New gift-wrapped UFO revelations from the Pentagon: what’s going on?

New gift-wrapped UFO revelations from the Pentagon: what’s going on?

by Jon Rappoport

December 22, 2017

(UFO archive, here)

You’re walking through a sea of misinformation, disinformation, lies, speculation, goofball theories—and suddenly, the wise men behind the curtain decide to reach out and hand you unvarnished facts that blow your mind. What’s going on?

We have an entirely new gambit in the UFO disclosure game.

From (Dec.21): “[Musician Tom] DeLonge is currently working with former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo at To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, which was founded by the ex-Blink guitarist.” This is a new UFO research and merchandising outfit.

DeLonge has taken it upon himself to expose the truth about UFOs. His new partner, Luis Elizondo, used to work for the Pentagon—and, boom, the mainstream press is suddenly telling us that Elizondo headed up a super-secret, $22 million a year Dept. of Defense UFO research group, from 2007 to 2012, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

According to the NY Times and The Independent, the program had, and still has, metal pieces from a UFO(s), has been studying the pieces, and doesn’t knew what they’re made of.

The press has also just released a 2004 Dept. of Defense jackpot video purporting to show a US fighter jet off the coast of San Diego encountering a UFO, which hovers in place, wiggles, dances around, and suddenly zooms away at a shocking velocity.

The Independent: “Commander David Fravor and Lieutenant Commander Jim Slaight were on a routine training mission 100 miles out into the Pacific when they were asked to investigate the object.”

“Commander Fravor told The New York Times the object was about 40ft long, had no plumes, wings or rotors, and outpaced their F-18s. It was big enough to churn the sea 50ft below it, he said.”

My, my. All these revelations, all of a sudden. Bingo, bango, bongo.

Years of, “We don’t have any information, we don’t have any comment on the subject,” and then, out of the blue, “Yes we do and here it is.”

Let all the WHY NOW? speculations begin.

I would point out that, if this is a test to gauge public reaction to: THERE IS LIFE ELSEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE AND A FEW OF THEM SHOWED UP HERE—the result of the test appears to be, so far: “Are we having the beef stew again tonight?”

This is interesting. People aren’t crowding into the streets and going wild. There are no parades. Presidents of countries aren’t holding major press conferences. I did read a piece about Trump drinking water again and possibly having trouble sipping it.


“That’s nice. Is this Blue Bloods a repeat? I think I saw it a few months ago.”

Another tidbit on the secret Pentagon program: it was brought into being by Nevada Senator Harry Reid. He and a couple of his senate pals managed to divert a little chunk of black budget Pentagon money to set it up. (More yawns from the public.)

Understand: In the press stories of the past few days, there are no leaks. The Pentagon is the source. They’re admitting it. They’re pushing the story. They’re permitting a pilot, who no doubt has been bound by non-disclosure agreements, to go public and talk to mainstream media.

As with all planned releases of this magnitude, there are always “after-analyses.” It’s standard. How did the public respond? What % of the press and the public appear to have bought the story? Are there serious doubters? Who are they? What are they saying?

In this case, the report might read: “Very few people seem to care.”

This in itself is informative. People are on overload. They’re in a trance state below the level where a claimed revelation about Life in the Universe stirs them from their basic hypnotic state. Also, alternatively, many people are so cynical they don’t believe what the government is telling them.

Now, if Robert Mueller can connect a UFO to the Russians, and then to Trump, and the election, more people might respond.

The Pentagon claims it shut down the UFO research program in 2012, because other priorities were more important. Really? They captured a UFO on film doing things in space no craft on Earth can do, and they have pieces of metal from a UFO (how did they acquire them?) which they can’t analyze and are most likely not from this Earth—and yet they shut down the program because it was inconsequential? Nonsense.

One of the point men for spreading the current UFO stories is Ralph Blumenthal of the NY Times.

The Independent: “’They [the Pentagon] have some material from these [UFO] objects that is being studied, so that scientists can try to figure out what accounts for their amazing properties,’ Ralph Blumenthal, one of the authors of the New York Times report, told MSNBC. Mr. Blumenthal said the DoD ‘do not know’ what the materials are made of. It’s some sort of compound they do not recognise,’ he added.”

I have a bit of personal experience with Mr. Blumenthal. In 1993, he wrote a shocking story for the Times about the first bombing attack on the Twin Towers in New York. It focused on an FBI asset and informant, Emad Salem, who asserted that he had been instrumental in putting together the bombing plot. His handlers at the FBI were supposed to supply him with fake bombing materials, so there would be no explosion—however, at the last moment, they gave him actual live material. At the subsequent trial of the defendants, Salem was absent. He didn’t testify.

I got in touch with reporter Blumenthal some years later and asked him what happened to Salem and why he wasn’t allow to tell his story in the courtroom. Blumenthal got angry with me. He told me I didn’t understand his article. And that was that. In my opinion, he was backing away from his own reporting.

So now, with his UFO revelations, I have a few doubts.

It’s likely that, as Tom DeLonge and his Pentagon partner, Luis Elizondo, move forward, promoting their To the Stars Academy (whatever that turns out to be—a movie production company, a school, a store for UFO merchandise), they will be releasing new info on the US government UFO discoveries. So far, no one at the Pentagon is explaining why they’ve decided to make their revelations public now.

