Bayer and Monsanto are facing the music

But, Bayer intends to re-write history

by Jon Rappoport

April 29, 2019

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As most of you know, Bayer now owns Monsanto. To make it happen, it forked out $66 billion in 2018. Among the new parent’s problems? Lawsuits against Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, Roundup.

Catch this, from “Recently, in a key bellwether trial, a U.S. federal jury in San Francisco found Bayer liable for plaintiff Edwin Hardeman’s non-Hodgkin lymphoma [caused by Monsanto’s Roundup] and awarded him $80 million in damages. Bayer said it plans to appeal, as it is doing with a [similar] California state suit that awarded the plaintiff $78 million. Still, there are more than 11,200 other similar suits [against Roundup], according to Bayer’s last tally.”

Therefore, key Bayer shareholders are angry at Bayer’s board for greenlighting the 2018 buyout of Monsanto. Bayer intends to eradicate the name “Monsanto,” and do business under a fully merged single name, its own. But for now, that hasn’t stopped the flood of lawsuits against Bayer aimed at its adopted child, Monsanto/Roundup.

What about sales of Roundup? As early as 2016, for several reasons, a sharp decline had already set in. One reason: in 2015, the World Health Organization had declared glyphosate, the prime ingredient in Roundup “a probably carcinogen.” Monsanto moved to cut 16% of its work force.

Bayer appears to be “taking one for the team.” It certainly bought Monsanto knowing full well that Roundup was going to be a big problem. It knew Monsanto had garnered a horrendous reputation from one end of the planet to the other—owing in part to Roundup, and also the disastrous pioneering of GMO crops. But big daddy Bayer didn’t flinch. After all, it has territory to defend—it’s in the same basic business as Monsanto was: genetic manipulation. To protect and sanitize that Brave New World territory, long-term, Bayer aims to swallow Monsanto whole, no matter how much penalty-money that costs, thus making Monsanto disappear for future generations.

“Monsanto? Oh yes. Wasn’t that some kind of farming company? Or a music group?”

That’s the game here. A handful of giant biotech companies (and their shadowy backers) intend to OWN the future, via various forms of radical gene-alteration, in plants, animals, and humans. They want nothing to hinder that agenda. Monsanto was a stain. It brought down heavy attacks on the whole “genetic community.” Therefore, it had to go. The only question was: who would come up with the huge buyout cash and make the sacrifice?


Once the core of the infamous Nazi cartel, IG Farben, Bayer had a history of re-writing history. Long term, it would know how to make Monsanto vanish, as if it had never existed.

That operation is now underway.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  2. Conservative Detective, JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG says:

    I see this on food labels: “glyphosate”

  3. Conservative Detective, JEFFREY A. FRIEDBERG says:


  4. petergrafstrm says:

    If the universe is a living and perceiving process it might not like all kinds of meddling with the biosphere. Such as the deprivation of the biosphere from a large variety of insects and plants.
    There is a positive meaning with that great variation and we ought to feel ave before it and try to maintain that variation.
    Profit-driven development is complicated by the rise of advanced science and technology. Some inventions may render previously profitable older technology obsolete.
    And as we know already existing genomes from plants and animals cannot be patented.
    In that case profit-driven development is tempted to remove old and functioning rival natural ‘tech’
    Although those two examples differ, both illustrate the limits of profit as a guide to progress.

  5. To understand the truth of this tale one needs to go back to the days after the Nuremberg trials that found Bayer guilty in the conspiracy and of the creation of the I G Farben conglomerate — and those uncountable war crimes committed in its name — and the Nuremberg decision, banning Bayer from doing business in the USA and the west forever — and so a little company named Monsanto made a deal with the devil and created the mess we are in environmentally.

    A staggering point of contention of why Corporations should not have personhood.

    MOBAY: the temporary marriage of Bayer and Monsanto ended in the silent and behind the scenes breaking of law and Bayer’s introduction of polyurethanes amongst other poisons, into the US market and the slow destruction of the water, the environment, the Human gut and immune system and public health through chlorinated, brominated, and fluourinated “OIL” of Bayer’s science labs. The Halogens are the real horsemen of the apocalypse.

    These two started it out…and that unholy marriage back then in 54, gave birth to a whole slew of dangerous chemicals and products and medications and fertilizer and herbicides and pesticides, and food products and containers and widgets and what nots, and wazzoos…

    Monsanto gave Bayer a way into the US in 1954, Bayer gave Monsanto a way out in 2019. Monsanto also holds the patents on chemicals that can now be fully exploited with the absorption of Monsanto by Bayer…you have to remember Monsanto is a dirty word in Europe. But they have so much R&D that is unexploited for the immense ocean of profit money. 

    This is not the end of Monsanto but a new beginning. These companies are at the center of globalism and culling of human populations and the infamous Agenda 21.  

    • petergrafstrm says:

      The Nuremberg trials forgot to bring up IGFarben’s angloamerican partners. Nazi Germany was in every way a creation of foreign powers.
      Those foreign powers exploited the downtrodden Germany like a technological colony and as proxy warriors.

      • A Nazi protecting Nazis…

        I G Farben:
        BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Chemische fabrik vorm, Chemistche Fabrik Griesheim Elecktron.

        Key People:
        Carl Bosch founder of I G Farben, the visionary.  

        Carl Duisberg chemist and industrialist the CEO of Bayer.

        Herman Schmitz, German industrialist and CEO of IG Farben, he originally came from BASF.

        Edmund Ter Meer, his dye company was bought by Bayer — inventor of the “Ter Meer Reaction” use in explosives and pharmaceuticals he liked nucleophilic and electrophilic proton reactions with halides and nitrites (his son also a chemist was the infamous Fritz Ter Meer).

        Arthur Von Weinberg was a German chemist and industrialist who co-founded I G Farben, he came from German nobility, we have spoken about this matter before in the creation and genesis of Nazism in the distant past. He was a natural Nazi.

        But…alas no Americans or British — all Germans, all Nazis, all hated Jews. All were war criminals there were no innocent German bankers.
        And your wrong as usual with the conspiracy thinking. 

        • petergrafstrm says:

          You are perhaps a cognitive infiltrator of the kind Cass Sunstein pushed.
          Nazism was a british masonic satanist project from the beginning with the Us as an inferior partner. In the eyes and words of Lord Halifax ‘the americans have their moneybags but we (the british ) have all the brains.’
          Nazism communism and zionism (and later the rising muslim brotherhood) were all masonic satanist projects as duped stooges for the british empire.
          Did you know Hitler jugendt was an american quaker-led youth organisation for which Hitler kept the leaders through the war. He just changed the name. The wellknown phrase ‘Arbeit macht frei’ seen on nazi labour camps was a direct translation from american.
          The idea of using youth organisations to control foreign countries was widely employed by Britain in the 19th century even in both north and south america and the Us/Uk in our time still use it to encourage regime changes.

