JUNE 28, 2011. When I gave my first two audio seminars on magic, (MIND CONTROL, MIND FREEDOM, and THE TRANSFORMATIONS), I realized I was describing exercises which, if done consistently, could allow people to experience the space-time continuum from a new perspective.


It was no longer necessary to think or assume the continuum was a given. It wasn’t necessary to surrender passively to the idea of an all-encompassing continuum.


The continuum is a kind of fantasy. A myth. It tells people who think they’re living inside a giant tin can what the shell is made of.


Subconsciously, people assume the continuum is WHATEVER THEY USE TO DEFINE THEIR FIELD OF OPERATIONS.


For example, suppose a person has an overriding problem he is constantly wrestling with. Every day, every week, he nudges and massages and moves that problem around. He pats it and kicks it and tries to push it and he seeks to move it out of the way. He denies it and accepts it and contemplates it and forgets it and remembers it and feels it…


Well, that problem is defining his field of operation…and subconsciously he thinks of it as the continuum.


To get outside that conception, the person needs to experience a new kind of action. A new kind of exercise, for example.


Here is another analogy. A runner runs around a track, day after day. He runs that quarter-mile and he does wind-sprints on it and slower intervals. He operates there on that track, that oval. And ultimately, he is trying to shorten the amount of time it takes to go around the track once.


TIME is his continuum. More specifically, the best time he’s ever registered in a race is his continuum, his boundary—and he wants to break through it.


But he keeps doing the same exercises over and over to achieve that breakthrough, and he reaches a limit where he thinks he’s hemmed in. He can’t go any faster.


He needs an exercise that will fundamentally alter his relationship to the continuum, to that idea of the “best time” he can muster.


In a way, life is like that. People do their best to get ahead—whatever that means to them. They do it from the point of view that they are in a space operating according to certain rules and restrictions.


They need two things. One, a new point of view. And two, exercises they do FROM that point of view.


So as I was giving those two seminars, I realized this was what I was providing. I had never seen it quite that way before.


The painter, Odilon Redon, once wrote, “Artists who approach perfection do not have many ideas.”


Translating that statement into my terms, it means: if you are operating within the continuum of your central myth, you will eventually reach a point where you are doing the best you can. You’re approaching perfection along that vector. But it’s not nearly enough…


Physics itself will reach this place of blockage, as long as it keeps looking at the same space-time continuum in the same old way. Atoms, electrons, quarks, waves, quantum entanglement, relativity—they will all have to go the way of an extinct species.


How we conceive of our own energy is a major piece of the puzzle. We tend to fall into habits, some of them barely noticeable. For instance, we view our energy as circulating within us or around us or coming in toward us.


What would happen if we shifted these notions of energy—and we had exercises to back up this shift and make it real and powerful?