The political battle over a COVD vaccine: your health is of no concern

by Jon Rappoport

September 7, 2020

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The news media are accusing Trump of trying to rush a COVID vaccine into use by November 1, just before the election: “The president is playing politics.”

Suddenly, the press is expressing “deep concern” about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Experts are being trotted out to issue warnings.

The White House is saying they would never compromise the safety of the public.

The FDA is strenuously insisting their decision to authorize a COVID vaccine will be undertaken with extreme care, and will not bow to pressure.

Of course, if Obama or Hillary were in the White House now, the press would be praising them for their efforts to move “full speed ahead.”

If Trump were now talking about a need to delay the vaccine, in order to “get it right,” the press would be screaming about the necessity of approving a vaccine quickly “to save lives.”

As I’ve been writing, the media definition of science is now “the opposite of whatever Trump says.”

The White House definition is whatever the White House says.

The public is caught in the middle.

There are three leading corporate competitors vying for an upcoming COVID vaccine. One of them is Moderna. This is a small US company that has never brought a product of any kind to market. In other words, their credibility is zero. Yet they’ve garnered half a billion dollars of federal money for research. The press isn’t screaming about that.

Fauci likes Moderna. Bill Gates likes Moderna.


Mostly because Moderna’s vaccine is deploying an experimental RNA technology. RNA tech has never been approved for any product. In past clinical trials, serious adverse effects have occurred. But who cares?

RNA vaccine technology allows cheaper, faster, and easier production of vaccines. That’s the whole point. IF Moderna’s COVID vaxx can be jammed through the approval process, then all future vaccines can be developed within months, not years.

“We’ve just discovered twelve new viruses that are causing human diseases…and we’ll have twelve new vaccines ready to go by Christmas.”

Again, the health of the public is of no concern. Adverse effects, such as the body attacking itself (RNA technology)? The permanent alteration of genetic makeup (DNA technology)? No problem. Plunge ahead.

There is more. Two recent developments have cancelled the need for a vaccine, even for those who love vaccines and believe a novel coronavirus a) exists and b) is causing harm:

ONE: The CDC quietly announced that only 6 percent of all official COVID deaths have occurred in cases where the virus was the single factor. In all other cases, the patients had several prior medical conditions—meaning, in effect, there was no need to invoke a virus to account for their deaths. (I have explained this in great detail in past articles. We are talking about the forced premature deaths of the elderly.)

TWO: The New York Times stated the result of a broad study, which showed that up to 90 percent of all COVID cases, based on a positive PCR test, were false positives. Non-cases.

Combining these two developments, the implication is quite clear: we’re in the middle of a less-than-average “flu season.”

No need for any vaccine.

No need for any Tony Fauci.

No need for any Bill Gates.

No need for any CDC or WHO.

It’s over.

But as in any war, there are people who don’t get the memo. They keep fighting and lying and destroying. They’re war criminals. In this case, their true intent has nothing to do with the fake pandemic. They want vast economic destruction leading to a Brave New World.

Here is a backgrounder on that subject. I wrote it in March:

Notes on the fall-out from the present unnecessary disaster

This covert op called PANDEMIC is about LOCKDOWNS, economic destruction, and the further pacification of the population.

A bereft population more dependent than ever on governments and official authorities. Long-term, a dazed population gradually guided into a heavily technocratic future—wall to wall surveillance, smart cities, Internet of Things, universal guaranteed income tied to social credit score. Most importantly: assigned energy quotas for every citizen. CONTROL.

Social distancing and the suspicion of people directed against each other, owing to possible “infection,” will create a more isolated and atomized society.

The tendency for people to think of themselves as eternal medical patients, under doctor’s orders, will be encouraged, non-stop. Accept diagnoses, take drugs and vaccines.

Governments and their media partners will continue to broadcast warnings about future epidemics and the need for vigilance. Talking heads will intone, “We have a new normal now. We’re never going back to the way things were before. The world of interdependence gives us many benefits, but it also carries dangers…”

As I’ve emphasized, technocracy has the goal of using energy production and consumption as the monitor of our lives. A voice comes from the wall of the apartment: “Mr. Smith, this is your Meter Friend, Sam. Your energy use for the month is nearing its limit. As you know, that use is measurable in real time, and as of the moment, you only have sixteen units left, owing to the large diversion of electricity to medical emergency centers. We will institute dimming and brownouts in your home, to keep your social credit score stable…” CONTROL.