          And Mr Burns, if you are seriously interested, you cant be so blind that you dont understand that the relation between the Us/Uk and nazigermany was a master slave relation. Germany brought down on her knees, doublecrossed and humiliated, just as britains elites had openly stated as an aim. And then the Us/Uk supported a radical movement to turn Germany into an attackdog for Britain. Britains elites had prepared the ground for that radical movement in parallell with Britain’s backstabbing of the jews over the then past century.
          Unofficially, Hitler obtained Rockefeller-oil until august 1944 with a brief earlier pause. If Hitler had not got that favor he would have occupied Gibraltar (of critical importance for Britain) but he didnt want to harm his admired Britain. And the Rockefeller oil was reloaded in the Malvinas so Spain was collaborating anyway.
          Likewise the british elites behind a front did trade with oil to the enemy in WWI. (The british hided that they still financed Romanian oil, pretending to have sold their earlier branch there) And did many other moves in conflict with the official narrative.
          In WWII the dupe Hitler was thinking he would be an accepted partner if ‘only’ he fought the Soviets.
          Both wars were simultaneously angloamerican business arrangements and not mainly determined by military strategic aspects.
          WWI is incomprehensible from the perspective of court historians but makes good sense from the business perspective. Likewise WW2 would never have started if the Us/Uk hadnt wanted it.
          If you are not hired for cognitive infiltration ie to troll honest critics and if you really hold the views you seem to, then it illustrates how the Us elites are able to dumb down the public and that you have never even barely researched the subject matter.

          • “[…] british masonic satanist project […]”

            What? Now I am involved in a jewish conspiracy to subvert your truth. Your just keep spinning in circles, aren’t you lol.. far too funny.

             Bend it whatever way you want to see it!

            Farben financed 80% of the Nazi’s rise, they were the motivators of the second world war; they created the Hitler youth and the Brown shirts; there was investment by a despicable few Americans and British (individuals).

            But the full collusion of all US/UK elite and western governments is unfounded and based solely in conspiracy theory only.
            Very very few facts lean towards your argument and you know it. You know quite well that you are a liar.

            I. G. Farben sought what is now evident in the EU, and the Pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry…You will bend whatever data you hold to suit your agenda, which is subversive and its aim, is divisive, not to inform. You are likened to the IRA in your disinformation. Am I ringing a bell?

            The reason why you both plague me like fleas on a camel, is because I can undo what you disinform. 

            Your disillusionment that you undo what academics have dug deep and painfully to gain, is tested by the knowledge you gain from a few armchair historians, who would never stand up to any peer review. They were never published — oh but I forgot the publishing houses are in on it too…

            To undo you bigotry here would take lengthy writing. I don’t have the time or the care.

            “In WWII the dupe Hitler was thinking he would be an accepted partner if ‘only’ he fought the Soviets.”


            Germany was at a high point of economics, and the battle against Britain. It was winning. The British were on their godam knees. Hitler walked into France; he took Poland in two weeks. Have you heard of Dunkirk? Hitler was fighting on two fronts, if his attention had been on D-day, we would be goose stepping here in the west — you’d like that wouldn’t you? 

            There are about fifteen quality books on the Battle of Stalingrad alone. The largest industrial strength battle ever fought on planet earth. The destruction and human carnage will live forever in the social consciousness of humans. The negative feedback is unbelievable. The only thing that tops it is the death camps.

            Nearly 2.2 million personnel fought that 5 month battle. Did you get that stupid? 5 months in the coldest winter that Europe had seen in a long while. Scorched earth saved the Russians. They had very little in terms of tools and many men as far as divisions of troops. There are pictures of citizens in Stalingrad selling human body parts on tables in a make shift market for the soup pots. This was normalised behavior.

            This one battle broke the back of the Wehrmacht, forever.  

            Dead wounded and captured some 1.5 to 2 million humans. Do you understand these numbers? They are still finding dead and unexploded munitions out there.

            Kharkov the largest tank battle ever witnessed was unbelievably surreal for those that fought it. The carnage is beyond description here. The lost of tanks and planes and guns…. and humans.

            To have a twit like yourself, break it down to some part of a conspiracy by the US/UK elite is insufferable to read. To some “[…] british masonic satanist project […]” is an unbelievable dishonor to those that laid their life down, you little prick.

            Are you fucking insane. 

            I have blocked your messages from my WordPress…I won’t talk to you again liar.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            You are an ignorant, fed with the official court historians meagre soup of lying by omission or lying outright. But your constant stream of ad hominem is a sure sign of someone who is fumbling for arguments.
            ‘Hitler was winning’ – yes because he was the attackdog Britain wanted and needed for her ol’ balance of power strategy. They wanted to sit on the fence while germans and russians bled, seeing the Mackinder project fulfilled.
            Germany’s (grossly unfair) war reparations were effectively switched off by Wall streets series of new loans. Without Wall Street and London’s decisive support- economic – industrial – and political – Hitler would never even have become a chancellor. The german people didnt even vote him into office in the last free election, where the nazis lost 4% of the total votes. Instead he was selected by the convenient new law to that effect.
            But your ignorance of what really happened the century before when Britain’s Israel project as well as Britains back-stabbing of the jews together with Britains buildup of the cults behind nazism and also Britains creation of christian zionism took place explains your surprise about where satanism came in. The masonic satanists like John Nelson Darby and Alistair Crowley were simply exponents for the ruling class. Darby was an East India Company agent and other christians in the Us have listed all the differences compared with the bible and discussed how Darby’s variant is connected with the new world order.
            Relatively recently (around 1990) adherents of British Israelism from Britains establishment have both confirmed that they gladly join seances of satanism and believe that the real jews are anglosaxons and celts.
            The lost tribe…
            Satanism means you distance yourself from the teachings of Christ and many biblical teachings. You know the comparison about the camel going through the needle’s eye and the rich going to heaven.
            Is it surpricing that the rich are less enthusiastic when they hear that they wont come to heaven? And that therefore they show sympathy for the other guy…

          • “Mackinder” Its Mankinder…

            “Germany’s (grossly unfair) war reparations were effectively switched off by Wall streets series of new loans.”

