The medical cartel is king in a Globalist world

The medical cartel is king in a globalist world

by Jon Rappoport

November 2, 2014

“Elites who invent reality need an unimpeachable operation, headed up by people who are relentlessly promoted as the sanest, most intelligent, competent, and caring representatives of the human race. Guess who that would be?” (The Magician Awakes, Jon Rappoport)

In 1976, the great critic of 20th-century society, Ivan Illich, wrote: “Modern medicine is a negation of health. It isn’t organized to serve human health, but only itself, an institution. It makes more people sick than it heals.”

The medical cartel is the answer to the question: what do you with the population of Earth once they are living under a globalist oligarchy?

It’s all about managing lives, from womb to grave, and no institution serves that management better than Medicine.

First of all, you have a system that dispenses toxic drugs in an endless stream, killing in the US alone, by conservative estimate, 100,000 people per year. On top of that, medical drugs cause anywhere from two to four millions severe adverse effects annually.

Beyond this straight-out destruction, there is the turmoil, suffering, grieving, and confusion that extends in ripples, from each one of the deaths and injuries, to families, friends, and co-workers. The overall effect? Demoralization and the inability to see and think past the emotional pain—which is exactly what you want if you are a psychopath running a planet.

The medical cartel (drug companies, public health agencies, medical schools, doctors) wants to assure cradle-to-grave treatment of every person. This means 30 or 40 diagnoses of illnesses and mental disorders during a lifetime, and treatment with toxic drugs. It also means medical issues are at the forefront of every person’s mind as he/she wends through life, believing that Disease is the most important aspect of living.

People become proud, yes, proud of their diagnoses and treatment. They wear the diagnoses like badges of honor, and every social communication is an occasion for displaying badges and discussing treatments and comparing notes.

“You know, at first my doctor thought it was ADHD, but then he did one of those new brain scans, and realized it was Bipolar with a trace of genetically inherited Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Once he had the ODD under control with a major tranquilizer, he could go after the Bipolar. But then I developed tremors. So he implanted a chip…”

It’s not only a sick society, it’s a society about sickness.

Medical care is free, if by free one means: paid for by extraordinary levels of taxation.

The basic collectivist slogan, “We’re all in this together,” achieves its most fervent support from the axiom that Disease is our primary opportunity to help each other by accepting awesome tax burdens.

Of course, huge segments of the world population won’t be able to participate in modern, up-to-date, cutting-edge “care.” For them, there are several solutions. The first is vaccines seeded with chemicals and genes that reduce fertility and potency. As birth rates gradually decline, cover stories are invented to explain the phenomenon: stress; rising employment rates; the social effects of urbanization; the dissolution of the nuclear family.

The second solution is epidemics that purportedly kill off large numbers of people. These epidemics are routine frauds, based on concocted science. In the poverty-stricken Third World, announced epidemics are nothing more than cover stories; people aren’t dying because of germs; they’re dying because their water is contaminated, because of overcrowding, lack of basic sanitation, generation-to-generation starvation. They’re dying because their fertile growing lands have been stolen. While medical experts crow about attacking the germ of the moment with (toxic) drugs and vaccines, these actual causes of death can be ignored and even enhanced.

Meanwhile, in industrialized technological sectors of the planet, psychiatry ascends to new heights of control over the educated classes. Although no so-called mental disorder has ever been diagnosed by a real laboratory test, the experts who dominate the field continue to invent new disorders at the drop of a hat.

Psychiatric patients believe they have brain conditions that must be treated with (highly toxic) drugs. The patients also believe their own aspirations are limited by their disorders, and so they acquiesce to a psychiatric model that circumscribes their lives.

At the top-end of society, new medical inventions are applied to the wealthy. Genetic enhancement is the most highly touted of these. Despite the fact that, as yet, there are no genetic treatments for any disease that work across the board, experiments will be done to extend life, to seed the unborn with special talents, to cure a wide variety of illnesses.

There will be efforts to substitute technological components for biological nature. Limbs, organs, whole body systems, brains.

