The devastating truth behind Obamacare

by Jon Rappoport

June 28, 2012

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I want my Obamacare! I want my Obamacare!

Well, you’ve got it. The US Supreme Court just upheld it by calling the individual mandate a tax.

Those who shout victory to the rooftops have no idea what’s in store for them. No idea at all.

It’s vital to look at the real effects of this sinister plan. It’s all about the effects of mainstream medicine. That’s what the sold-out press is refusing to examine.

Several months ago, guest-hosting The Alex Jones Radio Show, I discussed the case of a young Michigan boy — Jacob Stieler, whose parents had been taken to court three times to force them to submit their child to intensely toxic chemo treatments—despite these facts:

The boy’s latest scans revealed no sign of cancer; the drugs that would be forced on him can cause cancer; the drugs have not been approved to treat children.

And I warned: this is what waits for you and your children, up the line, if the Supreme Court allows Obamacare to stand as law.

The “share and care” humanitarian mask will be peeled away. The US Dept. of Health and Human Services will create, as ordered, a complete list of approved treatments for every disease-label under the sun. And everyone in the insurance plan (everyone in America) will be forced to take what the doctor tells them to take.

For a bonus, unapproved treatments will be banned. People and practitioners who try to use alternative treatments will find themselves in trouble.

This is the hidden agenda of Obamacare. This is what it will morph into in the future—unless it is repealed by the Congress.

I’m not dreaming or fantasizing. I’ve been following and reporting on the medical cartel for 30 years, and I know the mindset of these people, these doctors, these bureaucrats, these pharmaceutical string-pullers behind the scenes. Obamacare is right up their alley. It’s about control, so it’s an answer to their prayers.

So what do we know about their mainstream medicine, the hospital-based drug-addled modern version?

On July 26, 2000, the Journal of theAmerican Medical Association published a landmark paper by Dr. Barbara Starfield (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health), “Is US health really the best in the world?” In it, Starfield revealed what many people inside the medical establishment already knew: every year, like clockwork, the medical system was killing huge numbers of people.

Each year in the US, as Dr. Starfield reported, there are:

12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries;

7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals;

20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals;

80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals;

106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines.

The total of medically-caused deaths in the US every year is 225,000.

This makes the medical system the third leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease and cancer.

In the wake of Starfield’s devastating report, other facts came to light: 2.1 million people in America, every year, are hospitalized as a result of reactions to FDA-approved medicines. Annually, 36 million serious adverse reactions to those drugs occur.

So, inclusive health coverage for many more Americans under the Obama Plan means these horrendous figures will rise.

This is the dirty secret.

Obama and his allies are promoting a medical system that is the third leading cause of death in America. It’s that stark and it’s that simple.

The Obama Plan involves appointing an “expert panel” to decide what treatments Americans should be given for what diseases, under the new regime.

Only a certified idiot would assume that, over time, alternative non-mainstream therapies would survive such an ongoing vetting. Hope may spring eternal, but common sense makes it easy to grasp the realities on the ground.

In the long run, alternative therapies will be edged out. Those that remain will be permitted for a narrow range of conditions, or as adjuncts to standard drug treatments and surgery.

Chiropractors and acupuncturists, who are temporarily basking in the notion that Obama “really cares,” are in for a very rude awakening. Their careers and practices will be significantly reduced. Not today, not tomorrow, but it will happen.

Doctors, under the Plan, will be telling patients they may not take nutritional supplements while in treatment. This will assume the status of an irreversible edict. In many cases, “while in treatment” will mean years.

What happens to a person, conscripted into the mandated Insurance Plan, who is told by his doctor that he should/must receive a vaccine? Suppose this person says no? What are the consequences? Will he then be labeled a defector? What penalties will he suffer?

Does a diagnosis of cancer imply a patient must submit to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery? Can these treatments be forced upon him?

Perhaps, in the early days of the Plan, nothing untoward will happen. But then, as time passes, and the system assumes tighter and tighter controls, the hand of government will close around the recalcitrant patient’s neck.

Take this vaccine. Take this chemo drug. If you don’t, you’re out of the system, and that makes you a criminal, because everyone has to be in the system.”

Doctors, who are an integral part of the Plan, will surely be punished if they give unapproved (alternative) treatments to patients.

