Vatican Vaccine Hotline, How Can I Help You?

by Jon Rappoport

February 8, 2021

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Hello, this is the confidential Vatican Vaccine Hotline for Opus Dei members, I’m Bishop Capone. How can I help you?

Yes, this is XXXXXX. I want to verify that the Pope is advising his flock to take the COVID vaccine.

He is.

And the Pope is infallible, correct?

Well, yes. In this case, however, he is expressing his personal opinion.

But that opinion couldn’t contradict God’s wishes.

True. How can I help you, sir?

I plan to receive the vaccine. I know all vaccines carry a risk. Suppose, after I get the shot, I die? How should my family interpret my death?

That’s a complex matter.

I’m a devout family man. I would like my family to believe my death is part of God’s plan. They would take comfort from that. You see, if the Pope wants me to take the shot, and the Pope always speaks in accordance with God’s point of view, then my death would be a positive detail in God’s overall Design.

Yes, I see where you’re going with this. However—

I would be willing to make a sizeable donation to the Church.

Sir, you’re talking about an Indulgence. That practice has been outlawed for centuries. A person can’t buy his way into Heaven.

I’m talking about $150,000.

How much?

Excuse me, I misspoke. I meant $1,500,000.

How much?

Again, I mixed up the numbers. I meant ten million.

That’s very generous, sir.

Bishop Capone, I fully understand that money does not buy a man entry into Heaven. I would intend my gift merely as a sign of my loyalty to God’s Church. And to the Pope.

I understand.

All I’m asking for is a promise that, if I die from the vaccine, the Pope will write a note to my family, assuring them that my death was part of God’s plan, and they should take comfort in that knowledge.

I will make an inquiry, sir. Of course, we’ll need a few details from you. Verification of your identity, recent bank statements, tax returns, that sort of thing.

No problem, Bishop. My secretary can forward all that information to you. While I have you on the line, I wanted to ask you about another matter.

What other matter?

I know the Church is major landholder. I assume you’re tracking property values across the planet. In this time of the lockdowns, those values are dropping precipitously. My companies are interested in purchasing what we call distressed assets. Especially, land. It would help us considerably if we had access to a comprehensive list of potential acquisitions. We would appreciate any assistance you could give us.

How much did you say you’re willing to donate to the Church?

We can arrange the gift in several ways. For example, suppose from your list of prime distressed assets, we purchase a hundred items. We lay out seven billion dollars in all. I would be prepared to donate 4.56 percent of that to the Church.

4.56 seems rather low. I’d be thinking more in the area of 12 percent.

I could go 6.2.


Eight. Anything more than eight would constitute an unconscionable burden. And for that eight, we would expect the Church to provide assistance. Recommendations to the sellers of distressed land to give us special consideration.

Let’s call it nine percent.

All right. Because it’s the Church, nine.

I’ll kick your proposal upstairs, sir. See how it flies. Meanwhile, I’m going to put you on hold and transfer this call to our Security and Banking Division. They’ll take your information and do a quick preliminary background check. By the way, our construction companies are operating at full strength. It’s possible we can negotiate a deal to build out structures on the properties you purchase.

Interesting. What sorts of structures?

We’re very much into warehouses these days. Storage and shipping areas for all sorts of products that can be ordered online. With the lockdowns, more and more people are buying what they need without having to venture outdoors.

I like it. I’m planning to take the vaccine next week.

Let me ask—are you in good health?

Excellent health. I run four miles every day. And I swim. I had a complete physical a couple of months ago. Passed with flying colors.

Glad to hear it. We would want our partners to remain strong. You might want to check out the official COVID death rates for healthy men in your age group. I have your Opus Dei file in front of me. You’re 46. The death rates are absurdly low. Miniscule.

Are you suggesting I should forget about taking the vaccine?

