COVID: The Chinese Regime, Sun Tzu and The Art of War

This article is about the Chinese dictatorship and its agents, not the people of China

by Jon Rappoport

April 14, 2020

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My longer-term readers know my position on the pandemic: an unproven claim of having discovered a new virus; diagnostic tests which are worthless, but open the door to the phony escalation of case numbers; the gathering and corralling of people who have DIFFERENT traditional diseases (and perhaps a few new non-viral conditions) under the meaningless umbrella term, “COVID-19”; the plan to introduce a toxic vaccine as the “solution.”

I fully realize there are several possible roles the Chinese regime could be playing in this global crisis. And by crisis, I mean lockdowns and economic devastation.

I’m laying out one possible role here.

To begin: The Chinese regime’s model of absolute control over its population is fully in line with Rockefeller-type Globalists’ model of control for all of Earth.

But the Beijing regime prefers to extend its own formidable Empire. It will cooperate with Globalist elites on certain operations, but only because the benefits accrue to China.

In the case of this pandemic illusion, the Chinese government would be pleased to contribute to nations locking down populations and closing out economic activity. Why? Because the result would be significant weakening of those nations—whom the Chinese regime views as opponents or potential satellites.

Weakening nations is also the ambition of Globalist elites, to be sure. Flailing countries are easier to take over. Easier to convert to a New Technocracy. A Brave New World.

But the Chinese leadership is not a basic Rockefeller partner. The China bosses are for China.

If, in the process of playing along with Globalists in this pandemic forgery, the Chinese nation absorbs economic losses and deaths of its own citizens, the regime is more than willing to write them off as necessary sacrifices. Temporary. “We bounce back quickly. Other nations are not so fortunate. They don’t have our level of power over their citizenry. They don’t have 1.4 billion people under a moment to moment gun.”

The next Chinese-regime idea: “We could try to unleash a killer virus, altered in a lab, on the whole of Earth, but this is ridiculous for many reasons. —Among which, the rebound effect on ourselves is unpredictable, and only in science fiction movies is there a magic antidote. Worse, all viruses are unstable and mutate very quickly, so we have no idea what would happen. A hundred dead, ten thousand dead before the virus mutates into a harmless variety. This strategy lacks what we want all the time, in every situation: control.”

The next idea: “But suppose we could launch the illusion of a pandemic. That would serve us well. In terms of our goals, it would be a success: economic destruction visited on our enemies. As a bonus, we buy bereft governments, more foreign companies, and more foreign land at bargain basement prices.”

The next idea: “We could lay out a ‘tempting meal’ for the obsessed virus hunters at the World Health Organization and the CDC. Help them go where they already want to go…”

In that regard, let’s travel back to the beginning, where it all started: Wuhan.

To the virus hounds from the CDC and WHO, the Chinese government COULD HAVE said:

“Yes, we have a little outbreak in Wuhan. Nothing serious, nothing unusual. We have people coming to hospital with flu and pneumonia. About 300,000 people die of pneumonia every year in China, for all sorts of reasons. In Wuhan, the elderly have a major health problem owing to the air quality—pneumonia. We’ve been working very hard to fix that. At one point, we were going to build an incinerator for burning waste in Wuhan, but we discovered the technology would have created more pollution, so we abandoned the idea. We want to come up with a better facility, and we will. We’re sensitive to the needs of our people…”

Yes, the Chinese regime could have said that, but they didn’t.

Consider an alternative scenario: The Chinese regime DECIDED to tell the Globalist Rockefeller-type CDC/WHO virus hounds exactly what they wanted to hear: a new coronavirus that had never infected humans before was on the loose. And THEN—and this was the key—the regime suddenly locked down three huge cities and quarantined 50 million people overnight.


THAT was the event that started the global ball rolling. No quarantine of such size had ever been tried before.

(In short order, the Hong Kong protests went away, the mainland protests against air pollution in major Chinese cities went away.)

The Globalist CDC and WHO drooled with joy, pushed a few buttons, and their whole epidemic PR apparatus swung into action.


Since then, the Chinese economy has taken a major hit. The country has been blamed, in some quarters, for spreading a deadly virus all over the globe. To which, of course, the Chinese regime replies: “What? We Chinese have been weakened greatly by the epidemic ourselves…”

Fast forward a few months. Who’s taking a hit now? The US, Italy, and many other countries. The US has shut down anything that moves. The US stock market and trading markets all over the world are tanking. Around the world, hundreds of millions of people have been thrown out of work, and untold numbers of small business owners have been driven into bankruptcy.


By “humbly acceding” to the authority and desire of the CDC and WHO—who always say they’ve found ‘a new deadly virus’—the Chinese government has helped engineer, in the freest and craziest and most powerful nation in the world, the USA, a massive lockdown similar to the one now ending in China.

Who does all this remind you of? It reminds me of the ancient Chinese general and philosopher, Sun Tzu (6th century BC), who wrote the erudite and wildly popular treatise, The Art of War.

Here is a sprinkling of Sun Tzu observations and advices. Read carefully.

“All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive…”

“If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

“Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.”

“Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”

“If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him.”

“To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

“…move swiftly where he [the enemy] does not expect you.”

“Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions.”

—Getting the picture? Any bells ringing?

The Chinese regime: “Yes, Dr. CDC and Dr. WHO, it does appear, as you say, that here in China we have a new virus. You’re the experts. [Thought bubble: ‘You’re always willing to fake the discovery of new viruses.’] We bow to your wisdom. Certainly, we have to contain the virus. If we’ve somehow made a misstep here, we apologize. You’re the leaders in this field. Do what you think best. If alerts to national governments are in order, issue them. We’ll help. Do you think the spread will escalate?”

Meanwhile, in typical fashion, CDC and WHO haven’t done, and will never do, the necessary procedures for proving they’ve actually found a new virus (as I’ve described in other articles).

The Chinese government watches the epidemic propaganda start to lift off—and suddenly, as I just mentioned, locks down 50 million people for no rational medical reason—thus giving the Globalist CDC and WHO the shocking precedent for a super-con job, a super-story, a super-scenario, a fairy tale about a pandemic, an excuse to enact their own lock downs, across the whole planet.

Soon, one leader, who happens to be engaged in a trade battle with China—Trump—is boxed in. Usually arrogant, of choleric temperament, as Sun Tzu characterizes certain leaders, Trump must now dial back his attitude and go along. He believes he can’t buck the medical authorities. He believes he can’t do his usual THIS IS ALL FAKE NEWS punch to the gut. He can’t turn the stock market around by citing economic victories. He can’t talk about winning a trade war against the Chinese government. He’s stifled. Deflated, he has to go on TV, and read from script the measures he’s taking to “stop the spread of the virus.” —As he signs away more trillions of dollars the government doesn’t have.

Of course, many people refuse to believe there is a thing called subtlety in strategy, in covert warfare. “The Chinese government couldn’t be so clever.” Really? How about a regime which has a few thousand years of tradition behind it, based on the arts of covert operations? The current smash-and-grab Chinese dictatorship shows one face, but it is not their only face.

The dictatorship gave the CDC and WHO what they fervently wanted: a reason to launch—laid out like a dinner on the table.

“Enjoy your meal.”

There was a little something extra in the food. Not a virus. Instead, Sun Tzu spices.

As I wrote at the beginning of this article, I’m presenting a POSSIBLE description of a path the Chinese regime could be taking.

It IS possible. Imagine a small group of Chinese-government elite professionals looking at reports:

“With this fake pandemic operation, we have MANY enemies we want to subdue. For a moment, let’s look at just one. Trump. We can’t let him reject the lockdowns. If he does, other nations might reject them, too. He believes he’s winning a trade war against us. He is effective along certain domestic fronts. He knows how to rally his supporters. He has great energy. He can inspire enthusiasm from his troops. He promotes a brand of nationalism, which strikes a deep note with many Americans, and which could be dangerous to us. His critics and opponents are, on the whole, ineffective. They’re annoying amateurs. Trump’s self-confidence, arrogance, his tendency to become irritated and lash out…this is what we have to focus on. These are strengths which can also be weaknesses. He will fail to see attacks coming from unexpected sources and directions. He thinks he sees the whole map of threats to his presidency. In this regard, he has limited perspective. He views his potential enemies as blunt aggressors—because he himself is blunt. He sees warfare as open clash, as direct leverage. There is where we have our opportunity. We need a subtle operation that, at first, looks like a peripheral problem or crisis. But when the vise closes quickly, it will be too late. Not only Trump, but the whole of America will be caught in the squeeze play. Of course, in the process, we’ll inflict economic damage on ourselves. ‘We’re victims, too,’ we’ll say. That will be our cover story…”

“Oh,” people reply again, “that’s impossible. The Chinese regime couldn’t be that devious. I mean, that plan has too many steps in it. Where’s the firepower? Where are the laser weapons flashing in space, you know, like we see in movies? Without that, there is no war.”

