NSA scandal: the deepest secret of the Ed Snowden operation

NSA scandal: the deepest secret of the Ed Snowden operation

by Jon Rappoport

June 18, 2013


Everyone wants to see a hero.

When that hero emerges from the shadows and says all the right things, and when he exposes a monolithic monster, he’s irresistible.

However, that doesn’t automatically make him who he says he is.

That doesn’t automatically exempt him from doubts.

Because he’s doing the right thing, people quickly make him into a spokesman for their own hopes. If he’s finally blasting a hole in the dark enemy’s fortress, he has to be accepted at face value. He has to be elevated.

When dealing with the intelligence community and their spooks and methods, this can be a mistake. Deception is the currency of that community. Layers of motives and covert ops are business as usual.

In previous articles, I’ve raised a number of specific doubts about Ed Snowden.

Here I want to replay four statements Snowden made and examine them.

When you see everything, you see them on a more frequent basis and you recognize that some of these things are actually abuses, and when you talk about them in a place like this [NSA]…over time that awareness of wrongdoing sorts of builds up and you feel compelled to talk about it, and the more you talk about it, the more you’re ignored, the more you’re told it’s not a problem…”

This statement describes Snowden, an analyst working at NSA, chatting regularly to colleagues about his growing doubts over the morality of NSA spying. This is quite hard to believe.

As Steve Kinney, writing at the Centre for Research on Globalisation points out, Snowden would have raised all sorts of red flags about himself.

If he hadn’t been fired outright, he certainly would have come under serious scrutiny, which, at the very least, would have reduced his ability to hack documents out of NSA’s most secret recesses.

And yet, Snowden, an analyst, claims he had access to “full rosters of everyone working at the NSA, the entire intelligence community and undercover assets all around the world, the locations of every station we have, what their missions are and so forth.”


That stretches doubt far beyond the point of credulity.

Both The Guardian and the Washington Post supposedly vetted Snowden carefully. I’d really like to see the results of that vetting.

Rosters of everyone working at the NSA [and] the entire intelligence community…” That’s untold thousands of people. That’s referring to many separate agencies.

Snowden doesn’t stop there. He maintains the security of NSA is not just a sieve, it’s also thousands of separate hunting parties, undertaken at the whim of any analyst:

“Any analyst at any time can target anyone. Any selector, anywhere… I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge, to even the President…”

Sure. NSA just opens the door to their own analysts, who can, on their own hook, launch spying episodes on anyone in the US. Boom. No operational plans, no coordination. A free-for-all.

Hey, dig this. Nancy Pelosi was just talking to her hairdresser. I’m going to follow up on her. Think I’ll spy on Nancy and her husband, see what they’re up to. I’ll file reports as I go along…”

A guy at Los Alamos just wrote to his boss about a new weapons system. Want to see what they’re planning?”

Finally, Snowden claimed he could “shut down the surveillance system in an afternoon. But that’s not my intention.”

Not just spy on everybody in the US. Snowden asserts he could do that. But he could also make the entire spying apparatus of NSA (and even all other intelligence agencies?) go dark with a few hours of work—and he’d evade notice of his NSA bosses as he performed this herculean task.

No. Ridiculous. The very first thing an agency like NSA does is set up a labyrinth to prevent itself from being taken down.

Consider these four Snowden statements together, back up and think. These are propositions that cast the man into a deep pit of doubt.

Who is he?

What is his mission? Is that mission his own, or is he working for someone who wants to punch a hole in the NSA?

In another article, I’ve developed the hypothesis that Snowden is still actually operating for his former bosses at the CIA, long engaged in a turf war with the NSA, are running him in this op.

Snowden didn’t steal anything from NSA. He couldn’t. People at the CIA could and did steal, and they handed him documents to use in his assigned op.

The Matrix Revealed

There are other possible explanations. None of them exonerates the NSA or what it is doing. Let’s be clear about that.

But how far would the CIA go in exposing the guts of the NSA? It’s clear that these intelligence agencies overlap in their efforts (crimes). Therefore, the CIA would be satisfied to smear the NSA without exposing too much.

