The club of liberals, transhumanism, depopulation

The club of liberals, transhumanism, depopulation

by Jon Rappoport

January 25, 2013

By liberals, I simply mean those people who accept big government as a given, regardless of their political affiliation.

And yes, at certain key levels, they are a club. They come from major media, large corporations, banks, the military, well-funded foundations, investment houses, do-good non-profits, legal and medical societies, academic factories, think tanks, and of course the huge pool of government employees.

For them, big, bigger, and biggest government is a rock-bottom assumption that requires no thought. The sun comes up every morning, and there is big government.

This assumption supersedes anything written in the US Constitution explicitly limiting the power of central authority.

Where there is conflict between that document and the actions of government, the Constitution automatically takes a back seat. It is looked upon as a primitive, ancient, and worn-out set of ideas.

In fact, the Club is surprised and shocked that anyone would try to impede government based on fanciful notions about powers reserved for the individual states, or readings of the 2nd Amendment.

Long ago, the Club decided that every statement made in the Constitution was subject to revision or outright dismissal, based on the arrogant concept that changing times require new measures and new solutions.

In their eyes, they are working with reality, whereas Constitutionalists have a quirky and disturbing obsession that clings to absolute Principle. If Principle isn’t a sign of a mental disorder, it at least indicates an unhealthy nostalgia about a fairy tale of days gone by.

The Club blithely assumes it has won its battle.

The Club is focused on what big government, in concert with its corporate allies, can do to further expand. This is where a disjunction of attitude occurs.

For some Club members, the mission of government is to do good, to give to those in need, no matter how many are in need or how much that need grows.

For other Club members, at higher levels, the massive giveaway and fulfilling of need is just a pose, a tactic to gain more adherents who will trade a great deal of their freedom for a little security.

But there is no debate within the Club about this matter. No one wants to rock the boat. Those at higher levels view the do-gooders within their ranks as useful and amusing dupes.

The do-gooders, if they glimpse the faces and intentions of the higher-ups, shrug it off, assuming that somehow, in the long run, the vision of “a shared and just world” will triumph, because the universe wants to make it so.

The Club has one major enemy.


The idea that there is enough for everyone who wants to work for it, the idea that individuals can pursue their deepest dreams and desires, and win…that is anathema.

Why? Because if that perception operated widely in the society, it would rule out the grasping need for invasive central government.

Therefore, creating artificial scarcities is at the top of the Club’s to-do list. Of course, this agenda must be masked behind false cover. The scarcities must seem to be inevitable, or at least caused by forces beyond our control.

Scarcity of money, health, prosperity, freedom, property, sanity, natural resources…they must appear to be naturally occurring crises, for which the only answer is parental control over populations.

When Buckminster Fuller offered his brilliant analysis of abundance and how we could achieve it on planet Earth, he was missing only one piece: who would implement it? Who would revolutionize life for all?

The obvious answer is: the people in charge. But that doesn’t work, for the simple reason that those people are dedicated to producing false scarcities.

To reject abundance, the elite Club of Rome published its famous study, “The Limits to Growth,” in 1972. It essentially used computer modeling to predict failure for civilization, and ushered in a tsunami of propaganda aimed at floating the planet’s only hope for survival: a recognition of global interdependence and the distribution of the world’s resources from a point of Central Planning.

This concept, in turn, was translated to mean “addressing needs.”

The conclusion? Big government was the addresser, the single most important institution for saving us all.

Hand in hand, elite planners and propagandists invented a loop that guaranteed the primacy of a bill of needs over a bill of rights.

Individual freedom stood accused in the dock as the criminal. It had led to the wealthy few and the poor many. A world out of balance.

Members of the Club, sitting in their massive London drawing rooms and their Park Avenue apartments, applauded this “progression of awareness.”

To say they were laughing up their sleeves would be a vast understatement.

From FDR to Truman, from Eisenhower to Kennedy, from LBJ to Nixon, from Ford to Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Bush Jr., the Club watched their plans solidify. Regardless of what these presidents said or did, government expanded, and the official status of “fulfilling needs” was welded ever more securely to government’s mission.

Finally, in a considerable victory, to symbolically signify the emergence of the “lowest to the highest,” a man who represented former slaves on the American continent took up residence in the White House.

