Propaganda mind control: turning truth backwards

by Jon Rappoport

September 25, 2013

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Now and then, if you take a popular advertising or PR slogan and turn it backwards, you get something more interesting.

Remember GE’s “Progress is our most important product”? Try “Product is our most important progress.”

Or “There’s no I in team” becomes “There’s no team in I.”

More esoteric? If you have a little surrealism in your blood, you can do a Zen koan with “Think outside the box,” making it, “Box outside the think.”

Propaganda mainly exists to put the truth backwards, because for some reason people like it that way.

The Vatican has some high-level propaganda pros working for it. They float the idea that in-house pedophiles are just occasional wanderers from the ethical status quo.

Whereas the priesthood is closer to an ad for men who like little boys.

You can wear an official robe and we’ll protect you. If you get caught, we’ll move you around from diocese to diocese until you disappear, and you’ll never have to serve a day in jail or pay a fine. Ask yourself if this profession is right for you…”

The government wants us to believe that alternatives to oil are extremely difficult to come by (except for nuke reactors that can destroy life on Earth).

Presidents will always pay lip service to gaining independence from foreign oil.

But this is all backwards propaganda. The truth runs more like this: “We want to fight wars and control land and kill people and blow up whatever we can. We need a reason to do that. So, when we talk to influential corporate types and insiders, we focus on energy. We say we have to keep the oil flowing, that’s why we go in there and destabilize countries and set up new puppets and kill, kill, kill.”

What? Energy isn’t the real reason?

No it isn’t. The real reason is lunatics want to kill people and control land.

The Matrix Revealed

Exit From the Matrix

Here’s how you make energy. You turn a wheel. Call it a turbine. Set up the wheel in conjunction with magnetic fields, and you can produce energy. Electricity.

Those huge dams? Those nuke plants? They end up turning wheels. Water, steam. They spin the wheel.

Well, there is this thing called the ocean. You may have heard of it. And then there are smaller narrower versions called rivers.

The water moves. It flows. It’s strong. Small turbines in rivers and larger ones in coastal inlets, where the ocean tide varies from quite high to low—and you can turn the wheel.

It’s not that perplexing.

If you want to get fancy, you can build plants offshore and split water into hydrogen and oxygen and use the hydrogen for energy.

Here’s where the domeheads enter the scene and exclaim this is all about “cost-effectiveness.”

No it isn’t.

If you need to, check out the history of government subsidies and loopholes that exist for people who make oil in the ground into energy and nuke factories hum.

Do you think these industries survive on pure free-market capitalism? Kidding? They’re supported. All sorts of deals shore up their back-end.

So, on a far, far lesser scale, ocean/river turbines and hydrogen from sea water might need a subsidy boost, but compared to oil and nukes, we’re talking pennies on the dollar.

Energy independence has been there for us, for a long time, but that isn’t the point. The military industrial complex doesn’t want it. They want to fight wars, and they need a reason they can give to “people in the know”: oil.

It’s all backwards.

The propaganda is enormous. It includes numerous psyops designed to make the public believe in energy shortages, as well as “necessary wars.”

These people and their allies are inventing, day by day, a reality that implies the need for war.

Read “The Dream of Passamaquoddy,” the story of the Maine tidal electricity project JFK supported for many years. It’s a prime illustration of how a feasible source of energy was stalled, deflected, wrapped in red tape, politicized, and undermined.

To understand war, start with the psychology of the men who make it happen. They may talk about geopolitics and energy, but they’re obsessed with attacking, destroying, and killing.

They’re Attila the Hun in suits and military uniforms.

In the delusion called consensus reality, whole populations admire these gangsters, who represent the generalized desire for some kind of revenge against life-as-it-is.

Okay, boys, all of us in this room here are on the same page. We can let down our guard. We know we love to kill and maim and bomb and enslave and take over land. That’s what we live for. So we need to ID some valuable thing we say is very, very scarce, without which life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Get it? And we privately tell Presidents and legislators and heavy hitters we have to go to war to safeguard this very scarce thing and make sure we can still obtain it. Ha-ha. And for our purposes, the thing is ENERGY. Right? We do whatever it takes to make everybody believe energy is scarce and hard to come by and limited and so on, and war is okay because we fight to make sure we have access to energy. It’s all backwards…but who cares?”


Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

15 comments on “Propaganda mind control: turning truth backwards

  1. Reblogged this on Spartan of Truth and commented:
    The blunt truth Jon, thanks so much for saying this…

  2. Sovereignty says:

    People do not normally see the ocean as an energy solution, because those in power do not want you to. To see a video for a large ocean tidal bridge project go to

    A tidal resource study for a Japanese company 20 years ago identified 70,000 MW of developable tidal bridge sites in Japan using this low cost sustainable power system and no it does not need any subsidies.

  3. Yep, they wanna make everything great look really bad and everything really, really bad, sound like it’s great. “Great Value®” means it sucks big time. The “United Nations” means the “Nations At War.”

    The earth itself is energy. There are monuments at key points, or power spots, all around the globe. They are all on a grid connected by ley lines. Tesla might have known about this. The government took Tesla’s knowledge after he died and suppressed it. Also, the torus is something that may be a source of power.

  4. austrogirl says:

    Isn’t the earth a giant magnet? Seriously, isn’t the magnetosphere just shooting out both poles because the earth spins the iron core at 1000 miles per hour? Is it just too weak to turn turbines placed in the right spots?

  5. Great post, John. When I began my studies in Economics back in my college days, it was defined as “the study of the allocation of SCARCE resources”. We are brainwashed to think that everything exists in limited quantities. I intuitively knew this was bullshit at the time, but awoke to the real truth of its deception several years later.