If so, Snowden’s cache of documents won’t “go all the way.”

His documents won’t yield the longed-for holy grail, though Snowden implies he could unwrap it. I’m talking about the entire interlocking system of US and global surveillance and how it is built.

More than piecemeal exposures about PRISM, US hacks of China, and the G20 meeting in England, an account of the technical “architecture,” as John Young of Cryptome rightly calls it, would torpedo the underlying global Surveillance State.

If Snowden can do that, he hasn’t shown it so far. Right now, he’s put his work in the hands of several journalists, who will dole it out on their own inexplicable timetables.

Why make that move? Why hasn’t Snowden put up a dozen sites and laid everything he has on the line? Before those sites could be taken down, the material would have been copied and sent around the world thousands of times.

Snowden has already said he won’t endanger specific spies or operations that could actually prevent terrorists’ missions.

All right. Then give us everything else. Give us the whole shooting match. Let’s see how the watchers have built their edifice.

But so far, Snowden has shown himself to be a different kind of person, someone who makes claims that far exceed his reach.

Read his four statements again. The sub-text is:

I could complain, raise doubts, and criticize NSA openly at work. No one cared. It was a typical office you’d find in any company. It certainly wasn’t a super-controlled environment. Things were so loose, I could access the complete map of the entire NSA network. Names, places, operations. On a whim, any analyst could spy on anyone in the US. If I wanted to, I could shut down all of US intelligence in a few hours. Forget the popular image of NSA as a fortress with dozens of layers of protection. Forget the notion that I’d have to be granted elite privilege to all sorts of secret keys to get into the inner sanctum, or that, while navigating my way in, I’d be setting off alarm bells all over the place. It was a piece of cake.


NSA is an open book. A book written by idiots. It cost a trillion dollars, but anyone could waltz in there and read the whole thing. Use a thumb drive, and you can also walk out with the whole thing.”

If you set aside Snowden’s remarks about his motives, his morality, and his high mission, his explanation falls apart. It makes no sense.

His CIA handlers would now be telling him that. “Hey Ed, tone down the ‘child’s-play’ angle, okay? You’re making it sound too easy. Remember? You’re the ‘whiz kid genius.’ Yeah, we want to smear NSA, but it’s got to be credible. People have to think it took at least some ingenuity to access the most heavily protected data in the world. Get it?”

A common man of the people, serving the greater good, exposing ongoing crimes that threaten the very lifeblood of the Republic? Is Ed Snowden that hero?

Or is he an operator, an agent?

So far, he’s made himself seem like the agent.

Exit From the Matrix

Executives at the NSA are well aware of this. Sitting down with their counterparts at the CIA, they’d be getting an earful. CIA people would be saying:

Of course Snowden is our boy. He worked for us in Geneva, and he’s working for us now. We told you, after 9/11, we didn’t like you clowns at NSA throwing all the blame on CIA for the Trade Center attacks. We didn’t like that at all. And in the intervening years, we haven’t liked you cutting us out of the spying game. We warned you. So now we’ve given you a taste of what we can do. We can do more. Either we play ball together, or we’ll put NSA in the dumper. Get it?”

Playing ball together. Harmonization.

A sharp reader has just pointed out to me that this is the op behind the op. The fallout from Snowden will be used as the reason for more and better global sharing of spying and surveillance data.

Separate Surveillance States, which already share mountains of data, will come together to coordinate their efforts in an even tighter Surveillance Planet.

The US NSA won’t be tolerated as the pompous king of the hill any longer. It will have to play well with others.

After all, Globalism means the whole globe.

And “we’re all in this together.”

We” meaning the elites who want to track every move made by every person on Earth, 24/7, in order to predict and control in the new paradise, where the sun rises every day on …compliance.

That’s the takeaway from the Snowden affair. That’s why the secret surveillance/spying at the G20 meeting in England was exposed.