Well, when people insist the game has to look like tic-tac-toe with missiles, but the opponent is really playing chess or Go…Iron Man doesn’t come out on top.

2019. Chinese leadership: “Let’s enable our Globalist ‘friends’ to create a false pandemic and bury nations. We’ll only need to make a few moves on the board, and then they’ll do the rest. I suggest we call the operation the Sun Tzu Virus.”

Of course, the Chinese regime permits itself the right to exert an occasional PUSH and TWIST. To create torque and help events unfold. In that regard, a few key questions: What country has a huge and lopsided financial arrangement with the Chinese regime? What country has seen the Chinese pour gigantic amounts of money into its government coffers, and buy up its companies? What country is laboring under the undue influence of China? What country’s government might, therefore, take an enormous and dire action under more or less direct orders from Beijing? What country’s head of government SUDDENLY, without warning all its governors, locked down half the nation overnight? What country therefore created a new beachhead for lockdowns? If you’re looking for one country that answers EVERY question, its name is Italy. Once the center of the greatest renaissance since ancient Athens. Now masked and quarantined. And the new beachhead is Europe and the West.

One reason I’ve written this article? Given the existence of certain structures in this world—I’m imparting how easy it is to lock down a few billion people inside a reality egg.

FREEDOM involves cracking and climbing out of the egg.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

111 comments on “COVID: The Chinese Regime, Sun Tzu and The Art of War

  1. Imnaha says:

    Possible and probable scenario. POTUS may need to up his game as he may be temporarily trapped in the Chinese game of GO.

  2. TJ says:

    Seriously THANK YOU. I have been preaching to anyone about the CCP and what they’re capable of. They planned this and they planned it well. The dominos fell easily. While lemmings are out there screeching about Russia, the CCP is out there in plain sight.

    I also appreciate not implicating the Chinese people bc it’s not their fault they’re under such an insidious and evil dictatorship. People need to look up how the CCP got into power in the first place and ask yourself what they aren’t willing to do.

    This solved a lot of problems for them, including general unrest, HOng Kong, the Uyghurs, economic weakness and also Trump. This was the PERFECT cover. And they don’t care if they have to kill thousands of people to seal the deal.

    ARE they that clever? Damn right they are. You don’t know them at all if you think they aren’t.

  3. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    Jon Rappaport, it’s easy to see how and why you believe that the Chinese may have pulled a Sun Tzu move on President Trump, but in my view you’ve forgotten a few things. One is Putin. He and DJT are joined at the hip in their desire to rid the world of globalists. So not only is Trump incredibly shrewd, intelligent, and street wise, Putin (so renowned for his brilliant chess moves) has Trump’s ear. If you’re right in your assessments, Vladimir Putin would be sounding alarm bells in POTUS’s direction. But something else: Trump is such a fan of The Art of War himself that it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s memorized it by now. Long before now. Does he make a move without mentally referring to it? I think not.

    This goofy virus has provided DJT with the ability to use it as a cover for going after child traffickers, dope smugglers, those guilty of treason. Meanwhile, I strongly suspect he has been keeping a close eye on the Chinese, in fact, don’t ever doubt. In addition, we’re heading into a currency re-set that entails an end to fiat currency, so don’t think that POTUS isn’t aware that the economy will rebound as though it were a basketball player.

    • Jane says:

      Ventilators can be weapons

      read up on oxygen toxicity to understand why ventilators are not great for our health
      The lungs are a wet system
      Medical oxygen has only 67ppm of water contamination
      The lungs require 100% humidity- that’s saturated air
      The lungs are collecting water not oxygen
      That’s the medical misdirect!
      The RBCs are loading water not oxygen
      Lungs perform a Rehydration process and maintain blood pressure

      Just need to think about how effective humidifiers are with salt and iodine
      In comparison to oxygen
      Humidifiers have no side effects
      While oxygen supplementation can be deadly

      Premi babies were put into 100% oxygen tents and had their lungs injured and they were blinded – all from oxygen’s power to dehydrate.

      The babies eyes dried up – our eyes give up moisture (foggy glasses) and take in moisture from the environment.

      We are a salt water system

      Salty blood, sweat, tears, urine

      A saline iv can replace blood lost.

      Oxygen is a manufactured product – very very very dry compressed air.

      • Jane says:

        And look at how insoluble oxygen is in water

        You can bubble oxygen into a water filled jar, displacing the water, mark the level and come back in 8 months to find the water level has barely changed.

        I think this is because oxygen is gas compressed and it can only expand a bit when corralled by water and glass

        Experiment performed By Pete and Peter YouTube channel

        Hence oxygen won’t naturally dissolve into the RBCs to attach to the heme carriers

        Water is the currency of our bodies

        Oxygen can absorb moisture from air after it decompresses – hence its damaging influence if introduced into lung airways where moisture is paramount

        It is known in Anaesthetics – 90% of patients exposed to oxygen will have alveoli damage. They just don’t understand the mechanism is dehydration.

        • Piksil says:

          Isn’t water 2 hydrogen atoms bound to 1 atom of Oxygen?
          In first year high school chemistry class we used electrolysis to break water down, the hydrogen (combustible) popped/lit/exploded, in the presence of Oxygen (supports combustion).

        • Jane says:

          Nitrogen and oxygen were invented for industrial purposes

          Oxygen to enhance combustion and replace air/moisture in metal foundries to prevent the alloys like steel being decomposed by water

          Nitrogen was needed where metal alloys like steel hot wire needs to be sealed without moisture/water but in the presence of sparks and flame they didn’t want combustion- so they add dirt or fine particles to prevent this

          Both oxygen and nitrogen are made the same way
          Air exposed to heat and compression
          The ceramic filters add the required conc of nitrogen

          Proof there is not nitrogen in air
          Collect the exhaust from an oxygen concentrator –
          Again Pete and Peter channel has this experiment and lots more to satisfy questions as to weather oxygen and nitrogen make up the atmosphere

          Simply only occur after manufacturing processes – being produced from air – and products of air
          Not components of air.

          Industrial oxygen has 5ppm of water contamination- hence good steel alloy has v little decomposing water sealed within.

          If air/oxygen is forced into the lung capillaries- air embolisms occur – cns effects explained

          What do we use to measure air – water content or humidity

          Hence you can see oxygen is air by their description of 67ppm of water in medical grade ‘oxygen’

          Just as atmosphere is measured by its humidity and pressure

          Cold air holds the least moisture

          Air conditioning strips air of moisture

          Altitude and cold air puts the stress in lungs
          Low moisture and low pressure makes it hard to hydrate RBCs.

          Breathing becomes laboured

          • Jane says:

            No water is an element
            No thing happens in electrolysis until a salt is added or over time the electrodes are decomposed
            Water accompanies and accomodates like a colloid

            Search for this free eBook
            100 reasons water is not H2O by Peter Peterson

      • tony bonn says:

        your information is exceptionally fascinating. do you have any good articles which overview these concepts?

        I have read many positive things about hyberbaric oxygen therapy. do you have any thoughts on it good or bad?

