How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns”

How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns”

by Jon Rappoport

March 30, 2013

In the fabled 1960s, the cops were called pigs, and anybody on the political Left who wanted a ticket to the show knew that and mouthed it often.

At rallies, protests, and riots, people said: are the pigs here yet? I heard they were three blocks away. Wonder how many pigs they’re sending today? There! There they are! The pigs!

Now, on the Left, that tradition has morphed into: repeal the 2nd Amendment; turn in your guns; citizens with guns are satanic; the police will protect us; a private citizen with a gun is a killer and needs psychiatric lockdown; suspend that five-year old with the gun screen-saver.

What happened?

In 1968, if you asked a leftie college student whether a black man living in the inner city had a right to own a gun to protect himself against the cops, the answer, ten out of ten times, would have been yes.

Now, that leftie kid will be talking about the insanity of anybody owning a gun. Except for the cops.

Well, three things have happened since the 1960s. The end of the military draft, and the end of anybody caring who smokes pot or who has sex with who. Those changes melted away the whole “movement.”

A professor friend taught at UCLA during the turbulent 60s and early 70s. He told me as soon as the Vietnam war was over, the campus transformed in a flash. Students were suddenly all about finding a niche in the job market after graduation. Boom. Switch on, switch off.

The titanic idealism was put away in a drawer and filed under “crazy shit I did.”

The one remaining piece from the 60s that has endured is hatred of big corporations. But gradually, a parallel mindset has developed. First, grudging acceptance of big government; then toleration; then admiration.

Now, the Left is all about big government and the “positive changes” it can make.

And when I say the Left, I also mean the center, and a great deal of the right, because they’ve come along for the ride, too. They are the Left now.

In 1968, a big-time liberal presidential candidate, Hubert Humphrey, was the target of riots, by the Left, at the Democratic National Convention. Those riots tore apart half the city. Two years earlier, a march, by the Left, on the Century Plaza Hotel in LA, where Democratic President Lyndon Johnson was staying, sealed his fate. It was the last stone. Johnson, who had presided over the war on poverty and the creation of “The Great Society,” the biggest federal program since FDR’s New Deal, was mangled into oblivion.

Johnson announced he wouldn’t run for office again in 1968.

If Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Obama had been around then, they would have been hammered in the same way by the Left. If they were for the war in Vietnam.

That was the big key, the war. Or to be precise, the military draft.

Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?!”

Meaning: “I won’t risk my neck going to Nam!”

The elite Left has become the personification of the soccer mom now. Worries about everything. Danger everywhere. Needs more helmets. Schedules more play dates. Wants more state surveillance. “If you’re against intrusion on your privacy, maybe you have something to hide.” “Keep the poor bottled up in inner cities, give them anything they want, just don’t let them into my neighborhood.”

The Left has also become the promise of a vague fairyland new age. “We’re all in this together.” “We can raise up the lowest among us (by printing more money).”

And the police are part of that fantasy. They’re the centurions at the gate. “Arm them to the teeth.” “Render the rest of us powerless.” That’s the grand solution to all our social ills. Naked, hairless, unarmed, watched around the clock, we’ll be beautifully safe, under the machine of a national police force.

You think I’m attacking a straw man here? You think I’m devising a distorted picture of the collectivist Left and their allies? You think there’s some still-powerful rebellion, on the political Left, against the State, that can put a million people on the street to protest a specific fascist program of that big power? Where is it?

What was it, really, even in 1968? If the Vietnam war had been fought with no draft, with a volunteer army, a large part of the 1960s wouldn’t have happened at all.

As the 1970s droned on into the 80s, a rapprochement was achieved between the citizens and the police. More and more, the Left came to believe the whole idea of rebellion against the State was an old delusion. It was something people like Camus and Sartre had written about. It was really a European thing, an abstract philosophical pose.

Once the dust and the smelly underwear of the 1960s had been cleared away, the real State Op came into being. Encourage, in every way possible, crime and criminals; and then come in behind that with an answer to the horrific threat: cops.

Irresistible. On the streets, in the newspapers, on television, enact crime after crime after crime…and then promote the only answer: cops. More cops. More cops with bigger and better weapons.

Disarm everybody and leave the police and the FBI and the military and numerous other government agencies with the only guns.

Does this excuse the actual perpetrators of street crimes? No, of course not. In fact, it makes them more guilty, because they’re aiding and abetting a much larger plan. I’m not here to excuse a man who picks up a gun and shoots somebody. I’m spelling out context:

Seed the whole country with violence-inducing toxic psychiatric drugs and you will get plenty of crime. Which is exactly what has happened. All the way from Ritalin (cheep speed) to the SSRI antidepressants, to the brain-hammer anti-psychotics, the drug companies and their allied psychiatrists have been creating killings.