The military is not in the habit of doing the public great favors that involve secret programs.

If what the Pentagon is handing over to the mainstream press is legitimate and true Disclosure, it is most certainly a limited hangout on what they really know. And they will to continue to release more info, to see how the public responds, at every step.

But they will also seek to own the story and shape it any way they want to. Through their media fronts, they’ll sculpt the conclusions that “should be made.”

For example, suppose they go as far as this: 50 years ago, they found an alien body at a UFO crash site in the desert. Here are photos. The anatomy of the corpse is definitely not human. Since then, no other alien bodies have been seen, located, or discovered.

True? False? Who would know? Because they are the source of the story. Which is the way they want it to be.

If someone wants us to look at the truth, they disclose all the data and they open up all the files, and they allow us to see the material evidence up close and personal, so independent analyses can be performed. What are the odds that this will happen? When has this ever happened?

If anything, positioning themselves as the central source of the UFO story pushes citizen research into the background. Which is never a good thing.

I fully understand there will be many explanations, offered by many people, about why the Pentagon is releasing this information now. Here is one possibility: the secret program was really a tiny research effort; the Dept. of Defense has actually spent extraordinary amounts of money in this effort, over a long period of time—some of it from the trillions of dollars in the budget “they can’t account for.” Thus, they admit to a $22 million program, as a limited hangout.

Again, THEY WANT TO OWN THE UFO STORY. Going directly to mainstream news with it, where naïve reporters and reporters who are their assets will cover it exactly as the Pentagon intends—this is a major part of what is going on.

The psyop aspect of the Pentagon revelations is all about testing and gauging public response. Imagine that the Dept. of Defense eventually states they did find an alien body decades ago—and then the majority reaction is: “That’s fantastic. Did you see my car keys? I can’t find them.”

Not only would that inform psyop professionals about the UFO reaction, it would also let them know their decades of work, on many fronts, aimed at deadening, overloading, distracting, and shortening public awareness has been an overall success.

The most astounding information barely causes a ripple.

“This is wonderful. In many cases, we don’t have to figure out whether the public believes or doesn’t believe what we tell them. They’re in a state of mind that is ‘lower than belief.’ The majority can’t form beliefs or non-beliefs. They’re firmly embedded in a passive, repetitive, Pavlovian zone…”

In this regard, I refer you to my years of research on the effects of medical drugs, and for starters, my September 13 article, “How many drug prescriptions do doctors write per year?”:

Medical News Today reports that, in 2011, there was a modest uptick in the number of prescriptions written in the US.

The increase brought the total to: 4.02 billion.

Yes, in 2011, doctors wrote 4.02 billion prescriptions for drugs in America.

The Medical News Today article concluded, “…the industry should be heartened by the growth of the number of prescriptions and spending.” Yes, I’m sure the drug industry is popping champagne corks.

We’re talking about prescriptions here. We’re not talking about the number of pills Americans took. We’re also not counting over-the-counter drugs or vaccine shots.

A population drugged to the gills is passive…

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

101 comments on “New gift-wrapped UFO revelations from the Pentagon: what’s going on?

  1. MrDuncmck says:

    A kid walks in the door soaking wet from the rain. His mom looks at him and says “honey its raining out side” disclosure? hilarious!! from the pentagram?

  2. JoLynn B Street says:

    Atlanta airport black out and an Israeli plane took off anyway.

    • wife & i says:

      Wunder if it was a ufo that caused the plane to crash that had the ‘Compass Group’ on it?
      Sorry folks for changing the subject but it seems that everywhere the Clintonian’s go, all fall down?!

      as Harvey
      would say


  3. Black Sheep says:

    Chances are the aliens are illegal. If they all turn out to look like Putin clones, the Pentagon (with the help of MSM) will tell us how concerned we should be about a Russian invasion.

  4. NK says:

    We are also desensitized by entrancing sci-fi movies. People in the 1950’s were much more excited and vocal about ET’s and UFO’s, but today, we have so many stimulants at our fingertips. Besides the amazing sci-fi genre and mind-numbing or feel-good enhancing pharma drugs, there are also video games which make a short scene of a blob in the sky seem dim and impotent. The excitement of reality is a tough sell against the manufactured excitement of technology…unfortunately.

    • FredKapelski says:

      The problem is the pervasive streams of lies that comes from the Pentagon. How does one tell what is true, partially true and totally untrue? As a former CIA director said, when everything Americans believe is a lie, we’ve done our job.

  5. Diogenes Shrugged says:

    Don’t know what it’s made of? That statement alone confirms it’s made of 24 carat horse shit.

    • truth1 says:

      Diogenes, you are too cool. this might be among the wisest statements on this comment section.
      Now mine: UFO/Aliens = USA government/allies
      I’m just saying 😉

    • Susie says:

      They know the future, they remote view I’m sure. They know that thousands of people will disappear in the Rapture probable this year. They will say aliens took us of the earth and they will rejoice and send each other gift.

      • truth1 says:

        Maybe they beemed up to the Enterprise. I do not subscribe to the rapture. I’m waiting for the last trumpet blast when then finished is the mystery of God.

        • Frank Gotcha says:

          most of us will die before the last trumpet blast, but we’ll be up in air at that time before returning to earth for the thousand year period.