        • Jane says:

          Read up on oxygen toxicity
          And research Anesthetisia’s problems with oxygen’s damage of the alveoli
          Look at Peter and Pete’s Chanel – loads of experiments to dismiss the notion water is H2O

          Water and air are the same element
          One a liquid and the other a gas

          We breathe the gas for of water
          Whereas fish breathe the liquid

          Try and do any experiment and eliminate water from the air as a constituent
          Hence they have been able to fool us that oxygen plus hydrogen makes up water by water’s magical appearance after combustion
          When really it appears with condensation…

          Hyperbaric chambers increase pressure
          But if the room air doesn’t fill the chamber between sessions and give the chamber back moisture
          Serious side effects from oxygen toxicity will result and they do
          Eg Seizures
          Research it

          If you had a humid environment and then pressurised it be a lot better than oxygen for lungs

          Make the lungs job easier

          Salt mines and salt rooms add the salt that the airways need for the mucosa to adjust moisture content in the airways

          Low salt diets contribute to poor lung health too

          Research the salt fix by Dr Dinicolantonio
          Salt your way to health by Dr Brownstein

          • Jane says:

            Wim Hoff Method of breathing is a hyperbaric method
            Hence a novice can easily hold a breathe for 2-3 mins

          • tony bonn says:

            thank you for the tips. my bio world has been turned on its head so many times over the last year that I am probably on a self induced dmt trip. to date, I have learned the following

            1. water has 4 states – not 3
            2. the heart does not circulate blood
            3. the body is primarily electric; bio-chemical is secondary
            4. memory is not in the brain; nor does the brain do our thinking – it is all electrical
            5. electricity circulates our blood
            6. viruses are produced by the cell to heal us; they are not contagious; do not cross species
            7. memories are fractal throughout the body
            8. and now I am finding out that lungs seek water rather than oxygen which ties directly to point 1 whose corollary is that the cells are 80-90% water but largely in the 4th gel state.

          • tony bonn says:

            one other question – do you believe that structured water is real and an important consideration to health? can it really be obtained through sunlight? should one supplement with structured water?

          • tony bonn says:

            I was already on the salt bandwagon – knowing that the medical establishment was lying about it. I often supplement with salt and I ain’t skeert.

        • Piksil says:

          Thank you Jane

          • Jane says:

            Tony – Gerald Pollack has observed the structured state of water, the structuring ability of water to move charged particles so an electrical potential is created – when harnessed enables a cell to create energy. If he only knew water was an element he could have made more headway in his experiments. That’s the oxygen misdirect retarding medicine.

            Water has the form of tubules and bubbles
            bubbles move inside the tubules and carry stuff.
            A full bubble is a drop.

            The acoustic bubble by Tim Leighton
            ocean waves are made up of bubbles
            the bubbles rise from the water carrying salt/iodine particles into the air. hence living next to an ocean beach carries lung benefits.

            the transition from water to air is via bubbles.

            stir up a mud puddle and watch how the silt is moved around.

            or look at smoke in streaming afternoon light

            air and water are interelated

            look at the tests for oxygenated blood, its simply a hydration measure – bright blood for hydrated and dark red for dehydrated and on the way back to the lungs.

            Kidneys and lungs work together to maintain blood pressure. Lungs have the minute by minute responsibility. Hence we can hold our breath. Kidneys have a longer response time.
            Heart is an energiser, structures the water inside the RBCs so it’s ready to to do work when it arrives at its destination.

            Lungs create and maintain the internal body pressure – we’re like balloons and we go saggy if not fully inflated with water pressure.

            Jon I can’t see how to contact you via email. If you are interested in an article one this subject let me know.

      • Bud Young says:

        It is only because there are $$$$$$ to be made producing Oxygen and salt is basically free.

  4. Alan says:

    Meanwhile, God looks upon sadly:

    “Dear people, (mainstream) Christians in the West and other parts of the world, sorry, I cannot protect you and save you from this shit. Because of your faithlessness and idolatry, you are not really my people, but you unknowingly follow and worship my enemy. Your believing that My malevolently creating germs to make people sick is faithlessness; your worship of the germs being more powerful than yourself, the apex of My creation, is idolatry. Aren’t you aware that the majority of the book is about these two sins? Your calling for punishing ChiCom for ‘releasing the virus’ is only exposing your own iniquity (Matthew 7:1-3). Your lip service profession of faith is worthless (Matthew 7:21-23). Please repent and come back to Me; learn through Bechamp how nicely I made you guys. There is no way out of this shit other than repentance.”

    This applies to Trump as well as everybody else.
    Blind faith is faithlessness. The only good bit for a profession of blind faith is that it gives someone like me a chance to shove the truth in their face.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Alan, I speak as one of the Lightworkers. The Supreme Creator appointed millions to come to this planet at this juncture rather than 144K. I would politely request that you not pretend to know what or how the Creator thinks. I am only Its servant but I’ve had a personal experience with Source so that I can at least say this much: you’ve got it all wrong. Source never judges. It simply “is”. ~ Blessings

      • tony bonn says:

        your last statement is personified in the selfgod aka the master/mistress of animals and many other permutations of the same idea which are found all over the world and in nearly every ancient culture. I suspect that it is closely related to yin/yang.

        I imagine that this symbol is a representation of the earliest religion in the earliest antiquity of human existence and the religion of atlantis.

      • Christine says:

        Thank you from another light worker. I wonder if we both received the same message. Nice to see you here. Blessings.

  5. Low Voltage says:

    Where to begin?

    Let’s start with this: Did China trick Hollywood into making countless movies about viruses that would annihilate civilization?

    How about this? Wall St. had been on life support since September to the tune of about $5 trillion in Repo loans. Was bailing out Wall St. part of their grand plan?

    The US economy. It began rolling over in January, and record numbers of CEOs were quitting their lavishly paid jobs. Did they know about the Chinese plan?

    Trade war. This is an oxymoron. The Chinese/American trade deficit was due to American companies producing goods in China to take advantage of China’s cheap energy and labor. Unless you’re outsourcing vital national security production, imported goods is always a benefit to the economy. It may reduce the profits of local producers, but is that a bad thing?

    China outfoxing the foxes? We live in a national security state. We have thousands of numbskulls in Washington analyzing everything the Chinese do. The US government stopped buying Chinese brand (not made!) security cameras long ago because they could use them to spy on us.

    China totalitarian? Of course, they are. They have 1.4 billion people. More than half of them were desperately poor 25 years ago. Not anymore! The idea that the mainland Chinese have some hidden desire to tattoo themselves, become obese, ride Harleys, and live in trailer parks is the worst sort of projection.

    Trump? A protege of Roy Cohn, this NY mob frontman poses as a populist renegade hated by the establishment, YET loved by Wall
    St. His claim to fame is massive deficit spending. He cut taxes and increased federal expenditures. What happened to the Tea Party and the sequester? The establishment forgot about those!

    Conclusion. I have a habit of being wrong about everything, but if I had to guess, the Chinese agreed to play along with this Deep State scheme for their own reasons (first and foremost, a peaceful termination of the Hong Kong protests). The Deep State wants the population already in lockdown to start an unpopular and likely disastrous foreign war. Let’s hope I’m wrong, and the Chinese are just being sneaky.

    • Andrew says:

      Importing goods is always a good thing? Really? Where do you get that from? All that offshoring of production and tech bolsters China.they wouldn’t be where they are without it.

  6. Low Voltage says:

    One more thing: Where did anyone think that American capitalism was going to get 10-15 million workers to staff the factories it had promised to bring back from overseas? Guess what! We now have 15 million unemployed waiters, cooks, and cabana boys. It almost seems like it was planned this way. Hmmm.

  7. From Quebec says:





    HAVE YOU NO FAITH IN THE individual?

    • Andrew says:

      What are you talking about? He is throwing out one scenario where China elites are trying to dupe the globalists whose interests intersect in many ways except the globalists would eventually want to subdue China. He is saying trump got caught in a squeeze play with his med team

      • From Quebec says:

        He is saying trump got caught in a squeeze play with his med team


  8. middleway says:

    For the globalists, the world serves as their stage. When their troupe acts in unison to the accepted script, they create the reality-play that will best facilitate the implementation of their collective objectives. The western democratic nations must now absorb the economic losses and deaths of their own citizens. The globalist regime is more than willing to write off these citizens as necessary sacrifices, much as they did to their own lesser blood-kin during the Holocaust of World War II,… and that is what my great-grandmother told me to never forget.

  9. blue horizons says:

    Seems as though if Trump’s true aim was MAGA, then the first thing he would have done upon taking office is rescind Obama’s move effectively transferring management of the internet to the UN via ICANN with the Wall Street Journal reporting at the time China is poised to eventually take over management duties of the internet worth trillions in data collection fees. Plus there’s the national security problem of not controlling a major platform for communication and commerce.

