The propaganda master comes to town

by Jon Rappoport

July 24, 2020

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Note: This is a piece of fiction I wrote months ago, when there was some question about what Trump was going to do…which way he was going to jump…

What do most people say, if you raise questions about the reality of the “epidemic,” or even hint that the facts might be in doubt?

They say, “But people are dying.” And that’s the end of the conversation.

So, in this episode of virus fakery and apocalypse on rye with mustard, I present a tale I like to call: THE PROPAGANDA MASTER COMES TO TOWN.

This character is a wisdom figure and a teacher. He’s an old pro. He makes sure the lies are being told well and often. He reminds his troops of their mission. Pardon his language, but he has a very low opinion of humanity.

Here he is now, getting out of his limo and walking into a five-star hotel.

Conference room. A security team has checked the space for bugs and other electronic snooping. The shades are drawn. A dozen propaganda ops specialists are sitting at the long table.

The maestro walks into the room, stands at one end of the table, and without formalities, begins talking:

—I only have a few minutes. I’m on my way to Rome to brief the Pope. So here it is. We put messages into the heads of the great unwashed masses, so they’ll pass those messages to others. Get it? THAT’S the real contagion factor. Never forget it. We’re Info Central for the rubes and yokels and idiots, including high IQ idiots who think their college degree means they’re educated in science.

—We work with death. People all over the world are dying all the time, every day. The public doesn’t want to think about that. Good. That’s good for us. Our job is to convince the yokels that the “new” dying which is happening now comes from a special virus. We do that by equating DEATH and CORONAVIRUS. Get it? Never forget it. “People are dying, it must be the virus.” That’s our ticket.

—Our medical brethren in this great con have already done a terrific job carving up death into various categories. But now they can also make ordinary pneumonia into coronavirus pneumonia at the drop of a hat. They can make flu into corona. They can make a man falling down stairs a victim of the virus. A flying saucer crashes in a field? If that happened, a CDC official with a straight face could tell the yokels and idiots that the alien pilot of the craft was struck down by the virus and that’s why he lost control of the saucer.

—So we can’t let our medical friends down. We have to ramp up the intensity of the message. I want more predictions from Harvard and Yale big shots. You know, millions are going to die. Half the world’s population is going to be infected.

—Some of the idiots and loons we target are politicians. They “believe in science.” We want these pols to lock down MORE cities. Make people feel the sting. The sting and the crisis and the quarantine must equal THE VIRUS. We own the virus. It’s our psy-weapon. It’s an idea, a notion, a ghost, and the medical experts can contain it, if people follow all their orders. Keep pounding that message.

—Now, just between us, did they ever find a brand new virus in China to begin with? I see no convincing evidence they did. But who cares? Are the diagnostic tests for the virus inadequate and useless and worthless and deceiving? Of course. Is the “virus epidemic” a gold-plated fake? Sure. Are all sorts of people being diagnosed with corona who have no disease at all? You bet. Are people who are sick for all sorts of reasons being told they’re corona cases? Yeah. That’s our bread and butter. Some poor bastard gets off a plane and he has a slight fever from the bad air in the cabin and he’s whisked to a military base for quarantine. Play it up. “The virus can get you anytime, anywhere.” In a city, one ICU ward in a hospital is overflowing with sick people. Of course it is. People are sick all the time. But now, they’re all afraid, and they’re coming on foot, in cars, in wheelchairs, on crutches, and with the wave of a magic wand, they’re put in the ICU because they must be corona. Good. I want more pictures of that chaotic ICU. I want video on the news. More of it. Get busy. Don’t slack off. This is a circus. There are rules for a circus. The main rule is, people get bored quickly, so you need lots of acts and tricks and animals and side shows and candy to keep the audience occupied. An ICU here, an ICU there. A mother crying. Who cares why? It must be the virus. I don’t want to hear about all the other reasons people are sick. I just want to hear VIRUS.

—Never forget how easily you can fool the yokels. Yesterday, a guy living in an apartment house had the flu. No big deal. But today, same guy? Corona. Nothing changed except the news. All his neighbors in the building forget that yesterday this guy had ordinary flu. It’s a beautiful thing. Use it. I want to see more funerals on the news.

