More on China pollution and the coronavirus cover story

by Jon Rappoport

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March 3, 2020

First, I want to mention 5G technology, which, according to reports, has been widely deployed in Wuhan, “the epicenter of the China epidemic.” Readers have sent me links to articles and videos that highlight human damage caused by 5G.

I’m aware of this damage. I’ve written about it before, and, I revisited it in a piece I wrote a few days ago titled 5G and the China epidemic. What is creating illness and death in China is not an either-or situation. In my past research on epidemics, I’ve found several causes of disease in every “epidemic”—causes which have nothing to do with a virus.

In Wuhan, in addition to air pollution, we could certainly be looking at 5G, and other situations of damage—for example, water pollution, heavy chemical spraying.

I’ve also received communications asking about “all the other cases of the coronavirus” occurring in countries where air pollution is not a significant factor. To answer these questions, I urge reading all my articles on the so-called “China epidemic” (archive here). I’ve covered how “cases of the disease” are “discovered”—through entirely misleading and worthless diagnostic tests. It’s always been easy to invent case numbers using these tests.

All right. A reader has sent me a significant piece published, in 2005, in the British medical journal, The Lancet. It emphasizes the destructive nature of air pollution in Chinese cities. Here are several excerpts.

The Lancet, November 19, 2005; CHINA: THE AIR POLLUTION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, by Jonathan Watt:

“Over 400,000 premature deaths a year in China are blamed on air pollution levels…”

“According to the European Space Agency, Beijing and its neighbouring north-east Chinese provinces have the world’s worst levels of nitrogen dioxide, which can cause fatal damage to the lungs.” [The so-called “coronavirus disease” is pneumonia.]

“At a recent seminar, Zhang Lijun, deputy director of the environmental protection agency, said that pollution levels could more than quadruple within 15 years unless the country slows the rise in energy consumption and car use.” [15 years later, it’s a “coronavirus epidemic.” How convenient.]

“A recently published study, conducted by the Chinese Academy on Environmental Planning, found that a third of China’s urban residents were exposed to harmful levels of pollution. More than 100 million people live in cities where the air reaches levels considered ‘very dangerous’.”

“The academy blamed air pollution for 411,000 [yearly] premature deaths—mostly from lung and heart-related diseases.”

“’It’s a conservative figure. The real figure could be higher’, Wang Jin’nan, a chief engineer of the academy, told the AFP news agency. ‘These figures all exist, but the local governments do not want us to reveal them.’ Asked for an interview with The Lancet, academy officials declined, saying the matter was ‘too sensitive’.”

“The political implications of worsening pollution are becoming more apparent. Although it does not publish figures on the link between pollution and health, the [Chinese] government admits that respiratory diseases are the leading cause of death in China…” [Pneumonia is called THE “coronavirus” disease.]

“Such health concerns, particularly regarding cancer and birth defects thought to be caused by chemical factories, have been a major factor in a recent wave of protests. Among the latest was the demonstration last month by hundreds of people living in a Beijing suburb against plans to build a factory in their neighbourhood. But similar outbreaks [protests] are occurring nationwide on an almost weekly basis.” [All the protests are gone now; key cities are locked down.]

“This situation is not unique to Beijing. Frequent dirty grey skies are taken for granted in Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong…Water has suffered the same fate as air. Increasingly likely to be exploited for dams and dumpsites, it is estimated that three-quarters of the rivers running through Chinese cities are so polluted that they cannot be used for drinking or fishing.”

“In 2008, it is quite possible that this authoritarian government will restrict traffic and close factories to ensure blue skies for the month of the Olympics. But it will only be a temporary fix. Unless more drastic measures are taken soon, the health costs of pollution will be paid in China for generations to come.”

I can think of a more drastic measure. Claim a new virus is killing people, lock down cities and quarantine 100 million people, and shove all the news about deadly pollution far, far into the background.

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8 comments on “More on China pollution and the coronavirus cover story

  1. Abigel says:

    The air pollution is a real concern, but the rare bilateral pneumonia is due to ‘they cooked the people lungs with microwave radiation’

    This is a doc with tons of credentials, a laser surgeon who understands both, medicine and radiation and he himself is a victim, too.
    He says it in the 2nd part at around 3-4 minutes.

    The early cases in Wuhan: La Quinta Columna found graphene oxide in 2 different types of flu vaccines season 2018-19. It means that those in China and elsewhere were already poisoned, graphene oxide multiplies the radiation, when it reaches the lungs as the body tries to expel it, boosted with radiation, causes bilateral pneumonia – cooked lungs. They used it in chemtrails (was fluid in rainwater), ‘covid’ reached the UK a bit early, autumn and early winter of 2019. Many of us remember an extremely nasty ‘flu’ coming in 3 waves, long period of irritating dry cough then as much fluid in the lungs we had to sleep in half-sitting posture not to drown.