Gentlemen, we’re all rational here at the table. This is ridiculous. We’re all spying on each other. This can’t go on. It’s counterproductive. We want to work together. So let’s do it. We all want the same thing. A planet under control. The way to achieve that goal is to cooperate. We’ll spy on those who need to be spied on: the population of the planet. We’ll do it together. The primary violator of cooperation is that cowboy outfit in America, the NSA. They have to be brought into line. They have to learn they’re only part of the Whole. Agreed?”


Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

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46 comments on “NSA scandal: the deepest secret of the Ed Snowden operation

  1. Do these seperate agencies really have that long of a leash though from those at the top that one (NSA) could grossly overstep its bounds enough to perturb another (CIA)? Isn’t this power structure already too organized for infighting between surveillance agencies to take place? This whole piece was about not being naive enough to believe serious cracks in the organizational setup so why think that turfwars between agencies would even be allowed to compromise the operational effiecency of the whole? Also why would they promote the public exposure of the depth to which they spy on the matrix just to garner support for tighter cohesion of the surveillance system when they could just do it behind the scenes? I of course agree Snowden is an agent and this is a deliberate leak but I’m struggling to understand why.

  2. ironcloudz says:

    a few technical points which might reinforce what is being said here from an experienced IT pro:

    1- the notion that a thumb drive — ie, external portable USB storage — as a device is not blocked at a place like the NSA is ridiculous. I can tell you as a sysadmin myself that it is easy to do for a whole enterprise and at any level of granularity desired.

    2- Snowden claimed he could “shut down the surveillance system in an afternoon. But that’s not my intention.”

    This is preposterous. These are, at best, delusions of grandeur. And even if he accomplished this how long do you imagine it would stay down? And do you think there are no auditing mechanisms in place to detect these attempts? There are myriad levels of security in place and it is a certainty there is not a “single point of failure” in this chain. And massive Disaster Recovery strategies and technologies in place. DR is eminently doable using current technology for even modest operations these days.

    I personally hate the surveillance state, the cyber-panopticon, and the myriad forms of US Imperialism it supports. And as such this whole narrative of Snowden-as-hero has a very hypnotic appeal.

    But as…


    …suggests, what we are seeing might be in fact “limited hangout”. The whole intelligence apparatus is a hall of mirrors, after all.

  3. Chris says:

    Jon, I wanted to point you in the direction of a new video game coming out called ‘Watch Dogs’. It’s about a hacker who uses his skills to get away from the police that are trying to stop him. But in it, surveillance is almost accepted and the norm, could it be a warning?

  4. Sal says:

    Hi Jon!


    Re: your 6.18.2013 article and earlier article on Snowden, I believe it helped to shed better light on the subject, and I was very interested in your insights.

    However, there were some items I wanted to address with you.

    1. I like what you mentioned about “the take away”. I could see “them” going for brashly being OPEN on global surveillance cooperation. That was a very good point. But I really don’t believe “they” are not already in sync about this. These agencies exist at the pleasure of the key world powers. They know exactly where they want to go, and they ARE going there, are they not?

    2. Re: 9/11 I believe they already know exactly how 9/11 was an inside job (a’ la Alex Jones), because they, the Intelligence Community participated in it!

    3. However, I believe by not connecting the dots to the House of Rothschild we are missing the boat on what’s happening on planet earth Jon.

    4. I also believe by not connecting the dots to what’s happening with the “Breakaway Civilization/Secret Space Program” a’ la Richard Dolan, we are missing the boat on what’s happening on planet earth.
    As this is really very close to what it’s all about!

    I spent the time on this message only because I highly respect you and was hoping you are seeing these things too, that seem so clear to me. I appreciate the work you are doing and I support your success.

    Very Best Always,

  5. paulmozina says:

    Excellent post Jon, it really helped me put the events into perspective. Good comments from Jarrod and IronCloudz as well.


  6. Regardless of his motives, Snowden does seem to have some big players running scared – Obama, Google, Apple, NSA personnel. I like that. As to who he really is, I am willing to wait and watch while I enjoy seeing the cockroaches run from the light.

  7. hybridrogue1 says:


    .Snowden the Hero/Snowden the Fraud.

    All theoretical. Mostly pure guesswork. I would suggest all of it more autobiographical than pertinent to Snowden.