            No!. the economics were understood as in there consequence and so a new set of principals was enacted. You twist to suit your conspiracy. To sacrifice to your god named CONSPIRACY.

            ” […]Hitler would never even have become a chancellor.”

            Farben and only Farben made this possible through the Brown shirts and the Reichstag fire, and a poor bastard named Marinus Van der Lubbe.

            You are blind and I can’t see, I cannot help you so I will leave a poem by a greater poet…a thinking man, a man who has thought deeply about something.


            On my desk there is a stone with the word “Amen” on it,
            a triangular fragment of stone from a Jewish graveyard destroyed
            many generations ago. The other fragments, hundreds upon hundreds,
            were scattered helter-skelter, and a great yearning,
            a longing without end, fills them all:
            first name in search of family name, date of death seeks
            dead man’s birthplace, son’s name wishes to locate
            name of father, date of birth seeks reunion with soul
            that wishes to rest in peace. And until they have found
            one another, they will not find a perfect rest.
            Only this stone lies calmly on my desk and says “Amen.”
            But now the fragments are gathered up in lovingkindness
            by a sad good man. He cleanses them of every blemish,
            photographs them one by one, arranges them on the floor
            in the great hall, makes each gravestone whole again,
            one again: fragment to fragment,
            like the resurrection of the dead, a mosaic,
            a jigsaw puzzle. Child’s play.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            So “Michael Burns cant see”? Seriously? Using text to sound conversion? That explains why you have trouble seeking good sources. If so I understand your difficulties.
            Whether or not you meant it, that reminds me of my concern over amurcas science sector. The Us has had an edge in neuroelectronics for many decades but has abstained from actually bringing it to full blossom since the elites have put the prority on secrecy. There are some uses both for twarting pain , for artificial vision and for repairing broken spines for eliminating paralysis. But the organisation has been lacking. It appears that scientists have obtained too brief funding so for decades it has been a series of too weakly organised efforts. In addition due to the secrecy newly started projects in the 70s, 80s, 90s etc has not had full access to already existing, tested and tried equipment.
            Classified technological developments are often highly compartmentalised so the separate strands dont know about the parallell projects.
            Moreover those neuroelectronical methods also compete with already existing profitable medicines – painkillers and this may have held back good uses.
            What regards the elimination of paralysis I am not sure if there are motives about handikapped people being more profitable. The wheelchair industry? I dont think so. But no matter what the motives, the Us could long ago have launched several modern medical applications without the sideeffects of pills. That would have created a need for a variety of technicians and engineers and many millions of injured people would have benefitted worldwide.

  6. ebolainfo says:

    Those of us that detest the EU and IG Farben’s links to the 3rd Reich are aware of Bayer’s history.

    ” IG Farben, was a German chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate. Formed in 1925 from a merger of six chemical companies—BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, and Chemische Fabrik vorm. Weiler Ter Meer[1]—it was seized by the Allies after World War II and divided back into its constituent companies”

    To my mind, Bayer has just confirmed it has not changed its fascist spots!

  7. Not So Free says:

    Pardon my skepticism, but does anyone seriously believe there will be any worthwhile punishment for these criminals?

    • NaturalWoman says:

      Yes, there should be punishment for the individuals who committed these huge chemical crimes against humanity. So far, only the corporation has had to pay cash. Are individuals never going to be held accountable? At the very least, seize their ill-gotten gains.

      • paschn5167 says:

        Skepticism? Hardly. More like realism. We, as a people, have allowed the “incorporated” moniker to permit those snakes to, quite literally, get away with murder. Now that they’ve bought CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS w/o Citizen responsibility, the sky’s the limit. Would you like a pure example of how this obscene cesspool treats bona fide patriots? Decent and honorable representatives? People like Cynthia McKinney, our own Mr. Rappoport et al?


        April 17, 2003 —
        Most of the people who write me say they cannot understand why the government targeted me with such a passion. Every rumor and innuendo that any political opponent would plant and foster became public and, before long, developed into an indictment without any physical evidence — only the testimony of subjects who were able to avoid jail by fabricating falsehoods about me. Lies and half-truths became ‘facts;’ and ultimately became a 10-count indictment. My evidence, that would have proved they were lying, was not allowed to be presented — either before the Congress or the Federal Court! However, I know why I was targeted: I was not afraid of the government, and I had learned too much! The beginning of all of this was my first trial, in 1983, when I became the only American in history to defeat the U.S. Department of Justice in a RICO case — pro se (representing myself), and me not being an attorney. They were embarrassed! The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I proved that John Demanjuk was not the infamous Ivan the Terrible of the Treblinka death camp in Poland. The government was stunned and in shock. The real Ivan was nine years older, taller, and had black hair and a scar on his neck; his name was Ivan Marchenko. My investigation, in conjunction with John Demanjuk’s beautiful family, proved not only that John was innocent, but also that the Justice Department knew he was not guilty — even before they took him to court! 

        Shame, shame!! They lied to the court — gave false testimony and presented false witnesses — knowing that he would be put to death! Shame!! The Justice Department then came after me with revenge, and a passion! I lost my respect and my faith in our government. Because this case was ‘too sensitive,’ Congress would not even hold a hearing on my evidence . . . Congress, all of them, at the time — turned their back, worried about reelection!!
        The Democrats were in charge then, and they knew of my investigation in Congress . . . hoping I would abandon it! I did not! I sent my findings to the Israeli Supreme Court — and they had no choice: They released John Demanjuk! In fact, they delivered him to me at the airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, and I personally brought him home, along with his son, his son-in-law, and Israeli bodyguards! I am proud of what I did. No one else, in the House or the Senate, would even talk to the family — afraid of media power and the vindictiveness of the Justice Department. But even today, John Demanjuk is still being persecuted. Shame!
        The government agents that destroyed Demanjuk’s life should be in jail! That was just the tip of the iceberg. When people saw what I had done for the Demanjuk family they came to me with information so powerful that it is hard to believe. The government knew I was getting sensitive information that could damage the American people’s confidence in the government. It may all sound far-fetched, but the government knows that I know — and so they had to ruin my voice by destroying my credibility. I may yet divulge this information if I can get the proper forum.
        As you know, I was the dreaded enemy of the I.R.S. My legislation in the last I.R.S. Reform Bill changed the Burden of Proof law. Before that, you had to prove you were innocent in a tax court. The burden of proof was on the taxpayer. The I.R.S. said you owed . . . but the I.R.S. did not have to prove it. Unbelievable! Now that the I.R.S. has to prove their charges, the following statistics tell the true story: Comparing One Year Before the changes to One Year After: 1. Wage Garnishments dropped from 3.1 million to 560,000; 2. Taxpayer Property Liens dropped from 680,000 to 161,000; 3. Foreclosures on individual family-owned homes dropped from 10,063 to 57! That’s right: only 57 homes in all 50 states! Fact is, the I.R.S. was seizing our homes — over 10,000 every year — when they had neither proof nor the right to do so! Congress allowed the I.R.S. to intimidate us and frighten us. Think about it! And then maybe you can begin to understand why I love America but hate the Government — and why the Government hates me. The Justice Department had to get rid of me, but I’ll be damned if I would back down!
        America is in trouble . . . not from without, but from within! The Central Government has become too powerful. Citizens fear the Government. This is wrong. This is dangerous! I know the Government covered-up and promulgated LIES about Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pan Am Flight 103, Hoffa, and JFK. The Government knew I was right when I called Janet Reno a traitor. Janet Reno sold us out when she refused to investigate a $10-million payoff to the Democratic Party from a general in the Red Chinese Army.
        Think about it! And the Government knew that I had known why Reno was forced to betray America! I’m proud that I tried to do something about it! Someday the truth will come out. (I hope China never attacks us!) 