What makes this system of measuring the production and use of energy, planet-wide, moment to moment, possible? The Internet of Things. And we’re told the technology enabling the IoT is 5G, rolling out now.

Never forget what David Rockefeller, arch Globalist, wrote about China, in 1973, after his agent, Richard Nixon, had worked a “miracle,” opening up trade with the Communist colossus, after 25 years of diplomatic freeze:

“Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution [30-60 million killed by their own government], it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.” (“From a China Traveler”, NY Times, August 10, 1973.)

China has always been the favored Globalist model—burgeoning corporate capitalism attached to, and embedded in, the center of brutal top-down dictatorship.

Who provided the rationale for the declaration of the pandemic and everything that followed? The Chinese regime, when they suddenly locked down 50 million people in three cities overnight. They broke the ice. And where did the egregiously phony counting of COVID cases first raise its head in the West? In Italy, where a national lockdown was declared. Italy, floating on Chinese money, in the One Belt, One Road project.

To whom was the first note of praise for the handling of the pandemic issued, from the head of the United Nations? The Chinese regime. The initial creation of the UN was spearheaded by the Rockefeller Empire.

Freedom and liberty will be further stained by the familiar substitute of security. “Yes, we still have the modified and updated right to assemble and travel and speak our minds, but the principle of limit and caution and common sense should guide our actions, in order to protect the community from new potential epidemics and infections…”

And if the CDC and the World Health Organization decide that a heavy flu season demands lockdowns, in certain hotspots, many people will breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Glad it’s not where I live. This is nothing compared with the COVID lockdowns…”

In 1970, no US politician would have dreamed of shutting down half of America, including New York and California. But 50 years later, it was done, with only minor hesitation. You can fill in the blanks yourself and note what’s changed in the interim. But certainly, the parade of mini-epidemic ops has helped to tune up the citizenry. Boil frog slowly, then turn up flame quickly.

As for universal guaranteed income (UGI), it’s not the easiest sell in the world. But the bridge will be “all those people hurt by the lockdowns.” Help given, on top of the present welfare programs…channeled into new help programs, and still newer ones, until UGI is a fait accompli. “We’re all in this together.” Echoes of the phony, cheap, gold-painted Obama Declaration. But in order to keep those UGI checks coming, people will have to OBEY. Cross the street against a red light, park in the wrong space, miss a doctor’s appointment, shoot your mouth off at a local community council meeting, tell your boss at work he’s acting like a little Napoleon, pay your taxes after the deadline, refuse to submit to a medical diagnostic test, and your social credit score will dip. And that means your monthly government check will undergo an investigation, conducted by an AI algorithm. Your allotment will drop. Learn your lesson.

Couldn’t happen here? Neither could a bullshit pandemic requiring massive lockdowns and orders not to leave home unless you’re buying toxic medical drugs or food.

In 1987, I started telling people that the medical cartel was the most dangerous of all cartels, long-term. I saw the covert op called AIDS playing out on the world stage, on the backs of people suffering and dying for reasons that had nothing to with the virus called HIV. I watched every medical provider fall in line with the official virus story, and I listened to a few of them tell me, off the record, that they knew the science was a rank fraud but there was “nothing they could do.” They’re falling in line now, too.

When the [worthless] diagnostic tests are fiddled to show that the pandemic is finally declining, everybody and his brother will say the containment measures were responsible for the victory. The CDC and the World Health Organization will humbly accept pats on the back, and pop champagne corks.

Some people will continue to wear medical masks when they venture outdoors, as a sign of their virtue. You should stop them on the street and congratulate them. A large roll of baloney makes a nice gift.

Despite what I’m writing in this article, Doom is not foretold, except for those who want it. The future is not written. Voices, especially when they reach a large number, are heard.

I expect technology to be developed that can perform all sorts of new tricks involving remote sensing of humans vis-a-vis their state of health—far more sophisticated than registering body temperature. The sensing [and the diagnosing] will be modeled on the same sort of fraudulent basis as present-day versions in doctors’ offices and hospitals, when it comes to germ indicators and contagion. Even remote sensing of “mental health indicators” will come into play. All sold as share-and-care protection of the community.