Allow American street gangs to work for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, while providing those cartels with US government protection as they sell tons of heroin and cocaine and crack all over the country, and you will get plenty of crime.

Pour billions of dollars into “rehabilitating” inner cities and stand by while the money disappears and is stolen, dedicate funds to programs that have no chance of working, stop genuine grass roots movements to build vast urban farms and provide free food and a sense of community, and you will get plenty of crime.

These and other strategies are the actions of a war to expand crime, to necessitate massive intervention by the State. This is an Op.

Our current leader, after similar mouthpieces like Bush and Clinton, is the one man who couldn’t possibly be on board with the Op. Barack Obama. He couldn’t possibly be doing his part to destabilize the whole society. He couldn’t. Which is exactly why he is the president of the United States now. Because he seems to stand for something better. But he doesn’t. He is definitely part of the Op.

But if he really did stand for something better, he could do several things, by executive order, that would detonate a real revolution in this country. Three crazy wild out-of-left field things, just for starters.

Declare and wage an all-out war on drug cartels and their sub-contracted domestic gangs.

Kick off a huge—and I mean huge—genuine urban farming program in every city in America. Free, clean, non-GMO food for the poor, grown by the poor, shared by the poor. The ramifications of such a program, carried out swiftly, would be astonishing on every level.

And attack, with a vengeance, Big Pharma and their psychiatric drugs.



The baffled response to such a program illustrates just how deep the brainwashing in this country goes.

And some people would say, “If Obama stood up and did those things, he’d be killed tomorrow.”

That’s getting us closer to the truth. But it would be senseless to stand up alone. He would need allies. Lots of them. Where would he find them? (Assuming he would launch this three-pronged program…a ludicrous assumption.)

Would he meet with Pelosi, Frank, Reid, Hillary, Boehner, Paul Ryan, Rubio, Rachel Maddow, Rush Limbaugh….

Where in the familiar circles of power would any president find allies to turn things around?


And that’s exactly why rebellion against the State isn’t just some old crusty abstract idea.

That’s why decentralization of power in America, at all levels, is THE counter-agenda. Intentional communities, nullification of unconstitutional federal laws, boycotts against corporations like Monsanto, alternative news sources, growing your own food, local parents threatening school boards to back off forcing psychiatric drugs down the throats of their children, home schooling, etc., etc.

Rendering every citizen weaponless, while at the same time giving the police every possible weapon and surveillance tool, is a solution in the same way that closing your eyes and jumping into a big barrel and pulling down the lid over your head is a solution.

300 million barrels with TV sets and smart phones is exactly what the State Corporatists are pushing.

The political Left promoted rebellion against the State as long as they saw themselves outside in the cold. But when they began to realize that they were, in fact, becoming the State, with all the power of the federal government, they dropped the idea of genuine rebellion like a hot potato. They praised big government, they assured everybody it was the solution, not the problem.

They shed bottom-up revolution because they were top-down.

There are lots of old Lefties who have been working to stop GMOs. When Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act the other day, they paused and pondered. They began to realize they’ve been caught in a squeeze play. Their man, the president, isn’t who they thought he was. Not at all.

This disaffection is a familiar theme: outsiders feel solidarity in their revolution; then their leaders become insiders; then the ideals vanish, leaving the foot soldiers in the lurch.

The Matrix Revealed

Exit From the Matrix

Down through history, this scenario has played out countless times, in every conceivable organization that became big, bigger, and biggest. But history isn’t our strong suit. If a teacher really wanted to educate his college students, he’d put together a course on this very subject: The Carrot and the Stick.

The promise of something better, announced from a perch or pulpit of leadership; and what eventually happened to that promise.

What happens is a grand reversal. The very force that is being fought against eventually becomes the “guardian of the Good” and the supreme ruler.

The cadre who once railed against the rise of the police state is now dealing, not pot, but the surveillance of every phone call, email, text, computer keystroke, and purchase in this country. They’re dealing the TSA and the war in Afghanistan. They’re dealing covert ops in the Middle East and executing regime change, using thugs and terrorists. They’re bailing out mega-corporations and banks. They’re buying billions of rounds of ammo. They’re appointing people to hold the door open for Monsanto. They’re using psychiatry to drug the population. They’re spraying heavy metals in the sky. They’re presiding over and sustaining the economic disaster. They’re funding the transhuman future.

They’re doing all this while continuing to mouth the ideals they once swore to uphold.

In the words of the 1960s, they’re working for the Man.

The Man is the group of elite Globalists who have always followed the same plan: put the management of the planet under one roof.

To accomplish this Globalist aim, every honest cop and effective cop and idealistic cop and indifferent cop and corrupt cop will have to be turned into a faceless pig with a weapon pointed against his own people.

