The Matrix Revealed: The trick behind Occult systems

by Jon Rappoport

It should be obvious to readers who’ve been with me for a while that I attack delusion in more than one place. Political systems, medical systems…and so-called spiritual systems.

That’s because I happen to believe in legitimate limited government, healing, and the unbounded life of the individual spiritual being.

Occult systems, which propose they have a hidden secret at the core, which will be revealed after a long and exhaustive search, are, at best, deluded, because they are concealing CONTENT.

By content, I mean information, knowledge, pattern, some facet of what already exists. This is a dead-end.

There is nothing wrong with truthful information. But….

Suppose we had a secret society called The Inner Core Flame X42. And we sold our members on the idea that, after a series of ascending initiations, they would arrive at the X, the secret of secrets.

Well, what could X be? Some nugget of information, some formula or phrase or fact or made-up fact about existence that is supposed to solve problems and enlighten consciousness.

But consciousness is dynamic. It isn’t a key looking for a lock.

Consciousness is dynamic because it creates. It creates new realities.

It isn’t primarily a container for What Is, for what already exists.

If there is a secret about consciousness, that’s it. IT CREATES.

So no matter what X we cooked up, it would become obsolete, of minor value.

Humans are ripe for buying an X because they are trained, and train themselves, to place the highest value on What Already Exists.

That’s mind control par excellence.

Occult systems deliver what controlled minds expect, and that’s why they’ve flourished. That’s the only reason why.

But there is another way.

When a person sees the “artistic” blow-by-blow creation of these power structures, in progress—rather than the finished product—an entirely new consciousness arises.

“If they can create Reality for me, I can create my own.”

“If they are artists, I can be an artist, too—but in an entirely different direction.”

The Matrix ceases to be a monolith. It is revealed as an ongoing weave, and one can see the process at work.

Then, one’s own insight operates on behalf of liberation.

A person can actually see how he cooperates in the progression of accepting “the weave.”

And he sees other options.

Therefore, as I put together The Matrix Revealed, I made sure to show Matrix as a work in process, an ongoing enterprise, a work of art, as it were, that can be dismantled—as a person takes another road of his own.

This is vital. It transforms victimization into inspiration.

In my work, I was assisted by interviewees who profoundly understood all this.

the matrix revealed

Here are the contents of  The Matrix Revealed:

* 250 megabytes of information.

* Over 1100 pages of text.

* Ten and a half hours of audio.

The 2 bonuses alone are rather extraordinary:

* My complete 18-lesson course, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS, which includes the teacher’s manual and audio to guide you. I was previously selling the course for $375. This is a new way to teach logic, the subject that has been missing from schools for decades.

* The complete text (331 pages) of AIDS INC., the book that exposed a conspiracy of scientific fraud deep within the medical research establishment. The book has become a sought-after item, since its publication in 1988. It contains material about viruses, medical testing, and the invention of disease that is, now and in the future, vital to our understanding of phony epidemics arising in our midst. I assure you, the revelations in the book will surprise you; they cut much deeper and are more subtle than “virus made in a lab” scenarios.

The heart and soul of this product are the text interviews I conducted with Matrix-insiders, who have first-hand knowledge of how the major illusions of our world are put together:

* JACK TRUE, the most creative hypnotherapist on the face of the planet. Jack’s anti-Matrix understanding of the mind and how to liberate it is unparalleled. His insights are unique, staggering. 43 interviews, 320 pages.

* ELLIS MEDAVOY, master of PR, propaganda, and deception, who worked for key controllers in the medical and political arenas. 28 interviews, 290 pages.

* RICHARD BELL, financial analyst and trader, whose profound grasp of market manipulation and economic-rigging is formidable, to say the least. 16 interviews, 132 pages.

Also included:

* Several more interviews with brilliant analysts of the Matrix. 53 pages.

* The ten and a half hours of mp3 audio are my solo presentation, based on these interviews and my own research. Title: The Multi-Dimensional Planetary Chessboard—The Matrix vs. the Un-Conditioning of the Individual.

(All the material is digital. Upon ordering it, you’ll receive an email with a link to it.)

This work is all about reinstating individual power, above and beyond what the Matrix implies and stands for. It is about insight, yes—but it is also about liberating one’s consciousness from the habit of accepting life on the terms by which it is given to us.

