Canada scandal: how does Minister of Defence still have a job?

Canada scandal: how does Minister of Defence still have a job?

Will wonders never cease?

by Jon Rappoport

July 5, 2017

I write about this one because the “mistake” excuse is prominent. I love the “mistake.” Politicians invoke it all the time when their backs are against the wall. They didn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t lie on purpose.

They made a mistake—something on the level of forgetting to turn off the lights in the basement after climbing up the stairs to the kitchen.

Here are the charges, as reported by CTV News: “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his embattled defence minister endured a withering question-period offensive Monday as opposition MPs accused Harjit Sajjan of ‘stolen valour’ for overstating his role in planning a 2006 battle in Afghanistan.”

“Opposition parties trained their sights squarely on Sajjan, who apologized again in the House of Commons for having described himself as the architect of Operation Medusa, one of the bloodiest and most pivotal battles of the Afghan war.”

“Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose went so far as to accuse Sajjan of stealing credit for the actions of others — a cardinal sin in military circles.”

“’The minister made a mistake’,” the prime minister [Trudeau] said repeatedly. ‘He acknowledged his responsibility and apologized for it; that’s what Canadians expect when one makes a mistake’.”

“’I would like to apologize for my mistake in describing my role, and retract that statement, and I’m truly sorry for it’, [Defence Minister] Sajjan said.”

“’I in no way intended to diminish the great work that our men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces have done….and I’m truly sorry for it’.”

Here’s the point. It wasn’t a mistake. It was bald-faced lie. And what kind of politician tells that lie, knowing he can be exposed, knowing he can face withering attacks?

The answer: The kind of politician who deludes himself into thinking he can get away with it, because he believes everyone else is so stupid he won’t get caught.

The kind of politician who begins to believe his own lie.

The kind of politician who lives in his own little universe, where he can say and do whatever he wants to.

The kind of politician who is addicted to lying.

This describes most politicians. This describes their choices and their sickness.

The public, by and large, doesn’t understand that political lying is a symptom of a much deeper problem. They buy the “mistake” excuse, or they just go passive and limp and try to forget the whole business.

South of the border, we’ve had a few recent examples of lying ourselves.

Take the story of NBC’s anchor, Brian Williams, “the most trusted name in news.” He lied about being in a helicopter taking fire in Iraq in 2003. Under extreme pressure, he finally admitted his “mistake,” the result of “brain fog”—and in his “confession” he apparently lied again, giving the false impression that the helicopter right in front of his took the fire, when at least one soldier on the scene states that Williams’ helicopter wasn’t even in the same formation, but landed some time later. Williams was suspended from his job and then quietly rehired to anchor the news on NBC’s cable network, MSNBC.

Sharyl Attkisson, at CBS, wrote an instructive article about Hillary Clinton’s “perilous” 1996 “sniper” trip to Bosnia. Instructive, because she was there with Hillary.

Attkisson writes:

“The trip in 1996 would later become grist for the political mill when presidential candidate Clinton claimed—in 2008—that we had dodged sniper fire [on an airport tarmac] on that trip.”

“I not only had a different memory, but I still had the video from the event and it clearly showed no snipers. In fact, there were children on the runway in Bosnia to greet Clinton. Sheryl Crow was on the trip with us, as was comedian Sinbad (to entertain the US troops). Sinbad, too, pointed out he didn’t recall sniper fire.”

“CBS News assigned me to do the story on Clinton’s mistaken memory. When she doubled down the next day [still claiming she was under sniper fire], we followed up with a second day story.”

“Some analysts said it was the final nail in the coffin that caused her to drop out of the race in 2008, clearing the path for Barack Obama to take the nomination for Democrats. Clinton never fully explained whether she knew she wasn’t telling the truth, or whether she actually somehow believed her own concocted story. She simply explained that she’d been overtired.”

Hillary eventually confessed, if you can call it a confession: “So I made a mistake,” she said. “That happens. It proves I’m human, which you know, for some people, is a revelation.”

And then, on another occasion: “I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke.”

She made a human mistake. She misspoke. Sure she did.

She lied. Brian Williams lied. Canadian Defence Minister Sajjan lied.

How would this play, for the public? “I apologize. I lied. I intended to lie.” It wouldn’t play very well.

When these people lie, they often can’t separate their own conscious intent to deceive from their belief in their own lie.

They’re actors trapped in their own roles. They can’t get out.

That makes them dangerous.

Most of the public would rather not face that fact.

Thus, politics-as-usual spreads and spreads across the landscape.

I have a suggestion for mainstream reporters—one which they’ll never accept. Whenever you get a chance to sit down with a prominent politician and do an interview, or if you moderate a political debate, start off by asking the politician the following revealing question:


For example, Prime Minister Trudeau might say: “Well, let’s see. Hmm. Yes, I remember. When I was five, I told my father I planted a little tree in the back yard to help the environment and stave off global warming and save the Earth. But actually, you see, I had planted two trees! I didn’t want to say that, because I took the extra money to buy the second tree from my allowance, and I thought my father might think I was short-changing myself.”

Reporter: And that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

Trudeau: Why, yes. It was a whopper!

Reporter: Were you lying then or are you lying now?


Then the whole country of Canada bursts out laughing.

Let’s look at a few actual Justin Trudeau quotes. His form of lying is an endlessly popular brand among politicians. It’s the Empty Generalization. You follow along with him, and when he’s through talking (if you have working brain cells), you think: “What did he just say? I could get more meaning out of breakfast cereal made of plastic and sugar…”

Trudeau: “For me, to represent people who represent the future of Canada and the great challenges we will face over the coming decades — this is where I wanted to start. … I’m a teacher; I’m a convenor; I’m a gatherer; I’m someone who reaches out to people and is deeply interested in what they have to say. And people see that I’m not faking it. I’m actually genuinely committed to this dialogue that we’re opening up, and this understanding that needs to happen in order to be an effective MP.”