And in order to make the Plan operate on a day-to-day basis, the records and bookkeeping data of every health-care practitioner in America will eventually be tracked on government computer networks.

Every person in America will have a traceable and trackable medical ID package. Government-issued. There is no way around it. The monitoring apparatus can’t work without it.

Orwellian consequences lie up the road in the field of psychiatric practice. In case you hadn’t noticed, the invention of “disorders” by committee is the preferred method for “discovering” more and more mental illnesses.

Yet, the science is completely fraudulent. For evidence, consult the many works of psychiatrist Peter Breggin, who has done more than any other person to expose the guts of his own profession. ( Breggin establishes that mental disorders are not authoritatively diagnosed by a chemical or biological test. Conclusive tests do not exist. And worse, in this undefined and arbitrary territory, the drugs that follow diagnoses are killers: for example, 300,000 cases of motor brain damage, as a result of the administration of major tranquilizers.

Under the Obama Plan, you can bet your bottom dollar that psychiatric care will eventually become mandatory. A patient suddenly diagnosed with clinical depression or bipolar disease will be told he must take the drugs—and suffer their adverse effects.

Very young children will be given more and more debilitating and dangerous brain drugs.

Under the Obama Plan, it will be very convenient to declare new pandemics every few seasons, because these phony non-epidemics provide an opportunity to herd the sheep into clinics and remind them who is running the show. Go here, take this vaccine; go there, take that drug; the epidemic is endangering the herd, and you must help your brothers and sisters.

These are the figures on the last several “epidemics.” They are not yearly; they are grand totals, to date; global totals, except in the case of West Nile (US only):

SARS: 774 deaths.

WEST NILE: 1159 deaths.

BIRD FLU: 262 deaths.

SMALLPOX: (terrorist threat): 0 deaths.

SWINE FLU: 18,500 deaths.

The Matrix Revealed

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To give perspective, globally, 250 thousand to 500 thousand people die of ordinary flu-like illness every year. Yet this higher death rate accrues no interest as an epidemic. It is only the “teaching (brainwashing) moments” of the phony epidemics that are promoted by health agencies (e.g., CDC and WHO) and their pharmaceutical allies, who rake in billions by manufacturing new vaccines.

Yes, under the Obama Plan, there will be more declared health emergencies, and they will serve to cement the citizen to his new role as eternal patient in the medical march along bleak streets of the future.

Can you perceive the loss of individual freedom implicit in this universal system of health control?

You see, the widespread (and false) assumption is that more medical care for more people is a good thing. That’s what the politicians and the press tell us. That’s what the medical bureaucrats and the drug companies tell us. This is the central piece of brainwashing.

It’s a baldfaced lie. It’s a death-dealing lie.

And now the American people are saddled with it.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

12 comments on “The devastating truth behind Obamacare

  1. Victoria Jean Christine Bingham says:

    Government Health Insurance is based on many lies. But at its root, this ‘Insurance’ is not insurance at all. Insurance is a program to cover unexpected emergencies that cannot be afforded normally. Car insurance does not pay for oil changes. Homeowner’s insurance does not pay for the plumber visits. Health Insurance should, correspondingly, be used rarely if at all. To expect the government to pay for each and every treatment that an individual may decide he requires, or worse, that the recipient medical facility determines a person requires, is insanity of astonishing proportions. We know it has nothing at all to do with ‘care’. It is a government fueling the fire of a people who are being told they don’t have to work for what they wish to have. The fuse has been lit. It is only a matter of time now before the inevitable explosion follows.

  2. JayJay says:

    I’ve seen an article twice in the last two weeks…3 of 4 doctors say they would NOT use chemo for themselves and refuse it for any members of their families.
    It does not cure cancer; it caused more harm than good.
    I just read this regarding healthcare:
    Obamacare was originated in the senate.
    Roberts, by calling the mandate a tax, gave a means to have the bill declared unconstitutional; all bills raising revenue MUST originate in the House of Representatives.
    I’m emaling all contacts to forward this nationwide in an effort for someone with connections to relay this to a conservative senator to get this ball rolling.
    Repeal and nothing less.

  3. Kevin Johns says:

    This is an out and out lie. The government has nothing to do with deciding on treatment. That is still completely in the hands of the insurance company. All the law states is that coverage CAN NOT be denied. Stop trying to scare people.