I’m not a doctor. But do you think God set up the world so that, one day, scientists would EXPERIMENTALLY inject a piece of RNA into eight billion people, on the hypothesis that this RNA would force cells of the body to manufacture a protein that RESEMBLED a protein from SARS-CoV-2…and then the immune system would swing into action and produce a response to THAT mimicking protein…thus preparing the body if and when SARS-CoV-2 actually came along? And the one person on the planet who was most passionate about this whole program was someone named Bill Gates? THIS was God’s Design from the Beginning?

I take your point, Bishop Capone. Thank you.

I word to the wise, pal. And now I’ll transfer your call.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

63 comments on “Vatican Vaccine Hotline, How Can I Help You?

  1. lucille says:

    Great article Jon, and with that we can see the future of what God really thinks: The beast is the revived Roman Empire, and the woman is the false church which is the Roman Catholic Church who also has included within her all other churches that have joined her as well as Islam, Buddhism, and other cults like that, she is riding the beast. In this chapter is revealed the future. The true church is gone before Revelation 4.

    • Darrell says:

      The Roman Catholic Church, as opposed to the false church headed by anti-pope Francis and his five predecessors, gave you the Bible you use to condemn it. Besides, Christ never told His disciples to write anything but to preach, baptize, heal, etc., saying they would be guided by the Holy Spirit in all truth (but not preserved from sin). But some did write and the Church decided which writings were inspired by the Holy Spirit. As for the name “Catholic,” we know that St Ignatius of Antioch, a disciple of the apostle John, used it around the year 100 A.D. See

      • Lucille says:

        Darrell, Here we go again. Your Roman Catholic Church did not give man kind the Bible. Your church doesn’t even read it! You can’t understand it because your so called priests tell you what it says, and you believe them, and in your into purgatory which does not exist. Moses wrote the 5 books of Moses; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy in 1450 B.C. (before Christ) and way before your so called popes showed up! The last book of the O.T. was written 450-400 B.C. (before Christ). The prophets clearly say who wrote them, and so does the N.T. clearly say who wrote those books. The Jewish people Israel/Jacob are the ones that the Bible were committed to writing and keeping. The 10 commandments were written by the finger of God and given to Moses. “This is that Moses, which said unto the children of Israel A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren (a Jew) like unto me; him shall ye hear. This is he, that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina, and with our fathers (Jewish): who received the lively (living) oracles to give unto us (Jews). Acts 7:37-38

    • Jen says:

      The Catholic church and all the denominational churches are not condoned by God. They have strayed from the King James Bible (ever see the “Catholic Bible”?) into all these mutations like NIV, RSV, Schofield and others that take or remove from God’s Word and insert MANS words. Unless a church teaches only the word of God and I don’t mean the revised bibles, then they are not doing the Will of God. A great book to read is, “Which Bible Would Jesus Use?” by Jack McElroy is the best answer I’ve seen to the question about these “new” versions which should really be burned. He also goes into Scofield (who was a lawless adulterer among other things) who got money from the Zionist Freemason ILLuminati to corrupt the Word of God, which the Bible has expressly said not to do. Many have been led astray by these fake bibles, as well as those false “Christians”, like the nut cases like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Joel Osteen, et al. Beware of false teachers, which DEFINITELY includes the Pope. The Catholic church is full of abominations and evil! All you have to do is look at Texe Marrs’ book “Mysterious Monuments”! He shows all sorts of VILE things in the St Peter Square, an obelisk (a nice euphemism for the phallus of Osiris) smack dab in the center of it! That’s where the Pope in his “Dagon the Fish God” hat preaches. The Popes (at least the last few) were incredibly corrupt. They are known by their works- protecting pedophile priests, child murderers (like the Canadian Holocaust!) and many others.

  2. Lisa Small says:

    Is this a true story?