  6. DeLonge is two brain cells above a peanut, as far as IS is concerned.

    For all those crack and meth users, this is what happens after over indulgence.
    This is a psyche-op for sure, treating their generation of unrecruited rock stars as garbage.

    If you had any semblance of reason and rational left in you, and you listened to this assholes music, what would you do with those CD’s.

    DeLonge is a vegetable…

  7. Post script:
    The link is for a talk he did with Joe Rogan about this shot…Rogan is not sure he is sane.

    • truth1 says:

      I only watched to 13:25 when an urgent case of nausea kicked in. That was all I could take. I got disoriented and thought I was watching a scraped episode of X-files. Total and complete crap. Good post!

  8. Lavender Dreams says:

    What a nice holiday present! Let’s get ready for the show of the century….blue beam projections on our white aluminum skies showing alien ships…and guess what! They are not the nice aliens ….but the bad ones! We need lots of protection and more taxes to “fight” these predators! Who is in charge of this nonsense? They think we are dumb kids that deserve a dumb story. By the way, I’ve know for a very long time we are not alone and it is obvious we are not the smartest. Cheers!

  9. IMNAHA says:

    OMG What’s next ? Disclosure that JFK was not murdered and is actually living on an undisclosed island in the South Pacific along with Bobby and John Jr ? Pathetic but perhaps, as you said, a test of how well the brainwashing project is proceeding.

    • truth1 says:

      IMNANA, my bosses say that I have to “scrub” you for releasing that classified data. They don”t know how ya gut it but they are some upset its out. JFK is not happy either and Bobby went bezerk. Of course you understand that its not personal on my part. Its just a job to pay my bills.

  10. will iam says:

    At a time when “question authority” is becoming more of the norm, i see it as the gubments lame attempt at holding the status quo and test its effect in keeping ‘we the people’ in its dumbed down state of being. An awakened populace is no friend to gubment and ‘new and improved gubment’, which wants to come clean, is always a contradiction in terms.

    I agree Jon, those whom think they are in power want to own the ufo movement. Feed the masses some scraps, see the response, and then offer some stupid solution which somehow will mean more power for them and less for the we are’s. Did you ever notice that you can’t even have ‘we are’ without using w-a-r” ? and what joy it would be to move that symptom of thinking gone bad to other realms.

    Also, with new races of beings “out there”, it gives some added fodder to divide and conquer, and with people seeming to be awakening more and more, that is showing signs of needing replenishing .

    I have witnessed strange unexplained events in the sky but i didn’t seek out gubment validation of it, and i certainly do not need it now. What the rest of ‘we the people’ need is none of my business. If those still need authority and haven’t figured by now that gubment does not have its best interest in mind, when will they? …….what part of never am i not understanding. lol

  11. Tim says:

    “the program had, and still has, metal pieces from a UFO(s), has been studying the pieces, and doesn’t knew what they’re made of.”

    Anyone in physical sciences knows this is BS.

    • Theodore says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I mean, isn’t the periodic table of elements a constant throughout the universe?

      • No…whole new set laws outside of this light spectrum and solar system, and that taken for granted 14.7 pounds per square inch.

        • Dan Quixoté says:

          Applied scientist and engineer here for over thirty years – I don’t doubt you, based on what I’ve seen in the last 15 years, including certain constants being specific to time/placs/position/situation dependencies, but can you be more specific? Any particular “laws” you’ve seen be rather more mutable than normal?

      • Tim says:

        Yup. People have been analyzing spectra of the most distant stars and nothing has shown up yet, that doesn’t conform to what we know about elements available on earth. That is, no matter where you go in the universe that is visible to us, there are no different elements that can be detected, in the star light, which is where elements on planets all come from (and supernovae etc, all the same story). With elements created in nuclear reactors, there is a bit of a different situation, but those are known too.

        Of course there is the ‘control the story’ thing too, as Jon writes about, meaning, no independent researcher will ever get to see and test the materials. Testing the materials can be done in hours, or even minutes. Easy. So it’s a big flag waving there, saying BS.

        Check out ion milling:

        There are numerous techniques to get rapid analyses, surface, and inside (destructive).

        • Tim says:

          The point about the ion milling is that metal ions coming off the surface are readily identified by mass spectroscopy, and so metal composition is easy, even on very small samples.

        • Dan Quixoté says:

          I’ll second everything you just said, based on reviewing the materials analysis my biggest corporate engineering client got on an unknown sample from one of the best for-hire labs in the country. Although we didn’t see any of the semi-stable elements above number 118, nor any out-of-the-ordinary crystal structures. But you’re right – it seems highly unlikely anything will be found that can’t be pretty readily understood. The most out-there material I can think of, realistically speaking (?!), is a quantum consciousness programmable alloy, or a high-temperature Bose-Einstein condensate. Haven’t seen one yet, maybe the Pentagon has.

          • Tim says:

            The difficulty for material scientists is not what the elements present are, nor the relative amounts, but how was the material put together. Even that is not as difficult as it once was, as there are so many examples available for comparison. This applies to not only how was the material made, but how did it fail, or what kind of disaster actually happened. The forensics part of this is has come to be something like, ‘yes, dead men do tell tales’. Which is why no independents will ever get samples from some of the biggest events, that are being covered up.

