Afghanistan Taliban: A US Colonel on Trial

by Jon Rappoport

August 19, 2021

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The New York courtroom had no spectators on a Tuesday afternoon.

The proceeding was a hybrid military-civilian hearing.

The presiding Judge was a retired general and an Obama appointee. The defendant: US Colonel Nathan Matthews, Special Forces, who had served six tours of duty running a secret training installation outside Kabul.

JUDGE: Colonel Matthews, I want to make a few things clear. First, we are engaged in a finding of fact. Once that is established, I’ll decide whether to bring charges against you. If I do bring a charge, you’ll be held without bail until a proper trial takes place.

MATTHEWS: Understood, sir.

JUDGE: First question. In the shockingly SAFE exit of US personnel and their Afghan allies from the country last week, is it true that nearly 20,000 Taliban were killed or taken prisoner?

MATTHEWS: It’s true.

JUDGE: I would like you to explain how you managed this feat.

MATTHEWS: Your Honor, there is a significant back-story. I have to tell it, for the first time. Very few people are aware of my secret mission in Afghanistan. I’ve been conducting that mission since 2003.

JUDGE: Yes, Colonel. Proceed. I’ve been made aware of the details, and I must say it’s changed my political stance on several vital issues.

MATTHEWS: By 2003, it was clear we were going to lose the war. Against our military threat, the Taliban would go into hiding. They would evade us as long as we stayed. When we left, they would emerge, take over the villages and the cities, destroy the central government we built, and the Afghan forces we trained would desert and surrender. All this was a foregone conclusion. Likewise, our efforts to help villagers build a Westernized “sustaining lifestyle” would also collapse. We were up shit’s creek without a paddle.

JUDGE: And that’s when your secret mission took off?

MATTHEWS: Yes. A unit inside the Pentagon gave me the green light. I’ll reveal what we then did in one Afghan village. You can assume we did this in MANY, MANY villages over the next 18 years. We brought roughly 500 heavily armed US soldiers into the center of a village and put all the Afghan men under temporary arrest. Some were Taliban, some were not. We didn’t bother to sort them out. Then we separately gathered all the women and children in one place…

And we told the women, in no uncertain terms, that we would not be able to protect them forever. We told them that when we left, their lives would get worse. The Taliban would capture them and their daughters and force them into marriages. They would be raped, beaten, held as slaves for the rest of their lives. If they survived.

This was not news to these women—but we wanted to drive the point home. The men of the Taliban would visit one horror after another on them…

Unless they were willing to fight. Unless they were willing to go to war against the Taliban.

And we would train and equip them to do just that.

We would take all of them out of their village and transport them to a high-security secret base outside Kabul. They would be safe there. We would clothe and feed them. We would train them in the use of weapons. Many weapons. They would become a formidable fighting force.

Our goal—which we achieved—was 200,000 highly trained and equipped Afghan women and girls. Not a coward among them. After all, they were motivated. They were going to fight for their futures, their safety, their lives, against the men who wanted to make them slaves forever.

The name of this female fighting force was Unit Zero. That’s the name that was used in reports and communications. Unofficially, they came to be known as the DICK CUTTERS.

JUDGE: The what?


JUDGE: You actually taught all these women techniques of castration?

MATTHEWS: There’s not a lot to learn, but yes. Of course. It was the first basic skill. Part of the method of the Taliban is inducing terror. So we needed to counter that. We needed to let the men know the women were ready to take away their most prized possession.

JUDGE: And did they? Did the women…do this?

MATTHEWS: On MANY occasions. The Afghan Women’s Army is a formidable and ferocious group, believe me.

JUDGE: Did it occur to you that the US should never have been in Afghanistan in the first place? We should have just left them alone?

MATTHEWS: I had conversations on that subject with higher-ups at the Pentagon. But in the unit that green-lit my secret mission, the consensus was: since we were ordered to wage war, let’s find a way to overcome a very difficult enemy.

JUDGE: This women’s army—they’re full-fledged soldiers?

MATTHEWS: From the use of small arms, all the way up to the deployment of drones. I wouldn’t want to face them in a war.

JUDGE: And how would you characterize the reaction of the Taliban to this female army?

MATTHEWS: Fear. Caution and fear.

JUDGE: Now that the US is exiting the country, who is going to take over?

MATTHEWS: The women. They have the upper hand. Their determination is greater than the men’s.