    • lucille says:


    • John Schroeder says:

      Well:.. I heard the statement the other day about the
      “light at the end of the tunnel “: that this implied:
      the hope of vaccine success: was coming down the tunnel:
      In this article: Jon;… has captured that essence:
      Not so much: light and tunnels: but;…the opportunity:
      of um: cashing in on possible circumstances:… that
      perhaps in the light of those circumstances:… coming
      down the tunnel.. you know:… getting the inside run:
      That the heavenly influencers: may be able:.. to …
      with the right kind of tangible benefits:avert death:
      and to open doors to other opportunities:….
      Well:!… it turns out the good and godly:… who
      believe in man made: ” Science ” .. of high risk:
      of unknown science: yet are willing: that you take it
      on faith:.. not the good and the godly:.. but the Vaccine:
      Yet: we see: with the right kind of investment opportunity;money for truth:! That the Vaccine option;
      Yeah:!… that deck is stacked:.. a Reaper option:
      Is it a true story? :…sadly; yes it is. The essence
      of it :..

    • Bishop Capone says:

      Of course it is !

    • JA says:


      The Berean Call’s story is not true. Let me suggest another site for you to check out by Brandon Ward. A “gift” to those of us who want to have Revelation (or any other Bible study) shown to us verse by verse.

      A poster here listed that go-to website and what a gift it has been to me. Another place you can go for truth is Pastor Arnold Murray on you tube. You will find his verse by verse study of Revelation there as well as other books of the Bible.

      Do not take my word or any other persons world….check it out in your own Bible. If you read the passages in Revelation about the beast system and the woman notice that the angel continues on in the following verses and explains to John EXACTLY who that beast system is and who the woman is. Are all false religions a part of that system, absolutely. ANY religion that does not believe in Jesus Christ, Savior is included in the beast system.

      Check out this combination… Judeo-Christian preached to us by most beast system churches now. How can the Judeo (whose religion is anti-christ} be connected to Christian (which means Christ man). We have been lied to from the pulpit. Christ says judgement begins at the pulpit…..pastors who don’t tell their congregation the truth should be trembling in their boots for leading people astray. The false rapture theory has taken over our churches….be aware there is no such thing. In Thess. Chapter 2 Paul explains exactly when Satan appears on earth and that there is NO pre trib rapture. Check it out for yourself.

      • jimlippi says:

        I think people just want to know if they are being led astray by those they trust. Be it religious or political leaders. Especially the media. I personally have given up on most. You do not need anyone up on a pedestal to tell you what is right or wrong. Don’t do something to someone you wouldn’t want done to you. No moral human being should need lessons on that. That being said… Watch out for the snake oil salesmen.

      • lucille says:

        JA, people like you are part of the problem. You suggest another site that agrees with your narrative and you outright anti-semitism! I quote you, point #1) “How can the Judeo (whose religion is anti-christ} be connected to Christian (which means Christ man)” my comment: Quote from the Bible “….And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” Acts 11:26c. “Christians” means Christ followers. and then your rant and I quote, “The false rapture theory has taken over our churches….be aware there is no such thing. In Thess. Chapter 2 Paul explains exactly when Satan appears on earth and that there is NO pre trib rapture. Check it out for yourself.” my comment: The word Rapture is not in the Bible, but the word “Caught up” is and it is from 1 Thessalonians 4:17 from the Greek word “harpazo”. The Latin word for “harpozo” is rapture. The word means to catch, steal, take by force, catch away, pull away from. Strong’s concordance of the Greek #726. The book of Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is the judgment on the world for rejecting Jesus Christ. “Christians” Christ followers will be not judged, they will be caught up to heaven before this judgment also called the wrath of God. “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.” Romans 5:8-9. What your problem is sir is your the one who is following false teachers and have become one yourself. Your hatred of the rapture and of Jews has blinded you through your own false teacher/heretics. No one here will understand this conversation being not “Christ followers”. Though the point of the video was to lead people to Christ what you have done sir is exactly what Peter did, when Jesus said, …”Get behind me Satan you are an offence unto me: for thou savorist not the things that are of God, but those that be of men”! Matt. 16:23. What you have said sir, will save no one! You will have to stand before God and explain what you just did!