      • Dan Quixoté says:

        You’re not kidding there.

        My biggest corporate engineering client recently got an amazing atomic and molecular analysis done by a for-hire research lab with top-notch folks and publicly available equipment for about twelve grand. Submicron structures of initially unknown composition were laid bare, there were no secrets left anywhere in the macroscopic sample.

        It’s not believable to me that the Pentagon doesn’t know the metallurgy of something.

      • Robert Klinck says:

        I can’t imagine how any sane person could assert this as an unquestionable fact, as opposed to a practical hypothesis.

    • truth1 says:

      Those not in physical sciences or understanding them? The last calculation I saw said 98.7314%
      Just to make that clear, it does not bode well for the rest of us less than 2% 😛

  12. Mark says:

    “When Wernher Von Braun [German rocket scientist] was dying of cancer [1974], he asked me to be his spokesperson. Von Braun actually told me that the reasons for space-based weaponry that were going to be given – the enemies that we were going to identify – were all based on a lie. He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics; that first the Russians are going to be considered the enemy. Then terrorists would be identified. Then we were going to identify third-world ‘crazies.’ The next enemy was asteroids – against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons. And over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up the last card. ‘And remember, Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens, and all of it is a lie.’ He was too afraid to talk about it. He would not tell me the details. I am not sure I would have absorbed them if he had told me the details, or even believed him in 1974… In 1977, I was at a meeting in Fairchild Industries in a conference room called the War Room… They continued the conversation about how they were going to antagonize these enemies and at some point, there was going to be a war in the Gulf, a Gulf War. Now this is 1977!” – Dr. Carol Rosin, Fairchild Industries Corporate Manager, Von Braun spokesperson

    • Greg C. says:

      I can believe it. Wars have to be continually invented, because war means money. War on terror, war on cancer, war on drugs, war on low test scores …. so let’s have another War of the Worlds. Where have you gone, Orson Wells?

  13. From Quebec says:

    What’s going on?

    What is going on here, is that since their effort to create a New World Order has miserably crumbled to pieces in front of their eyes, They will now try to create a New Universe Order.

    These guys never gave up, do they?
    Good luck with that one!

  14. Mickey says:

    Even in the replies to this article there is an apparent denial of the fact that there is an enormous body of evidence suggesting the presence of extra terrestrials here on earth at least since the formation of early human civilization. The sense of humor displayed on major news coverage of UFO sightings has indeed helped create a culture where none of this stuff will be taken seriously until the ultimate false flag attack is staged with the use of black budget secret manmade UFO’s and blamed on adversarial ET’s. This is really all about technology suppression and control. This information is more tightly controlled than information on hydrogen bombs and it is the highest classified information: not even the president has a need to know and besides Ronald Reagan and Bush Sr. they have all been kept out of the loop and told what to say. The government has been completely hijacked along with the media and the fact that they are releasing this information now amid an increased level of recorded sightings in the past few years should be concerning to us all. But most people will never believe what has happened to our government because that’s just too scary of a notion for them to entertain when they’ve been brainwashed into thinking we have no power as individuals and that if this thing they think they are a part of and which defines them to some degree isn’t real then they would have to face the new indescribable feeling of self reliance. New is unknown, the unknown is scary and uncomfortable. There is a dark cabal of ultra rich families casting a dark shadow across our planet creating endless war and suffering and if we can’t as a race remove them from power then we will fail and we will be destroyed instead of someday joining other interstellar species in the colonization of the universe.

    • Dan Quixoté says:

      Your definitely right in most of your points

    • Leonie Wynne says:

      Mickey I couldn’t have said it better myself. I did hear that there will be soon a false flag “invasion” from our ancestors but in fact will be the good old US of A who have been replicating space vehicles since the Roswell incident. So if you hear all of a sudden we have “space invaders” in our skies that are coming to annihilate us just ignore and go back to whatever you were doing.

    • Larry says:

      THE FINAL FRONTIER …and it’s ALL OURS!!!

      The word “entitlement” doesn’t BEGIN to describe that dark cabal of families, Mickey.

    • Don says:

      Mickey, you may/may not find this of interest concerning the “Elites” Chapter 10 on the FREE E-book “The Ascension Papers Book 1” The whole book is awesome and recommend reading all of it. This had rung so true inside of me when a lifetime of in your face religion couldn’t touch. I once was mad at the world, ready to become a martyr at the Elites but now i pity them. I offer you and anyone else a different perspective but i implore you to approach it with an open mind or you will find yourself closing the book out claiming nonsense. Its only for those that are ready and all ready searching for the “truth”…

  15. fat elvis says:

    Jeez, am I on the right blog? Maybe it’s just my mood, but ya’ll are sounding like a bunch of powerless, snivlin’ victims. 🙂 I haven’t forgotten what this blog represents. All this hand-wringing about what is being ‘done to you’, and not one notion about how to turn it into something you’d rather. Maybe I’m misinterpreting.

    • Dan Quixoté says:

      I’m doing my part in meatspace on a number of fronts, but I imagine we’re all open to your constructive criticism – what tangible things do you suggest? Perhaps you’re further inviting some real-life success stories, or at least, progress-stories?

