JUNE 24, 2011. In my e-book, THE SECRET BEHIND SECRET SOCIETIES (now finally available at,

I explore a number of issues relating to:




It’s not enough to know that secret societies lie and deceive and manipulate.




And if that seems like a purely semantic distinction, it isn’t.


And if, when I say CREATING SPACE, it sounds like I’m describing something suited to a painter, I am.


The failure to understand this is crucial.


Secret societies are heavily involved in making perverse works of art.


I explore this in great depth in the book and I give it a name, because it deserves one: THE FORMULA OF THE SECRET SOCIETY.


Here is the kicker:


The INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING also creates space, or can, whether he knows it or not.


He does this every time he launches a new enterprise, project, future.


He especially does this when he crosses line from being a believer in the programming of the society into…his own creative power.




This is a psychological and spiritual and mental and emotional and, yes, artistic fact.


This deserves a name, too, and I give it one in the book. THE TRADITION OF IMAGINATION.


It is far-flung across time and history, and it has been ignored by scholars and historians, and it is all about the individual, not the group.


The difference and distinction between THE FORMULA OF THE SECRET SOCIETY and THE TRADITION OF IMAGINATION is the real and hidden history of Earth.


Which is why the sub-title of the book is: Liberation of the Planet in the 21st Century.


When I wrote the book, I knew it wasn’t enough to recite the crimes of secret societies and leave it at that. We also needed a drilling down into the core of what these groups really are, and what the individual really is. We need a radical revision in our understanding of the past.


That was the goal and the work.


It’s also why, after the book was published, I no longer made it my business to search out and detail every single move of the major secret societies on the planet. The book sets the table for a revolution at a much deeper level.


I explicate, in the book, the true extent of the great hoodwink and deception that has plagued civilizations down through time. The deception that is repeated over and over. And what do you know? The INDIVIDUAL is featured prominently in this story. Not as a member of a group, not as simply free or not-free, but as an amnesia victim who lost the thread of his own power-source, which has been taken over by secret societies.


This ACTUAL history involves both the individual (disregarded by historians) and the prominent secret societies.


Space, the final frontier—but not as described in Star Trek. This version is much closer to home AND much, much more vast.







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