    Incidentally, former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, a member of the Trilateral Commission, sat on the international committee that decided the fate of the internet.

    Tariffs are serving the long running Kabuki theater shows while also setting the stage for the eventual regionalization of manufacturing as envisioned by the sustainable development wonks.

    Regionalism is the new meme being injected into the public mind as I caught a clip of a recent Gavin Newsom speech in which he emphasized this term. It’s also the focus of China’s Brick Road Initiative, aka Silk Road, which is formally a United Nations UNCTAD project that dismantles national sovereignty as it passes through target countries. Erik Prince, who served China training mercenaries for its colonial type takeover of Africa, is training mercenaries for BRI. Prince is also advising the Trump administration on the resurrection of a global version of Operation Phoenix.

    IMHO, we’re looking at a tightly knit global cabal. How much Trump understands or serves this is debatable, yet very likely irrelevant. Under his term as POTUS, the US has been moving inexorably towards the same Technocractic dystopia China is erecting. This is reflected in the passage of FASAB 56 during the Kavanaugh circus and then the passage of USMCA during the impeachment circus.

    Wish I could give our situation more of an optimistic spin. Perhaps the extreme police state reaction to the plan-demic will quickly wake up a lot more people.

  10. Rtp says:

    An amazing article – even though there is no way of knowing if it is true.

    What governments are doing is absolutely astonishing. At the moment they can afford to pay their police to enforce these monstrous policies. But what happens when they can’t? In my country, the states (who run the police forces) are funded by GST which would have completely collapsed given retail has collapsed. The federal government can’t continually bail them out because it too will have nothing soon save for worthless pesos.

    I can’t imagine any government – federal or state – could survive more than three months of this. Credit markets will start to seize up within a month or two for starters.

    At first, I think most governments were just too scared to go against the polls of hysterical people. But if that was all it was, then they would have gone in with the softest enforcement they could get away with. Many governments have done the opposite. Continually taking liberties until there is some level of backlash at which point they pull back for a day or two.

    Let’s be clear, even the most oppressive communist countries allow people to produce stuff so that there are enough real resources to pay their military and police to protect the politicians and public servants.

    Politicians must be thinking that in a few months time they will be able to tell their police “listen, the people are out there brandishing pitchforks. Could you be a good chap and put your body on the line protecting us from these millions of angry people. Oh and this might not be the best time to tell you, but none of you are going to get paid for another 6 months”.

    The politicians can only be as hysterical as the people. If the populous are turkeys voting for Christmas then why can’t the politicians be equally, or even more, irrational?

    • Natalie says:

      What happens? They’ll be replaced with drones. They don’t need so many armed slaves anymore. Even brainwashed as they are, they can still be a potential danger to the NWO. Besides, the depopulation agenda includes the lowly servants, you can be sure of that.

      • Rtp says:

        Are the drones going to make arrests?

        No government can survive the wrath of the people for long even if the police are on side. Let alone if the police turn against them.

        However you cut it, politicians are going to face brutal retribution.

  11. From Quebec says:

    President Trump can’t reopen the country. Only we can do that.
    Washington Post-Apr. 13, 2020
    Controversy over when President Trump will “reopen the country” is nothing … For one thing, Trump is not the one who decided to shut everything … We are sequestered and socially distanced because our governors and … is causing great hardship, and the nation cannot remain locked down indefinitely.

    • S.Penny says:

      I think you’re right. From my (albeit new and basic level) understanding, that is exactly what happened. Check out all the pics of Cuomo press conferences in front of the American and New York flags with the gold fringes and tassles. This is for a very specific reason. They are military flags. Therefore the shutting down of the state was issued under martial law, Cuomo and all other governors could do whatever the hell they wanted to do. Nothing to do with Trump.

      I know some people are already aware of this but i’m just learning of this. So many pieces of this puzzle are unfolding.

    • Rtp says:

      He does not make the decisions directly but: a) his decision to side with the hysterics gave political cover for the Governors to do this (virtually no Republican governors would have locked down if Trump told them not to); and b) he can withhold federal aid if he wants to which would make it virtually impossible for the states to go against him.

  12. Susan Remer says:

    I like it! You don’t need the real thing when you have all the players of Deception on your side any how. I listened to Xi talk about his devotion to the NWO and global govt., etc. The Wuhan bio-weapons laboratory was upgraded under the auspices of Obama’s CDC team in 2015. The WHO has staff there. I think they’re all playing their part to convince us that no matter which way we turn, there is no way to break out of this Egg. That’s why Decarceration is in full acceleration to Incarcerate the Uncooperatives until they can replace us with Robots.

    Does anyone remember how Ivanka was bragging on her young children learning to sing a song in Mandarin for Xi when he came to visit in MaraLago shortly after Trump was elected…they ate a beautiful chocolate cake! Ivanka has had a Chinese nanny for her small children since at least 2015, when this was joyfully covered in NYC reporting. They didn’t hate Ivanka back then. Her retail items – made in China. Sooooo, I think the only ones being played are We the Peasants. Trump is a great actor and deserves an Oscar when this Golden Goose is finally gutted.

  13. Hélios says:

    Sun Tzu virus is a very plausible scenario…

  14. Gniccky says:

    Good article ..thanks again


  15. William says:

    This sounds about right although I think the entire event was planned by the Chicoms in conjunction with the globalists as evidenced by event 201 among other things. At certain points their interests converge. It was the lower level foot solidiers, Fauci et al, who were baited. And the major players knew very well they would take the bait and run with it. Power is intoxicating

    • D says:

      Unfortunately I’m starting to believe you’re right. Especially after reading and watching this last night… Everybody reading this and hopefully Jon too needs to check this out…

      The following interview with an investigative journalist (a real one) named Harry Vox (Harry Stuckey) took place during the EbolaMania scare of 2014. Vox had gotten hold of a 2010 document authored mainly by “futurologist” Peter Schwartz and published by the Rockefeller Foundation. It was titled, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” — in which the various scenarios for today’s CoronaMania are clearly and “prophetically” spelled out. The report amounts to a classic textbook example of how “elite” members of the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) inform the lower tiers of their club with a wink-wink as to what will be coming in the near future.

      This is the transcript he was reading you can find online. Crazy freaking shit…

    • Laura says:

      Hey, William, what you said, that’s what I wanted to say, so thenks! And Fauci would be highly offended at being called a low-level foot soldier, megalomaniac that he is. He’s out to prove himself one of the Big Guns, if not The One, same as all of these power freaks.

  16. Scott Werdal says:

    An interesting thought piece. Where i would poke holes or at least explore for flaws is the coincidental timing with the failing western Fed reserve currency (since last September 12th). When something in the repo apparatus broke and they began buying their own treasuries because China would no longer, and that August 31st their lady who monitors for COVID type outbreaks, looked the other way and stopped monitoring (so they could- and have- accuse us of bringing the virus with our soldiers), and our Army joined theirs in joint operations/ simulations in Wuhan mid-Sept. In other words, it could have been a joint Globalist cabal operation by BOTH the US and China elements on that side to confront Trump’s nationalist position. We have a DOD special intell office dedicated to EXACTLY this sort of threat that “stood down” and permitted our Army group to participate in that joint exercise. Who are they (exactly- dig deep)? Why were reports not made/delivered to the WH about the Chinese monitoring lady stepping down two weeks before the exercises? Yes China knew we had a looming break in the corrupt western Fed Reserve machinery as our economy was sinking, that they could trigger through their substantial holdings in Deutsche Bank. Who in DOD intell. was asleep at the switch (and have you checked their bank accounts lately, or offshore transfers)? Something to ponder when they either continue fighting (watch Trump and Pompeo) or kiss and make up and sing kumbya and usher in one world digital currency, cashless society, mandatory vax and chip, total surveillance and social credit scoring (watch Trump and that NORAD commander COG guy O’Shaunessey, the canadian NA globalist in charge when Trump leaves the stage).

  17. krys says:

    Simply brilliant Jon. Once again, the fog of foolishness and silly, emotional thinking has been blown away with a refreshing breath of logic and clear thinking. Thank you and best wishes always.