What? A dialogue? Where’s the dialogue? Trudeau is a “gatherer?” Who is he gathering? Sheep? Goats?

Trudeau: “In Canada, can we speak of acceptance, openness, friendship, understanding? It is about where we are going and what we are going through every day in our diverse and rich communities.”

“It” is about? About what? What is the “it?” What exactly are “we” going through every day?

If I were a speechwriter, I’d want to put different words into Trudeau’s mouth, just to clarify things a bit. I’d have him say:

“Look, I’m a Globalist, okay? Let’s get down to it. I’m a mid-level player who wants open borders, as a step toward putting a North American Union together. Let’s erase borders and let’s have the US, Canada, and Mexico join together in a structure very much like the European Union, where armies of bureaucrats decide your fate and your future every day, by passing tons of regulations. We’ll run your lives down to the fine details, and you’ll learn to live with it. Stay passive, my friends. Our present national government is already overbearing, but you haven’t seen anything yet. When I use words like ‘diversity’ and ‘openness’ I mean ‘control’. Control from above. Control with a smile and friendly face. I’m a Globalist and a technocrat, which means I want a completely planned society, an engineered society. No more individualism. And no more free speech. We have to get rid of that. Are you catching on? There is no ‘dialogue’. That’s a fantasy. I paint a Disney cartoon for you yokels and rubes. Think of me as a sort of New Age hustler. I’m selling you love and friendship, which, when you take them apart, crumble in your hands. Remember the old saying, ‘grin and bear it’? Well, I’m grinning, and you’re bearing it. Canadians are famous for being stoical. Keep it up. Take what we give you. Nationalism is dead. This is now One Planet, and you’re all ciphers, numbers on a planning board. That’s the vision. I’ve been groomed for this job since I was a child. The thing called the New World Order? It’s real. You’re in it. And finally, I’m not lying. Not now. Everything else I’ve been saying up until now was by way of selling you rose-colored glasses…”

Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Refreshing and disturbing, yes. But at least a statement like that would begin to define the actual situation; and the terms of the struggle.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

62 comments on “Canada scandal: how does Minister of Defence still have a job?

  1. Greg C. says:

    These world leaders think of themselves as gods – living legends. They can make mistakes, but they are above reproach. Recently, Macron of France declared that he would govern France like the god Jupiter. Hey, didn’t he Jupiter (Zeus) capture Europa and rape her? Yes, but there was nobody to fire him. Hmmm.

    • Michael says:

      I know what ya mean…Trump and the head-chopper and chief of Saudi Arabia with their hands on the creeoyglobe. Think of themselves like gods…

      • Greg C. says:

        Stupid, baseless assertion, typical liberal, “Trump is like Hitler, Trump is like a Saudi prince,” with absolutely no case. You just don’t get it, Trump is one-of-a-kind.

        • From Quebec says:

          It sounds to me, that he his thinking of joining Antifa soon… lol

        • arcadia11 says:

          take another look at that video greg, and tell me in all honesty that it is not disturbing. michael’s assertion is neither stupid nor baseless. he has never shown himself to be a liberal. nor have i. i dismiss the right as much as i dismiss the left and anything in between. you, and others, are to trump what the progressives are to obama. if someone does not like your president they are nothing more than a dupe of the other party. no change there. there is no evidence of corruption or insanity that could compel you to see what is there. trump may be one of a kind but he and his family and associates are nothing more than caricatures of humans. trump is no less an amoral globalist than clinton. or bush or kennedy or carter or reagan or roosevelt or wilson or any other tyrannical elitist inbred. you just happen to like him better. you have been thoroughly blind-sided. i am guessing it is not the first time.
          this site is politically oriented. for those who are apolitical, freedom-bound individuals there is little here of substance.
          time to move on.

          good luck to us all.

          • honestliberty says:

            Spot on bud.
            At first I was skeptical of Michael’s comments but he seems to really understand a hell of a lot more of the core of this existence than most.

            They political bias drives me crazy because Jon seems to get so much but continues to let the Trump train hold serve when the man is everything to the contrary. Billionaire man child. Spot on about the party politics and false dialectic. It’s nonsense for emotional children.
            My own family is talking about wishing Kathy Griffin poster would happen. Friggin adults, but they love their savior Obama. Same friggin globalist puppet pretending to cater to “the other team”, just more crass and ruthless.

          • From Quebec says:

            Oh boy! You people should go and find a job at CNN. You would be just fine in the fake news media.

            You could even become a star. Think about it.

          • honestliberty says:

            Quebec, whomever you may be:

            I appreciate many of your perspectives, but I disagree with your ad hominem attacks. I fail to see how it adds to the discussion. Would you expand on why you believe I’m a leftist?

          • Greg C. says:

            Anyone who enthusiastically supports Trump is considered “blind” and a “dupe.” Just because. Such narrow-minded thinking. Your perception is based on limiting your future possibilities in the name of some unattainable political purity. Trumps’s not ideologically pure, therefore he must be corrupt at the core.