Something like this will appear on the news: “It’s emerged that the mall shooter, who killed 26 people last week, had missed three appointments with a doctor, and had ignored the CDC sensor unit that remotely diagnosed him with Bipolar Disorder. Authorities are investigating the AI red flag, to see whether the system had malfunctioned. Dr. Henry Posh, of the CDC, warned that some systems are still not online, because states are waiting on federal grants for funding…”

Of course, the shooter had missed no appointments. He was a drug addict who had been turned into a walking time bomb by psyop specialists. He was supposed to go off and thus provide a cautionary tale about the need for medical obedience.

What CDC/WHO really want is a fake epidemic in which the chimerical virus is said to affect brain function. That’s the Holy Grail. Then words and thoughts will constitute de facto diagnostic evidence. “If you find yourself thinking A, B, or C, call 911.” The authorities realize they’ll have to lead up to it. We’re not quite there. Yet.

In the new mythos, everyone is suffering from some disease or disorder at all times. It’s just a matter of diagnosis and treatment.

—end of March excerpt—

Rebellion is in order. Complete resistance to this future.

What does that mean? It means many things.

Support of sheriffs and other law-enforcement personnel who know the score and refuse to go along with lockdowns and other fascist measures.

Rallies, protests.

Finding a way to go back to work. To re-open businesses. To forge new businesses. To engage in trade and barter. To bust the lockdown bubbles.

Spreading information by any means possible. Information about what’s actually going on. About the scientific fakery.

It means lawsuits against lockdowns and mandated vaccines all around the world.

It means, for some people, giving up their no-hope attitude.

For some people, it means stopping flailing around and pretending they have no idea what to do.

It means putting freedom over and above control.

It means individuals imagining and then implementing strategies they’ve never thought of before.

It means exposing disguises posing as solutions which are really elements of tyranny.


A final note on China. The regime is in the process of building a surveillance-control-prediction web that goes beyond what most people can fathom. Government partnerships with their institutes and corporations and research labs are constructing a system whose goal is real-time surveillance that covers every inch of interior and exterior space in China.

This would include the space inside their citizens’ bodies. This would include predicting who will engage in illegal non-conformist activity.

China is already selling pieces of this emerging system to other nations.

Again, China is the favored Globalist model for the world.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

53 comments on “The political battle over a COVD vaccine: your health is of no concern

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    I’m with you Jon….we have the considerable gift of creative imagination. As never before we need to listen to the deep promptings of our soul. The Archons of officialdom want to take it away from us. We must not relent. It is time now that we achieve the internal freedom to combat these orwellian forces that also exist within each and every one of us. Paul Levy calls it wetiko an idigenous indian word for a virus or parasite of the mind. This is the real virus we should all be fighting.

    • JJ says:

      If I were you I’d start with dumping mr Levy and looking around at what’s really going on. Whole revolution, or whatever you call it, is pointless if you don’t see the real enemy. We’re tip-toeing around the real issue here. The whole medical cartel didn’t come from nowhere. Start with figuring out where Rockefellers come from and what their allegiance is. Start from there and go into the rabbit hole.

      • Angie Mohr says:

        I agree. They highjacked the entire health industry.

      • Tim says:

        Actually, what R.W. and Mr. Levy are expressing is the effective heart of the matter. The physical, the perceptual, is EFFECT, cause is of the Mind, so, actually,, confusing cause and effect and trying to fix things in the realm of effect won’t work.
        Yes, yes, I know all about the Protocols, the holohoax, etc, etc…who and what…

        By the way, Jesus did say “forgive them, they know not what they do”…
        It’s the Pharisees, the Scribes are the mass media… They worship the father of lies, the ego, is false self, this world is a miscreation, an illusion, the ego has put us under a spell. There is no death or destruction, no parasites or predators in the Real World, there is no food chain or lack, loss…

        This world dosen’t really exist at all, and has no real effect or consequence, it’s just a weird dream of separation, fear, guilt and false judgements. It’s limited and temporary.
        The Real is unlimited and Eternal.
        The Truth is the only way out. Forgiveness.
        There’s only one ego,, splintered…2-faced,,insane. yin-yang mask, hides the antiChrist operating underneath.