      In engineering management, for decades I’ve said the mostly the same thing when I walk into the labs – “So – what’s working?” It gets me the good news first, then the bad, and I ask ‘what’s your ideal solution?’, which is literally the best part of the check-in.

      In all seriousness – I’ll ask you the same thing – what’s working for you? What’s making a difference?

      • Greg C. says:

        I’ll tell you what is working for me: The Wim Hof Method. You can boost your oxygen saturation, your mood, immunity, adaptability to the cold, your endocrine balance, your well-being. Feeling alive is what it’s all about, then you can’t help but be a positive influence on the people you interact with. You see more possibilities in yourself and others.

        It’s easy to forget that we are first and foremost living organisms! Our job is not to function as hosts to various ideas and belief systems, especially if they do nothing for us personally. Those are artificial creations. What’s the use in arguing about the state of the world, when you go through each day much the same as the one before? Or if you are not doing anything to decrease your dependence on artificial systems to keep you going physically and mentally?

    • Don says:

      Aye, its the victim – perpetrator – rescuer triangle. Be the creator stop participating in the choice triangle…

  16. Larry says:

    “True? False? Who would know? Because they are the source of the story. Which is the way they want it to be.”

    Compartmentalization of knowledge,/information, has to rank right up there with the discovery of fire.

  17. truth1 says:

    Jon, I liked this article for a number of reasons but especially the part about how many prescriptions were out there. I blame “education” and pathetic entertainment and news media for most of the stupidity as well as parent abdicating their duties but the drugs are important factor I had not given much thought to, till this article.

    for one, most drugs are normally an escape, either from pain, boredom, or an excuse to cut loose and go crazy or all the above. entertainment does that, too. Its all about escape from reality. That can never be a good thing. Exactly how much drugs play a part, I can not say for sure, but it has got to be significant and far more than I have previously recognized.

    Not to mention, drugs are very profitable for Drug manufacturers, doctors writing prescriptions, Drug dealers (Isn’t that what doctors are, too? I meant the “illegal ones on the street this time), and our good old mommy and daddy state to take care of us and tell us what is right and wrong with the help of some weapons and courts and prison. God Bless American, huh?

  18. truth1 says:

    I had a few more thoughts. the minds of most people are so dull now. and then I wonder, even though so many things are against us reaching good levels of alertness and reasoning, is there really good excuse for near to 97% of the population being so stupid and dull? Isn’t this stuff happening around us just a little too infantile for grown adults to get fooled by? I know that instinct always plays big part in our lives, but I wonder which side is getting the worst of us. The intellect, or the instinct? Its beyond mine to be able to answer for sure. Either one can be all ally or enemy. And the 2 halves getting together can be very good or very bad.

    but I can say this. That we have been engineered to be very dumb, dull, and unquestioning was a brilliant move, even if quite sinister. The most dangerous situation for any con-man or deceiver is an intelligent, alert, thinking mind. Bring most down to a moron level and any pathetic psy-op production will work like a charm. The scary thing is that any group of human being would have been busy engineering this and bring it about. Why? What are they up to? that is the question. But I do feel that those prophecies that have been kicked around since the days of Jesus speak of a coming great deception that will mislead all the earth, except for the Christians who refuse to go along with it. and even more strange, that Jesus should tell of a phony lying prophet who will claim to be Jesus, but will be lying. Jesus will remain in his realm and work from there. Paul said the fake Jesus would would sit down in the temple.

    but wait! there is no temple! Well, Jerusalem belongs to Israel now, thanks to Trump card.Will they build a temple? Paul seems to indicate that, as does Daniel who warned, in vague symbolic language, of the abomination standing where it ought not.

    I only say this folks, be very concerned if you see a temple get built and a guy comes along saying he his Jesus, for Jesus is not coming bad in bodily form. He tried that once already and it did not go so well, So any way, feel free to laugh . . . till it all starts happening. Interesting how the government seem to be a part of this movement boost Israel and maybe have a war to subdue the enemies of Israel. Israel has 2 kinds of enemies. the threat of war resistance of Islam and the propaganda Christians will present to the world that will condemn the temple and what does with it. But be warned that most of Christianity is fake and they will bless the temple and the fake jesus.

    Either I will look some silly should it not happen as I say, Or I’ll look even sillier if it does not. I’ll take my chances. But this UFO Alien thing is not accident, and I and others have been saying it woul come. Its here now!

    • Dan Quixoté says:

      Crazy as you make it sound, the intel I’ve gotten says roughly the same things.

      Wish I hadn’t ever read that “fiction” by Huxley…

      • truth1 says:

        Its kind of hard to tell what is fiction, reality, or not, anymore. Generally, I just believe the opposite of whatever the Media or government says. Odd (or is it), that it always seems to work. I gotta stop watching that Twilight Zone on MeTV. That line denoting reality has got to be here somewhere. Anyone got a flashlight?

      • truth1 says:

        Dan, that might mean we are both crazy. Could you convince me I am OK? Oh, come on! you can do it. I’m rootin for ya! and pay no attention to the straight jacket I am wearing. the interns are just having fun with me. they do that all the time.

  19. Ever thought that the majority of people have already had “Disclosure” from people like Greer and many others, that by now they are ready for a real live alien with a zero point energy device in his hand saying, “Here, this is how you do it”. Of course we rolled our eyes, another plane chasing a UFO.