        –(Signed) Jim Traficant, former Democratic Congressman from Ohio

  8. paschn5167 says:

    En toto? These snakes aren’t facing anywhere NEAR the “music” they should be facing. As for re-writing history? They succeeded doing that prior to 1945 and continue to even now;

    Even today, they exercise their “minions” in D.C. to crush state’s rights. Remember the DARK act!

    • The Cheka and then they became the NKGB, morphed again into the NKVD, the MGB and then the KGB and now the FSB. And who is at the top of all this decades and decades of crime and criminality…Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

      Putin the twenty first century Stalin.

      • paschn5167 says:

        Terrible thought but I fear you may be right. In SPITE of the tens of millions of Russian Christians/Muslims, (including their decent Royal bloodline), tortured/slaughtered by the Bolshevik Jews, they STILL “allow” a communist party. Additionally, Putin made it a CRIMINAL ACT to deny the “cash chamber” myth as has nearly TWENTY “free” Christian” nations of the west. FURTHER, he recently BANNED a Christian organization that is KNOWN not to involve themselves in foreign or domestic politics, (Jehovah’s Witnesses), and recently there have been rumors of them having property confiscated and TORTURE used on them.
        These are “tactics” used by the Bolsheviks during the purging of mosques and churches, torture/murder of holy men, (actually going on in Israel, (cursing, spitting on them and defacing of both Christian/Muslim places of worship).
        I’m getting an uncomfortable feeling that not ONLY is Putin a shill, but Russia quite possibly did NOT completely free itself from the Bolshevik Jews as people have been led to believe;

        “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
        (The Jew, December, 1925, Zinobit)

        “It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

        The Bolshevist officials of Russia are Jews. The Russian Revolution with all its ghastly horrors was a Jewish movement. The Jewish Chronicle, Sept. 22, 1922

        Perhaps that explains why Putin/Russia never voiced a warning to the people of this sty about Bush signing the seven Noahide laws from the Torah SheBeal Peh, (the Jews’ holy book, a.k.a. Babylonian Talmud – “Oral Traditions of Men”), into law in 1991;


        • This is conspiracy theory woven with truth…
          Are you purposely disinforming?

          I would ask that you take Jooz out of your equation, and Muslims are not persecuted in Russia. The Kadyrov’s; fundamentalist Muslims that have sent Mercs to Syria and Venezuala, and the Central African Republic (CAR) and who have ruled Chechnya since the beginning of the republic,are the hit men of choice of Putin’s criminal regime.
          It was the Kadyrovs that shot Nemtsov nine times in the back on the Moscow bridge on his assent to be the legitimate Russian leader today.

          • paschn5167 says:

            Read carefully;

            The purging of religion, (except Judaism), was while it was identified as the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic. The only persecution existing today I’m aware of is the Christian cult(?) known as “Jehovah’s Witnesses”.

            As for removing “Jooz” from the equation? You’ll have to take that up with the Pharisees and the various organizations admitting, (boasting?), their complicity, which will have to include the snake Schiff and his Kuhn Loeb bank who received 600,000,000 Rubles in Gold as a “return” on their initial bankrolling of that horror.

            As an entertaining “aside”;

            “Thanks to the terrible power of our international banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, Since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100 million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars and the end is not yet.”

            Rabbi Reichorn 1869


          • Read carefully? You arrogant little prick — Listen carefully.

            Jacob Schiff and Kuhn Loeb Bank?

            That bank was founded 150 years ago, it merged and was taken over in 1977, eventually gobbled up by Lehman Brothers. In 1984 American Express absorbed the whole mess into its conglomerate and the name became defunct. It does not exist anymore. 

            Jacob Schiff is dust in the wind…he died in 1920. That was a hundred years ago.

            Wakey wakey time.  You are a NeoNazi that hates jews — you hate. Have you got that…YOU HATE JEWS. 


            And so you look to find justification for that premise, that proposition, nothing will change you mind. 

            The protocols of Zion is a fake document. 

            Jews were slaughtered like sheep during the second world war; used in experiments; worked to death; gassed; diseased; frozen; chopped up and poison; staved and burn…and you don’t believe it. The numbers I agree are a bit off, but over 3 million died.

            3 MILLION HUMANS

            Reichorn died in 1879…this is 2019! Do you know that?

            Bigotry, prejudice and a NeoNazi idealism is what drives your rhetoric.

            Embrace 2019, it is a new millenium, let it heal.

          • paschn5167 says:

            Why, YES and YES! Let us throw MORE innocence into prison for the (self) chosen’s “cash chamber myth”! For the Jew has been slighted and the kosher wagons must circle NO MATTER the cost;
            Poor, miserable “thing”! Does AIPAC have direct deposit or must you slither ’round to the local chapter to receive your compensation?

            No matter. Once the perennial victims order the implementation of Noahide Law, you can ZOOM, right to the front of the line and begin “purging” those not worthy;

            Then, perhaps one day when sleep refuses to allow you a few hours respite you and all those tortured/murdered Christian/Muslim faces begin leering at you from the shadows, tell us all how we MUST pay/whimper/grovel and DIE for a fantasy occurrence while IGNORING the +/- 60 million REAL LIVE PROVEN victims of just the FIRST Kosher bankers’ world war

            Let’s place a value of 1,000,000 lives per “X”, can you handle that?

            unproven 6,000,000
            because of threat of


            PROVEN 58 to 60 MILLION UN- challenged
            NON-Jew & NON- combatant European victims
            of the 2nd kosher bankers’ world war;


            My, my. Does it seem JUST A TAD RACIST/SUPREMACIST of the poor…”victimized” Jew to DEMAND the SPOTLIGHT, FINANCIAL RAPING, IMPRISONMENT for the UNPROVEN 6 while literally FORCING AMNESIA upon the weak-minded for the PROVEN body count of NON-Jew VICTIMS of a war THE JEW WAS KEY IN STARTING!??