—Our holy grail, our perfect ideal, which is unattainable, would be: every death in the world for the next six months or a year is called coronavirus. But we can strive toward that ideal. We must.

—There are two echelons. There is WE. And there is THEY-THEM. WE keep THEM in their limited minds. We bolster those limited minds with our messages. Keep them yammering, “People are dying, it must be the virus!” It’s pure gold. Mine that gold.

Back in his limo, the maestro puts in a call to his contact at the CDC. “Listen up,” he says, “you people over there are wobbling. I’m talking about the diagnostic test for the virus. First, your test kits were bad, they didn’t work. Then you didn’t have enough of them to satisfy needs. Now the word is starting to leak out that the tests are inherently unreliable and no one should believe them. This crap must stop. Shore up your troops. Get them in line. I want healthy people and sick people and old people and young people and all people to be diagnosed with corona, and I don’t want any uncertainties. You and I know the test is a joke, it doesn’t work, but nobody else can find that out. Got it? People over there at the CDC can be replaced. They can find themselves out on the street. What’s in charge of this operation is propaganda, not science. YOU back US up. That’s the hierarchy. I want FEAR raging through the population. If you can’t hold up your end, you’re going to find all the quotes about the epidemic in the press are suddenly coming from the World Health Organization or Johns Hopkins, not the CDC. I’ll make sure you’re shoved into the background. The World Health people are professional. They know how to deliver a unified con job. Those two idiots, the governor of New York and the mayor of New York, are doing more to hype this fake epidemic than all the employees of the CDC put together. Get your house in order. Fast.”

He closes his phone and sticks it in his pocket. On the way to the airport, he hums a little tune. He looks out the window. He thinks to himself, if we can stretch this out far enough, we can even stage a presidential election in America on the Internet. No one votes in a booth. Can’t risk transmission of the virus. He chuckles. His phone vibrates. He takes it out.

“Yes, sir?” he says. He listens. Nods. “Yes, sir, I know you’re going to address the nation in a few minutes. Well, sir, this is a squeeze play. You’re in the middle. I know you understand that. If you go too far in minimizing the risk of the epidemic, you’re going to get hit hard from all sides. Mayors, governors, scientists, doctors, public health officials, members of Congress, big tech, the media—they’re all going to carve you into a grinning pumpkin. To say nothing of what’s been happening to the stock market. If you try to downplay corona, the whole economic picture is going to go upside down. Even Goldman Sachs won’t be able to protect you. Look around you. That schmuck mayor of New York is making noises about shutting down the whole Subway system. My advice is, let this operation run its course. Read the tea leaves of history. Many presidents have trouble at the end of a term. The coronavirus fakery is your trouble. Ride it out. If you can’t beat Joe Biden in November, you should go back to building golf courses. He’s hanging on by a thread. I don’t think the doctors can pump him up with enough drugs to keep his brain functioning during a debate. You might stagger into office on a low for your second term, but—don’t be angry, sir, your enemies have been looking for an Achilles heel since you started campaigning back in 2015. They tried this, they tried that, it didn’t really work. But this medical op works. Are you really going to say the medical experts are all liars and fake news? Are you contemplating that? Take it from me, it won’t fly. You know I’m right. The medical propaganda of the past hundred years is a winner. How can you buck it, especially in the middle of this current shit storm? If I cared about the truth, I’d be in a dither. Fortunately, I’m above the fray. Listen to your wise old uncle. Take the bitter with the sweet. You’re a pro in your field. The art of the deal. In this instance, the deal is live to fight another day. You painted your picture of “the grand economic recovery”, and now they’re spraying all over it with graffiti. That’s what enemies do. I have some interesting material on Biden and Bernie, if you’d like me to—“

The maestro looks at his phone. “He hung up,” he says to his driver.

“He’s a quick study,” the driver says.

They laugh.

“What are you going to say to the Pope?” the driver asks.