        Ego is false self based on untruth. It’s agent Smith in our minds,, manipulating us, inside 1st, and outside,, getting us bound to confuse effect with cause and thereby trapped in the external.
        The neutral zone is where Truth leads,, from there rise above the 2 poles of positive and negative. The cross.

        When the Spirit of Truth rules the Mind, Wholeness/Holiness is restored,, this world dissolved with the ego.
        Infinite Love Is The Only Truth,,anything else is illusion,, nothing and nowhere…

        Leaving this world isn’t a problem for me, but I’ll hang around as long as I might be useful to that which is Greater than me in the rescue operation.

        Christ: antibody
        This world: cancerous consciousness.

        It’s already done.

        Just like Smith, in The Matrix,, the ending is inevitable.

        Thy Will IS DONE.



    • Opie Poik says:

      “Each man had only one genuine vocation – to find the way to himself….His task was to discover his own destiny – not an arbitrary one – and to live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else was only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity and fear of one’s own inwardness.”
      “I realize today that nothing in the world is more distasteful to a man than to take the path that leads to himself.”
      ~ Herman Hesse, “Demian” (1919)

      The State’s Response to This ‘Virus’ Is Nothing More Than a Weapon of Mass Submission

    • Diana L. Hobgood says:

      Beautiful, poetic and TRUE!!

  2. Benjamin Martin says:

    If I may say, another top-notch piece, Jon.

    And in terms of preventative measures to guard against worst-things-to-come, might I suggest a White House memo to be particularly on guard against any statues of MLK in the US being brought down?

    I’d say that that would be about the easiest and most inflammatory recipe for any ‘October Surprise’, no?

  3. ak in vt says:

    Thank you Jon

    I will add one other thing ending this “thing” means.

    It means giving up the comfort of a warm fire and going out into the cold night to see what you can do. SACRIFICE (not for “them) IS NECESSARY.

    What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world yet loses his own soul (the Christ, AD 30)?

    Why are we willing to keep our comfort, but lose our liberty?


    AK in VT

    • JJ says:

      To make any sense of the rebellion you need to realize who the real enemy is. If you fail here, you fail everywhere. It’s all going to go to waste. First, figure out who the real enemy is. God bless.

      • Eluard says:

        So who do you mean, JJ, by the “real enemy”? Is it the one that starts with J and is vilified in 90% of the comments on BitChute?

        If so, I don’t agree.

  4. Arthur Danu says:

    I find it hard to believe that after 19 years of endorsing GENOCIDE in the Middle East, and allowing the Federal Government to steal TRILLIONS of dollars in broad daylight, all while shredding the CONSTITUTION to pieces and drugging the populace into addictive dependency, that AMERICANS will, all of a sudden, find the COURAGE to resist what has been the most ridiculously brazen scam of them all : COVID-19.

    As Douglas Adams famously wrote in his Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy :

    “Goodbye, and thanks for all the Fish!”

    I’ve got my bath towel ready. The Vogon are coming!

    • JJ says:

      If you want to know who rules over you, learn who you can’t criticize. It will take you 5 seconds to realize why all these things are happening who REALLY is behin it.

      • ak in vt says:

        Hello JJ

        You have responded twice about before taking action we need to find out who the real enemy we need to deal with is. However, even below, you only hint that you know who the real enemy is. Please give us a clue as to your thoughts.

        I believe what you are trying to intimate is it is something Jewish or Zionist. You may be right, but be careful on whom you blame and please do not broad brush one group. Remember, most Jews of today actually came from ancient Kazaria where their emperor made the entire county “Jewish” around AD 900; they were then pushed west into eastern Europe by the raiding and conquering Mongols (from whom they learned the system of “fiat” as money — paper representing some form of accumulated wealth, most likely precious metals) — these are our bankers.

        Judaism, itself, was a rejection of direct and personal contact with the all-knowing and all-loving Creator who wished humanity would abolish its “tit for tat” works relationship it thought it needed to keep the Creator (or whomever they feared) pleased.

        So, which group do you point to or do you think it is a combination and how do you think it will try to implement its strategy.

