Why fake news matters

Why fake news matters

Notes on major media blowing away in the wind

by Jon Rappoport

January 12, 2017

For the past 34 years, I’ve been working as a reporter, in order to expose fake news. My target: major media. Right from the beginning; and always.

The premise is simple: these liars are in the business of putting people into a false reality and keeping them there. How does that audience move out into truth if they’re basing their own ideas on a synthetically created artifact called The News?

Now we have a president-elect who, as I write this, is holding a press conference and calling CNN fake news. Regardless of who Trump is, that is a moment people should understand as a wild departure from what happens in politics. It never happens. But it is happening.

This is shaking the egg until it cracks.

It’s called an opportunity.

—An opportunity for all of us to keep shaking the egg and exposing the liars, until there is no more egg.

Some of my joy comes from knowing reporters and editors in the mainstream who have been parading around, for decades, believing they are untouchable and vital and necessary and beyond reproach. They never thought this day would come. But it is here.

And they know it now. That’s what makes them so crazy.

Out of view, “their children” (audience) have grown up, and aren’t buying what “the adults” are selling. Trump has simply brought all that to a head. He went over the edge with it. He didn’t care. You tell me that some other candidate, who presented himself as more balanced, more measured, more mature, could have pulled this off, and I’ll tell you you’re wrong. A wild cowboy was necessary, and he showed up. Hate him, love him, he showed up.

Don’t let this moment be wasted.

Part of the reason the major media are pulling out all the stops in attacking Trump and blasting him? They want to paint a portrait of a man who isn’t really president. “See, the guy who has been defaming us isn’t a president at all. He’s just a nut. Therefore, don’t take his assault on us seriously. It means nothing.”

Good luck with that strategy. It’s another fail. It’s another goof in a long history of media goofs. The media are saying: “Don’t look at us. We’re fine. We’ve always been fine. Instead, look at Trump. He’s the villain. He’s the loon.”

Yesterday, he was a Russian agent. Today, he’s a John with hookers he paid to desecrate a hotel bed Obama slept in. Tomorrow, he’ll be an alien from the Orion Belt who arrived in a space ship.

“His flying saucer landed on the US-Mexico border. Why wasn’t he vetted by Customs&Immigration? Why was he allowed into the US?”

Well, why is the NY Times in such bad shape that Carlos Slim has to be its largest investor? And why is Jeff Bezos, whose parent company, Amazon, has a $600 million contract with CIA to provide computing services, the sole owner of the Washington Post?

Because those two venerable papers were going down the toilet.

For that matter, why does David Rhodes, the president of CBS News, have a brother, Ben Rhodes, who is Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communication?

Almost without exception, major media are liberal. This means, among other things, they are staunch (covert) supporters of Globalism, which means: a new planetary economic and political order, in which sovereign nations cease to exist—having being supplanted by mega-corporations and mega-banks.

The stories that major media spin have two basic aims: conceal the advances of Globalism, and support those advances under different names.

Working for these media outlets is a snap: aid in the cause and pick up a paycheck, while selling your soul.

No one will ever know what you’re really doing.

But that has changed. The operation has been exposed.

The egg has cracked.

And as in one of those remarkable Hieronymus Bosch paintings, all manner of strange and grotesque creatures are spilling out of the egg and showing their true colors.

Here is a quick quiz. All the following items are part and parcel of the Globalist agenda, because they imply far-reaching measures that help install planetary governance. On which item are major media most insistent and supportive? On which item do outside critics sustain the most virulent media attacks?

A. The green economy
B. Sustainable growth
C. The Smart Grid
D. Climate change

Yes, of course: D. Climate change.

It is the lynch pin for the radical plan forcing all nations to reduce their energy production, in order to “restrain global warming.” It is the most direct tactic for undermining and torpedoing economies.

Induce more drastic worldwide poverty and suffering; release a necessary plan for solving the crisis; make the plan embrace the whole world; quite naturally form an international body of “representatives” (elite Globalist partners) to put the plan into effect. You have a global management system.

The Matrix Revealed

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

So major media double down on global warming. Only morons, evildoers, fake scientists, and the selfishly rich would deny that “the science is settled.” The campaign is relentless. Even Hollywood stars are brought into the mix. They personally know as much about climate as ants know about building BMWs, but they’re given generous space in which to bloviate and signal their virtuous concern.