“I’m going to tell him to keep his big mouth shut. And if he can’t do that, and he wants to bring God into it, we’ll work on the statement. Change it to Nature. That’s softer. Nature has its ways and its viruses. It must be respected. God gave us the intelligence to work with Nature, and the means to develop medical science. Doctors are healers. Follow their recommendations. Something like that. On the way over in the plane, I’ll come up with some quotes. Stay by my side. You’re packing heat. They’ll ask for your weapon before they let us in the Vatican. Give it to them. Keep your eyes trained straight ahead. Don’t look past any open doors. Who knows what you’d see? I don’t want anyone to call us as witnesses in a future court case…”

“You’re careful as always,” the driver says.

“Careful in the details, absolutely reckless when it comes to the overall plan. Tell a lie so outrageous, no one can believe it’s a lie.”

At the White House, the president steps to the podium and looks at the camera. He thinks: I wonder what would happen if I went off script and said, you know, there must be ten thousand people in Washington who are aware there’s something weird about this coronavirus situation. There’s the whole flu thing. The CDC says thirty thousand people in the US die from ordinary flu every single year, like clockwork, and there are millions of flu cases every year—but nobody’s calling THAT an epidemic. The stock market isn’t crashing because of THAT. Nobody’s getting quarantined because of THAT. They aren’t canceling basketball because of THAT. What the hell’s going on?

The president starts to speak to the nation.

“Look, the bottom line is, I have to protect millions of lives. I need to sign bills authorizing two trillion dollars in aid to our businesses and workers. I have to listen to the experts. People are dying, it must be the virus. What else could it be?”

An unknown man in the back of the room says, in a very clear and loud voice: WELL, IT COULD BE COMPLETE HORSE—“

An alert special ops team member steps in front of the man and quickly sprays him in the face with a chemical. The unknown man is paralyzed, and like a log he pitches forward and bounces off the floor.

The special ops man shouts: IT’S THE VIRUS. HE’S DEAD.

People scream. The doors to the room are suddenly locked. Doctors in white coats appear.


The president shrugs, looks at the camera and says, “I guess I’ll be speaking to you next from an undisclosed location. We WILL get through this, America—“


People are dying, it must be the virus.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

47 comments on “The propaganda master comes to town

  1. M Brenner says:

    A bravura performance. Dr Mengele could learn much from these technocrats, but they’d never respect him enough to teach him. Their way of killing is a far more genteel and humane one. Achieved by way of omission, for who can consent to what they know not about? Even doctors are cogs in a machinery they have no control over, having been neutered by HMOs, professional organizations like AMA, and revolving-door fronts of Big Pharma FDA and CDC. The hubris of Western medicine that underlies its shaky relationship with truth was viewing all other forms of healing as competition to be crushed. To the point where even the miraculous immune system is being second-guessed, doubted and vilified.

  2. Piksil says:

    Maybe more relevant this time, Jon.

    Now they’re claiming that younger, healthy people are getting the ‘virus’.

    Household pets will be next.

    Paper towels after that. (Not toilet paper, we need more toilet paper shortages!)

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      Recall: Coronavirus test kits used in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by President John Magufuli on Sunday, because he said they had returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        I did an article of my own including that bit-o-news.

      • Piksil says:


        Yes, since that came out, I’ve avoided goat, pawpaw, and the PCR test.
        Doing all I can to avoid catching the ‘virus’, as I heard how smart it is, and I know it’s trying to infect me.