        • Jen says:

          Your meanness shows you are on the false path, Lucille. Check out “Which Bible Would Jesus Use” by Jack McElroy. Also anyone who professes to be a Christian Zionist is deeply astray. The false Jews are the ones running things (DNA tests prove this apparently), and the “Jews” that follow the Kaballah and the Talmud are false Jews. The Talmud speaks blasphemies against Christ, saying all sorts of vile things (in Hebrew, apparently)! And the Kaballah is not to be followed by true Jews. Jews were supposed to convert to become Christians, which is what the Apostles did, as well as the 3000 at Pentecost and the originals followers of Christ were Real Jews who converted. That is one of the reasons Jesus came to earth, to nullify the Old Covenant, the one of dead letters, and to create the New Covenant, the New Testament and include all in it. That is why the veil was rent (torn) from top to bottom! God Himself did that to signify the end of the Old Mosaic Law and the beginning of the New Testament. Amen. Praise God and give Him glory and do as Jesus commanded, as He said, “Those who love Me will keep My commandments”.

    • stu says:

      Yes, just ask Pope Fauci if you have any doubts.

  3. Paul says:

    Excellent! Jon.

    “In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sancti”

    “We’re very much into warehouses…”

    “Storage and shipping areas…”

    “…without having to venture outdoors.”

    Ah, The Future Awaits!

    I can wait.

  4. Nora Claypool says:

    Matthew 10:29
    “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.”
    God’s got this. What me worry?

  5. Tim says:

    “…They’ll take your information and do a quick preliminary background check.”

    this would be on a computer screen immediately as the call comes in…

    total surveillance, no waiting

  6. Haniel Adhar says:

    “is the pope Catholic?”

    Well, not this one. He’s a socialist.

    • Darrell says:

      We haven’t had a Catholic pope since Pius XII died in 1958, unless one includes his legitimate successor, Cardinal Siri, who took the name Gregory XVII, and after 5 minutes of white smoke from the Sistine Chapel chimney and Vatican Radio announcing, “A pope has been elected. There can be no doubt!” he was forced off the throne by means of a nuclear threat against the Vatican, and maybe more. Very few people know about this vitiated conclave, and it is explained at, and related info is at

    • jen says:

      You mean communist. Same thing, socialist, commie, tomato Tomah toe.

  7. Brandon Bechtel says:

    It would be good for someone to write a history of anti-popes. A pope’s will may easily contradict God’s will.

    • Darrell says:

      A good documentary on anti-popes, especially those that followed the hijacked 1958 conclave, is “Papal Imposters Full Movie” on youtube. Since 1958, every papal claimant has betrayed the traditional Catholic faith, and the so-called “New Mass” is not only invalid (no transformation of bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ), it is an abomination before God, created by a proven Freemason, Archbishop Annibale Bugnini and approved by the homosexual anti-pope Paul VI. This is all proven.

  8. Plam says:

    The Covid hoax is only second to the Christianity hoax.

    • Eric Thomas says:

      You mean Catholic hoax. Read what Jesus taught and see just how much of it they actually teach and follow. They go out of their way to do the exact opposite. Catholicism is Baal worship, Mary (Diana) worship, sun worship, witchcraft, old testament Judaism, and everything else under the sun rolled up into a Christian-sounding gospel.

      Seriously, read what Jesus actually said. See just how little if any all the churches, denominations and people truly follow. Actual Christians are few and far between.

      • hhi says:

        What Jesus actually said is in the Gospel of Thomas

        • Hyden says:

          Gnostic texts are funny, opposite to bible. God is saklas the fool , a foolish god of this world. The snake is actually the good being who tells Adam and eve not to listen to this arsehole controlling god.

          • JA says:


            That snake was Satan himself telling Adam and Eve to partake of him and his evil ways. So let him be YOUR guiding light if you so choose…..God said there would come a day when lies will be believed over truth, wrong over right. We are certainly living in that time.

            I do know there is a judgement day coming Hayden. God will NOT be mocked!!!!!

      • Darrell says:

        Actually, pre-Vatican II Catholicism is the one true religion. What everyone under 65 has seen during their lifetime is a counterfeit church beginning with anti-pope John XXIII, who was invalidly elected in 1958. Anyway, the Bible itself proves the teachings of the traditional Catholic Church:

        We’ve been lied to about the traditional Catholic Church, just like we’ve all been lied to about everything else of importance in history by the traditional enemies of the truth and their subordinate foot soldiers such as Protestants, Freemasons, and Communists. Modernist Catholics serve the evil Cabal as well. See my other comments.

