Heroes, fake hope, and real hope in the Matrix

Heroes, fake hope, and real hope in the Matrix

by Jon Rappoport

June 22, 2013


The occasion for this article is the controversy swirling around Edward Snowden, who recently exposed secret programs of the National Security Agency.

It’s about one corner of that controversy: should we accept him as a hero even if the possibility exists that he isn’t?

The Matrix is designed to stimulate certain emotions.

For example: “We had a hero. Then he was taken down. Now we will feel sadness, desolation, and eventually nostalgia for what might have been.”

For example: “We have a hero. Let’s not look too closely at what he is. Now we will feel hope, a joy at his victories, and a confirmation of our deepest dreams.”

In both examples, the vast majority of people are an Audience. They experience a vicarious sequence of emotions, by proxy.

Proxy equals passivity at the core of consciousness. It is in that deep passivity that the labyrinthine Matrix maintains its hold.

And to disturb the passivity in any way brings out complaints and protests. Their ultimate translation is: “Don’t bother me, I’m sleeping. I’m the Audience.”

Understand that we’re not talking about a person who, inspired by a hero, takes stock, and then swings into powerful action. No, we’re talking about spectatorship.

True inspiration leads to action.

The Matrix is about a round of feelings that dead-end.

Whereas real hope rides on the back of action.

But for most people, action is out of the question, because they can’t imagine what it would be. Nor can they find within themselves a profound and stirring desire that ignites imagination.

Working in toward the center of themselves from either desire or imagination, they draw a blank. The motor spins, but there is no traction, no signal that takes them out into the world.

They settle for fake hope, and when the source of that hope (a hero) is impugned, they boil and rage. Then they stifle those feelings.

They settle on: “Don’t bother me, I’m sleeping.”

If you tell them the world is being run by criminals, they say you are promoting futility. But what they really mean is, their pipe dreams that keep them in a hopeful state of suspended animation are being disturbed.

They are in a quiet war with themselves over the question: Can I create something powerful and meaningful?

Up until now, the only thing they’ve been able to create is a reaction against anyone who intrudes on their core trance-sleep.

The Matrix Revealed

But I’m the exact opposite of a pessimist. I know, as in KNOW, that the INDIVIDUAL has freedom and power. Because, when all is said and done, that’s who he is.

And who he is can never be eradicated.

The requirement that significant and sweeping change for the better must happen in the next six months is the fantasy of a self-entitled child. It is the whine and the complaint of a person who has already given up, but refuses to admit it.

Short-term battles for a good world were lost a long time ago. The long-term battle never ends. It is going on right now.

Groups begging at the door of entrenched power for crumbs are going nowhere. That is no revolution. That is no liberation.

It’s a pathetic stage play.

Every individual is free, whether he wants to be or not. This freedom isn’t given to him or made legal by any mechanism.

Freedom is something you take because it is yours. You don’t ask for it. You don’t wait for it. You don’t long for it. You don’t inquire about it.

Neither do you interfere with the freedom of another.

With these two facts established, your life is your own. Your life is yours to invent. If you don’t invent it, it becomes a habit, a routine. It becomes an occasion for false hope, with which you can entertain yourself forever.

Freedom isn’t just a steady-state hum. It is the opportunity to imagine without limit and then create futures and realities that would otherwise never exist.

It is the opportunity for endless and deep and high and wide Desire, which you can fulfill by making it fact in the world.

To deny these things in the service of some other aspiration leads back to the core trance and the big sleep, by whatever name.

All entrenched and monopolistic power is a crime. Its opposite is decentralization, the nemesis of kings, monarchs, and fascists.

To understand how decentralizing can be accomplished is not merely to understand a program or a system. The understanding comes through unchained imagining, and then uncompromising action based on it.

“But I can’t!”

Then you stay in the trance, the land of false hope, the worship of heroes, the need for nostalgia.

This is neither unfair nor fair, neither just nor unjust. It simply is.

Infiltrated through the culture, there are many so-called spiritual teachings and maxims that excuse and even glorify the human need for passivity. These teachings (propaganda) have their roots in ancient societies that were built on the injustice of a rigid caste system.