        I continue to count down the days until a miraculous, life saving ‘vaccine’ is made available to save us from the worst event/crisis EVER in the history of this world. I guess since the brightest minds in health and science can’t figure this out is why people are dying on either side of me every moment of every day. (Oh, the humanity!) At least baseball is back, and the ‘virus’ can only be on the field during the first pitch. But it’s apparently in the stands…but in the coaches boxes too. Just not on the official playing field, between the lines. (I do worry about the announcers, as I’ve not gotten a response to my FOVI [freedom of virus information] request to understand the rules of the ‘virus’ interaction with booth announcers. I know the ‘virus’ is busy, but trust I will get that information soon.)
        I just know that the moment that first ‘vaccine’ is given, the whole world will be able to hear a loud “noooooooo”….that will be the scream of defeat yelled by the ‘virus’, as it will know the jig is up. (I know this cuz Bill Gates and Tony Fauci and other people smarter than God have said many times that a ‘vaccine’ is going to be the only way to get this under control. Because they care about us, and only us.
        Except when they said the only way to get this under control was more testing.
        Or when they said the only way to get this under control was to social distance and avoid groups of more than 10 people. Or 50 people.
        Except when they said the only way to get this under control was to wear a mask. (Which is why I am assuming all the protesters have died. All of them. Except the ones that used hand sanitizer, because that was the only way to protect themselves.)

        So I implore everyone to avoid goat, pawpaw, and the PCR test.
        It’s the only way we are going to get this under control. With more testing. With a mask.
        Until the next surge in August. Because the ‘virus’ is hoarding change.

        It’s the only way we are going to get back to normal.

    • JB says:

      I was part of a podcast (with Become Ungovernable) tonight. We talked to a lady that did have the virus. She said that she had a fever that kept rising to the point where she couldn’t even move (her family put her on ice bags and made her a special tea to help her). She feels better, but she said that she is only 70% of what she was.

      • Jan Rain says:

        So, this “lady” “did have the virus” — I guess this “virus” must have announced itself by leaving its business card so that everyone would be assured it was indeed “THE” virus.

  3. Elize says:

    Jon, and readers:

    I just want to share that Canada PM has been served with this legal action

    It is good to focus on the outcome we want.

    • Monty says:

      Not surprisingly, Canada’s national funded news service, the CBC, has no mention of this story. We see more and more censorship by exclusion by our so-called mainstream media each and every day.

  4. olde reb says:

    HCQ has a track record of preventing covid-19. Hospitals and doctors are denied its use. They are killing the public.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      More profit in killing the patients with Fresenius Propoven and over-use of “respirators” (when it amounts to about $52,000 per “COVID-death”).

      Some people are worth more dead than alive!

    • Piksil says:

      Not believing in covid19 has a track record in preventing covid19.
      Foolproof. Unless you die from an accident, then you’re likely to be a covid casualty on the books.

  5. olde reb says:

    Corna ailments are common. Sars is a corna virus. There has never been a successful vaccine for a corna virus.

  6. wardropper says:

    Jon is a very gifted writer, and he certainly has his finger on the pulse of the devils incarnate with whom we have to deal today. Extremely entertaining, but nevertheless, in my opinion, nothing but 100% factual. The same kind of genius as in Monty Python, Little Britain and George Carlin. All based on accurate perception of what human beings – and non-human beings – really are. This “wisdom figure and teacher” is a masterly depiction of what has become a serious role model for many modern people.

    • mavlo says:

      Yes… I wonder what our friend George Carlin would say about this if he knew…. He was a realist. Stay strong all… vax

  7. ken says:

    “The special ops man shouts: IT’S THE VIRUS. HE’S DEAD.”

    LOL,,, That line was worth the read all by itself.

    You’ve got it nailed but the yokels (Marks) aren’t reading your site. Their too busy screaming wear a mask! at a naked face in the crowd.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      THIS is also how the ‘deniers’ are being killed, and USED by the media to scare the rest of the “sheople” into line. Kill the ‘deniers’, and then blame the “virus” for their deaths, all the while the “hospital” gets a hefty $52,000 from Uncle Sam to boot!

  8. Chryoniel says:

    As I see it, the only way this scheme could work, would come from people intrinsically valuing truth as well as discernment, not worrying about what’s actually true, but allowing that which they comprehend to include what others have to say. Then the lies would probably be nothing more than moral fairy tales, beautiful myths, legends, stories… Government isn’t easy, & humanity without Humanity is very hard to manage in real life. The only way an ostensibly “Technocratic” government would work would be through some “machine-authority” people allow, as a representative of flawless ethical calculus, so humanity doesn’t have to worry about their decisions in some human Kinder-Garden of Eco-Utopian celebration where the only law is “do as thou wilt”, that needs no enforcement, as people are naturally moral, which is wisdom & real “love”, in eternal LIBERTY, LOVE JOY PEACE & LIFE ETERNALLY.