The workability of high-tech pieces is not really the issue. The aim is simply to involve the rich in the entire grand experiment, thereby swallowing them up as well in a medical paradigm of existence.

At the front door of medical cartel operations, a person will be enrolled in the system while in utero, and a path will be laid out that extends all the way to the grave. Once he is on record with a medical ID package, he will be tracked and treated and tweaked without let-up.

Exit From the Matrix

Finally, the inevitable proposal and program will come into view. Why risk natural birth, which is already considered a medical event? Why not create birth in a laboratory?

And if, at any point in life, a person experiences doubts and regrets about his membership in the universal medical control apparatus, he can obtain a prescription for drugs that target “pleasure centers,” and then check out of his worries and anxieties.

Huxley’s Brave New World would move in like a wave on a beach.

At every way-stop toward that day, sophistication, elegance, assurance, and concern will be the watchwords of the practicing doctor, the secular priest in this drama of human dismantling.

And yet, for those who remember, who know what the Individual is, who know what freedom is, who know what imagination and creative power are, the rigging and distorting and flattening and collectivizing will look like nothing more than a horrible cartoon.

And these people who remember will lead a revolution like no revolution ever seen before.

Or we can defect from, and withdraw our consent to, this mad matrix now.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

23 comments on “The medical cartel is king in a Globalist world

  1. brad says:

    Unceremonious, comprehensive and widespread withdrawal of consent is likely the most effective first step towards escaping “this mad matrix”. And I hope more and more people become willing to take that step.

  2. Since 1996, James Addison Baker III, super lawyer, who was Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State and ran the War Powers Commission, has been a trustee of the 3,000 employee Howard Hughes Medical Research Institute Naturally the credits they mention on Baker don’t mention his membership in history’s most powerful organization, The Pilgrims Society, nor that Pilgrims Society members David Rockefeller and Frederic H. Brandi (“a superstar banker” according to Business week), ousted Howard Hughes (not a member) from control over Trans World Airlines, even though until that time, Hughes held 78.23 % of TWA shares, nor that after their takeover of TWA from Hughes, Brandi and Rockefeller installed Charles C. Tillinghast Jr. (Pilgrims Society) at the helm of TWA. Big Hospitals—Big Medicine—Big Pharma/Vaccines—FDA—Psychiatry—all run by Pilgrims Society members out to “seize” and “absorb”: wealth for The Crown’s network. There are numerous other examples. If time allows, a research documentary may be undertaken.

  3. roberta4949 says:

    I agree, with my doctors tho they seem sincere they believed that I should be on bp (blood pressure) meds for my very high pressures (they were very high) they warned me of strokes and heart attacks and kidney failures so I took their drugs. this one, then that one, altering them because I couldnt stand the side affects, (probably just my body rebelling if you ask me) ’till where I felt if my body wants high bp then it can have it; after all, our bodies do not do anything without good reason.

    some survival benefit I would just concentrate on increasing my nutrition thorugh vitamin d3 supplement (aftere reading some interesting studies about hypertension, heart disase and relationship with low vitad3). then, I tried various diets Low cal, low carb low fat, and found the best so far has been moderately reduced carbs high fat diet using plant based saturated fats (coconut oil, coconut milk palm oil cold pressed nut oils and some dairy) and tired to get enough sun, I agree with your assessment on fake diseases.

    i am starting to see clearly thier game of sky is falling, their problem is they never seem to stop once their gig is up, and people have figured them out, they keep coming up with all kinds of survival tactis our bodies use and call it disease.

    hyperinsulinemia, for example is not a cause like they believe but a symptom of a greater problem of sugar metabolism. malnorishement as it were. high cholesterol is not a cause of heart disaese but a tactic by the body to correct some underlying problem that is causing harm to the heart. adaptations for survival. what they call disease is actually a survival mechnism set up to deal with a crisis of some sort. our job is to understand what the crisis is.

  4. From Québec says:

    In Québec, they are closer to the truth, but I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose and are not aware of it.