These teachings were imported into modern civilization to soften the blow sustained by the widening separation between the haves and the have-nots.

“If it was meant to be, it will happen. Otherwise, it won’t.”

“The universe will tell you what to do. Wait for its message.”

“Remove desire from your life. It’s the source of suffering.”

“Live your life by accepting what is.”

“Happiness is achieved by being satisfied with what you already have.”

“Above all: patience.”

The popularity of these and other similar teachings are a testament to the big sleep.

The elevation of so-called heroes, at a distance, is merely another strategy to extend that sleep.

“But we need heroes.”

Nothing I’m writing here refutes that. If we need heroes, it’s to inspire action. ACTION.

Otherwise, people elevate heroes as a reason to a) hope and b) then do nothing.

Exit From the Matrix

The elites of this world are perverse artists who paint reality for us. Understanding that, we can become our own artists of reality.

What does that entail? We’ll never know until we start painting. Then things will become clear.

In the battle to decentralize entrenched fascist power, there are already answers and strategies out there. There are thousands more answers that remain to be imagined and created by free, powerful, independent and intensely creative people.

The future is unshaped space and time. You can either shape it or let it shape you.

The latter decision is usually undertaken on an unconscious basis, replete with excuses, denials, complaints, maudlin sentiment, false hope, nostalgia, and hero-worship. It’s a cover story for an op of personal surrender.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

29 comments on “Heroes, fake hope, and real hope in the Matrix

  1. kozandaishi says:

    Jon – Pure brilliance, and appreciated as always – Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    brilliant article..

  3. joanie says:

    The awakening has grown with Snowden in the MSM. And yet, while Independent Media has been reporting whistleblowers across the board for decades, not only pertaining to spying on the American people, it has not affected the masses the way this specific event has. This particular storyline has provided individuals like me, more clout. I’ve been awake for years, starting that personal journey as a teen when rejecting religion. I was ahead of my time homeschooling my daughter (30 yrs), and not for religion reasons Yet still today, I live with a husband that is blind to all of it…that is until the MSM coverage of Snowden. As more “awakening type” articles come to MSM, I am smug in my own right because now I am not seen as a “story teller” LOL

    I disagree with your definition of “freedom”. I associate it with kingdom. Kingdom’s grant freedoms – for ex. One is free to drive as long as they’ve a license. LOL I like the word “right”. I have the right to do as I please (and suffer appropriate consequences), the right to say NO to whatever another is demanded of me, the group think, what they feel is good for me, and all the while these rights should not be burdened with attacks of the various kind. My rights should stand alone without challenge. I know when I say no, what is right for me. I rule (right) over me, not another.

    And yes, heroes are needed (never for worshiping) and some persons will spire to action. The movement I’m experiencing on a grander scale is the awakening…

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy your articles, I have spent about 15 minutes taking hand-written notes of the present high quality work. It has been 4 or 5 months since i have followed your blog through Rense.com.
    You are among the best writers

    Constanta, Romania

  5. hybridrogue1 says:

    “And so she started another dream.” — a Hopi saying


  6. vuelvancaras says:

    hot stuff! an inspiration for us all! thank you.

  7. Julia etc. says:

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  8. mangrove says:

    I resonate with this perspective. Thanks for the boost, since I rarely see others talking about this kind of truth. I have former friends who are asleep and who I can no longer tolerate, so I’ve moved on. I’ve been taking ACTION for years. They just continue in their helpless state of delusion, repeating over and over that “there’s nothing that can be done anyway.” True victims of the Matrix, and sad to see them succumbing. They’re hopeless and pathetic. Maybe they’re just weak. Whatever the case, I’ve given up on them, after years of having tried to snap them out of the stupor. It’s a solitary road I’m on for the most part, but your wisdom here gives me comfort. Thanks again.

  9. eagrelee1 says:

    “Every individual is free, whether he wants to be or not. This freedom isn’t given to him or made legal by any mechanism.
    Freedom is something you take because it is yours. You don’t ask for it. You don’t wait for it. You don’t long for it. You don’t inquire about it.”