  20. Steve says:

    I still am not convinced there is intelligent life on earth, so who gives a shit about out there!

  21. Sylvan says:

    I just witnessed a UFO a few days ago. It was stationary in the air over the Fort Collins Mall. It was glowing red & when I stopped to watch it in the parking lot…it shifted to a beautiful green…then to red…then to green. It disappeared for a few beats & then reappeared. At that point, I grabbed a person who had just walked out of the store & directed her to look up…she was astounded. She & I both watched the UFO change colors & then disappear…I told her to wait…it will reappear & it did. As we were watching the object…it dropped vertically at a great speed & then stopped…stayed stationary for a bit & then disappeared. If anyone had been paying attention…they would have been amazed. The object was quite large because the stars in the sky were small in the back drop of the evening. This object was aware that it was being watched…thus the light show.

    • Dan Quixoté says:

      Thanks for sharing! First person stories are way better than news stories. And they make my two UFO encounters, one with my kids, seem boring by comparison.

    • Greg C. says:

      I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. Turned out it was someone playing with a drone! What I thought was miles in the distance was actually just down the block. It’s impossible to tell how close something is against the sky at night.

  22. Alexis Keiser says:

    I don’t fear much of anything now that I’m “awake”. So…I don’t fear “aliens”. We already know they exist. If you believe, as I do, that the real invasion of our planet is by satan and his demonic emissaries who currently possess most of our “authorities” then you know that as the Bible tells us, that our warfare is not carnal. I don’t need to fight flesh and blood, nor do I need to pay attention to a government which is possibly pushing a false “alien” scare to manipulate me. I am really, really angry about the wanton, cruel and foolish destruction of my fellow human beings, though. Pharmaceutical companies, government “alphabet soup” agencies and other satanic front groups will go down, hard, but I don’t like to see peoples lives ruined by their stupid, evil machinations in the mean time.

    • Dan Quixoté says:

      Amen, sister.

    • will iam says:

      They’re game is to divide and conquer so somehow ‘they’ must be included as well. Do not believe for a moment that ‘they’ are not aware of that!

      At least however ‘they’ are exposed enough to using they’re ‘trump’ card and that is a good thing! (:

  23. Dan Quixoté says:

    Nailed it – limited hangout, response test.

  24. From Quebec says:

    President Donald Trump pledged to ‘unlock the mysteries of space’ during his inaugural address

  25. Robert Klinck says:

    Don’t forget about also the continuous “doping” with cognitive dissonance from infancy to death as a means of paralyzing critical faculties.

    BTW, are myopic persons employed as USAF jet pilots? Just asking—I don’t know the answer. The pilot who reported the recent “sighting “ has a classic myopic stare.

  26. Jon, what do you know of the Billy Meier case? /watch?v=h5VZWH0tdgA

  27. thomaspoa says:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken

    • truth1 says:

      Love H L Mencken and yes, they make lots of boogie men to keep us sacred of nuthin at all. And it works like a charm, you’ll notice.

  28. John M says:

    UFO’s have been here before any life was on the planet, routine surveys of pre planetary formations included earth when it was a dust ball, the earth has been home to what is termed permanent nomadic conditions of planetary bodies meaning that changing solar system conditions throughout the universe make it necessary to move entire civilizations from planet to planet when conditions change making life to dangerous or inhabitable. The UFO’s currently visiting earth for the last 30,000 years have been here for many reasons particularly reasons pertaining mankind attaining world destroying weapons capability such as but not limited to nuclear, biological and electronic weapons and nuclear energy all of which can end life completely. There are of course different groups and systems whom do not have the same opinion of earth and mankind, all of them want a peaceful neighbor however and as a matter of historical reference the UFO’s have not landed to openly greet earth people for a reason, the differences of the groups of off world species as said do not all agree about how to handle earth men their primitive violent neighbor, some say wipe earth-men out too violent and put another non-violent specie on earth, others say conquer and dominate earth men and God says leave them to their own decisions for all of you other species that want to kill them and dominate them come from the same primitive origins and God to stop the other off worlds sent his so to earth as Jesus and Jesus was killed by his primitive brothers and could have but did not say the word to stop his suffering which had he all of earth men would have been killed off, resulting in now that Jesus did not beg his Father God to have the men stopped, God has first dibs on how to deal with earth men and the other off world species will not cross that line. So UFO’s are observers and concerned scientific parties and ICBM interceptors and other sundry purposes for any final conflict such as but not limited to escape vehicles for innocent humans and of course their are the attack craft for dealing with barbarian humans who would defy the golden rule love they neighbor and instead kill his neighbor with nuclear weapons and those types will be destroyed in any final world destroying conflict regardless of where they may be hidden on or under the earth.

  29. Lee Akers Sr. says:

    Jon: Don’t you know that the UFOs are really NAZI craft based under the ice in Antarctica? Don’t you read the Enquirer? (He says with a laugh)

    I am of the opinion that there are “flying saucers”. What they are, who pilots them, and where they come from, I haven’t a clue, and in reality, I don’t think anybody does.

