and listened to his complaints about budget limitations, Perry said, “Listen, America already has the means to blow up the whole planet eight times. What more do you need?”

The researcher looked up at him with a genuinely puzzled expression. He said, “You don’t understand, Bill. This is a problem in physics.”

In the same detached sense, the technocrats who want to calculate and direct our future, move by move, minute by minute, see us as components of a complex and very interesting problem.

Yes, they indeed expect to exercise power and control. But they also live in an abstraction. They deal their answers from that realm. They exercise cool passion. They see, for example, that not every single twitch of thought of every person on earth is yet mapped, so they want to finish constructing the means by which they can chart those “missing elements.” They want to complete the formula.

They view their research as a wholly natural implication of the mathematics they can manipulate. They swim in technology and they want to extend its architecture. To abandon the program would be tantamount to denying their own intelligence. They climb the mountain because it is there.

Exit From the Matrix

They do perceive that one factor does not fit their algorithms: the free individual. It’s the wild card.

Therefore, they are compelled to analyze freedom and break it down into DNA functions and brain processes. They assume, because they must, that the free individual is an illusory idea that flows from some older configuration of synaptic transmission, at a time in our evolution when we needed it. But now, they suppose, the engineering of human activity and thought has superseded such quaint notions. Now we all can be tracked, traced, and studied on a different and wider scale. Now we can be seen for what we really are: a hive.

Therefore, we must be instructed, within tight limits, about our various functions.

I’m reminded of a statement attributed to Nobel Laureate, Alfred Szent-Giorgi: “In my search for the secret of life, I have ended up with atoms and electrons, which have no life at all. Somewhere along the line, life has run through my fingers. So, in my old age, I am retracing my steps…”

Today’s technocrats will admit no such disappointment or existential crisis. They flourish with great optimism as they design the future world and its single society. If they run out of pieces of their puzzle to study, they’ll try to track the motion of every atom and electron and quark in the universe. They’ll delight in it.

Knowing all this, we know the terms of the war we are in.

The Central Planners have an equation: “free=uncontrolled=dangerous.”

By the gross terms of that equation, they lump us in with thugs and murderers and terrorists. They even see the normal functioning of the brain as a threat, as an intrinsically defective process, and they have long since decided that organ must be corrected with drugs and electromagnetic interventions.

We, on the other hand, must assert, in every way possible, that freedom is real and inviolable, and we must back that up with our actions.

When individual freedom is no longer discussed in great depth by people who should know better, when it is left to wither on the vine, many programs and structures are built to take its place. But if freedom seems like a weak response to the Surveillance State and its goals, remember this: all the State power I’ve been enumerating is organized to curtail freedom, stop it, end it, make it obsolete. That enormous effort wouldn’t be necessary if freedom were merely a passing fancy. It isn’t. It’s an eternal force.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

47 comments on “Snowden and the final purpose of the Surveillance State

    • G. Jorgensen says:

      Precisely. Great clarity. Thank you. Gj

    • Richard Todia says:

      Lot’s of stuff on Snowden and the NSA has been written and discussed. What hasn’t been articulated is the most damaging effect of Snowden’s revelations, despite how blatantly obvious it is. So, here goes.

      I consider that these revelations have brought a broad awareness that we are all being watched, all the time. Therefore, we need to be careful what we say… all the time. We can only say (safely) what we think is acceptable to the establishment. It’s a Psy-Op. Those of us who have been aware of “crazy conspiracy theories” (i.e. the truth) have already known for a long time that we need to use caution when addressing these topics. We knew to look over our shoulders and throw out feelers before broaching certain subjects. But now, the point has been driven home to the masses, “Be careful; what you say.” These revelations will slow down the spreading of Truth. Just like in Nazi Germany, people will be afraid to speak above their breath on any subject that will raise the eyebrows of the authorities. This may have been done because A LOT of people are becoming aware of A LOT of things.

      • Alananda says:

        @Richard Todia I concur. The principal utility of the surveillance state for TPTB (that is, those who control the apparatus and mine the data): to identify those who stick their heads above the rest, so high in consciousness and so persuasive of voice, that it serves better to cut those heads off, as an example, and to dissuade others, and, mostly importantly, to deny the sheep a shepherd.

      • mikecorbeil says:

        From what I’ve gathered, by far most Americans are against this pervasive, nearly limitless spying, and that this may cause people to try to put pressure on their political representatives to work on correcting the abuses. This reaction is certainly possible, but I won’t make any predictions.

        As for people ceasing to want to seek and tell the truth, those who were really serious about this, before, will likely realize that they can continue as they were previously doing. After all, the NSA will have already captured copies of the communications of electronic kind for several or more years. So, why not continue to do as before? It’s not like the NSA is going to learn something seriously new about the serious truth seekers and sayers, the critics of governement and Establishment, ….

        Anyway, the near future will permit an assessment based on activity or lack thereof that can be measured or quantified. F.e., people will be able to determine if truth seeker, sayer and analyst A continues to publish as much as before and if it’s less, then quantify this; f.e., only a little less, a lot less, or ceasing altogether. Any of those results could be to health problems and total cessation could be because the person has died or fallen into a coma, f.e. Iow, being able to measure that analyst author A has decreased activity for truth, so activism, wouldn’t necessarily mean that the Snowden revelations are the cause and it’d be necessary to avoid jumping to such conclusions without careful verification. It could be that the person has only taken a vacation, which could be a couple of weeks or months, but will continue publishing truth … pieces thereafter. There are these types of factors to keep in mind when doing the quantification for comparitive analysis, say.

