Exit From The Matrix: Your power in a decaying world

by Jon Rappoport

These are notes I made prior to preparing my second collection, Exit From The Matrix:

“Solutions to private problems and public problems require the ability to think things through, logically, and to reject what is unworkable or biased—but above and beyond that, a person needs to be able to imagine solutions that haven’t been tried before.”

“Propaganda says: defect from your own power. Never find out what it is. Assume it isn’t there. Propaganda says: all life is about the species, not about the individual.”

“When propagandists find a good thing, a message that works, they pound on it, they keep hammering away. Family, group, family, group, community. On and on. They never promote the message called The Individual with the same intensity. That would be counter-productive to what they are trying to accomplish: group identity; and amnesia about being an individual.”

“Civilization continues to erode and decay, as individual power is put on the back burner. But that doesn’t give the individual a license to surrender. If others want to give up, that’s their business. The individual, instead, finds new frontiers for his power, for his capacity to invent reality.”

“There is you, there is your own power. And what is that power? It comes in two forms or venues. First, there is the ability to apply logic to events and information; to think rationally from A to B to C; to analyze. And second, there is imagination, the capacity to conceive and then invent realities that would never otherwise exist in the world.”

“You exercise your creative power to fulfill what you deeply desire; and that process will, in fact, spill over and affect others in a positive way. It will lift them up. It will remind them that they, too, have power.”

“Logic and analysis keeps you from being sent down wrong roads, keeps you from buying official reality. Logic also reminds you that you have a mind. Logic is a road that can take you deeper and deeper into more basic fallacies that underpin organized society and its branches of knowledge. Logic tells you there are always more fundamental questions to ask and answer. There are levels of lies. The deeper you go, the more confident you become. The more powerful. Logic also lets you know when you’re projecting basic pre-judgments over a whole landscape and neglecting to look at the details.”

“Passivity is a disease. It spreads and takes over. It makes strong people weak, and weak people demented. The passive life is precisely and exactly a life without power. The cure is a life lived with power.”

“In case there is any misunderstanding, the ability to help others and defend them from oppression is part and parcel of your own power. How could you help them without your power? How could you accomplish anything at all in that direction? How would denying your own power possibly result in a good outcome? And most importantly, it is through imagination that you can devise new ways to expose and reduce oppression, ways that haven’t been thought of before.”

“As society continues to decay, more and people attack individual power and place their faith in a program that reduces every human to a lowest common denominator of dependence on some controlling entity. This article of faith is abject surrender.”

“Some people want to say that power is a neutral object that can be used for good or evil. That isn’t true. Your deepest power is alive. It’s personal. It’s stunningly energetic and dynamic. It connects with your deepest understanding of what is true and good and right. But it never sacrifices itself on the altar of what others insist is good and true and right. It never deserts you for an abstract ideology someone else has devised. That ideology was formulated, in fact, to separate you from your power.”

“It takes great energy for a person to bury his own strength. Why not use that energy to multiply your power?”

The creative power of the individual, which is the key to his future, his happiness, his freedom, flows from his imagination.

For this reason, over the last 20 years, I’ve developed hundreds of imagination exercises, about 50 of which are included in my collection, Exit From The Matrix.

Here are the full contents of my mega-collection Exit From The Matrix. You can order it here:

exit from the matrix

First, my audio presentations:















Then you will receive the following audio seminars I have previously done:

* Mind Control, Mind Freedom

* The Transformations

* Desire, Manifestation and Fulfillment

* Altered States, Consciousness, and Magic

* Beyond Structures

* The Mystery and Magic of Dialogue

* The Voyage of Merlin

* Modern Alchemy and Imagination

* Imagination and Spiritual Enlightenment

* Dissolving Stress

* The Paranormal Project

* Zen Painting for Everyone Now

* Past Lives, Archetypes, and Hidden Sources of Human Energy

* Expression of Self

* Imagination Exercises for a Lifetime

* Old Planet, New Planet, New Mind

* The Era of Magic Returns

* Your Power Revealed

* Universes Without End

* Relationships

* Building a Business for Success

I have included an additional bonus section:

* My book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies (pdf document)

* My book, The Ownership of All Life (pdf document)

* A long excerpt from my briefly published book, Full Power (pdf document)

* My 24 articles in the series, “Coaching the Coaches” (pdf document)

And these audio seminars:

* The Role of Medical Drugs in Human Illness

* Longevity One: The Mind-Body Connection

* Longevity Two: The Nutritional Factors

(All the audio presentations are mp3 files and the documents and books are pdf files. You download the files upon purchase. There is no physical ship.)