JUDGE: A nation explicitly run by women?

MATTHEWS: Women who’ve been enslaved for centuries. When they look at a Taliban man, they know there is an imminent threat of being captured, beaten, raped, tortured, sold to another Taliban. We simply gave them the means to deal with the threat and the reality.

JUDGE: Are the women now going to stage mass trials of the Taliban?

MATTHEWS: I doubt it. They’re going straight to executions.

JUDGE: So we won the war in Afghanistan?

MATTHEWS: I don’t put it that way. I’m a soldier. I was ordered to go there and carry out a mission. That’s what I did.

JUDGE: Just out of curiosity, has any Western women’s group caught wind of your mission?

MATTHEWS: Not to my knowledge. But some of our staffers did mention a theoretical scenario about Afghan women rising up, to a prominent women’s group in California. We described possible mass castrations. The reaction was quite negative. Basically, the California women were defending “Islam.” Or that’s what they told us. They said “different cultures have different traditions.”

JUDGE: And what is your response to that, Colonel?

MATTHEWS: Well, I was told this informal survey took place at an upscale gathering in Beverly Hills. A few soccer moms, but mostly wealthy women involved in the entertainment industry. If you put them in a hut, in an Afghan village, forcibly married to a Taliban warrior who beat and raped them several times a week, they might reflect and introspect in a different manner.

JUDGE: I have no more questions at this time, Colonel. You’re free to go.

MATTHEWS: You’re not bringing charges, sir?

JUDGE: Right now, I’m hoping I never see you again. I’m going to try to forget everything you’ve said here today.

MATTHEWS: Why? Because it makes sense?

JUDGE: No comment.

MATTHEWS: You can’t get past the image of mass castrations.

JUDGE: You’re right. I can’t.

MATTHEWS: But you can skate past untold numbers of women being beaten, tortured, raped, and sold for the rest of their lives.

JUDGE: No comment.

MATTHEWS: Well, sir, let me give you a few other things to think about, before I go. For the full duration of the war in Afghanistan, we’ve known that Taliban personnel and equipment and supplies have been coming into the country from Pakistan. Pakistan is our ally in the region. We fund their intelligence service, the ISI.

JUDGE: Wait. Are you implying the war, on the Taliban side, has been staged out of Pakistan?

MATTHEWS: It’s an open secret, yes. Therefore, given US influence and money in Pakistan, our politicians could have stopped the war at any point. Cut off the source. Issued orders to block all the supply lines. But that never happened.

JUDGE: Why not?

MATTHEWS: You’d have to talk with people way above my pay-grade to get answers. People who may be controlling US government policy from outside the government. People who might be operating what amounts to a global chessboard. I’m just a soldier. I make do with the resources at my disposal…

JUDGE: Goodbye, Colonel. I don’t want to hear anything more. We’re done. Go.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

47 comments on “Afghanistan Taliban: A US Colonel on Trial

  1. mdmnmdllr says:

    It’s too bad this is fantasy.

    • michael Burns says:

      Oh my gawd.

      Jon only tole half the tale. And so I tell you this, and inform Jon.

      There is more to this story.

      And here I thought you where a thorough investigator, granted everyone can miss a fact or two, every now and then Jon, but your forgiven I guess it is a sign of the times.
      But without down-grading your story to mere conjecture and a limited hangout, I implore you to add this addendum to the tale Jon.

      Colonel Nathan “Dicky” Matthews – as he’s known around the Mess – did not disclose the full mission he was handed in those early years in Afghanistan to the judge.
      Hard as that is to believe, the other part which was highly sensitive, super sensitive and for only those who were on a need to know, and that judge was completely out of the loop.

      These people were highly trained, and properly for action.

      Without taking anything away from the ‘dick cutters”.

      Another ultra secret mission extolled super secret training in South America, specifically Argentina as this holds the most militant Judaic population per capita. These hyper-Jews, super Jews immigrated to the place many moons ago in search of hiding Nazis who fled Europe in the proceeding decade after the second world war. These super Jews are not known publicly and remain to this day in a low profile.

      I digress…apologies this is such a secretive tale that even the slightest miss of information; the uncrossed ‘t’, the ‘i’ without it’s dot denudes this subtle plan.