Thought and action can align themselves with Matrix, or they can strike out in a far more adventurous and galvanizing direction. A thrilling direction unique to each individual.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

35 comments on “The Matrix Revealed: The trick behind Occult systems

  1. jay says:

    The ‘Secret’ about Consciousness is in the realization of what it Really is. Creating does not give that Realization, only Consciousness Itself does. Creation is but an aspect of that Realization.

  2. JungianINTP says:

    Jon, re “occult systems,” find and study reports on Orbitally Rearranged Mono-Atomic Elements // find and study Sir Laurence Gardner’s writings, particularly about “Starfire” (( search Nexus magazine’s archive )) // find and study Robert A. Monroe’s “Journeys Out of the Body” and Dr. George Ritchie’s “Return from Tomorrow” (( his experience and subsequent report began the West’s study of NDEs )) // find and study the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” // find and study Blavatsky’s volumes, “The Secret Doctrine” and “Isis Unveiled” // find and study Seer Edgar Cayce’s “readings” (( Association for Research and Enlightenment, in Virginia Beach, VA )) // find and study …

    Here’s the bottom-line Goal/Message of legitimate occult systems: Goal: Learn that you are far more than a physical body. Message: There is no death, only T R A N S I T I O N—think of a butterfly’s stages of transition.


    • Moshe Sopher says:

      @ JUNGIAN

      YOUR role model Irena Blavatsky together with Annie Besant, Bishop Olcott, Madame David Neel, Max Theon, Meira (Myra) Alfassa, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Albert Pike & Aleister Crowley among other sorcerers laid the occult basis of the Globalists that in present times Marina Abramovic, personal witch of Jacob Rothschild, and the matriarchs of the Globalist Collins family are carrying forward.

      Using advanced hypnosis and heightened brain states they manifest psychic powers that ordinary mortals are incaoable of or are unaware of.

      Aiding this occultism are immense wealth and control of the Central Banks besides handing out scraps to politicians, intel agents, WHO, UN, and media to keep them on their side..if the shills disobey then their masters resort to blackmail, using the services of dupes like the murdered Jeffrey Epstein, or they get assassinated spirited leaders like Abraham Lincoln, J F Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Gen Zia, Saddam Hussein, Ytzhak Rabin, Muammar Qaddafi and others who dared to defy them…the elites.

      By the way, the Night Of The Beast dedicated to Moloch begins April 19 and ends May 1 when the Globalists and their lackeys like tranny Bill Gates, homosexual Anthony Fauci and others will participate in human sacrifice primarily of kids…

      No wonder, a week ago, I heard several persons in NYC reporting the sighting of hundreds of young children being transported through tunnels…headed for the various sites where these monstrous human sacrifices begin tomorrow…

      Another coincidence..why are many governments around the world announcing they’ll open uo their locked down nations post May 1 (the last day of the human sacrifice festival). Thinking…

      • JungianINTP says:

        Moshe, you’ve nailed it!, re the dark side.

        Each and every entity possessing MIND – here and there and everywhere – carries within these two “angels”: dark vs. light, left vs. right, logic vs. emotion, executive brain vs. reptilian brain, Satan’s Libertinism/Hedonism vs. Jesus’ G_dliness/Goodness—respectively (see Dead Sea Scrolls, re the combating / influencing “WATCHERS”), as this material plane manifests that ever-present duality, for a certain purpose.

        Two seemingly opposing “New Age” thought systems strongly hint at how it all works—and why: Ra’s “Law of One” books and Jesus’ “A Course in Miracles” books (ACIM), as the former set reveals the mechanics of our working through this duality – the opposing angels of goodness and badness – while the latter set reveals the underlying, illusory nature of the former system (ACIM’s foundational premise: Anything that changes is not real. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of G_d).

        I’ll not continue this exchange of ideas.

        Thanks for your insightful input. -Rick

      • Moshe writes “Using advanced hypnosis and heightened brain states they manifest psychic powers that ordinary mortals are incapable of or are unaware of.”

        I say– To counter those higher powers, all we have to do is use a bit of logic. People wearing masks do not seem to have ever read that extraordinary claims (a deadly virus that is contagious from six feet away and lives on doorknobs) requires extraordinary proof. There is no such proof. Therefore, lockdown by governors is unjustified.

        Tell me this: If there is a spell cast on the world, then how is it that WE HERE have and some others have escaped it?