            Since you have a (standard) mind-block, I’ll post a few interviews from decent, moral Jews who, deigning phony victim-hood tell THEIR “tales”, tales Steven Spielbucks decided to LEAVE OUT of his (most recent) whimper to bleed an increase(?)


            An can just continue to IGNORE those Jews who OBJECTIVELY and HONESTLY use SCIENCE to expose the cash-cow

            Leuchter comes to mind as does Roi Tov, Benjamin Freedman,

            Sigh, okay young lady… If you promise to stop your screeching and help me to decide WHICH “six million” ‘Im to beat my chest and FOREVER lament and PAY for, I’ll focus my limited resources and dig into the ONE you choose, k?


            Amazing how you snowflakes/shills ALWAYS insert HATE into the narrative. Being a non- Zionist Christian, I hate no one. I simply have an affinity for steaming piles of feces.. whether spewed by the (kosher) media or butt-hurt little fools such as yourself.

            Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), Victor
            Cavendish-Bentick in a handwritten note, wrote on Aug 27th, 1943, “We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be found out and when we are found out the collapse of that lie is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare down with it? So isn’t it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running.” Public Record Office Document F0371/34551 revealed by Stephen Mitford Goodson, ‘Inside the South African Reserve Bank’.

            Please, go home and tell your mother she wants you… you irritating little twit.

  9. Jon

    You refrain from mentioning the up coming “cash cow”. Vegan “terrorism” has a purpose, and not one “useful idiots” realise.

    GMO “meat” will sanitise humanity and bring the modern “compassionate” (sic) age up to speed. Definitely approved by the ADL. Ask your local branch.

    Short of war and the “medical system” we are indeed heading for absolute “Messiah”. control, perhaps “symbolised” by Assange?


    • GMO “meat”…do you mean that stuff grown in a lab on petri dishes?

      So I take it Oz — I presume that you are not part of the Caitlin Johnstone cluster fuck and GoFundMe..”To bring Julian back to his little homey and family in Australia”. “Cause he’s one of yours, mate.”
      Not that it’s your fault Ozzie me ole son. Arn’t you one me own.

      Personally I think that ghostly little messiah looking Russian spy should be hung up by his ears. I am having a poster made of that photograph of him being carried out in all fours, from the embassy, facing down, with his long beard and creepy cat hoarder look…its priceless. Eyes as big as saucers as it registers, that the chickens are finally coming home to roost.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a rebel without a clue also, but, I am also a Harlequin, and nobody takes him fucking seriously, at all… but, and I say this with the fervor of aspie Che Guevara, he does get the message through…the Harlequin lol.

      I think…we should have another Jordan Peterson and Slavoj “suffering saccotash” Zizek debate. maybe a debate about the left and freedom of speech.

      Massive crowd in a darkened panoptican shaped auditorium — hell maybe the Sydney opera house. It would be a new kind of bread and circus..a new genre of reality TV. 

      Slavoj and JP discussing the finer points of the Marx’s manifesto in monotone voices, spotlighted and of in the sidelines of the that dimly lit stage we could have a team of five eye spooks quietly waterboarding the bubbles out of ole Julian. Old bearded Julian naked and screaming like a five-year old between big soapy bubbles bursting on stage. I mean this could be performance art Oz.

      I could sell this big boy, at $1000 bucks a head…the show of the century. Maybe have Joe Rogan be the mediator between JP and the lisping Zizek. Joe could present it like one of his cage fights, spark up a joint as he usually does…

      Assange is not a messiah, but the left will create the narrative and make him so…

      • petergrafstrm says:

        For those readers who would like to have a realistic view of Assange and wikileaks I recommend Daniel Estulin’s Deconstructing Wikileaks for an overview of the compromising facts surrounding it.
        That organisation is intimately linked to the Us/Uk elites collaborating with them and probably funded by them to bring down the rivals of the AA empire. The people on the board were chinese dissidents, since earlier Cia collaborators.
        The russians said such figures are not for real and refused to give him protection.

        • “The russians said such figures are not for real and refused to give him protection.”

          …refused to give “Assange’ protection?
          Are you picking a fight?

          • petergrafstrm says:

            You didnt throw any gauntlet, you just repeated.
            But just in case I choose bad breath as weapon.
            Too few seem to have looked at the facts. It was early on obvious merely from the kind of people on the board that wikileaks was another psyop. It was clear to many, China,Pakistan, Iran, Tunisia, Egypt.
            The western enthusiast just as much as the critics havent done their homework. Assange is however playing his part despite the boredom.
            So the Cia cant complain about his performance. Maybe a nomination for an Oscar might be proper.

          • Petergrafstrm:

            “Gauntlet?” Bad breath?…

            Me thinks you’re a twat wanting a serious bantering. Okay, here you go…

            “The Russians (sic) said such figures are not for real and refused to give him protection.”

            No…they were distancing themselves for a reason, this is zero sum strategy of Putin and the Russian Federation. Assange will never admit he was a Russian agent, that would be like shooting himself in the foot. He would be charged under the espionage act, which has brought the death penalty, life imprisonment at least, Putin an experienced KGB head knows this…

            This is getting of topic which is Bayer/Monsanto, but the truth of Assange….


