JUNE 22, 2011. Well, my book, THE SECRET BEHIND SECRET SOCIETIES, is now an e-book. It can be ordered on my site:


I came to write it in 1998, for my publisher, Bonnie Lange, after several conversations.


I had three books in mind at the time, and no clear idea about which one to jump into.


I was sitting at home making notes and the title popped into my head. I wrote it down and went outside and took a long walk.


This wasn’t one of the three books. It was something else entirely, and I felt very excited, because I could sense a balance-scale shifting.


Right away, I wanted to pursue the book badly, but I wasn’t sure a publisher would go for it. It was one of those “too good to be true” ideas.


It would change everything I’d been doing.


Of course, Bonnie Lange was a publisher unlike any I’d ever known or heard of. Her instincts were so intense and adventurous…


Back at home, my notes piled up. “Not only about secret societies, about history itself.” “Buried traditions.” “The world through a different kind of lens.” “A secret society can have a deceptive benevolent face.” “Paranormal healing finding its place in the world.” “The mass projection of false reality.” “Two layers of a control apparatus, conscious and unconscious.” “The legacy of theIlluminati.”


And then there was Richard Jenkins, the healer in New York I’d met almost 40 years earlier. He had to be part of it. Our friendship had confirmed everything I’d thought up to that time about hidden realities.


The next day, I drove to the Truth Seeker offices in Rancho Bernardo and went in to see Bonnie.


So,” she said, “you have an idea.”


Yes,” I said. “I’ve made notes.”


What’s the title?”


The Secret Behind Secret Societies.”


She smiled.


Write it,” she said. “That’s the book I want.”


We didn’t discuss my notes or ideas. We didn’t discuss anything else.


She knew; I knew; and that was that.


I was instantly on a superhighway.


I went home and started to work.


For the next six months, I wrote like crazy. As I remember it, not once during that time did Bonnie and I discuss the book.


When it was done, I took it in to her.


She spent the next week reading it—and immediately set it up on a short ramp to publication.


This book is what I’ve been looking for,” she told me. “This is the missing piece in the puzzle. The intellectual heritage of the Truth Seeker goes back to Thomas Paine, and now we have the next step.”


There was no turning back. The prior 16 years of my life as a reporter were, in a sense, a preparation for the shift that was now coming. In the book, I’d made a stand. I’d taken ideas that had been percolating for very long time and put them front and center.


This is the book that changed everything for me.


I rode out of that experience into the future I knew I wanted.


Whatever I’ve built since then in my work began there.


…So this is a good day. Finally, the book is available in e-format, so anyone on the planet can get it instantly. Many thanks to Bonnie, to my wife, Laura, and to Sue Toftee at SCICN, Laura’s clinic, for their help.


When you see your best ideas reflected back at you in print, it does something. It confirms your deepest hopes, and it proves that manifestation and materialization aren’t idle dreams.


The world is not what we think it is in our ordinary moments. If I were writing the book again, I might put that sentence on the title page.


But I’d also write this: We are much more than we thought we were.


For the past ten years, I’ve been writing and publishing a wide river of free articles online. If you want to help support this effort and, at the same time, read the book that underlies everything I’m doing, order a copy at my site.


And thanks to you, for sticking with me, whether it’s been for a little while, or, in many cases, for all these years.


The work goes on…













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