By Jon Rappoport

November 9, 2012


So look, there are fifteen million votes out there we haven’t counted yet. What do you want to do?”


How long have the polls been closed?”


Let’s see. Two hours.”


The hell with it. Let’s call it a defeat for Prop 37.”




This isn’t over.


We’re not just looking at how many votes in California are still uncounted. We’re not just guessing how it’ll turn out and making little projections. That’s a sucker’s game.


We’re looking at real symptoms of fraud. And fraud has tentacles and arms. You see one piece of fraud, you keep digging for other pieces. You usually find them.


Start with the incredibly early projections made by media outlets on election night. Those projections sank Prop 37.


When you’re in the middle of a football game and the outcome is still in doubt, if somebody suddenly posts the final score on the scoreboard, that’s called a lie.


It isn’t an estimate or a guess or a prediction. It’s a lie.


There was once a day in American politics when news networks would wait for conclusive election results. They weren’t greedily bent on reporting projections soon and sooner and soonest.


So let’s get that projection-brainwashing out of our heads, all right?


The whole business of making early and earlier predictions on election night is a sham. And it has the effect of inducing people to tune out.


Okay, Jones won. That’s that. What percentage of the votes have been counted? One half of one percent? Zero percent? Gee, I guess these prediction guys really know what they’re doing. They must have some fabulous computer models, honey. Let’s watch a CSI rerun…”


Here is what happened on election night in California. With many millions of votes still not counted, television stations up and down the state sealed the fate of Prop 37, by saying it had lost.


Many of those California votes are still uncounted. Yesterday, by consulting four of the 57 county registrars in the state, I found 1.6 million votes still unprocessed. That was chicken feed.


An updated report, as of noon today, November 9, posted at the California Secretary of State’s website, indicates that, for all of California, a boggling 3.3 million votes remain uncounted.

Updated: 11/9/2012 5:00 p.m.


So who called the shots? Who made the early and grossly premature projection on election night? Who told all the media outlets that Prop 37 had been defeated?


I suspected it was Edison Media Research, an outfit that works for the National Election Pool (NEP). NEP is a media consortium that supplies election-night information to the press. This morning I spoke with a representative of Edison, who told me they didn’t make the projection on Prop 37.


If true, that leaves Associated Press (AP) as the leading suspect. AP is part of the National Election Pool as well. AP has awesome resources.


I spoke with Erin Madigan White, media relations manager at AP. I asked her whether AP had made the projections for Prop 37 to media outlets.


She emailed me the following tidbit. It was not quite an answer to my question, but it was illuminating:


To clarify: AP does not make ‘projections,’ but bases our reporting on counting real votes from every precinct. As our story notes specifically, ‘With all the state’s precincts reporting, Proposition 37 failed 53.1 percent to 46.9 percent.’”


When someone gives you this kind of sleight-of-hand maneuver, it’s called a clue. Let’s start with this phrase: “With all the state’s precincts reporting.” The precincts were all reporting PARTIAL results. Even today, there are 3.3 million votes in CA still to be counted.


This tells you that AP was lying. That’s right. Let’s call it what it was. They were lying about “all precincts.” It was an intentional con.


And what does the phrase “bases our reporting on counting real votes” mean? It certainly means “calling the result of an election.” Because that’s exactly what AP did with Prop 37, based on partial results, on Nov.8. That’s a projection. They say they don’t make projections, but they do. That’s another lie.


On election night, I believe AP must have been the entity who passed voting information on Prop 37 to media outlets throughout California.


AP will not speak about their business relationships with media outlets. They will not name those outlets. They claim “client confidentiality” on this matter. Why?


I believe the answer is obvious. AP, the giant wire service, doesn’t want people to know how much influence they have on what media outlets report. AP doesn’t want the public to know how much of the news, everywhere, comes from AP. And media outlets don’t want their own customers to know how much of what they report is really flat-out or recycled AP material.


This powerful AP influence certainly would extend to election-night reporting.


Knowing how the National Election Pool basically works, I see no other entity who could have played that information-provider role for all the networks, TV stations, radio stations, websites, and newspapers in California…and in the country, on this past election night, with respect to Prop 37.


With millions of votes outstanding and uncounted, I conclude it was AP who provided the data to the networks, who then made the early calls against Prop 37 and sank it.


After I wrote the original article yesterday, which exposed the big lie about Prop 37 early projections, I received many emails. You can read that article here:


Most of the emailers stated they were glad to get the information. A few people questioned my report. They said, “Well, a hundred percent of voting precincts have already sent their vote-counts to the Secretary of State of California.”


Wrong. A hundred percent of precincts have sent PARTIAL vote-counts to the Secretary of State.