      To wander even further into the woods. As we know, God demanded of Abraham that he whack a little slice of the “one-eyed-sailor” off in sacrifice and obedience to God. Poor Ab had many things he had to appease his God with, from a request to sacrifice a portion of his most prized possession in a self performed genital frenectomy and the first brit milah. To being asked to do it to his children and their children and then a sacrifice of Abraham’s son Isaac…and so this procedure follows down to the present day, excluding the sacrifice of sons.

      So, Dicky Matthews – as he likes me to call him, had some elite squads under the call name the Abrahams, further shortened to the “Abbies” – the Crème de la crème, cut (excuse the pun) from his “Dick Cutters” as undesirables, the head cases, the section eights, the ones that took hold of their occupation seriously and with great fervor and joy and pride of workmanship for the job, and Dicky Matthews secreted them off to a training camp half a world away at the bottom of the world, somewhere near Tierra del Fuego it’s said.

      In a desolate and frigid camp, they were trained by Argentinian rabbis from the super Jews, in the art of brit milah. The Argentinians preform this procedure on escaped Nazi’s, humiliating them for there wartime sins before assassination. On grown men… A brit milah with full ceremony into the Jewish faith with a new Jewish name.

      In full, the women were being trained to make the Taliban. Jews. And as we know many of the Taliban leadership are actually Pakistani Hindu and a Hindu man is expected to have a foreskin. A Hindu without a foreskin is like a day without sunshine.

      So, these brave women would ninja their way into Taliban camp sites at night and perform milah on the sleeping men. It is said that most of the women had minor eye problems and needed glasses and so therefore snipped sometimes… a lot of times… well, all the time a little too much foreskin of the member. And many actually resulted in the skinning of the entire penis. The Abs would dry the skins and wear them like scalps around their waists.
      Equipped with the latest surgical scalpels and a half a pound of Peruvian cocaine — each squad traveled with a rabbi, and clipped and snipped an skinned it way through Afghanistan.

      The eye problem it seems was an excuse that many of the women used really when asked why they were going so far, some even performed penis reduction surgery by kidnapping the victim for a time and spiriting them off to mobile surgery camps in caves in the mountains. And with the assistance of a specially trained surgical team, the women performed the penis reductions.

      Turning baritones into sopranos in an instant…
      And that is seems is why the Taliban are so insane about control and hate and fear women, these guys are the last of their breed, embarrassed and ashamed they will not admit what has happened to them. They are in dread; they live in terrible fear, it is known that many wear devices to protect what they have or what is left. Some it is known, don’t even have testicles. Very short penises with no testicles…I am sure you will agree they are, eventually extinct…

      This operation was held very secret, top, top secret. Even the CIA had no knowledge of this happening when asked Biden is clueless, even Trump knew nothing…

      And there it stands Jon and mdmnmdllr — that’s a really hard name to pronounce mdmnmdllr. What nationally is that, its definitely not Irish.

      • Siouxma says:

        That is quite an Addendum, and I believe you. I saw The Beast, about how the Afghanis dealt with Soviets way back when. I was shocked when Bush jumped right in for his turn at Chaos. Didn’t anybody see that movie??

        • michael Burns says:

          How did that idiot put it…“The men and women of Afghanistan are building a nation that is free, and proud, and fighting terror – and America is honored to be their friend.”

          How many $10,000 hammers and $20,000 toilet seats were used to build that nation up?

          Interesting there is some 30,000 Americans still in Afghanistan, and you wonder WTF they where doing there? I suspect many are contractors and drug dealers…

          Anyway you can’t say the troops are completely gone when there is 3500 still stationed in Dubai and Biden sent some 5000 troops to the airport to assist in the evacuations of hammer salesmen.

          I think they are looking for an excuse to escalate the numbers of troops and the war condition. They are hoping for a Taliban genocide and refugees flooding over the Pakistan, Iran, Turkestan and Uzbekistan borders of Afghans the Taliban feel have been corrupted…

          You have to remember that Afghanistan is really not a very industrialized nation and 25% of the world’s richest lithium (for batteries) and rare and expensive minerals still lie in ground.

          Somewhere up and above the Trillion dollar mark is the intelligent estimate of the copper, gold and rare earths alone.
          With copper selling at a premium and needed for gadgets.

          Nation building…yeah…that the ticket. Afghani’s want Walmart too and all that cheap shit…

          Heroin and opium have increased the amount of land usage by some 37% increase since the Taliban and so less food being grown plus, that old snake head of population control, as food prices escalate in a drought were the water is being funneled into the poppy field. Food is scarce and expensive.

