When I ran for Congress: insights

When I ran for Congress: insights

by Jon Rappoport

September 19, 2017

“I met with one nutritional-supplement-company president, a self-involved oaf who bragged about his expensive tastes, his vacations, his large house. His main advice (he didn’t back my campaign with a donation) was to see his tailor and have him make me a high-priced suit.”

Ultimately, I believed vote fraud occurred in my 1994 run for a seat in the US Congress, from the 29th District in Los Angeles. I’ve written and spoken about that elsewhere.

This article is about something else.

I was running at the height of the so-called Health Freedom movement in America. My primary issue was the right of every person to manage his/her own health. The right to have access to the full range of nutritional supplements (under attack by the FDA). The right to consult alternative health practitioners (the FDA was attacking those practitioners). The right to know the full truth about toxic medical drugs. The right to refuse medical treatments. The right to have the FDA prosecuted for criminal collusion with drug companies.

The Health Freedom movement spawned more letters to Congress than any issue in the history of America. Several nutritional companies were backing the movement with money.

Eventually, during my campaign, I saw what was happening. Although millions of Americans wanted all those rights I just listed, and were becoming more aware of the extreme dangers of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, the inside backers of the Health Freedom movement and their core “agents” wanted something very specific.

They wanted to pass the federal Hatch Bill, which would, they said, offer protection to the American public—people would continue to have access to the full range of nutritional supplements, and the FDA attacks would stop.

The Hatch Bill eventually passed and became federal law. But as a few smart attorneys knew and warned, the Bill had loopholes, and the FDA would still be able to throw up roadblocks against supplement companies.

My efforts, as a candidate, were much wider. I wanted a full-scale exposure of the crimes of the FDA. I pushed this issue. Hard.

The nutritional supplement industry backed away from my campaign (with one notable exception). They thought I was going too far. They wanted that Hatch Bill passed, and then they wanted to go home and continue business as usual.

I met with one supplement-company president, a self-involved oaf who bragged about his expensive tastes, his vacations, his large house. His main advice (he didn’t back my campaign with a donation) was to see his tailor and have him make me a high-priced suit.

At a high-level meeting of Health Freedom advocates, a silky smooth character I’d never heard of rambled on in New Age lingo about the “consciousness” of our cause. He emphasized how we all needed to have “cosmic tolerance” of the opposition. This wasn’t a hippie. He was a pro. His obvious job was to soften our actions and, of course, focus on getting the Hatch Bill passed.

My purpose was to ignite a popular movement in America that would take the FDA and pharmaceutical players to the wall. This was no pipe dream because, as I mentioned above, Americans were writing millions of letters to Congress. There was a chance of launching this movement out into new territory and putting enormous pressure on media and government, over an extended period of time.

But the nutritional supplement industry, and its leaders, wanted no part of this. They had their lobbyists and friends in Congress, and they wanted a typical inside push to pass a Bill. That’s all.

Near the end of my campaign, I saw that what I really was doing (without the necessary backup) was mounting a public relations force for the truth. A few of us were working in this direction. At the time, we didn’t fathom all the tools and support we needed. We were learning on the job.

We were staging a Broadway play without backers in a theater we couldn’t afford.

In the aftermath, there was a grand opportunity for depression. I had zero interest in that. For me, depression has always been too depressing.

I had learned a great deal about bait-and-switch, and about how agents infiltrate an operation (the overall Health Freedom movement).

It was my first experience in seeing, up close and personal, New Age thinking deployed to deplete energy, erase moral outrage, and promote endless conversation as a way to postpone action. In its more extreme version, New Age thinking has the goal of making people feel guilty about their own anger. It’s quite a fabrication. It’s mind control.

Because, of course, anger based on truth is a virtue. A high virtue. It takes a tower of bullshit to dampen it down. Learning to use anger is a skill. I could write several volumes on the subject.

During my campaign, I had a conversation with a little New Age messenger. I told him he was fronting for a new version of The Fall. He was, in effect, proposing that the Original Sin is Moral Outrage. I talked to him until he started to sweat. He walked away. He’s probably working as a minor bureaucrat in a government agency these days.

As I wrote the other day, there is a huge hole within groups who are seeking to spread actual truth the media refuse to cover. These groups have zero knowledge of public relations and how they can use it.