    It is my HOPE that those that form governments may do so wisely & with loving-kindness, conceal their childish mistakes, decriminalize THEMSELVES, becoming one with TRUE AUTHORITY, MORALITY, with SUPERNATURAL grace & guidance, & put it in a kind of box that instills morality & kindness to others FOR THEM, because I HAVEN’T HAD A JOINT IN SO LONG I’D SMOKE ONE WITH BILL GATES. That’s the ONLY REASON I CARE TO POST THIS AT ALL

  9. seenoncnbcyoutube says:

    WHO: There’s no going back to old normal
    Dr. Falsey: Coronavirus will never be eradicated

  10. Kia Kaha says:

    It was a bit of a satire when someone produced a video showing covid virus to be a fake. Another big channel picked it up, downloaded it and uploaded it to their channel, added their own initial display graphics with the words “Make this go viral.”

    Predictive programming is everywhere. The power of words, of thoughts. The infiltration, the memes, the seemingly innocent, the cunning trickery to get the public to participate in the programming within the “truth movement” in a certain way that makes the lie most popular.

  11. Kia Kaha says:

    Andrew Wakefield Releases “1986: The Act” Film All About Big Pharma’s Immunity from Vaccine Liability

    “1986: The Act”

  12. michael burns says:



    “The special ops man shouts: IT’S THE VIRUS. HE’S DEAD.

    People scream. The doors to the room are suddenly locked. Doctors in white coats appear.


    The president shrugs looks at the camera and says, “I guess I’ll be speaking to you next from an undisclosed location. We WILL get through this, America—“


    People are dying, it must be the virus.”

    A long and awkward moment of silence the president looks at the back of his outstretched hands, he turns them over and pushes them further away from his body and looks at his right hand then his left. He casts his eyes up and then down again, he looks forward like he staring into a void with wide bloodshot eyes. And then he speaks…

    “Are we… off-camera?” the president looks at the cameramen in the room, back and forth from one side to the other side of the room…

    “Are we OFF-CAMERA?”

    A gaggle of voices declare “Yes sir”, “Yes Mr. President.., yessir.” the…holy hell gosh darn what the frack happened there?…who in the hell did that?… is he dead? I am not used to this working with unprofessional people, I have worked with the best in the business. I only work with the best people. My people are the best people. The best business people, I have only worked with good people, all my people are good people. But this? Who did that?”

    The president is pointing around the room at the faces of sun-glassed operatives and white coats fussing with their glasses, and whitecoats writing on clipboards. Two stocky operatives hold the limp, wheezing reporter between them. A rather tall and buffed black-suited special ops man with sunglasses exclaims and moves forward.

    “I did sir! That was me…”

    “You’re FIRED! Your double-fired, You’re freaking double fired…”

    “You can’t fire me sir I’m special ops sir. I work for, I work for (*the special ops man snickers*) I work for your Uncle John sir.”

    “THE HELL YOU DO… Why did you do that, now the viral version of this will hit those noggin-heads in fake news and the news will be that the president gave all the press corp COVID, they’ll lock down the White House and there will be no state visits, no foreign dignitaries that we do business with… the news gets out, I’ll have to cancel all my appointments until the election? You dummy, I’m fracked…why did you do that?”

    “Orders sir… they are listening, I was told over my earpiece to spray the man in the face.”

    “What? spray him with what?

    “Uncle John told me to frag him, sir. It’s a knock-out spray, sir!”

    “I have to think.” He points to the door. ” You all can all go… except you Mister spritzy pants.”

    The room clears like sand flowing, from an hourglass, the two operatives holding the limp man exit the room last with feet dragging behind them rumpling the carpet. The door closes by unseen hands as they exit last. A moment of silence, one of the men returns straightens the rumpled carpet and leaves the room closing the door quietly behind him.