  18. Natalie says:

    Plausible theory. After all, everyone wants a bigger piece of the NWO pie. But let’s not forget the Wuhan military Olympics and Event 201 that points to a global conspiracy. Even if the Chinese decided to take the initiative this time the other countries went along because it suited their globalist handlers.

  19. Tina Smith says:

    This is copied from the CDC’s website. You don’t have to have a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus for it to be listed on your death certificate. I can’t convince people with evidence this pandemic is a fraud, but the media can convince people it real with no evidence. This scares me.

    Coronavirus disease deaths are identified using the ICD–10 code U07.1. Deaths are coded to U07.1 when coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 are reported as a cause that contributed to death on the death certificate. These can include laboratory confirmed cases, as well as cases without laboratory confirmation. If the certifier suspects COVID-19 or determines it was likely (e.g., the circumstances were compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), they can report COVID-19 as “probable” or “presumed” on the death certificate (5, 6).

    • za ka lu says:

      “I can’t convince people with evidence this pandemic is a fraud, but the media can convince people it real with no evidence…”

      Not able to get through to anyone either. People I have spoke with dont seem to care about those who have had their jobs taken etc. either, just as long as they still have theirs. Are ok with the ‘new normal’ of human distancing, curbside supply distribution etc etc becoming permanent, some even state it this way as being necessary.

      Many, maybe majority, in this neighborhood and surrounding areas are donning the ‘tin foil’ masks, a marker really of where they and with who they ‘stand’, showing where they get their ‘information’ and to who they pledge their allegiance.

      Looks to me it comes down to what will we choose to honor as individuals? Will I comply to the liars and murderers? Will I obey coercive intimidation? Or will I stand up as man, honoring my authentic place with natural creation?

  20. Pierre says:

    Hi Jon ,
    still our western arrogance ? Chinese masters and Western students ? The sprayed sprinkler ? L’arroseur arrosé as we say in French ?
    It is so easy to lock down people outside of freedom . And to lock down psychopaths in their arrogance .

    With my high esteem ,
    Pierre from Bordeaux

  21. LM says:

    Here is the question, though: if Trump were really trying to Make America Great Again, would he really a) approve 5G b) demand more central banking, including a $5 trillion bailout c) encourage Americans to invest their 401ks with the S&P at 3400? And these are consistent positions, not off the cuff remarks.

    And do you really think that Trump, a master persuader and practitioner of the Art of War himself, who commands the rabid loyalty of 40% of the country whom he has primed to ignore the Fake News, was powerless against a little CCP propaganda?

    • za ka lu says:


      Yeah would Trump go along with this bailout, 5g etc if really for stopping the harm? He understands financial matters, why do this bailout? Why no expose of the CEO’s jumping ship from obvious ‘insider information’? This CEO rats leaving the sinking ship shows collusion, an orchestrated event. What degree then was anyone blindsided as posed in jon’s art of war article?

      I see too, possible that Trump is trying now to save his own fortune/wealth. He sees now the ones he is playing ball with can wipe him out in basically the blink of an eye. And that the POTUS office is not as powerful as we and he have been led to think it is.

      Besides no pres is elected by popular voting, a prez is selected and placed in office. The only votes that could possibly be valid are the electoral college, of which are really then something akin to the board of directors of this corporate business model, yes? Popular vote is just a side show, a charade for our ‘make believe’ consumption.

      • From Quebec says:





        PLEASE don’t screw it up

        • tony bonn says:

          although you are not one of my favorite people, I really can’t fault anything you say past your second sentence. 😮

          americans need to take to the streets to protest.

    • From Quebec says:

      I AM NOT FOR 5G,



  22. Peter says:

    Things which rather point to U.S. instead of China as origins of this mess, or at least to joint Deepstate-CCP project:

    – the clever organization put together by Gates to profit from all this
    – History of B.Gates vax business
    – Cyrus A Parsa recent lawsuit against tech moguls and CCP for misuse of 5G, AI, bio-engineering
    – all previous pandemics were also pushed by WHO/CDC
    – all big false flags/wars connected with deepstate: Vietnam, Iraq, 9/11, whole MiddleEast
    – pandemic is a Deepstate tactic to get rid of their worst enemy Trump
    – pandemic is great for Deepstate, covers the pedo/child trafficking activity which is about to be massively exposed

    – ANY big power structure like CCP/deepstate/tech mafia/ medical mafia/banking families, etc. profits from more population control. CCP is only one from that long list…. The rest must cooperate, Chinese could not fire it all by themselves

    Putin watches the circus and waits.

  23. Scott Werdal says:

    Ok, some proximity alarm bells were rung two years early. But did it make it up the chain of command to Trump in early Sept 2019? And did they tell him about Harvard transferring the potion concoction to that lab, as reported? And the sudden furlough of the China monitoring lady on 8/31?

  24. Plamen says:

    Pure speculation. Where is the concrete evidence of this conspiracy? Email leaks, intercepted phone calls, hard copies of documents, etc.

    Anything at all?

  25. Harold Saive says:

    You can find evidence this #Pandemicgate was coordinated between the Deep State (apex of the), China, The Bank of England, WHO and CDC. (1) The CDC began recruiting for Quarantine personnel on 11/15/2019. (2) The new 20 pound note designed in Oct, 2019 contains a COVID-19 meme on the reverse side behind the silver Crown(Corona)on the obverse side. This “branding” cannot be considered a mere coincidence, especially since to 20 pound note contains 2020 (matching the year 2020) in multiple locations on the note.(3) Italy is the most conspicuous MEDIA hot-spot for Covid deaths. But we also know that China is negotiating with Italy for 4 deep water ports in order to terminate the maritime supply chain to the EU. Today there are now more than 300,000 Chinese nationals living in Italy. Considering the air pollution, the area of Milan is considered the WUHAN of Italy with Chinese working in the Italian garment district.
    With Italy having the second oldest population in the world, many fear the worst is yet to come.

    Link between air pollution and coronavirus mortality in Italy could be possible

    • za ka lu says:

      Harold, a quick search for new twenty pound note on the bank of england website states notes were issued on feb 20, 2020— that is 2nd month, on 20th day of 2020—the controllers seem to love their cryptic symbology, numerology. Shows pre-meditation, collusion.

    • I like Jon’s theory. Consistent with it is Ben Shapiro’s new article “China has destroyed the world economy”. Shapiro, however, believes there really is a killer virus where Jon points out that the Art of War would preclude that. As well, JB in the past comments here and A Little Help (ALH) have explained how DNA designer virus may not at all be possible.

      So Shapiro’s idea that “China has destroyed the world’s economy” with Jon’s idea that they did it using the Sun Tsu Art of War… is the most interesting line of though for me this morning.

      Also consistent with Shapiro and Jon is Trump’s earlier comment calling this the “Chinese virus”. As well, Trump’s initial reaction was to call this a hoax… which turns out to be correct in light of the Art of War theory by Jon. It’s a Sun Tsu inspired Chinese Hoax. And it has destroyed the world’s economy.

      I started thinking about how messed up the Chinese regime was when Trump first tried tariffs to even the score on trade balance– and the regime responded with MORE tariffs… as IF they never understood basic high school trade-balance theory. That pugnacious idiocy resonated with me as reflective of a psychopathic Chinese government. Crazy people. They could have just worked with us. But nope.

      Ben Shapiro has said, in this recent article “Coronavirus is the Chinese Virus” on “To trust the Chinese government after a global betrayal of this magnitude would not only be foolish; it would be immoral.”

      So given the Chinese Art of War attack on the world’s economy included Italy, I started to wonder what Machiavelli might have in his tool kid to respond to Sun Tsu?

      I wonder if this theory, … if we can pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off after this vicious mind-control attack– leads to a “regime change” in China and basically the “end of China as we’ve known it”? Because this is, if true, is certainly not a way forward for the world.

      If true, this psychotic mean-spirited vicious assault… will put an end to the Chinese progress of high speed rail, their manufacturing, their investments worldwide, not to mention their wet markets and their empty cities.

      IF this theory holds up… then I’m very sorry for the Chinese people– in general.. Asians overall… as well as us. I held the Chinese miracle progress in high regard… although a bit concerned.. but now– there is no hope for China. Each “province” will have to be looked at as a separate nation-state in my opinion. We will have to start taking it apart, section by section, starting with Hong Kong again. And I guess the US will certainly have to re-double efforts to protect Taiwan.