            Julian Assange professes for information transparency as the motive for his hacking ways — his right to hack into a computer that is not his property. But yet refuses to release the source(s) of his leaks, why? Because he gets a majority of his information from the Russian Federation, and characters bound on bringing down the western world, which regardless of its flaws as an empire would be a catastrophe to hundreds of millions of innocent working people living simple lives.
            On 22 July 2016, WikiLeaks released emails and documents from the Democratic National committee (DNC)
            Julian Assange lied on a July 2016 interview, and said that the release of DNC emails was from Seth Rich the DNC staffer — this was after Rich’s death.  The DNC files were taken by the Russian GRU officers operating in the U.S. Known as CozyBear. And passed them to Julian Assange. He used that data in a political hit which cost Hillary Clinton the election, that is not Journalism, that is Russian interference in the American elections. BTW Trump knew this before the election, but that does not make him in collusion with the Russian government, he failed to let the public now that he knew, and that is not a crime.
            “The October Surprise”. On 7 October, Assange posted a press release on WikiLeaks exposing over 2,000 emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Cozybear broke into the DNC and found a link that lead to the Podesta emails.
            Julian Assange has broken into every major computer system on the planet, MilNet, NASA, the Pentagon, Social security, Telephone systems the list is endless. Julian Assange breaks the law when he breaks into other peoples computers and takes the information therein — he is a thief, regardless of whose computer it is…
            He was never a journalist, he is protected by journalism because of the wealth of his leaks. But journalists are a fickle bunch, and really most of them are hacks playing a sensational mind game — in it for their own gain.
            Julian Assange taught Sgt Bradley Manning to reverse engineer a complex password to violate military computer systems, and when this young person was facing life imprisonment or execution, Assange the cowardly bastard did not have the balls to stand up and say it was me. The prick has no honor!
            Julian Assange has compromised state security and puts innocent lives in danger, and has been responsible for the deaths of people exposed in his hackings. Even a young arab girl who was raped…
            Julian Assange is a hacker named ‘Mendax’ which means “Liar”.
            Assange was given a Television Show in RT Moscow — by Mikhail Lesin, the founder of RT. Mikhail Lesin was the Russian Federation media minister, and close advisor to Vladimir Putin. Coincidently he died in Washington DC mysteriously, His family said heart attack, those in the know said it was bludgeoning followed by an ethanol induced fall….hm. Bruising on the body and the unusual break of a throat bone that could not have been broken in a fall…suggests he was in a fight for his life. One thread…in many. It has been suggested he was in Washington to meet privately with those in the know to divulge information about the Russian federation “Active Measures”.
            CozyBear stumbled into the DNC and gain access to a link that takes them to the Podesta files, strangely, or not so strangely, they end up in the hands of Julian Assange and then Wikileaks. Both Putin and Assange hated and feared Hillary Clinton. You have to remember that way back in the beginning, Bill Clinton met the newly appointed and unknown President of the RF and told Boris Yeltsin it was a serious mistake to appoint Putin, sadly Yeltsin learned this to late, towards the end of his life.
            Snowden after his run, is helped out of Hong Kong, by none other than Julian Assange who is capable of arranging a backdoor into Russia. The Russians are more than welcoming…especially the four laptops. Snowden now makes a quarter of a million dollars a year in Russia as an asshole.
            The Panama Papers releases, showing Putin and his henchmens financial holdings outside of Russia, how deep the corruption within Russia actually is — Assange blames it on the U.S. Julian Assange was the source of those papers…and did not release the Russian side of that story in Wikileaks.
            Even though the Russian Federation corruption equals a shadow economy of 43 % of GDP; Putin dictatorial regime and fleecing of the nation by him and his cronies, the blatant nepotism; his censorship of media; the elimination of political opposition and the installing of a decoration of opposition. Wikileaks and Julian Assange specifically, never ever have had a Russian dump of information; just some irrelevant musing on Russian hacking information, their gathering process, of which he taught them. You have to remember Putin is computer stupid and sought what he thought was the best. Information released after the facts were known through other new sources. But never the truth about how much the Russian government is a danger to the rest of the world. Assange is a fervent Marxist Socialist, he is pro Russia, pro Putin and definitely on the inside. I would say, he has a lot to do with Putin’s online presence and his aiding the education and gathering of hackers for hire across the planet — Assange is their hero — and he is aiding in the creation of a Russian fifth column in the U.S. Which undermines the politics and culture of the west. Assange is at the center of that story. He is Putin’s Internet Rasputin. He trained the FSB and the GRU in the new ways behind a front of the RT show in Moscow. And that is one of the reasons Lesin died.
            Julian Assange is a Russian operative and spy and always has been. He has a big can of whoop ass coming for his lifetime of sins. In it for his own gain, and cares less of the Mobocracy.
            I could go on with pages of facts…

          • petergrafstrm says:

            On plenty of occasions I have concurred about Assange, probably because he thought his western masters were protecting their cognitive infiltrator, actually leaking info about military identities of the imperial forces, thus potentially leading to retribution against their families at home, in the Us etc. So we agree that, formally, they(the non-insiders to the Cia Ned plot) have a case. I dont know what the laws say about punishments for that, but due to the obvious collusion with the Us establishment I think lawyers would be able to bargain successfully.
            Further, the lifes which were put in danger was allthemore so those which belonged to the regimes intended for regime change in the listed ‘7 countries in five years’.
            WL was a partner in that imperial agenda.
            But to claim that wikileaks, which had dissidents from China and Russia among their recruits, and who spread selective info/disinfo with the obvious aim to foment regime change in the rival nations INCLUDING Russia is ridiculous.
            For example, Wikileaks purpose was to make Russias regime to seem illegitimate by accusing them of excesses and corruption on a massive scale including photos of a billion dollar home Putin was supposedly building


            You really need to study the subject matter instead of relying on wikileaks partners, the msm.
            But since WL is a fraudulent psyop, why wouldnt other countries want to counter it and use it if they can?
            The Us who created it have no right to moralise.
            I see no sign of any info spread that would substantiate any Russian control and the much adverticed quarrel between the dems and Trump proves nothing. It is simply an internal Us problem.
            The deep state in the Us needed Trump since the free trade that the deep state always wants to impose on weak targeted nations doesnt go well for the Us. Outsourcing has seriously weakened the Us middle class which is also reflected in the quality of the Us technology. But the deep state cannot admit openly that they dont want freetrade at home so they have to make it look as if their wanted pres wasnt their choice, which it was and always has been when somebody wins the sham elections in your sham democracy.
            You are forcefully thrusting yourself against a wideopen door when you say Assange isnt a journalist and that he breaks the law. Of course not since he is your cognitive infiltrator with the initial aim to subvert the alternate media, provoking less internet freedom which has been successfully implemented.
            And you are probably likewise a cognitive infiltrator yourself. When you say journalists are stupid to collaborate with him you know you are lying. You know who owns the journalist and who would never let them act independently other than as a minor sacrifice to build cred for more important deceptions.
            Is Langley paying you through some front or are you for real?

          • “And you are probably likewise a cognitive infiltrator…”

            Probable, likely, likewise, maybe, looks like, are not definitives. You use words and phrases like this a lot. They signify along with this rant of an indecisive nature, that is torn and conflicted in its purpose. Persecuted and at odds with the world… 

            You make wild assumptions in all that you say. You believe your own bullshit, which is: you are trapped in a deep hatred of America and the west in general and so will never see any other opinion.