When you launch a broad campaign over time, the first thing you need to realize is: there is no precise algorithm that tells you when you’ve reached a critical mass of awakened minds. You won’t know that until you see it happening. But when it does happen, all sorts of interesting and even spectacular effects occur.

This isn’t cosmic magic. This isn’t the cosmic hundredth monkey. This is pure WAKE UP. This is large numbers of people wondering what the hell they were dreaming about before. All sorts of outbreaks of WAKE UP can happen simultaneously.

The blanket of fake reality starts to tear and fall apart.

This is real public relations, not the fake brand aimed at promulgating lies.

It’s a necessary prow of the ship. On board, the group has its lawyers and lobbyists and organizers—and all of a sudden the actions of those people begin to yield new results.

As an example, I would say the worldwide movement to expose the truth about vaccines and enact new protections and ensure the right to refuse is a fraction of the way there. “There” means: enough people who WAKE UP. Maybe the movement is 5% there right now.

You could say it’s losing or winning, but those estimates are far less important than the fact that the WAKE UP is expanding.

Without virtuous moral outrage, it will sink back and become diffused and vague.

Movements that succeed don’t have sickly glazed grins on their faces, and they don’t signal placid “universal tolerance” that “embraces the opposition.” That’s pure jive.

This is one lesson I learned during my campaign.

There were many others. Other stories for another time…

—I can’t resist mentioning one final irony. Out there in the world, there are some alternative health practitioners who are proponents of Health Freedom…and at the same time, they counsel their patients that “all anger is destructive to health.” These patients must “rise above their anger.” This advice couldn’t be more wrong or naïve. No, as I said, the whole idea is to learn how to use virtuous anger to achieve the WAKE UP in self and others. THAT’S HOW YOU RISE ABOVE ANGER. YOU DON’T RISE ABOVE IT BY SLAMMING THE DOOR ON IT AND OPTING FOR MAGNANIMOUS TOLERANCE FOR ALL POINTS OF VIEW. SLAMMING THAT DOOR CAN MAKE PEOPLE SICK.

Learning to use anger requires having skills beyond the ability to get angry. Mindless anger is grotesque. Cultivating more and more anger is grotesque.

Moral outrage is real. Yes, there are fools and criminals who put on the cloak of moral outrage to rationalize their immoral actions, but I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about people who try and try to make themselves immune to moral outrage, thinking it’s going to earn them a gold star on the universe’s blackboard.

That self-administered vaccine is putting them to sleep.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

37 comments on “When I ran for Congress: insights

  1. Mark says:

    John Lydon got it right in the song ‘Rise’:
    ‘Anger is an energy.’

  2. Rochelle says:

    I agree with you, if we know how to channel our anger we can use its powerful energy in a construtive way…

  3. IMNAHA says:

    Seems there has been wolves in sheeps clothing for ever. Karl Marx who married into one of the richest industrialist families in Germany was such a “wolf” who was sent not to spark a worker’s revolution but to neutralize it. When the workers called for action he was the “calm voice” that would say “tommorrow” and of course tommorrow never came. It was a brilliant control mechanism of the wealthy industrialists, one still alive and well today in America, generally run by intel agencies funded by the usual suspects.

  4. Jennifer says:

    We call “virtuous anger” righteous indignation. Same thing. Every American should be righteously indignant at what our government, corporations, military, etc. do in our name and against our children and the children in other nations. We will not evolve if we continue to be a threat to others.

    Every human’s job is to strengthen the Speciel Mind by sharing the “talents” we have been given, the talents we have gained in our search for truth. The more good we do, the closer we come to our Destination in Time, and that Destination is be to One with our Creator, with Man. That is what JeSus was trying to show us; He was giving us the Perfect Pattern to evolve.

    Thank you, Jon, for another pointed essay.

  5. From Quebec says:

    I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore

  6. Marilyn Guinnane says:

    There’s a lot of crap going around about what “New Agers” think, but since I am one, let me set the record straight. First of all, you believe, Jon, that we don’t experience moral outrage?! Are you nuts!!? Look, I’ve been told that the only part of the bible that hasn’t been tampered with is Revelations, so do look up Rev. Ch. 7 & 14, the part that talks about the Lightworkers. AKA Light Warriors. Warriors being the operative word. The New Age teachings served to galvanize the Light Warriors, and i am one. You want to see me on the actual warpath? Just mention those pedophiles that populate D.C. to the tune of being a flipping plague.