            Let me ask you this: if Trump is a Globalist, why is he doing a 180 on their plans? Why is he reclaiming nationalism? Why did he even run, spending his own money, when he could have just had a much better life enjoying his wealth, and let Jeb! run or Cruz, who we know would have upheld the TPP, increased refugees, exported more jobs, etc. etc. Actually, Hillary would have been the winner if anyone but Trump had run, because they all were afraid to attack her – they just wanted a polite debate on the issues. She would have creamed them, and we would be in globalist hell right now. I shudder when I think how close we came to that scenario, if it weren’t for a man who was willing to sacrifice his own money, the days he could have spent with his lovely wife and family, enjoying everything he worked hard to attain, and instead be attacked viciously by his enemies and betrayed by many who pretend to be his friends.

            We have fortune on our side, if we are willing to accept it.

          • arcadia11 says:

            go with what indicates to you, greg, and welcome to it as always. but you might want to ease up on the poor straw man.

          • From Quebec says:

            Well said Greg. I gave up on Michael. What he cannot understand, is that Trump thinks outside of the box. Something that Michael will never understand.

        • Michael says:

          Greg C:
          You cannot look at the hypocrisy of other world leaders; and I am not disputing what you say, Macron ‘is’ a big bank and NATO stooge. They say that Le Pen had motivation to break down the purposeful war against the sovereignty of European countries, of the dilution of France’s Frenchness (Of course some french people. Well…we won’t go there.) with this purposeful refugee crisis. And so the Big Banks arrange for the dead head Macron government to do nothing.

          Trumps claim to fame MAGA, that’s a good thing. That’s a worthwhile objective of a president. So how does he do that…”Make America great again”

          He does it by escalating war in Syria; by protecting opium poppies in Afghanistan.

          He does it by arming a terrorist nation, which has the worse human rights abuses on the planet. The guy with his hand on the creepy globe with Trump is an old pedophile King, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud who owns harems of western girls, women and slaves. Who keeps his people poor except for those close to the monarchy.

          He makes it illegal for women to drive, and forces them to cover their face and body; he makes decisions to execute those who oppose Wahhabism and his autocracy by cutting their heads off; he closes movie houses, bars and nightclubs, theatres and anything that these fundamentalist idiots think against the prophet. He makes it illegal to drink or sell alcohol; he takes all the fun out of life and enforces a totalitarian fundamentalist sect of Sunni Islam called Wahhabism on his people. 50% of the young men in Saudi Arabia are unemployed and yet he imports foreign slaves. He persecutes Shia, and drives all other forms of religions out, and wars with his neighbours. And makes plans within plans with the Zionist.

          Oil money is drying up; corruption runs deep, and he can’t support an over extended Kingdom, and the cut of nearly 50% of the price of a barrel of oil have placed Saud in a position to find more and more sources of money. Saudi Arabia relies only on oil money and offer nothing else to the world.

          There is talk they wish to sell 5% of Aramco and use the $2 Trillion dollars gained int hat sell, to buy diversity, like the top four telecommunications companies in the world. They are interested in Google and Apple. Can you imagine?

          You cannot say they are not ambitious. And so the king seeks to build empire; thus the fracas with Qatar is because it has diversified and relies on 1% of its countries income coming from oil and gas, 99% of its economy is diversified; Qatar has great wealth and technology and science and education, that the house of Saud covets, as well as a caliphate that would be Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran. They are at war there because Salman and the NeoCon desire that wealth and oil riches, Qatar’s gas fields are immense and coincidently shared with Iran.

          Saudi Arabia is the third largest military budget in the world, ahead of the Russians. Saudi Arabia is the number one supporter and funder and exporter of world terrorism.

          Fifteen of the nineteen, 911 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia, do you think that was a coincidence? It wasn’t.

          And what does Donald Trump do…lol, sells them $350 Billion dollars in the latest greatest high-tech armaments and missiles.

          And my argument is, how did you put it?

          Stupid, baseless, assertion, from a typical liberal…I’m apolitical Greg.

          How did Hitler get into it?

          And what is the Mockingbird main stream Media talking about; CNN and fake news. Trump’s twitters at 3 in the morning and blah blah, blah.

          “Trump is one-of-a-kind.”

          Get of the pot Greg

          … your wrong. Donald Trump is just like Clinton, and Obama, and the Bushes, and, the war mongers. And Lindsey Graham and McCain and McConnell, and the Saudi princes.

          Trump is a globalist.

          Watch the shit hit the fan when he meets Putin.

          • Greg C. says:

            @Michael: You can’t be apolitical, as you claim to be, and anti-Trump at the same time – Trump is at the center of the political arena right now, and he will be for years to come.

            So many people, yourself included, hold Trump to a standard that is totally unrealistic, that is based on “gotchas”. It is more realistic to understand that Trump is dealing with complicated relationships, and he has to deal with powers that many consider to be evil. This does not equate to betrayal. The ship of state is a huge thing that cannot be turned on a dime. You cannot get hoped for results immediately. International diplomacy is a patient man’s game. You sometimes have to sacrifice a pawn to get a positional advantage.

            It’s pretty obvious to me that the CIA has setup Islam as the world’s bogeyman. 9/11 was an inside job, not the work of some idiot Saudis who had no real training in doing what they did. 9/11 was the 21st century’s Gulf of Tonkin incident.

          • From Quebec says:

            Again,you are so right, Greg. That resumes what I wrote to you today, in my post above.

          • Michael says:

            Finally you start to speak rationally, welcome back.
            You make some good points, here…

            I am apolitical, and what I mean by that is, I don’t have horse in the race. I don’t vote and have never voted. I probably lean close the anarchy, I can govern myself.

            I don’t base my opinion on gotcha, your confusing me with th left. I was an advocate of Trump’s right up until Khan Shaykhun. And the Russians are pleading for Assad, and the rest is history. I was not looking to catch him. I expected him to fulfill his promises. He has to point, but not enough of the major ones have been resolved.