            I can’t help you, you fucked man.!

            “Is Langley paying you through some front or are you for real?”

            These jumps to conclusions are what is holding you back, you need facts to support these unfounded beliefs, you don’t read enough real history, and you are young and immature in your conspiracist conclusions to everything. I think you hold potential but you need legitimate education. Do you know who Jordan Peterson is?
            Do you understand the “theory of mind?”

            I would suggest you read Jung’s “Man and his Symbols and the Joseph Campbell’s, the “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” and “Ulysses” by James Joyce.

            You might try Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra” right after Jung. It’s a good chaser…

            I will not converse anymore with you.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            I dont know you so how could I not be uncertain about you?
            But wise of you to give up against hard facts.
            I note that you dont count Germany as western.
            But you have said in a previous conversation that you wouldnt continue.
            Are you a team of different people behind ‘Michael Burns’?

          • Condecension. You think you won something? Okay.

            Ahahaha…there were no hard facts. You are a conspiracy theorist — you might have a few facts. But a major amount of what you believe is simply that…’BELIEF’.

            You believe a great conspiracy, which denotes an inherent fear, vunerability. and shame I think.

            “Are you a team of different people behind ‘Michael Burns’?”

            LOL. There ya go — that should keep you busy for a while, chasing that…no matter what I say, it won’t matter. You are looking for support of that conspiracy, that i am a team of people.

            You can’t even tell who you are talking too, but fair to educate me what I know.

            The beginning of real education, is to be able to look at your argument first before presenting it anyone at all. To rip it apart, before it is presented. The first draft is to trash your whole thing with logic and fact, and critical thought. No holds barred, you must attack your own argument. But first find center ground, Unload all that is left or right of that…

            You believe something vehemently, through prejudice and bigotry, so anything that is presented to you as truth, you will not believe because of that underlying bias; because of that filter. It is a set of glasses you are wearing — the only information that will get through, it facts to support your conspiracy.

            You can’t be afraid to fail, because in failing you learn something.

            Not you can take, what I have said, turn whatever you want….tell you what,  you win, your correct. I wrong and so is my team wrong. Okay that is your hard facts.

          • petergrafstrm says:

            I said hard facts just to tease you a bit. But logic is very powerful and the official narratives present history as scenarios that just happen and not because it was planned that way. And presents lame explanations regarding Hitlers logistics that dont stand up to logical scrutiny.
            But historians are bought by the victors. Rockefeller bought the rights to WWII history and the low quality of the court historians has rendered their whole discipline to a laughable mockery of science.
            You sure as hell sound like a cognitive infiltrator in another comment in this thread. Everything you say supports the official line culling the guillible into the sac so they may exploited again and again.
            But these are hard times for honest critics like Jon. His own critique of the corporate elites might lead to reprisals against his work.
            So he might benefit from your servile praising of big brothers line as a counterweight.
            The Us was a masonic conspiracy from the very beginning and there are millions of them in the Us. Sworn to secrecy and encouraged to break the law when the Order is threatened.
            But oh no you dont see any conspiracy.

      • Sorry MB, my schedule is so full these times, it takes me days to get to comment replies.

        I think you will find synergy with my latest article (on Ozzie Thinker) when it’s released (title – A Crisis of Social Grooming: Fear and Manipulation at the Root). Here’s what I have to say about Assange…

        “Paul Craig Robert may well lament that sensational treatment of Julian Assange equates to the open death of freedom of speech, but I have maintained (and will continue to do so) that Assange is a (cocaine loving special friend of Ecuador) CIA strategic asset. Whether he knows his puppeteers on first name terms is the only point up for debate. Business partner of Mossad, CIA has its tentacles everywhere. This is mainly because Israel is extremely jealous of how successful the Vatican has been at securing the hearts of the people and will go to almost any lengths to destabilise cultural traditions. Pedo pop shots at senior clerics are the tip of the iceberg. In the information age people are inclined to believe anything with a modicum of authority which unfortunately takes us back to those cycles of manipulation through fear (terrorism, war, epidemics, censorship et al) tuned to incubate groomed socialites. For instance high profile mock synagogue mass shootings (revered by capitulating mainstream Medias) do appear to justify Israel’s moral authority before her people to bomb the heck out of Gaza by way of retribution (although some might scratch their heads as to “for what?’).”

        Oh yes, and the petri dish thing is about the mark.

        • Yes. No problem. Not to worry.

          Good points — the pedo priest thing is gets a bit outrageous considering the data says only 5 thousand of 5 hundred thousand clergy are pedophiles or have a sexual dysfunction. That is lower that society at large.
          Mobocracy is taking over, and bullies are running Facebook fake pages.

          Meanwhile, silently the other 495,000 clergy, feed, cloth and give solace to the poor and always have… Operate and fund, the largest educational system on the planet besides government and give health care to 26% of the world population.

          An extreme case of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

          PCR seems to have become so radicalized, I don’t read him anymore — or maybe its just me waking to a different way.

          Assange was never a journalist for me, and freedom of speech does not entoll breaking into other people’s property and stealing the contents and telling the world what you found.
          I can’t seem to attach myself, like so many to conspiracy and what happened so long ago. The conspiracies within enigmas within plans. No one see the patterns. and fail to see that conspiracy is a belief.

          Freedom of speech: personally I think there just might be too much — if there is such a thing. Freedom of speech does not validate a conspiracy which really only might be, few facts supporting a large belief.
          The Internet has blown the lid of what people can say, might say. In fact, now it is worse that MSM as Fake news is spreading like a virus.
          One of these days we will look back at the days of MSM as the last time we heard any truth. So many conspiracists online.

          And from my point of view, this is the freest and most open society that has ever existed.
          Too many whiners Ozzie, not enough talking, communicating reasonably.

          I have pulled back quite a bit, it’s a matter of casting pearls to swine.

  10. AboutCreativity says:

    Remember: We have at some point come full circle. For my life, I enjoy doing the correct thing if you will.

  11. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    They sold poison.

  12. petergrafstrm:

    It took me a bit sleuthing, but I think I have a picture. I am trying to understand you.
    Which brings round to the real damage of Farben and Bayer and the Nazis upon an unsuspecting planet. 

    Are you a bit autistic? It okay I understand, I really do.?

    “You are blind and [I] can’t see […]”

    Well…this is a typo, that I have made — but it made for an interesting conclusion on what I might need to say to you, to stop this banter.