Whatever Trump is or isn’t, whatever he is going to do or not do, big media are now more vulnerable and exposed than they’ve ever been—and this is the moment.

Exposing their fake news operations is taking the blinders from the eyes of millions of people who never dreamed they would doubt the Egg.

Let us double down and triple down.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at NoMoreFakeNews.com or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

14 comments on “Why fake news matters

  1. Mary says:

    Olá JON.
    Ando muito atarefada e numa correria louca,mas sempre tenho tempo pra você.
    Não tenho mais nenhuma rede social.,desinstalei todas as distrações.
    Preciso ler uns textos de um amigo que saiu de cena,preciso entender,agora que estou mais lúcida, porque Santo de casa não fez milagre e saber se tudo que entendi antes,era real ou delírio.
    P.s. boa sorte com seu presidente JON,espero que não te decepciones. ,não me leve a mal,mas não confio em políticos,tenha a nacionalidade, sexo,partido ou ideologia que tiver.
    Bj no coração.

  2. don wleklinski says:

    the so-called alternative press,the biggest chunk of it anyway,will now carry the banner of mainstream media. we need to be aware of this as well.

  3. Dawn Vierra says:

    These are momentous times

  4. Patricia W Russell says:

    Bravo, Jon!

  5. =-D says:

    Good Heavens! You mean he’s an alien from Orion?


  6. Joy says:

    Personally, I cannot wait to see what kind of crazy dance they will be doing when the egg gets shaken like crazy on January 20!

  7. Fake news, the bureau of propaganda.

    I agree with you from this point of view…I did’nt know there was going to be a quiz, I did’nt study. These pop quizzes…gawd! Can you give a warning. I forgot my pencil.

    What if this is the plan man, the faith of the American voter over the years has been sliding, less and less people voting (until the recent election). Millions walking away from the system of illusion. Could Trump be an injection of Stockholm syndrome politics to get the electorate back into line believing in the illusion again..and that is the most important part of it. Believing in the illusion. Getting the captive to understand that the capture is not in this for personal reasons, personal gain, it’s the big bad system that is at fault.
    Would’nt you kind of call this a form of circular reasoning. The system pointing the finger at itself, meanwhile….
    Of course maybe Trump knows he is a actor in this part. I will never know that. The truth must have come home to roost in his mind, by now; if he is the person I would hope he is…he must now know how impotent he ‘could’ be against this massively bureacratic machine.
    These ole dragons crowding in on him, prognosticating their bent and psychopathic values to the new recruit. I’m sure he has had dealings with a lot of the corporates during his business ventures in the past. But why so snuggly with Kissinger, and is there a plan to estrange the relationship and parnership Russia and China are enjoying…Kissinger, really? Him and Rockefeller are the oldest dragons in zoo.

    It disturbs me though, who Trump has picked as cabinet, why so many from Wall Street?..Big Oil…Goldman Sachs (Banks)?… Generals (Military Industrial Complex), I agree with Pruitt, climate needs an anti-christ, it has gotten absolutely fucking ridiculous there? There is good carbon and bad carbon now?…WTF

    Your right CAGW s a linch pin. This is a very important card in that house of cards…I don’t think it is understood how impotant this one point really is…it is tied into so much, because it also relates to GMO’S and their manipulation of genetics, because of changing climate, changes pests and weeds; migrating pests further north, drought resistance because of newly forming arid lands, as California should know; and growing crops in the purported ‘climate devasted areas’.
    There’s a mouthful of bullshit, ‘Climate devasted…how bout ‘Climate refugee’, bet that one is gonna circumvent the refugee dichotomy.
    Oh well…their not real refugees…their climate refugees, that’s totally different.
    Climate is tied to new military spending, and health and climate illness; climate is tied to energy consumption, and one type of people emitting more carbon than others therfor, are more responsible for the vicious circle, and should be regulated on how much they used, and how much that cost.

    I saw someone paying an additional 60 cents on a gallon of acrylic paint the other day, as an added environmental fee (carbon tax). And yet ice cream is made from the same base substance…ice cream really is only eatable paint with milk solids and glucose and fructose and flavoring.
    Maybe I’m just babbling!

  8. Larry says:

    Let’s make an omelet!

  9. Aron says:

    It saddens me that many of my friends are so distant to me more and more. I try my best to base my discussion of world events on facts and logic and give credit where credit is due to my friends’ points of view, and there have been moments of mutual understanding that lifts my spirit but at the end of the day, invariably, they revert to their MSM mindset.