            I am not anti-trump; his walking away from the TPP is a good thing. But it is not completely resolved as the other ‘T’s’ (TTIP, TISA) still survive and they are all tied together.
            His work on the great global warming hoax is to be admired. That took courage, as I see the religion of global warming to be one of the toughest nuts to crack. and believe me it will take cracking nuts. Sorry couldn’t help myself.

            How is unrealistic to expect him to not not drop love bombs until he has proof…

            Why is unreasonable to expect him not to sell arms to weirdos with sabers.

            Really I could’nt care less how much money he has or how gets it. That’s his thing.
            It is a good thing that he is not a carreer politician. I see that as an advantage.
            But why not keep that as an advantage instead of looking for the favor from the rest of the reptiles in the swamp he is supposed to be draining.

            “…CIA has setup Islam… ”

            Your correct, I think the idea was/is, keep the holy war going. Keep them in constant state of war.
            Why is he allowing for a Arab NATO, and Saudi Caliphate.

            Islam, specifically Wahhabism, will be the toughset problem the civilized world will face.

            Granted a lot of the white politicians; and don’t get me wrong I am not advocating at all. Are not to blame for the previous administrations, those who started the fires a long time ago. But can they a least move in the direction of world peace.

            Trump doesn’t solve matters by selling high tech arms.

            My hopes would be that the meeting with Putin would bring a ease to this Russophobia. I think Putin would be a great American ally if allowed.

            Maybe with the CNN crap out in open, an relationship will flourish.

          • Greg C. says:

            The main sticking point seems to be the sale of arms to the Saudis – but perhaps it is the lesser of two evils – don’t let them start their own nuke program. If Iran could do it, then so could the Saudis. They are already shopping for nukes – so Trump may have gotten a concession from them in exchange. We just don’t know, but I do know that Trump is not into making arms deals for money or friends or just for grins. All I’m saying, is Trump is our best hope, our only hope for the next few years, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. For what he has given us so far, he deserves it.

    • Thx1138 says:

      Europa and Jupiter are having electrical sex to this day.

  2. Dana Doran says:

    I guess that explains why people who live in Seattle look up to whatever Canadians do in Vancouver….most recently, blind followers of globalism in Seattle decided it would be a great idea to open up (at taxpayer expense) storefronts (2) that offer a safe and clean space (with nursing supervision and clean needles) for heroin users to shoot up.

  3. TwilaTharp says:

    If you don’t live in Canada, it might be hard to imagine how difficult it is living here with Jihadi Justin in charge. He left out a bit in this offering about his teaching credentials – he was a drama teacher. He speaks with pauses sometimes punctuated with um and ‘ar’ – the sure sign of a liar; bluntly put I know, but it’s awful.

    His father, the famous Pierre Elliot Trudeau (those who disrespect him refer to him as Peter Waterhole – Pierre Trou—d’eau), for whom the term charismatic was coined, left Canada deep in debt and that’s his son, Justin’s claim to fame as well.

    After Justin’s election he welcomed muslim “refugees” for a photo-op with brand new winter coats for each and everyone. Every image I saw of refugees indicated that they were from safe zones and without exception they all look chubby and many of them have upwards of four children. There is an allowance given by the Canadian government for children, so these people are making a lot of money – which is there because we have always been heavily taxed in Canada. But our seniors meanwhile are suffering to exist because they receive about $20/K per year to survive. And the seniors are the reason this pot of money is available.

    It is rumoured that this Prime Minister Trudeau has joined the Muslim mosque in his riding in Montreal. (A riding contains the population that votes for you in elections). Tarek Fatah, The Toronto Sun, has given fair and balanced writing about the Prime Minister’s activities.

    My family emigrated from the UK and my father was an aircraft engineer. We didn’t receive free anything when we arrived. It was during the Suez crisis when loads of people left the UK due to the rising cost of petrol. My father borrowed 300 pounds from his father to cover our costs on arrival and had it paid back by the end of the year. My parents weren’t keen on what they saw in Canada after about four years and we left for Pennsylvania when my father was hired by Boeing. My parents had a good life in the states. And a few years ago I lived in Virginia with a NAFTA visa, so I am pretty familiar with the states and I love your country. Unfortunately we stayed as green card “Alien Immigrants” and didn’t get our US citizenship.

    WikiLeaks has a letter (released November 9, 2016) from Trudeau asking Hillary Clinton via Podesta to write a speech for him before he was elected – was this acceptance speech because he knew he would be elected? I am concerned that the computers used in Canada may be the same as the ones used in the recent US election that could be compromised to issue skewed results (Bev Harris’s work supports this).

    A lot of Canadians in social media voice their opposition to what’s happening here. The government is very 1984 and at the drop of a hat/word will issue a proposition for a Bill to pass politically correct rules to punish the population should anyone dare to say how they really feel about their life and liberty being compromised due to one-sided emigration assists.

    I supported President Trump during the election – online every day I wrote in his favour. The headline in the UK’s Daily Mail July 3, 2017, is not encouraging: “Ivanka and Jared rub shoulders with billionaire Democrat George Soros, Steven Spielberg and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during party hosted at a Washington Post editor’s Hamptons home.” The war mongering and armaments to the saudis with President Trump saying, jobs, jobs, jobs afterwards upset me. Jobs for what? So people can work to murder other people? Does the de-population agenda have more weight then we give it, then?

    But, at the moment, my love of the USA and the fact that Canada is your back door concerns me. Prime Minister Trudeau has demonstrated that he is not to be trusted. God bless my fellow Americans and Canada in its hours of need.