What has been called The Matrix is a series of layers. These layers compose what we call Reality. Reality is not merely the consensus people accept in their daily lives. It is also a personal and individual conception of limits. It is a perception that these limits are somehow built into existence. But this is not true.

What I’ve done here is remove the lid on those perceived limits. This isn’t an intellectual undertaking. It’s a way to open up space and step on to a new road, with new power.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

3 comments on “Exit From The Matrix: Your power in a decaying world

  1. About Creativity says:

    Very good, ´´imagine solutions that haven’t been tried before.”

  2. John says:

    We now exist in a society where accountability no longer exists. Evil people are free to do whatever they wish. The good and rational people who are responsible and who attempt to do good, are now the ones who are scorned upon.

    Up is down, down is up, north is south and south is north. There is no moral compass, evil runs rampant. Not only is evil not confronted, it is applauded and lauded.

    The financial system is based upon debt and more debt. People in power get more corrupt by the second. Many in the religious hierarchy preach perversion. The media promotes it all.

    Logic is the enemy and truth is a menace. Facts are discounted and evidence gets discarded. People have given up their right to think and have becoming the willing slaves of a leftist technocracy, which through artificial intelligence will soon make mankind extinct.

    Dystopia has arrived and nothing in the world today makes any sense. Common sense is dead, critical thinking has been outlawed. People no longer live but rather are chained to cell phones in a race to be perpetually amused to death. Willful ignorance has become the new plague.

    Everybody has given up their right to individual liberty and their freedom to speak and live their lives based upon virtue.

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’ ”
    -St. Anthony the Great-

    “Some people think they can find satisfaction in good food, fine clothes, lively music, and sexual pleasure. However, when they have all these things, they are not satisfied. They realize happiness is not simply having their material needs met. Thus, society has set up a system of rewards that go beyond material goods. These include titles, social recognition, status, and political power, all wrapped up in a package called self-fulfillment. Attracted by these prizes and goaded on by social pressure, people spend their short lives tiring body and mind to chase after these goals. Perhaps this gives them the feeling that they have achieved something in their lives, but in reality they have sacrificed a lot in life. They can no longer see, hear, act, feel, or think from their hearts. Everything they do is dictated by whether it can get them social gains. In the end, they’ve spent their lives following other people’s demands and never lived a life of their own. How different is this from the life of a slave or a prisoner?”
    -Liezi, Lieh-tzu: A Taoist Guide to Practical-

    There is one man in jail right now called Julian Assange, if he is allowed to tell the truth, the whole world will change. But most don’t even know he exists, most in power want to silence him forever.

    “Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love. In a modern economy it is impossible to seal oneself off from injustice.” -Julian Assange-

    God help us all, for we are now become nothing more than a bunch of zombies, who are all waiting to be exterminated. We no longer have the courage or the intellectual capacity to see or seek truth. Most of us are standing by and doing nothing as the corrupt become more corrupt, and the world burns into a deep abyss.

  3. za ka lu says:

    not much to argue with there Jon, there are no cleans hands, all creation is controlled by the systems in all of it’s tentacles/cartels—none more than by the $—if a creation does not translate into $ then it cannot sustain itself, and it will not provide for tangible survival—-even if a ‘creation’ translates into $, it is still under the control of $ ‘reality’, creating in $’s terms and conditions is firmly IN the ‘matrix’–

    i could grow and forage my own food and live naturally with the land, but need the land and water to do it with, all of which has been (fraudulently and coercively) claimed by the ‘system’, so without $, cannot have the land to live with in peace—all creation/existence here in this realm we are told to call earth has been comprehensibly hijacked—

    like in a jack true interview;

    Q: Suppose, in a relationship, you have a person outside the bubble and a person inside the bubble?

    A: (laughs) Forget it. You’ve got a formula for misery.

    well this is the situation i see with entirety of society i am exposed to—when attempt to explain there is no valid consent(for one example), i get hate as a response, the lie is defended, nurtured and coveted.

    So how is there really escape from the control system when all around is under seemingly unbreakable influence of?

    what am i missing, Jon?

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