    The Free (but not so free at all, very high taxation”) the Free Health Care System is called:
    Assurance “Maladie” instead of Assurance “Santé”… lol

    So in other words: It is an insurance for diseases instead of being an insurance for Health.

    People here who are awake, make jokes about it.

    They say things like: “Does this mean that they assure me that I will get sick or catch a disease if they take me to the hospital. Gee, I would like to withdraw..”

    But we cannot withdraw in Québec, it is mandatory.

    I’m past 70 years of age and I’m proud to say that I never took any pills whatsoever in my life, not even an aspirin. I never had a flu or a cough and never took vaccines.

    Recently, I had a very bad back injury so acute that I went to the hospital for an X-ray. I sat in the waiting room for 22 hours. When they finally got to me and id the X-ray, they decided to keep me for some extra tests ( like blood test, etc) since I told them that I wasn’t taking any pills. They could not believe it, they were shocked and almost outraged. No pill at your age? Something must be wrong here.

    Anyway, after a few days of the whole sheebang of tests, they couldn’t find anything wrong with me so they prescribed me pain killer pills. I didn’t take them and threw away the prescription, but I asked them to give me the X-ray. I left with it and found myself a good chiropractician who is also a kenesist. He looked at my X-Ray and after 6 visits, I was completely rid of the pain.

    • Assurance Maladie…that is quite fitting, and quite funny. Great story. You are much more patient than me….I would have left the waiting room after 2 hours…unless I knew for a fact that I had a spinal fracture.

      Like you I’ve never taken a single medication in my life. Although I have had my share of dental work and thus a few of the usual numbing injections. Every time I go to the dentist I tell them to use half the amount of the numbing medication as last time, and they never listen. My holistic dentist is actually a great dentist but he is afraid to death that a patient might experience some pain, god forbid.

      Dentistry in general is becoming more toxic nowadays, and root canals are becoming more common. If I had to choose between getting a root canal or a vaccine, I’d probably chose a vaccine. Root canals are nasty breeding grounds for all sorts of stuff. The sheeple are all afraid of viruses nowadays, yet the stuff growing in their dead teeth is a million times worse. In fact the stuff living in their house(mold) can also be pretty nasty since the body doesn’t really have a way to defend against either of these things.

      That’s the nature of propaganda and myth….it spawns false threats(viruses, germs, disease, chemtrails) and blinds you to the real threats(high blood sugar, malnutrition, molds, root canals etc).

      The main(and perhaps only) threat facing the human being is ‘myth’. Like all animals on this planet, the human animal faces the challenge of seeing through cloak, camoflauge, mimicry, etc, for its survival. The illusions we face are slightly different that those an owl or wolf face, but it is the same exact challenge. Those humans who are able to distinguish between myth and actuality will survive and thrive, and those who can’t will be slowly weeded out. It’s all just basic pattern recognition. It’s all perfectly natural and perfectly in balance as it has always been.

      • From Québec says:

        I was almost certain that I had a spinal fracture.,,lol. I had that severe accute pain for 3 weeks and it was getting worse every day. I could hardly sit, lay and walk and couldn’t lift my right arm higher then my shoulder. It took me 15 minutes to lay down and almost half an hour to get out of bed.

        So in the middle of the night I called 911 and and ambulance took me to the hospital at 2 oclock A.M.
        I thought there would not be so many people at that time. But big surprise, it was packed thight with people coughing everywhere, it last winter.

        When I showed my X-ray to the kiropractician, he found the problem just looking at it for about 5 minutes. I had two vertebras who had slipped one over the other and the right psoas muscle was hypertrophic. He showed it to me on the X-ray. It is amazing that the doctors in the hospital didn’t see this.

        Gentle treatments 2 days a week for 3 weeks and I was gone.

    • Livia says:

      I am just so jelous about your health condition, sorry about it. 🙂 (and wish the best to you!)

      We were uneducated believers for such a long time, eg. there was no way I could decide about my child’s vaccination agenda as missed vaccinaton ment that goverment had the right to take the child away from mother and put child in an orphany. (Hungary, 20-30 years before now.)