    • From Quebec says:

      I agree with most of what you said here. Except for the Saudis arms deal.

      Here is how I see it:

      Obama gave $1.7 billion in cash to Iran so they could pursue their goal of of nuclear weapons.

      Now, we all know that Iran and Saudi Arabia hate each other because of the war between the Sunnites and Shiites.

      We all know that the Shiites are enemies of the USA, while the Sunnites are friends of the USA.

      So, if Iran ever gets nuclear weapons, the Saudis will then be able to fight them.

      I think this was a brilliant move by President Trump

      • TwilaTharp says:

        Thank you to Quebec. I am very anti-war. I lived in the states during the Vietnam war when church bells pealed every Sunday for another American boy who had been killed in useless combat. That said, I appreciate your analysis of the Saudis’ arms deal which, given the focus you outline, is more understandable.

      • Michael says:


        Sunnites…do you mean Sunni. If you are speaking of Saudi Arabia, then they are an extreme right cult of Sunni call Wahhabists. It doesn’t get any more extreme than these purist head choppers SOB’s.

        Strange how the political right ban together regardless the religion.

        Shiites on the other hand are moderate Islam. They only became discriminated against in 1926 by the House of Saud; the present despotic and corrupt monarchy.

        There you go again with misinformation. Speaking about things you have no knowledge of…spreading mis-information, or is it disinformation in your case.

        Obama didn’t give them $1.7 Billion in cash. The money that was returned was from frozen Iranian accounts in the US, imposed with the years of US sanctions against Iran.
        There is still Billions of dollars missing and owed after the fall fo the Shah. The Shah put vast amounts in American banks.

        • TwilaTharp says:

          Michael, you’re not spreading a little Taqqyaya yourself are you? We don’t live in Saudi Arabia, we know Canada and Europe, many of us. I have familiarity with Iraq and the Ministry of Oil and not having so much as a nut and bolt from Israel on any equipment for tender. I find your post to be confusing. I do know that the mosque Trudeau is said to have joined in Montreal is Wahabi and I know that’s not a good thing. In addition it has always been my understanding that Sunnis are the peaceful sect and Shiites are not. I think that “from Quebec” is analyzing what has happened from a business point of view – and that in fact is what President Trump does. Plus, regardless of the source of the $1.7 B from Obummer, the money most definitely may be channelled into creating a nuclear bomb. I think if you’re a Shiite it would be simply easier to state that. Because, as I would think you might know if you live in the west, we are quite inclined to judge others on an individual basis – especially as Canadians in Canada.

          • Michael says:

            Are Wahhabi not an extreme version of Sunnah, was not Muhammad Al-Wahhab seeking purity as he saw the evolution of the Sunnah belief and sought to bring it back to its origins. That and his desire for power and wealth. The discrepancy between them and Shia is in regards to the prophets successor. And their hatred of Shia because of their moderation. The Wahhabi, they share power with the Saudi royalty, and are seen in the same light. The Shia believe God appoints a prophet. The Sunni do not…they believe the prohets off spring are the succession.

            Don’t get me wrong I am not a professor of the faith. Being anti-religious; I feel all religion is violence. And Islam, specifically Wahhabism, I consider to be a dark cult taking over Islam. We had better be careful.

            The prophet was a pedophile and murderer. A butcher, an empire builder, which is what modern extremist Islam seeks in the end. A new Ottoman empire. 

            The Quran is a document of war and conquest and the subjugation of women is it not…

            “Plus, regardless of the source of the $1.7 B from Obummer, the money most definitely may be channelled into creating a nuclear bomb.”

            Ah..Noble cause corruption. With a smidgen of fortune-telling.


            I hope you’re not offended at this minor Wikipedia definition for clarity. But to continue, I stray away from such self-righteousness if I can. Vigilant to keep myself unbiased closer to the facts. It’s dangerous to a mind. It sets boundaries in thinking and that not very good. How dare we think in such arrogance and believe the status quo that Iran only seeks a bomb. Not everyone in the world thinks in terms of constant war, and Imperialism. Saudi Arabia is an unusual animal. If anyone seeks nuclear power it will be the House of Saud. And I guarantee they will use it immediately.

            Iran has been isolated and sanctioned by the west because why? They disposed of the despotic and cruel dictator in the Shah, a western puppet. And now they mistrust America because of that and the assassination of Mossaddegh and Operation Ajax; American take over of their country’s resources in the mid fifties by Standard oil. And all those years of plundering. The paid for proxy war against them fuel by American dollars and American weapons bought and paid for by Saddam Hussein. And the blind eye turned away to his use of chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds.

            I think they have a point. America thinks that we are stupid enough to believe globalists, and the tow-the-line of neo-Consevative hegemony. Saud is an American friend because it pays well, either to Hillary who received $30 million, or DT who now sells them expensive condos and builds golf courses for them, and “Put yer hand on the globe, if you believe.”

            To achieve the goal of a nuclear electric power plants would seem conclusive as an end, to Iran’s present nuclear endeavours. Besides all the hacking and planting trojans in their computers.

            And besides, I prefer a world under détente, rather this conjecture flung about by the ignorant. America hates Iran because America seeks globalism, and Iran wishes sovereignty over it own affairs. The only one who seems to understand that and encourage it is Russia, who does the same for Syria.

            I would trust the words of Putin, a class act to the ignorance of a Donald Trump, who knee-jerks and drops love bombs for babies. Or for that matter, before I would trust the American media. Which is where I presume you are getting your information from on Iran. Is it?