      • jen says:

        Eric, Yes, definitely! I went away from the Catholic church as soon as I was able. The Catholics do not follow the King James Bible, they do things prohibited or not IN the bible, like bingo games (gambling in the church!! I guess Jesus throwing out money changers and dove sellers didn’t apply to the Catholics, never mind they never call themselves CHRISTIANS, but CATHOLICS- do they follow a god named “Cathy”?) Then LIMBO? Come on, that’s not in there either! And sprinkling babies, that’s not in there, it’s immersion of people who can sin- babies can’t sin yet. Many Catholics can be hypocrites and spiteful and nuts, not all but they are worshipping God in vain- God never condoned the Catholic church. Pedophilia- they’re known by their works. Priests were never told not to marry in the bible, and as a matter of fact, Christians are Priests of God! We are the saints. We are not to pray to HUMANS like Saint Francis or St. Bob, or St. HowdyDoody! That is APOSTASY! That is against God. We are to pray to Jesus Christ, our mediator and who died for all of us! Name me a single Catholic CHURCH with the name of Jesus Christ. And, Mormons do not count nor do Jehova Witnesses, they’re all cults.

    • Kanaka108 says:

      Jesus was never isolated.

      • Post Hoc says:

        A rehash of the combined Egyption Dionysis and the Greek Osiris with the Persian Attis and other dying/resurrecting gods…

      • DSKlausler says:


        Strange; some of the readers know all about the fraudulent world in which we live… but that couldn’t possibly include the bible, or religion in general. Laughable. Isn’t that cognitive dissonance?

        Just another control mechanism.

      • Plam says:

        Funny and true!

        We find it incredible that the so called sheeple will believe in the corona hoax insanity and yet many truthers are into a man who allegedly walked on water!

        Go figure!

        • jen says:

          I’ll pray for you unbelievers, who think they are so smart and yet the fool says there is no God. Only God could make this whole Creation. Only Jesus could die for all of us, even you unbelievers. And those who have near death experiences, especially those who are agnostic, other religions etc (even muslim terrorists) immediately convert to Christianity. Because what they see on the other side (Hell, and yes it does exist!) scares them completely. Yes there is a God and a devil. I pray you find this out and repent and become a Christian before its too late. Without any sort of ‘control mechanism’, we’d live in chaos and would have died out long ago. May God save you before satan gets to your soul. Just look up near death experiences if you don’t believe me. May the Lord Jesus open your eyes to the truth. Amen!

    • Yea Roman Christianity crushed Gnostic Christianity and with that love, compassion, common sense, and integrity.

      • Hyden says:

        yip they sure did, to suit there narrative. Bible Christianity is syncretic religions from older sources. Remember pay your taxes to Rome and be a good god fearing passive citizen. Oh that’s right most of these big religions are tax free big money involved, just look at benny Hinn lol

        • jen says:

          Hinn was a scum bag fake Christian. He loved mammon (money), not God. False teachers are out there. Trust in Jesus and ask Him to lead you to the Truth.

    • Post Hoc says:

      Since Constantine.

  9. Paul says:

    On MSNBC, I saw a Democratic Representative explain how during clean-up of the aftermath of the horrible, shocking, disrespectful attack upon the holy confines of The Sacred Shrine of Divine Democracy on January 6, 2021 that he found the broken wing of an eagle, & how profound that moment was for him as he tried to regain his composure after said attack.

    He posted the poor eagle’s broken limb & it went viral as it symbolized the almost-fall of Democracy’s bastion.

    Well, I was almost moved to tears. Well, that may be a bit strong. I was moved to feelings of deep fear. Well, not really fear…but anyway…

    So I went to the kitchen & made a turkey sandwich.

    It was delicious.

  10. lamberth says:

    We, The Vatican®, will soon be selling our own vaccine.