          Nation building yeah…in a pig eye its nation building. Even the Russians where nation building…

      • Peggy says:

        I wish I could share this

    • Alan Richards says:


      1996: Taliban take power in Afghanistan. They immediately criminalize bacha bazi (sodomite pedophilia) on pain of death, ban Hollywood propaganda, ban women from working all jobs outside of healthcare.

      2000: Taliban criminalize drug trafficking and opium cultivation, successfully eradicating 99% of opium production by 2001 — 75% of the total global supply.

      2001: The Jewish Empire invades Afghanistan. They immediately decriminalize opium production and sodomite pedophilia (punishing those who oppose it), and begin teaching Afghan women about feminism and gender studies.

      2021: Current year

      I found this buried in an article from the diplomat

      In 2000, the Taliban released an edict declaring opium illegal in the country. After the 2001 growing season, production in the country was almost entirely wiped out. UN officials reported its eradication and American narcotics experts confirmed on the ground. Cultivation was cut by 91 percent in the country (approximately 99 percent in territory held by the Taliban). Helmand province alone accounted for over half of all poppy production in Afghanistan, but in 2001, zero poppy production was recorded in Helmand.

      Some would take this as evidence that opium eradication in Afghanistan is possible, but if President-elect Trump wants to make any progress in Afghanistan, he’ll avoid strategies that are preaching a false hope. The United States invaded Afghanistan shortly after the near eradication was reported in 2001. When opium production rebounded in 2002, most assumed this was because of the lawlessness that resulted from the toppling of the Taliban regime. However, it’s impossible to know what would have happened to opium production had the Taliban remained in power. Some had their doubts that the ban could have been sustained. The Taliban exacted a significant cost on the farmers who were dependent on it. Such a weak regime was unlikely to be able to withstand the political pressure in such a tribally fragmented country and maintain the total ban.

  2. David Jerome says:

    That was a good piece.

  3. Mike Crowley says:

    Jon, one of your best.

    I’m retired military and three of my four boys and my wife have served tours in Afghanistan.

    I think that fictional force has been cutting the cajones off of our leaders while they were busy confronting ‘white rage’. This whole thing is so much more than a fiasco.

  4. Nicole says:

    As another commenter has already stated, it’s too bad this piece is pure fantasy. This is a kind of feminist empowerment that I could actually get behind!

  5. Opie Poik says:

    Career US marine general on the scam:

    WAR is a racket. It always has been.

    It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

    A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

    In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.

    P.S.: The colonel is directed to quit cussin’ in court.

    • James II says:

      War is good business for sure but the issuing of debt to fund the wars is more lucrative.

    • Frank GL says:

      “WAR is a racket. It always has been.

      It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

      Nope, war relies on industry. Industry is the fundamental failure of species’ psyche. Industry promotes war, slavery, etc.

      Very obvious.

      • Frank GL says:


        Socially people are brainwashed to function as agents for industry. From birth, imposed on, subjugated by industry, for industry. War being one of the many derivatives of industry.

        I mean, without that very unnatural capitulation to industry, you have native tribes. Local, no wars.

        Like the San.

        • big billy boy says:

          By industry do you mean the State? Because war is caused by the State.

          • Frank GL says:

            By industry, I mean industry.

            Do you have state without industry?

            I don’t need state to decide to have a factory or a farm. I create that state, through the projected need of a factory or a farm. Luckily, I have both.

          • Frank GL says:

            You might want to go look how industry was furthered by wars, and enabled wars.

            With collusion, from industrial states. You do know of all the proxy wars, right? You do know govts collude against citizens, for industry, right?

            Whether corporate statism, or statist corporatism. Either are from industrial projections.

            You do not have “state” without enabling industry.

          • Frank GL says:

            Let me put it this way.

            Consider the vax campaign as a war against you. What produces those vax, what do those producers influence (you know, like state operatives)?

            You’d find, without the industry, there is no war.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Major General Smedley Butler was his name, and this was about the time of WW I.

      • Natalie says:

        A bunch of industrialists planned a coup against Roosevelt and offered Smedley Butler a president’s role. He refused.

        He also said we should only fight for two things: our homes and the Bill of Rights. The time will come, and soon, I’m afraid.

  6. Eluard says:

    Nice one, Jon.

    JUDGE: Are you implying the war, on the Taliban side, has been staged out of Pakistan?
    MATTHEWS: It’s an open secret, yes.