  30. KEM says:

    No prescription numbness here, Jon. I simply refuse to put any energy into this obvious distraction. The hammer is about to fall in Washington DC, and that is far more important and immediate than whatever garbage the fake news media is using to distract people from it.

  31. The term UFO is an anathema that covets imbeciles, as I discuss here

    Object that are :immortally” unidentified are the products of scorn.

    There is a serious side to this, which is far reaching, divinely conspiratorial and mostly decided beyond the “material plane”. Such topics are regularly reflected at my other blog

    My next article [provisionally] titled “Draco Anunaki Cooperative Conflict Problematical for Human “Souls”” should be released before year’s end.


  32. Actually it might just be the obvious fear of illegal aliens that are not easy to fool or exploit. Superintelligent and well-informed voters could make open borders seem counterproductive.

    • truth1 says:

      I like! But these aliens, while very intelligent, hate humans. I refer to the ones in another realm that have been watching us and manipulating us throughout our existence.

  33. spice says:

    only misinformation about ufo or aliens is that they exist. ufo and aliens do not exist and all stories which promote are part of the blue beam project. no one shred of evidence

    • truth1 says:

      Maybe they beemed up to the Enterprise. I do not subscribe to the rapture. I’m waiting for the last trumpet blast when then finished is the mystery of God.

    • truth1 says:

      The Illuminati have hired numerous crisis actors to man government made vehicles designed by Tesla near to 1900. So there are no real aliens as you said, but there will be fake ones. Everything is fake now.

      • arcadia11 says:

        i have encountered anti-gravity vehicles twice right where i live. both times there were seven craft – the first time they had green lights the second time almost a year later in exactly the same spot they had purple lights. all they did was move about in a choreographed dance to prove that they were anti-gravity. it got boring after about fifteen minutes so i said a few choice words to the american pilots just in case they were able to hear me, flipped them off and went home. i felt embarrassed for them.

        • truth1 says:

          The effect these vehicles have is fascinating. 50 million volts and the laws of physics seem to turn upside down. They are anti-gravity. They are not a mystery. They are easy to comprehend. Its a shame we are not allowed to know more. Many sorts of “free energy are wrapped up in this technology, We might claim it all the real laws of physics that they have been suppressing for so long, over 100 years. Can’t wait to see what they got for a show-snow job.

  34. Lachesis Atropos says:

    You Wrote: “Medical News Today reports that, in 2011, there was a modest uptick in the number of prescriptions written in the US.

    The increase brought the total to: 4.02 billion.

    Yes, in 2011, doctors wrote 4.02 billion prescriptions for drugs in America.”

    So, is it okay to allow the ILLEGAL sale & use of marijuana in States like California, Nevada and Colorado? Or do you believe marijuana is harmless, or some secret cure to all human disease and illnesses? I would really like a response, since it appears that many like you, and those you collaborate with seem to not only believe pot is some sort of harmless wonder drug, but that it should also be made legal?

    If you are unwilling to answer this question, then I can only assume you are just another fraud, possibly on the payroll of Soros or others like him.

  35. Lachesis Atropos says:

    Jon Rappoport: “The Medical News Today article concluded, “…the industry should be heartened by the growth of the number of prescriptions and spending.” Yes, I’m sure the drug industry is popping champagne corks.

    We’re talking about prescriptions here. We’re not talking about the number of pills Americans took. We’re also not counting over-the-counter drugs or vaccine shots.

    A population drugged to the gills is passive…”

    Again, I ask does this include the use of marijuana? Or do you believe like Gorge Soros, that marijuana should be legal? Why do you believe George Soros wants marijuana legalized? I’ll give you a hint, it makes the population using it passive, stupid, and worse! You collaborate with others like Alex Jones and Roger Stone, who believes pot should be legalized, and this is of grave concern to many who actually think, and understand what is going on! Your attack on the pharmaceutical is warranted, but conflating facts and generalizing Rx’s to suit your narrative is reckless. Alex Jones refuses to answer the question I’m posing to you now, which makes it extremely difficult to trust his crusade or his InfoWars. Why not answer the bloody question?????

    • Duncan Phelps says:

      I agree with you about ol’dead George who’s Empire will live long until The Masses wake up & de-drug. However, here is your answer: The WAR on Drugs is ‘a Catch 22.’ Its goal is to eliminate unauthorized competition: those who are not paying off to the BIG longtime Providers (see Opium Wars for more info.). I have not used any CIA-faction drugs since the Vietnam War, and tell everyone they are all bad, however they must all be decriminalized as their use is not a criminal issue, but a sales issue, Doctors use them all the time and they are actually quite similar (chemically re: the brain); they are a health-mental issue and via de-crime-ing them all users-sellers would be registered so as to get treatment. Even over taxing them will keep the demand high and those at The TOP making more $$. (OVER taxing them would profit the government and add more problems.) The War “for” Drugs will maintain the problem-profit, not end it.

  36. Duncan Phelps says:

    You have come closer to the issues behind the UFO phenomena than most researchers and Official lines including the latest NYTimes Pentagon source and Tom DeLonge.
    That is because you focused not on lights in the skies and physical metals which many love to tell of, but you look at the why and who is behind it all. How far will lights and objects or reports and photos get you? They merely get you more denials. How much proof do you have regarding the reality of Washington, D.C., the City of London, Jerusalem, Rome, or Malta unless you have been there? Just ask any tourist what they learned and you’ll see what I mean!
    Another reason you have gotten so close to the truth is due to your background. Foot reporting, pharmacology, detective work, and lobbyist attention helps. I answered Linda Moulton Howe that the best way to learn about a question is to follow the money and the dead bodies. No need to chase after lights in the sky! I should add, if that is too difficult: follow where the dead do not lay and where there is no money or attention given.