      On the other hand I think I saw enough, there are a few medicines we would need (wheter we like it or not), eg antibiotics. My biggest problem is, that how to reach a level when we can trust in their medicines (at least some basic one). Agains life-theateningly high fever, against bad inflammation, against great pain. I try to do my best. I try to use “old” medicines that even my granny used (she had a long life), but they own everything by now and they can change ingredients and adjuvants and we are unable to check this part or help on this part.
      Let me be practical please as I know there are a lot of herbs can be used as medicines and so on but eg. in a case of an eye ulcer (infection) please someone could you tell me what to use if there is no Cyloxan??? And so on…

      I can’t see the solution. In the 21th centrury it is like if we just jumped back to the stone-age. Our life is one thing, we can use ourselves and risk ourselves like not eating drugs at all even if it would be necessary – hoping that we are strong enough to win over an illness or infection. But I am pretty sure that all of us have some others around to love, family, pets and I am rather not gambling on their lives.
      So? What is the solution without reliable doctors (and nowadays sadly reliable knowledge of doctors!) and medicines?
      But to reject all of medicines it looks to me not the saddle but the other side of the horse. Can we found the saddle for riding, please?

  5. theodorewesson says:

    The Flexner Report was one of the opening salvos in the “medical Coup d’état” that took place in America in the early 20th century.

    The Flexner Report

    The Flexner Report is a book-length study of medical education in the United States and Canada, written by Abraham Flexner and published in 1910 under the aegis of the Carnegie Foundation. Many aspects of the present-day American medical profession stem from the Flexner Report and its aftermath.

  6. TnDoc says:

    Come this December, i will have been dragging a MD diploma through life for 40 years (sometimes I feel like Marley’s ghost… though, without the cash boxes). During my career, I have witnessed the slide from a predominantly patient-centered healthcare system into the corporatist technopoly that marks our 21st Century Amerikan Medical-Industrial Complex.

    The present complex is nothing less than a vast Disease Creation and Maintenance System . Healthcare, as such, is not in evidence – in spite of, the latest charade of promoting “Preventive Medicine” (this revolves, BTW, around the use of mass vaccinations, cholesterol-lowering poisons, and liberal applications of psych meds – all enforced by our ubiquitous media). Carefully protected by the same interests that guide all of Amerika’s institutions, the corruption runs deep and, IMO, can be neither fixed nor reformed.

    As long as Humankind allows itself to be enslaved to the existing corporatist monopoly of Modern Medicine by its medical needs, it is doomed to a future of increasing ill health and impoverishment – of body and soul. My belief (and, hope) is that this way of dealing with medical needs is no more sustainable than giving trillions of dollars to banksters. We shall see – and, soon.

    In June, I finally reached my own breaking point and resigned my academic position. I simply could not take another day of mainstream medicine’s on-going crimes against Humankind. For physicians, the System has become increasingly totalitarian and Universe help any physician who dares to try to speak Truth to power, question the System, or suggest simple solutions for medical needs.

    The buzz words of the day – shouted from the minarets of Academia and from the board rooms of Amerika, Inc. – are “Evidence-Based Medicine”! These high-sounding words (carefully selected to maintain a facade of “scientific” medicine), of course, refer to only allowing “evidence” that supports the reigning Psychopathy. The “facts” are carefully fixed around the existing paradigm to insure the status quo and, indeed, increase its power over the peasantry.

    Mr. Rappoport’s comments are dead on the money! Thanks for your voice!


    • Livia says:

      And thanks to your comment, too. In a world when I myself lost all of my belief and trust in doctors and vets even a comment like yours can give me a little hope. Hope that maybe there are more people like you “outside”, I liked doctors in old times when they really believe in their profession, educated theirselves and wanted to help and save life. I always thought that my old GP (RIP) was the best in the world, he had a demanding, very busy life (old times when waiting room was filled with people and was no appointment time or scheduled time but he stayed as long as there was a single ill person in the waiting room) and I thought being a GP in a small village he probably saw everything and because of it his knowledge must have been huge and realiable. He was very good by the way. 🙂 Now? You go to the GP (nowadays I rather not…), and he will ask the computer without even examining you. I hope that people behind the software were rather good when writing it but nevetheless being an IT professional myself I have some info about softwares and I can use google too… How to rely on them? Human brain is intelligent, can handle exeptions, have something we call “six sence” but computers are not.
      (Have anyone of you saw the movie Idiocracy? Same filing, same world….)