        • A Little Help says:

          Absence of proof is not proof of absence.

          When you were a baby and you first opened your eyes, did you need proof?

  3. Robert says:

    Hola J-Rap,
    Excellent missive this morning, as usual. Greatly appreciate all your work.
    Mi amigo, you said, “That’s because I happen to believe in legitimate limited government, healing, and the unbounded life of the individual spiritual being.”

    The immense power of natural healing – check.
    The unbounded life of the individual spiritual being – check.
    Belief in legitimate limited government – bzzzt!

    If you’d like to dive into this belief and rip it to shreds, I’m happy to dive in with you and show you around.
    PM me.

    • Greg C. says:

      Belief that ideas and conversations about government must be limited to what already exists – bzzzt!

      • Robert says:

        Legitimate government does not, and cannot exist.
        Crack the code (i.e. ask the correct questions) and it’s easy to see.
        The repercussions, however, may take months to process. After all, everyone carries around a lifetime of programming about it.

  4. Moshe Sopher says:


    Instead of dabbling in a weird spiritualism, the apt question to ask is whether consciousness is some kind of stuff and not merely an epiphenomenon of matter or an emergence of neuronal operations.

    The cosmic matrix, based on evidence, comprises fields and particles of mass-energy.

    If consciousness is “stuff” integrated in mass-energy and if consciousness has subtler ranges with greater innate intelligence and more power to modify mass-energy, as spiritualists aver, then, it has done a very bad job of designing the universe and the human body that’re chock with limitations and serious flaws.

    Wetness, dryness, sweetness, solidity and other properties of matter are emergent phenomena that we mistakenly take as real and permanent, so why not consider consciousness an emergence of complex molecular actions because we see consciousness and a concomitant intelligence increasing by degrees as we move up the food chain implying that consciousness-intelligence emerge more and more as brain wiring gets more and more complex as we ascend the ladder from rudimentary life forms to the human being at the present apex..

    As natural selection piles up thousands of mutations in the human genome, it’s likely, as geneticists postulate, that, at a critical point, post punctuated equilibrium, the present human form will undergo more changes until 2 or 3 lineages each distinct from the other and incapable of reproducing among themselves arise as posthuman species… implants, gene therapy and bionics are enhancing the genetic alterations…

    The skeptics will demand an explanation for OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) and NDEs (Near Death Experiences)..well, these are explained by deeper brain states, subquantum, that could be instinct with remote viewing and other heightened mental faculties demonstrated by trained professionals under the declassified CIA initiative called Project Stargate..

    Heightened mental faculties are all rooted in deeper neurological processes.

    Finally, deprive the body of food, oxygen and water, and the body dies thereby indicating that life/consciousness/sentience is rooted in biology.

    Nothing esoteric.

    • A Little Help says:

      Why do you believe this?

    • JungianINTP says:

      Moshe, biology is rooted in vibration/frequency.

      Vibration/frequency underpins ALL things—seen (material) and unseen (spiritual). And ALL things – self and other – exists on gradations of vibration/frequency; that is, it can be soundly/logically said: All things – seen and unseen – are material while all things – seen and unseen – are spiritual.

      No contradiction there (( consider quantum mechanics, and the power – at a “spooky distance” – of flapping butterfly wings or an ant pissing in the woods )).

      As for OBEs and NDEs, the extant literature – ancient through present – makes your “nothing esoteric” assertion at least questionable, if not blatantly absurd.

      Experience is the best teacher,
      but the wise man learns from
      the mistakes/successes of others.

      My own OBE-related experiences prompt me to warn you, that upon shedding your physical body, you risk becoming a confused and wandering astral-/light-body (spirit). Consider checking out the Monroe Institute (TMI), which helps seekers learn that they are far more than a physical body. -Rick

  5. Mos Craciun says:

    Today it was discovered that Corona is transmited through paper :

    ” The outbreak is thought to have arrived in the palace via a contaminated document, delivered from another department, a senior health official told Reuters. ”

    • tony bonn says:

      that is the most preposterous theory ever. Does Lysenko mean anything to you? viruses are inanimate objects without any life mechanisms whatsoever. what some call life is simply moisture, which when evaporated leaves fragments of protein residue as harmless as an ordinary piece of paper.

      notice the statement, “The outbreak is thought….” – mere vacuous malicious speculation by a journalist who couldn’t find his ass with both hands. I demand evidence – not idle speculation.