    People love to talk about World War II, so let us start there and it is close in Time to the Roswell “crash” and the Military’s Antarctica [War] Operation Highjump… coincidence? As with Lenin back around WW I, the Powerful and earth movers had nothing but good things to say about Hitler as long as they were taking their money in the form of loans. It wasn’t until he decided to build things on his own and didn’t need the Central Banker’s currency with attached never ending interest payments that he became “the big bad guy on the block.” He also learned that under this method he could accomplish in 5 years what other nations would take 100 years to do.
    (This seems strangely familiar to the story of Muammar Gaddafi who when murdered and replaced by bad guys suddenly turned good guys, or was it the other way around, I cannot keep up, first order was to change bank accounts from Libya’s non-compliance own Africa favoring one to the standard World Central Bank? Same goes for onetime good guy Saddam Hussein labeled bad when it was discovered his “Weapons of Mass Destruction” was him going off the Petro-Dollar Payment Plan!)

    What does this have to do with UFO for god’s sake do you ask? UFOs don’t need $$ and interest payments to sail around the world and they have an extremely long shelf life and little maintenance! They also were not Union made and controlled by the Powerful Families. You say that is too simple an answer? Why do you suppose it has been so easy to cover it up?

    If a neighbor has a toy a little fancier than the guy down the street, everyone tends to look up to him. If another guy has something too simple he will be ignored; unless it looks like hell! After all it is very important who you look up to and keep following. He who has The Tablets of Destinies and key secrets to the Kingdom rules! (If you are in debt to another, to that % they own you. If the can has been kicked down a never ending road, They are god!)

    Again, back to World War II: What factory was never bombed during the entire war and therefore had a jump ahead of everything else when the war was declared over? ..I.G. Farben, the pharmaceuticals industry.
    Who has one of the most covenanted positions and revolving doors with accepted governments besides the Central Banks? ..Monsanto (GMOs), MSG etc., pill and vaccine manufacturers. These products help put you under the control of others. They restrict your full utilization of your DNA and even alter it; and this is what certain entities have been doing since before races and tribes can remember.

    No drugs and UFOs allow for freedom and a different kind of responsibility and this The Masses have proven over Time NOT to be ready for. That is a secret so don’t tell anyone.
    Nothing new here; go back to sleep or move on!

    • cassidy421 says:

      William Milton Cooper: Majestic Twelve. There are no UFOs; there is only concealed extremely advanced technology employed to deceive the global population to believe that the ultimate threat to life on earth is other than the evil that exists on it and controls it.

  37. Duncan Phelps says:

    Here is a new one:
    Bring up and then books; then punch in my name Duncan Phelps

    If there is much interest on this: Ask Jon to reprint it here for free, if you cannot afford $2.99. Ask him, I sent him a copy.

    Amazon’s new and politically correct search engine now lists my books in the unavailable T-Shirt section! How’s that for censorship? Since when are books a T-Shirt?
    Look on their page 2 for the e-book which they placed next to dog T-Shirts—I’m regulated to the ‘dog house’ as one reader put it!
    Other e-books of mine are at the bottom of page 3. Check out your search and see if it displays what mine does!

    I was a member for 21 years of an open-public available link to the German-side of UFOs, not the competing Nazi S.S. Project Paperclip chemical brain manipulation faction which went to the U.S. after WWII and merged with the new CIA.

    OR you can keep tuned to the Pentagon and Tom DeLonge; as they have been behaving since 9-11… That wing was going ‘off the reservation’ [following the $$ as was Building #7 and certain floors on #1 & 2] and had to learned the hard way; Thank you TPTB!

  38. Leonie says:

    Reading a book “Exopolotics: political implications of the extraterrestrial presence” by Michael E Salla.
    For almost 70 years the US government has engaged in an extensive official effort of disinformation, intimidation and tampering with evidence in order to maintain a non-disclosure policy about extraterrestrial presence.
    He believes after receiving a consistent stream of letters encouraging his research and unsolicited information from former government, military, intelligence employees. Onfirming many of his hypotheses. Full disclosure will occur, since interest is high and so much now is in the public arena.
    He talks about after the 2nd world war these ET related projects fell into a category of what is today called Special Access Program (SAP). These have additional security measures attached over and above the normal confidential, secret, top secret programs. They are dived into 2 classes : acknowledged and unacknowledged and further distinction is made in which normal Congressional overseeing does not occur. A waived SAP(deep black) is so sensitive only 8 members of Congress (Chairs & ranking members of the 4 Defense or intelligence committees are notified of a waived SAP without being given any information about it. Therefore this would enable them to truthfully declare no knowledge of such programs if asked therefore maintaining secrecy of this SAP.
    The black budget every 2 hyears is about $1.3 trillion! By the way a trillion dollars weights 11 tons! the us Congress never see the books involved in this clandestine pot.

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