            Trudeau joining a mosque, I didn’t know that…I am embarrassed at our leadership in Canada. We are really only another state of America. Tell me conclusively that the Canadian identity is distinguished from those south of the border. 

            We are not as individual as you think as Canadians, consensus rules here, just as much as in the rest of the world. if not moreso. You forget The prime ministers old man brought us multiculturalism. Which separated us into ethnic groups, now being banded together under some kind if cluster ****.

        • From Quebec says:

          Of course I am talking about the Sunnis, (Sunnites) is the French word for Sunnis. Your memory is short, remenber, I am French..

          Iran Shiiites wants to nuke Israel., If they ever go after Israel, the USA will have to go to war with them.
          So, I much prefer that the Saudis do the job instead of the Americans.

          You are so wrong Michael, that it is funny. Yes, there was US sanctions, but they were still in effect.

          McCarthy persuasively argues that it was also a blatant violation of federal law because paying the mullahs off with piles of foreign currency doesn’t actually bypass the sanctions that are still in effect.


          “On Tuesday, a group of Republican senators announced their support for legislation that would bar payments from the Judgment Fund to Iran until Tehran pays the nearly $55.6 billion that U.S. courts have judged that it owes to American victims of Iranian terrorism,” ABC reports.


          Is this the way Trump intends to create his dream-come-true deal for peace between Israel and the Palestinians and if so, why are the Gulf States willing to cooperate now?
          The leaders of most of the Arab countries have much in common with Israel’s right wing. Both sides see Trump as a breath of fresh air after President Barack Obama’s terms in office. Both have an interest in curbing Iran’s influence in the Middle East and neither Israel nor the Gulf States have an alternative superpower to the United States. Concern over the shattering of the unique relationship created over the decades between the Gulf States, particularly Saudi Arabia, and U.S. administrations, has led to the conclusion that there is no choice but to strengthen ties with an American president who might detest Muslims but understands the language of interests.

          Michael, you are the one spreading mis-information. I can see clearly that you were a fan of Obozo.

      • Thx1138 says:

        You’re going to think that I’m a crank but there’s no such thing as nuclear weapons.

  4. Stan f says:

    Canadian males hate Trudy Zoolander. However woman now control Canada and anti-male legislation has begun. Free speech has ended.

    • Michael says:

      Don’t we though; his old man brought in Multi-culturalism, and his mother followed the Rolling Stones around. Some have wondered is he a love child.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Ha, ha, ha, funny “true” speech by Truedeau, Jon. We could only wish.

    Atlantis fell at the hands of the Son of Belial, at the hands of liars, and so it seems we have completed another entelechy, where the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end. History repeats itself.

  6. Oh. How the FK! Do you make a “mistake” like that. You don’t. You lie. And the islamist prevert in Former Unfettered Canada (FUC) backs your play.

  7. swo8 says:

    Actually, I think Minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan, had some minor role in the planning a 2006 battle in Afghanistan. He was by no means an architect of it. Big deal….

  8. Noneya Business says:

    Message to the Author of this Article…… If you had any common sense, you’d acknowledge that ALL persons in Government LIE. Proof enough of that was between the years of 2006 – 2015 under Stephen Harper (Canada BIGGEST LIAR of them all). By the Way,….the word: PIG stands for the follow: (Person In Government) P.I.G. (Also Applicable to what else you want to label that as).

    • arcadia11 says:

      can’t argue with that.

    • From Quebec says:

      You are kidding, right? Harper was one of our best Prime Minister .

      He lowered out taxes, he kept Canada safe through one of the biggest financial downturns in world history. He guided Canada along a steady path of growth, and employment.and he balanced the budget,

      Plus, he did not want Islamist so-called refugees. and he did not believe in Man made global warming and an he never signed the Arms Trade Treaty.

      I miss him badly.

      I cannot believe we have elected that little spoiled brat idiot who can hardly speak.
      He will for sure bring Sharia law in Canada. All of his life, he has visited every Mosque in every country he visited. And, it won’t take long. We are only 37 million people in Canada. At the rate the Muslims reproduce themselves, we will be outnumbered very soon..

      • TwilaTharp says:

        Agree with you re Stephen Harper 100%. He was one of the very best, if not the best Prime Minister Canada has ever had. CBC could have been taken to court for the libellous propaganda they levelled at his reputation. But of course they wanted the gazillion dollar budget the Liberals gave them and most of what they broadcast isn’t worth 2 cents.

        I thought the election results were fishy…… why was it the Maritimes swung the vote to Trudeau? Then he slaps a tax on books that they never had before – think Rick Mercer referred to it as the Newfoundland’s Illiteracy Program. But if you’re going to slip one by the judges, why not do it in the Maritime provinces, full of people who don’t complain most of the time and have a heck of a time making a living. Think they’ll question the results like Toronto or Montreal would?!!

        Thanks for the vids. They are GREAT!

        We have a website in Ontario with the goal of stopping the election of Kathleen Wynne in the next provincial election. We should really do the same for the next federal election. People forget how many seniors there are and many of them are angry, hungry, too hot, too cold……

      • TwilaTharp says:

        The Rebel Media have a case right now where a guy from Nigeria has a Sharia fine to pay and it was upheld in an Ontario court.

        “John is now being ordered to pay an Arab Muslim couple, his former tenants, a whopping $12K for a failure to accommodate their religion — all because John didn’t remove his shoes when showing the bedroom where this couple prayed to potential new occupants.”

        This was not readily available in our Canadian news media and today is the first time I’ve hear of this travesty.

      • Thx1138 says:

        Don’t be afraid of sharia law which will never be enacted in your country but instead be afraid of noahide law which is already been enacted in the United States and you can be beheaded for what you believe.