  2. Abigel says:

    An another thing, please check this, the jabs can’t contain mRNA, 3 basic atoms of life were missing when examined it. Can’t be biological.

    “Analysis of a single drop of the Pfizer «vaccine», as of December 26, 2022. Graphene-based carbon nanotubes, graphene microfilaments, graphene sheets. Only and exclusively graphene. There is no mRNA in the “vaccine”. What is inside is not biological.

    Full video:

    • AD 1776 says:

      Did they test from the several known “lots”, or just one “lot”? ? ?

      Did they test to find out WHY %30 of the distributed “lots” were responsible for most of the severe injuries and deaths resulting?

      ANY protein fragments of indeterminate origin, when injected into the bloodstream, can (and often DO) pose their own dangers of deleterious effects upon the human body, whether they be of RNA-type or not. Only certain proteins are ever supposed to be in the bloodstream, and only that which is produced within the body naturally.

      This definitely would NOT be the first time that polluted/contaminated “vaccines” were forced upon the public. The “1918 Spanish Flu” was directly the result of contaminated (or, just plain outright TOXIC) “vaccines” forced upon groups of people.

      ALL of these “pandemics/epidemics” WERE/ARE toxicological in origin.

      EVEN the overuse “glucose IV’s” have been known to cause serious health problems (likely, because of the wrong formulation of glucose was used).

      Simply put: Anything injected under the skin, essentially “voids Nature’s promise of good health” (like: “voiding a warranty”? ? ?)

      • Abigel says:

        They DID. 400. They examined many types and lots. La Quinta Columba is an international group, mainly consists of Spanish language countries, they examined even the Sputnik, I think in Chile or Argentine.
        They work together with other groups examining not only the covid vaccines but many other types. Very well worth to follow them, because nowadays they put the same poisons into everything including children’ vaccines and dental anesthetics.

        ” NEXT DOSE 2: But what is in these injections?”

  3. AD 1776 says:

    Let’s not forget:

    That the deployment and installation of these 5G systems within our neighborhoods – ADDS more electro-magnetic radiation into our environment, on top of that which already occurs from many other microwave-repeater/relay towers and devices. In other words, drastically increasing the polluting levels of EM radiation in our living environment.

    Also starting to see the obvious deleterious effects increasing upon the local wildlife and vegetation – in short time following the activation of these additional EM-radiating devices!


    One will argue that “more people, more pollution” is the cause, but that is not, in and of itself, the ONLY cause.

  4. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Claim a new virus is killing people, lock down cities and quarantine 100 million people, and shove all the news about deadly pollution far, far into the background.”

    It is almost inconceivable how much we are all being bombarded with manipulation forces every moment.

    State Corporate Media is nothing but manipulation.

    What poses as ‘The Government’ is nothing but manipulation.

    The Advertising Industry would not exist were it not for manipulation.

    The Massive Medical Mafia is nothing but manipulation.

    Big Phooking Pharma Mother-Phookers are nothing but 1940s-Nazi-Mad Scientist-style manipulation. (That includes you, ‘Doctor’… ‘The Science!’.

    Organized Religion started as and has maintained itself as nothing but manipulation.

    Pro Sports – especially the Civil Religion known as the National Football League is nothing but manipulation.

    The State Miseducation System is nothing but manipulation and grooming and Society-and-thought-distorting garbage.

    Your boss and co-workers and significant-Other are probably masters of manipulating you. Whether you realize it or not.

    And of course, Dark and Anti-Human Organizations like the WHO and WEF are World Dark Wizards of nothing but manipulation.

    Every second. Every hour. Every day. Every year. We are captives of a Manipulation Prison System from which you can never get out. Or get a ‘Pardon’ from.

    Guard your thoughts. Take good care of yourself. Fight off the endless attacks from all these Dark Manipulators. No one can do this for you. Only you can do it.

    And say a ‘Prayer’ for all these Manipulators. What you wish for Them is your choice.

    And please be creative and vigorously thorough in your ‘wishes’…

  5. Paul says:


    “Your” government is tracking you.”

    ~ SheThinksLiberty

    Un-injected With That mRNA EUA Drug That Neither Prevents Infection Nor Transmission?

  6. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    you are getting depressing beyond belief, scaremongering but no fecking solutions, you are controlled opposition, a gatekeepeer, so, quite frankly, you Ami’s [Americans] should get the feck out of Europe!

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