      For the CDC, and WHO to have colluded with, or to have fallen for the tricks… and to have willingly perpetrated a killer-virus idea on the American public… with planned vaccines… means the end of them too.

      Now lets all get back to work and NOT wait for May 1. Drop this social distance nonsense. Forget the ventilators and quickly built clinics. This entire hoax… this Chinese virus hoax… should end as quickly as it began. What a waste of MY time. And what a self destructive act the Chinese pulled.

      Bad bad bad. Very bad. Tsk tsk tsk. As that Japanese emperor said after Pearl Harbor was bombed… “We’ve awoken a sleeping giant”. Well, the Chinese regime has done that now, again. And they can’t be allowed to get away with it… again– IF TRUE– as Jon wrote… which is worth mulling over.

      • za ka lu says:

        “To trust the Chinese government after a global betrayal of this magnitude would not only be foolish; it would be immoral.”

        To trust ANY GOV’T (before or) after this is not only foolish and immoral, is masochistic lunacy.

  26. blackpeat says:

    Great philosophy, Jon. Thanks for sharing your valuabale insights. You might have written here a damn realistic scenario.

  27. ken says:

    So the Chinese paid off all the hospitals and doctors that are lying like Belle Vue in NYC, or Italy? paid off the State governors, Mayors, Law Enforcement?
    Wouldn’t put it past any enemy, but it appears the world was ready and willing to be led to the wood chipper. Yes?

    Fake or not, this is the end of the Land of the Free. 50 years ago they would not have done this as they knew there would be consequences. Mainstream boomers would not have allowed it. Today after 3 generations of government school indoctrination and the end of the boomers they can get away with it.
    Bye, Bye American Pie….

    • za ka lu says:

      ken, yes all COUNTRY is no more, has been this way for our entire lives, but is now made overt.

      Ironically this means we are free-er than ever. There are no valid joinder/contracts at all. Any and all alleged contracts have been breached, are now out-in-the-open Void!!

      Like Sun Tzu instructed, ‘appear strong when weak’, well ‘they’ are as Weak as they have ever been right now, only ‘appearing’ as strong!!

      Call their bluff, ignore these ridiculous orders of distances, lockdown etc etc, All of it!! Taxes, debts, licenses, registrations, courts, All of it!!

      there is no enforceable compelled performance to anything about ‘them’!!

      Take action Now!! Do Not Comply with Any of the Systems!! Strike Now as they are WEAK and Vulnerable!! Victory is Ours Now if we act in Truth, there is no agreement!!

      We must Stand Up, as man, for earth, recognizing this Fact, and end compliance. Move to Live separately from this heinous system and its architects forever more.

  28. Scott Werdal says:

    Now here we go…DOJ is going after the Harvard link to Wuhan.

  29. Piksil says:

    Great article Jon!

    Interesting reading through the comments so far, it seems to me that most seem to think you are pointing a finger towards China as being behind this.
    Correct me if I’m wrong (please), but I believe your story involves using China as a tool by the oligarchs/TPTB/elites/NWO, whatever one wishes to call them. China is but one player in the game. They got to bat first in this exercise, because of of their ability to do certain things, like lock down a segment of the population without much more than a blink of an eye from the opposing team (Team Sheep). Next up was the WHO/CDC, who were able to ‘spread’ the ‘virus’ far and wide (global pandemic). Play by play announcers (MSM) called pandemic.
    I can’t find my scorecard, but I believe Italy was up next with the lockdown, followed by then US? Doesn’t really matter, because every player after China has followed the same game plan.
    China is not the manager, just one of the players.

    I hope when ‘they’ document their accomplishment (‘they’ like to do that–see “Tragedy & Hope”), ‘they’ make copies available to Team Sheep. Team Sheep missed so much by not scouting the other team’s practices (like 9-11, market manipulations, [s]elections, wars, UN, etc).

  30. Sunny says:

    Dr Rashid A Buttar Live – HUGE NEWS! Surgeon General Jerome Adams DROPS Gates/CDC/WHO model!!!

  31. za ka lu says:

    Everyone, does it really matter who or what is to blame now that the agenda is overtly being implemented? The ‘gov’t’ of the world will never prosecute itself!! ‘They’ will Never bring themselves to ‘justice’ in their courts, run by their pay-rolled judges, attorneys, cops, clerks, jails etc etc…EVER!!

    Just more rabbit hole isn’t it?

    The only thing that really matters is do we comply, or do we take a stand for man and all earth?
    ‘They’ are vulnerable Now, as there is no joinder, the old is plowed asunder, ‘they’ have nothing right now, we have opportunity to sever our estates from this beast, as they have in fact already done the severing!!

    Searching for who to blame does nothing to stop this malice. Info is helpful perhaps to further realization, only we can stop it by saying and acting in No Compliance to any of these terms and conditions of which there is no agreement to!!

    What other choice is there? The time is now to act.

    • Peter says:

      You are 100% correct.
      Focusing on who, how got us to this crap is a waste of precious time. We must defend our liberties and rights.
      They (The Satanic Cabal) are extremely highly organized, in a network. We are not. What strategies do you think we can use? I think the most lethal to the Cabal would be to end the consumerism for like 1-4 years… Deprive the banking cartel of revenue, interest. Zero hollywood movies, zero netflix, no expensive gadgets, $100 phone instead of $800. 15 yr old car not a new one. Grow your own food, remove most money from the bank, DONT buy anything from big pharma, fashion industry, the list endless. Problem is, WOMEN will likely sabotage that plan 🙁

      • CynthEmm says:

        Interesting thoughts, but to blame women for why that plan might not work…ridiculous assumption. “All women love to shop, therefore cutting back on consumption is bound to fail.” False.

        • za ka lu says:

          hi CynthEmm, the old adage, “women shop, men buy” comes to mind.

          Likely most if not all of ‘civilized society’ have been deceitfully programmed to ‘consume’ to one degree or another. Have Edward Bernays to thank for that I ‘spose (and probably others).

          For me connecting with nature helps me see what is authentically beneficial in value.

      • za ka lu says:

        yes Peter you are on to something, end participation in this artificially valued commercial realm made for exploitation, which is a big wing of their technocrat agenda, get peops dependent on tech, wanting newest, shiniest, biggest, fastest. Peer pressure.

        Cancel TV subscriptions, games, cable, satellite, dish…that would take a slice out of their pie, advertisements, drastically hamper their ability to disinfo deliver and clear our heads in the process.

        Yes, Learn to garden without herbicides, pesticides, their awful products. Connect with earth and nature.

        For me what should be done by all of us, is claim our estate. This boils down to basic contracting, which is origin of real sovereignty. Know who we are and who we are not. What is our true name? What have I agreed to and what have I Not. This can only be done by individual, without need for mass demonstrations etc., just word of mouth–

        Basically, what valid fair offer was tendered, and by who, that I then truly and correctly negotiated, in transparency, with clean hands at arms length at a true and correct meeting of the minds, whereby an agreement with mutual benefit was reached and entered into, and what have I not?


        The SYSTEM has never properly negotiated ANY aspect of ANY of its actions whatsoever!! EVER!! There is No ‘Deal’!! No informed consent!! No valid Contract, no privity into our private estate.

        Nothing to compel performance, which includes taxes, licenses, travel restrictions, registrations, fees, courts, color of law statutes, regulations, tickets, being detained, debt/banking, consumerism, HOA, ‘paying’ for water etc etc etc etc…

        Basically all is commerce including GOV’T, which is meant and designed for our complete exploitation…so yes, stop buying their shit!!!

        It works, I know first-hand, all one has to do is know who they really are, what is and what isn’t privy to their estate, then stand in fact. (and do not answer to the Glossa FIRST MIDDLE LAST NAME, do not show DRIVER LICENSE etc., do not answer questions, do not offer joinder, it is all overtly void now anyway)

        Stop honoring the dis-honorable usurper. What do they have without our participation??

        Re-Learn to and live in honor of what is honorable, knowing what we have agreed to and what we have not. Stand in irrefutable fact.