    Jon…this is the kind of wisdom that only comes from the experience of an individual who has taken apart the imprinting that begins from birth. Although, I really don’t mind being alone (taking freedom and inventing my reality)…it does get awfully boring, at times, dealing with the conditioned people around me. So, it really moved me to read this…thank you…you are doing great work…defining processes and providing references for people that are still breaking through this illusion. I salute you as a fellow traveler…thanks for existing.

  10. carol says:

    Truth (as you ‘testify’ to it Jon) is a deep pool in a desert of mediocre non-thinking which seems to stretch for too many miles. It isn’t enough to drink from it without individual action. That would make you only another hero. The truth behind your words must strengthen our acts.

  11. Adam says:

    Jon, your depth is astonishing. When one gets as deep as you are and can hold massive generalizations together without interrupting or being interrupted with self-contradictions, one has done something.

    Right now I am realizing The Way of The Ultimate Martial Artist that I began practicing and trying to achieve more than fifty years ago, and in which I only had the tiniest glimpses during that fifty years to tell me I was on the right track. From working out, I was a monster of physical strength and capacity. Over an eight-hour period I was able to take on opponents one at a time, all day long, without taking a single break. I made fully-focused blows all day long without a break.

    We didn’t fight to hurt one another, of course, but to “make points.” Had we fought to hurt, we could have killed one another, which is crazy, not to mention highly illegal. I was so tough, from working out, that I could kill an ordinary individual with a single back-hand blow. An ordinary individual could rain blows on me that I didn’t feel because I was so rock-hard. This means I had a lot of matches and did a lot of practicing how to fight.

    Well, after an inauspicious beginning more than fifty years ago, just today nature helped me to fully realize that The Ultimate Martial Artist does not fight at all, at all, at all, but through various mental/spiritual manipulations allows matter to fight with ITSELF in order to create the best configurations for serving The Artist. All that time, work and rising to such great physical heights was but fodder for fiercely imbedding the principles of non-fighting in the Way of The Ultimate Martial Artist. I had to fight my way out of hell (this is not figurative, but real hell) in order to learn that I don’t have to fight. I may never have to fight again in any manner, even political, in which, when I did have to fight over my very soul and spirit, I left a lot of “dead bodies” all over the place, some of which I regret. This time the mistake was my opponent(s)’ for forcing me to fight, the next time it will be mine, but there won’t be a next time.

    Because I am where I am and know what depth is, I can attest that your depth is astonishing, Jon. Someday in some far-flung way, maybe we can get together and talk. But I would want you to do most of the talking. 🙂

  12. redlotus888 says:

    Excellent article! This is the way I LIVE/D since birth – though I was born in a so-called ‘communist’ country. To me the plants, trees, birds, animals were true guides and companions, still are. The only truth is within your own heart, in Mother Earth and our Sun. BTW, spending some time with the Sun, sungazing every day can help you find that lost ‘freedom’ …guaranteed LOL ~.~

  13. Caro says:

    Your article is brilliant on every level. Thank you so much for writing it. As one of the other readers commented. You make us feel as though we are not alone on this path.

  14. Bill F. says:

    It would seem that one byproduct of the Sandyhook psy-op was to bring a whole lot of mainstream ppl into the fold (let’s not forget that it was Anderson Cooper himself who directed the people to Prof. Tracy and the theories that it was faked). These newbies lack the experience to deal with the duplicitous tactics of the media, and the idea of controlled opposition is foreign to them. Are we so quick to forget that this same media who presented Sandyhook and Boston to us are the ones sincerely questioning Greenwald and reporting on the Snowden saga? The real conspiracy people are suspicious and cautious. Meanwhile, the more mainstream factions of the conspiracy network jump at the bait like eager dogs. It makes me yearn for the days when 1984 was just an all-too realistic possibility or probability, and not a reality. Dark days.

  15. hsaive says:

    The current manipulation of emotions has Americans quietly thanking Putin for standing up to a rogue president who is outrageously arming Al Qaeda to destabilize Syria.

