JANUARY 31, 2012. The first day of responses, after yesterday’s launch of my new mega-info product, THE MATRIX REVEALED, has been gratifying. Orders are coming in.


For over a year, people have been emailing me about my 18-lesson logic course, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS, and now that whole course is part of the MATRIX product. The course, including the teacher’s manual, lesson plans, and student materials, was selling for $375. It is now just one element of the overall MATRIX product, which sells for far less.


In the new product, there are 43 interviews with Jack True. 320 pages. That’s another element. If there was any person worth talking to in depth about the Matrix and how to understand it, it was Jack.


He was certainly the most innovative hypnotherapist who ever lived. He took all that experience with his clients and made enormous breakthroughs in un-hypnotizing people at very deep levels.


Jack was determined to find ways to show people how their own approach to reality was merging with the Matrix. He never tired of explaining his insights based on clinical experience.


Jack once told me a person had to be stimulated to pry open his own passive inclinations, in order to discover hidden energies and power. He was all about providing that stimulation, in the form of innovative and sometimes shocking ideas about reality and perception.


These 43 interviews are priceless explorations of frontiers of consciousness.


One night at dinner, Jack said, “If you take any fixation a person has, you are looking at a funeral ceremony for his own creative power. Suppose he’s fixated on money. Dig far enough into that, and you’ll find a brilliant artist who has innovative ideas about making money. It seems impossible, but it’s there. I’ve seen it many times. But you have to open up the whole area, not just a little bit. What you end up with is the blueprint for the formation of a problem. Where does a problem come from? It comes from deciding that your own creative approach to something is too radical. Then you try ‘the normal way’, and that doesn’t work for you. So it’s a problem now. You try to solve the problem and wrestle it to the ground. You can’t. You become fixated on the problem. That’s what happens to people. And to put the cherry on the cake, these people tell you they’re not creative. You can meditate for a thousand years and you won’t solve that. So we come to the question: why do people give up on their own creative power? That’s been the core of my practice for a long time. Unraveling that has been my life’s work.”


It was very good work. It was brilliant work. It was unparalleled work.


In my new product, THE MATRIX REVEALED, you get 43 shots with Jack. 43 interviews. 320 pages.


And that’s just a fraction of the overall text, which runs to 1100 pages. Then there are 10-plus hours of audio from me about the Planetary Chessboard, the Matrix, and what amounts to psychological operations aimed at populations and individuals.


You get the full text of AIDS INC., my first book, which Jack shepherded into a publishing deal for me. It takes apart the medical-research complex at a level most people never investigate: the most hidden lies; how they are built; how they are told; how they are sold; how they are fused into an anti-logical whole. Step by step.


My interviews with Ellis Medavoy, retired propaganda expert, and Richard Bell, financial rebel, provide you with striking and startling insights into other key aspects of the Matrix.


THE MATRIX REVEALED represents about half of my work over the past ten years. You could say it’s why I left the field of conventional investigative journalism. There were questions that needed to be answered. Big questions. And I refused to shy away from them.


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Jon Rappoport