    Whatever happened to the principle of ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’?

    Whatever happened to admitting to oneself that there is not enough information to make an intelligent judgment? Concurrent to that, what is wrong with suspending judgment until more is discovered?

    There is a danger of creating ones own bias by too early an investment in a certain point of view.


  8. Nick Thabit says:

    The point is to alert the public that they’re being watched; scare everyone into silence and nip any potential uprisings in the bud. TPTB have decided this is less of a headache than letting people foment their “revolution,” spying on them, and prosecuting them afterwards; it occurs to them now that there’s just too many people to control.

    They may also make an “example” of Snowden to point out that whistleblowing is too dangerous (though Snowden will quietly end up at a cushy remote low-security facility to continue his work).

  9. Ken says:

    A couple of thoughts on this.

    1) Snowden hasn’t said anything that Binney hasn’t said for years
    2) It is very easy to stop USB drives from being able to access a computer, so I doubt in a high security company they would have left that open.
    3) Even if you allow USB drives to access PC’s, you can easily track ALL of those events, and at a high security company there is no doubt they would track that.

    Conclusion, Snowden is “leaking” info they want him to leak. The bigger question is “Why”? I’m guessing it serves two purposes:

    A) Take attention off of Benghazi
    B) Gauge the reaction of the American people to the “revelation” that they are being spied on.

    Remember, B) is not really true. We’ve know about this for over a decade.

    My last point is regarding the disclosure on how many FISA requests each company has gotten over the past few months. Do you really think the NSA is only looking at the 5000 to 10000 accounts each company is claiming they have FISA requests for? I would bet they are data sifting ALL accounts for ALL Americans. They only put in the FISA requests on the people that popup as “high probability selectors”, that way they cover themselves legally if there is any pursuit of those people.

  10. Ken says:

    Jon, you are doing the best analysis of this issue that I have seen.

    One thing that jumps out at me, and would be immediately obvious to anyone in highly secure IT environment, is that all secure data is subjected to an audit trail.

    You don’t just grab what you want any time you want without people asking questions, if not stopping you outright.

    Laser Guided Loogie

  11. Wayne Pacific says:

    Some years ago, perhaps about 1995, I was listening to main stream radio and the program guest was a professor at MIT that had designed the NSA spying operation. He laid out how it operates. This has been public knowledge for many years now.

  12. farang says:

    Who put Snowden up to this? Think Cass Sunstein….

  13. OzzieThinker says:


    Once again I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said with one slight difference. The devil is in all the detail. I have much in excess of 100,000 e-mails spread over 8 ‘annonymous’ accounts. Some include correspondences running over dozens of pages – complex, difficult to read information. This represents a small fraction of the accrued information I have generated.

    Conclusion. The NSA/CIA are “pulling themselves off” if they truly assure the global populace they can spy on more than 0.000001% of humanity effectively. Isn’t this also more “fear porn” aimed at the general global readership of this stuff?


  14. Anonymous says:

    Jon I think you are right on the money. Things just don’t add up with this story.

    Historian Dr. Webster Tarpley has spoken out stating that the British and French Elite are trying to pressure Obama into sending arms and troops to Syria by exposing all of these recent scandals. Remember there has to be a motive for these leaked stories and the most obvious one is that someone is putting pressure on the Pres. to do something he is not inclined to carry out. Go to http://www.tarpley.net to find out more.

  15. Thanks Jon – I’m enjoying your take on this operation. Re-posted on The All-Seeing Eyebama

    link: eyebama.onehumanbeing.com/2013/06/nsa-scandal-the-ed-snowden-operation/

  16. Annie says:

    One you didn’t mention is the question on Guardian’s QA, about whether he had, or will give classified information to China. He did not answer that question, but turned it around and asked the readers some silly hypothetical question about wouldn’t he be living in a palace in China petting a phoenix. A mythological answer to a serious question.

  17. Paty McGarrity says:

    I am with the guy who said he enjoyed seeing the cockroaches run when hit by light. That is all that is going on here. This guy is a minnow in a sea of great white sharks! Minnows can sometimes cause great irritations to the sharks. If so, good for them!