He, above previous presidents, would raise the sword to equalize all status in society. He would right past wrongs, square past debts, and fly the flag of humanity. Justice would be served.

No matter that the condition of “his own people” would worsen during his reign. No matter that the condition of all Americans would diminish. No matter that he was the agent of a operation designed to put the crown on government as the great provider.

From Buddha to Jesus to Karl Marx, the Club has borrowed sentiments of high hope and realization, in order to sell its program. The Club has cast its role as the messianic force. It has filled the pews of its church with followers, who have no clue as to the actual plan, but instead mouth the words and sing the songs and praise the gifts.

The marketing of these sentiments, their weave, fabric, tone, and flow are the substance of a trance induction.

And at the end of the line? America harmonized in its structure with other nations, and the subsuming of the USA under a regional and global arch of management.

As David Rockefeller, one of the designers of the plan, put it in his Memoirs (2003): “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

There are millions of people who refuse to believe that a high humanitarian sentiment or ideal can be enrolled and deployed to defeat us. They automatically assume what stirs them is for the good.

They are crowded together in the middle of the trance. They clog the arteries of the body politic. They foment a disease of the public immune system attacking itself, and it is long past the time when they should wake up and cure their distorted perception.

But as far as the Club is concerned, they are useful. And useful they will stay, as long as they can be hypnotized into the future glory that lies just over the next hill.

And now we come to the technocrats.

The technocrats among Club leaders consider the overall mission in terms of a systems fix. There are flaws in the way humans have chosen to organize themselves, and these flaws need to be corrected.

With the important information entered into computers armed with algorithms, models can be obtained. These models will take into account vital resources, such as water, breathable air, earth minerals, fuel, food crops, transportation, housing, education, medical care, and so on. Planetary allocation quotas for all territories and regions can be arrived at.

Dispassionately, the human condition can be modified.

The technocrats consider this an interesting problem. It will take work, but it can be solved.

Certain factors, however, must be reduced or eliminated. Freedom, choice, personal decision-making have to be devalued in the new System, in order to avoid the introduction of random and unpredictable outcomes.

The very meaning of a technocratic system precludes freedom as an objective, because that quality of humans isn’t circumscribed and can’t be inserted as a pure passive object into calculations.

Technocrats value systems above all. They live to build self-referential closed structures. This fascination negates a whole range of emotions.

The technocrats aren’t admirers of emotion, which are unpredictable when it comes to the mathematics of a new planet.

Joy, for example. How would one enter joy into an equation? How could it be quantified?

Technocrats are, in a sense, a separate species. They are intensely cerebral. They view human beings as troublesome pieces of a puzzle. A system is erected on the basis of built-in controls. Humans tend not to fit.

This they find annoying. But there are ways to limit the trouble. Chemicals can be introduced into the brain. The chemicals will regulate behavior. This is another interesting problem awaiting a solution, a whole series of solutions. The drugs we now have are only a minor step in the right direction.

It’s all in the service of a better system, which is what technocrats must have. They would wither and die if they couldn’t have it. They would feel isolated and useless and rejected.

If you want to see a technocrat squirm and wriggle and scream, like a person being tortured, take away his access to systems.

The greatest acceleration of human organization took place in the century just past. The obsession for big, bigger, and biggest flowered as never before. Now, in this century, the push is for refinement. To the technocrat, that means much greater definition of roles for humans.

Specialization will take on new restrictions and regulations. Plugging people into a system is one thing; carefully ordering their limits and restraints is another.

Take the long view of this century. The overall aim is for a structure that will encompass the actions of every human on Earth; every person with a designated function rigorously placed in the correct slot.

This will be promoted as salvation. It will be floated as the genius of the species finally taking hold.

However, it’s clear that for such an enormous structure, machines will perform better as workers than people in most cases. As Bucky Fuller pointed out, automation is the wave of the future.

Then what is to be done with humans?

The obvious answer is massive depopulation.

The Matrix Revealed

This is on the drawing board. No doubt about it. It is being enacted in certain regions.

But there is a significant glitch. Among the most important Club members are heads and owners and financiers of mega-corporations.

Those corporations are already experiencing dead time in their operations. Their production lines are moving at half-mast, because the available consumer base is too small. Out of the world’s population, perhaps only a billion people have the means to participate in what is commonly understood as the consumer economy. Corporations can accommodate far greater numbers.