    Lara Logan basically said the same on Tucker Carlson’s show last night. So the whole thing has been an Op. Funding both sides, or all sides. For over 20 years. Didn’t Assange tell us this was an elaborate money laundering scheme?

    Our poor soldiors. Then again, it’s always poor soldiors, isn’t it.

    • Frank GL says:

      Material resources, territorial hegemony.

      Opium, marijuana (you know, coz pharma tries to control).
      That’s why Yemen is attacked too, coz of Qat (less toxic, more useful than pharma meth, and pharma provides all the meth, btw…just like heroin, etc).

      Aside from that, proximity to china, oil, metals and other minerals.

  7. Frank GL says:

    Jon, when you said those Afghani women are known as “DICK CUTTERS”…

    Oh man, you have to check some of the narrative regarding Afghani women and how they treated captured Russian invaders, skinned, boiled and cooked them.

    I’m not joking. Don’t be surprised if they hold the same sort of grudges against ANYONE…

  8. Jim S Smith says:


    A fictional account, of the reality of CIA involvement and direction of most of Middle East policy.

    And YES – The Pakistani “Inter-Services Intelligence” (ISI) is perhaps one of the world’s most brutal of intelligence organizations ever created by the Western intelligence agencies!

    BOTH the British Ministry of Intelligence (“MI”) – AND – the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) have much blood upon their hands!

    Right now,

    We The People STILL have no clue as to how many of our fellow citizens are still trapped/stranded in Afghanistan!

    This is GOING to become a scene of “Iran Hostage Crisis 2.0“. Just you all watch, and listen carefully!

  9. Roundball Shaman says:

    “JUDGE: Did it occur to you that the US should never have been in Afghanistan in the first place? We should have just left them alone?”

    ‘MATTHEWS: Your Honor, just how old are you? Are you still in grammar school? You know how things work around here. The Right People have to make the money. Lots of money. Obscene amounts of money. And then, some more. And how do they do that? By getting involved in unwinable wars and keeping them going for decades. And all the while… the meter is running. The cash is flowing. The outcome of the… ‘war’… is not important. Because all the while, The Right People are winning. And cashing in.’

    “JUDGE: Now that the US is exiting the country, who is going to take over?”

    ‘MATTHEWS: Who cares? Think about what I just said…”

    “JUDGE: So we won the war in Afghanistan?”

    ‘MATTHEWS: Depends on meaning of what ‘Is’… is… no wait, that’s that Clinton crap. It depends on the meaning of the word ‘Won’. The Right People won. They always win. And everyone else loses. Look at your history, your Honor.’

    “JUDGE: Goodbye, Colonel. I don’t want to hear anything more. We’re done. Go.”

    ‘MATTHEWS: Good. Got to be going anyway. Going to a meeting about Taiwan and Iran for some reason…”

  10. Haniel Adhar says:

    what the hell did I just read

  11. Larry C says:

    A neighbor informed me yesterday, that in our sloppy exit from Afghanistan, we left behind at least $ ONE BILLION DOLLAR$ of sophisticated weaponry, fully intact.

    Sounds like the Shadow State is laying the groundwork for even more Taliban ‘terrorist actions’, in the near future.

  12. Larry C says:

    New York Nadia, cuts through the Official Afghani Narrative, and the phony hand-wringing to clearly articulate what most Americans have been thinking and feeling for a long time.

  13. Opie Poik says:

    Young lady totally maimed by the depopulation lethal injections:

    Doctor at Ohio town meeting says shots’ll maim and kill you:


    • Natalie says:

      It’s more than heroine (US didn’t really need Taliban to keep it going). More like, the West will use Taliban to destabilize the region and spread islamism everywhere so they’ll have a perpetual enemy to fight, possibly as part of the WWWIII if it ever comes to that.

      • Frank GL says:

        I’d suggest we are currently in ww3, if you consider what’s happening. I’d also suggest it’s been ongoing quite a bit before “covid”, just that it’s more blatant.

        But people have been conditioned by fraudulent history, television and the glamourization of military to NOT notice it.

        I’ve said this before, but they ALWAYS have proxy wars. You are the proxy in the war. So by believing, joining as a branch covidian, you enlist as a “soldier”, so to say…and you are thus claimed in the war.