        If they’re real, true activists for truth and against government abuses, then they’ll probably continue as before; I believe.

  1. Greg says:

    “Today’s technocrats will admit no such disappointment or existential crisis. They flourish with great optimism as they design the future world and its single society. If they run out of pieces of their puzzle to study, they’ll try to track the motion of every atom and electron and quark in the universe. They’ll delight in it.”

    “Nowhere Men”.

  2. Alananda says:

    Thank you, Jon, a most succinct, insightful discourse. Les carrefours wherein we stand, dictate no simple return along the way we took to arrive here and now. To the right and left are paths named Fight and Flight, though which directions they lead shroud themselves in ambiguity, equivocalness, and, often, gray foggy turpitude. Other roads much less traveled by, their frosted surface rarely trammeled by human feet, Nike clad or bare, lead off elsewhere, somewhere, we presume. Some cross lines once drawn in sand, wiped away by ill winds and uncertain purpose. One leads within, into and, we hope, through each one’s Hall of Mirrors, the reflective facets featuring a familiar, grinning ghost — ’twas I, once, when I was much younger in body, though insane of mind. I know so much better now, though, having lost a ton of Time, surely I can still make the journey home, in freedom.

  3. Brabantian says:

    More of the several purposes of the Snowden farce –

    Glenn Greenwald, along with the Rothschild-family-dominated Guardian (see below) and the CIA’s ‘Operation Mockingbird’ New York Times, are likely running a whistleblower entrapment scheme with this farce, as Yoichi Shimatsu says (see below)..

    The ‘brave Snowden journalist’ meme may well be an attempt to lure other US whistleblowers into trusting Guardian etc, then report them to CIA-NSA etc., silence them and kill them.

    Besides his improbable CV debunked by Jon Rappoport and others, Edward Snowden is linked to the most senior CIA advisor in America, Zbigniew Brezinski of the Trilateral Commission – Zbig daughter journalist Mika Brzezinski was pumping and promoting Snowden, Ian Brzezinski was Snowden’s co-worker at Booz Allen, ha !

    As Sibel Edmonds notes, CIA & US gov already gave fast-track approvals to million dollar movie and book deals re Snowden, indeed an absolute requirement for big NY publishing firms before enriching Greenwald …

    As to, What is the CIA’s ‘Snowden revelation’ game? – Likely several of the following, putting together Jon’s and others’ suggestions:

    (1) Help locate other US dissidents, dupe them into trusting fake ‘brave reporters’ for Snowden (CIA-backed Greenwald, Guardian, NYT), use info provided by media to silence, extort, kill whistleblowers / dissidents

    (2) Advance CIA side of old CIA – NSA turf and budget war

    (3) Tilt game to favour US oligarch ruling families allied with CIA, who were getting threatened / financially hurt by NSA-tied surveillance and ‘inside trade’ financial operations, as per Jon Rappoport

    (4) Distract from, defuse more serious revelations

    (5) Increase US terror among both US and world citizens

    (6) Penetrate Russia / China via a double agent

    (7) Anticipate US economic collapse from upcoming end of petro-dollar and corollary US Treasury Bond implosion, begin channelling global scorn of US, towards future media-hyped global government scheme

    Quite chilling article by Hong Kong journalist Yoichi Shimatsu, ‘Saving Agent Snowden From His Handlers Greenwald & Omidyar’, has a unique piece on Operation Snowden as dissident entrapment game.

    Shimatsu speaks of how Greenwald etc tricked Snowden into leaving Hong Kong where he was actually safe under Chinese protection, the ruse was an actor falsely posing as someone from the Beijing gov’t telling Snowden to get out, Greenwald’s team dumping Snowden in Russia, hoping Putin would not allow him to stay … Snowden tricked into handing over his documents to Greenwald before leaving Hong Kong, the CIA’s boy Greenwald in Brazil of course never intending to reveal most of them – this is Shimatsu’s view.

    Curious background to Greenwald, recounted by Shimatsu, who says Greenwald had been a lawyer accused of illegal surveillance crimes (!), then became an owner of porn websites, like Jimmy Wales alleged ‘founder’ of the CIA’s Wikipedia, only gay porn in Greenwald’s case. Then Greenwald got into financial and tax trouble from his gay porn companies …

    And Greenwald then suddenly began a climb to fame working for 3 billionaire families – for Bill Gates (Salon), where Greenwald was never a ‘brave’ journalist, Greenwald too frightened to write about huge evidence of US judicial corruption and bribery; then the Guardian, heavily overseen by the world’s wealthiest family, the Rothschilds (Paul Myners of Rothschild is chairman Guardian Media, Anthony Salz of investment bank Rothschild on Scott Trust owning Guardian), and now Greenwald is with eBay PayPal Iranian-American billionaire Pierre Omidyar of PayPal, helping to shut down funding of Wikileaks, and connected with Booz Allen – NSA where Snowden worked …

    Greenwald’s New York Times and Guardian (‘left wing of MI6’), are both known for spreading CIA dis-info, like the Syria ‘chemical weapons’ hoaxes, they do not care about truth or press freedom, so why are they being ‘nice’ to us with this Snowden info ? Guardian and NYT joined hands in the pump and then dump of Julian Assange too, as if under joint orders.