This is a genuine conflict. It has been brewing for some time.

If you have any knowledge about the men who run these companies, you know they will not go gently into the good night of major depopulation. That would reduce their consumer base to a much greater degree.

So far, all attempts to artificially create more consumers has failed. The overall picture hasn’t markedly changed, nor does it appear vast government giveaways will do the job in the future.

There is a thread of Globalist calculation that appears to be an answer to the problem. It’s based on the old Nazi presumption of a lost master race, a genetic strain certain Nazi leaders were dreaming and fantasizing about—and trying to recreate.

The new IG Farben (a vast chemical/pharmaceutical Nazi cartel) is a loose collection of corporations that now constitutes global leadership in pharmaceutical/genetic research. It certainly wants to invent “enhanced humans.” This is one of its prime goals. A laboratory-induced master race.

Here is my opinion on how the hideous project could proceed:

Over time, through food, drugs, and definitely vaccines, genetic factors would be inserted in human beings to render them infertile. The gradually ensuing decline in new births would be explained away by false cover stories. These stories, particularly when they come from “eminent researchers,” would be rather easy to sell.

As the global population decreases, a re-seeding and replacement operation would be launched.

This would certainly include genetically enhanced humans, but it would also consist of favored body profiles and races, because the overall program is most assuredly a racialist scheme.

In those regions where the population is made to fall, import the favored humans and genetically enhanced specimens.

This isn’t ultimately a depopulation program at all. In its later stages, it is quite the opposite. The objective is to reduce and then bring back a full ten or 20 billion people on the planet.

It’s all about replacement. It’s all about the assumption that “superior humans” will flourish. They will buy and consume the products of the mega-corporations. They will carry out, to a T, their assigned roles in the new civilization, along side the machines of the technocrats.

It’s a plan to: rewrite the future; and, when things are humming again, to forget the genocidal past entirely, in four or five generations.

This would solve the conflict within the Club, among the technocrats, the mega-corporations, and the Rockefeller-type Globalists.

And somewhere today, a young person, filled to the brim with vague ideals and hope, buying the promise that everyone’s needs will be met, that suffering and pain and injustice will be solved, has no clue that such pretty thoughts can be hijacked in the service of building a system to eradicate what it means to be alive.

This young person thinks freedom, liberty, and the intentions of the Constitution are frivolous obstructions to a better world.

Dispense with the Constitution. It isn’t part of the modern trend.

Instead, join the crowd. Shout with delight for the political salvation that is only a few more joined hands from realization.

Forget. Believe. Go along.

Reject as absurd the possibility that elite planners have a completely different version of the world in tow.

Yell for equality, whatever that may be shaped to mean.

Think about nothing. Just swim into the days with faith born from what our leaders are selling on the shore of the new shining city.

Believe. Trust.

Your job isn’t to imagine and invent your own reality. That is a meaningless proposition.

No, your job is to love the State because the State loves you.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

18 comments on “The club of liberals, transhumanism, depopulation

  1. babylovet says:

    Any economic system dedicated and premised upon endless physical expansion and growth is doomed and will eventually self-destruct, whatever it might be called. Empire never works and has the seeds of its own destruction built in. Human history demonstrates this again and again.

    Of course there are “limits to growth” in a physical sense! But there is great abundance all around when one works within this setup. Anyone dedicated to gardening knows this.

    To not acknowledge this self-evident truth is insanity.

    Where the endless expansion and growth lies is in the imagination, in artistic creation, in ingenuity and in spirit.

  2. free woman on the land says:

    thanks, jon for taking the conversation a little further. everyone has been talking about this depopulation agenda for a long time, but like you pointed out, the corporations would lose out. we already have most of the humans enslaved willingly and working for their masters. its a win win for them. the humans in america know nothing about the constitution and our republic. they do not fulfill their duty as american citizens and keep their public servants in check. they happily re elect criminals so they dont have to be responsible. it makes no sense tht a few hundered people can control billions if the billions didnt give their consent. of course, when you mention this, all you hear are crickets. people like to complain and point fingers, but when you point your finger at someone, there are always three pointing back at you.