    There are a number of phonies who pretend to be New Agers, and I guess you’ve run into a few. A New Age teaching is to never feel guilt because it serves no useful purpose and is a tool of the ego. The ego is evil. It is an evil illusion. New Age teachings are very Buddhaic and/or libertarian in nature, a live and let live attitude. Even so, I’m almost as outraged at how farm animals are treated as i am with child sex trafficking.

    Like so many, you have no clue as to what real New Age teachings are, which is ironic inasmuch as a psychic lists you as one of the 144K in Revelations, my brother. I know a little something about you. I know that you are impeccable. We all are.

    • Jennifer says:

      We suppose there must be two types of New Agers just as there are two types of Christians, always dependent on which “God” they are serving. We have seen some Christians going to war for JeSus, and it is obvious who their father is for My Father in Heaven says, “Thou shall not kill.”

      There are many manifestations of what we call the Alien Mind, what many call the Devil

      Mammon – the god of material possession
      Baal – the god of lust for gold and power
      Moloch – the god of child sacrifice
      Asmodius – the god of separating and dividing the people
      Lucifer – the god of intellectualism without guidance from God
      Dagon – the god of adultery, i.e. genetic engineering
      Jehovah – the god of war and destruction

      And a new one coined by Delamer Duverus

      LaLa – the god of manifesting the life you desire without asking for Divine guidance

      Seems our government serves all of these, and we let them.

      As far as guilt, it is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, which are fear, hate, shame, greed, lust, guilt and prejudice, which we should all try to purge from ourselves, not by condemning ourselves when we see it, but by being aware enough to recognize it and to cast it aside. The ego isn’t evil, which would be saying humans are evil. They are not; they are just not presently well-informed because we as a Species have lost much in understanding. “With all thy getting, get thee understanding.”

      Delamer Duverus’ definition of a Christian is someone who recognizes his need for Divine guidance and who seeks it. Do New Agers seek Divine guidance? Is that part of your understanding? We are not at all familiar with it.

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Jennifer, your truth is not my own but yes of course I pray for Divine guidance. Darlin’ the ego is an illusion. It doesn’t exist in reality. Want proof? When you leave your physical body behind in what is termed ‘death’, does your ego accompany you? Of course not. All greed, lust, avarice, hatred, fear, etc., everything negative, springs from the ego, which is evil. In reality there is only Love and error. And error is part of the illusion. So in reality there is only Love. That doesn’t mean that one should sit back on one’s haunches and do nothing while grave injustices are occurring. This illusion called ‘life’ (physical life) is what we temporarily have to work with.

        • Jennifer says:

          I guess we see it differently. Each of our souls, our egos, are part of the Speciel Mind we call humanity. We take what we have learned and experiences with us as we “go through time”, in each concatenation, what some call reincarnation. Our souls come back with problems from previous life, even personality traits, and patterns.

          You know a lot of atheists don’t believe in God, but what we don’t realize is that those atheists who have a conscience and who live by that conscience have more God than many religionists who are bound to Sola Scriptura. Our conscience is our Speciel Mind’s counseling of us, and as the Speciel Mind is given by God, this is where we find Him within us.

          Mary Baker Eddy of the Christian Science church often denigrated the “mortal” mind. the Mind of Humanity is not evil, it is just that we have been influenced by the Alien Mind/Satan and have not learned to separate ourselves from it. That’s the whole trick to becoming a human.

          • Marilyn Guinnane says:

            Jennifer, “Special Mind” does not compute, does not resonate with me. You possibly study Urancia (Urancha?) or Law of One . . . Hey, as long as you’re happy with it. My parents were atheists; I’m so grateful not to have had religion shoved down my throat.

            Blessings and ciao ~

          • From Quebec says:

            Show me someone without an ego, and I’ll show you a loser
            -Donald J, Trump

          • Marilyn Guinnane says:

            Quebec — President Trump’s idea of a loser is one who doesn’t have a chauffeur nor any desire for one. I voted for the guy, but I don’t support his . . . how shall we call it, philosophy? Trump made the scene when we needed a strong personality to send Rodham into oblivion. I would not recommend that anyone emulate Donald Trump, however.