    The hard part is breaking free of the programming. It is just like 9/11. When you are awake, it is OBVIOUS that the government lied about the events of that day. Their official version of events is an INSULT to anyone’s intelligence. Yet the majority of us want to believe that idiotic story for one reason or another (usually fear-based). Victims protect their abusers.

    It’s absolutely the same with energy. When you point out how much safe and clean energy is absolutely available to us all, the eyes glass over and people start rehearsing the indoctrinated propaganda right in front of your eyes.

    The challenge is in breaking the programming. I recommend cancelling TV for starters. As a former (and unfortunately successful) high school teacher, I also definitely recommend that parents TAKE THEIR CHILDREN OUT OF SCHOOLS NOW! The way we educate presently is a huge MIND FUCK. Our very future is at stake and right now the future is set to be run by ZOMBIES.

    Happy Woden’s Day!

  6. “We need energy to fight wars,” but what is the deeper purpose and objective of war? Those in the military industrial complex have been very clear about this. War is the only way to motivate and drive human slaves to develop ultra high technology that doesn’t serve human interests and well being. That leads to the question of who or what does this technology serve?

    The high level human sociopaths who rule are also pawns in this high-tech development project. All humans exist within a hierarchy of slaves so that some slaves lord it over other slaves just as in a concentration camp, prison, military chain of command, or corporation. The meaningful question to ask, is who or what steers the top level slaves to built ultra high tech that humans don’t need?

    Clearly this who or what isn’t human, but it preys on, farms, and parasites humans. You can deduce its ultimate purpose by studying high level science and technology, which you won’t find in mass media “news” propaganda.

    Since (following Jon’s previous post) most humans are entranced to focus on the physical, material, and external, one group of predator parasites have evolved to hide within the non physical, whether you call that mind, psyche, anima, soul, or spirit. They are thus invisible to almost all humans, which makes humans excellent hosts who have been bred to be “mind-blind” for exactly this purpose (as with blinders on a horse). “But what then can I do?” you say.

    Humans live in military rank structured “class” or “caste” based societies because their parasite riders also live that way. This means that normal humans have low level riders who obey the higher level riders who ride the next higher ranks of humans. An elite human ruler is like Napoleon’s war horse. The emperor always gets the best horse (human host-steed). Since most of you don’t have access to members of the human elite to study their parasitic “soul-riders,” the place to start is by studying your own.

    Your “small mind” keeps telling you that you have free will and are free to do as you wish, but if you spend a few years meditating rigorously you will discover this is not so, … not because of some philosophical word game nonsense, but because your currently invisible riders steer you. The purpose of mediation is to discover your own internal flock of soul riders so you can throw them off, bind, and sequester them in quarantine. In this way you can regain your own freedom, aka “liberation.” You can’t do this work without imagination.

    On the physical level you know that humans carried lice, worms, and a vast range of other protozoan parasites for most of their history on Earth. Your body contains 10 to 100 times more bacterial cells than human cells right now (let alone viruses), and these bacteria affect your immunity, hormones, brain chemistry, and thus your moods, feelings, and yes, your thoughts.

    Why then is it so difficult to imagine, hypothesize, or postulate your own mind-parasites or soul-viruses and then begin to do the work of testing this theory through direct experience, aka inner experimental science?

  7. jayjay says:

    I can’t say “THANKS” enough … but don’t worry – I won’t get ludicrous here.


  8. Tuzashot says:

    Turning a wheel using magnetics to produce free energy is dangerous. Several have tried and most of them are now deceased.

  9. OzzieThinker says:

    Another excellent post, Jon. Do you ever get wrong?

    This link gives some additional information that may benefit consideration of your prior post.

  10. Recon says:

    One of the best things you have ever written, the content is unimportant, it’s the clarity of thinking you display. Laconic, brutally simple and razor sharp. Like a nano tech sniper round, travelling at the speed, fired before the universe began.

    You’ve inspired me lately. It’s got me writing again.

    Been reading your works for over a decade and I would like to thank you for your part in my mental development.

    Sadly, as our bloggers and thinkers get sharper, the masses go deeper into denial and avoidance. At least we have each other. God bless you.

  11. Recon says:

    Correction – that should read:

    Like a nano tech sniper round, travelling at the speed of light, fired before the universe began.

  12. Homer says:

    Slogan- Scottish Gaelic for war cry. If the ‘ol’ Scottish Gaels were in charge of PR for these companies we may still get similar slogans only more truthful and straightforward.
    McDonald’s would go from I’m loving IT to What is it I’m loving? or I’m loving WHAT? Monsanto Helping to IMPROVE agriculture would be slightly modified to the more accurate Monsanto Helping to REMOVE agriculture. They may also start to referring to their employees as agents and make them dress in orange (if Home Depot wouldn’t object). Lockheed Martin would only require a one-word addition in order to cut down on some ambiguity and let their real boss know how much he’s loved and appreciated, Lockheed Martin, We never forget who we’re working for…SATAN.

  13. AwakenedLaurie says:

    you are so right…..

    these same GREEDY CREATURES destroying the environment for their riches had the chance to be leaders in cleaner energy or leaders in programming for the new century one that elevates human conciousness but they stay the course with the insanity of destroying the very planet we call home… fact they have destroyed any innovative ideas that would help to create a better way of living for all….these creatures have held this planet captive with their insane immoral way of being…..they want everyone as dark nasty zombies as the new normal….

    once awakened these asswipes can no longer steal your energy and as you cleanse the negativity that surrounds this planet….your senses heightened you see everything for what it truly is…..either lies and deceit or truth…..this is not a divine dimension and will soon come to its end…… ALL will understand why as these dark entities continue to expose their true dark nasty nature for ALL to see….everyone will understand why this evil must come to an end

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