A few people said, “Well, the counties in California, who are in charge of counting all votes in their districts, have several weeks to wrap up the count. That happens in every election. Nothing new there.”


I know that. My attack is leveled at the early call against Prop 37 given to the media, on election night, when so many votes were still uncounted, when there was no way to know the final outcome.


A few people said, “Well, of the votes that remain to be counted in California, about two-thirds would have to go YES ON 37 to swing 37 over into victory. That won’t happen.”


Let’s leave that question to the actual vote-count. But we’re not only talking about the odds of getting a victory through counting the rest of the votes. With these horrendous early projections, we’re looking at a symptom of huge fraud here. The smoke in front of the fire:


Who can guarantee that the votes already tallied in California were done faithfully and honestly? Who can guarantee that the voting machines were accurately recording votes?


Given AP’s replies to me, and their policy of secrecy about their media clients, who wants to trust that news giant?


Concerning machine vote-fraud, wake up and smell the coffee. See Bev Harris’ work at and also Victoria Collier’s important articles on this subject. Read up on the 2000 Bush-Gore fiasco and the 2004 Bush-Kerry voting nightmare (especially in Ohio).


Many people have emailed me to ask, “What can we do now?” First of all, the YES ON 37 people have to forget about their concession of defeat. They need to get busy and look into vote fraud.


They have to come back to the playing field.


To return to the football analogy, if you’re in the middle of the game and somebody suddenly posts the final score on the scoreboard, do you hang your head and walk off and accept the loss? Is that what you do?


Do you bow down to the system, because you’re afraid that, if you object, people will label you “sour grapes” and crazy? Or do you become more relentless?


YES ON 37 needs to demand to look at the voting machines, the software used in the vote-count. YES ON 37 needs to probe, with all they have, into what AP did on election night. And that’s just for starters. Bring on the lawyers. Make some real waves. Shake people up.


Think about this as well. Why was Prop 37 launched in California? Why not Arkansas or Louisiana?


Because it’s well-known that California, historically and presently, is the core of the natural health movement in America. CA is where it really took hold and spread. CA is where everybody and his brother want gluten-free bicycles and organic streetlamps and raw unpasteurized sunglasses and GMO-free underwear.


The sentiment for Prop 37 was overwhelming a couple of months ago. Then, boom. Everything went the other way. It wasn’t just the NO ON 37 ads. It wasn’t just the massive spending by the NO ON 37 forces.


The real specter of vote fraud is here, whether you like it or not.


If, indeed, AP made the early reports or projections or suggestions or advices of defeat for 37 to media outlets, let’s see their data and their models of interpretation. Did they do exit polls? I’ve never heard of AP conducting exit polls.


If as AP claims, they don’t do projections, are we supposed to believe they sent out nothing more than raw-vote counts to a few thousand media outlets in California, and each and every one of those outlets decided, on their own, through their own analysis, that Prop 37 was a lost cause early on election night?


Don’t believe that for a second. These local TV stations and newspapers aren’t independent enough to do that kind of projecting on their own. They were taking advice from somewhere. They were all falling into line. They were merely mouthpieces for someone’s projection.


This should trouble you. It should trouble you greatly. Unless you’re so enamored of projections and computer modeling and data interpretation and honest and honorable vote machines that you’re sure everything is just fine and dandy.


Early dismissive projections on election night are part and parcel of the Big Con. They are wands waved that put people to sleep and elections to bed.


So, no, Virginia. No. Everything is not okay.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at


  1. Angie says:

    In 2004 several California counties passed GMO bans, including Mendocino, Marin, Santa Cruz, and Trinity. There is no way that I believe that Prop 37 didn’t pass.

    • Voter_Fraud says:

      It passed. There is no way it didn’t, especially in California, which is probably the most food/health conscious state in the nation. I can’t believe that the people of California would vote AGAINST a law, giving them the right to know what is in their food! WHY? Because it MIGHT have increased food costs by like $00.01 per person? Seriously? You’re telling me that people voted for a law that let’s them remain ignorant??? NO F’ing way! Pure & simple case of felony.criminal fraud here. There is no other explanation. Voting fraud is a criminal act,…a felony I think. Those responsible will never be tried, but they are w/o question, 100% guilty. The American voting system has being a big (but not so funny) JOKE! Voting is a scam & a complete waste of time. You’re votes are not even counted, literally. This also confirms my opinion/stance that “law” is an illusion & “power” is the only reality. America no longer has rule of law. We are not longer a nation of laws, but a nation of rules. It’s disgusting & I really can’t believe that people do nothing about it. How much worse will it get & how much worse must it get, before people finally wake up, stand up & put an end to it???