          • Jennifer says:

            It’s actually Speciel Mind. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake calls it “Morphic resonance” as he noticed how a species of tit birds learned to take the paper top off of milk jugs to get to the cream. Then other birds in other areas started doing the same thing, until the dairies started making skim and 2% which had hardly any cream and the birds stopped. The knowledge gets into the Speciel Mind. Every species has one, what we see more clearly in them as instinct. This understanding comes from Delamer Duverus, “The Golden Reed.”

            God is never a religion; He is just the truth.

          • Marilyn Guinnane says:

            Jennifer—God is not a ‘he’. God is the Mother/Father Principle. It gave birth to our souls, hence the feminine side. Once you get used to referring to Supreme Creator as “It” rather than “he”, when you hear It referred to as he, you sort of wince.

            Yes, there’s a stream of consciousness. We are all connected. We are connected to the animals, the plants, the rocks, the Earth.

  7. truth1 says:

    Jon, ya nailed it right between the eyes. I have never been that effective, until my anger is roused. Then I can’t be stopped. I need the anger and thrive on it. If I try to remain polite, I can not even speak well. I have to be in a certain frame of mind, one of anger and aggression. People need to get angry and aroused.

    I find that a number of things are tied into what I would call activation or motivation modes. The desire for sex is a motivator. Anger in defense is also controlled by the same part of the brain. All ambition and desire needs that aggressive motivation and drive to pursue. Tamper with one of the elements that use the motivation and drive region and your apt to affect all the related areas. I found this out in 86. Convinced that masturbation was wrong at the time, thanks to stupid religions who understand nothing.

    I shut down my desires and an odd thing happened. I could not get motivated to do anything. I was paralyzed from pursuing anything. I knew then that you can not tamper with human instinct without paying a dear price. So I stopped trying to hinder natural drives, desires, and appetites. They are natural and important. They are as God intended them to be.

    I notice one other thing. politicians, and many others in authority and power like bosses, are scared to death of swearing and vulgar language, which might be better called angry, or emotional language, charged with aggressiveness. Now this is odd because these authority types swear like hall among themselves as if mobsters or sailors. So why is it forbidden in public? Because foul language is full of emotional content and motivation. And it is a form of enthusiasm, too. Its catchy, infectious, stimulating. It can spread like wild fire. Hence the fear among those in authority. Anger is easy to lose control of and it does need to be tempered, but not too much. You need it.

    So anger is a important ally in motivation and action.

    I also note this! AM radio stations were terrified of the hard rock and metal music that began in the later 60s and then really took off in the 70s. It sold lots of LPs but you never heard the stuff on the radio. FM came along and alternative radio stations. And some played metal and they became popular as a result. The industry lost control of the programming. The early metal was among the best still. But Authorities feared metal because it was young angry man’s music and loaded with motivation and rebellion. I don’t advocate mindless rebellion but I do advocate an out of control pursuit of truth with passion. Its the constructive form of anger. Its always needs to be constructive and purposeful.

  8. Tom says:

    Thanks for a great article. Anger is a deep, deep, deep rooted energy that stems back to our ancestors. Its handed down from man to man on a silver platter, as a passage right unto this machine. The trickery is, we do not need it. But we hang on to it. Thinking that it gives us strength and power. IT connects us to the other men of this world. Yes, anger can be used to move mountains and get things done, but that is a temporary achievement. It is used against us rather than for us, as People, as a nation. I like to think of OSHO’s solution: Just be angry! Get a pillow and be angry. Let it all out. Then you realize how silly it really is to be angry- Something like that. When we start to awaken, we realize that anger is a choice. A state of mind/being you can control to be in or not be in. That is the bottom line.

    • truth1 says:

      To me, you are not seeing various shades of anger. You’re throwing everything into the same boat. there is good and bad anger just as there are good and bad people. Take the good and leave the bad.

      • Marilyn Guinnane says:

        Truth 1 & Tom — to my mind’s eye, there is anger and then there is righteous indignation. Anger is probably one of the biggest tools of the ego, but truth to tell, I get angry anyway. If ever one were able to rid oneself of the ego, without physical death entering the picture, that individual would immediately ascend. It is only the ego that holds you here on the physical plane.

        Well, I’m here for a reason. So are you.