        We are all open here — hopefully, most are NOT open to pointing to a few “rotten apples” spoiling the entire bushel of a people. Do not be afraid to tell us — we will question you if we think you are wrong, but perhaps we can all learn something from you.


        AK in VT

        • JJ says:

          Thank you for your kind response. I really appreciate it. Great minds here and you are one of them. And no – no one can learn ANYTHING from me. The only person you can learn anything from is you. It might sound harsh and don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself. Again, thank you and much love.

        • JJ says:

          And I am sorry if I sound like d*ck. Not my intention. I am on the outside observing things and sometimes I might sound like a douche. I like reading this blog, Jon is pretty close to something and he has a great talent. Great times we are living in – people are showing who they really are.

        • hayden says:

          the real enemy is us. We ourselves are our own worst enemy cause we follow and copy all the time.

          I saw the enemy and it was us.

          Now which translation is correct in the bible if that what you follow…as it says in older bible version…”forgive them not for they know what they do.”
          or is it the newer version…”Forgive them, for they know not what they do…

        • Opie Poik says:

          Poster “JJ” seems unaware that Rappaport is an Ashkenazi Jewish name from 15th or 16th century Mantua, Italy and/or Mainz, Germany, or both, depending on source.

          • JJ says:

            I am not trying to throw everyone in the same bag. Yes, I am fully aware what is the origin of his name. There are exeptions and Jon seems to be one of them. Norman Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon, Alex Blumenthal, David Cole are some of the others.

      • DDearborn says:


        The author in stating what should be obvious to all, namely that the health and welfare of the American people is of little concern to “our” government. He makes a critical leap beyond the immediate threat of the “COVID-19 Vaccine”. However, he fails to acknowledge that given that “our” Congress, in spite of the “VIRUS” has passed nearly 70 separate pieces of legislation that directly benefits Israel this Calendar year alone, there is no doubt that “our” government does care about the health and Welfare of Israel’s Jewish population. ( I say “jewish” because “our” Congress has repeatedly passed legislation that is detrimental and/or critical to the basic human rights and freedoms of the other 50% of the Israeli population, the Palestinian People, 95% of which are not Jewish)

        It bears noting how quickly JJ, however subtly, was attacked, and attempts made to marginalize, deflect, and redirect his narrative because he dared out the zionists. Naturally, JJ’s very valid point that zionists and Jews who have been given unconstitutional and unjustified protections unlike any other group in America are in large part responsible for where America is today was the intended victim of this attack by ak in vt. Aided by Hayeden’s suggestion (redirection) that the victims (American people) are themselves to blame is right out of the zionist playbook.

        Criticism of zionism is of course never antisemitism because it is a political ideology. Legitimate criticism of the actions of “Jews” is also not antisemitism. Jews do not enjoy, nor are they in any way entitled to be protected from criticism. This is America, not israel.

        By stating that the author is Jewish, ak in vt introduces the thinly veiled canard of antisemitism in hopes of smearing JJ personally and thus silencing him. This tired and worn-out tactic that criticism of zionism or Jews automatically equates to hate, has long since been discredited as nothing more than an attempt by zionists to use Judaism as a shield to hide their actions and intentions. Did it work? You be the judge.

        Zionism is not itself the victim of a “few bad apples”. It is a political ideology that is by definition exclusionary and contrary to the very essence of everything this country stands for. But the real danger and threat of “Zionism” is defined by its implementation in the real world. Any political ideology like zionism which preaches and acts upon religious supremacy, racism, hatred, and bigotry backed by armed aggression must not only be publicly outed, criticized and scorned, but categorically rejected.

        COVID19 is clearly yet another zionist false flag perfectly timed to hide israel’s final push to steal Palestine, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights while bombarding Gaza almost none stop for months on end. (not to mention cover up the fact that Nutenyahoo is ruling without any Democratic mandate from the people) Was this the only motivation for the COVID1-19 false flag? The facts suggest that given the size and scope of this latest war on Western Civilization that there exist many, many additional agenda’s and goals; none good for Western Civilization in general and White Christians in particular….

  5. Jon,

    Please delete my prior post, which included an incorrect link.