  32. Miville says:

    It’s a good thing that you write today about Sun Tzu and his famous book, The Art of War. In his book, this great author wrote two important chapters that have often been neglected: chapter 10 which is about the terrain and chapter 11 which is about the nine situations. One can find more about it here:

    In an other very important field, i.e. the field of health, Dr Antoine Béchamp wrote about the importance of the terrain. He meticulously researched the changing conditions of the terrain—the human body. In 1883, Dr Béchamp published a 1001-page book that was the compendium of his work over a period of over 30 years. It is preciously kept at the National Archives in Paris. In this book Béchamp explained thoroughly why the theory promoted by Louis Pasteur was ignoring or disregarding the fundamental laws of life. Unfortunately, Pasteur’s theory—the germ theory—became the foundation of modern allopathic medicine and the vaccine industry. In a 41-minute video, Jeff G. explains explains the differences between Pasteur’s approach and Béchamp’s approach. Curiously, since the time it was posted on April 1st, the video has been viewed by only 3133 people:

    I have watched the video three times and every point explained by the author makes sense. Unless one takes the time to understand Pasteur’s faulty and misleading approach, we will continue to grope in darkness and be paralyzed by our fear of a virus. We will give the enemy–the virus–an importance it never had. The real enemy is fear or stupor. Stupidity and stupor come from the same root.

  33. Miville says:

    “The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” Albert Camus, The Plague (1947).

    Is it not strange that the current plague is mainly affecting the part of the world that is supposed to be the most advanced technologically? Reliable knowledge has organizing power while ignorance has destructive power. I suggest a very valuable source of information that is regularly updated:

    Knowledge is for action. What kind of action do I want to undertake in my community to dispel fear and hysteria? A few years ago, a very efficient and respected man summarized his philosophy of action. It was a sentence made of 10 words of 2 letters each: IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME.

    • Invisible Man says:

      “Is it not strange that the current plague is mainly affecting the part of the world that is supposed to be the most advanced technologically?”

      Yeah, why aren’t the people of Belarus dropping like flies? They didn’t do any lockdowns or quarantines. They went on with life as usual.

      So why? Because the “plague” is no plague at all. It’s a creation of the mass media, an illusion, a mysterious nameless horror with no true reality. Because we live in an interconnected mass media world, the Salem Witch Hysteria can occur everywhere at once now, not just one locality.

      If only people would just stop and listen to videos like Jeff G.’s. If they would just reflect for a moment, it would be inescapable that Pasteur’s germ theory doesn’t truly explain all it purports to explain. Pasteur’s “science” was inadequate and faulty from the start.

  34. Natalie says:

    Even official historians don’t know who really wrote The Art of War. It was first translated into French by the Jesuit and it’s very possible they’re the ones who actually wrote it.

    By the way, at some point I realized Vatican (aka original globalists) always controlled astronomy which made me question that field as well. At the very least most of what Nasa does seems fake at this point.

  35. Peter says:

    Why i do not think plandemic originated SOLELY in CCP:
    1) Who was richer before 1950s: Rothschilds Shiffs and other banking clans or Chinese political leaders? Who owned a banking cartel and all intelligence agencies? Point is, the EVIL forces with HQ in the West (City of London, USA, Vatican..) were historically stronger than those in Asia.
    2) The master plan among other goals appears to be technocratic tyranny, involving chip ID money, 5G, universal basic income, crashing middle class, enriching Amazon, big pharma, Tech sector – further and HUGE centralization of power and economic/legal/physical/technological control over population

    3) PLEASE read this huge lawsuit against CCP and tech giants, Soros, Clinton, etc:

    Parsa describes very highly advanced technologies which can unleash a techno NIGHTMARE for all of us, besides the Cabal of course. Genocide is already happening, mostly in China.

    I see that most of alternative authors focus on medical or economic aspects of the BIG FAT SATANIC deception we currently have. Please… ITS A THROAT-CUTTING WAR NOW! we must invent ways of defense now, ways of removing these evil sinister forces. How to awake 80% of the population who believes the media? If awaken, how to get them on board in a war against tyranny?
    4) The whole western world (and China) is literally INSANE, possesed by pure EVIL, with worship of technology, fetish for gadgets, comfort, submission.
    There are some exceptions but they are either in Asia (Japan, Singapore) or are poor and will suffer also (Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece).

    THis is all INSANITY – the question is how we get out of it?

    Its entirely demonic when Microsoft relases a commercial with open satanist Marina Abramovic telling about immorality merged with high tech on Good Friday a day of Christ crucifixion? When Bill Gates receives 100,000 hateful comments on his instagram and on youtube?
    Folks, its in our face! Its open, I wont be surprised if Gates will reveal himself as Satan tomorrow, and media will cheer. What would the public do? Still nothing?

  36. A Little Help says:

    Hey, I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to many of your questions on the other comments section. Some of you may be interested in a gene called Syncytin that codes for a protein made onyl be cells in the placenta. The thing is, this gene is a virus. It occupies a place in the human genome, and is necessary for our survival.

    Also, it’s important to think of DNA as light. As light that resonates at various frequencies. In this sense, the double helix is a master tuning fork. SCientists have been reading it as a language with words. When in reality it is a light source.

  37. tony bonn says:

    fundamentally the Chinese did to trump what the deep state could not – ie render him impotent and a quivering @#$%$ before fauci. trump’s re-election is now sunk because he would not call crap on the corona hoax and could not.

    the delicious lethality of the dilemma is that people are probably dying out of turn (though not from corona), thus forcing trump to do something and to obey the fakery and lysenkoism of cdc.

    call it kryptonite or his Delilah moment, but trump is sunk – not that I cared about him anyway – he is just another jewish sock puppet for the jewnited states of amerika

  38. Larry C says:

    50 million divided by 1.3 billion is .038. In other words, LESS THAN ONE-HALF of one per-cent of the population. Managing these numbers would be business as usual for the Chinese.

  39. Fred says:

    Committee of 300 has been in place for hundreds of years. links below:
    they are the Parasitic class on earth:


    they are the Parasitic class on earth:

    Sidney Shapiro – Jewish-American, naturalized Chinese, member of China’s People’s Political Consultative Council,

    The Committee of 300 is a product of the British East India Company’s Council of 300. The East India Company was chartered by the British royal family in 1600. It made vast fortunes in the opium drug trade with China and became the largest company on earth in its time.

    Today, through many powerful alliances, the Committee of 300 rules the world and is the driving force behind the criminal agenda to create a “New World Order”, under a “Totalitarian Global Government”.

    There is no need to use “they” or “the enemy” except as shorthand. We know who “they”, the enemy, is. The Committee of 300 with its “aristocracy”, its ownership of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system, insurance companies, giant corporations, foundations, communications networks, presided over by a hierarchy of conspirators ~ this is the enemy.

    Secret societies exist by deception.

    Each is a hierarchy with an inner circle at the top, who deceives those below with lies, such as claiming a noble agenda; thus, duping them into following a web of compartmentalized complicity.

    The inner circle of the Committee of 300 is the Order of the Garter, headed by Queen Elizabeth Windsor II.






    • A Little Help says:

      The news is designed to induce fear and negative energy states. Think of the laws of nature as an illusion. The attempt to “figure things out” scrambles the frequency of light in your DNA. Following events helps fulfill the events.

      So rather than following the events, try to get the events to follow you.

  40. doft says:

    If Trump can spin this as China either intentionally released a bio-weapon or deliberately misinformed the world about a plague that has caused much harm to the world, He can cut China out of the global supply chain. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people would have to go back to earning $2/day instead of $20. I’ve been to China five times and this is the only thing that really worries them.

    Trump is playing a short game, getting reelected, and a longer game, ‘make America great again’. It is difficult to predict what Trump will do next. The plandemic response is clearly part of getting reelected but it also might be an effort to defeat China the way that he sees that Regan defeated the Soviet Union without firing a shot.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      That won’t happen, I can guarantee it!

      China’s economy is already getting back towards full-capacity, and they already have the majority of business concerning 5G-systems deployment.

      The USA has become a “has-been”, and is no longer the major world supplier of anything. We are but only a tiny percentage of the world economy. China’s industry is huge and was helped BY traitors within the USA!!!

      Donald J Trump’s policies and “ideas” are too late, and too short on results. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the facts speak otherwise.

      The ONLY thing we as a nation can do, is restart our own manufacturing, and become independent of everyone else again (though, fat chance that be).