        • truth1 says:

          Righteous indignation is another way of saying good needed anger. So we agree. Egos will often produce great anger, but other things do, too. And great anger can be justified but still might be better to hold it back, since justice is largely absent in our world and the powerless have no rights and the powerful abuse all rights.

      • Terri says:

        If you study with osho, you will understand this exercise he speaks of is a way to develop control over your emotions. Emotions are just energy. i think Tom is speaking of the general need to not fall for the hype and get out of control with anger, which we see in antifa and blm.
        If more practiced and studied with Osho, or other masters,there would be no need for anger.

        Anger is a double edged sword, it can save your life, or cost you your life.As with anything powerful, respectful use is recommended.

        • truth1 says:

          I do not accept the authority of Osho. the Bible is my authority. Emotions are there for a reason. They have good and bad uses. for instance, a voice and words can sooth and heal or harm and hurt. You and Osho are in denial.

  9. 8 Piece Box (Dirt track Date) says:

    We are lucky there are supplement shops around where you don’t need a prescription.
    The local vitamin mart has buy one get one sale for supplements going on now.
    Who knows how long until big pharma controls all the supplements.
    I’ve been told by others that they love it when I get angry, if only there was some way to channel it into something constructive.
    Why don’t the others see how totally corrupt everything is?
    It isn’t cute or funny and it will lead to total collapse.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      8 Piece Box—VitaCost.com is way way cheaper than any place else, especially retail stores. I get all my supplements there and I spend a lot of money on the things, believe me.

  10. willingsworth the IIIrd says:

    And the beat goes on in the Matrix.
    It’s only for a few years, then sooner or later we all get to leave this quagmire of selfish and evil henchmen.

  11. Douglas Girard says:

    Wow Jon, wild thread your thoughts evoke here. Sort of an LSD trip thru the Universe, with those well-meaning, but dastardly humans at the helm of the ship.

    I was managing a small health food store in Litchfield, Connecticut when the supplement stink you write about found its way into the odorous halls of Congress. At that store, it was the local older folks who exhibited the tempered wrath some here call “righteous indignation” or “virtuous anger.” If I remember correctly, there was a movement to send empty supplement bottles to Washington, D.C., but I cannot recall how many of those little brown glass canisters were mailed. It is interesting to read your take on it, because I remember thinking that because there were a lot of supplement companies in Utah (Trace Minerals comes to mind), perhaps Utah Senator Orrin Hatch stepped up to the plate to pinch hit on their behalf. It is never quite that simple when legislators pen new laws. I took a lot of supplements in those days, hell I got ’em for cheap managing that store, but now, at 63, I don’t take any. Feel about the same, and last year took a 3,400-mile bicycle ride to get in a little adventure. Eat right, move the body a lot, and stay positive, and perhaps the supplements are not really needed that much. As least not in my case.

    I am a longtime seeker of spiritual enlightenment, but only share beliefs and thoughts in person, as written words all just seem like more dogma added to a much too heavily spiced soup of gruel. I do believe though, that it can be healthy, and righteous, to get pissed off about certain things.

    • truth1 says:

      Your post was a reasonable one. I have a theory on supplements and health. For those who have had substantial abuse in their youth or any time in life, their bodies will experience far greater internal harm due to stored mental stress that continues after abuse and trauma. For these people, substantial intake of specific supplements will do much to alleviate the damage caused by stored unresolved abuse.

      On the other hand, a person of relatively uneventful life, fairly free from extreme or long term abuse, will experience very little internal physical stress and damage so that supplements may be an overkill. So the issue of supplements is not “one solution fits all.” Every circumstance is different. Different supplements for different problems. Some need them and some don’t. Given our now toxic environment, I believe it would be very prudent to consider supplements now. Better to seek prevention than to try to cure a problem our of control.

      • Douglas Girard says:

        Hence, that is why I stated, “at least not for me.” I was a vegetarian for 26 years, but now eat small quantities of non-farmed fish and sanely-raised chicken, and even a bit of grass-fed beef. I discern no difference in my health or how I feel compared to when I did not eat meat. Perhaps I am just fortunate, and truly, I faced little to no abuse of any kind in my youth. My grandfather, an asshole of an an alcoholic, did slap me in the face hard, for no reason, when I was about 10. The only impact that had was that I hated his guts from then on.