        • Natalie says:

          Or, maybe WWI never ended? Or the Counter Reformation. Or maybe it goes all the way back to ancient times, certain religions have tried to enslave the population using mind control techniques.

          • Frank GL says:

            “Or, maybe WWI never ended?”

            I tend to think it never happened as claimed, and it’s to try and perpetuate a particular psyche/mental influence of the present or even future (though I do not believe in the future).


            Regardless, it is war. From experience, from observation. If “people” are going around toxifying children with worthless garbage to degenerate them, it tells me much about societal, legacy insecurity.

    • Mb in Mi says:

      Feelings don’t decide truth.
      This person shows images of sunset mountains and river boats as he takes about disturbances and change.
      Wake up, you think real change is not going to be that pretty?

  14. Siouxma says:

    Matthew- I agree with you. Words matter & patience is wearing thin for all the lies we have been told, like we live on a big blue spinning ball hurling thru the Void. That’s all I ever heard and saw in school and in the movies and “popular culture.” I have a Master’s degree in Geography from the early ’70s, and NASA was well into the Apollo missions, so Duped doesn’t begin to cover it. My dear husband noted that his stopover flight from Vietnam to California was in Alaska. Why? Shorter trip than going over the Ocean, he was told. Well-Get yourself an azimuthal projection of our world to see why that flight path makes more sense. All I can say now, after extensive research, I have changed my opinion– I have no idea what shape the entire earth is, but I do believe we are not moving at all, not spinning and hurling around the sun. The sun and moon are much smaller and in their own orbits very close to earth; and we are on an overall level surface with hills and valleys and flat plains strewn about. With proper binoculars or telescope, that ship never does disappear, just gets too small to see. The stars/planets are more distant and in a consistent pattern in the sky. Awesome sights! Professor Hubble knew this all way back when, but as the anointed Handler of Outer Space exploration in the early days he censored it all… much like the Master Fraud of Inner Space Fauci has done. True birds of a feather.
    If you want to believe NASA and those SpaceX Mustang flights and the dune buggy zooming around Mars 99 million miles away, why does NASA not have one single non-cgi, non-composite photo or video of the Whole Big Blue Earth? It’s all been artist renderings and Hollywood Magic Whole Cloth. DANG, I wanted Space Cowboys earth shots to be real!!
    So am I being duped again with this Afghan story? Who knows,but it is probably even worse than we’ve been told with the preference for raping little boys and anal raping the women- no wonder those angry faces need to be hidden. I’ll be waiting here in my Welcoming town to find out for myself when the new refugees arrive.
    BTW-Did Loreen Babbit need all that much training at doing penisectomies?

    • john-oranje says:

      Tell me you are joking with this total nonsense
      about a flat earth.

      It would take far too long for a comprehensive
      refutation. You only need consider the orbits
      of the planets around the sun. the moon’s orbit
      round the earth. The speed of light and radio
      waves bounced off the moon. Eclipses of Sun and
      moon calculated years in advance.

      The obvious ‘hull down’ appearance of distant
      ships. Shortest ‘great circle’ routes etc etc.

    • Alma Miranda says:


      Eratosthenes then measured the angle of a shadow cast by a stick at noon on the summer solstice in Alexandria, and found it made an angle of about 7.2 degrees, or about 1/50 of a complete circle. He realized that if he knew the distance from Alexandria to Syene, he could easily calculate the circumference of Earth.

      With a stick!

  15. Natalie says:

    To be fair, Nasa being a bunch of liars doesn’t necessarily prove the Earth is not a spinning ball. Of course, if none of us saw a globe or images from space (and hadn’t gone to 12 year long the government indoctrination camps) we’d think the Earth is flat since that’s what it looks like no matter how high we climb.

    I’d love to get a hold of one of those hi-res cameras to check if the far objects stay in sight like the flat-earthers claim.

  16. Tim says:

    It’s “The Truman Show”. And we’re all the star and the actors at the same time.
    The director is a fraud/imposter.

  17. Siouxma says:

    Regarding Afghani women getting trained by our military:

    Ask all the questions you want, just don’t expect answers of value.

  18. Paul says:




    • Larry C says:

      As I listen to this lovely piece, it’s raining lightly at my location.

      The individual droplets create slow concentric rings, as they are absorbed in to the surface of a large puddle outside my window.


  19. SpiritTraveller says:

    JUDGE: Just out of curiosity, has any Western women’s group caught wind of your mission?


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