    As Jon and many others point out, Snowden ‘news’ has been not all that new, in fact; it was heavy media hype with more detail on what 5+ NSA whistleblowers revealed years before, like Russell Tice, so sharp with his theme on NSA blackmail of all US politicians, presidents, judges … whereas Tice and others were ignored and marginalised by NYT and Guardian and other corp media, left to tell their story on so-called ‘conspiracy’ websites …

    Is Snowden himself a CIA man, or was he duped by Greenwald & Co as Shimatsu thinks?

    We will confirm shortly if Snowden is himself a CIA man, by Snowden’s reaction (or lack of it) to the corruption of Greenwald, the Guardian and the New York Times about him and his status, an issue about to be forced into the open more dramatically.

    • I believe that most of those in the so-called truth movement serve such a purpose as what you’ve outlined in your comment here. They are trolling for dissidents, who will then become targets for horrible & terrorizing technologies.


      • Alananda says:

        If not trolling, M2W, then attracting, contributing to an unambiguous identification of folks who have such a “criminal tendency”. Most here, like me, no doubt already on a list or two for WHATEVER for a LONG TIME, will suffer no further or greater harm, frequenting Mr. Rappoport’s blog,, (a major D & G vacuum cleaner!!), or (gasp!)!

          • Alananda says:

            D & G — not D & D (Dungeons & Dragons), not P & G (Proctor & Gamble), which incorporated D & G in their product line, in my opinion — stands for DOOM & GLOOM, as my wife termed it. As I referenced, Jeff Rense provides a concentrated dose of D & G each day; for addicts (I still find myself in recovery, many of the 12 steps to go) one might choose Activist Post, unalloyed D & G.

            D & G, which Jon Rappoport also dishes out, more often than not, seems a great challenge for those who want to become the change they envision and/or advocate. How can we create the beauty, bliss, and bountifulness offered by this planet we call home? How do we maintain awareness of all that seems evil, destructive, murderous, debilitating — and still hold the vision of WHAT IS?

            I strive for answers for my Self, people like Michael on this thread apparently not getting my vibe on the same wavelength I transmit, so I think.

          • I know the feeling!

            Thank you for the info there… yes… I stopped listening to Alan Watt precisely for those reasons.
            Yet, those evil things happening in our world still happen… to people like myself… so how does one fix that, I wonder?

    • mikecorbeil says:

      Quote: “Besides his improbable CV debunked by Jon Rappoport and others, Edward Snowden is linked to the most senior CIA advisor in America, Zbigniew Brezinski of the Trilateral Commission – Zbig daughter journalist Mika Brzezinski was pumping and promoting Snowden, Ian Brzezinski was Snowden’s co-worker at Booz Allen, ha !”

      That Mika Brzezinski was cheerleading Snowden in media doesn’t mean that there’s any personal link between them. He probably doesn’t have personal links with many of the people who’re praising him as a whistleblower. And Ian Brzezinski, according to Wikipedia, was a Principal at Booz … How would this make him and Snowden co-workers when Snowden was nowhere near the level of being a Principa? Probably very few people who are Principals do technical work, such as in IT jobs

      Quote: “(6) Penetrate Russia / China via a double agent”.

      How has Snowden penetrated Russia? From what I’ve gathered, he hasn’t done this. “Penetrating”, in this context, would be like getting into a position to be able to spy and the CIA certainly doesn’t need Snowden for this in Russia, where Snowden surely isn’t going to be allowed to enter Russian “intelligence” at all.

      Quote: “Is Snowden himself a CIA man, or was he duped by Greenwald & Co as Shimatsu thinks?”.

      Jon already published a piece about this and it should be easy to find by doing a Web search of this website while using Snowden, CIA, NSA and “turf war” for search terms.

      One thing in particular that has been standing out clearly for me is that Snowden definitely lacks the necessary qualifications for the types of IT jobs he claimed to have had at the CIA and possibly NSA or cies he worked for after the CIA. He states the 4 titles at the beginning of an interview or mock interview he gave to Greenwald at The Guardian and which the latter published on June 9th, 2013. I’m not familiar with TPM, Talking Points Memo, but it has an article from June 10th by Eric Lach and he briefly describes what Snowden’s academic records consist of. If that information is accurate, then there’s no way for someone like Snowden to be considered even a little qualified for the IT jobs he claims to have worked in at the CIA etc.

      Many people might not notice this part of Snowden’s personal story in this, for most people don’t know more than extremely little about IT jobs, what they consist of or entail.

      If he was really assigned the job titles he claims, then the question is WHY? He isn’t qualified, so either whoever assigned him these titles is just plain dumb, doesn’t know anything about IT work, or there’s a foul reason. The or a certainly likely foul reason is deception, which is a tactic Washington regularly employs.

      In any case, an important thing about all of this is to remember is to not let this absorb our attention so much that we ignore much more and truly important problems or issues. Snowden isn’t revealing NSA spying on US citizens, for this was already revealed 8 years ago and a Congressman accused the NSA for doing this back in 1999 according to the following article.

      “Congressman in 1999: “NSA [Has Been] Conducting a Broad ‘Dragnet’ of Communications, and ‘Invading the Privacy of American Citizens’””,

  4. michael says:

    I predict the Vatican make him into a saint soon; St Edward of the purgatory of surveillance. And that should be followed with Facebook petition for a noble prize for peace for St Edward.
    I mean WTF they are giving them to warmongering presidents, why not to peepers.
    The only reason for Snowden was too make sure that everyone understood that the NSA/CIA (incestuous brothers that they are) know about ever electronic communication that is made on this planet. Not that anything anybody’s tweeting, twittering or typing is of any importance anyway.
    My advice; take a ballpeen hammer to your iPhone, you will need an axe for your television. Telephone poles are still wood, and chainsaws work quite well on them.
    Start sending smoke signals and get tin foil hat… I know how to make a really good one. It takes two and half boxes of aluminum foil to make it. Shiny side out.