    • Marilyn Guinnane says:

      Douglas Girard — It’s hard to ‘eat right’ when our food is so compromised, with a myriad of methods of attack, from soil that is overtaxed with nitrates, to vitamins destroyed by too long on the shelf before those fruits and veggies reach your plate. And those items are just for openers. Supplements have made a huge difference in my skin, my hair, etc. My thyroid problem was totally cured by putting a few drops of iodine in my water daily, and so on. You may think you don’t need to supplement your nutritional intake, but you don’t know what’s going on in your organs, necessarily. I cured my dog of German shepherd degenerative spine disease by giving her quercetin in her food daily. The vet at U.C. Davis told me there was no cure.

      • arcadia11 says:

        marilyn – were you hypo or hyper thyroid.

      • Douglas Girard says:

        I am lucky in that I live in the temperate climate of far Northern coastal California where GMO’s are illegal, and where a preponderance of organic food is readily available year round. Although, you are certainly right that quality food choices for the masses in the U.S. Is dwindling. I weigh about what I did in high school 45 years ago, and work at at elementary school where I see a high percentage of overweight children who obviously don’t adhere to a regimen of quality food balanced with large doses of body movement. Just what the corporate/profit based medical system wants, a steady supply of future clients.

  12. Virtuous Moral Outrage says:

    Great article Jon. This makes sense. Without honest reporting, modes of reporting, and honest people in corrupt industries revealing corruption, there wouldn’t be anything for people to be morally outraged about. They’d just never know about any corruption. Which is kind of how it stands today.

    People won’t believe anything Alexa doesn’t report to them on their morning CNN news briefing. MSM, I noticed glosses over any subjects that might cause moral outrage. The tickers move across the bottom of the screen so quickly you don’t have much time to read them, let alone have any kind of mental or emotional response. Reporting of important subjects are delivered in a similar manner. One vague quick sentence, sometimes ended with “investigators are looking into this now.” Usually zero follow up. Move along, nothing to see here. Let’s all just focus on hating the president and become morally outraged at him…at whatever we tell you to be morally outraged about.

    Without moral outrage about the poisons added to our food, the food baby army wouldn’t be getting stronger by the day. Without moral outrage about vaccines killing and injuring our children, and causing miscarrages, infertility, auto-immune issues, etc., we would just let it all drop. Without moral outrage about some govt. entity telling us what we can and can not grow we will lose all freedom. Without moral outrage at hate groups causing injury and damage and stopping free speech, we’ll all just roll over and let the crazies take over.

    There will be enough people who will become morally outraged when they learn of people hurting other people, and are outraged enough to make a change. Love is an act.

  13. George Koumantzelis says:

    When I read the article below, by Jon Rappoport, it brought me back to 1990 when I was running my health food store (AEOLIA) in Lowell, Massachusetts – and my customers and I were all concerned over the government taking away our rights to use vitamins and herbs without a doctor’s prescription.

    What had happened was that an outbreak of a rare blood disorder called EOSINOPHELIA MIALGEA, or something like that, had broken out in a number of people who had been taking the essential amino acid, L- Tryptophane.

    There was a huge controversy about it in the national newspapers and a concern of local boards of health across the nation.

    Some people had even died after getting sick from taking the supplements, legally, over the counter, that they had purchased at their local health food stores.

    But, what no one was reporting about in the newspapers – except for a small handful of alternative health publications who had done their homework and dug deep into the dillema – was that the deadly blood disease was NOT caused by L-Tryotophane! … Not at all. … How could a natural and essential amino acid – one of nine that the human body needs to be healthy – be bad for you, or kill you? …

    What the media was, in some cases, intentionally not reporting was that the rare blood disorder was only caused by ONE company in the world – L SHOWA DENKO – a Japanese manufacturer of L-Tryptophane who supplied their product to many of the health food nutritional supplement companies.

    Not only that, but the second thing the media was not reporting that all of the blood disorders were traced back to one bad batch that had been produced by this one company in Japan!

    Not only that, but the third and most important thing that the mainstream media was not reporting was that this one bad batch from this one company in Japan had created this bad batch of L-Tryptophane using a new method of genetic engineering that had gone off the rails.

    Instead of simply recalling all of the product distributed from that one bad batch, or all types of genetically engineered L-Tryotophane, or all of the product produced by this one Japanese company, the FDA issued a universal recall and ban on the sale of ALL L-Tryptophane all over the world!