    A long and awkward moment seems like an hour. The president says to the man standing easy with his hands behind his back, the man touches his earpiece.

    “Sit.” says the president.


    “Sit down it’s okay, I don’t bite…SIT!”

    The man sits down across from the president, and the president begins to speak looking off and to the left and down.

    “You know… my uncle John was my favourite uncle, he was a genius, I have a lot of geniuses in my family. The Trumps have very, very good genes, and I come from a long, long line of geniuses. Uncle John was an electrical engineer, brilliant, he invented a yuge X-ray gun… well it was a generator, a big X-ray generator of a machine. And I’ve seen X-ray machines.
    This one was the biggest thing! He worked with my dad, but nit didn’t work out, two geniuses together, my dad was a genius, not like uncle John a different kind of genius. A genius for the ‘art of the deal’, but ah, Uncle John worked on hospital X-ray machines. The best kind of X-ray machines. As a matter of fact, they are the hallmark of X-ray machines in the business to this day. They haven’t been able to top his work…nobody knows how he did it…genius.
    He went on during the second world war to build Radar machines for the military, to this day they are the best…best, radar machines…he was the first, very first to use microwaves for the military.
    He was a friend of Tesla, the great genius of the early days, before the war, and Uncle John was the only one who could understand what he was talking about, everybody was saying, “What the hell is this guy talking about?” but uncle John he was the only guy that knew what he was talking about…Tesla was yuge IQ, he had a thousand IQ, he was so smart… such a smart cookie…my uncle John was a smart cookie too, he understood what that smart cookie was doing and talking about.
    When Tesla died they called my uncle John to look at his work. He told the office of the military there was nothing to worry about, no one would understand it but him — uncle John knew his stuff he could make death rays, and he taught at MIT for thirty…forty years after the war.
    Uncle John!…he wrote a book, a very complex book on nuclear stuff, he and I use to talk about nuclear stuff, I never use it, I read the book, but I know my way around nuclear, that why this North Korea thing is so easy for me.
    Uncle John and I… gee, we ah, we use to talk about nukes all the time, brilliant, brilliant man, good genes. Smart like all the Trumps. Super smart genes. My family has very, very good genes.”

    “I wasn’t talking about that Uncle John, I was talking about the other Uncle John that spoke to you before your speech sir…”

    The president sits back in his chair, and huffs and his phone beeps and vibrates in his pocket he takes it out of pocket and looks at the screen and sighs, “Yes!”

    The man on the other end of the call speaks in a calm and monotone timber…

    “Sir, we had to do that it was our only option, we have too… like I said earlier, we cannot minimize the risk of this epidemic, it’s going to be a bit of pressure for you but that IS why you are the president, sir. That is why you get paid the big buck.
    This will only be a minor blip, it will help the cause, as I said before take the bitter with the sweet, besides it gives Operation Warp Speed a leg up, think of this way sir all the people in that room will be quarantined for fourteen days and you’ve been wanting to play golf, and Washington is cooking right now, 100 degrees already… nobody would know where you are, you could slip off to Scotland and by that time the vaccine arrives…well we could have Tony Fauci gives everybody a shot right on television, shoot em up right there in front of the cameras. The whole kit and caboodle of quarantined guests on live TV, your ratings will soar, right through the roof and November is a couple months off, you could ride this baby right back home to the White House, and Joe Biden would be a gibble twit from that, and it would shut the mainstay of the fake news, sir.
    This is perfect now, listen to your uncle John sir…now we need you to go back on the cameras and tell the public that one of the press corp fainted and we are having him and his family tested for COVID-19, and we are tracing everyone he came in contact with, including the press corp and that will keep them busy for a while…

  13. Jim S Smith says:

    Hey everybody,

    For those who interested:

    Got curious,

    So I started searching. Oh and BTW:


    I decided to work on a particular project of mine, “MEME’s”.

    Also have a good few quotes of my own:

    * “Mask-wearing is white supremacy.”,

    * “Social distancing just strengthens white supremacy.”,

    * “If AntiFa is not required to social-distance or wear face masks, does that mean that government WANTS them to catch COVID?”,

    * “Mask-wearing is RACIST!”,

    – If you can think of more, would LOVE to entertain them! – IF we are to break the stranglehold of this massive “mandatory face masks in public” BS-ery, then we need to use the weapons they have against them! ! !