    What is your take on the information provided by a Dr. David Martin (largely in about the 5:50 to 14:00 segment of this PLANDEMIC “IN-DOCTOR-NATION” video, ref “Corinavirus patents” issued years ago to governmental entities (CDC?) and efforts to keep same “confidential” (hidden from scrutiny)?

  6. rivercity says:

    WOW – Really lays out the “China model”. Of course Rockefeller’s words are beyond reprehensible. Yeah – just fast forward a little: “smart cities”. Also, to form another “research pool” of info for “covid”, let’s just debase ourselves one more level and mine the sewers.

  7. Hélios says:

    Nowadays, the most important thing to do is destroying the “deep state” everywhere in the world. After his reelection (I’m sure he will be reelected), Trump will make a huge cleaning.

    The most fortunate will go in Gitmo (extension works going on, as I previously said) while the others…

    These people of the deep state are in panic, that’s why they try to accelerate the plandemic by any means.

    As Trump’s son is autistic (probably due to vaccine), I guess Mr P will not encourage Bill Gates vaccine. He already fired WHO.

  8. JJ says:

    Question that has to be answered – where is the Rockefeller clan from? Where is Kissinger from? Where are Rotschilds from? Are we going to just pretend this question doesn’t exist? Where is Kushner from? Who is Netanyahu? What’s going on in the Middle Easet? I’m really sorry, but to see the full picture you have to answer these questions, no matter how uncomfortable they’re. Read Talmud and tell me what you see. Please. Let’s stop pretending.

    • Opie Poik says:

      No one can do anything to anyone without codependent cooperation. Rulers rely on consent of the governed. Mao didn’t starve millions of his countrymen to death; the people starved millions of their countrymen to death. And Hitler. And Stalin. And Pol Pot. And it’s happening everywhere now, because of consent of the governed – submission by the masses to those who claim to rule. And rule they do – with our cooperation. No book or group is magic. There are billions of us, and a million of them – and they’re not nearly all members of the group you refuse to name “because they’re SOOO powerful”. What, are they magicians? Your simpleminded assertions simply don’t prvide an actual, effective answer.

      I won’t be reading the Talmud any time soon, but you really ought to read Etienne de la Boetie’s “The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude”.

      “There is no political solution
      To our troubled evolution
      Have no faith in constitution
      There is no bloody revolution”

      ~ “Spirits In The Material World” by The Police

      “You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”
      ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

      Opt out. Resist the state. Do it yourself. Refuse to serve.

      • ak in vt says:

        Yes Opie

        Opt out. Resist.

        The first and easiest way is to be as “local” as you can in all you do: support from your neighburs and local citizens may be needed for whatever reasons and you might be a helping hand, too.

        Secondly, grow, cook, bake as much as you can from scratch : the less you spend, the less in taxes you will pay, and the less you will need to earn so you will have fewer FICA and income taxes.

        Thirdly, work hard and long hours at what you love to do and what you can do for yourself: you will build endurance, pleasure in what you do and realize that sitting on the sofa after a short 8 hour day plus commute is nothing like a sound sleep after a long 12-16 hour day fending for yourself and maybe making a little money on the side.

        Fourthly, BARTER as much as you can. And, learn how to repair things.

        Fifthly, learn how to do without non necessities: it is a lot easier than you think and oh so freeing.

        I could go on, but maybe others will help by continuing these ideas.


        AK in VT
        p.s. I work 80-90 hours a week at my own home business and still find time to grow vegetables, socialize and sleep soundly 6 hours a night. Wish I was younger when I had more energy! Most any of you can do the same.

      • ak in vt says:

        And I will add (that is, the Police added):

        Our so-called leaders speak
        With words they try to jail you
        They subjugate the meek
        But it’s the rhetoric of failure

        By the way, Opie, thank you for sticking that song in my brain. Every time I hear it or think of it, it plays over and over in my head for hours! Great song, though.


        AK in VT

  9. Hélios says:

    I just add that Robert Kennedy Jr gave after his speech in Berlin an interview to a French journal and talks at 9’33 about Gates vaccine :

  10. CJ76 says:

    I am curious about CDC numbers investigator John Cullen has dug up. According to his research, pulled directly from the CDC website, about 236,000 Americans died of flu during the 2019-20202 flu season which is just ending. The CDC tracks pneumonia and influenza deaths separately from covid.