    the constitution is the supreme law of the land. anyone who attempts to pass or enforce a law that is repugnant to the constitution has committed treason and has perjured their oath and must immediately vacate their office. any law that is passed that is contrary to the constitution is null void and without effect. this is the law. all our country needs is for more people to get involved and demand their public servants uphold their oaths. when you apply the constitution in your own life, you see the fear it creates, as it should, and like holy water to a vampire, it sends these creatures shreiking into the night and you remain sovereign and free, as our creator intended it to be.

    ron paul lost the election because our country is full of socialists and communists who have been educated all too well by carnegie and the others. he wanted to dismantle the “safety nets” and social programs, which are actually unlawful and illegal. it was very sad to see the only one who was and would uphold his oath to the constitution made fun of, rejected and ignored by the very people he was representing and truly wanted to serve. we do not need the government, they need us to feed on. if they all fell off their fiscal cliff, the world would be a better place. ayn rand, who many demonize foolishly, warned us back in the 60’s what would hapen if we kept following this agenda. she saw what happened in russia. you cannot legislate morality and forcing people to give their wealth to others is also illegal and unlawful, no matter how pretty you dress it up. charity must come from the heart, not at the point of a gun being held to anyone’s head. it is just stealing. plain and simple. this is how deluded the slaves on this plantation of the u s have become.

    its past time to examine our beliefs and make a real commitment and really be honest with ourselves about what it is we want. the time of the splitting of the worlds is upon us. your actions and beliefs will determine which world you reside in. do we believe someone else has more power than we do? whose life is it anyway? do our lives belong to us or someone else? how are we creating a different world than the one society wants us to follow we apply the constitution and insist that we be treated as american citizens, not u s citizens. do we participate in supporting corporations and individuals who are polluting our world with poisons, drugs, and gmos or do we buy humanely raised and organic? do we honor ourselves by choosing to live healthy and happy? there are so many things we can do on a daily basis to live in a beautiful world. have we educated ourselves and read books like the people’s history of the united states. have we read the constitution and understand and apply it to avoid participating in these corrupt grand racketeering schemes that are illegal and unlawful. a great website to learn more about the constitution and more importantly, how to take action effectively is

    we need more people to get involved so we can take back our country and be free.

    they say the government is just a reflection of the people.the government is not an outside force that randomly moved in, the people invited it in through their apathy, ignorance and greed. if one refuses to be responsbile, there is always someone else who will galdly take that responsibility for them. at a price of course. we must not be afraid at the changes that are taking place. just look at it as a chance, an opportunity to be the best you can be and rise up to the challenge, take responsibility for past inaction and ignorance and change the course of history, by changing your own life. we must know it doesnt matter what other people do, they have free will to be free or a slave. our choices always create a clear outcome. if you dont like what you see in the outside world, you must change the inside one first. this is a world of illusion and feedback. it is that simple to create real change. you must be brave and love and respect yourself and others in order to follow through and create a beautiful world.

    your point about artificially engineering a new group of slaves makes perfect sense when put in the context of free will and the choice to expand in joy outwardly or expand downward in despair. this scenario is not unlike a wrinkle in time. i think the choices already have been made by everyone, and with the new energies coming in, many things are going to be so in people’s faces, they cant ignore them any longer. it will be easier and easier to be who you have practiced being.instead of wasting time trying to change others, we must focus only on ourselves and what we want. then go out and do it. there is much power in accepting others viewpoints and then moving on, instead of playing tug of war and feeding them. when we take our attention, which is the most valuable thing we have, and place it back to ourselves, we starve the parasites and vampires. they can not exist without taking others’ power. we do this thru effective action. its time to continue to build the world we want and see it through. we all have a choice, isnt that what freedom is all about?

    thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some ideas and to offer support to others who may not know what to do. live well and prosper, peace and love to all people.

  3. Pete Weaver says:

    well said, mr. r. I take issue with one thing though. I believe one reason the elite have been so successful is their ability to rob words of there meanings, and redefine them. Our perception of reality is constructed by the words and ideas we use to describe it. By sucking the meaning out of words, and controling the debates, they maintain a monopoly on reality.
    I implore you to try to stop using the word liberalism with their definition attached. If we reclaim the old definition, we find a

    Politcal philosophy dedicated to free markets and civil liberties(see: “classical liberalism”, “Jacksonian democracy”). There is a war for hearts and minds going on, and the elite media are turning our bullets into beanbags.