    It’s called “Fight BS with THEIR BS”.

    Yeah, I’m bored, and when I get bored, I get creative!

    Let’s see if we can light some back-burn fires, to quell all these insane “brush-fire politics” rules by using their own weapons against them!

    • Steven Fecser says:

      I wear a disposable mask in public enclosures because it’s mandatory in Cuyahoga County Ohio. We are on level 4 purple alert oh my!

      My customized mask is emblazoned with a message in large black lettets.

      CON-JOB 19

      I wonder what the MASK police will do when they find out I am wearing a disposable mask over and over?

    • Invisible Man says:

      That’s a great idea, Jim!

      In relation to mandatory vaccination:

      “My body, my choice”

      “Vaccine culture is rape culture”

      “Vaccination is a form of rape”

      “Black Lives Matter” (then list various quotes from Africans – and show their black faces – attacking Bill Gates and the CPR test)

      Like this one:

      Keep spreading the truth about the damage Gates’ vaccine experiments did in Africa and India, how he experimented on poor black and brown children. Meme into awareness that Bill Gates is a racist and vaccination has racist overtones, also that mandatory forced vaccination is a violation of the feminist principle of My Body, My Choice, and is a form of rape.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:


      Lose Mask Now,
      Ask Me How.

      Masks Cause Bad Breath!

      Ban All Driving.
      One accident is One Too Many!

      Mask-up Forever, Sheeples!
      –Evil World Controllers

      Stay Home, Shut Up, and Die
      –from the NWO

      Masks CAUSE Covid Cases!

      If each of us wears a mask, is that the same as you wearing two if I don’t wear one? Hmmm…

      Can a virus go in your ear? Hmmmm…

      Is standing 12 feet apart twice as good as standing 6 feet apart? Hmmmm…

      JOKES are hereby BANNED.
      Laughing spreads germs!
      –NWO Controllers.

      • Piksil says:

        “Can a virus go in your ear? Hmmmm”

        I had hEARd that.
        (From the ‘virus’)

        Note: the ‘virus’ couldn’t resist adding a little humor. The ‘virus’ says humor is infectious! The ‘virus’ has more jokes, and says they’d go viral, and the ‘virus’ would give its right DNA fragment to tell more, but is bound by a non-disclosure agreement

        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          MIND VIRUS
          Good one! LOL. The virus as described and as thought of in popular culture now– as a little pacman thingy of retro-RNA wrapped in protein, that floats on dust particles or on spittle drops exhaled with normal breathing… that is not alive but nonetheless somehow lives on exhaled water vapour and is contagious– all disproven and false– is REAL in terms of now being a MYTH or better yet, a MEME, or better yet– a phantom of the imagination– or MIND VIRUS. To go viral, or replicate exponentially– a mind-virus has to have had an environment prepared for it in which such an exponetial increase could have taken place. More on this after I reread VIrus of the Mind by Richard Brodie 1987 I think.

          I’ve been looking at testing swabs– apparently painful and horrible– over the past few days. Why are people lining up for this painful test without question? The mind-virus they’ve been infected with must be very convincing. points out that the swab goes deep into the nasal cavity to hit the brain. They might be implanting something. I originally thought, via Jon’s description of anti-body testing and PCR testing was taken with a saliva swab or at worst a blood sample like with blood sugar finger pricks. But no. The “nasopharngeal plate” of the brain is hit. CONSIDER WHY THIS DEEP NASAL SWAB– given masks are said to STOP the “virus” from being exhaled. READY for the ZEN KOAN? —> If the covid virus can be exhaled, why not just take a breath test? BADA BOOOM!