    “Little lamb, who made thee?
    Dost thou know who made thee?
    Gave thee life, and bid thee feed
    By the stream and o’er the mead;
    Gave thee clothing of delight,
    Softest clothing, woolly, bright;
    Gave thee such a tender voice,
    Making all the vales rejoice?
    Little lamb, who made thee?
    Dost thou know who made thee?”
    -William Blake

  5. Sal Princiotta says:

    Hi Jon,

    Well put on the “Snowden and the final purpose of the Surveillance State” piece. You make good points that are very useful. However, it seems you might be missing a key motive that we are facing with the state you speak of. That is the BREAKAWAY Group. Those who have been enjoying the classified technology kept way out of the reach and use of the public.

    I’m inclined to believe they have gone off on their own. They are in a position to use us for fodder.
    They must control and/or eliminate us so we do not pose a threat to what they have going. They have low regard for us. As we are in the way of their plans and exciting breakthroughs.

    Our civilization has been stolen. Replaced by a developing slav-ilization and elimi-nation.

    Understanding their “Deep Black Ops” have been draining trillions upon trillions out of our essence and into their BREAKAWAY Civilization efforts will allow many pieces of the puzzle to be to be understood.

    We have been given the proverbial Mushroom Treatment as a people, i.e.: keeping us in the dark and feeding us BS. And we have been conditioned to eat it up without too much trouble.

    A good source for more insight into this is the book A.D. (After Disclosure) by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel. They provide a great handle on this situation and point the way for understanding what the world might be like once the truth actually must be outed, as outlined in the book. How it will affect ALL aspects of our existence, and how it might most likely unfold. I’d love to get your feed back after you add this book to your equation.

    Then, I believe the next big thing that this truth about the Deep Black Ops will trigger is the greater appreciation and mastery over the Near-Death and Out-Of-Body experience.

    The human race has a lot of recovery to get over, from this serious “mushroom treatment” foisted upon them for so long. So much truth to enfold and lies to discard. So much justice to enjoy and suppression to banish. So much potential to realize and advancement to celebrate.

    We are so close and yet so far to this correction taking place. We are at a point where everything counts. And surely what you are doing makes a great difference. I hope these indications of mine help as well.

  6. WhiteRose says:

    As a small boy, living in rural America, we still had party-line home telephones and private line telephones. Everyone wanted a private line telephone so no one would know their private business.

    Nowadays, only a few America still understand this basic, constitutional concept of privacy and are willing to give up their privacy from the govt. in the name of more security.

    Where are the rebels of the American Revolution in our times?

  7. Anon says:

    Where is all of this leading us?

    Former Gov’t Insider, Says ONE-WORLD GOV’T PLANNED/COMING – A MUST LISTEN! Ian Wishart, author of TOTALITARIA: What If the State IS the Enemy?, on Coast-to-Coast AM (11 December 2013)

  8. Jen says:

    “Surveillance; planning; control.” I can’t help but notice how fear is the glue that holds this Centrally Planned vision together and facilitates its implementation. To fear is to be controlled. To not fear is to be free in the greatest sense of the word.

  9. Anna says:

    You knocked this one out of the ballpark. Very eloquent, thank you, Jon.

    There’s some irony in the observation that our free nature as proto-human hominids was the driving force for the development of greater intelligence and problem solving as an adaptive fitness advantage and now some self-appointed homo sapien “masters of the universe” have decided that, in the pursuit of perfect “order”, they must use their intelligence and problem solving skills (but apparently not wisdom) to eradicate and subdue our hard wired instinct for freedom and self exploration.

    Love the Alfred Szent-Giorgi quote, perfect! 😉

  10. timwebb2012t says:

    But the surveillance state is essentially a very external and physical and temporal phenomenon; it is Cartesian in essence, and relies on technology to function; the much-discussed earth-directed CME, or a replay of the Carrington Event, would leave all in the dust of human hubris and megalomania, and we would be right back to the methodology of the Inquisition as being the only certain means of extracting information from people once again.
    God’s purposes however, are eternal, spiritual, and transcendent. They may not be taken down or deflected or modified by anything, least of all, by the perverted will of man.
    “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away”.
    Mankind’s monstrous egotism is being revealed in these latter days. Layers are peeled to expose deeper layers beneath, but all is futile in the light of eternity.
    Rabbi / Pastor Jonathan Cahn has revealed the fast-approaching devastation of the United States, and indeed of the entire world; a process which was first manifested on 9-11, and which will reach its climax on, we assume, 13th September 2015.
    This is a Sunday; I would suggest not having anything special planned for that day.