    • From Elsewhere says:

      That is the smell of their desperation: through air, through paper… next may be water, anything but Tv or Internet… for now. Manipulation becomes gross and inept in an obvious way. Masks crack. After the crisis in 2007 only one man was found guilty and convicted. Fear needs to stop, truth to prevail. What was the death rate one year ago, five years ago, from all causes, in March and what is the variation this year?

  6. Hayden says:

    It would seem these bastards are winning, there are to many brainwashed lackeys everywhere in the world, pay them some gold they do as there told just greed really free fuel cards free plane rides free corp conventions fine dining and wine hookers the lot that the political class.
    At least 60% of population will need to wake the hell up. MILLIONS of people is not enough it is going to take billions of people to make change for better otherwise it does look like world is going down the path of totalitarian orwellian huxley prison planet and most of us powerless to do stop it including me.
    Everyone needs to stop voting so it sends message to the system that we dont need ya and never have. But people will line up like good little citizens and vote at next election rituals.

    • Hayden says:

      If it keeps going down the road it does some people are going to take the law into there own hands. I for one would rather go down fighting than live on ones knees….as Sepultura song says ”when you go down ya go down fighting”… atleast you know you went down for a good cause than live a whole life of lies deceptive corruptions.

    • Moshe Sopher says:

      Tbe world police state appears imminent because most people are deluded, stupid and too selfish.

      In case the North Korea model of the NWO is imposed and if you can afford it then begin making plans from now on to move to the countryside…grow your own food and stay off the grid…as many Amish families do.

      The urban areas are going to experience the worst horrors of the world police state, while those in the rurals can lead relatively saner and more stress free lives while living under their despotic thumb.

      The Globalists have tasted blood…and are now emboldened by the grand success of their plan..and soon if there’s no retaliation from patriots the situation will get worse leading to the genocide of half the world’s population through starvation, vaccination, suicide and world war.

      • Hayden says:

        I live in New Zealand and i just wanna go live in bush build myself a nice log cabin fish hunt and live with nature. Im sick of human brainwashing noise when im out in nature its just natures noise of birds creek rivers trees etc not someone bashing you over head everyday telling you what to think what to believe.
        But i cant cause you need 40,000 plus to get small section or someone else owns it like government DOC land etc. Why would i destroy the environment around me it my food source if i want to build house for myself i will i am a god dam birth right citizen to the earth and i should be able have house without all this money and debt cause someone owns all the land.My grand dad and great great dad built stury homes still standing and people living in them to this day, they didnt need all these council and government legalities and fees to pay like today. just a rigged game

    • Rtp says:

      At the very least, support for the lockdowns is rapidly diminishing.

      It was at 90 per cent in the US and is now around 65 (if we believe polls).

  7. Mark says:

    Every U.S. citizen is now being tested. NOT for the “virus” but for
    whether or not they are “sunshine patriots”.

  8. JungianINTP says:

    Jon, the below link is for your consideration, re Moshe’s reference to April 19.

    That number’s use by Illuminati practitioners can’t be dismissed as mere coincidence, as it may purposely/cryptically relate to naming the – invisible?/contrived?/non-existent? – bug, “Covid-19”.

    Illuminati number 19


  9. Elize says:

    This link replace dot with .


    This man with his friend BG is in charge of the world.
    OR are WE?

    You can download VIRUS MANIA for free as a pdf book. look it up and learn the history, then you will better understand todays scenario/so called virus.

  10. Kevin says:

    As above so below .
    The Orion Nebula is the creator. Within it is the Trapezium ….aka pyramid with the all seeing eye .
    Michael Angelo painted the creation of man and it centers around the human brain which can be transposed over the Orion (Osiris ) Nebula .

    Our solar sun is only a reflector of the Orion Nebula …aka the invisible sun , black hole sun, the sun behind the sun .
    This is also depicted in 15th century alchemical art as well as in Kabalistic texts, etc.

    If people posess such knowledge , of course they view us as lesser…..perhaps even animals .

  11. Kevin says:

    Orion Nebula and “our” solar sun.

  12. mikael says:

    I apologise for my writing, I am heavy dyslectic, but hopes you can understand what I intend to say, I have read over several times but, hehe, thats not an garantee I will get everything uh.. straight.
    And hope the grama nazis are kind with me.