      – Jim S.

  41. Jim S Smith says:

    Hi Jon!

    Another great article.

    The REASON why the Chinese Communist system is alive and well today, AND why it is so in line with the Rockefeller, Morgan, Mellon, and Rothschilds’ vision – is because it became communist following the “Boxer Revolution” in which Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) was heavily funded and assisted by the early US Intelligence Agency (and their proxy-partners-in-crime) as dictated to by these wealthy “Robber-Barons”! The very reason for today’s China being a communist regime – is a direct result from funding (using Americans’ looted Gold, etc – courtesy of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM), to become a major player in the system of global enslavement.

    The history is there, even though today’s academic institutions will refute, deny, and laugh off such observations. (They have no interest in educating the public to the true origins of this global system.) ALL this talk about China becoming THE globalist masters is inaccurate, and a huge distraction from the truth: The government of China is controlled by the very same globalists who control most of the world’s governments. – They are simply a “chess-piece” on the global “Grand Chess Board”.

    All of our major technology transfers to China, to include the manufacturing and data storage facilities were deliberately moved to China, because their people are already living under an advanced stage of authoritarianism. Plus, this moves the manufacturing (and accountability) outside the reach of We, The People. THAT’s how these new technologies have been developed for many years before We, The People even realized they existed!!!

    Whereas the USA was part of the huge start in global affairs, it is now China’s turn to take over the reins of managing the conversion of this world into a gargantuan police-state. This has always been “The Plan”.

    Please check into it, Jon. The world really needs to know who REALLY calls the shots, it is not China, not Bill Gates, not Anthony Fauci, but those who control THEM.

    We are wasting our time and energy going after “The branches of evil”, instead of “Striking the root”!

    – Jim S.


    BTW: If ANYONE is still using Gmail, Yahoo, MSNmail, or any of the big “free email” services, this warning notice is for YOU:

    – The Chinese-style social-credit censorship is here! I have noticed that my own (soon-to-be former) email service (which I have used since 2004) has been arbitrarily deleting/blocking emails from certain websites, people, etc! I have decided to go to a different, more-secure email service that DOES offer a “lite” free account, without all the unwarranted censorship. Just beware, our big “free email services” are also going to get into the act of censoring email (and in some cases: SMS/MMS messaging by phone).

    • tony bonn says:

      I have been hosting my own email for a few years now for this very reason. earthlink arbitrarily froze my emails without warning or justification on several occasions. I finally told them to go fuck themselves. and that was paid service.

  42. Jim S Smith says:

    We are at that point, as a Nation, where our options to force a roll-back of all this authoritarianism, may end up requiring the use of force.

    It is looking like our prized nation is being set up for an engineered famine! The former heads of the UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME & UNITED NATIONS FUND FOR POPULATION ACTIVITIES publicly-stated, years ago, that they would “Use food as a political bargaining chip – to enforce global policy (from un-elected bureaucrats). In other words, “Either fully comply, or starve to death!”

    The “fix” is in, and this SHAM-demic was the cover!!!

    – Jim S.

  43. Laura says:

    Thanks for such comprehensive insights into all of this. I’ve thought from the beginning that whether it’s a real virus or not, the effect is the same. The illusion of a terrifying pandemic, incorporating already high numbers of pneumonia (etc.) deaths that occur every year, is just as effective at creating panic, stampedes and national weakness as any real disease could be. Maybe even worse, as a fake disease has no limits.

  44. From Quebec says:

    Donald Trump shot back at a reporter on Monday during his White House press conference on coronavirus when repeatedly asked why there are no consequences for China.

    “How do you know that there are no consequences?” Trump asked.

    “I wouldn’t tell you. China will find out. Why would I tell you?” Trump replied when repeatedly asked if China was going to face the consequences of the alleged misinformation.


  45. voza0db says:

    5,000 plus years of Chinese Wisdom on all fields are being displayed for us…

    We should consider this an Historical and Epic Event.

  46. Peter says:

    We are living in the end times for this race, the four preceding root races perished by gigantic cataclysms, and our fifth root race will not be an exception. We can see this with the perverse current events along with; tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires etc. We have broken all higher laws; we are filled with desires/materialism and these are the consequences. Nature will take care of things as it needs to be. This sounds harsh but just the way it is.

  47. Pa Kettle says:

    I agree that this scenario is a possibility AND that they could have also released a regular type flu into the mix as a cover just in case their plan got exposed. Obviously it wouldn’t cause a pandemic.


    Isn’t it easier to think that someone, Bill Gates or whoever, or a group of people, contacted the Chinese government directly or via the WHO?

    “When you have someone with serious respiratory problems, by the end of 2019, call me”


      It doesn’t have to be the Chinese executive, the president. It could be someone related to the Ministry of Health.


    What do you think of Andrew Kaufman’s hypothesis about exosomes?

    If the alleged “SARS-CoV-2” is in fact an exosome, the game is over. Is someone doing research on this?

    Also, in the second video, Kaufman says that he doesn’t know any experiment which shows how a disease is transmitted via saliva. Do you know any paper?

  50. A LIttle Help says:

    There are many levels of control. But laughter is important:

  51. yes. As Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai has been all over the internet with interviews. Highly skilled with 4 degrees from MIT, but firmly opposed to the Pharmaceutical Elite and the Deep State, he has been pointing out that one’s natural immune system is really the key to fighting off the Corona or any illness.

    Another youtuber jsnp4 has seen and showed the CDC guidelines to document any death as “COVID related”.

    Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. The REAL Enemy. Here & Now.

    I have also quoted this article in book I am writing “Q ANON: The Reluctant Warrior” (Part 11)

    I think you are 100% right.

  52. AnnieM says:

    If there is not a single agent for most COVID-19 illnesses then why is the HCQ+zinc+azithromycin combination so effective for almost all COVID-19 cases?

    • A Little Help says:

      The effect does not prove the cause.

    • Typhus Conn says:


      The answer us what those that abide do not want known.

      That Zinc, HCQ, & ZPac kills replication of all so called viruses…along with other cheap approaches

      All inter~cellular parasites>

      Mayhap even…

      The cause of Cancer even…a pleomorphic parasite…

  53. deep says:

    You could be onto something Jon. What people should understand is simple: The world is filled with one group of rich assholes trying to take the other group of rich assholes money (and power).

    These people aren’t as ‘tight’ as many in the conspiracy world like to pretend. Each has their own interest, and interests within those interests; Each plays the game, to a point, moving a piece on the board ultimately for the best result for themselves.

    I recently noticed that Trump has signed an Executive Order to form a committee to investigate foreign interference in American Telecommunications for purposes of ‘National Security’.

    Does this executive order look like it came from a group of ‘tight knit’ globalists?

    That being clear, researching the communist literature, one finds in particular the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, the communist revolutionary group of the current director of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, a personal stooge of President Xi.

    The group’s own literature is found here:

    Browse through it. Do these seem like people that are going to ‘go along’ with the current power structure? The literature specifically states that their goal is the destabilization of Sovereign governments, to induce a state of unrest, so that people will finally come to terms with the fact that they ‘require’ a Marxist government to save them from tyranny. Order ab Chaos.

    Problem, Reaction, Solution.

    Gates, Fauci, and the rest of the scum are playing the same old game, thinking it’s ‘business as usual’, while other powers are coming to the fore to bite. The exploitation of existing weakness, letting your enemy hang themselves, it is quite the thrill. Ah, and let’s not forget Google. The sheer amount of data harvested gives leverage (blackmail) over every politician, banker, and other scum in the universe. We all know Google loves to build firewalls for China, don’t we?

    I’ve said it since the beginning, this whole thing seems strung together in a half-assed manner. Yes, the Trilateralists may have been ‘planning’ for an event like this for years, but were clearly not ready to go ‘live’. Frankly, if this is the best they have, they’re in trouble. Contrary to what other’s are saying, I’m seeing more people ‘question’ the official narrative. Perhaps they’re not at the point of ‘All Viruses = hoax’ just yet, but they’re coming along.

    Does this look like a well thought out plan to anyone?

    Food for thought

  54. Aron says:

    So sick of the psyop. Now they’re pushing the bioweapon narrative strong. How do nations respond to a weapons attack normally? Don’t want to think about it.

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