  18. Churchill says:

    Indeed. So, it’s damage control as we are being Snowed in by a rather sudden blizzard. The amount ot publicity Snowden is receiving is quite amusing as to the amount received by prevous Whistle Blowers on the same subjects such as Information Gathering, Fusion Centers and Intelligence Agencies and etc.. I am waiting to see is if their will be a brief re-organizational period with-in the NSA/CSS by being assimilated with-in the DHS. This Snowden event reminds me of Obama’s previous Presidential Memorandum of Nov 2012 titled, ‘National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs’. The NSA/CSS as like the DHS are of the Executive Branch of Government.

  19. Brittius says:

    Snowden is a loose cannon.
    What exactly would be an accurate prediction on the rest of it remains a crap shoot at best.
    Possible vs. Probable.
    We simply will not know the full scope of the incident until he talks, and that too is questionable because he may be seeking a factor of fear to keep pursuers at bay.
    He brought something unsavory into public domain, but he remains, a Shlub.

  20. Dave says:

    What has been for years been fictionally portrayed in books and movies is now being proclaimed as news. What about the scandal when the world found out about our eavesdropping capabilities after the MS Achilles was hijacked in the 80’s? There really is nothing new being revealed albeit someone is trying to make a little political hay.

  21. Goliath says:

    This is another “Wikileaks” operation. The “mainstream” media is losing power RAPIDLY. They no longer have EYES on their content. Without eyes on their content they cannot brainwash. This Snowden episode is an attempt by the [mainstream] media to become relevent again.

    It won’t work.


  22. DDearborn says:


    This guys “credentials” are totally beside the point. The point is that the US government has been actively engaged in spying on the American people in a manner that is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment and the law. Not only that but countless government officials up to and including the President have not only publicly lied about it but have actively tried to cover it up. These are serious crimes which require impeachment proceedings and mass arrests……of government officials

    The constant drumbeat of the MSM propaganda machine attempting to focus the publics attention on everything but that is at best comical and at worst treason in itself.

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  24. Dave Murphy says:

    Booz Allen wrote the high frequency trading programs sold to banks. The programs linked together giving the banks a 5 second advantage in derivatives trading. The banks have also be fight the LEO-WANTA-MITTERAND PROTOCOLS for a long time!

  25. Marilynne L. Mellander says:

    Who made the quote beginning with “NSA is an open book….”?
    I’m assuming other quotes are just your idea of what would have been said by the controllers?
    As a new reader, it’s a little hard to tell what is a real quote and what is not, sometimes….

  26. vicfedorov says:

    Great article, makes sense. Another thing, is talking about violations of protocol by spying is an industry trade issue; it’s hard to believe no one at NSA wouldn’t take that dialalgue and concern seriously, and have a policy to address it.

  27. randy rusty says:

    State Police are already operating the way you state, “at a whim”, in many rural areas where State Police are the jurisdiction authority, they can use many of these snooping methods currently being spoken of in alternative media. It’s old news. Perhaps you missed “The Great Buckey Hunt’ in the border area between PA and NY. During an interview a State Police spokeswoman let slip that after about 3 years on duty a NY State Policeperson is making about $240,000 a year. This in an area where the average yearly income is about $25,000. If you don’t see the correspondence between paying your ‘authorities’ an incredible amount above and beyond reason in a so-called republic, and abuses you need an optometrist. If you look and see a BASE pay much below that, well there are many different forms of pay for any police officer which officially hides their real pay. The country’s sickness is well established and been going on for years through other means. And I’m sure that State Police spokeswoman was told she made a BIG mistake saying that. This type of overpay started quite a while ago with the premise that a person making that type of overpay will ‘follow orders’. Some small towns in PA have gotten into quarrels with the sate police over them intruding into towns where they do have their own police force. I guess the State Police in many areas like this are bored,,very little goes on. This boredom also leads to abuses. Jon R. says something is fishy,,you ignorant city people who don’t think $240,000 is a big deal,,don’t realize the main meat of this story, is no story, State Police have been doing it for years. Want to live like a king in a small area? […] They just even harass people to keep themselves entertained […]

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  29. OldMan says:

    It’s funny…I was since the very beginning thinking about the possibility of the hero to be in fact an agent instead. The truth always comes to light. Let’s see if it will prove us wrong…Good article!