    Yup, JR, I think I will buy this Matrix book of yours, for the funn of it, also because of what this hypnothrapist, he is probably the most intresting person for me, and all on all I am with you on most of what you write, but…. hehe, there is an but, and I will give you what I know and have exprienced my self, and my “work” is from an span of ca 20 years from first expirience to the time I just ended it, to where I am now, in the 50s.

    Books, I have read the esoterics “bible” of Md Blawatski, Huxley, Gurdijef, etc, to the ancient Egyptian writings about the Duat, to Native American writings, like Hopis etc to others, and back again to science and people whom have tripped on acid.
    First I stepped into religion, but it brought me to an wall( I like the monolit analogy, fits perfectly), and then Buddism, that wall witch I encountered is the so called center of nothing, Zen or whatever, to the wide range of books describing teachings of various religious escatologies, incl Sufism, etc, witch didnt made me much more enlightened at all, since I wanted to know,and tried to find out are there something more, aka the other side, and I ran out of options, because some of the ancient texts talked about an other side but they separated death and the spirit world and then from the reality we live in in our day to day life, like the saying of Jesus, our lords house have many rooms, and we are just in one of them, that one stuck with me, until one day, I, this is where I stepped into something witch was even more clouded or obscured/hidden, and harder to find genuine writings about, lucid dreaming, and Bang, everything changed.

    I am no fan of orcestrated religion, all tho I know some people, genuine good and religious and I would never mock nor riddicoul their path in this life, because, eventually I agree, but I have no boundarys, and I find a lot of peoples explanations about our mind and consciousness, to be, eh… stupid, or to be precise, talk without substance and an gross lack of expirience, since we are creatures of perseptions, and I also know, we are dual, an biological entety and an energetic one, entangled from our conseption, but the probelem we encounter is growing up in an reality where we are feed lies, missconspetions, drowned it in religious fears, and they have even managed to take away our inherited powers of consciousness witch is much more powerfull that we are teached or learned to expirience , because of boundarys imposed upon us, from birth, like religious dogmas of demons and so on, and then we have the so called normal people whom are absolute clueless about everything, regarding our abilitys and potential, witch is mindboggling much more than just been an heep of dead meat, consciousness is not material, its an fundamntal force where matter is secondary, and is drowned in our daily life, made dormant by fear and dogmas on our mental reality.

    I am not shure how far I can go, with this, but I can help people to penetrate what I define as the final frontier, its all about consciousness, and free will, its real, its an tool, and is controlled by intent.
    If you dont belive me, since this crosses into what a lot of people say is New age mombo jumbo, I dont bother, but for those that do want to learn, I can help you, into things that you didnt knew was possible or belive is real, and so on, I can only push, point into an direction, the way will never the less be personal, since we are different and our expiriences will difere, but the main road is never the less the same all thoe I call em Gates.
    My humble request is about this hypnotherapist, do He know what I talk about, when I say, the Weil, the region where you enter when you Lucid d. by dreaming or going WILD (willed induced lucid dreaming, witch is harder, but the effect is the same) and what do He/You know, and I have not used drugs so you know that to.

    Otherwise, have an nice day, I dont often go so far as I have done to day, but this Matrix deal is intresting, and in LD the rule is, if you want to do something exraordinary, like the movie, where the saying was and in LD this is fundamental, Dont think, just Do it, that, is doing by Intent, I have more but ends it here.
    Take care and yess, I dont use an mask.


  13. Brian Steere says:

    Consciousness is creative, but can be applied to creating limitation, division, conflict and fear of pain of loss.

    Consciousness is Created – not as a past but as a Presence.
    As long as the Creative is usurped by masking through a limited sense of self imaged reality, the derivative fruits or experience will be of fear and control under illusion or substitution for Presence.

    The hiding of conflict-thinking from a greater embrace, direction and support as Integral to being, that seems to have split off or separated to a physically limiting reality, has a role within a greater appreciation.

    Bringing the instrument of our developed self-ability under fear driven and socially ruled survival to serve the truly Creative is to accept Being the music that communicates through the instrument – with All That Is.

    If you have to create mythic demons to support an identity set against them the Creative is being filtered through them.
    In this sense we can realise narrative identity operates a filtering lens through which we react within its frame.

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