  2. David Dial says:

    Jon, I agree with your call to get to the bottom of this fraud. None of the anti-Prop-37 TV ads mentioned GMOs or labeling at all. I was shocked when I received my official sample ballot and learned the TITLE of the proposition was “GMO Labeling”. The opponents of Prop. 37 stopped at nothing to kill it. It’s time to bring down the perps who are poisoning us!

  3. john polifronio says:

    Let’s call a meeting in the near future, whether it’s in a large building, or out in the streets, demanding that the establishment respond to this outrage. Win or Lose, I and millions of other voters want a resolution of this prop 37 vote.

  4. eileen says:

    Most of us are way ahead on this….we saw those false commercials and we know how they change votes (all the time) at the polls. I was expecting this…..and hoping against it.

    No one wants their own government hijacked…and there it is. Been going for some time (if you havn’t noticed….anyone). We got ….issues.

    But back to Mon-satan:

    Does it matter? Of course.
    But will it stop …us? No, of course not.
    It just means more charges against Monsanto, more arrests (down the line).
    They do more evil….we have more to catch them with (and get rid of them completely)

  5. Emery says:

    The possibility of fraud looks immense. This measure had overwhelming support. Sure they poured 43 million into defeating it but I don’t believe that many people are that stupid. Consider that fact they can flip your votes as well. Add that to the fact that both parties are corrupt and beholden to Monsanto money and you will find neither Democrat or Republican want to challenge the outcome. Makes it very hard to solve a crime when the police are bought and paid for.

  6. Wild Bill says:

    The Prop 37 defeat to me was the main indicator that the whole 2012 election process was a complete sham. Made absolutely no logical sense whatsoever.

    • Voter_Fraud says:

      I don’t believe prop 37 was legally defeated & I never will. It has finally proven to me that voting is a scam & out votes mean nothing.

  7. gary cominotto says:

    i read that AP and Reuters are both Rothschild inc.subsidiaries.I personally believed long berfore the selection that prop 37 would not pass because of our corporate structure and that prop 30 would pass because of it being just another revenue stream put on the backs of the people.

  8. mo mo says:

    This is real investigative journalism… way to go… thank you for asking questions and placing phone calls to get answers. Your work here is leading the way, showing people how to think critically. kudos. god bless ya

  9. greg says:

    The scary part is we know voter fraud sunk prop 37, so who is to say we actually elected Obama? It is truely a sad day for America.

  10. Sam Fox says:

    There needs to be a nation wide investigation of vote fraud. There is a LOT of evidence showing how easy it is to pre-program electronic vote machines.

    Devvy Kidd, at, also has done a lot of investigating on this subject.

    That O won by vote fraud would not surprise me. There are way to many who don’t like him & his socialist big govt big bro policies. If 70 or so % of the US population don’t like O-care, how did he get in?


  11. Frank says:

    Jon, I think you are absolutely right. I was yesterday morning looking at the numbers at the California web site and I could not believe what I was seen as far as the numbers there shows. Even the numbers they report are wrong, they do not add up. Anyone can go there and make a simple test, look at the numbers on each proposition, add the YES and the NO, then add the still pending and compare THAT to the TOTAL number of people that participated. NONE of them adds up.???????

  12. Mr. Jonz says:

    AP has always stood for All Propaganda.

    Of the 15 or so people I asked, not one voted against Prop 37. US elections are complete and total shams. I will never waste my time and effort voting again.

  13. how early was the call made? while polls were still open? if it was after polls closed, it doesn’t matter, does it?

  14. findawheigh says:

    You’re wasting your time talking to AP. They’re owned by Reuters, who is owned by Rothschilds. Enough said.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Will the rest of the votes be counted eventually? If so, then 37 might still win. If not, then THAT is where you and the rest of the YES on 37 campaigners need to be fighting: to make sure that 100% of the votes are counted, including all absentee ballots mailed in advance. Whatever AP or any news organization calls as the “winner” on election night is irrelevant, as long as they made the call after the polls closed. If state officials stopped counting ballots because AP said something, then THAT is fraud, but not by AP, but rather by the election officials whose job it is to count every vote. Either way, your attack on AP makes no sense. Who cares what they called? Let them have egg on their face if the final tally proves 37 won. The only thing that matters, and where all of your investigative energy should go, is to the vote counters, making sure THEY don’t cut corners, and that EVERY VOTE IS COUNTED.

  16. Fred Werner says:

    Who cares what AP reported? As long as all the votes will eventually be counted (and as long as AP’s call was after the polls closed), then AP’s call is irrelevant. Let them have egg on their face when the final telly proves 37 won. If officials stopped counting ballots once AP said “100% of precincts”, then THAT is fraud, but not by AP, but rather by the election officials whose job it is to count every ballot. Forget AP, the only thing that matters, and the one place you should put your investigative energy, is making sure that state officials count 100% of the votes, including all absentee ballots before certifying the results.