  11. Arlene Lane says:

    YES JON, it is what it is and true what you say that these people are soon forgotten like JULIEN ASSANGE who is still locked inside the PERUVIAN embassy, but I think that there are many reasons for this and one main reason is that people are allowing themselves to become inured to it and give in too easily, but does this not show us the true power of this dark cabal that they are stubborn and wont go away easily they have been with us too long, so what is the answer, first I think that we have to be more persistent and resilient, when people and groups are offered deals with these creature’s they have accepted them and this you cannot do because first you are dealing with the power elite like the ROTHSCHILDS and the ROCKERFELLERS and these creature’s are clearly not human they have no honour no code of conduct, so you do not make deals with them because it is not just the money it’s the power and control that they want over you so your pain and your suffering is their joy, so at the moment it is not all plain sailing for them because we have a world population of nearly 8 billion people so control over such a large amount of people is not easy so they have to devise as many ways as possible to get GENOCIDE on a scale that it looks like it’s NATURALLY occurring or to trigger a more aggressive behaviour into people that are protesting, because all the things that they own and control are not working on the scale that they want because they did take into account human resilience, if we look we see that our oceans are being poisoned by spills from oil tankers that are no accident, chemical spraying over 90 per cent of the globe you have also the HAARP weather weapon that has triggered more than 75 per cent of the tsunami’s earthquakes and volcano eruptions and now you not only the MONSTER GMO’S but let us not forget the toxic vaccine’s for flu and cancer that they also completely control, so you will see that the only real answer is the COMPLETE EXTERMINATION of these blue bloodlines. TONY LANE

  12. AwakenedLaurie says:

    Thank You Jon, you always have a neverending supply of well thought out articles…

    we have a bunch of morally and spiritually bankrupt consciousness in power and their mindless support robots expressing in their true nature…

    it is easy to admit those controlling the masses are Terminally Mad…

    so then will the masses that are easily programmed go Terminally Mad…

    as they self destruct we are seeing, more viciousness, cruelty, perverness, cannabilistic ways, and repulse those who are awake to this evil sickness…

    they know deep inside they are doomed…hence all this crazy insane activity of control over others…their endless lies, corruption and murder speaks for itself……Karma will cause everything they touch to turn to sht and exposing them even more…..this sickness will be cut out like a cancer…

    Lots of LOVE

  13. TORNasunder says:

    Well said John. Imho the drum that needs to be beaten right now is ‘how’ this massive, pervasive data collection is being used to control people. This is not being discussed at this time.

    The Guardian is MSM, therefore whatever is released is pre-approved and Greenwald an agent of the MSM. I’m still not convinced Snowden is ‘in on it’, I suspect he’s been played, I would compare him more closely to Oswald. Also, except for the recent radio waves tapping of computers, the surveillance methods so far revealed have been straight forward. They have yet to disclose any of the cutting edge tech that is being used to spy.

    Brabatian I like your ‘revelation game’ list. I would add another for those who are paying attention. The message is we see/hear everything, and we have a database of years of your comms. This message was directed at the world. One implied reality of this message is blackmail. The other reality of this fact is that the NSA literally knows you better than your best friend, and probably better than yourself. Information is power, and the NSA has god like power. Truly a brave new world.

    • Michael says:

      “Imho the drum that needs to be beaten right now is ‘how’ this massive, pervasive data collection is being used to control people.” -TORNasunder
      They wish to know what you are thinking at this present moment Torn, and they are close to understanding that…I’m serious…as serious as a heart attack.
      Does predictive computer software programs?…ring a bell!
      How about precrime?
      Knowing from the huge data bases encompassing…say… your health records, your work and life history, your Facebook and iPhone data connecting to your family and friends and what they do, your Google searches, how you vote, your religion, what you purchase etc. etc. They will eventually, according to your habits (and you have many, many habits that you don’t even realize) be able to predict your response to a give set of human conundrums, life problems, even the opinions that you have….they are quite good at this…really.
      Nanotechnology and EMF are opening up a huge area of how the brain works.
      Let your imagination run with it Torn.
      Check out Dr Michael Persinger for one.
      This might keep you busy for a while, and get you started on chasing the potentials.
      Love and hand grenades, Michael

      “The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” –William Blake

  14. Patrick says:

    I enjoyed this article, many good points, thanks Jon.

    The problem with the scientific approach is that it very often divorces us from our whole selves, especially our intuitive and creative aspects. Scientists are obsessed with refining their knowledge of causality and improving their technology, often without considering the purpose and implications of what they are doing, as this article rightly highlights. It’s an obvious point, but what good knowledge and technology if it diverts energy and resources away from real problems, or worse still, is used to control and harm others? None, in fact it’s most dangerous. This rationalized approach to everything is the scientific way of course, and even Einstein, for all his genius in further deciphering the way the universe worked, didn’t believe in free will, which renders his world view seriously lacking to say the least.

    I agree that part of our escape from the mechanistic existence that’s forced upon us is about finding our true selves by using free expression and art as a revolution of the soul against trappings of every kind. In doing this we allow more of our creative self to become the “wild card” that our shadow selves, and the controlling authorities fear. If enough people do this hopefully we can build a society that grants everyone the freedom they deserve, doing away with a system that serves only the isolated few at the top, whom, divorced from humanity, have lost touch with themselves and their responsibility to others.

    …all of which reminds me, I think I’ve become a little too cerebral of late, as well as reading more blogs like this I think it’s about time I kicked back, took out my guitar, and had a good jam… it’s been far too long!


    Love to everyone

    • Alananda says:

      As a professed and professional scientist, I disagree with you. As with anything and any methodology, people can apply the scientific method for right and wrong, benefit or disadvantage. I too play the guitar at such moments, realizing that Cmaj7th embodies the angst of this epoch.

      • OzzieThinker says:

        Get out of here….

        Science wallows in the introspective. For the large part it is not about “proving” anything. Instead it affirms its own myths with branded propaganda.

        I have many professional scientist friends who are too weak and corrupt to “break free”, but at least they are not “in denial” like you.