    The Snowden story is a fairy tale worth dying for. Hard to trump the righteousness of this guy but the media attempts to demonize Snowden as a traitor” anyway – but to media’s own discredit.

    All these stories are built on a foundation of sand where positive public opinion of congress is under 10%.

    With the numerous and bumbling false flags of Sandy Hook and Marathon bombing, Obama is trying as hard as he can to convince the public that their federal government is worse than incompetent and corrupt …and should be replaced.

    With the public programmed to take no action on their own, a perceived “friendly” takeover of sovereignty could be met with open arms.

    This is where I hear the conversation going.

  16. […] Heroes, fake hope, and real hope in the Matrix « Jon Rappoport’s Blog. […]

  17. Michael says:

    The JRR Tolkien, to Webster Tarpley’s Orwell.

  18. Anonymous says:

    question: snowden and assange’s story are the same and they are both still alive (some say assange sold out and turned over to controlled opp). yet, bradley manning is imprisoned and reporter journalist michael hastings was killed.
    why is that?
    if snowden and assange were such a threat, they would have been killed.

    seems like a petraeus job. a decoy.

    if it’s in the MSM, it’s never what it appears to be. always an agenda.

    once again, thanks for starting the dialogue and the raising the issue
    and waking up critical thinking.

  19. C. Burkey says:

    Maybe Snowden is to distract from Brad Manning.

    The media surely is obeying, if that’s the case, with a few exceptions;

    Thanks as always, you are exactly right. It’s easier to praise heroes than to become one or to follow their examples.

  20. C. Burkey says:

    Oh–sorry for the double post, but I just saw what Redlotus said about being in the sun. This was something I re-discovered this spring–just the simple act of being in the sunlight, taking in natural light, has such a profound effect on my mental/physical/spiritual wellbeing that I’m amazed more people in So Cal don’t get outside and take advantage of the great gift of our climate. You’d think the streets would be teeming with people and not just cars.
    Also have done some reading about natural light and how it affects the body (as opposed to the artificial light we ingest through computer screens and flourescent lighting) and it’s really interesting. Jerry Mander writes about it in Four Arguments for the Elimination of TV, as an example.
    This might seem off-topic, but there’s some energy from the sun..that great ball of nuclear reactions without which there would be no life on earth…that does play into this.
    Thanks again. I always feel better after reading your columns, always. They are a great break from the constant conditioning.

  21. Michael says:

    “…a great break from the constant conditioning.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  22. Bruce McAlevy says:

    There are thoughts that can make you feel good, and thoughts that can make you feel badly. Thinking a predominance of thoughts that make you feel good does not make one free while living on what is known as a prison planet. Living in a culture where one consumes resources that that puts a hundred others into a subsistence life makes it a lot easier for these feel good thoughts to predominate. There are a billion people on the planet who do not have access to clean drinking water. What America spends on non-food expenditures for pets in one year could provide that clean water. Until there is motivation for the handful (probably fewer than 500) of people causing these problems to stop their addiction to power, we can only hope they don’t decide to give us reason to not think feel good thoughts.

  23. Rick says:

    I have my suspicions about Snowden too. I also think that he is a huge false flag attempt at stirring up the masses. Clue number 1. Why in the world is all of the MSM all over this guy?? It goes against logic. Whenever any REAL anti-government story is discovered, the MSM never mentions it and just like all of the Banking ponzi swindling schemes or the mass movement of Military Tanks and Trucks being shipped by trains and being distributed throughout the US or for that matter what’s REALLY going on in the Middle East and the threats coming from Russia and China should the US enter Syria. The MSM always keeps hush and pedals it’s soft soap to their audiences. WHY would the MSM want to “wake up” the masses. It’s so NOT their modus operandi.

    Clue number 2. Why now, would there be so much interest in the information that Snowden claims to have, when it can all be found on the NSA and USITC websites themselves and has been available to the public for years?

    I say….FALSE FLAG! To stir up the masses. Possibly to initiate major physical confrontations throughout the USA between it’s military and it citizens. Yes, to begin the End Days in America.

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