    The CDC numbers also indicate of the 170,000 deaths attributed to covid, over 94,000 deaths were among people who also had seasonal flu.

    94,000 plus 236,000 is nearly 330,000 deaths that involved flu. Again these are CDC numbers. So that makes this a very deadly flu year.

    I am totally onboard with scandemic but does anyone have clarification on this year’s flu?

  11. Pft says:

    Pretty much nailed it.

    Trumps useful. Let the guy nobody believes because 90% of what he says is lies and deception speak the truth on COVID science and 70% of people will assume its another lie.
    Then market the vaccine as a Trump vaccine which we will tout as safe to get doubters in his 30% base to take it while having the military issue the vaccines which will be mandated to the rest of the people who worry its been rushed but crave it like a crackhead craves crack because COVID scares them more

  12. Kevin says:

    Ah, so that explains why Bill Gates himself is now casting doubt on his beloved vaccines:

    • Madness says:

      “The initial vaccine won’t be ideal in terms of its effectiveness against sickness and transmission,” Gates said in a new interview with Bloomberg. “It may not have a long duration, and it will mainly be used in rich countries as a stopgap measure.”

      Of course, no vaccine could protect you from the real reason of illness named Covid caused by wireless radiation if not only a re-labeled flu. Besides they wish to earn more sell more vaccines.

      DM reports about rather serious side effect, only on one volunteer – now they pretending there are safety concerns so next time we can “trust” in it.

  13. Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

    Anti-masker Mike Singer has uploaded many videos of himself engaging store employees requesting him to mask up. His results and behavior are instructive for me and I’m sure for many of Jon’s readers. He has linked many of Jon’s articles on his site at

  14. hayden says:

    If i ever come face to face with these bastards im going to smash them over, Jacinda Ardern included. good old knuckle sandwich some elbows had enough of these bastards. But like always they hide and hang with there gang.
    When do you ever see a politician or these freaks going down to the pub to have a drink with workers etc, they dont they got there gang to hang with …political class etc


    • hayden says:

      A mass of hands press on the market window
      Ghosts of progress dressed in slow death
      Feeding on hunger and glaring through the promise
      Upon the food that rots slowly in the aisle
      A mass of nameless at the oasis
      That hides the graves beneath the master’s hill
      Buried for drinking the river’s water while
      Shackled to the the line at the empty well

      This is the new sound, just like the old sound
      Just like the noose wound over the new ground
      This is the new sound, just like the old sound
      Just like the noose wound over new ground

      Listen to the fascist sing
      “Take hope here, war is elsewhere
      You were chosen, this is God’s land
      Soon we’ll be free of blot and mixture
      Seeds planted by our forefathers’ hand”

      [Verse 3]
      A mass of promises begin to rupture
      Like the pockets of the new world kings
      Like swollen stomachs In Appalachia
      Like the priest that fucked you as he whispered holy things
      A mass of tears have transformed the stones now
      Sharpened on suffering and woven into the slings
      Hope lies in the rubble of this rich fortress
      Taking today what tomorrow never brings

      This is the new sound, just like the old sound
      Just like the noose wound over the new ground
      This is the new sound, just like the old sound
      Just like the noose wound over new ground

      This is the new sound, just like the old sound
      Just like the noose wound over the new ground
      Ain’t the new sound just like the old sound?
      Look at the noose now, over the, over the, over the burning ground
      Ain’t it funny how the factory’s doors close?
      ‘Round the time that the school doors close?
      ‘Round the time that the doors of the jail cells
      Open up to greet you like the reaper?
      Ain’t it funny how the factory’s doors close?
      ‘Round the time that the school doors close?
      ‘Round the time that a hundred thousand jail cells
      Open up to greet you like the reaper?
      This is no oasis

      This is the new sound, just like that old sound
      Just like the noose wound over the new ground
      This is the new sound, just like the old sound
      Just like the noose wound over new ground

      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall
      Like ashes in the fall

      Rage against the machine

  15. bizarre world says:

    another doctor under attack for speaking out

  16. sleepy says:

    people still defend what’s happening in the world no matter what facts and evidence you show them. it’s just depressing

  17. DeQuincey says:

    Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has a new piece up about the biowarfare lab being expanded in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.