        • Alananda says:

          Wasn’t there a musician — I use the term loosely — by the name of “Ozzie”? I wonder he had a greater degree of tolerance for different points of view than you appear to have, OT. As a scientist-friend of mine, also aware, very much awake, though despairing of humankind’s future as I do occasionally, said, you have to have a license to play the Cmaj7th chord. May I appeal to you for reinstatement in this fine community, and ask that you rescind your summary order to depart? I submit as evidence Exhibits 1 & 2, Ernest Holmes’ extraordinary book “The Science of Mind” and Yogi Bhajan’s series of lectures compiled as “The Mind”. Two books I’d take to a desert island (or Mars), we I highly recommend you read to broaden your narrow notion of Science per se.

      • Michael says:

        “scientific method”….Sounds so neutral when you say it.
        Most ‘scientific method’ comes from dusty old silver spoon masons like Galton, Darwin.
        Care to give me a “scientific method” on this one….

        The more I look the more I find science as a another elitism, that administers it’s rights in a mafiosa style to a scientific consensus.
        It’s easy to make someone say yes when a bloated grant, or tenure is on the line. There is no such altruism in science.
        Are you a pocket scientist or a free thinker Alananda?

        “Youth of delight! come hither
        And see the opening morn,
        Image of Truth new-born.
        Doubt is fled, and clouds of reason,
        Dark disputes and artful teazing.
        Folly is an endless maze;
        Tangled roots perplex her ways;
        How many have fallen there!
        They stumble all night over bones of the dead;
        And feel–they know not what but care;
        And wish to lead others, when they should be led.” –William Blake

        • Alananda says:

          Thank you for the thoughtful inquiry, Michael, not the curt dismissal I received from Ozzie T., who nearly bit my head off, hence the reference I made in reply. And thank you very much for the link to the article on social geoengineering. A personal note: I have what I call my “Twelve Spokes of Anger” which, as I connect the dots, emanate from a hub from which most if not all the awful manifestations arise. Especially and including “chemtrails”, “weather as weapon”, and “weather modification” for profit if not fun. I contributed as a very minor funding angel to Michael Moore’s WITWATS (#1). I immediately recognized Carnegie-Mellon’s involvement when I scanned the panel employed for the CFR’s seminar on “Unilateral Geoengineering” several years ago. If you are as up on this as I am, you’ll pick out C-M’s deployed minion. The science here is advanced indeed, albeit cloaked in patents, (no doubt top secret) technical reports, etc. The Science I speak about extends to yoga, the Mind, and other high achievements of humankind — Jesus was one, I think, so was Yogananda, and a host of other Teachers who have graced our presence on this plane. To associate “science” with the misuse of a proven method, inherent in Law(s) of Mind, is foolish. “Pocket scientist”? “Free thinker”? Judge for yourself, Michael. I am an open book to the NSA, why not you and curious others: Let me know.

          • Michael says:

            “I am an open book to the NSA, why not you and curious others….” -Alananda

            BwaHaahah… do I recognize a glimmer of a delusion that you are actually choosing, or is that simply surrendered…be the reed Alananda, bend and sway in that fierce wind, it’s the Zen way.
            On the other hand, I wish the worst for the bastards; I care to rage against the dying of the light. It gives me a false sense of hope, during those occasions of intellectual blindness I suppose, that I am actually trying…lol.
            Like you I really have no choice, so I watch them watching me…really.
            When I am locked out of some websites I get angered though. It gets difficult sometimes with the electronic persecution, it is persistent when you are seeking research on a subject, and I am upset generally because of their rogue software, roaming cyberspace, looking for the awakened, or the following the algorithm of a line of research.
            A lot of the websites I frequent are attacked on a regular basis. Along with that we have such extremists who do not wish you to know anything, the new bookburners…


            ….Satan’s little helpers rewriting scientific information on Wiki (Not that I consider it a valid source of information, but it could be a good overview source for a schoolchild writing a simple school assignment.)
            This nonsense of a pay wall in front of science papers is destructive; the prices in some cases are inflated to hundreds of dollars…to discourage the seeker of truth.
            The forced redaction of scientific papers is disturbing (and it was the website, not the study scientist that redacted the paper.), to say the least… as in the case of the Seralini study, and there are hundreds and hundreds of others cases like this.
            The NSA will have you sitting naked, hungry, freezing, in your dark basement, illiterate and afraid.

            You have an interest in Geoengineering?………
            Do you have an opinion on why HAARP has been heating the ocean west of Oregon and Washington for the last month and half, from my deductions it was the catalyst that drove the massive vacuuming of frigid Arctic air down on us during the last two weeks of November and all of December…coincidently enough there were record natural gas sales for that month….hmmm.
            This artificially induced sort off, mini-El Nino continued, with the manipulated jet stream forced the phenomenon to the eastern part of the continent at the beginning of the year…I am convinced that Europe will have an exceptionally cold later part of the 2014 winter.


            Do they have a grasp on the energy in/energy out equation?…something gotta give, probably the latter part of the spring.

            “Because I was happy upon the heath,
            And smiled among the winter’s snow,
            They clothed me in the clothes of death,
            And taught me to sing the notes of woe.”
            -William Blake

          • Alananda says:

            Michael, I mistook you for Patrick on a more recent thread — perhaps he and you will set me straight there. Forgive me for an est-ian moment (a reference to “Werner Erhard”‘s 15-minute sojourn in the Sun): I get your anger. I also sense your pissed-off-ness about your helplessless. As I do all too frequently, I tell you you take it out on someone who deserves it — in the spirit of “as you give, so you shall receive”. I have done as you do now. It’s OK with me. Between Dutchsinse, Dane Wigington (, and folks like Rosiland Peterson (californiaskywatch), you have ample, far more informed folks than I for the science (very advanced) of weather modification, weather as weapon, and the like. I be but a humble observer, with thousands of pictures of chemclouding, which scientist and engineering colleagues to this day brush off as “persistent jet contrails”, which RP mistakenly thought would shield her from frontal attacks accusing her of “conspiracy theory”. Life goes on. May yours be bountiful, blissful, and free of accusing others of what you fear and hate inside.