    Oh, i think liberalism also used to refer to a rejection of monarchy, or a privileged class in general, with more concern for the popular will. Just because the Democrats of previous days executed Socrates for molesting little boys, does that mean democracy is such a bad thing? So that the majority may not repress a minority, it is better that a minority should oppress the majority. I think all our problems started when Plato wrote “The Republic”.

  4. Brian in Oregon says:

    Excellent today in “The club of liberals, transhumanism, depopulation.” You are one of the most engaging and creative and thoughtful writers “out there” today. –Brian in Oregon

  5. hybridrogue1 says:

    Again an excellent article Jon.

    I have been bring to attention to those in blog coverstations, two great educational sources of constitutional law and history:

    Louis Fisher, author of:


    . . .
    Raoul Berger:


    Anyone who wishes to understand that the present “federal government” is utterly constitutionally Ultra Vires [beyond law], and is totally illegitimate, can find that argument successfully given in the three volumes mentioned above.


  6. Jean- says:

    A very good story. Not many Americans realize how far along transhumanism is … especially in California. There is a major research center in California for creating post-humans.

    Why isn’t this major news?

  7. Old document, they say? Why in cosmic time it’s spanking brand new. The Iron from the cannons of the Revolution is still around. The Grandfathers of the old guys of the Shadow Government were those who benefited most by selling the population on the New World Order of America as demonstrated in the Washington DC layout of planetary mythology. Old Albert Pike’s unemployed officers of the army of the South were fed to the Indian Wars and the Spanish American Wars. The New Englanders who weren’t Abolitionists were also opportunist Pirates and Privateers cutting the forests for wooden ships. Making mills from streams and dams.
    Sit around with Gordon Lightfoot playing in the background and you’ll end up convinced all the creativity was not just in the hands of the elite, but that there is a Hegemonic social force operative in all Euro-American Colonialism.

  8. C. Burkey says:

    But,. you know…GUNZ!!!

  9. MachtNichts says:

    For everyone who has eyes to see and ears to listen, it must be obvious by now that a traditional human life is worth – nothing. Maybe we are not perfect but considering the alternative of a chipped, drugged, indoctrinated, chem-trailed, wi-fied Mensch is quite scary to contemplate.

    The plans of what you call the club for transhumanism, no doubt, are well underway. Let’s hope the human spirit will prevail against all odds and the technoc(rats). Which is what they are are – rats. Conformity has not brought us to where we are today.

    Pity the future generations who will not know what they are missing. Consumerism is their mantra. I have already seen it in my kids. If it’s not a brand label it’s no good. Have been trying to counteract over the years, with limited success. Maybe they will realize what the fuck it is doing to them eventually.

    Thanks, Jon, for some inspiring ideas. Silvia

  10. OutTheFed says:

    Being one that understands this plan by the demonic elite sucks. If humanity doesn’t wake,and soon, the gate will be closed and the lock applied. Life will lose much of its meaning for many who still posses a strong innate admiration and desire for liberty. Taking away freedom is like taking away the desire for love, it’s at the core of what being a human is. How a larger majority doesn’t understand what is happening behooves me. I am of average intelligence and like to participate in denial at times but this plan has become so obvious and no amount of denial will make it stop or go away. My greatest concern is for the youth of today. They are so lost in their electronics and social networks while the walls are being erected around them. I speak freely to all ages of what I know, being sensitive to their awareness levels. I risked my own marriage to save my family, fortunately their eyes are now open. Many wont go that far, I saw no other choice. Most in the world around me think I’m a bit least for now. A great shift for humanity is now inevitable, timing and knowledge will be critical. Good luck everybody.

  11. ramonthomas says:

    Where can I find statistical evidence the depopulation agenda has actually decreased the world population since 1950? It’s clear the global population has continued to grow, even post 2000. So where is the real evidence in decline?

  12. I have gone through many “theories” and world views in my spiritual journey and no other writer resonates with me as much as you jon. Your material has helped me to go one step further because i was stagnated and stuck with ideas such as “non resistance” (tolle) , “being in the now” etc. in just a short few weeks of reading/listening to your stuff, i’m on my way again… Thanks man

  13. flip doubt says:

    So what is the solution to get from this present to that one?
    How do you get consensus? How do you change something like big government into small? The are many that are reliant upon the government and none will vote the reliance away.

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