      On the other hand – please forgive me if I speak freely – doctors are overpaid and I think this is the other method of them how to make health-care ruined. Because it means a lot of people chosed this profession for earning a fortune but this took place from the ones who wanted to do this because it was an interesting area for them and had a wish to really help to people.

  7. ozziethinker says:

    Well done, Jon, as usual…..

    Bipolar finds a mention in my latest topical post:


  8. David Marino says:

    Realizing most of what Jon has summarized more than a decade ago I made the changes to divorce our family from the medical cartel and moved to a near-pristine environment. We had to learn to become self-sufficient in every way possible, other than self-care: growing and foraging for our own food, building a passive solar home out of simple non-toxic materials, etc. Escaping the dependency of industrialized society is freedom. The solutions are all on the internet, and like-minded people are now more easily found.

  9. Great. I would like to translate this into German. Maybe it could be published by Kopp-Verlag. Or here as an addendum.
    Unfortunately, I’m not at the moment in a situation to do even such important works, that should definitely be done, entirely for free.
    Contact me if at least some beer money is in it for me.
    And, otherwise, anyway, again my deepest respect not only for what the article points out, but also for the style.
    This is thus even – esthetically – fun to read about such a subject.
    That’s how the world be and is changed for the better.

    • ozziethinker says:

      There is your error, Magnus.

      You must do it because you will. Then karma may reward.

      Those that do things “for free” work for the enemy.

      • I have done quite some thousands of hours of work for free over the last years, and I will keep on doing so.
        Though I decided to choose.
        My furthermore coming aphorisms, short stories and fairy tales and so on may be more important than tricky translations (to translate Jon well is no child’s work) that noone has one nickel for.
        As for karma, and the medical mafia, I got very badly burnt at the age of eight, then, in the beginning, extremely mistreatet. Of course, they made lots of money out of that. Expensive transplantations, really big ones, and smaller ones, became necessary, just because of the greed of the first quacks. Even, I could say, I was tortured for their purses. The rest of it can still be seen today. Not only in my face. Then, later, having lost my wife, alone with two little kids, karma did not get any kinder to me. I don’t want to yammer any more here, to make the list longer, but I don’t believe in this karma stuff. It let me wait too long.

        • ozziethinker says:


          It is clear by your reply that you do not understand karma. Therefore, sincerely you would not believe in it.

          Karma is not some Capitalist metaphysical trade exchange, i.e. I am rewarded in kind for every good turn and punished irrevocably for every “sin”. Indeed that is the Catholic Church’s position; more or less.

          No, you are not rewarded until EVERYBODY become followers. You see, immediately one says, “I don’t believe in karma so I won’t do it”, then…..well, look at the world around you. That is what happens.

          Good luck & live well 🙂

          • Thank You for these friendly words. At first sight, we got a bit off topic. But the mental state of health, of course, and that takes in or out beliefs, is important. And this is also a question of culture.
            And there, as Ebola has somehow to do with Africa, I want to tell a short story I heard, it may be true or not, but I heard a lot of these, even by persons I know and trust.
            It was about the military aspect, in this case about the discussion if German troops should be sent to Nigeria because of “Boko Haram”.
            The commentator at Frankfurter Allgemeine said, more or less: “So well, you know how it is down there? Have fun, ye washed timids. I’ve been there, professionally, many times. I came about it, in Lagos, at one of the many local food stalls, that it smelt like hell. There was a decaying corpse right behind it, but they ate, coolly, noone cared. Another incident. A Mercedes with four passengers had had a bad accident, all dead. Four days after I saw the wrecked vehicle, all four wheels were gone, the rest was still there, the four fouling corpses still inside. Have Your fun down there, German kiddies.”
            Now, they have started to sterilize water in bottles, just exposing them to the sun for a few hours. Splendid idea, it works. But what bottles? Plastic bottles. So now they drink the chemicals (plastic softeners) in them instead of the germs. Glass bottles are available even in Africa, they can be reused a thousand times, so it is not really much more expensive, at least in the long run.
            Not every evil down there comes from the white man; carelessness, even superstition, in South Africa, for instance, that raping a virgin gives protection against AIDS, was most probably not in this way brought in even by Glaxo Smith Kline or the boors.
            Greetings, and my best wishes.