These “former rebels” who now rule the roost are saying, “Today, the pigs work for us. We tell them what to do. Just love the pigs and everything will be okay. You don’t need to own a gun. It’s all good. Just keep your eyes straight ahead and march into the future.”

Who would have thought rebels of bygone days would be staging their own version of neocon glory?

Anyone with a grain of sense.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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20 comments on “How “kill the pigs” became “only the police should have guns”

  1. Thinker says:

    Those who claim they are on one or the other ‘side’ (left/right) are robots who have absolutely no idea what is about to happen to them and their children for their literally childish, programmed ignorance.
    People are changing, but how much, how fast. There is a core that are hopeless, but many aren’t. The entitlement thinking is prevalent, but it’s being questioned, the next problem is breaking the idea that anyone in government or even most ‘groups’ today will solve the problems when changes needs to start with getting real personally, and with every purchase we (don’t) make.
    Where’s the protest? It’s sitting on it’s ass eating welfare cheetos and beer or busy getting a boob job Jon. I means what’s more important, getting sprayed with metals and fungus etc and the NDAA, or jamming pharma down your kid before dumping it in daycare so you can work to pay for poison gmo food and a pos ‘shiny’ car.
    What’s wrong with you Jon, expecting people think and stuff (lol).
    As for ‘what would happen’ if obama went haywire and did the right thing, well it couldn’t be an advanced thought, he’d be done before he could sign even one EO. But, he could say a few things impromptu.
    . But it’s clear he’s chosen differently and he’s comfortable with lots of death, including the death of lots of good, smart, contributing humans. Even the ones who would be his allies if he did the right things. Talk about backward. What a choice he’s made (and makes every single day).
    Keep on Jon, if each of us do our part Every Day to inform others, strangers friends nieghbors, maybe we could crack the nut. For me I just put and your site as on note cards and give em’ out. Easy to share if you keep it simple. Failure is not an option.

  2. Ewin Vieira, Jr. says:

    Excellent article. But in your catalogue of some requisite actions to turn the present situation around you missed revitalizing the institutions the Constitution itself tells us are uniquely “necessary to a free State” (with one in each State). Such a step would be the ultimate “grand reversal” of the “grand reversal” you so rightly deprecate.

  3. you wrote: “Declare and wage an all-out war on drug cartels and their sub-contracted domestic gangs.”

    “We must fight crime” has been the justification, over the last hundred years, for the American people surrendering much of their rights. It is thanks to the war on drugs (and other crime, real or victimless) that we are not secure in our persons or property against police searches, that we can be stopped by the police without probable cause, and that the Supreme Court is seriously considering whether our silence in response to police questioning can be used against us at trial, to name just the three first outrages against freedom that jump to mind.

    “An all-out war” would give the state—which can’t be trusted to distinguish between a drug cartel and a garden party—even more power to use against us. In the zero-sum game of freedom, more government power equals less individual freedom, and vice versa.

    So unless by “all-out war on drug cartels” you mean “legalize, and so put the drug cartels out of business for good,” I’ve got to ask:



    Whose side are you on???

  4. I forwarded this to David Lory vanderbeek. Your last sentence leads nicely into holomodor, of course. One of my several hobby horses…

    Thanks for being smart and logical…scary-stupid people out there. Education went to hell, when?


  5. Wiley says:

    Sadly, history shows how all of this is likely to play out.

  6. Jcrash says:

    This is a great article. Such spot on points and prime examples of how the old “left” has morphed into the antithesis of its former self. Well done, John!

  7. Krauser says:

    The Left is a parasitic opportunist. Especially after being subverted
    by the Marxists. They only stand for the “popular” position of the
    day. Trust me, If racism was back in vogue, Joe Biden would be
    first in line to put all blacks back in chains.

  8. EXTERTA says:

    @wiley – u bought the holohoax story, did u sucker?

  9. Anonymous says:

    whilst i don’t necessarily disagree with your solution (empowering local communities) it also has a whiff of agenda 21 localism (empowering local communities). A better solution would be to totally reform how central governments (and their minions eg regional/city councils) operate, modifying it from representing the man and oppression of men to representing men and oppression of the man.

  10. MoT says:

    So those who once long ago stood against war and those functionaries of the state, called cops, are now the very ones ordering said cops to kick in your door for everyones “safety”? In essence they became what they claim, lyingly, was the enemy. They’d seen the enemy, liked what they saw, and joined in grinding their boot in our faces.

  11. […] Jon Rappoport: How “Kill the Pigs” Became “Only the Police Should Have Guns” […]

  12. Jonathan Quimbly says:

    Not everyone on the left in the 60s was radicalized, in fact it was a small but vocal minority. Also, not everyone on the left today is totally anti-gun, some of us are okay with small arms to protect the home.