  9. From Quebec says:

    George Carlin on language of politics

  10. From Quebec says:

    Just look at Justin Trudeau”s face, and look at Emmanuel Macron”s face, and you get the same bad vibrations. Both Globalist scumbag idiots.

  11. tomaz050959 says:

    A mistake is not the same as a lie.
    What sets a politician apart from the average citizens.
    Answer: Citizens make mistakes all the time but seldom tell bold faced lies, Politiciians on the other hand seldom makes mistakes, but lie all the time. Lyimg is part of their job description. I say we fire the lot of rhem.

  12. chrissy says:

    Your blog captures so much insight and articulates all that is beneath the surface! I am so grateful for your efforts to help “us” integrate the glimpses of truth we seek into a coherent observation. Thank you!

  13. Perfect analysis – House of Cards.

  14. From Quebec says:

    JustinTrudeau sounding like an Idiot. Canada’s leader is embarrassing..

  15. Gary D says:

    The Defense Minister in question is concurrently being investigated for a sexual ‘mistake’, as well.
    That one, a few months ago, surfaced in the network news and departed rather quickly after a brief airing. No sense in ruffling the feathers of the stoic Canadians I suppose. This guy wears a turban. The Canadians should not allow this kind of thing in the public arena where one’s religion is on display, in my opinion. The Minister exhibits an arrogant, condescending and ‘holier than thou’ character; perfect attributes for a Canadian politcian to stay in office while running the country into the ground, which is the trajectory of the country at the moment. A sad fate since becoming a nation 150 years ago as of July 1. The hypnotic Peter Mansbridge of CBC National News displays similiar qualities.

    Canadian military planners are an honourable and valiant group. The exact opposite of the pseudo, preening, self-indulgent ‘minister’.

    Trudeau 1, did not serve in WW2. He was not conscripted because of a fake medical, by his affluent adopted family. Trudeau 1, as Prime Minister, looted western Canadian resources and gave them to Quebec, his native Province. His main MO was to establish a ‘Bill of Rights’ to give Quebec recognition as a Distinct Society, if you please. Trudeau 1 was a French-Canadian Robin Hood. Quebec was was given the legal right to fleece the rest of Canada. Today federal taxes are weighted to a pork barrel Quebec.

    Trudeau 2 carries on as a reincarnation. His continuous venting of platitudes and beatitudes is nausea. His approval ratings sink lower every day as does the country he pretends to lead.

    • Michael says:

      Hit the nail right on the head, well said.
      In Canada we pay the Indians, Muslims, and the french to have children.

  16. honestliberty says:

    I’ve been noticing some tension and quarreling amongst the commenters. Seriously folks, if you think (Michael, Arcadia, or truth) commenters are leftist, you have blinded yourself in the false comfort of dialectic materialism and you are emotionally bound in a childlike state.
    There are not only two sides and most intelligent people will choose independently of created factions.
    Grow up.
    All of you. You are emotionally stunted children living in fear, which is exactly what it seems Jon is against (except for when he continues to blindly support Trump, and talk about irony).

    When a republican speaks, Democrats are angry, when a Democrat speaks, Republicans are angry. When an anarchist speaks, everyone is angry. Why?
    they are devoted to the truth and live under natural law morality.
    Because when a person puts in the hard work to challenge everything they thought they knew, every allegiance, they end up growing emotionally and forsaking such trivialities as party politics. The only allegiance is to the truth, or the best they can find, regardless of the collateral damage of the remaining emotional investments. It’s called being an adult and it’s extremely disappointing to see the lack of consciousness/wisdom/maturity by a handful of commenters on a site dedicated to just that.
    What’s even worse is that level of childish naivety and IGNORE-ance (yes, you are willfully ignoring truth every day) seems to have control of 99%+ of the American population.

    You ignorant statists are the reason that those who desire true freedom continue to suffer. Your religious beliefs that government has legitimacy or can fix anything is the real reason for suffering. You and those who share your mindset are all equally responsible for the 150+ million deaths around the world these past two centuries because without that childish belief in the state, those atrocities couldn’t happen on that scale.

    And if you really want to get real, you’re spiritually dead. The dead. That’s what you are, especially if you’re a devout Christian, because you take that nonsense literally. It’s about the damn sun in the sky. It’s about keeping you spiritually weak, dependent, subservient, obedient, docile… A slave to an idea. You are slaves to your weakness because you refuse to take ownership over your mind, body, and soul.
    I could continue but the horse has been beaten already, no amount of truth can save you from yourselves

    • Michael says:

      rolls of your tongue, what a wonderful name. Is that your first or last name honest?

      Well done, bravo..eloquent, to the point and with dire need. My apology if I have offended. I’m Irish, it’s part of my culture to offend, Guinness seems to make it worse…anyway I have this predilection for beating dead horses. I have tried to stop. Really, I have. But to no avail. And I don’t lie. I’ve tried…

      I’m reminded of the great Groucho Marx; and he wasn’t a leftist, who said…”Alimony is like buying hay for a dead horse.”

      And so I have taken advice like, buying a stronger whip. I have tried to re-classifying the dead horse as “living, impaired. Visiting other sites to see how others beat dead horses. Some have suggested changing riders. I quibbled with that one though, it my race. I should finish it.

      Intellectualizing the problem, can only lead to greater beatings of the flayed carcass. It’s messy. And the hair starts coming off the poor thing. And so re-writing the expected performance requirements for all horses. Even promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.