    Competition is not tolerated so the other vaccine manufacturers will be put out of business via lock-downs of their R&D and production facilities.

    Ordained priests will be trained for the vaccine administration. They will have to swap their colourful robe for a white coat, that’s part of the image. Even the Pope himself has made the commitment to change his attire whenever addressing his flock. It’s actually much cheaper on the laundry bill so The Institute for the Works of Religion tells us. We need to watch our expenses, so this works out quite well for us in these difficult times.

    St Peter’s Square will be converted into a massive medical facility so as many flock can be given their doses in as short a time-span as possible.
    VatiAirlines®, VatiBus®, VatiRailways®, VatiTaxi® and VatiCruises® will provide the necessary transportation requirements, at significant discount.
    Local accommodation – if required – will be provided via VatiBed®. On-line bookings are essential via the Vatican’s own exclusive VatiBookings® reservation system. Full disclosure of all personal details are required for any of these services, but that of course goes without saying. No confidentiality agreements will be considered or discussed.
    Only our VatiCoin® (yes, we’re quite proud of that name, it just “clicks”) digital currency will be accepted as payment.

    Of course, the entire world population will have to convert to The Faith, or no vaccine will be administered which in turn will result in ex-communication. What form that will take is still to be decided, all options are on the table.

    –To be continued (maybe).

  11. Tommy Hutchinson says:

    When are you going to cover the fact that there are no viruses and there are no infectious contagious diseases?

    • Kevin D Johnson says:

      Is this the first article that you have read from Jon? He has put out many articles about the exact subject you’re inquiring about. He wrote a book about the fake AIDS hoax decades ago.

      • Tommy Hutchinson says:

        I’ve read many, my point still stands and i’ll expand on it below.

        Until Jon, and any other people in the lime light, openly state the facts in my original comment, then I’m still skeptical as to wether they are ‘working’ on ‘our’ side or ‘theirs’…

        • Paul Swanson says:

          Can things be stated any more clearly than this?

          1) No “virus” has ever been shown to cause (by itself) certain symptoms in humans or animals.

          2) That means there is no scientific basis to the claim that any “virus” exists as a mechanism for disease causation in humans or animals (including “SARS-CoV-2”).

          3) Consequently that there can be no possible merit to any “vaccine” since you can’t make a “vaccine” for a “virus” you can’t even prove to exist.

  12. Neo-Paradigm says:

    Tom Lehrer –Vatican Rag 1967

  13. While people drop like flies all over the world. Gates even admits on video 700,000 old folks may die.

  14. Denise says:

    That was gold… excuse the pun.

  15. Avory Sax says:

    The FLUVID-AI does not exist!
    Retro-viruses are merely exosomes,
    that have been generated evil,
    (i.e. found in vaccines),
    for Govt. experiments on the populous.
    Getting a vaccine, of any kind,
    is like running to one’s death!
    Lock down is Jailing, with a Death sentence!

  16. Opie Poik says:

    Arguments about fine points of religious belief always evoke that scene from “Stand By Me” where the boys are camping and begin the most earnest argument about who could kick who’s butt, Mighty Mouse or Superman. One of them says the other is an idiot, because Superman’s a real guy, duh.

    The only word we may be sure Jesus uttered, IF he actually ever lived, which NO ONE knows for sure, no matter how blue you turn holding your breath, was “OUCH!”

    Even if there’s a god, etc., your bible says in James, 2:17, that talk is cheap. Yap yap yap yap. We can do this thing. We are billions; the miscreants are maybe hundreds of thousands to a couple of millions. Cut the crap. Put the bastards out of business.

    The bible also says thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil. It also says not to be indecisive. It also says to light a single candle. It also says the tiniest faith can move mountains.

    From “The Reluctant Anarchist” by a Catholic, Joe Sobran:

    “My fellow Christians have argued that the state’s authority is divinely given. They cite Christ’s injunction “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” and St. Paul’s words “The powers that be are ordained of God.” But Christ didn’t say which things — if any — belong to Caesar; his ambiguous words are far from a command to give Caesar whatever he claims. And it’s notable that Christ never told his disciples either to establish a state or to engage in politics. They were to preach the Gospel and, if rejected, to move on. He seems never to have imagined the state as something they could or should enlist on their side.”