    She asks “Why has the US Government spent billions of dollars on such biolaboratories and projects abroad instead on the health of its own citizens?”

  18. Leonie Wynne says:

    Found this video done in 2003
    My jaw hit the floor…

  19. Jomsvikings says:

    Great post and right to heart of this issue! I also like your videos on YouTube.

    Well…folks, brace yourself – here comes the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine:

    “Pfizer CEO says people who don’t get vaccinated will become ‘weak link’ that allows coronavirus to spread.”

    This all about the vaccine from the get go. It’s a Global Pharma takeover of all governments. They want every human on the planet vaccinated with the “magical” Covid vaccine to save the day. The question is – what the hell is in this vaccine that they’re so desperate to force it on every human?

    The next two months will be depressing. Watch for the “cases” to explode and the fearmongering to ratchet up to new levels. Watch the governors start coordinating with their state attorney generals to come up with a legal plan to force vaccinate the non-compilers in their state. Watch Congress start having hearings on how to compel people to take the vaccine.

    It’s going to get bad – what can we do or is “resistance futile?”

  20. Karen Bracken says:

    Fauci likes Moderna because he was the first CEO for Moderna many years ago. I have no doubt Fauci has a very strong financial tie and incentive to insure Moderna comes out the winner in this game.

  21. From Elsewhere says:

    Jon, thank you for the many options we have to resist and fight back against the propaganda and abuses of the officials. Please, add one more: fighting fire with fire, fighting fake with fake.

    People pretend to obey and play along, while under cover sabotaging the system, going around the rules, avoiding the fines and sanctions, the vaccines and treatments.

  22. Elize says:

    Jon and readers
    Please watch this most disturbing video calmly presented by a US MD on the current workings at Moderna, Mod E RNA ( modified RNA)

    thank you for taking the time to becoming informed about what is going on with respect to plans for vaccination.

  23. Tim says:

    Yeah man, rebellion is what’s coming, “live free or die”, it’s Quality, not quantity for me. I’m an American. That means I believe in the principles and wisdom of the founders. An enemy has wormed it’s way within, and INVERTED everything about that, and wants to impose by deceit and coercion a system inspired by antiChrist.

    Where are we? “Enter Sandman”: Metallica answers that question for those not in the know yet.

    Ps; The Truth erases “karma”.

    The politicians are afraid of what happened to JFK, or they’ve allowed themselves to be set up for blackmail, or they’ve just sold out..some are just expressing idiocy from being programmed with it all their lives…

    They’re gonna have something else to fear really soon
    And I have no fear about exiting this farce of a “reality”, I know there is something Infinitely Greater before and beyond it, and after.

  24. Arby says:

    “China has always been the favored Globalist model—burgeoning corporate capitalism attached to, and embedded in, the center of brutal top-down dictatorship.” The old Noami Klein made the same point. The new Naomi Klein removed the article/point from her website. (I uploaded it first, to Box. Check out “China’s All-Seeing Eye” /

    Also, Of course those who are establishing Covid 1984 don’t give a damn about our health. Peter Phillips’s book “Giants,” makes that clear. The ‘same’ pushers of vaccines also push pesticides, war and war preparations (‘defense’ contractors than you Donald Trump) and fast garbage foods. All the big financial giants (17 in number) who manage some $41 trillion in surplus capital for millions of millionaires and billionaires invest, first and foremost, in each other. They are safe investments. Then they look elsewhere.

    See “Authors Of The Global Biosecurity Police State”/

  25. Firestarter says:

    One of the interesting companies involved in the coronavirus vaccine is the little known Emergent BioSolutions (that has partnered with AstraZeneca).
    What makes this so interesting, is that this company in the wake of 9/11 became rich from the anthrax scare, for which it produced the anthrax vaccines…

    Emergent BioSolutions was founded as BioPort on 5 September 1998 by its CEO until April 2012, Fuad El-Hibri (who is still the executive chairman of its board of directors).

    Emergent BioSolutions (BioPort) and El-Hibri, leads to:

    Robert Kadlec – appointed by President Donald at the HHS, earlier working for the Bush Jr administration.
    Saudi Arabia.

    The Carlyle group (of Bush and Cheney).
    Blackstone Group (of Jacob Rothschild).

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