      Sometimes, I am sure, I thought I saw the withers twitch. But nay…not a mane hair moved. Fleas jumped and flies buzzed…but not a hair.

      Attempting to mount multiple dead horses in hopes that one of them will spring to life. And therefore squelch my quandary. Became a pipe dream.

      Economics can serve to heighten the performance of one’s desire by harnessing several dead horses together to increase the speed. But in the end, one has to come to some counsel, and I realize there is addiction to beating dead horses.

      I reminded in the end of the great…I forget his name, who said, standing up. Not next to, or anywhere near a dead horse.

      “Those who stir the shitpot, should have to lick the spoon.”

      And I don’t want to do that; honestly, I’ve been sadistic, I’ve been…a hippophilic necrophile.

      • barn moose says:

        “Economics can serve to heighten the performance of one’s desire by harnessing several dead horses together to increase the speed. But in the end, one has to come to some counsel, and I realize there is addiction to beating dead horses.”

        Is good. Intriguing.

      • honestliberty says:

        Michael, I’m not sure why you think you offended me. Nothing I wrote was an indictment of you.
        I think you are intelligent and well read, especially the last few months of your posts. I’ve recognized a great and healthy perspective you hold. We may not agree on everything, but I think we agree on enough to take Callie from each other’s input

    • Thx1138 says:

      honestliberty, can I come live with you?

  17. From Quebec says:

    Yes,you are right. Michael is child living in fear. All he sees is darkness, because he cannot believe that one person, who is not a politician, but is an individual with imagination and creativity who wants to try to change things around and make this world a better place to live in.

    Michael does not believe that such a person can exist. It is so sad. For him, nobody has that kind of power.

    Oh well, he is about to find out,

    • honestliberty says:

      I wasn’t talking about Michael. Nothing in my previous, ridiculous rant was actually aimed at Michael, Arcadia, or truth, who seem to be the only regular commenters on here with some semblance of balance concerning their views on the machinations if the ruling elite.

      My point was the further you remove yourself from the dialectic, the clearer the big picture. So yes, you can be apolitical or an anarchist and be critical of Trump. He deserves it.
      The whole damn presidential election is WWE for supposed intellectuals, but it was actually a slap in the face they didn’t know they received. It’s a con, think about it.
      “I bet we can put the most pathetic two assjackets up for election and we’ll get record turnout… Hahaha and the dumbass population will never see the ruse. Giant douche or turd sandwich..”
      “Both factions hate the other so bad because their both just so bad, that they’ll vote out of hate continuing our long March towards total slavery and globalism.”

      That’s what’s really going on and people who still support Trump are dupes just like those Hillary supporters. Although I do appreciate his refusing the Paris agreement. One beacon of hope in an otherwise pathetic administration. Business as usual

  18. JB says:

    So far commenters here have missed a glaring error of “logic”, distracted by political chicanery.

    “Here’s the point. It wasn’t a mistake. It was bald-faced lie. And what kind of politician tells that lie, knowing he can be exposed, knowing he can face withering attacks?

    The answer: The kind of politician who deludes himself into thinking he can get away with it, because he believes everyone else is so stupid he won’t get caught.

    The kind of politician who begins to believe his own lie.

    The kind of politician who lives in his own little universe, where he can say and do whatever he wants to.

    The kind of politician who is addicted to lying.

    This describes most politicians. This describes their choices and their sickness.”

    Jon, who speaks often of having been trained in logic,and uses it as a tenet of his course material, uses induction to make his case.

    Definition of Induction by Webster:
    “LOGIC reasoning from particular facts or individual cases to a general conclusion; also, a conclusion reached by such reasoning”

    Karl Popper published in 1935 his book entitled The Logic of Scientific Discovery wherein he begins his thesis with the problem of Inductive Logic:

    “It is usual to call an inference ‘inductive’ if it passes from singular statements (sometimes also called ‘particular’ statements), such as accounts of the results of observations or experiments, to universal statements, such as hypotheses or theories.

    Now it is far from obvious, from a logical point of view, that we are justified in inferring universal statements from singular ones, no matter how numerous; for any conclusion drawn in this way may always turn out to be false: no matter how many instances of white swans we may have observed, this does not justify the conclusion that all swans are white.

    The question whether inductive inferences are justified, or under what conditions, is known as the problem of induction.

    That inconsistencies may easily arise in connection with the principle of induction should have been clear from the work of Hume; also, that they can be avoided, if at all, only with difficulty. For the principle of induction must be a universal statement in its turn. Thus if we try to regard its truth as known from experience, then the very same problems which occasioned its introduction will arise all over again. To justify it, we should have to employ inductive inferences; and to justify these we should have to assume an inductive principle of a higher order; and so on. Thus the attempt to base the principle of induction on experience breaks down, since it must lead to an infinite regress.”

    Genuine students of logic would have spotted the error immediately.

    • CPP says:

      What you quoted from the article is not an example of inductive reasoning. It is a description of a type and then a declaration that most politicians fit this type based on observing them in general. It was not the selection of a few politicians who fit a type and the induction from this that all (or most) politicians are of that type.

      Popper Revisited, or What Is Wrong With Conspiracy Theories?

  19. Michael says:

    “Genuine students of logic would have spotted the error immediately.”

    Ahhhh. A boy scout, a Popper loving boyscout.

    Let me see you logic badge?

  20. andycandydandy says:

    Hi jon:he is lying because in the muslim religion,its venerating your god to lie to infidels.look it up yourself.

    • CPP says:

      Harjit Sajjan is Sikh, a religious group from India, not Muslim. Wearing a turban all the time like that as a religious obligation for men is a Sikh practice, not a Muslim one.

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