  30. […] Scandal: The Deepest Secret of The Ed Snowden Operation http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/nsa-scandal-the-deepest-secret-of-the-ed-snowden-operat… Everyone wants to see a hero. When that hero emerges from the shadows and says all the right […]

  31. kay says:

    An excellent analysis. I quite agree with you that its a deliberate leak. This is one of the evil of secrecy.

  32. when these “revelations” first appeared in the Guardian I commented in another of john’s excellent blogs that I thought Snowden may not be the “peoples hero” —- whilst the NSA will probably be well aware that many people will already know that on line and mobile activities are being monitored more and more as the technologies to facillitate it are developing — by this monitoring and other methods used by the various agencies, they (the agencies) will be aware of the fact that due to the ever more evident mess that the “powers that be” are making of so many aspects of the world we all live in — certainly very little these days gets any better. Towards the end of George Bush Jnr’s “reign” there was so much resentment an dissatisfaction about the end results of his policies /wars –by his own admission he lied to pomote the wars — many even suspected he could have been a party to the REAL events of 9/11 which was indeed the springboard into all that followed — the Western world was closer to “revolution” than it had been for many years —— The people were joyous enough about the election of the great off white hope Obama (on the face of it a polar opposite to Bush) to believe that “change had come at last”….. the fermenting revolution was abated. Five years later it is fairly obvious he is not , and indeed never was the polar opposite of Bush. He was the perfect instrument for the Corporate/military to retain the power to control world events in their interests….. which everything he has said and done has illustrated. More lies and deceit from a dynasty that was born and built on lies and deceit since 1937 — with a big boost in growth from 1970 onwards. A disatrous period for so many people of many Nations. The internet with it’s archival sources of imformation ,communications channels and social media etc has been the major tool of many people who questioned the “whys and wherefores” and the validity of the World Situation According to the Mainstream (controlled) media. —- Indeed TRUTH itself was on the rise amongst the people of many nations —- Truths that would indeed ,if ever widespread enough,,provoke an irresistable demand for real change in world politics and structure. The biggest effect of Snowden’s revelations will be to prevent the search for and spread of TRUTH through his message “(We) know everything you write,read,say or search for online or thru mobile networks worldwide”— this will cause many people to stop doing all of those things — TRUTH is the only weapon that can prevent the Corporate/Military Police state domination of the people through lies and deceit. The internet is the best chance that TRUTH has had for generations — the destiny of the generations to come will depend on the outcome of this battle to wake up the masses to the TRUTH — Don’t give up because of anything Snowden “revealed”

  33. dgtloutlaw says:

    Lets not dismiss what I consider to be a glaringly obvious clue. The cartoonishly amateur slide deck. I would be rightfully shot on spot if I ever presented something like that. . The corporate logos raised above defense insignias in the header on everyslide… really??? It’s laughable. The USB stick explanation is an insult to anyone that knows better.

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  37. skyebarbie says:

    The whole thing stinks…..i smell…Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario playing out here, on multiple
    levels.This is also a diversion tactic from other huge dramas playing out elsewhere.

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  41. carlito234 says:

    What was clear after watching the film “Snowden” is that the story is told thru an incomplete, Leftist narrative. (At one point he is even teased by his girlfriend who claims he’s in touch with his “inner-liberal”.) The problem with this is that it is deceptive. As long as the enemy is portrayed the Big Bad Right Wing Capitalist White Man then they will tell it. But Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian and the film’s writers completely failed to demonstrate the critical link between the over-reach of the NSA and the UN’s globalist agenda. At the end of the film we see Ed with his laptop, proudly displaying a sticker for the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). While this organization masquerades as being a pro-freedom activist organization, a little research reveals it to be a pro-Globlaism, George Soros-funded program, highly selective in their battles.

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