    I don’t quite know the prominence of factors that have shaped their minds, be it brainwashing (which I can sympathise with as it is the baseline condition for many, once including yours truly, but recovering), social pressure to conform, or willful ignorance as they may be benefitting from the MSM narrative in some way, which saddens me the most.

    Nonetheless, I’m heartened and inspired by Jon and the folks who write their thoughts and experiences here as it gives me hope there is a way out of this mess, and an energy boost to remain focused in the right direction despite running into constant headwinds.


  10. tuscanforest says:

    Great article, but I think the term “liberal” is used in error. A politician that fronts for the Trilateral commission is not liberal. He is a front for the Trilateral commission. There are Republicans who are fronts for Globalists too. And chiding Obama for not getting jobs for Americans? Are you asking for government intervention in a free market? I detect a confused inconsistency here.

  11. Dave Wilber says:


  12. Jon, if you could find some ants that were able to build BMW’s they’d be dynamite ants!

    That article is ‘all over’ my “Callous Abuses of the Word “Abuse””. Where do I start? Incidentally it should be released this weekend.

    More importantly, I like your global warming angle. The “nose” and “taste” tests come up positive. Though, as with most things “political”, it’s “circles within circles” in this case. “Strengthening” (ruining) a “weak world” with abject global federalism sounds just like the mentality we’re up against.

    Actually, I touch on a version of what you say “in summary” in my article. Dare I namedrop the “Luciferian Doctrine”? The only clue I’m gonna give is “trans-humanism”.

    Here’s a couple more paragraphs to “wet the appetite”:

    “…With empirical clarity abuse is transformed into something material, solid, clear cut. It is something that can be tangibly used in a court of law. [Individual] circumstances become secondary, perhaps even arbitrary or elementary (i.e. if a “black and white” abuse has occurred; how are the circumstances relevant?). In that fashion, any accusation becomes virulently more potent than all cohesive evidence backed defences (which risk being demoted as excuses or hindrances). In other words, if “circumstances” are irrelevant, for abuse is abuse, then what is the purpose of evidence beyond obstructing the course of justice? Once an abuse is “agreed on”, all you need is a wrongly done claimant. That’s the lack of logic being applied here. That is why evidence is going to potentially obstruct the potency of any abuse claim (which must be true to be potent) under those farcical terms. Referring again to my mention of Jon Rappoport’s work, that is why the education system does everything and anything to block critical thinking. “Truth” has become so estranged from popular acumen; it is threatened by being made obsolete.

    In fact immortalisation of abuse is a feature of a watershed that is slowly but surely stripping away all sovereign rights. On this course when a “file” member thinks for himself this is the most potential destructive act against the regime. The only way to possibly undermine the power brokers and their frauds passed off as “goodwill” is to outthink them. Therefore, I could well see critical thinkers labelled “terrorists” under threat of some capital offense or other in the future. Currently the Mental Health Act substitutes as the primary lateral filter. It has made damned sure that we no longer have the right to use our bodies in the way we decide. Examples to illustrate this include impingement on just about every functional aspect of life. We must wear clothes at all times except by arrangement when on private property. All bodily functions are limited in some way. I could focus on sexual reassignment of homosexuals, but the more obvious “for instance” is the denial of consenting sex between “minors” (i.e. all parties are legally underage)…”


  13. D3F1ANT says:

    Was AWESOME when Trump refused to call on the (very rude) CNN “reporter” at the presser. About time SOMEONE took those liars to task.

  14. roehlke says:

    Great blog post, Jon. This was a great take on a very prevalent matter in our society today. It is the job of the public to be more media literate and understand the sources from which they get their information. In my current journalism classes, we talk a lot about fake news and the affect it has on our industry. I agree with you that nearly all the major media is liberal and that they too seek to report on information that confirms their beliefs just as we read information that confirms our beliefs. And I believe a lot of what we choose is done subconsciously. While I do like the way that President Trump has stirred the pot and gotten people talking, he does go about some things in an immoral way. For example, his tweeting is successful in what he’s trying to do but it comes across unprofessional. This has been voiced by other leaders in the Republic party as well. This is a pivotal turning point for the media and journalists throughout the world. It will be interesting to see how the next four years unfold. Thank you.

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