          • ozziethinker says:

            My dear Magnus, “superstition is the death knock to reason”. How many have died from stupidity? Will they find a cure?

            As for Nigeria, there are two branches of Islam. One is the most charitable, hospitable on the planet. The other may as well be called Pharisaic (parasitic) fundamentalism (powered by ISIS scum and the like, they call themselves by different names but reveal their true identities by their acts of malice). “I break a finger nail; you lose your life”. The people just stand by and ogle. Ah, what it is to be fair in “God’s” world!

  10. henry says:

    I have had a number of questions on the “health care” industry. I’ve asked a number of intelligent people but I only get blank stares. Hopefully, someone on this list will help me with these.

    Why does health care cost so much? Where is the money going? In 2009, per capita spending on healthcare was about $7,000. It is more today. Why is it more? Health care is a combination of human labor, rent (hospital room), and technology.

    The free market should cause more people to become doctors if they were compensated better than people with the same intellectual gifts. Are the doctors making a killing? If so, why wouldn’t the medical schools be over crowed with students? If the doctors are not getting all the money, Is it the lawyers? Is it the court judgments for medical mistakes that cause the price to rise? If so, why doesn’t anyone know about this?

    Is it the pharmaceuticals that cost so much? Once the patent runs out, in 17 years, the drugs should be available for a little over costs. Weren’t the drugs used 20 years ago still effective? If there are newer and better drugs, then the wealthy people would have access to them while the poorer people do not, at least until the patent runs out. Is it the insurance companies?

    Hair transplant, liposuction, breast implants, Lasik eye treatment, and a few other procedures are not covered by insurance and they have all have lower prices each year while everything that is covered by insurance has gone up. Is it the socialism? Requiring hospitals to treat those who cannot afford to pay has cost that need to be paid by somebody — is that you and me?

    Why is it that I can compare the cost and value of different TVs, cars, hotel rooms, but I cannot determine which hospital/doctor has the best track record and at the lowest cost in curing a condition that I have?

    Why are people sicker than they were a generation ago? If we are eating healthier and not smoking or consuming alcohol at the rate of previous generations, why aren’t we healthier?

    If doctors/lawyers/business people are so smart and they are immersed in this industry, why is it that they don’t ask these questions? Isn’t in their interest to make a better system for themselves and families?

    The only response that I get is: “it’s complicated”. Perhaps so, but until someone tries to analyze the problems, they won’t be solved.

    • From Québec says:

      I cannot answer all of your questions, but I can tell you what is happening here in Québec with our not so “FREE” Health care System called “Assurance Maladie”

      “Why does health care cost so much you asked?”

      The reason is quite simple for Québec:

      It is the stifling bureaucracy who runs the show. These government workers who sit behind their desks, know nothing about medicine. All they know is to create more and more paper work. (Red-tape) I believe you called them in English.

      These bureaucrats are overpaid, syndicated and have all sorts of goodies: Dental Insurance, 13 sick days paid a year, 12 holidays, a generous Pension Plan, and a salary increase each year over the cost of living, etc…!

      And also 4 weeks paid vacations a year and a health Insurance for Private health care like Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Optometrists, etc.

  11. wkchild says:

    Reblogged this on wchildblog and commented:
    This is the most wicked of all the Cartels, they maim and pillage society. Dumbing us down and taking life savings from you when you at your weakest and most vulnerable point… Those Doctors who have sold their Soul to Pharmacia, shame on you…

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