  17. Fred Werner says:

    whoops, that was supposed to read “final tally.”

  18. LawrenceLive says:

    Re the AP – after trying to make sense of their headlines about the reasons for the oil price changes several times a day I see that they are fabricating the reasons for that. They are in the business of falsehood, it appears to me. Anything for a headline – equals “wow, we are on top of that!”. They must be government crooks.

  19. GreenForest says:

    Prop 37 was destined to be approved regardless of what the voters wanted. It’s sad, but corporate funding can always get the vote out for their agendas. Great article.

  20. Mike says:

    I live in Washington state and I was dumbfounded when I heard Prop 37 didn’t pass! This, to me, is outrageous and unbelievable. Who in their right mind is going to oppose something that tells them what they really are ingesting as food. (Especially when it is NOT food!) Something can only be considered food if it does three things. Supplies what eats it fuel for caloric metabolism, does NO HARM to the one that eats it and provides at least some of the key building blocks that benefit life. GMO’s are just that genetically modified ORGANISMS! NOT FOOD! Plants may be mutated to become “RoundUp ready” but Human beings are not ever going to be!

  21. Joey Cline says:

    Living in Sacramento and being active on this issue, I can tell you that NOT ONE person I know voted against this Prop. Not ONE! Many that I have talked to say the same of their friends, So how could this not pass?

    What can I do to assist anybody in the quest for the truth on this matter?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I live on the central coast – while the social meda was on the case – msm – was a larger factor here – msm and people who knew nothing caused the narrow defeat – if there was one.

  23. Jimmy says:

    Obvious fraud, now we need to do something about it.

  24. John Arno says:

    Great work!

    I think what has to happen next is you take all the evidence you have, organize it, and turn it over to the Attorney General’s office, with a copy to the Governor.

    On the basis of your findings and subject to TJ Attorney General investigation of your allegations, we need to demand a special vote on this issue. It may require filing suit against the Secretary if State for having authenticated incomplete and inconclusive voting results, demanding a separate vote on this matter.

    One way to demonstrate voter interest in GMO disclosure is to solicit 3 million online votes. That’s about 10% of the state population & is certainly a strong indicator that even after Nov 6, California voters have even stronger interest in demanding their right to know what is in the food they are eating!

    What has happened is CRIMINAL and the California Justice Department, through the Attorney General’s Office MUST investigate this matter. Vote suppression is CRIMINAL and this must be investigated as a crime!

  25. MJ says:

    You know almost No ONE wants GMO food, so obviously the votes weren’t counted.

  26. MJ says:

    Don’t just take what they give you when you know it’s WRONG.

  27. Proud2b says:

    So only the FRAUDULENT votes were actually counted, we can’t let this stand in America. This needs to be fixed in THIS ELECTION not the next. We can’t give them this, usually easy going but we have to have a re-vote and re-count, no exceptions..

  28. Proud2b says:

    This whole election is a National shame and an outrage to all honest people.

  29. lynn says:

    Carry on! My California brothers and sisters! I own part of a cow so I may legally consume raw, organic milk from cows that eat grass, live outdoors, and know the pleasures of a bull. This Indiana Hoosier supports all true PATRIOTS and leaders in the food revolution. People are starting local grocery stores and co-ops here — the battle is now. I salute you all.

  30. […] The Associated Press feeds projections, although they deny it, to media outlets all over America on election night. They, too, would look ridiculous if it turned out that vote-counts had been hijacked. […]

  31. Anonymous says:

    Where can I buy safe food? And what food Don’t have GMO. I feel they (govt.) is trying to eliminate the population. We Americans have to fight for our freedoms. Like my son a marine defense this country of ours so can we.

  32. Plurb says:

    how’s that Democracy working for you? Like the one party system do you? Guess that means California voters didn’t pass prop 30 and we don’t all want our taxes raised, especially those not in a n Onion uh I mean union!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I think this prop is symptomatic of the entire election process, I watched Rommney leading in popular votes in Ohio and Ohio was already projected to Obama. It appears elections are just a sham to convince the public they have a choice.

  34. […] in California, but it's difficult to prove that indisputably, we can look at the symptoms though. VOTE FRAUD: WHO DESTROYED PROP 37 ON ELECTION NIGHT? | Jon Rappoport's Blog […]

  35. Voter_Fraud says:

    Dude, great article but nobody cares. This is a perfect example of why I don’t even bother with voting. What is the point of voting, if your votes literally aren’t being counted? You might as well say that when it comes to election results, AP/Media have more control than the voters. SO w/that being the case, America has not real voting/election system. America is not even a representational democracy. We’re a nation who’s political outcome is controlled by corporate America & the media. We the People mean nothing & our votes mean less than nothing. WHat a great F@#$ING system!!!

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