    It was meant to say “You are blind and can’t see, […]”

    So a mistake leads you think I am blind, and question. A stimulas effect and the big soft grey organ begins to engage… which leads you to the query from the monolith in your head, “Using text to sound conversion”, which implied a handicap — so therefor I have difficulty. Which means I might be paralyzed — and that led to “amurcas science sector” which led to the U.S. and neuroelectronics and the U.S. edge on such a matter and therefor the elites are involved and suppressing such advancements, and that would employ ” […]technicians and engineers [..]”, for “God’s sakes”. Where they could help many millions of injured people, and I begin to hear pounding drums and the naked beautiful virgin is sacrificed on the altar to the belief, and to the monument of CONSPIRACY at the center of your mind and the cycle continues with spiral down instead of up. 

    I have been researching you and the jew hater paschn, who is a Nazi prick, and have seen were you go and what you read. You are feeding a beast inside buddy. It puts a halter on your intellectual genitals, and squeezes them and stops you from gaining something of your real potential. You are left in a zero-sum fight with many that you speak to. 

    You are a very smart guy, capable of his own thoughts. very profound thinking, but… You always spiral down into the negative and conspiracy — I see, and, I know how that is… Its is a set of colored glasses that stops a more real vision.

    Let me explain…

    Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) people are brilliant — they are autistic and fact driven and solution driven. They have a tendency to have a weak drive to “Central Coherence”, a dependency on a single channel input of data, as compared to NT (neuro-typicals), who have a multi-channel input, and a stronger drive to Central Coherence. They (AS) see things out of context and fail to gain the gist of the matter. The complete picture. It a matter of seeing trees instead of a forest. Or sometimes vice-versa in the specific argument.

    It is not wrong, or mentally ill, it is just different.

    You are an older man, are you not?.. and I quite understand, you might not have been undiagnosed as yet. My studies show a greater percentage of older autists as undiagnosed. Anthony Hopkins was 70 before he found out — that meant to make feel better.

    The drive for “Central Coherence” is a state of ‘theory of mind’, of using varied and numerous sources of knowledge to gain a higher learning, a higher state of consciousness, and the relevance of data in the context of greater whole. It is fully matured thinking. It speaks to the physicality of arrested development. 

    This central coherence thing is a mirror neuron problem; an underdevelopment neurologically. An organic answer to a DNA glitch. No big deal, I imagine you have had to use the self-taught skills you have aquired to over come certain things over the years but, you are caught in a rut and the bad boys you hang around with, are cramping you own style; your own originally.

    Your own voice.

    • paschn5167 says:

      Seriously, Snowflake?

      “It okay I understand,…”

      “that meant to make feel better.”

      etc. etc.

      • Lol yes seriously. Snowflake? C’mon you can did deeper than that, there got more pain down there that superhero, something better than snowflake. Ahahahahhaha fucking awesome.

        • paschn5167 says:

          Sounds rather pedestrian doesn’t it?


          Michael Burns says; May 7, 2019 at 1:42 pm

          “Mackinder” Its Mankinder…

          Can you catch the irony precious? or, as with the (self) chosen, mistakes in semantics/conjugation of verbs is only applied to Goim?

          many of the sleazy “plants” trained/sent to social media have very, very poor lessons in the written word of the particular country they’re sent into to spew the most ridiculous pablum I’ve ever read – So, I took the opportunity to not only expose your “training” but also allow you to see just how silly picking apart word structure/spelling is..

          “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
          (The Jew, December, 1925, Zinobit)

          Quote from “You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuel;
          “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build. (Pg 155)

    • petergrafstrm says:

      The reason I do bring up the negative is that it is overwhelming. We cant choose to ignore it since the Us big thug bullies the whole world.
      Our subservient european leaders are competing to please the master by destroying our own living conditions.
      The Us has rivals but not enemies that would motivate the enormous military expenditures. The Us has a sham democracy, it is with respect to other nations a military dictatorship and the freedom of speech is being seriously undermined for those who challenge the official narratives.
      The character of a Us police state has evolved to make the stasi seem tolerant.
      And that Orwellian character is likewise imposed on the vassal EU.
      But the deprivation of freedom doesnt hurt the corporatocracy like it hurts the common people.
      You are an entrepreneur according to what you have said before so maybe you are doing well in the current conditions?. If so good for you but that doesnt change the overall impact the Us/Uk have.
      You are a big brother asset whether or not you are hired or do it voluntarily. You have all the signs of someone whose task it is to uphold the chauvinist and extremely evil program that the angloamericans with British masterminds have been imposing on the world for many generations. The British also imposed it on the Us in the form of the so called Us civil war which like the so called french revolution wasn’t an internal affair but a foreignimposed conspiracy which is such a common trait in all things originating from the British elites and their partners. Germany contrasts and Leibniz believed that the winning concept was mutual development of all nations.
      The german banker Herrhausen was murdered because he wanted debt cancelling for poor nations. Couple of years later another german banker was likewise asassinated because he wanted to milden the effects for the eastgermans when the unification of Germany took place.
      The absurdity is underlined by the Us/Uk using leftwing people as scapegoats in some asassinations against people who want to help the poor.
      While the British concept so established in the Us even is AGAINST selfdevelopment. That aspect is hard to believe when you first read about it. But in my former comment I gave you an example where the Us sacrificed both useful inventions, profits , jobs and not to forget even goodwill and the admiration and gratefulness of humanity. Secrecy was more important.
      But I only picked that subject because I happened to want to bring it up right then. So I could say something encouraging for a change and because I consider the subject very important. There are many war veterans and young athletes apart from ordinary civilians who would benefit. So I used the phrase of yours ‘I cant see’ as an excuse to bring it up.
      I can understand why you asked about autism or some other condition if you felt that I misunderstood the meaning of that phrase.

      People who fight against conspiratorial realists are in company with the Cia who invented the concept conspiracy theorists in connection with the denial of the jfk-murder being a conspiracy of the mighty.
      To deny the conspiratorial interpretation of many historical events, is to deny that the elites would use deception. Despite the fact that the deception brings the deceptor immense advantages. Crushing several rivals without getting the blame. This was the strategy of Venice for many centuries and as they migrated into european nobility in Switzerland Holland England etc the mindset migrated with them.
      Unfortunately that evil mindset is behind most world events and the Us/Uk or their proxies are virtually always the culprits. The conspiratorial deceptions that you want other readers to doubt abound.
      The Us/Uk pretend to fight terrorists who actually are their mercenaries.
      Leading figures in the Us even confirm it in weak moments.
      But we both know we will have no effect on each others views so I wont dwell on it although it isnt difficult to give many examples.

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