      • Patrick says:

        Hi Alananda

        I was making an epistemological point about one potential pitfall of empiricism, I was not claiming that empiricism in and of itself has no value. It’s an obvious point, but I think that empiricism has lot of value if it’s used correctly, what I’m saying is that even if it’s used correctly it still has its limitations for understanding truth, which is why I’m glad we have other branches of knowledge available to us such as rationalism, subjectivism, mysticism etc.

        Too many scientists are looking for a complete formula for everything, which if found, would of course extinguish the possibility of free will, an impossibility in my opinion. If a scientist says that we have, or are close to finding this formula, that’s when their claims to truth and knowledge are lacking in my view. And of course, scientific knowledge can be manipulated horribly, as OzzyThinker and Michael highlight. I think that unravelling all this misinformation and bad science is one of the most important things we need to do to liberate ourselves form the state we’re in.

        To an extent I advocate that we all become polymaths, embracing inquests into truth that employ all branches of knowledge, philosophy, science, mysticism, etc., an approach which should include high esteem for self expression through art as a way to understand ourselves, others, and universal truths.

        I don’t feel any tension between science, and art / music, but the world I see resonates to a different chord. All the suffering and confusion sounds much more like a dissonant and distorted E9 (add13), heard as the opening chord in Nirvana’s “Serve the Servants”. But there’s no right or wrong, to some extent we all hear / perceive things differently, thankfully there’s also a lot of beauty in the world to tune into as well. 🙂

        • OzzieThinker says:

          Here, here, spot on & well done.

          I am not nor ever will be a diplomat 😉

        • Alananda says:

          Patrick, thank you! Take me more than a single reading and a few minutes’ cogitation to digest properly with full benefit. Briefly, I do not believe you even mentioned “empiricism” in your initial posting. I would not narrow “science” to “empiricism”. I did reference “The Science of Mind” and Yogi Bhajan’s work, scientific I assert, certainly not the narrow view of science captured by the term “empiricism”.

          • Patrick says:

            Hi Alananda

            Empiricism might well be termed a narrow definition of science , but it’s the cornerstone of modern science and virtually all the “science” we are taught and presented with by scientists in journals, the media, schools and colleges, adopted as a central tenet of the late renaissance “scientific revolution” which moved away from Greek rationalism (as I’m sure you know).

            I understand and appreciate your more liberal use of the term “science”, but for debates like these I think it should be fair to assume that we are talking about critiquing the empirical scientific knowledge of the current dominant paradigm, “seeing is believing” etc. That I was referring to this type of science in my initial post I thought would be clear, following on from what Jon was saying in his article. I felt that in your response to my post you were attacking the proverbial “straw man” by suggesting that I was saying that “science” per se is a bad thing (which I wasn’t). I was suggesting that using science alone can be problematic due to its limited scope and the over thinking it can entail.

            I don’t wish to appear patronising, but to clarify and expand a little on this last point, I am talking specifically about free will. Human agency, if it exists as I believe it does, is by definition, causeless. As science seeks to discover causes for everything from the start of the universe up to advanced human behaviour, with their advanced knowledge of causality and how human behaviour is be shaped by genetics and the environment, it’s very tempting for scientists to suggest that free will doesn’t exist at all. So what I’m saying is that there’s a kind of trap wherein “advanced” knowledge of causality can sometimes lead scientists to over step the mark and form erroneous opinions about human behaviour / free will. I suggest, and I think you’ll agree, that it’s unscientific of them to do that! Sadly, such determinism is quite common amongst social scientists, evolutionary biologists, and some physicists, including as I said, Einstein. In a related way I’m always skeptical when scientists make claims against the existence of God.

  15. […] my resolve. Jon, who is a better writer than I and even more paranoid, has just completed a insightful series of articles on the enigmatic Edward Snowden, which show seemingly beyond doubt the impossibility of the mainstream media story of the clean-cut […]

  16. OzzieThinker says:

    Lots of stuff on the internal politics of the US, as usual…..but what’s Israel’s role 10%, 20%….90%, 100%?

    Where there’s smoke there’s Israel.

  17. […] “Snowden and the final purpose of the surveillance state” by Jon Rappaport:… […]

  18. mikecorbeil says:

    New video interview with Edward Snowden and the German ARD 1, and ARD is “a joint organization of Germany’s regional public-service broadcasters”, according to Wikipedia.

    Runtime is 30:28.

    To obtain the video look for the following entry in the home page of :

    “ Edward Snowden 30-Minute Video 13-0126 (EN) January 27, 2014 (82MB)”

    The .zip file contains the .MP4 video file.

    Some thoughts about the interview:

    Firstly, not impressed; not well anyway. Snowden speaks like a “nice guy”. Ok. But, I’m not well impressed by the answers he provided.

    While Snowden may be accurately responding when he’s willing to answer questions, I get an impression that he may be just a student of what others have already said about the NSA and its 4 principal partner agencies in Canada, Britain, Australia and N.Z. He doesn’t leave me with any degree of impression that he’s said anything really new in this interview.