    But it is clear conflation is your thing, so I’ll leave you to mixing things together to make up your own dialog.

  13. Richard G. Eramian (Rick) says:

    I want to make a few corrections to your otherwise excellent article.

    “Declare and wage an all-out war on drug cartels and their sub-contracted domestic gangs.”

    Nonsense. It is the government policy of drug Prohibition that created the “drug cartels”. Drug related violence is the predictable consequence of the current war against millions of consumers, producers, and dealers. The violent and criminal intervention into the free market has produced an equally violent black market. In fact, Prohibition wars against freedom are a consequence of gun control. If young people and poor people were legally allowed to arm themselves, government goons would not be able to herd millions of them into prisons like they do today.

    FYI, The main reason why medicinal plants and extracts are currently illegal is because they cannot be patented. They are illegal because they can be produced and sold for pennies by peasant farmers. They are illegal because the biological action of every prescription drug can be duplicated with medicinal plants, extracts, and dietary supplements that are much safer, more effective, and much cheaper. In a free market where everyone, including poor people, are allowed to compete, basic medicines (drugs) would be dirt cheap. Big Pharma (the government licensed drug cartel) would lose more than ninety percent of their sales amounting to several hundred billion dollars per year. That is the reason why government drug fighters are employed to arrest millions of consumers who choose not to be ripped off by Big Pharma. Money is the reason why government thugs are employed to murder peasant farmers and spray poison on their land, livestock, crops, and families. In fact, the medical industrial complex purchases tons of opiates every year from selected peasant farmers and resell them by prescription for ten thousand times more than they paid. The prescription drug racket is the most profitable racket in history enforced by armies of police and a million prison cages. The drug war is now a one trillion dollar per year armed robbery that enriches Big Pharma, the police-prison industrial complex, and the substance-abuse industrial complex at the expense of everyone else. The millions of people who profit from this war want the war to continue.

    I hope this helps you and keep up the good work.

    Richard G. Eramian (Rick)

  14. Chas J says:

    The answer may be not to fool with fighting the bad stuff, as that is designed to keep you occupied and distracted, and exhausts your efforts and energies without a positive result. Instead support and expand upon the good with an aim to bypass, supersede, all the old suppressive institutions.

    All means of communication and transportation can be exploited, now more than ever, to bypass the food control system, the learning suppressive “educational” troll bridges between individuals and their opportunities to unfold their lives, the governments including especially foreign ministries and state departments that determine citizenship and issue passports. Direct diplomacy, public diplomacy directly between people communicating via the Internet and other means is another way to bypass centralized state control, and allows people to better “vote with their feet”, choosing to live, not as assets of the state.

    When authorities harass you or break down your door, do not cede authority to them, question their fictional authority and jurisdiction as much possible and have people on speed dial who can quickly arrive to support your efforts. There are many ways to supersede current fragile and failed institutions, even commandeering their resources for your own. Learn to use their own system against them when you can, since they live and die by it and must follow and support certain rules.

    Of course, the most important thing to do, perhaps the very first bypass project to begin is that of superseding your own limiting prejudices and beliefs in such things as colleges, banks, money & currency, police, courts, “defence” departments, governments, established media such as television and its “news”, corrupt bought-and-paid-for “science”, hospitals, doctors, “health”care, food production and big ag, and so many other things that now are long past their sell-by dates.

  15. Orson says:

    I won’t argue with Jon’s basic principles, but there’s something missing, and honestly it’s not that easy to articulate what it is. I look at our infrasctructure and see how shabby it is. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a modern mag lev train system? Wouldn’t life be less hectic if we didn’t have to join the Freeway madness everyday? How about the mundane business of fixing dangerous bridges, roads etc. What about affordable housing. What will stimulate capitalists to get these things done? Why is Japan able to avail itself of all the fruits of technology, while we look like a banana republic?

    Think about this: soon, labor will be superfluous – it almost is now. With modern machinery one person can do the work of 100. What happens when everything is produced by machines and nobody has a “job”? Does capitalism have a plan to deal with this? Right now, our mindless machines are humans in China. They won’t put up with their low wage existence forever either. Then what?

  16. Mr. Wise says:

    Nope. You are wrong Rappaport. Hippies didn’t turn into soccer moms, people who could afford to go to UCLA in the 60’s were already going to be the next yuppies. Three things that made a difference between now and then; 1.) De-regulation of the banking industry under Clinton, 2.) Media consolidation so fewer and fewer people controlled the propaganda. 3.) Kennedy was assassinated because he didn’t want Israel to have a nuclear weapon.

  17. Mr. Wise says:

    Those 3 things were instrumental and I would add, the completely illegal lobbying tactics of the elite are an outright assault on our ability to be representated by our government.

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