  4. Robby says:

    This does line up with obamas ways and it is like mental health mental retardation on how they handle the patients also, we need to pray for obama to be removed period.

  5. Emily Pietz says:

    To Kevin Johns: You are right it does mean coverage CAN NOT be denied but the Medicare is not a Federal funded program it is a state funded program which is why it differs state to state. So if the state says this is how much we have for medicare and coverage can not be denied then the states will simply opt out of the program all together. Then what? Health care policies stink but Obamacare is not the answer. Who pays for it?? How is it funded??? Ask the right questions. Pharma already passes and approves meds that are not neccessary to make money they are over the moon that care will be extended to everyone under the sun, they will make a TON of money on it. Because most people that need meds will take them and not ask why they need to take it cause it is covered. So the people who are covered in Medicare and Medicaid are lucky what happens when we are all covered by Obamacare and like I said WHO IS PAYING FOR IT???? Everything has to have a fund and with the deficit that is so HUGE we are basically owned by China do we want it funded and backed by a federal governement that is struggling to keep their heads above water. We need a president that is going to cut back and not spend more and more and more money that we don’t have and we need someone that will listen to the people and we need people to say and talk and do something about what they want. We vote these people into office and we are responsible for the choices they said they were going to make and if they lie we need to call them out and NOT reward them by voting them in again.

  6. Holly says:

    Well, according to, Obamacare requires coverage of a core package of “Essential Health Benefits”. The list of “Essential Health Benefits” does not include any alternative medical treatments.

  7. kwalitisme says:

    Reblogged this on kwalitisme and commented:
    In line with the Codex Alimentarius: Power to the Pharma/Food industry, ban of the nature/alternative healing.

  8. sickandtired says:

    I looked at and what I saw was a website run by “private citizens….have no funding or agenda”. But they neglect to say who they are. Most websites have a site map and a few things that talk “About Us” or “Who We Are”, etc. Nothing on this site. Can’t find a bit about who they are. Yet they have an email address looking for contributions. Cannot believe that people in their right minds would send money to anonymous “private citizens”. There is nothing on that website that costs $$$ – all public domain artwork. Something fishy. I have been trying to find who is the source of this website without much luck.

  9. Deana says:

    So, why is he still in the White House? Why are the American People not aware of these things to come. This is worst than Dictatorship

  10. Jim Pasket says:

    I smell a lot of rotten rats and this is going to get even worse than explained in the above article. I’ll speak clearly: I am a Man, Created in the image the only True and Living God and I
    will not be owned by these snakes or take part in their extortion. My Freedom is derived from Yeshua and His Kingdom. I owe allegiance to No other. I will resist their wicked ways even to the death and in the end We will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and our love toward our God above all things, even our lives in this wicked world.

  11. silverpen123 says:

    Don’t forget the H1N1 flu shot killing or damaging unborn babies when given to pregnant mothers.

    The answer is simple in regards to Obamacare. Refuse it. Use whole nutrition to heal. Make the efforts to learn gardening or eat more plant based foods. Eat your own grains. Learn to make your own foods from scratch, learn a few basic gentle herbs. Bring mom home to do what women have done for centuries – learn how to take care of their family – and live on less. Get out of debt. I am a dissenter. I haven’t needed insurance for 20 years (gave birth in hospital 21 yrs ago), and not about to break my budget or include myself in a obscure unmanned system that is easily hacked (as has already been done to me by a govt computer system).
    It only looks bad because most people haven’t taken the time to objectively learn about health and feel they need insurance when in 95%of cases there are other alternatives. Pay cash for your doc. Dont fill prescriptions…or never pick them up. If you have to pick them up, don’t take them. Just thank your doctor for his help. Emergency room life or death insurance is good enough for many. They won’t allow me to carry it because of my age, which I find a bit controlling and presumptuous. But the systems aren’t known for their intelligence. I have had arguments with judges about their skewed interpretation of the law, never mind service clerks. But I’m a bit of a pit bull, never accepting their answers to my life. I always find another way to get what I need/want. Learn by watching druggies, hackers, the organic and tiny house movements and how they go around the systems. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    It’s only doom and gloom because people don’t take control of their own lives, saying NO where and when NO is necessary to choose for yourself, opting for paralysis in fear instead.

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