    A few particular points I noted in an associated notes file are the following:

    1) There’re several or more questions Snowden says he shouldn’t answer and one question he does answer, in what I consider to be a furtive manner, is how he was able to gain adequate IT skills and knowledge. He says nothing about any academic courses or on-the-job training and just goes with the interviewer suggesting, say, that he just learned all of the necessary skills and knowledge on his own beginning during young teen years.

    2) A question he says he believes he shouldn’t answer is when he began working for the CIA.

    What’s the problem with answering this question? According to the June 10th or 11th Talking Points Memo (TPM) article by Eric Lach, Snowden worked for the NSA as a security guard for maybe a year and then went to work at the CIA. Lach was citing what Snowden had said and I’m not sure if it was in The Guardian interview Snowden gave to Greenwald and which The Guardian published the video for on June 9th, or from what he said at another time, but Lach definitely refers to (without providing the link) this interview when citing what Snowden claimed for IT job titles he supposedly had.

    3) He continues to say that he believes it’s journalists who should decide what should and shouldn’t be published of the NSA documents he provided, but then he also says that the documents belong to the public and he subsequently repeats that it’s journalists who should decide; that is, that they should “lord” over the public’s rights. Snowden does say it’s the public’s rights.

    He’s being self-contradictory and awfully ignorant. Either he’s playing some sort of game trying to deceive naive people in the public, or he’s extremely ignorant about the fact that journalists aren’t the public and are well known for lying for Washington and The Establishment, lying by omission, etc.; that is, well known for their Yellow Journalism.

    This self-contradiction of his is absurd and darkly hilarious.

    4) He speaks as if being a real inside expert on what US military special forces are used for when sent on missions or operations, say; but he was only in the Army from May 7, 2004 until discharge on Sept. 28, 2004 and the discharge was supposed to be because he broke both of his legs.

    Those start and discharge dates are from Eric Lach’s June 11th or 10th piece and it’s clear that Snowden didn’t even complete bootcamp. So, he never participated in any special forces operations and should eat some humble pie before pretending that he can expertly speak about what they really do during foreign ops.

    Pretending to have expert knowledge when the person definitely and clearly doesn’t is extremely idiotic, dumb; unless the person is trying to deceive naive people. That’s still dumb to do, for it’s definitely a wrong thing to do; but it’s a different kind of stupidity.

    If Snowden isn’t aiming to try to to deceive naive, gullible people, then he clearly needs to seriously work on logic skills. After all, people completing military bootcamp haven’t yet learned half of what they’ll learn from subsequent experience when serving in foreign operations, for then those with real conscience and intelligence will realize that Washington and military chiefs, etc., lie so often that it can be nearly referred to as being constant. Snowden either is naive, very ignorant, or he’s up to some mischief.

    Theory courses during bootcamp are nothing compared to real-life experience during foreign operations. Snowden seems to wholly ignore this fact. He seems to have never learned anything from the thousands of US military war veterans against Washington’s warring, etc.; as well as accounts from CIA operations officers John Stockwell, Phil(ip) Agee and Ralph McGehee, among others; Michael Levine, former DEA officer; etc.

    For crying out loud, it’s now 2014 and he’s still this extremely ignorant about such well known topics and information, but pretends to be expert on US special forces and NSA, et al, spying, while speaking of the latter as if he only learned the material from what others had already written and provided interviews about.

    There’s something that seems simply not quite right about Snowden’s story and I’m reminded of Jon Rappoport’s piece presenting the hypothesis or theory that Snowden might actually still be working for the CIA.

    I wonder if he’d accept to answer the question if he was asked whether he’s actually still working for the CIA, or not. He’d say no, rather than saying that he thinks it’s (yet another) question that he shouldn’t answer. But, it might be interesting to watch him answer the question. After all, body language is significant.

    Additional comments about 1 or more of these points, above:

    Point 1:

    IT security skills and knowledge to be able to professionally work in higher than junior, entry-level positions in environments with large systems isn’t going to be gained well when using only a tiny home PC LAN, local area network, and reading some books!

    Computer systems engineering isn’t going to be learned this way and requires both computer science as well as electrical engineering. People can read up on these subjects, but it won’t make them qualified for computer SE jobs. Those require successfully passed courses with good grades. Without those, only the dumbest of employers would be fooled into believing that someone like him is qualified for computer SE.

    Even professional systems administrators but who’ve worked only in environments with relatively small networks normally won’t be considered for SA jobs in environments with many computers and various peripherals. Normally, employers in such environments will require SA experience in environments with similar scope, largesse, say, for number of computers and peripherals.

    Senior advisor to a solutions consultant for any serious organization is going to require serious professional experience and plenty of years of it.


    Let someone like him try to get a job in an IT company where the employer truly requires qualified people and he’ll have ZERO chance. It’d be very exceptional if he even got one, single interview. He was hired by Dell, an IT company, but this was for working at some NSA or CIA facility, on contract; not Dell hiring him to be a computer SE or SA for the company itself, its own systems and products. He’d be working only on CIA or NSA systems. And it isn’t Dell that’d be paying him, for Dell would be paying him because of being paid by the government, which always has taxpayers “foot the bills”. So, “it was no skin off of Dell’s nose”.

    The … For Dummies series of computer books aren’t for real and serious professionals.

    Lastly, he should’ve answered the questions he refused to answer and could’ve answered. There may possibly be 1 or 2 he was right to withhold answers for, but I definitely don’t believe that this is true for several of them. And, again, he seems to have gained more from reading rather than from real experience.

  19. […] “Snowden and the final purpose of the surveillance state” by Jon Rappaport:… […]

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