    • oranje says:

      Yes David Icke is right but the brainwashed
      unthinking masses are doing it to themselves.

      So many people I know are keen to get jabbed with
      one of these diabolical vaccines.

      One man, whose had the first jab, even said that it
      made him feel bad, but that showed it was doing him some good.

      I am nearly 75 and have never taken a ‘flu vaccine,
      or any other vaccine in my entire adult life, but
      for the first time, I’ve been personally invited to
      take the ‘flu vaccine, and then personally emailed,
      phoned, and text messaged to take the ‘covid’

      I’ve not replied to any. I missed the phone call,from
      the local practice, but I’ve no doubt what it was about. I have not been under any treatment, or taken any prescription drug for many years.

      • oranje says:

        Note for Hyden:

        I made a mistake in my post!

        I typed “whose had. .” instead of “who’s had ..”.

      • Jen says:

        And I bet most of these dupes taking the vax don’t know what will happen once they encounter a normal corona virus.
        The whole viral theory is totally wrong, but that won’t stop them. Docs and their minions better enjoy their power trips because it won’t last forever once they have to confess their sins in front of God Himself.
        Most would rather die than think.

  17. Greg C says:

    The new morality in a nutshell: everyone is responsible for things they cannot perceive, whether it is undetectable particles, imputed motives, or a fictional historical narrative. False morality is designed to replace real morality, where you take responsibility for your the perceptible and actual consequences of your actions.

    Wearing a mask and getting vaccines are the new sacraments. There will be more to follow.

    Being raised catholic, I remember well the feeling of being fearful that I would displease God without knowing it. At least no one pretended that whenever I did that, people actually died because of me.

    The catholic church is the original global corporation, complete with wokeness, profits, cloistered employees, cancel culture (excommunication), all of it. None of this is new, but now it is running amok.

  18. Rick says:

    I’m confused about how they say the covid19 has never been isolated.Then eight months ago several scientists say the saw the virus under a microscope and said it was manufactured in a lab and it looked like a Frankenstein.
    I don’t understand.

  19. Hyden says:

    October 3, 2017
    When it comes to bullshit, big-time, major league bullshit, you have to stand in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion.
    When it comes to bullshit, big-time, major league bullshit, you have to stand in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion. No contest. No contest. Religion. Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told. Think about it. Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time!

    But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bullshit story. Holy Shit!

    But I want you to know something, this is sincere, I want you to know, when it comes to believing in God, I really tried. I really, really tried. I tried to believe that there is a God, who created each of us in His own image and likeness, loves us very much, and keeps a close eye on things. I really tried to believe that, but I gotta tell you, the longer you live, the more you look around, the more you realize, something is fucked up.

    Something is wrong here. War, disease, death, destruction, hunger, filth, poverty, torture, crime, corruption, and the Ice Capades. Something is definitely wrong. This is not good work. If this is the best God can do, I am not impressed. Results like these do not belong on the résumé of a Supreme Being. This is the kind of shit you’d expect from an office temp with a bad attitude. And just between you and me, in any decently-run universe, this guy would’ve been out on his all-powerful ass a long time ago. And by the way, I say “this guy”, because I firmly believe, looking at these results, that if there is a God, it has to be a man.

    • oranje says:

      Here’s a great video of Carlin, where he’s spot on
      about this madness. This years ago.

    • jen says:

      Dear Hyden,
      Have you ever read the Bible? I bet not.
      And, by the way, Christ was against the religionists. Because like today they are fakes and money grubbers. But, not all of them.
      Try the King James bible, it hasn’t been adulterated by false teachers. Or “Which Bible Would Jesus Use?” by Jack McElroy. Definitely illuminating. Plus don’t just discard Jesus because of false teachers. Especially if you never read the Bible. If you do that, your opinion is without any merit whatsoever.

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