    L-Tryptophane is naturally found in turkey, bananas, and yogurt. It helps you go to sleep – and, hence, is in direct competition with VALIUM, a dangerous and addictive drug with toxic side effects!

    We health food retailers reacted immediately by contacting congress and our local boards of health.

    We organized meetings and groups across the country to fight this unconstitutional overeach of the FDA.

    We wrote letters, visited with our governmental representatives, and conducted interviews with local news print media and tv and radio stations.

    We mounted a huge effort to combat the obvious intentions of the FDA to use this as an issue to take away people’s rights to take vitamins and herbs without having to go see a doctor and get a prescription to buy THEIR vitamins!

    We knew that it would not stop with herbs and vitamins, either, if we did not fight the FDA over this and win.

    We also knew that the FDA – a captured and compromised agency – was secretly doing the bidding of the drug companies and big pharma who always coveted our natural food and alternative medicine and organic farming and nutritional supplement industry and take it over so that they would monopolize control over it.

    Why? …

    Because herbs and vitamins are natural supllements – and you cannot put patent on a natural product and then license it out and make a killing on it.

    By restricting the market, they could eliminate their competition and take it over!

    We were not going to let that happen! … NO WAY!

    I organized the very first meeting by making phone calls from my store on church street in lowell.

    I drove out to Northampton, Massachusetts with my friend, Doug Butler, where we joined a half dozen other people at Cornucopia Health Food Store at its original location in Northampton before it moved into Thornes Market Place on Main Street.

    It was owned by my friend, Bud Stockwell – an appropriate name for the owner of a natural food store! I believe that he still owns it till this very day!

    There, we brainstorned, came up with a strategy, decided on organizing an ever bigger, regional meeting which we held months later at a hotel convention hall in Framingham, MA where hundreds of people attended and even further mobilized and got active and organized for the cause of starting letter campaigns to congress and to the press.

    We felt a RIGHTEOUS ANGER which we all used for the good of the cause – and we succeeded.

    In the end, United States Senator, Orin Hatch, a Mormon from the state of Utah, saved the day.

    No, the bill he passed was not ideal or perfect, but it did the job of keeping the wolves of the drug companies at bay, at least for now!

    Most of the herbal companies in this country are located in Utah.

    The Mormons learned a lot of their herbal wisdom from the Paiute Indians, who had the largest herbal pharmacopeia in the Western Hemisphere.

    Combine that with traditional European herbology, Hindu Ayurdvedic herbology, and ancient Taoist Chinese herbology, and you’ve got quite a base of herbal healing to draw from!

    These herbal companies and vitamin companies in Utah were not going to see that all taken away from them by the drug companies or because a Japanese producer of amino acids messed up on their quality control in the production of one newly genetically engineered product. … No way!

    The mormons do not eat junk food, smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs. It’s against their religion. The human body is considered to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, in the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints – and when one dies and ones body is raised from the dead, one is required and expected to present “an unblemished body unto The Lord.”

    These people are serious about their beliefs and mean business. Hell, they willingly give at least ten percent of their pre tax earnings to their church.

    I have a lot of respect for them!

    Donald Trump, in fact, would have made a very good Mormon if he were not a Presbyterian.

    It was a Democrat, Andrew Waxman, if I’m not mistaken, who was pushing on behalf of the FDA to put us all out of business and let the drug companies take over our whole industry.

    Orin Hatch is a Mormon and a Republican – and he not only saved my own small personal business. He helped us save the whole damn alternative medicine and natural food store industry to boot.

    That’s no small feet!

    He, too, felt that RIGHTEOUS ANGER deep down in his soul.

    Now, I am neither a Democrat or a Republican. I am, and have always been, a political independent.

    But credit should be given where credit is due!

    Thank you, Senator Orin Hatch!

    By the way, I think L-Tryptophane is available once again for sale over the counter everywhere.

    George ????????????????

    • Douglas Girard says:

      Henry Waxman.

    • truth1 says:

      Tryptophan has been back for a while, but 5HTP is one step closer and works stronger for me. Tryptophan is converted into 5HTP and from there into several other pathways. and the FDA likely allowed tryptophan back after 5htp had been out for a while and was better.

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