          • Piksil says:


            Re: the mind virus. I had posted a link to a YouTube video a few days ago (Jon’s July 17 dispatch). The video, done in 2017, was of a neurologist from Georgetown.
            “In a 2017 lecture at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Center for Global Security Research, neuroweapons biologist Dr. James Giordano speaks of self-assembling nanoparticles being used as a “stroking” agent.
            They can be programmed to clump together/clot and restrict blood flow to organs.
            ~41:00 minutes – “Drugs and bugs, weapons of mass disruption”
            ~43:00 minutes – “using the media to ‘spread’ viruses through target populations…”
            “This scenario he describes (3 years ago!) seems uncannily familiar to what is going on right now. The nasopharyngeal swab PCR “test” should be avoided at all costs.” (Neurosurgeon Dr J Kruse)
            Here is the link to that video. If this Dr G is talking about it, more importantly, if it is on YouTube, do you think it might already be in use?


        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          I could not find a reply button under Piksil’s post below so will post it here. He pointed to a video about nanoweapons being the virus, discussed 3 years ago. I agree that this is very VERY possible. Drexler referred to nanotech as far back as 1984. The so-called “covid TEST” as Pisksil agrees with his link that video and Jim Stone’s recent warning that the test is an actual nano-implant is blockbuster Monday morning news in my opinion. The pain the voluntary testers are communicating through online testimonials is crazy. MSM and alt-media are not reporting on this. We’re under brain-attack with TEST SWABS at this moment!!!

          • Piksil says:


            Pardon my ignorance, but who is Jim Stone?
            Is there a link you could provide to his warning?

            I’ve tried searching ‘Google’ and ‘YouTube’ (I know, it’s probably filtered out/censored)to no avail.

            Thanks in advance!

  14. mavlo says:

    Thank you for that Jon. I know you’re work… and it is appreciated and appropriate. Need more of this everywhere.

  15. Invisible Man says:

    Another bombshell:

    “Celebrated Canadian Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati characterizes the COVID Operation as “the biggest example of misinformation and lies on a global scale that we’ve seen.”

    The Constitutional challenge that he is filing with the Ontario Superior Court seeks to pull back the shroud of secrecy imposed by the Trudeau and Ford governments which, he says, are currently and have been “ruling by decree” beneath the pretexts of “COVID Measures” and “Emergency Measures”.

    Specifically, he is seeking “declatory and injunctive” relief against COVID measures. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is also named as a defendant since it is publicly funded with a public mandate under the Broadcast Act and has a “duty of care.”

    Both Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Ford refuse to divulge the substance and source of their “medical advice”, and the media, including the CBC, are guilty of extraordinary censorship.

    Whereas mayors in North America have proudly met with Bill Gates for advice, he has obvious conflicts of interest, and he is neither a doctor nor an expert.

    Ontario’s world-renowned Sick Kid’s Hospital, on the other hand, is well qualified to weigh in on these matters. In a recent peer-reviewed study conducted by two expert virologists, aided by twenty experts, the hospital has advised against social distancing and masking, (1) saying that social distancing and masking import drastic psychological harm on children.”

    So the “medical advice” Trudeau took is from someone (Bill Gates I guess) he refuses to disclose. Meanwhile we have actual virologists and experts, almost two dozen of them, working for Ontario’s Sick Kid’s Hospital advising AGAINST masks and social distancing, yet their advise went unheeded and unreported by the MSM.

    So much for “expertise” being the foundation of governments’ decision making. When “experts” don’t say what Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci want them to say, their opinion ceases to count.

  16. From Elsewhere says:

    This has become a stigma: not wearing a mask is equal to being a killer, a mass murderer, by infecting others with something that has no symptom, but is a deadly weapon, yes, THE VIRUS.

    No mask = THE VIRUS. Propaganda with sirens in addition to the mainstream news, online, in the groceries, in the subway, buses and other public places. I need to sleep…catch some strength back and some sense of (bitter) humour.

  17. lamberth says:

    But who does the propaganda master work for?
    Who controls him/her?
    Who tells him/her what to propagandize and when?
    This COVID hoax isn’t the first propaganda con by any stretch.
    And it won’t be the last.

  18. Yooper says:

    Jon – thank you for all the work you do. It’s greatly appreciated.

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